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Treat, Honor [79487] (Honour) b.1615/16, Pitminster, Somerset, England wife of John Deming

Treat, Isaac [79526] b.15_Aug_1701 d.29_Aug_1763

Treat, Isaac [79546] b.15_May_1769

Treat, James [69319]

Treat, James [79688] b.1_Apr_1666, Wethersfield CT d.18_Feb_1742, Wethersfield CT

Treat, Jemima [79689] b.15_Mar_1667/68, Wethersfield CT m.17_Dec_1691, Wethersfield CT wife of Stephen Chester d.25_May_1727, Wethersfield CT

Treat, Jerusha [79691], Hartford CT m.17_May_1705 wife of Thomas Welles m.25_Dec_1712 wife of Capt. Ephraim Goodrich d.15_Jan_1754, Wethersfield CT

Treat, Joanna [79488] b.May_1618, Pitminster, Somerset, England wife of Lieut. John Hollister

Treat, John [79476] (Trott) d.1633

Treat, John [79532] b. England

Treat, John [79545] b.11_Oct_1766 d.9_Dec_1813

Treat, Katherine [79496] wife of Rev. William Thompson

Treat,, Lieut. James [79495], England d.12_Feb_1709, Wethersfield CT

Treat,, Lieut. Thomas [79520] b.12_Dec_1668, Wethersfield CT d.17_Jan_1712/13, Wethersfield CT

Treat, Lucinda [79543] b.22_Dec_1762, Lenox, MA m.18_Aug_1779, Lenox, MA wife of Daniel Weller d.22_Sep_1853, Fort Anne, NY

Treat, Mary [79477] (Trott) m.8_Oct_1597, Pitminster, Somerset, England wife of Robert Babb,

Treat, Mary [79519] b.8_Oct_1666, Wethersfield CT m.10_Dec_1684, Wethersfield CT wife of Thomas Chester d.1_Jan_1748, Wethersfield CT

Treat, Mary [79530] 9_Jan_1708 wife of Joseph Stevens

Treat, Mary [79537]

Treat, Mary [79548] b.11_Mar_1773

Treat, Matthias [79695], East Hartford CT, East Hartford CT

Treat, Matthias [79696], East Hartford CT d.26_Oct_1726, East Hartford CT

Treat, Matthias [79698] b. England d.8_Jul_1662, Wethersfield CT

Treat, Moses [79547] b.14_Mar_1771

Treat, Oliver [79707] b.1_May_1795, East Hartford CT d.21_Jan_1875, Westfield MA

Treat, Prudence [79536] m.5_Feb_1755, Sharon CT wife of Jarvis Mudge

Treat,, Rev. Richard [79523] b.14_May_1694, Glastonbury, CT, on the way to Quebec

Treat,, Rev. Salmon [79690], Wethersfield CT d.6_Jan_1762, Preston CT

Treat,, Rev. Samuel [79672] b.1648, Milford CT d.18_Mar_1716/17, Eastham MA

Treat, Richard [79471] (Trott) b. Pitminster, Somerset, England

Treat, Richard [79480] b.Aug_1584, Pitminster, Somerset, England d.1669/70, Wethersfield, CT

Treat, Richard [79490] b.1622/23, Pitminster, Somerset, England d.1693, Wethersfield CT

Treat, Richard [79535]

Treat, Robert [79469] (Trott) b. Trendle, Pitminster, Somerset England d.Feb_1599

Treat, Robert [79491] Gonernor of Connecticutt, England d.12_Jul_1710, Milford CT

Treat, Salmon [69318]

Treat, Samuel [37279] d.18_Mar_1717

Treat, Sarah [79489] wife of Matthew Campbell

Treat, Sarah [79518] b.8_Jun_1664, Wethersfield CT m.20_May_1684 wife of Capt. Ephraim Goodrich d.26_Jan_1711/12, Wethersfield CT

Treat, Sarah [79529] wife of Joseph Tyron

Treat, Susanna [79493], England m.1652, Hartford CT wife of Robert Webster d.1705

Treat, Tamsen [79479] (Trott)

Treat, Thomas [79525] b.3_May_1699 d.15_Jan_1780

Treat, Thomas [79534] b.27_Oct_1732, Brimfield, MA

Treat, Timothy [79533] b.1731, Glastonbury, CT

Treat, William [79473] (Trott) b. Staplegrove, near Taunton, England d. Staplegrove, near Taunton, England

Tree, Esther Ann Mary [23261] b.14_Oct_1966

Tree, Isabella E. N. [23260] (Elizabeth Nancy)

Treece, Clara Clyde [181928] b.19_Dec_1903, Perry Co. TN m.1918, Obion Co. TN wife of Odis A. Thorpe d.21_Apr_1980

Treece, Cleaty Elsie [181930] b.22_Nov_1908, Perry Co. TN m.1925, Obion Co. TN wife of Archie C. Brown d.16_Apr_2000, Paris, Henry Co. TN

Treece, Jemmie Dee [181931] b.24_Aug_1911, Obion Co. TN m.1930, Obion Co. TN wife of Robert T. Pitts d.22_Nov_1999, Union City, Obion Co. TN

Treece, Jocie Floy [181927] b.28_Feb_1902, Perry Co. TN m.8_Aug_1921, Obion Co. TN wife of Hallett T. Hamilton d.25_Feb_1997, Florida

Treece, Ocie Earl [181926] b.29_Aug_1900, Perry Co. TN m.1919 wife of David Gray d.23_Feb_1963, Obion Co. TN

Treece, Thelma Juanita [181932] [181932] b.1920 m.1945, Obion Co. TN wife of Calvin Griffen

Treece, Thomas Totts [181929] b.5_Sep_1906 d.17_Mar_1986, Obion Co. TN

Trefry, Sarah [95972] b.28_Apr_1796 wife of John C. Wyman d.16_Jan_1868

Trefry, William [96175]

de_Tregoz, Henry [29138], Ewyas-Harold, Herefordshire, England

de_Tregoz, John [29137] 1st lord Tregoz, Ewyas-Harold, Herefordshire, England d.21_Aug_1300, Bristol

de_Tregoz, Lucy [29136], Ewyas-Harold, Herefordshire, England wife of John III LeStrange d.1294, Knockin, Warwick, Eng

Tregoz, Sibyl [29135] b.1270, Ewyas, Herefordshire wife of William Grandison d.12_Oct_1334

de_Tregoz, William [29141], Billingford, Norfolk, England d. after 1131

Trekell, Effie [168850] b. Sep 1885 Cass Co., Missouri

Trekell, Eva [168851] b. 1888 Cass Co., Missouri d. 1894 Cass Co., Missouri

Trench, Evelyn Jeanette [89845] [89845] m.1945 wife of Raymond Bailey

Trench, Louise [89846] m.11_Dec_1950 wife of Jack Moore

Trent, ________ [213492] b.13_Jan_1888, Mitcnell OR d.13_Jan_1888, Mitchell OR

Trent, Alice Viola [213496] b.28_Mar_1900, Richmond OR m.2_Mar_1919, Wasco Co. OR wife of Fred Earl Straube d.10_Apr_1978, Klamath Falls OR SSN:540-36-3033

Trent, Catherine [161510] b.1889 wife of Fred Bolden

Trent, Darlene Sarah [213503] b.1914 d,1979

Trent, Dorris Edward [213493] b.27_Mar_1890, Richmond OR d.2_Apr_1975, Bend OR bu. Greenwood Cemetery, Bend OR SSN:541-36-7780

Trent, Elva Opal [213497] b.27_Nov_1902, Richmond OR m.13_Feb_1919, Wasco Co. OR wife of Oscar Allen Prose m. after 1930 wife of Culver Sist Payne m. before 1955 wife of Charles Iremonger d.19_Dec_1955, Fossil OR

Trent, Gioula [161581] wife of Walter Buttry

Trent, Harold Edward [213499] b.1913 d.1980

Trent, John [161508] b.1885

Trent, Keith [213505] b.1938 d.2005

Trent, Living [161556]

Trent, Living [161557]

Trent, Living [161558]

Trent, Living [161559]

Trent, Living [161560]

Trent, Living [161583]

Trent, Living [161584]

Trent, Living [161585]

Trent, Living [161586]

Trent, Living [161594]

Trent, Living [161595]

Trent, Living [161596]

Trent, Living [161597]

Trent, Living [161598]

Trent, Living [161601]

Trent, Living [161602]

Trent, Living [161631]

Trent, Living [213506]

Trent, Living [213512]

Trent, Living [213513]

Trent, Living [213514]

Trent, Living [213515]

Trent, Liza [161511] b.1891 wife of Floyd Seals

Trent, Lucia [6654]

Trent, Millie [161509] b.1887 wife of Harrison Helton

Trent, Minnie [161582] wife of Will Trent

Trent, Sarah Pearl [213495] b.21_May_1896, Richmond OR m.6_Mar_1912, Mitchell OR wife of John P. Sasser m. after 1925 wife of Louis E. Strode m. after 1940 wife of Herbert Holzapfel d.13_Dec_1969, The Dalles OR SSN:540-03

Trent, Wayne Elbert [213494] b.28_Mar_1892, Richmond OR d.Jul_1979, Bend OR SSN:540-05-5040

Trent, William Peterfield [6643] [6643]

Trescott, ________ [33129] d. at birth

Trescott, ________ [33130] d. at birth

Trescott, Adam Richard [33456] [33456] b.23_Nov_1984

Trescott, Anita Marie [33312] b.21_Feb_1961 m.Aug_1980 wife of Leonard Abbe

Trescott, Clyde Magie [33131] b.3_Feb_1897 d.3_Aug_1981, Canesus NY

Trescott, Elizabeth Louise [33221] [33221] b.15_May_1925 wife of Richard Wood

Trescott, John Warren [33223] b.4_Dec_1929

Trescott, Marie [33132] b.11_May_1902 m.6_Aug_1930 wife of Earl Colegrove d.26_Jan_1989, Springwater NY

Trescott, Nora [33128] b.1862 wife of ________ Peck

Trescott, Stanley Webb [33222] [33222] b.27_Sep_1927

Trescott, Timothy Clyde [33311] [33311] b.16_Dec_1958

Trescott, Zachary John [33457] [33457] b.29_Jan_1987

Tressilian, Elizabeth [54244] m.1629 wife of John C. Caldwell-Grebson

(Tressilian), John T. Caldwell-Grebson [54247] (Tressilian) [54247] d. age 9

of_Treves, Bazin [2308] bishop of Treves

of_Treves, Kunza [2309] (Gunza) wife of count Warinus

of_Treves, Rotrou [11576] (Rotrude, Chrotrude) b. before 694 wife of Charles Martel d.724

de_Treves, Stephen [85871] d. after 1097

Trevilian, ________ [214485] b.1858, Gloucester Co. VA d.1858, Gloucester Co. VA

Trevilian, Ann Maria Trevilian [214488] [214488] b.13_Jun_1863, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.14_May_1885, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Marion W. Stubbs

Trevilian, Ann Thomas [214537] [214537] b.30_Jul_1848 d.2_May_1854, Gloucester Co. VA

Trevilian, Eleanora F. [214489] [214489] b.8_Aug_1865, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.25_Dec_1884, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA wife of John H. Pierce d.14_May_1947, Broad Creek, Norfolk Co. VA

Trevilian, Elizabeth Day [214491] [214491] b.28_Feb_1874 wife of Howard Russell d.14_Sep_1946

Trevilian, James Christopher [214486] [214486] b.30_Apr_1859, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Feb_1887, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

Trevilian, James Richard [214514] [214514] b.30_Apr_1905, Gloucester Co. VA d.16_Oct_1968

Trevilian, Laura Hazel [214517] [214517] b.5_Mar_1926, Gloucester Co. VA

Trevilian, Mable Goader [214494] [214494]

Trevilian, Mable Wilson [214496] [214496] b.19_Jul_1922, Richmond VA

Trevilian, Mary Elizabeth [214520] [214520] b.17_Jul_1914, Gloucester Co. VA m.6_Jun_1929, Washington D.C. wife of James A. J. Oliver

Trevilian, Mary Jane [214492] b.12_Feb_1869, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.29_Dec_1889, Gloucester Co. VA wife of George W. Coats d.28_Dec_1942, Norfolk Co. VA

Trevilian, Maurice Fearing Cely [16448] [16448] b.22_Oct_1881

Trevilian, Raymond Lee [214516] [214516] b.27_Dec_1922, Gloucester Co. VA

Trevilian, Roscoe Cole [214487] [214487] b.25_Jul_1861, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.4_Apr_1944, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

Trevilian, Roscoe Cole [214513] [214513] b.8_Apr_1902, Gloucester Co. VA d.26_Dec_1973

Trevilian, Roxanna Cole [214539] [214539] b.10_Aug_1853, Gloucester Co. VA m.18_Feb_1877, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Ellis F. Landis d.28_Apr_1914, Gloucester Co. VA

Trevilian, Sarah Elizabeth [214484] [214484] b.17_May_1857 d.18_Apr_1874

Trevilian, Thomas Richard [214495] [214495], Petersburg VA

Trevilian, Walter Lee [214490] [214490] b.24_Aug_1872, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.18_Dec_1916, Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

Trevor, Edwart [44753] (Iorwerth, ap Dafyddi ab Ednyfed Gam Trevor) d.1448

Trevor, Rose [44752] wife of Sir Otewell Worsley

Trexler, Valena Ellen [163342] [163342] b.5_Jun_1855, Reading PA m.1876 wife of William W. Church d.30_Jan_1932, Portland OR

de_Treyoz, Robert I [29140], Salisbury, Wiltshire, England d.1214, Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England

de_Treyoz, Robert II [29139] of Ewyas Harold d.4_Aug_1265, Evesham, Worcester, England

Trezevant, Elizabeth Cocke [22161] [22161] wife of George Keim

Trible, George Meredith III [89390] [89390] b.17_Feb_1936

Trible, Paula Muse [89391] b.18_Feb_1936 m.8_Oct_1960 wife of James R. Moseley Jr.

Trible, Robert Waring [89392] b.7_Jan_1939

Trice, Dorothy Ann [148075] b.21_Oct_1919

Trice, Linda Clare [150769] b.3_Mar_1940, Georgia d.Jul_1968

Trice, Thomas Leonard Jr. [150770] [150770] b.21_May_1945

Trichler, Alice [50892] b.30_Sep_1871 m.23_Jun_1890 wife of E. C. Lossing d. after 1897

Trichler, Lucile [50895] b.7_Oct_1895

Trichler, Theodosia May [50893] [50893] b.1_May_1879 d. after 1897

Trichler, W. S. [50891] b.29_Sep_1867 d. after 1897

Trickey, Living [148854]

Trickey, Living [148855]

Trickey, Rebecca [152090], Falmouth ME m.12_Jun_1792 wife of Robert Libby

Trico, Catalyntie [26592] b.1605 wife of Joris J. de_Rapalje d.1689

Trico, Catalyntje Jeronomus [10244] [10244], Prisches, France m.21_Jan_1624, Walloon Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands wife of Joris Jansen Rapalje d.1689, Wallabout, Brooklyn, N

de_Tries, Luitgarde [81966] wife of Adalbert wife of Eberhard III wife of Eberhard IV d.966

Trigg, Alexander Tompkins [27583] [27583] b.1844 d.1845

Trigg, Angela Adelaide [27576] [27576] b.1967, Savannah GA

Trigg, Angela Adelaide [37861] [37861] b.30_May_1967, Savannah, GA

Trigg, Anna Munford [27597] b.1888 d.1890

Trigg, Ben [27690]

Trigg, Betsy [27702]

Trigg, Connally Findlay [27586] [27586] b.1847, Abingdon VA d.1907, Abingdon VA

Trigg, Daniel [27611] b.1910, Midland AR

Trigg, Daniel [27613]

Trigg, Daniel [27687] d.1966

Trigg,, Dr. Daniel [27591] b.1877 d.1938, Bristol VA

Trigg,, Dr. Daniel [27665] b.1922

Trigg,, Dr. David Campbell [27686] [27686] b.1947

Trigg,, Dr. William [27706]

Trigg, Edwin McKeon [27664] b.1917, St. Louis MO

Trigg, Edwin McKeon [37739] b.6_Mar_1917, St. Louis, MO

Trigg, Eleanor Winthrop [27574] [27574] b.1948, Mobile AL

Trigg, Eleanor Winthrop [37741] [37741] b.17_Feb_1948, Mobile, AL

Trigg, Elizabeth [27689]

Trigg, Evelyn Byrd [27594] b.1882 m.1908, Abingdon VA wife of George Harris Sargeant d.1974

Trigg, Evelyn Carter [27581] b.1842 d.1842

Trigg, Francis Otway [27584] b.1845 d.1846

Trigg, George Ben Johnston [27595] [27595] b.1884, Abingdon VA d.1937, St. Louis Mo

Trigg, Hon. Daniel [27582] b.1843, Abingdon VA d.1909, Richmond VA

Trigg, James Greenway [27696] b.1883

Trigg, Jean Greenway [27695] b.1880 d.1943

Trigg, John [27688]

Trigg, John Campbell [27577] b.1969, Melbourne FL

Trigg, John Campbell [37862] b.20_May_1969, Melbourne, FL

Trigg, Joseph Dau [27694] b.1991, McDonough GA

Trigg, Laura Allison [27693]

Trigg, Lelia Lee [27697] b.1884 d.1956

Trigg, Louisa Johnston [27610] [27610] b.1908, Midland AR

Trigg, Louisa Smith [27596] b.1886 d.1887

Trigg, Margaret White [27698] b.1885 wife of Philip Rainey Roper

Trigg, Mary [27691]

Trigg, Mary Angelique [27663] b.1912 m.1937, New York NY wife of Henry Stuart Newbold Castle d.1984

Trigg, Mary Marston [27575] b.1949, Mobile AL m.1971, Mobile AL wife of Frank Scully

Trigg, Mary Marston [37742] b.6_Sep_1949, Mobile, AL wife of Frank Scully

Trigg, Megan Marie [27692]

Trigg, Miriam Hartford [27593] [27593] b.1880 d.1895, Abingdon VA

Trigg, Nannie Byrd [27578] b.1838, Abingdon VA m.1855 wife of James C. Greenway

Trigg, Nannie Byrd [27699] b.1888

Trigg, Nannie Greenway [27589] [27589] b.1872, Abingdon VA m.1897, Abingdon VA wife of Benjamin Franklin Bache d.1937, PA

Trigg, Nicketti Floyd [27592] b.1879 d.1879

Trigg, Peter Johnston [27573] b.1945, Richland WA

Trigg, Peter Johnston [37740] b.22_Jun_1945, Richland, WA

Trigg, Sally Beverly [27579] b.1840 d.1841

Trigg, Sarah [27703]

Trigg, Thomas Preston [27587] b.1851, Abingdon VA d.1921

Trigg, Thomas Preston Jr. [27700] [27700] b.1890 d.1956

Trigg, Virginia [27612] b.1913, Midland AR

Trigg, William King [27580] b.1841, Abingdon VA d.1862, Richmond VA

Trigg, William White [27701] b.1890

Trigg, Wyndham Robertson [27585] [27585] b.1846 d.1847

Triggs, Bob [88330]

Triggs, Louese [88331]

Triggs, Norma [88328]

Triggs, Shirley [88329]

Triggs, Viola [88327]

Trimble, Phoebe D. [225102] b.1929, Elizabeth City Co. VA

Trimble, Rose M. [225101] b.1925, Elizabeth City Co. VA

Trimble, Virginia [225103] b.1934, Elizabeth City Co. VA

Trimmer, Eloise [91426]

Trimmer, Robert [91427]

Trimyer, Atrhur [219004] b.3_Sep_1909, Virginia d.25_Nov_1984, Mechanicsville, Hanover Co. VA

Trimyer, Beulah V. [219002] b.1902, Virginia

Trimyer, Carbosso M. [218987] b.Dec_1857, Virginia

Trimyer, Carbosso Mallory Jr. [219001] [219001] b.9_Dec_1899, Virginia

Trimyer, Edna [218995] b.1937, Virginia

Trimyer, Ednoh [218990] b.Aug_1887, Virginia

Trimyer, Edward [218992] b.1906, Virginia

Trimyer, Edward F. [218986] b.Sep_1853, Virginia d.1924, Newport News VA

Trimyer, George William [218998] [218998] b.25_Jul_1893, Virginia d.8_Jul_1976, Richmond VA

Trimyer, Hattie W. [219000] b.Sep_1895, Virginia wife of ________ Woolridge

Trimyer, Joseph E. [218994] b.1931, Virginia

Trimyer, Joseph Wesley [218989] [218989] b.Jun_1885, Virginia

Trimyer, Lloyd Ray [218991] b.10_Dec_1892, Newport News VA d.1985, Newport News VA

Trimyer, Rosa D. [219003] b.1906, Virginia

Trimyer, Sarah Marstone [218999] [218999] b.18_Mun_1894, Essex Co. VA m.1909 wife of Harry D. Brizendine Sr. d.1947, Richmond VA

Triplett, Elizabeth [24989] wife of Thomas R. Price

Triplett, Emily Louisa [24988] [24988] wife of Meredith F. Montague

Triplett), Nannie J. T. Montague (Jenifer [24991] (Jenifer Triplett) [24991]

of_Tripoli, Agnes [80987]

of_Tripoli, Melisende [80984]

of_Tripoli, Pons [80988] d.1136

of_Tripoli, Raymond II [80986] [80986] count of Tripoli d.1152

of_Tripoli, Raymond III [80985] [80985] count of Tripoli b.1140 d.1187

Tripp, Moses [169846]

Tripp, Rhoda [169847] m. 27 Jun 1805 Saratoga Co., New York wife of Benjamin L. Hoag

Tripp, Valda [222397] b.1918, Illinois

Trippe, Caryl [132508] b.17_Apr_1916 m.3_Mar_1932 wife of Claude A. McCredie

Trippe, Frances Rowell [132509] [132509] b.1_Jun_1919 d.14_Jun_1919

Trippe, Lee Arnold Jr. [132507] [132507] b.1_Jun_1919 d.17_Jun_1919, Spartenburg Co. SC

de_Trivers, Ebria [22042] wife of Ralph de_Engaine

Tro, Annyn [80693]

Troeger, Johm L. [155227] b.28_Nov_1867 d.26_May_1932, Point Pleasant WV

Troeger, Julia Margaret [155226] [155226] b.26_Apr_1866

Trombley, Jeff Dustin [106182] [106182] b.4_Sep_1975, Manchester NH

Trombley, Jessica Lynn [106181] [106181] b.14_Dec_1973, Manchester NH

Trombley, Living [181430]

Trombley, Living [181431]

Trost, Christopher Vance [149882] [149882] b.31_Jul_1984

Trott, Christian [123723] b.19_Nov_1725, Dorchester MA

Trott, Mercy [123722]

Trott, Samuel [123724] b.2_Jul_1727, Boston MA

Trott, Samuel [123725] b.25_May_1729, Boston MA

Trott, Sarah McKean [6853] b.8_Dec_1835 m.2_Feb_1857 wife of James W. Hazlehurst

Trotter, Armiger [130498] b.10_Dec_1701, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Trotter, John [130495] b.22_Nov_1694, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Trotter, Richard [131972] d.27_Nov_1699, York Co. VA

Trotter, Slizabeth [130496] b.1697, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Trotter, William [130497] b.15_Jan_1697/98, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Trout, Catherine [225432] b.5_Jul_1834, Tennessee m.10_Aug_1865, Tazewell Co. IL wife of Hollis S. Day d.24_Apr_1880

Troutbeck, Adam [44002] of Mobberly, Chester d. before 1510

Troutbeck, Joan [44003] b.1459 wife of William Boteler wife of Sir William Griffith

Troutbeck, Margaret [44001] d. after 1521 wife of Sir John Talbot

Troutman, Emma [154226] m.2_Sep_1875 wife of Atkinson L. Harned

Troutman, Katherine [154225] m. before 1875 wife of Atkinson L. Harned

Trowbridge, Abigail [86725] b.1695 wife of Daniel Mallory d.1780

Trowbridge, Elizabeth [136183] [136183] wife of Peter Mallory Jr.

Trowbridge, Elizabeth [86727] wife of Joseph Miles

Trowbridge, Eunice [49312] m.28_Jun_1800, Albany NY wife of Joseph Herkimer d.30_Jan_1826

Trowbridge, Hannah [48861] b.30_Mar_1690 m.30_Jan_1709/10 wife of Col. Joseph Whiting d.9_Aug_1748

Trowbridge, James [86718]

Trowbridge, John [86710] d.5_Jul_1649, Taunton

Trowbridge, Margaret [86724] wife of Ebenezer Stone

Trowbridge, Thomas [86711]

Trowbridge, Thomas [86717]

Trowbridge, Thomas [86721] b.2_Oct_1659 CT d.Jul_1750

Trowbridge, Thomas [86723]

Trowbridge, Thomas [86765] d.20_Feb_1619, Taunton

Trowbridge, William [86716]

Trowell, ________ [88438]

Trowell, Charity [88437]

Trowell, Justice Gott [88436]

de_Troyes, Adelaide [2335] b.950, Vermandois, France m.2_Mar_950/1, France wife of Geoffrey I, of Anjou d.978

de_Troyes, Eudes [13322] d. after 869

de_Troyes, Herbert [2336] count of Meaux and Troyes d.995/96

de_Troyes, Humbeline [12625] wife of Anseric II

de_Troyes, Lithuise [2953] dame de Bray wife of Milo II, sgnr. de_Montlhery

of_Troyes, Palatina [2275] wife of Bodegisel I

de_Troyes, Robert [2177] count of Troyes and Meaux, Vermandois d.25_Aug_967

of_Troyes, Thietburge [2296] wife of Charles of Provence d. after 960

Truax, Brent Paul [108826] b.13_Dec_1963, Burlington VT

Truax, Maureen Adonica Snowdy [108825] [108825] b.30_Apr_1962, Burlington VT m.13_Aug_1983, Jericho VT wife of Kenneth M. Holland

Truax, Sally Colleen [108827] b.31_Jul_1965, Burlington VT

Truax, Stephany Kathleen [108828] [108828] b.11_Sep_1966, Burlington VT m.13_Jul_1991, Richmond VT wife of Steve Edward Pippin

Truax, Wendalyn Wiwilla [108824] [108824] b.14_Mar_1961, Burlington VT

True, Adrian LeRoy [196835] b. 21 Apr 1883

True, Charles Elmer [196833] b. 7 Nov 1879

True, Clara E. [110981]

True, Cleone [171362] b. 1873 Family Farm Dalton Twp Muskegon County Michigan Redondo Beach, California wife of Frank Englehard

True, Emma Lou Cetta [196832] b. 1 Dec 1877 Palmyra, Harrison Co., Indiana m. 17 Oct 1897 All Saints, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA wife of Charles Rueben Catlin

True, Emma Lucetta [196826]

True, Eugenia [171363] Oct 1880 Family Farm Dalton Twp Muskegon County Michigan d. 2 Nov 1880 Family Farm Dalton Twp Muskegon County Michigan

True, Florence Isabell [196831] [196831] b. 7 Dec 1875

True, Gladys E. [110982]

True, Henry [110984]

True, Hugh [196840]

True, Irvin L. [171365] b. 2 Nov 1890 Family Farm Dalton Twp Muskegon County Michigan d. Apr 1977 Fruitland Township Muskegon County, Michigan

True, James Lemuel [196750] b. 30 Jul 1848 Indiana, Floyd Co. d. 24 Feb 1925

True, Lional [110983]

True, Mary Ann [196830] b. 18 Nov 1873 d. 11 Apr 1917 California, Los Angeles wife of Will Lukenbill

True, Orea E. [171364] b. 8 Nov 1883 Family Farm Dalton Twp Muskegon County Michigan d. 5 Aug 1967 Muskegon County Michigan m. 8 Nov 1908 St Mary's Parish Hall, Muskegon, Muskegon County Michigan wife of Chester Arthur Br

True, Otis Ransome [196834] b. 27 Dec 1881

True, Raymond [171366] Family Farm Dalton Twp Muskegon County Michigan d. Muskegon County Michigan

True, Roxie Cleona [196836] b. 1 Jan 1889 m. 13 Oct 1960 Indiana, Jeffersonville wife of Tommy Lofton

True, Roxie Viola [196841]

True, Shelton Preston [196829] [196829] b. 27 Dec 1871

Truitt, Donna Marie [72829] b. 9_May_1959

Truitt, Elizabeth Ann [72827] b. 14_Sep_1953

Truitt, Jennifer [72831] b. 14_Apr_1966

Truitt, Joyce [72832] b. 19_Nov_1967

Truitt, Michael [72828] b. 28_Nov_1956 d. 5_Sep_1960

Truitt, William [72830] b. 25_Jun_1962

Truman, Harry S. [22276] US Senate, 1934-1945 US Vice President, 1945 33rd US President, 1945-1953 b.8_May_1884, Lamar MO d.1972

Truman, John Anderson [22309]

Truman, Mary Margaret [22408] b.17_Feb_1924

Trumbull, David [124900] b.5_Feb_1750/51, Lebanon CT

Trumbull, Faith [124898] b.25_Jan_1742/43, Lebanon CT m.1_May_1766, Norwich CT wife of Jedediah Huntington

Trumbull, John [124901] b.6_Jun_1756, Lebanon CT d.1843

Trumbull, Jonathan [124897]

Trumbull, Joseph [124896]

Trumbull, Juliana [5924] m.29_Jun_1806 wife of William Woodbridge

Trumbull, Mary [124899]

de_Trusbut, Roysia [29675] (Rose) wife of Everard de_Ros

Truslow, Emma [207329] b.May_1873, Nelson Co. VA wife of James H. Chisholm d. after 8_Sep_1940

Truslow, Eugene Lafayette [207322] [207322] b.1861, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, George Washington [207323] [207323] b.1864, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Ida B. [207327] b.1871, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Jefferson Napoleon [207316] [207316]

Truslow, John H. [207326] b.1869, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Joseph [207318] b.1855, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Julia Ann [207317] b.1855, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Lucian Boneparte [207321] [207321] b.1859, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Mary Josephine [207324] [207324] b.1865, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Mattie S. [207328] b.1875, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Missouri Hortense [207325] [207325] b.23_Jul_1865, Nelson Co. VA wife of James Osborn Napier wife of James Osborn Napier d.6_Feb_1941, Wintergreen, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, Nellie Eunice [208166] [208166] wife of Norman E. Smiley

Truslow, Thomas R. [207319] b.1857, Nelson Co. VA

Truslow, William [207320] b.1858

Truslow, William Nicholas [208164] [208164]

Tuberville, ________ [128424] wife of Francis Kenner

Tuberville, ________ [128570] wife of ________ Beales

Tuberville, Ann Silk [128563] b.1_Apr_1769

Tuberville, Charles Lee [128566] [128566] b.16_Dec_1775

Tuberville,, Col. George Lee [128559] [128559] b.7_Sep_1760 d.1798

Tuberville, Cornelia [128619] b.6_Sep_1797, Virginia m.1814 wife of Charles C. Stuart

Tuberville, Elizabeth [128425] [128425] b. before 1727 wife of Gowry Waugh

Tuberville, Gawin Corbin [128611] [128611] b. after 1770

Tuberville, George Lee [128617] [128617] b. after 1795, Virginia

Tuberville, George Richard [128553] [128553] b. before 1742

Tuberville, Hannah [128613] b. after 1770

Tuberville, Jane Lane [128562] [128562] b.1_May_1767

Tuberville, John [128569] b. after 1782

Tuberville, John [15700] b.14_Sep_1737, Virginia

Tuberville, John Corbin [128561] [128561] b.18_Oct_1765

Tuberville, Lettice Corbin [128560] [128560] b.7_Jan_1763 wife of Catesby Jones

Tuberville, Lucy Silk [128564] [128564] b.11_May_1770

Tuberville,, Maj. George [127593] [127593], Louden VA d.1742, Hickory Hill, Westmoreland Co. VA

Tuberville, Martha Corbin [15696] [15696] b.4_Nov_1778 m.25_Jan_1800, Northumberland Co. VA wife of Dr. Mottorm Ball d.26_Mar_1865

Tuberville, Mary [128615] wife of William F. Talaiferro

Tuberville, Rebecca Lee [128565] [128565] b.21_Sep_1772 d.1_Apr_1785

Tuberville, Richard Henry [128618] [128618] b. after 1795

Tuberville, Richard Lee [128612] [128612] b. after 1770

de_Tuberville, Sarah [16115] wife of William de_Gamage

Tuberville, Troilus Lewin [128567] [128567] b.29_Dec_1780

Tuck, Addie [158873] b.1904

Tuck, Jesse [158874] b.1905, Texas d.1989

Tuck, Moses [158875] b.1913 d.1915

Tuck, Nola [158872] b.1900, Texas m.10_Dec_1890, Hawkins Co. TN wife of ________ Pearson d.1972

Tucker, Abraham Eaton [96563] b.16_Jun_1977, Portland ME

Tucker, Allen [96551]

Tucker, Amasa [151951] b.28_Aug_1793, Sumner ME d.11_Mar_1875, Sumner ME

Tucker, Ann [118141] b.29_Jun_1764, Lebanon CT wife of Seth Green

Tucker, Anna Elizabeth [34468] [34468] b.26_Jun_1804 wife of Moses Tucker d.Sep_1888

Tucker, Benjamin Joel [96562] b.1_Oct_1774, Portland ME

Tucker, Catherine [32743] wife of James R. Clark

Tucker, Charles Caldwell [66952] [66952] b.10_Jun_1918, Chelsea, OK

Tucker, Clarissa Rhoda [66951] [66951] b.14_Aug_1914, Chelsea, OK d.18_Dec_1985

Tucker,, Col. Robert Eugene [96541] [96541] b.18_Jun_1911, Winthrop MA

Tucker, David Walker [66953] b.28_Jul_1922, Chelsea, OK

Tucker, Eliza Augusta [151953] [151953] b.28_Aug_1837, Sumner ME, Sumner ME m.17_Nov_1858, Sumner ME d.13_Mar_1905, Sumner ME

Tucker, Elizabeth Muriel [96544] [96544] b.19_Jun_1917, Winthrop MA m.8_Apr_1945, Panama wife of David Mcgaw

Tucker, Frankie L. [158810] b.11_Jul_1910

Tucker, Frederick Elston [96543] [96543] b. Winthrop MA

Tucker, George [8846] b.1849

Tucker, Gerrard [127696]

Tucker, Glenn [158807] b.Nov_1905 d.1942

Tucker, Harriete May [8876] b. Monmouth IL

Tucker, Helen Marie [66950] b.5_Apr_1912, Chelsea, OK d.25_Nov_1986, Chelsea, OK

Tucker, Honour [57607] b. Plymouth, Devon, England m. 2_May_1635 wife of Cornet Robert Stetson d. Scituate MA

Tucker, Idalene Francis [8877] [8877] b. Warren County, IL

Tucker, James Joel Scott [158806] [158806] b.14_Feb_1903 d.1970

Tucker, James Ricketts [32514] [32514]

Tucker, Jeanne [79626] b.27_Feb_1953 m.29_Jul_1972 wife of Terry Dashnaw

Tucker, John [118138] b.26_Mar_1758, Lebanon CT

Tucker, John [127694], England, Bermuda

Tucker, John [127699]

Tucker, John [79624] b.2_Oct_1948

Tucker, John Alexander [66947] [66947] b.28_Jun_1904, Success, AR d.12_Apr_1972, Tehachapi, CA

Tucker, Living [158811]

Tucker, Living [158812]

Tucker, Living [158813]

Tucker, Lydia [118139] b.23_Oct_1759, Lebanon CT

Tucker, Marjorie Madeline [158809] [158809] b.Oct_1908

Tucker, Mary Elizabeth [158808] [158808] b.May_1906, Texas

Tucker, Maurice [79625] b.1_Jun_1950

Tucker, Paul Moore [96560] b. Providence RI

Tucker, Peter [96549] b. Winthrop MA

Tucker, Phoebe C. [8878] b. Warren County, IL wife of John F. Schnellback

Tucker, Ralph Lewis [96557] b.16_Aug_1947, Winthrop MA

Tucker,, Rev. Ralph Lewis [96545] [96545] b.29_May_1921, Winthrop MA

Tucker, Richard Gillmore [96542] [96542] b.23_Mar_1913, Winthrop MA d.7_Mar_1991, Cambridge MA

Tucker, Richard Gillmore [96548] [96548] b. Winthrop MA

Tucker, Richard Russell [96558] [96558] b. Shanghai China

Tucker, Roger Winthrop [96559] [96559] b. Providence RI

Tucker, Rosalee Adelia [66954] [66954]

Tucker, Rose [127698] b. after 1664

Tucker, Ruth Moore [96564] b.21_Jun_1980, Portland ME

Tucker, Samuel [118140] b.17_Jul_1762, Lebanon CT d.14_Feb_1765, Lebanon CT

Tucker, Sarah [127697] b.2_Aug_1663, Westmoreland Co. VA m.1_May_1674, Virginia wife of William Fitzhugh d. after 1703, Stafford Co. VA

Tucker, Thomas Barnum [66949] b.13_Sep_1909, Chelsea, OK

Tucker, Urith [57606]

Tucker, William Harrison [66948] [66948] b.6_Mar_1907, Success, AR d.10_Dec_1972, Long Beach, CA

Tucket, John [17238] b.1350, Heleigh, Staffordshire, England

Tucket, Sir John [17237] lord Audley b.23_Apr_1371, Heleigh, Staffordshire, England d.19_Dec_1408, Heleigh, Staffordshire, England

Tuder, Jasper [7021] d.1496

Tudor, ________ [105714]

Tudor, ________ [105716]

Tudor, ________ [5992]

Tudor, ________ [7028] b.31_Jan_1510

Tudor, ________ [7031] b.Dec_1514

Tudor, ________ [7033] b.10_Nov_1518

Tudor, Arthur [7012] prince of Wales b.20_Sep_1486, Westminster d.2_Apr_1502, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire

Tudor, Dale [105712]

Tudor, David [105706]

Tudor, Delia Aimee [5968] b.22_Apr_1880, Marietta, GA

Tudor, Dorothy Shriner [105707] [105707] b.29_Mar_1924 wife of Frank Olson

Tudor, Edmond [7020] earl of Richmond b.1430 d.1465

Tudor, Edmund [7017] b.21_Feb_1499, Greenwich Palace d.19_Jul_1500, Bishop's Hatfiel, Hertfordshire

Tudor, Elizabeth [5967] b.27_Nov_1878, Boston

Tudor, Elizabeth [7015] b.2_Jul_1492 d.14_Sep_1495, Eltham Palace

Tudor, Gary David [105713] b. 27_Jul_1945 ID

Tudor, Henry [7029] duke of Cornwall b.1_Jan_1511, Richmond Palace d.22_Feb_1511, Richmond Palace

Tudor, Henry [7030] duke of Cornwall b.Nov_1513, Richmond Palace d.Nov_1513, Richmond Palace

Tudor, Henry D. [5965] b.30_Oct_1874

ap_Tudor, Howel [47575]

Tudor, Jenna [105715]

Tudor, Katherine [7018] b.2_Feb_1503, Tower of London d.1503

Tudor, Maredudd [7023]

Tudor, Margaret [7013] b.28_Nov_1489, Palace of Westminster m.8_Aug_1503, Holyrood Abbey wife of James IV, king of Scots m.4_Aug_1514, Kinnoull wife of Archibald Douglas, 6th earl of Angus m.Mar_1528 wife of Henry Stewart

Tudor, Mary [5969] b.30_Jul_1886, Paris

Tudor, Mary [67352] wife of John Orton

Tudor, Mary [7016] b.18_Mar_1496, Richmond Palace m.9_Oct_1514, Abbeville 3rd wife of Louis XII, king of France m.13_May_1515, Greenwich wife of Charles Brandon, 1st duke of Suffolk

Tudor, Ruth [105705] wife of ________ Gee

Tudor, Sarah [18662] b.26_Nov_1652, Windsor CT m.15_Jan_1678/79, Windsor CT wife of Sgt. James Porter d.16_Aug_1725, London, England

Tudor, Sir Owen [7022] b.1400 d.2_Feb_1461, executed

Tudor, William [5964]

Tudor, William [5966] b.14_Jun_1876, Boston

Tuffs, Carry Nell [111157]

Tufts, Catharine [99387] b.1734, Medford MA m.1772 wife of Nathaniel Wyman m.1776, Woburn MA wife of Ebenezer Richardson d.1785, Woburn MA

Tufts, Mary [63648] m.13_Apr_1780, Cambridge MA wife of John Stone

Tuirmheach, Aongus [5153] d.324BC, Tara

Tull, Arthur Gorman [178734] b.4_Mar_1892, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.Dec 1981, Hagerstown MD

Tull, Edward Long [178732] b.May_1886, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Tull, Florence W. [178733] b.Sep_1887, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD m.4_Oct_1904 wife of Hezekiah Bradshaw

Tull, Joyce [178743]

Tull, Lillian [178744]

Tull, Louise F. [178731], Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Tull, Mary [178742]

Tull, Morris R. [178738] b.17_Feb_1904, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.15_Nov_1907

Tull, Norwood P. [178745]

Tull, Norwood Preston [178735] [178735] b.8_Jun_1893, Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.1971, Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

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