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Drummond, John [24050] 1st earl of Melfort "Duc de Melfort"

Drummond, John [24058] 8th earl of Perth "Duke of Perth" d.1757

Drummond, John [24077] 2nd earl of Melfort "Duc de Melfort" b.1682 d.1754

Drummond, John [24100] 2nd lord Maderty

Drummond, John [54081]

Drummond, John Armand [54155]

Drummond, John Curtis [209384] [209384] d. before 30_Apr_1832

Drummond, John S. [209392] d.8_Sep_1893, Baltimore MD

Drummond, Joseph [208843] b.1855

Drummond, Julia [114094] d. in infancy

Drummond, Katherine [13750] m.1322 wife of Robert Caldwell-Grebson

Drummond, Katherine [24030] of Drummond m.1574 wife of James Leslie, master of Rothes

Drummond, Katherine [24040] wife of Sir John Murray, 1st earl of Tullibardine

Drummond, Lady Anne [24051] of Perth wife of Sir John Hay, 12th earl of Erroll

Drummond, Lady Jean [24027] of Perth

Drummond, Lady Jean [24055] of Perth m.1632 wife of John Sutherland, 14th earl of Sutherland d.1637

Drummond, Lady Lilias [24054] of Perth

Drummond, L. E. [209360] b.1847, Elizabeth City Co. VA

Drummond, Leon Maurice [24075] [24075] b.1761 d.1826

Drummond, Lieneza Smith [209400] [209400] d. before 26_Aug_1828

Drummond, Lilias [24031] wife of Alexander Seton, 1st earl of Dunfermline

Drummond, Lilias [24039] wife of David Lindsay, 11th earl of Crawford

Drummond, Margaret [13753] m.1364, Scotland wife of David II wife of John Logie d.31_Jan_1374 d.s.p.

Drummond, Margaret [209337], Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Margaret [24016] m.1479 wife of James IV, king of Scots

Drummond, Margaret Virginia [119019] [119019] b.1836 wife of John A. Curtis d.1914

Drummond, Maria [144624] b.28_Nov_1788, York Co. VA wife of Samuel Sheild d.24_Dec_1846

Drummond, Martha [209368] b.1861, Virginia

Drummond, Mary [209342], Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Mary [24041]

Drummond, Mary F. C. [208844] (Fanny) b.1858 wife of Gilroy Cluverious

Drummond, Minerva S. [209367] b.1856, Virginia

Drummond, Missouri Francis [209359] [209359] b.1844, Elizabeth City Co. VA m.30_Jul_1878, Elizabeth City Co. VA wife of George T. Watson

Drummond, Newton [114091] b.11_Sep_1848

Drummond, Noah S. [209380] d.20_Oct_1862

Drummond, Patience [209346] b. before 26_Jan_1720, Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Patrick [24035] 3rd lord Drummond

Drummond, Rebecca [113931] wife of Thomas Doswell

Drummond, Rebecca [209371] b.1865, Virginia

Drummond, Richard [209336] member, house of Burgeses, from Accomack Co., 1712-1715, Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Richard [209344] b. before 26_Mar_1688, Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Richard [209374] d.1732

Drummond, Robert [209349] b. before 1751, Accomack Co. VA d.1792

Drummond, Robert [209369] b.1861. Vitginia

Drummond, Robert L. [118578] b.1800, Hampton VA d.1838

Drummond, Roger [54120]

Drummond, Sarah Ann [119018] (Sallie) b.3_Mar_1834, Elizabeth City Co. VA m.May_1853, Hampton VA wife of Francis W. Guy d.13_Aug_1914, Hampton VA

Drummond, Sarah Ann [209382] wife of Coventon Corbin

Drummond, Sarah Clementina [24064] [24064] m.1807 d.1865 wife of William Willoughby, 21st baron Willoughby d'Eresby

Drummond, Sibylla [24011] m.1514 wife of Sir Gilbert Ogilvy

Drummond, Sibylla [24021]

Drummond, Sir John [13752] of Stobhail d.1373

Drummond, Sir John [54135] (Korak) adopted son of John Clayton, 8th earl of Greystoke

Drummond, Sir Malcolm [13754]

Drummond, Sir William [24053] 2nd earl of Roxburghe d.1675

Drummond, Smith [209354], Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Smith Darby Jr. [209372] [209372] b.1867, Vitginia

Drummond, Smith Darby Sr. [119016] [119016] in Elizabeth City Co. 1860, 1870 b.Jul_1829, Virginia d.17_Oct_1906

Drummond, Spencer [209376] d.1759, Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Spencer [209381] d.17_Sep_1797, Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Stephen [209348] b. before 1751, Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Steven [209340] b before 26_Mar_1688, Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, Susanna [194408] (Elizabeth?), Elizabeth City Co. VA wife of Samuel Wornom wife of Charles A. Hopkins d.1817-1819

Drummond, Virginia [209387]

Drummond, Walter [24013]

Drummond, William [209350] b. before 1751, Accomack Co. VA

Drummond, William [24014] master of Drummond

Drummond, William [54103]

Drummond, William H. [209383]

Drummond-Lundin, Robert [24067] [24067] of Lundin

Drunkard), Michael III of_Constantinople (the [13339] (the Drunkard) [13339] emperor in the East b.839 d.867

Drury, Mary [42452] b.10_Jul_1672 m.21_May_1691, Boston MA wife of William Alden d.11_Feb_1727, Boston MA

Drusus, Nero Claudius [2122] Germanicus (Drusus Senior) b.38BC, Palace_of_Augustus d.9BC

Dryden, Ashland [180073], York Co. VA

Dryden, Audrey [147949] b.1_Feb_1957

Dryden, Birdie Alma [180092], York Co. VA York Co. VA wife of John A. Page

Dryden, Bridget [86010] wife of Francis Marbury

Dryden, Calvin Hobday [180063] [180063] b.25_Jan_1897, York Co. VA

Dryden, Charlotte Lois [132547] [132547], York Co. VA

Dryden, Daisy F. [180064] b.Jul_1898, York Co. VA

Dryden, Daniel S. [180054] b.Aug_1872, York Co. VA

Dryden, David [180051] Somerset Co. MD d. before 1860, Somerset Co. MD

Dryden, Edgar [82629], York Co. VA

Dryden, Elwood F. [180079], York Co. VA

Dryden, Eva V. [180084], York Co. VA

Dryden, Evelyn [180067], York Co. VA

Dryden, Freeman W. [180077], York Co. VA

Dryden, Gertrude [180087] b.3_Mar_1876, York Co. VA d.9_Dec_1955

Dryden, Henry Whit [180059] b.28_May_1881, York Co. VA

Dryden, Irving W. [180071] plummer, York Co. VA, 1930, York Co. VA

Dryden, Irving W. Jr. [147946] b.1928, Virginia

Dryden, James Oscar [180089] b.3_May_1878, York Co. VA d.12_Nov_1944

Dryden, James Oscar Spencer [180093] [180093], York Co. VA

Dryden, James R. [180083], York Co. VA

Dryden, James Roley [180061] b.23_Dec_1890, York Co. VA

Dryden, James Wesley [132775], Crisfield, Somerset Co. MD d.17_Dec_1920, York Co. VA

Dryden, Jesse T. [180060] b.4_Feb_1887, York Co. VA

Dryden, John D. [180065], York Co. VA

Dryden, John Nicholas [180056] [180056] b.9_Apr_1875, York Co. VA

Dryden, John W. [132597] (Jack) b.29_Nov_1918, York Co. VA d.5_Jul_2004

Dryden, John W. [180085], York Co. VA

Dryden, John Wallie [132598] b.11_Mar_1946

Dryden, John Wesley [179927] b.4_Sep_1872, York Co. VA d.14_May_1967

Dryden, Lillie [82630] b.6_Oct_1939

Dryden, Lillie Etna [180055] b.11_Jan_1874, Poquoson, York Co. VA m.31_Jul_1894 wife of Levin J. Moore d.19_May_1951, Poquoson, York Co. VA

Dryden, Linda Sue [82632] b.10_Sep_1950

Dryden, Lionel [180070] b.23_Dec_1899, York Co. VA

Dryden, Littleton Whittington [180050] [180050], Somerset Co. MD

Dryden, Martha Maxine [179930] [179930] b.1908, York Co. VA

Dryden, Mary Anne [132548], York Co. VA

Dryden, Mary Elizabeth [180052] [180052], Somerset Co. MD

Dryden, Mary J. [179929] b.1904, York Co. VA

Dryden, Mary J. [180058] b.May_1879, York Co. VA

Dryden, Nannie Virginia [132245] [132245] b.28_Dec_1896, York Co. VA m.24_Dec_1917, Messick VA wife of Henry W. Bradshaw d.28_Jul_1997

Dryden, Nell [147948] b.16_Mar_1953

Dryden, Norman T. [180080], York Co. VA

Dryden, Paul Freeman [132599] b.7_Feb_1951

Dryden, Rachael J. [180053], Somerset Co. MD

Dryden, Rebecca [180076], York Co. VA

Dryden, Rose Mary [182097] b.18_Mar_1945 d.20_Aug_1945, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

Dryden, Sadie [180068], York Co. VA

Dryden, Steve Hunt [132600] b.29_May_1955

Dryden, Susanna [102714] b.5_Jan_1793, Holden MA m.24_Nov_1814, Holden MA wife of Salmon Partridge m.5_Sep_1830, Holden MA wife of Joseph D. Fuller d.26_Apr_1842, Holden MA

Dryden, Vara Montree [180090] b.3_Oct_1881, York Co. VA d.1964

Dryden, Virginia [180072], York Co. VA

Dryden, William [180066], York Co. VA

Dryden, William [180086], York Co. VA

Dryden, William Edgar Jr. [82631] [82631] b.25_Mar_1944

Dryden, William H. [180088], York Co. VA d.1889, York Co. VA

Dryden, William Henry [180049] [180049], Somerset Co. MD

Dryden, Winston Spiller [180057] [180057] b.31_May_1877, York Co. VA

Dryden, Winton [147947] b.16_Apr_1951

Drysdale, Ann Mills [34513] b.1959 wife of William Woodward

Drysdale, Leslie Marion [34512] [34512] b.1958 wife of Michael DelGado

Drysdale, Richard Mills [34510] [34510] b.1931 d.1991

Drysdale, Richard William [34514] [34514] b.1962 d.1984

of_Dublin, Godfred [81327] (Crovan) king of Dublin d.1095, Islay

of_Dublin, Groa [3244] wife of Duncan, earl of Caithness

of_Dublin, Olaf [19216] d.1034

of_Dublin, Olaf Kvaaran [19218] [19218] king of York and Dublin, Iona

of_Dublin, Ragnaillt [19215] wife of Conan of_North_Wales

of_Dublin, Sigtryg [81333] king of Dublin d.927

of_Dublin, Sihtric [19217] of the silken beard king of Dublin d.1042

of_Dublin, Thorstein [3245] the Red d_890

Dubois, Charles Ewing [186093] [186093]

Dubois, Emma Patterson [186095] [186095] wife of Edward P. Flint

Du_Bois, Virginia [55306] b.29_Apr_1930, Walton MI m.15_Oct_1948, Desoto MS wife of Kenneth Dale Pawley d.28_Aug_1973, Pontiac MI

Duboys, Frances [31680] (Frantceyntye) m. before 1739 wife of Brogun Huff

Dubuque, Adlore [74797] b. 1880 d. 1933

Dubuque, Cora [74801]

Dubuque, Edwin [74800] b. 1887

Dubuque, Laura [74803]

Dubuque, LeRoy [74802]

Dubuque, Nary [74799] b. 1885 d. 1940

Dubuque, Philip [74798] d. 1956

Ducas, Andronicus [52769] b. before 1046 d.14_Oct_1077, as the monk Antonios

Ducas, Andronicus [52772] d. after 1019

Ducas, Constantine X [52770] emperor in the East

Ducas, Irene Augusta [52768] b.1066 m.1077 wife of Alexius I Comnenus, emperor in the East d.19_Feb_1127, a nun

Ducas, John [52771] (the Caesar) b,ca.1088

Ducharme, Pauline [74268]

Duck, Elizabeth O'Loughnan [69121] [69121] b.1661, Lurgan, Shankhill Parish, Co. Armagh, Ireland m.17_Nov_1678, Shankill Parish, Co. Armagh, Ireland wife of George Harlan d.1714, Kennet Township, Chester Co., PA

Duclos, Armand [70200]

Duclos, Cyril [72096] b. 1880

Duclos, Delphine [72095] b. 1879

Duclos, Eda [72099] wife of Timothy Connolly

Duclos, Edesse [72097] wife of Herbert Klippe

Duclos, Elisse [72098] wife of Fred Cuthbertson

Duclos, Lucy B. [72094] b. 1877

Duclos, Mary Bernice [71848] Sherrington, Napierville,Quebec,Canada d. 23_Aug_1929 Pittsfield, Berkshire,MA m. 21_Feb_1884 Lee,Berkshire, MA wife of Joseph Regnier

Duclos, Mathilde [72093] b. 1876 wife of Walter Cuthbertson

Duclos, Norman [70201]

Ducondu, Evelina [72450] m. 8_Sep_1859 ,St. Jean, Quebec,Canada wife of Pierre Regnier

Dudley, Alice [17308] wife of George Guest (Gest)

Dudley, Ambrose [197837], Newcastle, Northumberland, England d.6_May_1626

Dudley, Anne [17291] wife of John Minhardt, Comte de Schomberg d.ca_Dec_1615

Dudley, Anne [17428] wife of Edward Gibson

Dudley, Anne [44461] poetess b.1623, Northampton Eng. m.1628 wife of Gov. Simon Bradstreet d.16_Sep_1672, Andover MA

Dudley, Anne [44482] b.1684, Ruxberg, MA m.1706 wife of John Winthrop d.1776, New London, CT

Dudley, Ann "Nancy" [197660], Gloucester Co. VA, Gloucester Co. VA wife of James Berry d. before 1850

Dudley, Bridget [198031], Bristol, Northampton, England

Dudley,, Capt. Roger [44464] of Yardley-Hastings d.1585

Dudley, Catherine [17307] wife of Thomas Dudley

Dudley, Christopher [198037] b.1660, Gloucester Co. VA d.Jan_1745/46, Onslow Co. NC

Dudley, Clara Taft [207657] b.13_Apr_1909, Scottsville, Albemarle Co. VA, Virginia wife of Frank O'Dell d.20_Oct_1952, Warsaw VA

Dudley, Deborah [117731] m.1664, Stonington CT wife of Thomas Scranton wife of Ebenezer Thompson d.Oct_1681, Guilford CT

Dudley, Dorothy [17309] wife of Thomas Brookes

Dudley, Dorothy [197839] b.2_Feb_1594/95, Newcastle, Northumberland, England wife of Cuthbert Ellison

Dudley, Dud [17304]

Dudley, Edmund [44450]

Dudley, Edward [17283] 5th baron Dudley d.23_Jun_1643

Dudley, Edward [17303]

Dudley, Edward [198023] b.6_Jan_1601/02, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England d. before 6_Feb_1655/56, Lancaster Co. VA

Dudley, Elizabeth [17305] wife of Jeffery Dudley

Dudley, Elizabeth [198028], Bristol, Northampton, England

Dudley, Elizabeth [44441] wife of John Tichborne

Dudley, Elizabeth [44452] wife of William Stourton

Dudley, Ferdinando [17290] b.04_Sep_1588 d.22_Nov_1621, St. Katherine Creechurch, London

Dudley, Frances [17287] baroness Dudley b.23_Jul_1611, Dudley Castle m.17_Feb_1628 wife of Humble Ward, 1st baron Ward

Dudley, Frences [197811] wife of Alexander Digges

Dudley, George [197803] d. without issue

Dudley, Gov. Joseph [44483] governor of Massachusetts b.1647, Roxbury MA d.1720, Roxbury MA

Dudley, Gov. Thomas [44463] governor of Massachusetts b.1576, Yardley-Hastings d.1653, Roxbury MA

Dudley, Guildford [54032] lord Dudley d.1554, beheaded

Dudley, Heather D. [202071]

Dudley, Henry [197836], Newcastle, Northumberland, England

Dudley, Hilda Mae [207658] b.18_Aug_1916, Albemarle Co. VA m.1936, Virginia wife of Willis S. Sanders Jr. d.2_Jul_1974, Richmond VA

Dudley, James [197806]

Dudley, James [197820]

Dudley, James [198033], Gloucester Co. VA, Virginia

Dudley, James [198039] b.1680, Virginia

Dudley, James [198040]

Dudley, Jane [17306] wife of Richard Parkes

Dudley, Jane [197810]

Dudley, Jane [197819]

Dudley, Jean [198045] b.1735

Dudley, John [14342] viscount L'Isle

Dudley, John [17284] d.ca_Feb_1644/1645

Dudley, John [17302]

Dudley, John [197805]

Dudley, John [197830], Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England

Dudley, John [198035], Gloucester Co. VA

Dudley, John [44427] d.1500

Dudley, John [44455]

Dudley, Lady Mary [54030] wife of Sir Henry Sidney

Dudley, Laura Iola [207656] b.19_Oct_1907, Scottsville, Albemarle Co. VA wife of ________ ________, Albemarle Co. VA wife of Ernest Kidd d.21_Apr_1967

Dudley,, Lieut. Robert [197802] [197802] officer, continental line, S. H. Parker Regiment, VA, 12_Feb_1776 to end of war

Dudley, Living [134197]

Dudley, Lucy [197818]

Dudley, Lucy B. [197809] living with Winder G. Walker, Gloucester Co. VA, 1850 b.1800, Virginia

Dudley, Malvina [197812] d. without issue

Dudley, Malvina [197815]

Dudley, Margaret [17292] wife of Miles Hobart

Dudley, Martha [17311] wife of Thomas Wilmer

Dudley, Mary [17289] b.02_Oct_1586 wife of Alexander Home 1st Earl of Home

Dudley, Mary [197816]

Dudley, Mercy [44460] b.1621, England m.1639 wife of Rev. John Woodbridge d.1691, Newbury MA

Dudley, Mildred [197808]

Dudley, Mildred [197814]

Dudley, Nancy [197813]

Dudley, Patience [44462] m.18_Oct_1632 wife of Daniel Denison d.8_Feb_1690, Ipswich, MA

Dudley, Peter [198030], Bristol, Northampton, England

Dudley,, Rev. Samuel [44457] b.1608, Northampton Eng. d.10_Feb_1882/83, Exeter, NH

Dudley, Richard [198027] b.1623, Brisol, Gloucestershire, England d.5_Jun_1695, Kingston Parish, Fayette Co. VA

Dudley, Richard Sutton [44442] [44442] of Yanwith

Dudley, Robert [17301]

Dudley, Robert [197804]

Dudley, Robert [197838] b.7_Apr_1584, Newcastle, Northumberland, England d. Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

Dudley, Robert [198029], Bristol, Northampton, England

Dudley, Robert [198041] b.Feb_1707/08

Dudley, Robert [54031] earl of Leicester

Dudley, Robert S. [202073]

Dudley, Sallie or Amanda [195324] [195324] b. Prob Middlesex County, Virginia USA m. 1858 Prob Middlesex County, Virginia USA wife of Josiah D. Ailworth

Dudley, Sarah [44459], England wife of Benjamin Keayne wife of Thomas Pacy d.1659

Dudley, Simon [44453]

Dudley, Sir Robert [197833] collector of the port of Newcastle, 1603 mayor of Newcastle, Newcastle-uo-Tyne, Northumberland, England d.1613

Dudley, Staunton [197807] d. without issue

Dudley, Staunton [198044] b.1731

Dudley, Susan [17310]

Dudley, Teresa A. [202072]

Dudley, Thomas [198034], York Co. VA d. before 14_Feb 1717/18, Princess Anne Co. VA

Dudley, Thomas [44458]

Dudley, Ursala [126223] wife of John George

Dudley, William [198026], Bristol, Gloucestershire, England d. before 2_Mar_1675/76, Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co. VA

Dudley, William [198036], Gloucester Co. VA d. before Nov_1692, Middlesex Co. VA

Dudley, William [198043] b.1728

Dudrow, Pamela K. [126545]

Duer, Elizabeth Denning [25398] [25398] b.1821 m.1845 wife of Archibald G. King

Duer, Marie Theodora [25392] b.1789 m.1816 wife of Beverly Chew d.1837

Duer, William Alexander [25391] [25391] b.1780 d.1858

Duey, Mathew Nicholas [108363] [108363] b.30_May_1973, Bremerton WA

Dufault, Eugene [73694]

Duff, Alexandra [10964] b.1891 m.15_Oct_1913, Chapel Royal, St. James' Palace, London wife of Arthur of_England

Duff, Eleanor [24700] wife of William Green

Duff, Maud Alexandra [10965] b.6_Apr_1893 d.14_Dec_1945

Duffield, Divie Bethune [83020] [83020]

Duffield, Francis [83021]

Duffield, Graham [83023]

Duffield, Henry Martyn [83018] [83018]

Duffield, Morse Stewart [83022] [83022]

Duffield, Pitts [83019]

Dugan, Craig Duane [59231] b.28_Oct_1957, Fort Scott KS

Dugan, Dana Loraine [59232] b.1_Oct_1967, Great Bend KS

Dugan, Debra Delaine [59230] b.10_Jun_1956, Fort Scott KS

Dugdale, Mark Rupert Marshall [23233] [23233] b.30_Sep_1968

Dugger, Margaret Ann [49859] b.30_May_1837 m.27_May_1863, Toledo IA wife of Henry J. Churchill d.1_Nov_1892, Keswick IA

Dukas, Andronikos Kamateros [78463] [78463] d. after 1167

Dukas, Irene [52817] wife of Gregorios Kameteros

Dukas, Michael [52767] d. before 1116

Duke, ________ [196305]

Duke, Eleanor [34078] b.10_Apr_1916

Duke, Elizabeth [34077] b.5_Nov_1913

Duke, Elizabeth [3849] wife of Nathaniel Bacon

Duke, Larue [181589]

Duke, Living [181591]

Duke, Marcille [181588]

Duke, Marie [181587]

Duke, Martha [48383] wife of John Mackall

Duke, Virginia [181590]

Duker, Living [185707]

Duker, Living [185708]

Duker, Mary Emma [185706] b.1928 d.1978, Pakistan

Dukes, Brenda Ann [207957] b.25_Dec_1946 wife of Ronnie Eyler

Dukes, Cassie [207978]

Dukes, Elizabrth Ann [114206] d. unmarried

Dukes, June [207959] b.14_Nov_1950 wife of Robert Brennan wife of ________ Duvall

Dukes, Lynn Ann [207956] b.15_Jul_1943 wife of Armold Morte

Dukes, Mary Goodwin [114205] wife of John A. Garrett

Dukes, Nicholas David [33498] b.1_Mar_1984

Dukes, Philip St.John [114208] [114208]

Dukes, Sarah Wingfield [114207] [114207] wife of D. Rhion

Dukes, Stacey [207976]

Dukes, Trisha [207977]

Dukes, Walter Jr. [207958] (Buddy) b.26_Sep_1949

Dukes, William Burnley [114204] [114204]

Dula, James I. [126388]

Dula, Lynell [126389], VA

Dula, Mary Beatrice [82511], VA m.22_Sep_1928, Williamsburg VA wife of George Gage

Dulany, Benjamin Tasker [19318] [19318]

Dulany, Benjamin Tasker [19326] [19326]

Dulany, Daniel French [19325]

Dulany, Frances Addison Carter [19356] [19356] wife of J. Southgate Lemmon

Dulany, Mary [19332] m.7_May_1833 wife of Spencer M. Ball

Dulany, Rebecca [19345] wife of Richard H. Dulany

Dulany, Rozier [19334]

Dulles, Allen Macy [100289]

Dulles, Allen Welsh [100291] b.1893 d.1969

Dulles, John Foster [100290] b.1888 d.1959

Dumas, Christie Lee [106037] b.16_Aug_1978

Dumas, Katrina Louise [106038] [106038] b.9_Jan_1981

Dumas, Lisa [198613] wife of ________ Blow

Dumas, Samanatha Jean [106036] [106036]

Dumas, Sarah [198614] wife of ________ Locke

Dumas, Stephanie Nichole [106039] [106039] b.30_May_1984

Dumont, Jannetje [10354] (Jane) b.27_Aug_1723 wife of Peter Vroom d.1802

Dumont, Peter [10361] d.1744

Dumser, Ayla Rose [183100] b.16_Mar_2007

of_Dun, ________ [24426] m.1370 wife of Walter Lindsay

Dun, Lucy Ann [6961] b.21_Aug_1822 m.2_Jul_1846 wife of William James

Dunavant, Alvis Eugene [181643] [181643] b.28_Mar_1932, Decatur Co. TN d.6_Dec_1932, Decatur Co. TN

Dunavant, Living [181644]

Dunavant, Living [181645]

Dunavant, Living [181646]

of_Dunbar, Agnes [5394] wife of Anselm le Fleming

Dunbar, Agnes [5430] wife of James Douglas

Dunbar, Alexander [5665]

of_Dunbar, Athelreda [5385] wife of Duncan II, king of Scots

Dunbar, Cecilia [5657] wife of James Stewart

Dunbar, Christian [7792]

Dunbar, David [5660]

Dunbar, Dorothy [13135] b.1_Apr_1894

of_Dunbar, Edgar [5395] d. after 1140

Dunbar, Elizabeth [188707]

Dunbar, George [5659]

Dunbar, George [5661]

of_Dunbar, Gospatric [5396] d.1147

of_Dunbar, Gospatric [5658] d.1166

of_Dunbar, Gospatric II [5382] [5382] earl of Dunbar baron of Beanley d.23_Aug_1138

of_Dunbar, Gunnild [5403] wife of Uchtred of_Galloway

of_Dunbar, Gunnilda [5384] wife of Orm de_Lancaster

Dunbar, James [7796] 4th earl of Moray d.1429, Frendraught Aberdeen (murdered)

Dunbar, John [188661], Castle Fin, County Donegal, Ireland d.1830, Mt. Vernon, Posey Co. IN

Dunbar, John [188712]

Dunbar, John [5429]

Dunbar, John [5662]

of_Dunbar, Juliana [5397] wife of Ralph de Merlay

Dunbar, Lady Elizabeth [7803] of Moray

Dunbar, Lady Janet [7802] of Moray wife of James Crichton

Dunbar, Letitia [188710]

Dunbar, Mabilla [12744] wife of John de_Sutherland

Dunbar, Mabilla [5428] wife of Robert de_Sutherland

Dunbar, Margaret [188662] b.5_Jun_1789, Castle Fin, County Donegal, Ireland m.9_Nov_1809 wife of Hugh McKee d.Oct_1873, Butler, Butler Co. PA

Dunbar, Margaret [188709]

Dunbar, Margaret [7465] 2nd wife of Alex. Stewart, lord of Garlies

Dunbar, Margaret Elizabeth [79870] [79870] b.28_May_1828 m.4_Sep_1849 wife of Homer Hine Stuart

Dunbar, Margary [23524] wife of John Rose

Dunbar, Margary [5669] wife of Alexander Lindsay

Dunbar, Martha [188705] b.1811

Dunbar, Mary [188711]

Dunbar, Patric [5653] d.31_Dec_1232

Dunbar, Patric [5654], Marseilles, on crusade

Dunbar, Patrick [5656]

Dunbar, Patrick [5663] Candia, Crete

Dunbar, Patrick [5664] b.1285 d.11_Nov_1368

Dunbar, Patrick [5666] d.10_Oct_1308

Dunbar, Robert [188706] b.13_May_1813

Dunbar, Sir Alexander [7794] of Westfield

Dunbar, Sir James [7793] of Westfield d.1504

Dunbar, Thomas [188708]

Dunbar, Thomas [7795] 3rd earl of Moray

Dunbar, Thomas [7797] 2nd earl of Moray

of_Dunbar, Waltheof [5383] earl of Allerdale

Duncan, Alice Ann [32856] b.21_Jan_1841 m.18_Jun_1868, San Francisco CA wife of William S. Clark d.26_Oct_1891

Duncan, Allonzo [195814] b. 1865 Baltimore, Maryland USA

Duncan, Arthur [90378]

Duncan, Audrey [148150] b.15_Jul_1915

Duncan, Betsy [41639] wife of Samuel Taggart

Duncan, Cameron Shepard [135444] [135444]

Duncan, Charles [195771] b. 6 SEP 1662 Glen Eagles, Perthshire, Scotland

Duncan, Charles A. [195813] b. 1864 Baltimore, Maryland USA

Duncan, Charlotte [195801]

Duncan, Cora Jean [190962] b. 1935 wife of Harry Tucker Harrison

Duncan, Daniel [41659] d. Weedsport, NY

Duncan, David Frank [76861] b. 23_Jun_1945 Haywood Co,Nc

Duncan, Edith [33184] b.20_May_1900, Baltimore MD m.23_Nov_1928, Pelham Manor NY wife of Wells L. Field Jr.

Duncan, Edmund [195328] b. 1785 Accomack County, Virginia

Duncan, Edmund C. [195798] b. 1817 d. Est 1848

Duncan, Elizabeth [195334] b. 1812 Accomack County, Virginia USA wife of Robert Chessire

Duncan, Elizabeth [195788] b. 5 NOV 1841 d. 28 AUG 1913 wife of Thomas S. Hall

Duncan, Elizabeth [41660] wife of Andrew Godcheus

Duncan, Emily [164206] b.1785-1800, Tuckaleechee, Cherokee Nation East, Rabun Co. GA m. 1800-1810, Lumpkin Co. GA wife of Alexander Kell, Warwoman Dell, Rabun Co. GA

Duncan, Esther [41641] wife of Moses Black

Duncan, Eva [90377]

Duncan, Frank [90379]

Duncan, George [41635] d.29_May_1810

Duncan, George [41643] b.10_Jun_1767 d.13_Sep_1851, Preble, NY

Duncan, George [41658] d. California

Duncan, Henry [195772] b. 11 NOV 1664 Perthshire, Scotland

Duncan, Henry [41657] d. Byron, NY

Duncan, Hetty [195332] b. 1799 Accomack County, Virginia USA

Duncan, Hinton [90380]

Duncan, Horace C. [148151] b.19_Jun_1918

Duncan, Ida [90376]

Duncan, Isaac [195762] b. 1755 d. Accomack County, Virginia USA

Duncan, James [195764] b. 1735 d. 1813 Accomack County, Virginia USA

Duncan, James K. [195331] b. 1796 Accomack County, Virginia USA

Duncan, James W. [195797] b. 1822/1823 Accomack County, Virginia USA d. 13 APR 1870 Baltimore, Maryland USA

Duncan, Jane F. [41656] wife of Silas Cummings

Duncan, Jane T. [195800] wife of Edward Matthews

Duncan, Jesse Sr. [195761] b. 1766 Accomack County, Virginia USA

Duncan, Jessie Jr. [195329]

Duncan, John [195777] b. Est 1600 Scotland

Duncan, John [41632]

Duncan, John Fletcher [195796] [195796] b. 1833 Maryland USA

Duncan, Judith Ann [190963] b. 1939

Duncan, Living [160872]

Duncan, Martha E. [195810] b. 1847 Baltimore, Maryland USA

Duncan, Mary [195335] b. 1814 Accomack County, Virginia USA wife of Thomas Scott

Duncan, Mary [195773] b. 1 FEB 1666/1667 Perthshire, Scotland

Duncan, Mary [41645] d.1802 wife of Hugh Wallace

Duncan, Mary [41653] b.28_Dec_1798 m.1824 wife of Daniel Wells

Duncan, Meshack [195333] b. 1800 Accomack County, Virginia USA

Duncan, Nancy [195327] b. 1785 Accomack County, Virginia USA wife of William Ailworth

Duncan, Noah G. [195799] b. 1818 Prob Accomack County, Virginia USA

Duncan, Paula Gail [76863] b. 10_Dec_1967 Haywood Co,Nc

Duncan, Rachel [41640] b.1759 wife of John Todd

Duncan, Richard [149906]

Duncan, Rosanna [41642] b.1765 wife of Ebenezer Moore

Duncan, Sallie [195812] b. 1853 Baltimore, Maryland USA

Duncan, Sally [25140] wife of Francis Campbell

Duncan, Sarah [41644] wife of Robert McClellan

Duncan, Terry Ray [76862] b. 15_Nov_1965 Haywood Co,Nc

Duncan, Thomas [105646]

Duncan, Thomas [195765] b. 1730

Duncan, Thomas [195767] b. 1710 Virginia USA d. 1762

Duncan, Thomas [195769] b. 28 JAN 1664/1665 Perthshire, Scotland

Duncan, twin of Thomas [105645] [105645]

Duncan, William [195330] b. 1793 Accomack County, Virginia USA

Duncan, William [195770] b. 10 JAN 1657/1658 Glen Eagles, Perthshire, Scotland d. 1720 Belle Haven, Alexander(ia?), Virginia USA

Duncan, William [195775] b. 7 JAN 1627/1628

Duncan, William [195793]

Duncan, William J. [195809] b. 1845 Baltimore, Maryland USA

Duncan, William T. [195802] b. 1826

Duncan, Wilson [195811] b. 1850 Baltimore, Maryland USA

/Duncan/, [195935]

/Duncan/, [195936]

Duncan), Lemuel M. D. Forrest (Mansfield [139085] (Mansfield Duncan) [139085] farmer, 1900 b.9_Dec_1858, Messick VA d.24_May_1930, Messick VA

Duncklee, ________ [28323]

Duncklee, ________ [28324]

Duncklee, ________ [28325]

Dundas, Bethia [6775] wife of James Hume

Dundas, Elizabeth [6759] b.28_Jan_1764 m.27_Oct_1785 wife of Henry Pratt d.15_Sep_1793

Dundas, George [6771]

Dundas, James [6772]

Dundas, James [6786] b.1734 Manor d.1788

Dundas, John [6774]

Dundas, John [6782]

Dundas, Ralph [6780]

Dundas, Thomas [6785]

Dundrea, David [207697]

Dundrea, Linda Anne [207694] b.4_May_1960, Baltimore MD

Dundrea, Matthew Wayne Jr. [207693] [207693] b.10_Jan_1953, Baltimore MD

Dundrea, Michael [207696]

Dunfee, Lorraine [195587] b. 14 APR 1946 wife of Gary Thomas

Dunfee, Sandra [195586] b. 4 FEB 1939 wife of James Ross

Dunham, Archie [199731], Wisconsin

Dunham, Benajah [19653] b.1643

Dunham, Daniel [20129]

Dunham, Daniel [42625] b.29_Jan_1639, Plymouth MA d.18_Feb_1677, Dorchester MA

Dunham, Eleazor [20131]

Dunham, Gershom [20132]

Dunham, Hannah [20134]

Dunham, Hannah [42460], Plymouth MA, Bridgewater MA wife of Joseph Alden d.14_Jan_1747/48, Bridgewater MA

Dunham, John [42626] b.1589, Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England d.1_Mar_1669, Plymouth MA

Dunham, Johnathan [19651] b.1636, Plymouth MA d.18_Dec_1717, Edgartown MA

Dunham, Jonathan [20130]

Dunham, Joseph [19652]

Dunham, Maud [199730], Wisconsin

Dunham, Mehitable [122392] b.1672, Bridgewater MA m.30_May_1700, Bridgewater MA wife of Joseph Hayward d.29_Dec_1755, West Bridgewater MA

Dunham, Samuel [20133]

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