My Genealogy Web

Mission Statement:

I began assembling genealogy data in persuit of my own family history. Being a computer nerd, I naturally created my own methods of maintaining the data base, making charts, and displaying the data. After a few years, the going got more difficult in the collection of data relavant to my own genealogy, and my interests gravitated to the royal families of Europe and midevel genealogy. As my data base grew, I began adding any additional data I could find that was connected to what I already had. As the data base snowballed, I realized that the html based web architecture was virtually unlimited in scope. At this time I simply cannot resist adding any new data that I can find. I invite anyone who cares to do so to submit further data and, as long as it connects to what I already have, I will gladly add it to my data base.

Since I occasonally make changes to this site, you might find that some links do not work because stale pages in your cache are inconsistant with the new pages on the site. If you experience problems, try clicking the reload button to update your cache.

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