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index part 1

from: Abbe, Betsy [103142] b.24_Jan_1797, Medway MA d.14_Aug_1871, Medway MA
  to: Adams, John [70627] b.15_Apr_1751, Lincoln, MA

index part 2

from: Adams, John [70652] b.31_May_1787, Lincoln, MA
  to: Aitken, Homer [186307]

index part 3

from: Aitken, Lydia Ashley [186303]
  to: Alexander, Living [209824]

index part 4

from: Alexander, Living [209825] wife of Living Chewning wife of Living Sprouse
  to: of_Alsace, Everhard [1854]

index part 5

from: of_Alsace, Gerhard III [85556] [85556] count of Nordgau
  to: Anderson, Robert G. [138446] b.1882, Wayne Co. IN d.16_Apr_1923, Wayne Co. IN

index part 6

from: Anderson, Roland Bush Jr. [145675] [145675]
  to: Arbing, Henry [4069], Freetown, Prince Edward Is, Canada d.1901, South Freetown, Prince Edward Is, Canada

index part 7

from: Arbing, Jabez [4245] b.1810, North Wiltshire, Prince Edward Is, Canada d.20_Nov_1898, Freetown, Prince Edward Is, Canada
  to: Arnold, Nathaniel [123785]

index part 8

from: Arnold, Nathaniel [172995]
  to: of_Austria, Charles V [12276] Holy Roman Emperor, 1519-1556 first Habsburg king (Charles I) of Spain, 1516-1556 b.1500 d.1558

index part 9

from: of_Austria, Charles VI [12261] [12261] Holy Roman Emperor, 1711-1740 b.1685 d.1740
  to: Backus, Rufus [191543] b. 25 SEP 1787 d. 11 APR 1864 Palmyra, New York

index part 10

from: Backus, Ruth [191569] b. 19 DEC 1674 d. 1752 wife of Robert Green
  to: Bailie, Isabella [36151]

index part 11

from: Bailie, Lottie M. [35324] m.16_Apr_1879 wife of James A. Jessee
  to: Ball, Elizabeth [21717] b.20_Mar_1795, Lee Co., VA m. before 1818 wife of Michael T. Brown

index part 12

from: Ball, Elizabeth Burgess [129514] [129514] b.16_Mar_1772 m.21_Jul_1793 wife of Col. Armistead Long d.28_Jul_1806
  to: Bangs, Allen [153623] b.8_Apr_1784, Gorham ME d.26_Feb_1858

index part 13

from: Bangs, Charlie Elva [111112] b.1881
  to: Barnett, Living [132320]

index part 14

from: Barnett, Living [132322]
  to: Bass, Janice [37811]

index part 15

from: Bass, Jedediah [123537]
  to: Bayley, Andrew Jackson [51463] [51463] b.20_May_1843 d.7_Apr_1870

index part 16

from: Bayley, Anne Upshur [164934] b.5_Dec_1799, Accomac Co, VA m.4_Oct_1826, Northampton Co. VA wife of William D. Seymour
  to: Beauvais, Christopher Raymond [79042] [79042] b.26_Jul_1976, Trenton MI

index part 17

from: Beauvais, Doug [79011] b.4_Jul_1953, Detroit MI
  to: Belvin, William L. [203935] fisherman, Gloucester Co. VA, 1900 b.Oct_1887, Virginia

index part 18

from: Belvin, William Thomas [213281] [213281] b.1872, Virginia
  to: Berry, Living [158959]

index part 19

from: Berry, Living [158960]
  to: (Billie), Lillie Rachel Chisholm [207728] (Billie) [207728] b.18_Nov_1931, Charlottesville VA wife of Melvin Quesenberry d.9_Aug_1994, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co. VA

index part 20

from: Billings, Charles Ethan [45192] [45192] b.5_Dec_1835, Windsor VT d. after 1913
  to: Blake, Ida [147400] b.8_Aug_1888 wife of ________ Simmons

index part 21

from: Blake, Jessie M. [201376] b.1923, Virginia
  to: Boardman, Hannah [49711] m.14_May_1800 wife of Elias Robbins d.12_Sep_1859

index part 22

from: Boardman, Horace [49581] b.13_Jun_1734 d.16_Feb_1792
  to: Bonnel, Nathaniel III [9183]

index part 23

from: Bonnel, Sylvanus [9308]
  to: Bosher, Frances [190668] b. 1815 m. 23 FEB 1832 Cumberland Co., VA wife of Hezekiah Oliver

index part 24

from: Bosher, Gideon [189585]
  to: Bower, Living [138403]

index part 25

from: Bower, Loretta [138405] b.1914, Seymour IN m. Indianapolis IN wife of Bernie Sutton m. Indianapolis IN wife of ________ Plank
  to: Boynton, Roberta Lee [43197]

index part 26

from: Boynton, Samuel [43178] b.24_Feb_1828
  to: Bradley, Shelton [90666] b.1809, Ohio

index part 27

from: Bradley, Sisson [100741] b.1802 d.1865, Wilson, NY
  to: Brandon, Eleanor [17185] wife of John Glemham wife of Henry Clifford d.29_Sep_1596

index part 28

from: Brandon, Frances [14237] 2nd wife of Henry Grey, 3rd marquess of Dorset
  to: Bridges, Edmund III [64830] b.Oct_1661, Topsfield MA d.1682

index part 29

from: Bridges, Edmund Jr. [64835] b.1637, Topsfield MA d.24_Jun_1682
  to: Broner, Living [171405]

index part 30

from: Broner, Living [171406]
  to: Brown, Edward [28693], Tolethorp, Rutlandshire, England

index part 31

from: Brown, Edward [92088] b.1735, Chester Co. PA
  to: Brown, Mary [53682] b.15_May_1867, Little Falls MN wife of Alexander McDonald

index part 32

from: Brown, Mary [53871] b.1896 wife of________ Maher d.1943
  to: Brownell, George [60089] b.19_Jan_1685, Little Compton RI d.12_Sep_1756, Acoaxet MA

index part 33

from: Brownell, George [60113] b.27_Apr_1739, Little Compton RI
  to: Buck, Benoni [194900] b. 1616 Jamestown, Virginia USA

index part 34

from: Buck, Beulah I. [166144] b.Jun_1884, Virginia
  to: Buller, John [63069], Idle, Yorkshire, England d.16_Jan_1590/91

index part 35

from: Buller, John [63071] d.1545, Barnham, Suffolk, England
  to: de_Burgh, Richard [12633] d.1243

index part 36

from: de_Burgh, Richard [12648] earl of Ulster d.29_Jul_1326, Athassel
  to: Burroughs, John Lewis [195651] [195651] b. 26 JUL 1892 Mathews County, Virginia USA d. 10 OCT 1918 Mathews County, Virginia USA

index part 37

from: Burroughs, John Thomas [195123] [195123] b. 1854 Richmond, Virginia USA d. 8 JAN 1911 Richmond, Virginia USA
  to: Bushnell, Joan [116947] b.1582, Thatcham, Berkshire, England

index part 38

from: Bushnell, Joan [116980], Tilehurst, Berkshire, England
  to: Cady, John [54401] b.1680, Watertown MA d.6_Sep_1751, Windsor CT

index part 39

from: Cady, John Jr. [112401] b.15_Jan_1650/51
  to: Campbell, ________ [25001]

index part 40

from: Campbell, ________ [25043] d. unmarried, Edinburg
  to: Carle, Timothy [9035]

index part 41

from: Carleton, Albert Sawyer [86550] [86550] b.21_Jul_1887, Worcester MA d.30_Jul_1903, Worcester MA
  to: Carter, Charles [143323] b.1765 d.1829

index part 42

from: Carter, Charles [27371]
  to: Cary, Daniel [136624] b.9_Sep_1716, Bridgewater MA d. Suckasunna Place NJ

index part 43

from: Cary, Daniel [136658] b.14_Jan_1754, Bridgewater MA
  to: Cawthorne, Hubbard [191055]

index part 44

from: Cawthorne, Hudson [191051] b. ABT. 1771 d. 18 MAR 1822
  to: Chandler, Susan Barron Jubilee [107852] [107852] b.4_Jul_1826, Greenfield MA m.20_Jan_1848, Greenfield MA wife of Elihu Goodman Arms

index part 45

from: Chandler, Thomas [69334], Bishopstartford, Hertsfordshire, England, Bishopstartford, Hertsfordshire, England
  to: Chatterton, Sally [46841] b. after 1783

index part 46

from: Chatterton, Samuel [46763] b.15_Sep_1696, New Haven CT d.16_Dec_1710
  to: Chinn, Samuel Leland [129250]

index part 47

from: Chinn, Sarah [129242] wife of John C. Mitchell
  to: Church, Oscar W. [163464], Colorado

index part 48

from: Church, Patience [194865] b. Est 1685 Princess Anne County, Virginia USA d. 20 MAR 1749/1750 Princess Anne County, Virginia USA m. 3 MAY 1727 Princess Anne County, Virginia USA wife of Christopher Burroughs m. 6 MAR 1699/
  to: Clark, Adelia [98032] wife of William F. La_Clair

index part 49

from: Clark, Agnes [32535] b.17_Mar_1806, Rahway NJ wife of Samuel Johnson d.29_Jan_1898
  to: Clark, Hezekiah [32970]

index part 50

from: Clark, Hinsdale [101805] b.25_Mar_1709, Medfield MA d.25_Jan_1787, Sturbridge MA
  to: Clark, Olive [33791] b.15_May_1905 m.14_Mar_1928 wife of Lawrence D. Cruttenden

index part 51

from: Clark, Oliver [101776] b.17_Jul_1728, Walpole MA
  to: Claus, James Joshua [105667] b.6_Dec_1970

index part 52

from: Claus, Thomas Augustus [105668] [105668] b.10_Oct_1977
  to: Clements, Living [214869]

index part 53

from: Clements, Living [214872]
  to: Cocciolone, Gabriel Frederick [104469] [104469] b.7_Feb_1987, Sarasota FL

index part 54

from: Cocciolone, Jessica George [104447] [104447] b.17_Aug_1981, Sarasota FL
  to: Coleman, Mary "Polly" [191864] [191864]

index part 55

from: Coleman, Nicie Ann [114297] m.6_Jul_1824 wife of Hugh Goodwin
  to: Connelly, Living [134473] wife of Living Shuh

index part 56

from: Connelly, Mary Adell [50224] m.27_Jan_1869, Keswick IA wife of Charles P. Churchill d.23_Mar_1926, Millersburg IA
  to: Cooke, Martha [189134] b. BEF. 1808

index part 57

from: Cooke, Martha [192655] b. ABT. 1848
  to: Corbin, Henry [164065] b.12_Feb_1667 d.1669

index part 58

from: Corbin, Howard W. [177784] b.1920, Smith Island, Somerset Co. Md d.25_Sep_1996, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD
  to: Couper, Mary [48063] m.11_Sep_1838 wife of James Logan Smith

index part 59

from: de_Courcy, Adele [28269] of Coucy, Ardennes, France wife of Dreux de_Boves
  to: Cox, William Elias [130920] b.9_Jun_1879 d.4_Sep_1955

index part 60

from: Cox, William F. [130941] b.5_Oct_1865 d.12_Oct_1866
  to: Crockett, ________ [177389] b.1901, Virginia d.1901, Virginia

index part 61

from: Crockett, ________ [177390] b.1903, Virginia d.1903, Virginia
  to: Cross, Bryant [8574]

index part 62

from: Cross, Carle [8571]
  to: Curtis, Ada Roberta Eloise [162289] [162289]

index part 63

from: Curtis, Agatha [135803]
  to: Custis), John P. C. Upshur-Nottingham (Parke [127765] (Parke Custis) [127765] b.9_Apr_1880 d.1952

index part 64

from: (Custis?), Elizabeth Curtis Ironmonger [144361] (Custis?) [144361] b.16_Jan_1801 m.24_Jun_1821 wife of Isaac C. Handy m.1867, York Co. VA wife of John W. Shields
  to: Dana, Lucy [37314] wife of Benjamin Kittredge

index part 65

from: Dana, Richard [37331]
  to: Davis, Eleazer [106329] b.6_Aug_1766

index part 66

from: Davis, Elijah [112490] d.5_Oct_1783
  to: Day, Ira Lee [158588] b.16_Oct_1876

index part 67

from: Day, Isaac [158317] b.1806
  to: Deane, Marie [109837]

index part 68

from: Deane, Mehitable [69477] b.6_Jun_1679 wife of Josiah Richmond
  to: Delano, Jesse [122733], Duxbury MA d.8_Aug_1758

index part 69

from: Delano, Jesse [20482] b.29_Oct_1780, Sunderland MA
  to: of_Denmark, Dorothea [128309] b.1546 d.1617

index part 70

from: of_Denmark, Dorothea [128311] b.1_Aug_1504 d.11_Apr_1547
  to: Derden, Josephine Agnes [154976] [154976] b.2_Nov_1895, Ellis Co. TX d.10_Jan_1929, Sanger TX

index part 71

from: Derden, Margaret Ethel [154975] [154975] b.6_Apr_1894, Ellis Co. TX d.1977
  to: Diggs, Indiana [141423] b.14_Jul_1840, Mathews Co. VA d.4_Jan_1918

index part 72

from: Diggs, Isaac [140985]
  to: Dize, Rodney W. [177847] b.25_Mar_1905, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.14_Nov_1992, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

index part 73

from: Dize, Sadie [177885] b.1877, Accomack Co. VA m.1894, Accomack Co. VA wife of Martin Whaley d.1959, Accomack Co. VA
  to: Douglas, Lady Elizabeth [25490] [25490] m.1913 wife of Edward Stanley, 12th earl of Derby d.1797

index part 74

from: Douglas, Lady Elizabeth [25588] [25588] m.1742 d.1800 wife of Francis Greville lord Brooke, 1st earl of Warwick
  to: Drennan, Rachel [166367] b. 1802 York Co., SC d. Missouri m. 18 Dec 1823 Wilson Co., TN. wife of George W. Hewgley

index part 75

from: Drennan, Rachel [166770] b.1778, South Carolina
  to: Drenning, Elizabeth Arlene [91649] [91649] b.1906, Pennsylvania wife of Alfred G. Kell

index part 76

from: Drenning, Ellen Louise [126549] [126549]
  to: Drummond, John [24047] duke of Perth 9th earl of Perth d.1757

index part 77

from: Drummond, John [24050] 1st earl of Melfort "Duc de Melfort"
  to: Dunham, Samuel [20133]

index part 78

from: Dunkelberger, Daniel [55741] b.1807, Little Mahonoy PA d.1865, Schuylkill PA
  to: East, Thomas [88832] died young

index part 79

from: Eastman, ________ [102958] b.21_Mar_1908
  to: Eggleston, Elizabeth [130609] b.11_Feb_1738/39, Powhatan, James City Co. VA, Williamsburg VA wife of William Phillips d.1797, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

index part 80

from: Eggleston, Elizabeth [132378]
  to: Emery, Mary [152847] b.25_Jan_1720, Newbury MA

index part 81

from: Emery, Mary [71048] b.24_Jun_1652, Newbury MA m.10_Mar_1771, Newbury MA wife of William Sawyer m.13_Mar_1671, Newbury MA wife of Samuel Sawyer d.11_Feb_1718, Newbury MA
  to: of_Este, Anne [85337] d.1607 wife of Francis, duke of Guise wife of duke of Nemours

index part 82

from: Estes, ________ [147333] wife of Charles L. Lawson Jr.
  to: Evans, Ernest Gelispie [178079] [178079]

index part 83

from: Evans, Ernie [134575] b.1_Aug_1886
  to: Evans, William Horace [179164] [179164]

index part 84

from: Evans, William J. [178207] b.12_Nov_1861, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.20_Jul_1879, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD
  to: Ewing, Joshua [187497]

index part 85

from: Ewing, Joshua French [186518] b.12_May_1836, Perry Co. IN d.1836, Perry Co. IN
  to: Fairfax, Lucy [129902], Virginia

index part 86

from: Fairfax, Margaret [129700] wife of Dr. David Wilkins d.30_Apr_1735
  to: Feagin, Leslie Frank [4062] b.19_Jun_1924, Watsonville, CA d.21_Feb_1967, Sacramento, CA

index part 87

from: Feagin, Martha [4088]
  to: Findley, David [158102] b.20_May_1762, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland d.24_Aug_1849, New Concord, Muskingum Co. OH

index part 88

from: Findley, David [158112] b.22_May_1790, Elizabeth Twp., Allegheny Co. PA d.9_Apr_1814, New Concord, Muskingum Co. OH
  to: Fiske, Eleazer [64356] b. England

index part 89

from: Fiske, Elijah [40884] b.24_Mar_1770, Lincoln, MA
  to: Fitzkee, Sarah Harding [62199] [62199]

index part 90

from: of_Fitzlar, Conrad [85616] (Conrad the Old) count of Logenahe count of Franconia d.905
  to: Flint, Edna Sylvesta [39737] b.27_Oct_1898, St. Lawrence, S m.29_Apr_1923, St. Lawrence, S wife of Robert Lyle Meuret d.1_Dec_1930, Lemmon, SD

index part 91

from: Flint, Ephraim [40439] b.13_May_1745, Lincoln, MA d.1_Sep_1824, Lincoln, MA
  to: Ford, Mercy [151316] b.14_Oct_1687, Marshfield MA m.21_Feb_1712, Plymouth MA wife of John Holmes

index part 92

from: Ford, Mercy [151323] b.29_Apr_1662, Marshfield MA m.27_May_1680, Marshfield MA wife of Samuel Thomas m.14_Sep_1726, Plymouth MA wife of Josiah Finney d.Sep_1741, Marshfield MA
  to: Forrest, Nowida Lulu [139021] (Novada) b.22_Feb_1871, York Co. VA m.31_Dec_1891 wife of Josiah S. Freeman wife of Lorenzo P. Topping d.8_Aug_1943, York Co. VA

index part 93

from: Forrest, Oakley [223802] b.16_Mar_1876, Mathews Co. VA d.1_Sep_1945
  to: Foster, Sidney Britton [217295] [217295] b. 1 MAY 1917 Montgomery, Alabama d. 25 JUN 1996 Jacksonville, Florida

index part 94

from: Foster, Sidney M. [225041] b.1839, Mathews Co. VA d.9_Feb_1907
  to: of_France, Marguerite [11107]

index part 95

from: of_France, Marguerite [11140] b.1279, France m.8_Sep_1299, Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England 2nd wife of Edward I, king of England d.14_Feb_1317, Marlborough House, Wiltshire, England
  to: Frazier, Nancy [200905] b.1811, Taylor Co. KY m.15_Nov_1832, Hazard, Perry, Co. KY wife of Absalom D. Adams

index part 96

from: Frazier, Nancy [201013] b. 3 May 1860 Letcher County, Kentucky, USA m. 7 Sep 1893 wife of Moses Adams
  to: Frostasson, Skjalf [2863], Finland wife of Agni Dagsson

index part 97

from: Frothingham, Abigail [109047] b.24_May_1760 d.17_Dec_1833 wife of Nathaniel R. Whitney
  to: Galloway, Clyde R. [200570] b.1914, Pennsylvania

index part 98

from: Galloway, Curtis Harry [91714] [91714] bank clerk, Collingswood NJ, 1930 b.14_Apr_1903, New London PA d.11_Jan_1987, Drexel Hill PA bu. Arlington Cemetery, Drexel Hill PA
  to: Garland, James Franklin [21080] [21080] b.4_Jul_1890, Pittsburg, KY d.22_Dec_1940, Enka, NC

index part 99

from: Garland, John [143470]
  to: Gayle, Lester Templeton Sr. [147569] [147569] b.22_Jan_1963 d.1930

index part 100

from: Gayle, Levin [147562] d. unmarried
  to: Giannini, ________ [207363] b.15_May_1877 d.22_May_1877

index part 101

from: Giannini, Anthony [206465] b.1790
  to: Gillespie, William E. [196595] [196595] of Hazelton PA

index part 102

from: Gillet, Louisa Kent Oyey Hoge [204488] [204488] b.30_Dec_1925, Washington DC m.16_Jul_1949 wife of Henry J. Dekker
  to: Goodell, Lisa [78023] b.16_Jun_1961

index part 103

from: Goodell, Mitchell [78024] b.24_Dec_1962
  to: Goodwin, John Thomas [114750] b.20_Mar_1889

index part 104

from: Goodwin, John Thompson [114349] [114349] b.1826, Louisa Co. VA
  to: Gould, Phebe [56058] b.22_Sep_1717, Topsfield MA m.25_Feb_1755, Topsfield MA wife of Eliezer Gould

index part 105

from: Gould, Phebe [65249] b.1622, England m.1640, Topsfield, MA wife of Deacon Thomas Perkins
  to: Green, Ida Mable [107306] b.15_Mar_1875, Worcester MA m.30_Jun_1891, Worcester MA wife of Oliver E. L'Armondin m.25_Sep_1898, Hudson MA wife of Berniece R. Swett d.19_Sep_1912, Worcester MA

index part 106

from: Green, Indianna [217210] b.1842, York Co. VA
  to: de_Grey, Isabella [14288] wife of Robert Poyntings, 5th lord Poyntings

index part 107

from: Grey, Jake [55499]
  to: Groves, Anthony [43723]

index part 108

from: Groves, Celia [102665] b.2_Aug_1777, Monson MA m.26_Apr_1795 wife of Isaac Partridge
  to: Hagar, Phinehas Fisk [40603] b.19_Feb_1810, Lincoln, MA

index part 109

from: Hagar, Priscilla [40604] b.29_Aug_1812, Lincoln, MA m.22_Oct_1835, Lincoln, MA wife of Edmund Wheeler
  to: Hallett, Elizabeth [153474] b.1674-1679, Barnstable MA m.18_Sep_1695, Barnstable MA wife of James Cobb d.1_Apr_1759, Barnstable MA

index part 110

from: Hallett, Lawrence [182545]
  to: Hansford, Michell [82577]

index part 111

from: Hansford, Mildred Ann [82340] b.26_Jun_1890 d. young
  to: Harding, Elisha [62772] b.21_May_1748 d.23_Feb_1817

index part 112

from: Harding, Elisha [62782] b.1775 d.25_Jun_1791
  to: Harland, Peter [69133] b.1645, England

index part 113

from: Harland, Rebecca [69139] b.1657, England
  to: Harrell, Sarah (Sally) [211754] [211754] b.1857, Holmes Co. FL wife of Sebe Messer

index part 114

from: Harrell, Selah [156811], Anson Co. NC wife of ________ Simmons
  to: Harris, Sethbabe [36156]

index part 115

from: Harris, Sheldon [36239]
  to: Hartshorn, Leurene [167777] (Lurena) b.15_May_1763, Norwich CT m.30_Jan_1783, Franklin CT d.2_Jun_1835, Boonville NY

index part 116

from: Hartshorn, Liddia [167993] b.20_Jan_1726/27, Walpole MA m.5_Sep_1745, Walpole MA d. after 1722
  to: Hathaway, Elizabeth [123240] b.6_Aug_1763 m.21_Nov_1803, New Bedford MA wife of Nathaniel Hammond d.18_Jan_1854, Rochester MA

index part 117

from: Hatheway, Belinda Olney [69443] [69443] wife of Joshua Wilbour
  to: Haynes, Alice [162322] b. after 1907

index part 118

from: Haynes, Betty A. [162233] b.20_Jun_1867, Charles City Co. VA wife of James H. Edwards
  to: hogg,Helen [224021] b.30_Aug_1795, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland

index part 119

from: Helenus, I [1688]
  to: Herkimer, Anna [49195]

index part 120

from: Herkimer, Arriana [49232] (Jane) b.11_Jun_1763 wife of Capt. Joseph Anderson d.18_Apr_1850, Canada
  to: Hide, Mary [77631] b.25_Sep_1672, Fairfield CT wife of Benjamin Rumsey wife of William Hill

index part 121

from: Hide, Mary [77638] b.8_Oct_1705, Fairfield CT m. Fairfield CT wife of Benjamin Darling
  to: Hillhouse, Edgar Eugene [212990] [212990] farmer, San Saba Co. TX, 1900, 1910, 1920 laborer, Llano Co. TX, 1930 b.29_Feb_1880, Webster Co. MS d.16_Aug_1940, Brownwood, Brown Co. TX

index part 122

from: Hillhouse, Eleanor [212959] b.1798 South Carolina wife of David Lamb
  to: Hillis, Living [216899]

index part 123

from: Hillis, Living [216900]
  to: Hoag, Agnes Desire [176802] b. 1842 d. 1894

index part 124

from: Hoag, Alan Addison [169587] b. 9 Jan 1928 Oxford, New York
  to: Hoag, Charles S. [174885]

index part 125

from: Hoag, Charles S. [175367] b. 1865 Illinois
  to: Hoag, Emily [169412] b. 7 Mar 1855 New Balt. d. 25 Sep 1934 wife of William H. Parsons

index part 126

from: Hoag, Emily [170947] b. 1824 wife of Benjamin W. Steere
  to: Hoag, Henry [170864] b. 11 Jan 1853 d. 4 Oct 1931

index part 127

from: Hoag, Henry [171664] b. 1824 d. 1826
  to: Hoag, Joseph [176947] b. 11 Dec 1793 Starksboro, Addison Co., Vermont

index part 128

from: Hoag, Joseph [177022] b. 11 Jul 1808 New York d. 10 Jun 1809
  to: Hoag, Martha [173013] b. 31 Dec 1776 New York

index part 129

from: Hoag, Martha [173168] b. 18 May 1800 Sandwich, Carroll Co., New Hampshire d. 15 Oct 1839 m. 28 Apr 1831 Sandwich Nh. wife of Eli Beede
  to: Hoag, Phebe [175645] wife of Nicholas Wanzer

index part 130

from: Hoag, Phebe [175692] b. Mar 1852 New York
  to: Hoag, Tamer [176329]

index part 131

from: Hoag, Tamrin Southwick [173211] [173211] b. 24 Mar 1810 Sandwich, Carroll Co., New Hampshire wife of Ellis B. Darling
  to: Hobbs, Margaret E. (Maggie) [203455] [203455] b.28_Apr_1901, Barry Co. MO

index part 132

from: Hobbs, Mary Isabella [203444] b.18_Dec_1858, Scott Co. IN wife of William Lester d.18_Dec_1918, Cassville, Barry Co. MO
  to: Hoge, Elizabeth [202411] wife of ________ markowich

index part 133

from: Hoge, Elizabeth [202425] b.1874, Indiana
  to: Hoge, William Scofield III [163924] [163924] b.1906

index part 134

from: Hoge, William Scofield Jr. [163910] [163910] b.1879 d.1954
  to: Hogg, Charles [216496] b.8_Jan_1799 d.5_Oct_1873

index part 135

from: Hogg, Charles [216506] b.3_Oct_1824 d.16_Mar_1870
  to: Hogg, Ellsworth Milton [157417] [157417] farm laborer, Keith Co. NE, 1910 farmer, Keith Co. NE, 1920 b.20_Dec_1884, Red Willow Co. NE d.2_Nov_1944, Paxton, Keith Co. NE

index part 136

from: Hogg, Elma [148978] b.1810, Newberry District SC m.3_Jan_1832, Pomaria, Newberry Co. SC wife of John T. Sligh wife of John A. Litsey d.1848
  to: Hogg, Henry [219891] ba.10_Jan_1813, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England

index part 137

from: Hogg, Henry [222595] b.1885, Linton, Yorkshire, England
  to: Hogg, Joel Hayes [89416] farm labor, Gloucester Co. VA, 1910 farmer, Gloucester Co. VA, 1920 b.29_Jan_1890 d.11_Mar_1969, Gloucester Co. VA bu. Hill Cemetery, Gloucester Co. VA

index part 138

from: Hogg, John [148688], Winchester, Frederick Co. VA d.12_Oct_1782, Newberry District SC
  to: Hogg, Living [202870]

index part 139

from: Hogg, Living [202871]
  to: Hogg, Mary Eliza [88929] b.1839 wife of Robert Lynch m.29_Jun_1892 wife of Robert Cluverius d.1900

index part 140

from: Hogg, Mary Eliza [88934] b.1833 m.Dec_1850 wife of Robert Cluverius
  to: Hogg, Robert [225600] ba.9_Apr_1732, Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland, New Hanover Co. NC

index part 141

from: Hogg, Robert [89702]
  to: Hogg, Thomas Scott [222855] b.14_Jul_1897, New Luce, Wigtownshire, Scotland

index part 142

from: Hogg, Thomas Sr. [154909] of Augusta Co. VA came to America, ca.1745 (probably adopted)
  to: Hogge, Charles Carson [163084] [163084] b.25_Jun_1953

index part 143

from: Hogge, Charles Danny [220679] b.6_Aug_1935, Quincy, Adams Co. IL d.Apr_1984, Quincy, Adams Co. IL
  to: Hogge, Living [205065]

index part 144

from: Hogge, Living [205067]
  to: Hogg-Rappolee, Flavius Josephus [149052] Hogg-Rappolee [149052] b.7_Jul_1828

index part 145

from: Hogg-Rappolee, George [149051] [149051] b.22_Jun_1826
  to: Hogue, Ernest L. [219203] b.12_Jan_1948, Searcy Co. AR d.14_Jan_1948, Searcy Co. AR

index part 146

from: Hogue, Ernest Lancer (Ernie) [213653] [213653] b.22_Feb_1922, Dunbar WV d.24_Dec_2009, El Paso TX bu. Evergreen East Cemetery, El Paso TX
  to: Hogue, Joseph Lemuel [182894] b.1875, Cherokee Co. AL, Hugo, Choctaw Co. OK

index part 147

from: Hogue, Joseph Madison [192983] [192983] b.21_Apr_1926, Mississippi d.Jan_1972, Mississippi bu. Sunrise Cemetery, Carthage, Leake Co. MS SSN:426-44-4802
  to: Hogue, Mary Ann [199663] b.5_Jan_1831, Hopewell twp., York Co. PA m.13_Jul_1861, Leon, Monroe Co. WI wife of Charles Crosby

index part 148

from: Hogue, Mary Ann [199870] b.3_Feb_1835, Belmont Co. OH m.12_Feb_1857, Belmont Co. OH wife of Samuel K. Musgrove d.1900, Hartsburt, Logan Co. IL
  to: Hogue, Wayne [212509]

index part 149

from: Hogue, Wayne Henry [219097] b.7_Apr_1909, Michigan d.Feb_1969
  to: Holloway, Henry Wirt [159219]

index part 150

from: Holloway, Hester Ann [200168] b.1823, York Co. VA, York Co. VA wife of Robert Landrum d.25_Aug_1857, Elizabeth City Co. VA
  to: Hooper, George [18838]

index part 151

from: Hooper, George [189914] b. 1765
  to: Hornsby, Carrie V. [218962] [218962] b.Sep_1889, Virginia

index part 152

from: Hornsby, Catherine [165420] b.1868, Virginia
  to: Howard, Floyd M [58462] b.1894, Bronson KS d.17_Apr_1943, Central City NE

index part 153

from: Howard, Frances [133615] (Hayward) b.18_May_1748
  to: Howe, Moses Sr. [65754] b.26_Jul_1773, Rutland MA d.26_Jun_1844, Rutland MA

index part 154

from: Howe, Nancy [144043]
  to: Hudgins, Ann "Nancy" Willis [146949] [146949] b.1773, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA wife of William Berry wife of ________ Burke d.1838, Middlesex Co. VA

index part 155

from: Hudgins, Anthony [146178] b.14_Sep_1777, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.2_Jan_1856, Mathews Co. VA
  to: Hudgins, Mae [146821]

index part 156

from: Hudgins, Maggie [218130] b.1877, York Co. VA
  to: Hull, Mercy [126182] b.2_Apr_1749, Killingworth CT

index part 157

from: Hull, Nathan [116326] b.1772
  to: Hunt, Mary E. [131297] b.17_Mar_1874

index part 158

from: Hunt, Mary Elizabeth [159241] [159241] b.24_Dec_1860, Poquoson, York Co. VA m.5_Aug_1876, Virginia wife of Isaac Smitn d.19_May_1950, Poquoson, York Co. VA
  to: Hyde,, Capt. Daniel [77635] b.31_Mar_1700, Fairfield CT d.Apr_1771, Huntington CT

index part 159

from: Hyde, Catherine [77529] wife of ________ Straingewies
  to: Insley, Sarah F. [137977]

index part 160

from: Insley, Sarah Frances [201930] [201930] b.4_Aug_1854, York Co. VA m.28_May_1874, York Co. VA wife of George L. Insley d.7_Sep_1924, York Co. VA
  to: James, Cyrus Basye [131794] school master and minister founder of the Methodist Church in York Co. VA b.7_Aug_1786, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.30_Dec_1865, York Co. VA

index part 161

from: James, Cyrus Wesley [145630] carpenter, 1850 b.4_Oct_1823, Mathews Co. VA d. before 7_Jun_1867
  to: Jenkins, Jack R. [214415] b.Apr_1896, Virginia

index part 162

from: Jenkins, Jacob [225684] b.1806, Maryus, Gloucester Co. VA
  to: Johnson, George [20851]

index part 163

from: Johnson, Georgina [189013] b.1916, Broome Co. NY wife of Earl Brooks
  to: Jones, Edwin Leander [116774] b.Jan_1840, Westbrook CT

index part 164

from: Jones, Effie [189538] d. 5 JUN 1803 Elbert Co., GA m. ABT. 1762 Hanover Co., VA wife of Benjamin Cooke
  to: Jourdain, Silvester [61939], Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, England

index part 165

from: Jourdain, Susan [61937], Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, England m.ca1567, Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, England wife of John Woodruff
  to: Kellam, John [211059] b.Jan_1855

index part 166

from: Kellam, John [211175] d. after 1723
  to: Kelsey, Russell [117294] b.28_Apr_1782, Saybrook CT d.25_Apr_1859

index part 167

from: Kelsey, Russell [117467] b.22_Mar_1812, Saybrook CT
  to: Kerr, Robert Schomberg [87749] [87749] 10th marquess of Lothian b.1874 d.1930

index part 168

from: Kerr, Sally [164883] b.13_Jan_1829, Philadelphia PA m.25_May_1847, Northampton Co. VA wife of Edmund W. Bayly d.18_Oct_1859
  to: Kingman, Delivereinc [137549]

index part 169

from: Kingman, Elizabeth [137548]
  to: Kirtland, Daniel [116254] b.24_Dec_1721, Saybrook CT

index part 170

from: Kirtland, Daniel [116410] b.1_Oct_1725, Norwich CT
  to: Kuemmerie, Karla Karol [111491] [111491] b.31_May_1958, Haddam KS

index part 171

from: Kuemmerie, Roberta Irene [111490] [111490] b.26_Apr_1951, Haddam KS
  to: Lang, Dorothy Annabelle [207512] [207512] b.24_Oct_1924, Charlottesville VA m.24_Nov_1946 wife of James Johnston

index part 172

from: Lang, Edith Theodothie [207484] [207484] b.9_May_1914. Charlottesville VA wife of Everett Rea Walters d.1_Jan_1987, Charlottesville VA
  to: Latimer, Wilbur [187324] b.22_Jun_1893, Cannelton, Perry Co. IN d.26_May_1974, Cannelton, Perry Co. IN

index part 173

from: le_Latimer, William [12707] lord Latimer
  to: Leach, Miranda [157882], Mina, Chautauqua Co. NY wife of ________ Morgan

index part 174

from: Leach, Nancy [157875], Mina, Chautauqua Co. NY wife of Statan Ricard d. after 1840
  to: Lee, Hugh Douglass [26833]

index part 175

from: Lee, Humphrey [140242] d.1816, Warwick Co. VA
  to: Lee, Thomas Jr. [149163]

index part 176

from: Lee, Thomas Ludwell [129292] b. after 1795 d.1860, Missouri
  to: LeSieur, Collestique [120511] wife of Noah Gambol

index part 177

from: LeSieur, Colliest [120533] b.1822, New Madrid Co. MO
  to: Lewis, Robert [29832] d.29_Jan_1802

index part 178

from: Lewis, Robert [30576] b.1838, KY
  to: Linton, Mary Elinor [131692] b.25_Dec_1812, York Co. VA, York Co. VA wife of Richard E. Phillips

index part 179

from: Linton, Sarah [134552] b.1770-1780 wife of Josiah Evans d.after 1830
  to: (Lizzie), Nannie Elizabeth Smith [138093] (Lizzie) [138093] b.14_Mar_1914, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Milton H. Cottee d.1957, Waterview, Middlesex Co. VA

index part 180

from: (Lizzie), Sarah Elizabeth Carmines [201350] (Lizzie) [201350] b.Feb_1851, Wicomico, Gloucester Co. VA m.8_Dec_1870, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Thomas Massenburg m.11_Oct_1883, Portsmouth VA wife of Robert M. Parker d.29_Oc
  to: Lomax, Penina [181333] b.8_Jan_1879, Tennessee wife of John W. Seaton d.4_Jan_1960, Memphis TN

index part 181

from: Lomax, Phoebe Jane [181713] (Pheby) b.2_Mar_1867, Perry Co. TN m.30_Aug_1885, Perry Co. TN wife of James M. Richardson d.21_Jun_1937, Perry Co. TN
  to: of_Lotharingia, Theudbert I [81962] [81962] duke of Lotharingia b.983 d.1086

index part 182

from: of_Lotharingia, Zwentibold [2687] [2687] king of Lotharingia b.870/71 d.900
  to: Lutz, Helen Louise [111822] b.16_Dec_1876

index part 183

from: Lutz, Roger Henry [111824] b.18_Jul_1884
  to: MacLean, George B. [217512] b.Nov.1880, Norfolk VA

index part 184

from: Maclean, George Henry [222671] [222671] b.Jul_1876, West Hartlepool, Durham, England d.1912, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  to: Makepeace, Ambrose [28898] b.30_Jan_1569, Burton Dassett, Warwick, England d. before May_1615

index part 185

from: Makepeace, Anne [28914], Chipping Warden, Warwick, England wife of Willis Ambrose
  to: Marable,, Major [162476]

index part 186

from: Marable, Martha [162071] b.1872, Charles City Co. VA d.1878, Charles City Co. VA
  to: Marsh, Sarah [34795] m.30_Sep_1792, Westfield NJ wife of John Whitehead

index part 187

from: Marsh, Sarah [48908] b.16_Feb_1673/1674, Hartford CT m.29_Sep_1694, Hartford CT wife of John Merrill
  to: Martin, Herman John [178317] b.11_Nov_1902, Somerset Co. MD d.1_Aug_1972

index part 188

from: Martin, Isaac L. [33006]
  to: Matthews, John Thomas [189230] [189230] b. 27 MAY 1837

index part 189

from: Matthews, Joseph [45640] b.5_May_1703, Wallingford CT d.21_Feb_1785, Cheshire CT
  to: McClure, Phyllis Merle [76602] [76602] b. 2_Apr_1947 Haywood Co,Nc d. 3_Apr_1947 Haywood Co,Nc

index part 190

from: McClure, Regina Marie [77087] b. 20_Nov_1951 Haywood Co,Nc
  to: McKee, Sarah [188722] b.17_Feb_1801 wife of James Mairs

index part 191

from: McKee, Sarah [188736]
  to: Medford, Brittany Burndens [76672] [76672] b. 21_Apr_1986 Henderson Co, Nc

index part 192

from: Medford, Calvin Glen [76662] b. 12_Aug_1956 Cobb Co,Ga d. 18_Oct_1986 Mississippi
  to: Merrell, Thomas [126440], VA

index part 193

from: Merriam, David [105024], Lexington MA d.1826, Hubbardston MA
  to: Mewes, Agnes [75511] b. 23_Feb_1627 ,,England d. Souldrop,Bedfordshire, England

index part 194

from: Mewes, Alice [75071] b.11_Mar_1632, Souldrop, Bedfordshire, England
  to: Miller, Pridence [17771] wife of ________ Micklels wife of William Clayton of Chichester

index part 195

from: Miller, Priscilla [69744] b.25_Oct_1703, Sudbury, MA m.1721, Sudbury, MA wife of Thomas Gleason d.1777, Worcester, MA
  to: Minson, Kemp Elliot [224790] b.1829, York Co. VA d.1898

index part 196

from: Minson, Lelia [224807] b.1866, York Co. VA
  to: Montagne, Hannah [38565] m.8_Feb_1755 wife of Morris Earle

index part 197

from: Montagu, Alexander G. F. D. (George Francis Drogo) [23477]
  to: Moore, Elizabeth [133583] b.8_Mar_1722, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

index part 198

from: Moore, Elizabeth [180001], York Co. VA
  to: Moore, Preston Rooksby Jr. [131921] [131921]

index part 199

from: Moore, Raleigh Marshall [131580] [131580] b.23_Aug_1960
  to: Morgan, Francis [5904]

index part 200

from: Morgan, Gary Lawrence [77119]
  to: Morse, Samuel [64191]

index part 201

from: Morse, Samuel [64206]
  to: Moss, Lois [101475] b.24_Nov_1774 m.3_May_1796 wife of Richard Gilbert d.3_Feb_1849

index part 202

from: Moss, Lucy F. [218453] b.Jun_1885, Kentucky
  to: Murdock, James [121705], Plymouth MA d.17_Dec_1808, Woodstock VT

index part 203

from: Murdock, James [125223]
  to: Mynne, George [128148], Hertingfordbury, Hertfordshire, England d.20_May_1581, Hertingfordbury, Hertfordshire, England

index part 204

from: Mynne, George [128154] b.1581
  to: de_Neville, Geoffrey [5487] d.1194

index part 205

from: de_Neville, Geoffrey [5742]
  to: Nichols, Nathaniel [173617] d. Dec 1830

index part 206

from: Nichols, Phebe [203854] b.1731 d.1757
  to: Normandin, Sueellen Jo [107383] [107383] b.19_Oct_1952, Greenfield MA m.17_Apr_1971, Grafton MA wife of Robert Joseph Padden m.20_Mar_1982, Westboro MA wife of Kenneth Alan Amidon

index part 207

from: Normandin, Tara Jeanne [107336] [107336] b.1_Dec_1970, Hialeah FL
  to: Nutt, William [99867]

index part 208

from: Nuttall, Albert M. [206628] b.1903, Virginia
  to: Ogg, Marsha [184220] b. 1878 , , Michigan, USA d. 18 Jul 1883 Maple Valley Twp., Montcalm, Michigan, USA m.

index part 209

from: Ogg, Martha [184703] b. 1840 , Carroll, Maryland, m. 24 Dec 1874 , Carroll, Maryland, USA wife of William H. Linsay
  to: Orem, Sarah [197080] b. 1810 wife of /Eads/

index part 210

from: Orem, Sarah Ann [196723] b. 11 Mar 1851 Indiana, Switzerland Co.
  to: Packard, Deborah [136708] b.1657, Weymouth MA, Bridgewater MA wife of Samuel Washburn d.1_Jul_1725, Bridgewater MA

index part 211

from: Packard, Deborah [154054], Taunton MA, MA wife of Timothy Mitchell d.1744, Taunton MA
  to: Palmer, Sarah Emily [34257] b.26_Feb_1992

index part 212

from: Palmer, Sarah Julia [25394] wife of William Fisher
  to: Parran, Sarah Eveleth [69623] b.1774 m.1803 wife of William Presson d.1859

index part 213

from: Parran, William Alexander [69642] [69642] b.5_Feb_1826 d.14_Feb_1902
  to: Partridge, Lucy Ann [102777] b.1814, Boylston MA d.14_May_1860

index part 214

from: Partridge, Lydia [102167] b.3_Oct_1687, Medfield MA m.24_Jun_1718, Medfield MA wife of Nathaniel Smith d.20_Jan_1773
  to: Patrick, William Rogers [81495] [81495] b.15_Jan_1807, York Co. VA d.1837, York Co. VA

index part 215

from: Patrick, William Sr. [81448] b.16_Jan_1716, Charles Parish, York Co. VA
  to: Pearson, Susanna [143360] wife of John Alexander

index part 216

from: Pearson, Susanna [151612] b.8_Feb_1739, Newbury MA
  to: Pendleton, Philip Coleman [29936] [29936] b.1812, VA d.1869, GA

index part 217

from: Pendleton, Rebecca [30662] wife of ________ Short
  to: Perkins, Phebe [65241], Salisbury, MA m.1665 wife of Joseph Towne d. after 1680

index part 218

from: Perkins, Rebecca [153415], Brockton MA m.10_Oct_1782, Bridgewater MA wife of Josiah Packard
  to: Phelps, William [87458], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England d.1611

index part 219

from: Phelps, William [87474] b.19_Aug_1599, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England d.14_Jul_1672, Windsor, CT
  to: Pike, Anne [83552] b. Carbonear, NF, CAN

index part 220

from: Pike, Ann Elizabeth [83764] b.16_Mar_1830, Mosquito Cove, NF, CAN m.15_Dec_1852 wife of Jonathan Parsons
  to: Pike, Willis [84281]

index part 221

from: Pike, Wilson [83877] b.Sep_1915, Carbonear, NF, CAN
  to: Polk, Duvall Fontaine [126746] [126746] b.15_Oct_1852, Winchester VA

index part 222

from: Polk, Edward B. [126757] b.1794, New Jersey d.22_Sep_1822
  to: of_Portugal, Henry Cardinal [85626] [85626] king of Portugal, 1578-1580 b.1512 d.1580

index part 223

from: of_Portugal, Henry I [11332] count of Portugal b.1035 d.1_Nov_1112
  to: Prachar, Nancy Lynn [28281] b.26_Jun_1961, Newton, NJ m.4_Mar_1995, Helix, OR wife of Scott Allan Herbert

index part 224

from: Prachar, Robert [28448]
  to: Price, Elizabeth [24705] wife of Nicholas Green

index part 225

from: Price, Elizabeth [24996]
  to: Putnam, Sarah [15967] b.4_Sep_1654 m.Jul_1672 wife of John Hutchinson

index part 226

from: Putnam, Seth [15941] b.May_1695 d.30_Nov_1775, New Hampshire
  to: Rascoe, Mary [156712] b.1793, Bertie Co. NC m.28_Dec_1811, Christian Co. KY

index part 227

from: Rascoe, Phereby [156706] b.1778, Bertie Co. NC d.1806
  to: Reed, Edmund [86223] b.8_Jul_1755, Rutland MA d.26_Feb_1821, Rutland MA

index part 228

from: Reed, Edward [86079]
  to: Regnier, Carl [73794] b. 14_Feb_1925 Springfield, Hampden,MA

index part 229

from: Regnier, Carmelie [72385] b. 1858
  to: Regnier, Joseph Alan [72836] b. 16_Feb_1967

index part 230

from: Regnier, Joseph Alfred [73942] [73942] b. 1877 d. 1916
  to: Regnier, Sedalia [73283] b. 9_Jun_1861 Bourbonnais, Kankakee,Illinois d. 1_May_1918 wife of /Shay/ wife of George Forrester

index part 231

from: Regnier, Sheila [74575]
  to: Reynolds, Stephen [39053] b.27_Sep_1698, Norwich, CT

index part 232

from: Reynolds, Susanna [131983] wife of Nathaniel Taylor
  to: Richardson, Ezekiel [113491] b.28_Oct_1655, Charlestown MA d.13_Mar_1734

index part 233

from: Richardson, Ezekiel [113512] b.22_Apr_1694, MA
  to: Riddlesdale, John [56119] b.26_Sep_1557, Boxford, Suffolk, England d.Jun_1629, Assington, Suffolk, England

index part 234

from: Riddlesdale, Susanna [56086] b.1584, Assington, Suffolk, England m.5_Sep_1608, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, England wife of Thomas French d.Aug_1658, Ipswich MA
  to: Robbins, Cynthia Kay [193988] b.1960 wife of Thomas E. Hogge Jr.

index part 235

from: Robbins, Daryn Cody [193999] b.1995
  to: Robinson, James Oliver (Jack) [182358] [182358] b.29_May_1912, Virginia d.8_Feb_1998, Washington DC

index part 236

from: Robinson, John [121614] b.16_Apr_1715, Duxbury MA d.21_Aug_1784, Norwich CT
  to: Rogers, Jeremiah [92187] farmer b.1808, Cecil Co. MD

index part 237

from: Rogers, Jeremiah [92193] b.1767 d.1849, Cecil Co. MD
  to: de_Ros, Juliana [29161], Sutton, Yorkshire wife of Sir Robert Vavasour

index part 238

from: de_Ros, Lucy [29669], Plumpton, Yorkshire, England wife of Robert Plumpton d. after 1332
  to: Rowe, Nancy Pearl [206260] b.1923 m.1951 wife of Jackie H. E. Maddox d.19_Jul_2010, Yorktown VA bu. Peninsula Memorial Park, Newport News VA

index part 239

from: Rowe, Nannie [159413] b.1860, Virginia
  to: Ruff, Jesse [75432] b. 1885 ,England

index part 240

from: Ruff, John [75427] b. 3_Jun_1857 Nottingham, England d. 2_Oct_1945 Miami,Dade, Florida
  to: Sale, Matilda [192544] m. DEC 1804 wife of John D. Rouzee

index part 241

from: Sale, Susannah [192540] b. 28 SEP 1749 d. 22 APR 1804 wife of John Rouzee
  to: cooper,Sarah [79296] m.23_Mar_1662, New Haven CT wife of Samuel Hemingway

index part 242

from: Sarah, Sara [60469], Louisa Co. VA m.3_Dec_1789, Bedford VA wife of Cosby Scott
  to: of_Savoy, Marguerite [2491] m.1228 d.1264 wife of Bonifacio II of Monferrato

index part 243

from: of_Savoy, Marguerite [2502] m.1218 d.1273 wife of Hartmann the Old, king of Kyburg
  to: Sawyer, Mary C. [94620] b.10_Nov_1833, West Haven VT d.20_Nov_1864, Hinesburg VT

index part 244

from: Sawyer, Mary E. [152238] b.31_Mar_1829, Cape Elizabeth ME
  to: Schlotterback, John [77858] b.18_May_1941

index part 245

from: Schlotterback, Karin [77860] b.4_Jan_1940, Urbana IA m.24_Nov_1959 wife of Leon Goodell
  to: Scudder, Jotham [32363] (James), New Providence NJ d.12_Feb_1865, Shelby OH

index part 246

from: Scudder, Margery [4418] m. Roxbury, MA wife of John Johnson
  to: Senesac, Rudolph [73577] b. 1900

index part 247

from: Senesac, Sherman [73570] b. 1890
  to: Shaw, Jeremiah [125445] d.15_May_1800

index part 248

from: Shaw, Jeremiah [60025] b.6_Jun_1700, Little Compton RI d.Jul_1764, Sheshequin PA
  to: Sherburne, Joseph [152523] b.17_Nov_1826, Concord NH

index part 249

from: Sherburne, Margaret [29684]
  to: Shults, Minnie [170637] b. 1888 Springwater, Michigan

index part 250

from: Shults, Pearl [170636] b. 1885 Springwater, Michigan
  to: Skillings, Samuel [152093] b.31_Jul_1777, Cape Elizabeth ME d.21_Feb_1832, Cape Elizabeth ME

index part 251

from: Skillings, Samuel [152130] b.12_Aug_1774, Cape Elizabeth ME
  to: Smith, Elizabeth [165409], Essex Co. VA d. after 10_Feb_1709, Essex Co. VA

index part 252

from: Smith, Elizabeth [167892] b.10_Sep_1714, Haverhill MA m. before 1735, Haverhill MA wife of Jacob Woodward
  to: Smith, Living [204546]

index part 253

from: Smith, Living [204590]
  to: Smith, William Alpheus Sr. [213574] [213574] b.4_Jan_1880, Dare, York Co. VA d.8_Mar_1960, Dare, York Co. VA

index part 254

from: Smith, William C. [178763] b.Oct_1886, Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.9_Sep_1969
  to: Snow, Sarah [154077] b.8_Oct_1759, Bridgewater MA m.11_Jan_1781, Bridgewater MA wife of Sylvanus Silvanus

index part 255

from: Snow, Sarah [42763], Marshfield, MA wife of Joseph Waterman d.11_Sep_1741, Marshfield, MA
  to: Southworth, Mary [121779] b.15_Jul_1732, Little Compton RI

index part 256

from: Southworth, Mary [121812] b.15_May_1727, Lyme CT m.1_Sep_1747, Southbury CT wife of Caleb Tomlinson d. after 5_Apr_1774
  to: Spencer, Fanny Ann [117803] b.19_Nov_1809, Saybrook CT d.3_Apr_1812, Saybrook CT

index part 257

from: Spencer, Floyd [90341] b.1875, Virginia
  to: Squier, Harrison [8652]

index part 258

from: Squier, Hattie D. [8694] b. Jerseyville, Illinois wife of Danile B. Mudgett
  to: Stanley, James [17128] 10th earl of Derby b.3_Jul_1664 d.1_Feb_1735/1736

index part 259

from: Stanley, James [17130] 7th earl of Derby b.31_Jan_1607 d.15_Oct_1651, beheaded, Bolton, Worcs., England
  to: Stelle, Christiana [8613]

index part 260

from: Stelle, Clarissy [9247]
  to: Steward, Stephen Albion [92955] [92955] b.1843, Maine d.1864

index part 261

from: Steward, Stephen Elbridge [92922] [92922] b.1831, Maine
  to: Stewart, Walter [7452] of Tonderghie

index part 262

from: Stewart, Walter John [7538]
  to: Stone, Jonas [63574] b.10_Mar_1803, Shrewsbury MA d.17_Jan_1885, Westborough MA

index part 263

from: Stone, Jonas [63657] b.2_Mar_1740/41, Rutland MA d.24_Apr_1814
  to: St._Pierre, Maude [73430] b. 1886 d. 1967 m. 1908 wife of Horace McAllister

index part 264

from: St._Pierre, Merle [74871] b. 1897
  to: de_Sudeley, John [18097] 1st lord Sudeley lord Chamberlain d.1336

index part 265

from: de_Sudeley, John [18103] of Sudeley Castle and Toddington, Gloucester
  to: Sylvester, Donna Rose [110810] [110810] b.4_Apr_1933, Houston TX m.6_Apr_1951, Houston TX wife of George Dupree Hayes m.2_Jun_1961, Houston TX wife of Jack L. Berglund

index part 266

from: Sylvester, Eben Whitney [110699] [110699] b.25_Aug_1820, Phillips ME d.1906
  to: Tay, Bathsheba [98425] wife of James Hayward

index part 267

from: Tayloe, Anna Catherina [164089] [164089] b.1688-1695 m.1717, Lancaster Co. VA wife of Samuel Ball d.1751
  to: Taylor, Margaret [165128] b.10_Sep_1603, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

index part 268

from: Taylor, Margaret [183102] b.1846, Pennsylvania
  to: Temple, Peter [919]

index part 269

from: Temple, Purbeck [798]
  to: Thayer, Naomi [135965] b.28_Nov_1662, Braintree MA m.16_apr_1684, Mendon MA wife of John Cook d.1718, Mendon MA

index part 270

from: Thayer, Naphtali [121430] b.30_Jan_1706/07, Braintree MA
  to: Thomas, Peter [162809]

index part 271

from: Thomas, Peter [162875]
  to: Thoroman, Dorothy [61426] wife of Ross Riggs

index part 272

from: Thoroman, Dorothy Ellen [61409] [61409] b.4_Jul_1901 d.Mar_1918
  to: Timson, William [200613]

index part 273

from: Tina), Caroline T. Blasingame (Temperance, [180774] (Temperance, Tina) [180774] b.1867, Perry Co. TN m.17_Dec_1885, Obion Co. TN wife of J. Allen Harper
  to: Tompkins, Reuben R. [113853] b.5_Jan_1811

index part 274

from: Tompkins, R. Evans [59657] b.19_Jun_1930, Topeka KS
  to: Torrey, Samuel Davenport [57179] [57179] b.14_Apr_1789, Mendon MA d.23_Dec_1877, Milbury MA

index part 275

from: Torrey, Samuel Davenport [57189] [57189] b.10_Jan_1830 d.22_Jul_1831
  to: Treat, Henry [79697], Wethersfield CT d.1681, East Hartford CT

index part 276

from: Treat, Honor [79487] (Honour) b.1615/16, Pitminster, Somerset, England wife of John Deming
  to: Tull, Norwood Preston [178735] [178735] b.8_Jun_1893, Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.1971, Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

index part 277

from: Tull, Roger [178736] b.28_Jun_1897, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.7_Jul_1989, Salisbury MD
  to: Tyler, Christie [183020] b.Dec_1880

index part 278

from: Tyler, Clara Caroline [165966] [165966]
  to: Upshaw, V. J. [141864] b.Jan_1931, Seminole OK wife of N. F. Cleveland

index part 279

from: Upshaw, Wanda [141866] b.1928, Hominy OK d.1928, Hominy OK
  to: de_Vere, Anne [19284] wife of Edmund Sheffield

index part 280

from: de_Vere, Aubrey [19235], Hatfield, Essex, England d.Oct_1214, England
  to: Votaw, Marian Ramona [51859] b.16_May_1920 m.14_Jun_1941 wife of Glen Erwin Freeman

index part 281

from: Votaw, Marian Ruth [51201] b.12_Jan_1902, Richvalley IN m.20_Nov_1919, St. Joseph MI wife of Earl Wagner Savage d.27_Jun_1975, LaPorte IN
  to: Waldron, John Norman [50234] b.19_Feb_1930

index part 282

from: Waldron, Stacey [50238]
  to: Walling, ________ [36437], Lee Co. VA

index part 283

from: Walling, ________ [36438], VA
  to: Ward, Pearlie J. [220232]

index part 284

from: Ward, Penelope Ann Rachel [17503] [17503] m.29_Dec_1939 wife of Harry A. Compton m.24_Jan_1948 wife of Carol Reed
  to: Warren, Thankful [108573] b.4_Apr_1725, Weston MA d.29_Apr_1730, Weston MA

index part 285

from: Warren, Thankful [108576] b.23_May_1730, Watertown MA
  to: Watkins, Living [202881]

index part 286

from: Watkins, Living [202882]
  to: Webb, Bryant Ashley [135435]

index part 287

from: Webb, Carolyn Kay [135449] wife of James S. Harvey
  to: Wentworth, Mary [1158] wife of Temple Nelson

index part 288

from: Wentworth, Mary [42643]
  to: Westcoat, Benjamin [56784] b.25_Apr_1736, Middleborough MA d. after Mar_1778

index part 289

from: Westcoat, Benjamin [56790] b.31_Aug_1764 d.19_Apr_1823
  to: Wheeler, Sarah [63854] m.1_Feb_1721 wife of John Wallis

index part 290

from: Wheeler, Sarah [63876]
  to: White, John Stevens [106454]

index part 291

from: White, John T. [185528] b.17_Dec_1873, Oakwood, Cecil Co. MD d.1926
  to: Whitman, Thomas [153644] b.1629, Holt, Norfolk, England d.12_Nov_1712, Bridgewater MA

index part 292

from: Whitman, William [122221]
  to: Whitney, Charles Beale [104845] [104845] b.9_Jul_1883

index part 293

from: Whitney, Charles Carroll [111915] [111915] b.30_Jul_1836, Tunbridge VT d.7_Oct_1903, Tunbridge VT
  to: Whitney, Eunice [108937] b.29_Aug_1818, Westminster MA m.13_Aug_1840, Westminster MA wife of Franklin Lumbard

index part 294

from: Whitney, Eunice [109018] wife of ________ Warner
  to: Whitney, John [104379] b.12_Sep_1792

index part 295

from: Whitney, John [104787] b.28_Jul_1793, Westminster MA
  to: Whitney, Margaret Jean [106782] [106782] b.11_Nov_1952, San Francisco CA m.30_Aug_1987, Salt Lake City UT wife of ________ ________

index part 296

from: Whitney, Margaret Osgood [104641] [104641] b.23_Apr_1864 m.12_Nov_1884 wife of Fred W. Blackmer
  to: Whitney, Pliney [108930] b.18_Nov_1787, Westminster MA

index part 297

from: Whitney, P. Lutham [110913] b.18_May_1831, Phillips ME
  to: Whitney, Sylvia H. [111192] b.1851, Cortland IL d.1851, Cortland IL

index part 298

from: Whitney, Tabitha [105901] b.29_Jun_1753, Westminster MA d.14_Oct_1756, Westminster MA
  to: Wilhide, Horatio Waters [193677] [193677] b.12_Oct_1899

index part 299

from: Wilhide, Living [193675]
  to: Williams, John W. [88484] farmer labor, York Co. VA, 1870 farmer, York Co. VA, 1880 b.1840, York Co. VA d. before 1893 see note

index part 300

from: Williams, John Waters [200584] [200584] b,14_Feb_1780, Prince George's Co. MD d.19_Feb_1838, Mechanicsburg, Champaign Co. OH
  to: Willis, William Byrd [198800] b. Liberty Hall, Orange Co. VA

index part 301

from: Willis, William Champe [198780] [198780] d.1843, Orange Co. VA
  to: Wilson, Nellie L. [218401] b.1909, York Co. VA

index part 302

from: Wilson, Nicolas [143764]
  to: Winsor, Grace [83176]

index part 303

from: Winsor, Hannah Bing [155907] b.8_Sep_2003
  to: Wolcott, Mary [52991] m.25_Jun_1646 wife of Job Drake d.16_Sep_1689

index part 304

from: Wolcott, Mary [53024] b.6_Dec_1651
  to: Wood, Shirly Mae [165323] wife of ________ Campbell

index part 305

from: Wood, Silence [70721] b.22_Feb_1676 wife of John Holbrook d.11_May_1756, Sherborn MA
  to: Woody, Living [181691]

index part 306

from: Woolfolk, Rosa [27292] wife of Robert Ober
  to: Wright, Teri Lynn [67882]

index part 307

from: Wright, Thamazine [103744]
  to: Wyman, Bessie [97821] b. Walpole MA

index part 308

from: Wyman, Bessie Katherine [94962] [94962] b.12_Sep_1912, Browns Valley MN
  to: Wyman, Elizabeth [93138] b.24_Sep_1754, Lancaster MA

index part 309

from: Wyman, Elizabeth [93159] b.18_Aug_1731, Woburn MA m.2_Jan_1749, Woburn MA wife of Samuel Waterfield
  to: Wyman, Henry [99590]

index part 310

from: Wyman, Henry [99668] d.28_Aug_1839, Tinmouth VT
  to: Wyman, Leo [99371]

index part 311

from: Wyman, Leonard Clare [94914] b.20_Apr_1922, Detroit Lakes M
  to: Wyman, Olive [98281] b.31_Jul_1795, Walpole NH

index part 312

from: Wyman, Olive [99719] b.28_Mar_1804, Winchendon MA d. young
  to: Wyman, Susan Elizabeth [95680] [95680] b.16_Jun_1882, Sycamore IL m.1917 wife of William J. Wall

index part 313

from: Wyman, Susan Eveline [93636] b.2_Apr_1823 m.29_Sep_1846 wife of Stephen Marston d.30_Aug_1893
  to: Yell, John [156954]

index part 314

from: Yell, Moses Jr. [169693]
  to: ________, Basil I [13361] b.827 d.29_Aug_889

index part 315

from: ________, Basina [1731], Thuringia wife of Clodio I
  to: ________, Idwal [80679]

index part 316

from: ________, Igraine [80284] wife of Colloyd ________ wife of Uther Pendragon
  to: ________, Walter I [18136] d,ca,995

index part 317

from: ________, Waluram I [13268] d.802
  to: ________, ________ [83953]

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