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Stanley, James [17130] 7th earl of Derby b.31_Jan_1607 d.15_Oct_1651, beheaded, Bolton, Worcs., England

Stanley, James [205880]

Stanley, Jane [17068] wife of John Warburton

Stanley, Jason [45906]

Stanley, Jesse [115353] b.26_Oct_1779, Farmington CT d.10_Aug_1827, Farmington CT

de_Stanley, Joan [17100] wife of William de_Alditheley

Stanley, Job [115336] b.4_Aug_1732, Stanley Quarter, New Britain CT d.5_Jul_1740, Stanley Quarter, New Britain CT

Stanley, Job [115409] b.1_May_1741, Farmington CT

Stanley, John [115250] b.4_Nov_1647, Hartford CT d.16_May_1729, Farmington CT

Stanley, John [115269] b.9_Apr_1675, Farmington CT d.12_Aug_1676, Farmington CT

Stanley, John [115272] b.17_Feb_1681/82, Farmington CT d. before 1750, Kensington CT

Stanley, John [17095], Hooton, England

Stanley, John [17596], Lichfield, Sommersetshire, England

Stanley, John [67938]

Stanley, John [79170] b.1603, Ashford, Kent, England d.1634, at sea enroute to New England

Stanley, Joseph [115484] b.29_Dec_1797, Marietta OH

Stanley, Joshua Ryan [50989] b.23_Aug_1973, Oklahoma

Stanley, Katharine [17173] b.1430, Stanley, Derby, England wife of Sir John Savage m. before 1447, Clinton, Cheshire, England wife of John of Clifton d.1498, Clifton, Chestershire, England

Stanley, Lady Anne [17107] of Derby wife of Grey Brydges, 5th lord Chandos wife of Mervyn ________, earl of Castlehaven

Stanley, Lady Elizabeth [17109] [17109] m.1601 wife of Henry de_Hastings, 5th earl of Huntingdon

Stanley, Lady Frances [17108] wife of John Egerton, 1st earl of Bridgwater

Stanley, Lady Jane [17113] wife of Edward Dudley, baron Dudley

Stanley, Levi [52379] b.9_May_1848

Stanley, Littleberry [52331] b.20_Jan_1819

Stanley, Lois [79196] wife of Thomas Porter

Stanley, Lot [115413] b.3_Mar_1751/52, Farmington CT d.8_Mar_1807, Farmington CT

Stanley, Lot [115448] b.3_Jan_1785, Farmington CT d.8_Feb_1791, Farmington CT

Stanley, Lot [115454] b.6_Dec_1795, New Britain CT

Stanley, Lucy [115411] b.14_Jul_1744, Farmington CT d.26_Jun_1794, Farmington CT wife of Dan Clark

Stanley, Lucy [115446] b.11_Jul_1782, Farmington CT wife of William W. Kelsey

Stanley, Lucy [115482] b.8_Jan_1793, Marietta OH wife of Benjamin Blake

Stanley, Lucy [115639], CT wife of Nathaniel Newell

Stanley, Lydia [115349] b.26_Apr_1763, Farmington CT m.9_Dec_1787, Farmington CT wife of Joel Smith d. Owego NY

Stanley, Lydia E. [52382] b.15_Sep_1858

Stanley, Marcia Ann [52187] b.1_Aug_1917, Argos IN m.25_Apr_1942, Gary IN wife of Prosper R. Vleaminck

Stanley, Margaret [115504] b.26_Nov_1820

Stanley, Margaret [17114] wife of Robert Radcliffe

Stanley, Margaret [17156], Stourton, Cheshire, England, Lathom, Lancashire, England wife of Adam Ireland

Stanley, Margaret [17176], Lathom, Lancashire, England m.1459 wife of Sir William Troutbec m.1460 wife of Sir John Boteler m. after 1463 wife of Lord Grey

Stanley, Margaret [205881]

Stanley, Maria [115455] b.22_Sep_1797, Farmington CT d.8_Sep_1803, cider-mill, Farmington CT

Stanley, Martha Ann [52381] b.9_Aug_1855

Stanley, Mary [115381] b.2_Aug_1772, New Britain CT m.2_Nov_1792, New Britain CT wife of Oliver Dewey d.9_Jun_1848, Newbern NC

Stanley, Mary [115451] (Polly) b.13_Feb_1791, New Britain CT wife of Ezra Carter d.27_May_1846, Leyden NY

Stanley, Mary [115485] b.11_Jan_1799, Marietta OH wife of William Porter

Stanley, Mary [41988] b. Hooten, England wife of John Poole

Stanley, Mary [79173] b.1633/34 m.1650, Windsor CT wife of John Porter

Stanley, Mary Ellen [52380] b.1_Nov_1851

Stanley, Mixanda [115489], Fearing Twp, Marietta OH wife of Samuel L. Whittock

Stanley, Nancy [115481] b.5_Jan_1791, Marietta OH wife of William Breck wife of John Salmon

Stanley, Nancy [67778] b.4_Jul, Iowa wife of ________ Maxwell

Stanley, Nathaniel [115271] b.25_Sep_1679, Mattatuck CT d.25_Sep_1770, Goshen CT

Stanley, Nathaniel [79175] d.14_Nov_1712

Stanley, Nat. Jr. [205878]

Stanley, Noah [115332] b.16_Jan_1723/24, Farmington CT d.5_May_1778, Stanley Quarter, New Britain CT

Stanley, Oliver [115347] b.5_Jul_1758, Farmington CT d.3_Aug_1758, Farmington CT

Stanley, Oliver [115352] b.1_May_1775, Farmington CT d.3_Mar_1813, Farmington CT

Stanley, Oliver Cromwell [115505] [115505] b.23_Feb_1823

Stanley, Omega [167359] wife of ________ Lane

Stanley, Orin [115387] b.6_Nov_1784, New Britain CT d.2_Mar_1786, New Britain CT

Stanley, Phebe [115384] b.28_Aug_1778, New Britain CT m.18_Sep_1800, New Britain CT wife of Thomas Stow d.27_Sep_1857, CT

Stanley, Philip [115339] b.4_Nov_1802, New Britain CT d.2_Sep_1803, New Britain CT

Stanley, Philip II [115340] b.30_Nov_1804, New Britain CT d.31_May_1805, New Britain CT

Stanley, Rachel [115348] b.20_Mar_1761, Farmington CT m.12_Mar_1792, Farmington CT wife of Eleazer Curtiss m.12_Oct_1806, Farmington CT wife of John Eells d.16_Nov_1835, Lenox MA

Stanley, Rachel Renee [50991] b.10_Feb_1979 d.4_Jun_1980, Enid OK

Stanley, Ralph [17157], Stourton, Cheshire, England

Stanley, Reginald Ellis [67775] [67775] b.23_Jan_1927, Newton, IA

Stanley, Rhoda [115447] b.28_Jul_1783, Farmington CT

Stanley, Richard [17148], Clifton, Lancashire, England d.1432, Chester, Cheshire, England

Stanley, Ruth [115256] b.1629, England m.5_Dec_1645, Hartford CT wife of Isaac Moore

Stanley, Ruth [115276], Mattatuck CT

Stanley, Ruth [115333] b.8_Jul_1726, Stanley Quarter, New Britain CT d.3_Aug_1726, Stanley Quarter, New Britain CT

Stanley, Sally [115445] b.15_Apr_1780, Farmington CT wife of Samuel Sheldon

Stanley, Samuel [115270] b.7_Jun_1677, Farmington CT d.1747, Durham CT

Stanley, Sarah [115252] b.18_Feb_1651/52

Stanley, Sarah [115274] b.4_Jul_1686, Mattatuck CT wife of Daniel Hooker

Stanley, Sarah [115437], Rocky Hill CT wife of Wait Robbins

Stanley, Sarah [79174] wife of John Wadsworth

Stanley, Sarah W. [115488] b.16_Nov_1804, Fearing Twp, Marietta OH wife of Asahel Doane

Stanley, Sir John [17152] knight of the garter knight of the shire of Lancaster justice of Chester sheriff of Anglesey constable of Caernarvon Castle b.1386, Lathom, Lancashire, England d.27_Nov_1437, Anslesey, Wales

Stanley, Sir John [17158] knight of the garter lord lieut. of Ireland constable of Rokesbergh, Scotland constable of Windsor Castle steward of the king's household b.1350, Lathom, Lancashire, England d.6_Jan_1413, Ardee,

Stanley, Sir Thomas [17146] knight of the garter lord Stanley of Lathom and Knowsley lord lieutenant of Ireland, Lathom Lancashire, England d.11_Feb_1458/1459, Knowlesley, Lancashire, England

Stanley, Sir William [17094] Lord Stanley and Hooton, Hooton, England d.1398

Stanley, Tacy [52383] b.30_Sep_1860 d.29_Sep_1863

Stanley, Therese Lanelle [151010] [151010] b.21_Feb_1995

Stanley, Thomas [115251] b.17_Mar_1648/49, Hartford CT d.14_Apr_1713, Farmington CT

Stanley, Thomas [115273] b._Feb_1683/84, Mattatuck CT, Durham CT

Stanley, Thomas [115311] b.1_May_1696, New Haven CT d.1755

Stanley, Thomas [115331] b.27_Nov_1720, Farmington CT d.1775, Farmington CT

Stanley, Thomas [115414] b.27_Sep_1762, Farmington CT d.14_Mar_1816, Fearing Twp, Marietta OH

Stanley, Thomas [17155], Elford, Staffordshire, England d.May_1463

Stanley, Thomas [17174] 1st earl of Derby b.1435, Lathom, Lancashire, England d.29_Jul_1504, Lathom, Lancashire, England

Stanley, Thomas [47776]

Stanley, Thomas [79168] b.1597, Ashford, Kent, England d.30_Jan_1663, Hadley MA

Stanley, Thomas Ford [115475] b.16_Jan_1787, Marietta OH d.16_Mar_1866, Marietta OH

Stanley, Timothy [115253] b.17_May_1654

Stanley, Timothy [115275] b.6_Jun_1689, Mattatuck CT d.28_Nov_1761, Goshen CT

Stanley, Timothy [115334] b.13_Aug_1727, Farmington CT d.28_Apr_1817, Farmington CT

Stanley, Timothy [115351] b.29_Jun_1771, Farmington CT d.14_Feb_1819, Marietta OH

Stanley, Timothy [16705], England, Hartford, CT

Stanley, Timothy [79169] of Cambridge MA and Hartford CT b.1599/1600, Ashford, Kent, England d.Oct_1648, Hartford, CT

Stanley, Ursula [115443] b.24_Jan_1776, Farmington CT m._May_1796, New Britain CT wife of John Judd d.24_Aug_1858, New Britain CT

Stanley, Veronica Gabrielle [151011] [151011] b.22_Jun_1996

Stanley, Waldo [115342] b.8_Mar_1811, New Britain CT d.9_Apr_1811, New Britain CT

Stanley, William [17096]

Stanley, William [17098]

Stanley, William [17111] 6th earl of Derby d.29_Sep_1642

Stanley, William [17151] b.1360, Stourton, Cheshire, England d.1428

Stanley, William [17175], Holt, Cheshire, England d.16_Feb_1494, Tower Hill, beheaded

Stanley, William [17211] b.31_Jan_1709/1710 d.4_Mar_1709/1710

Stanley, William Jesse [51232] [51232] b.8_Jul_1875, Argos IN d.29_Jun_1943, Argos IN

Stanley, William John [67929] b.17_Jan_1842, East Prestion, Sussex Co., England

Stanley, Wilma Jane [52186] b.2_Apr_1916, Argos IN m.1948, Gary IN wife of Ralph H. Kelly

Stannard, Alfred W. [117568] b.22_Jan_1829, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Anne [117110] b.19_Mar_1746/47

Stannard, Charles [117570] b.3_Sep_1834, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Elijah [117112], Saybrook CT

Stannard, Elizabeth [116925] b.22_May_1718, Saybrook CT m.17_Aug_1737, Saybrook CT wife of Ebenezer Ingham d.Jan_1770, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Eloisa H. [117565] b.22_Mar_1821, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Hannah [117111] b.5_Jun_1749

Stannard, Hannah [117435] m.14_Jan_1779 wife of Daniel Lay m.30_Jul_1772, Saybrook CT wife of Francis Kelsey d. after 1827, Wilson NY

Stannard, Henry M. [117563] b.8_Jul_1817, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Jacob [117437] b.13_Mar_1771 d.13_Dec_1843

Stannard, Job [117436] b.20_Oct_1761 d.16_May_1842

Stannard, Joseph [59931] b.1635, Hartford CT d.20_Aug_1688, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Lucy I. [117569] b.6_Mar_1831, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Lydia B. [117564] b.14_Mar_1819, Saybrook CT wife of Harvey Chalker

Stannard, Nancy M. [117567] b.30_Nov_1826, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Richard G. [117566] b.10_Apr_1823, Saybrook CT

Stannard, Samuel [117571] b.6_Mar_1837, Saybrook CT

Stansberry, Living [130230]

Stansberry, Living [130231]

Stansbury, Anne [43687]

Stansbury, Elizabeth [43686] wife of William Throope

Stansbury, Ella Elizabeth [47623] [47623]

Stansbury, Eunice [43685]

Stansbury, Hannah [43682]

Stansbury, James [43684]

Stansbury, John [43678]

Stansbury, John Skelton [47618] [47618] b.1813, Cincinnati d.1879, Napa City, CA

Stansbury, Joseph Ellis [47621] [47621] b.1859 d.1890

Stansbury, Mary [43681]

Stansbury, May Monelle [47620] [47620] wife of Walter D. Mansfield

Stansbury, Olive [43680]

Stansbury, Ruth [43679]

Stansbury, Sarah [43683]

Stansbury, Susan [34846] b.8_Feb_1810, Rahway NJ m.23_Mar_1828 wife of James M. Whitehead d.8_Feb_1846, Rahway NJ

Stansbury, Warren M. [47622]

Stant, Amanda [178930], Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Stant, Elwood L. [178611] b.13_Jan_1893, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d. before 1998

Stant, John E. [178276] b.Jan_1888, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.2_Jun_1890

Stant, Lidia [178609] b.Dec_1891, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d. before 1999

Stant, Maggie E. [178117] b.13_Oct_1877, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD m.3_Jun_1896 wife of William A. Bradshaw d.9_Jun_1901

Stant, Mary W. [178440] b.16_Apr_1876, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD wife of James T. Martin

Stant, Matilda [178188] b.25_Nov_1880, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD wife of Caleb H. Evans

Stant, Minnie G. [178293] b.1_Mar_1900, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d. before 2003

Stant, Peter J. [178238] b.13_Jan_1884, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.14_Sep_1886

Stant, Severn R. [178258] b.Mar_1885, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Stanton, Amos [123380] b.27_Nov_1750, Groton CT

Stanton, Amos [99653] b.1799

Stanton, Betsey Wyman [99652] b.1797

Stanton, Cassandra [123384]

Stanton, Daniel [99651] b.28_May_1795, Manlius NY d.26_Oct_1872, Panaca NY

Stanton, Hannah Lord [85258] b.1644, Stonington CT m.20_Nov_1662, Stonington CT wife of Nehemiah Palmer d.17_Oct_1727, Stonington CT

Stanton, James [123383] b.28_Dec_1756, Groton CT

Stanton, John [123378] b.17_May_1745, Groton CT

Stanton, John [85262] b.1530, Longbridge, Warwickshire, England

Stanton, Mary [85255] m.22_Jan_1679/1680, Saybrook CT wife of Robert Lay Jr. d. after 1743

Stanton, Prudence [123382]

Stanton, Robert [123381], Groton CT d.1783-1784, Groton CT

Stanton, Samuel [123379] b.10_Nov_1747, Groton CT

Stanton, Sarah [85256] m.13_Jan_1691/92 wife of Nathaniel Chesebrough

Stanton, Sarah C. [123377] (Chesebrough) b.31_Jul_1739, Groton CT wife of ________ Billings

Stanton, Thomas [85259]

Stanton, Thomas [85260]

Stanton, Thomas [85261] b.1560, Wolverton, England

Stanton, Thomas Jr. [85257] d.11_Apr_1718, Stonington CT

Stanwood, Benjamin [96746] d.1876

Stanwood,, Capt. Samuel [96670] [96670] d.21_Jan_1864

Stanwood, Charles Tooker [96745] [96745]

Stanwood, Edith [97418] wife of John Jenkins

Stanwood, Enoch [96742] d.1_Dec_1859

Stanwood, Harriet Alice [96748] [96748] m.1_Jul_1858 wife of Joseph H. Morehouse d.1859

Stanwood, Joseph [96743] b.1825 d.1858

Stanwood, Lois [96747] b.9_Feb_1831 wife of William Johnson

Stanwood, Matthew [96741] b.1817 d.23_Oct_1893

Stanwood, Sarah Ann [96744] b.1827 m.7_Jan_1848 wife of Joseph E. Haley d.1863

Staples, Andrew Whitney [111060] [111060] b.4_Dec_1854

Staples, Anne [122817], Taunton MA

Staples, Arthur [111075]

Staples, Betsy Jane [111002] b.23_Oct_1850 m.12_Feb_1867 wife of Frederick B. Sweetser d.1920

Staples, Charles B. [111064] b.11_Jul_1868

Staples, Clinton [111076]

Staples, Colon [111077]

Staples, Enoch [111061] b.1_May_1857

Staples, George Alvah [111005] [111005] b.19_Jun_1860

Staples, Hannah [122814]

Staples, Harry U. [111065] b.2_May_1870

Staples, Hildreth S. [111006] b.1862

Staples, Howard [111080]

Staples, Lilla [111003] b.27_Apr_1855

Staples, Mary [111004] wife of Daniel Plaisted

Staples, Mary [122818]

Staples, Maxine [111079]

Staples, Mertie [111052] wife of Carl Whorff

Staples, Myra A. [111062] b.18_May_1860 d.1929 wife of Edgar Calden

Staples, Phebe Belle [111066] b.20_Apr_1872 wife of ________ Tupper

Staples,, Rev. John [122820]

Staples, Ruth [122821]

Staples, Sarah [122815]

Staples, Seth [122813], Taunton MA d.20_Mar_1778, Taunton MA

Staples, Susanna [122816]

Staples, Tryphena S. [111059] b.22_Dec_1852 wife of Charles B. Conant

Staples, William A. [111063] b.29_Jan_1863

Staples, Zerviah [122819]

Stapp, Marquerite Hannah [144338] [144338] b.22_Mar_1889, Taylor TX m.9_Sep_1911, Madison IN wife of Bryon F. Mouser d.7_Jul_1966, Indianapolis IN

Stapylton, Elizabeth [3266] b. Norfolk, England wife of William Calthorpe

Stapylton, Miles [3265] d.1466

Stark, Judy [109129] b.17_Dec_1940 wife of Bill Vorderbruegge

Stark, Mary Virginia [109127]

Stark, Patricia Linn [109128] b.24_Mar_1931, Elk City KS m.14_Jun_1950 wife of Thomas Eugene Norby

Stark, Robert [208904], Prince George Co. VA d.28_May_1806, Winchester VA

Starke, Anne [208906], Prince George Co. VA

Starke, Bolling [208903] d. after 1781

Starke, Elizabeth [208908] m.13_Mar_1779 wife of Harrison Randolph d. before 1787

Starke, Hannah [118203] b.1678, Groton CT m.12_Nov_1697, Saybrook CT wife of Abraham Watrous d.27_Apr_1734, Saybrook CT

Starke, Rebecca [208902] b. after 24_Aug_1767

Starke, Rebecca Marie [33468] b.11_Nov_1990

Starke, Richard [208905], Virginia d.30_Jul_1772, Williamsburg VA

Starke, Ryan Kenneth [33467] b.22_Oct_1989

Starke, Styrbjorn [440] d.990

Starke, William [208907]

Starkey, Mary [130663] b.14_Oct_1668, Charles Parish, York Co. VA, Charles Parish, York Co. VA wife of Anthony Robinson d.31_Jan_1697/98, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Starkey, Peter [208871] b.13_May_1662, Charles Parish, York Co. VA d.8_Dec_1702, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Starkey, Sadie Enola [118493] b.5_Nov_1907, Pittsburgh PA m.25_Dec_1926, Washington DC wife of James D. Moseley d.8_Apr_1988, Norfolk VA

Starks, Aimie Isabel [187243] wife of Richard Blais

Starks, Ann Theresa [187165] b.13_Jul_1890, Ocean Springs MS d.2_Jun_1969, Mobile AL

Starks, Carrie [187298] b.20_Sep_1980, Hattiesburg MS

Starks, Cyril Anthony [187170] [187170] b.29_May_1900 d.27_Mar_1903, Ocean Springs MS

Starks, Edwin George [187171] b.23_Mar_1902, Ocean Springs MS d.15_May_1963, Biloxi MS

Starks, Elizabeth [187166] b.27_Apr_1892 d.2_Jun_1896, Ocean Springs MS

Starks, James [187169] b.1_May_1898, Ocean Springs MS d.Mar_1987, Mississippi

Starks, James P. [187245]

Starks, Lillian Elizabeth [187172] [187172] b.1902, Ocean Springs MS wife of Charles Kucera d. Ocean Springs MS

Starks, Living [187246]

Starks, Living [187247]

Starks, Living [187248]

Starks, Living [187249]

Starks, Living [187250] wife of Living Nappo

Starks, Living [187251]

Starks, Living [187252]

Starks, Living [187260]

Starks, Living [187261]

Starks, Living [187262]

Starks, Living [187263]

Starks, Living [187264]

Starks, Living [187266]

Starks, Living [187267]

Starks, Living [187268]

Starks, Living [187269]

Starks, Living [187278]

Starks, Living [187279]

Starks, Living [187282] wife of Living Stackhouse wife of Living McCann wife of Living Moniot

Starks, Living [187284]

Starks, Living [187285] wife of Living Lundy

Starks, Margaret [187244] wife of Edwin P. Reinhardt

Starks, Margaret Mary [187163] [187163] b.31_Dec_1886, Ocean Springs MS m.24_Jun_1918 wife of John Y. Morgan d.19_Oct_1953. Mobile AL

Starks, Mary Camilia [187168] b.31_Dec_1895, Ocean Springs MS m.8_Oct_1916, Ocean Springs MS wife of Charles B. Murphy d.Jan_1977, Pearlington NS

Starks, Meri Allison [187297] b.12_May_1979, Hattiesburg MS

Starks, Samuel Patrick [187173] [187173] b.10_Dec_1906, Ocean Springs MS d.1_Apr_1993, Gulfport MS

Starks, Samuel Patrick [187283] [187283] b.1_Jan_1941, Mobile AL d.8_Jul_1999, Pascagoula MS

Starks, William [187167] b.7_Jan_1894 d.28_Dec_1894, Ocean Springs MS

Starks, William Paul II [187299] [187299] b.22_Nov_1972

Starkweather, Lucy [103219] b.1811 m.1828 wife of William R. Partridge

St_Armand, Amauri [19141] d.1285

St_Armand, Hawise [19140] m.1270 wife of Simon de_Montagu

Starr, Abigail [123297] b.25_Apr_1731, Groton CT d.10_Jul_1814, New London CT

Starr, Benjamin [123269] b.15_Apr_1679, Middletown CT d.23_Aug_1753, New London CT

Starr, Dillwyn P. [80490] b.3_Oct_1883

Starr, Edward [123302] b.19_Mar_1745/46, Groton CT

Starr, Elizabeth [123296] b.13_Jul_1729, Groton CT m.10_Nov_1757 wife of Ichabod Whetmore

Starr, Elizabeth [138653] b.6_Aug_1814, Pennsylvania wife of Clayton Hunt d.31_Jul_1881, Richmond IN

Starr, Elizabeth Parrish [80491] [80491] b.29_Apr_1889

Starr, Jared [123303]

Starr, Jerusha [121874] b.8_Feb_1701/02, Groton CT m.30_Jul_1724, Little Compton RI wife of William Paybody d. before 11_May_1773

Starr, Jonathan [123295] b.19_Aug_1705, Groton CT d.18_Feb_1795, New London CT

Starr, Jonathan [123298] b.12_Aug_1733, Groton CT

Starr, Jonathan [123301]

Starr, Louis [80489] b.5_Jun_1882

Starr, Mary [123299] b.3_Dep_1837, Groton CT d.28_Feb_1824, New London CT

Starr, Rebecca [123304]

Starr, Sarah [123300]

Stathem, Deliverance [187398] b.5_Jul_1760, Cumberland Co NJ wife of Abner Ewing

Stathem, Naomi [187399] b.28_Mar_1766, Cumberland Co NJ m.10 Jan 1786 Greenwich, NJ wife of John Ewing d.20_Aug_1813

Statton, Edger A. [203141] b.1871, Missouri

Staub, Katrina [55215] b. Germany wife of Henry Kaspery

Staub, Percival Hoag [175976] b. 6 Mar 1901

Staufer, Living [142844]

Stauffer, Isaac Hull [30358] b.1861, LA d.1897, PA

Staver, ________ [130095]

Stavropoulos, Nicholos [71245] [71245] b.17_Feb_1959, Natick MA

Stavropoulos, Paul S. [71235] b.20_Sep_1922, Boston MA

Stavropoulos, Spiros Stavros [71228] [71228] b.20_Apr_1888, Arcadia, Greece d.23_Sep, Brighton MA

Stavropoulos, Steven S. [71234] [71234] b.9_Jun_1921, Boston MA d.30_Sep_1989, Concord MA

Stavropoulos, Steven Skipper [71244] [71244]

Stavropoulou, Frances S. [71236] [71236] b.22_Jun_1924, Boston MA wife of Thomas R. Goldsmith

Stavropoulou, Helen S. [71233] [71233] b.8_Jan_1920, Boston MA wife of Bradford Kent

Stavropoulou, Theresa S. [71237] [71237] b 9_Nov_1927, Boston MA wife of Christopher Dracopoulos

de_St._Ceneris, Hadewise [3402] [3402] wife of William of_Evreux wife of Robert de_Grandmesnil

St._Clair, Edith [82837] m.1445 dau. of Thomas St. Clair wife of Sir Richard Harcourt

de_St._Clair, Gunnora [3131] wife of William de Lanvallei

de_St._Clair, Hubert [3085]

de_St._Clair, Hubert [3116], Normandy

St._Clair, John [82838]

St._Clair, Thomas [82839] d.1434

(St._Clair), Alastair S. Leveson-Gower [12878] (St._Clair) [12878] b.24_Jan_1890 d.28_Apr_1921

de_St._Claire, Agnes [18882] wife of William de_Braiose, lord of Bramber

St._Claire, Annie Pearl [4223] [4223] b.5_May_1873, California wife of Frank Goldsmith d.15_Jan_1945, Sacramento, CA

de_St._Clare, Robese [3079] Countess b.1120, Turnbridge Castle, Kent, England wife of Robert de_Maltby wife of Earl of Lincoln d. Turnbridge Castle, Kent, England

Steabthiune, Faichadh [5133]

Stearns, Abigail [99881] b.22_Aug_1691 m.22_Oct_1711/2, Woburn MA wife of William Wyman

Stearns, Abigail [99910] m.29_Nov_1692, Concord MA wife of Samuel Hartwell d.11_May_1709

Stearns, Austin P. [102921]

Stearns,, Capt. Edward [99878] b.1726

Stearns,, Capt. John [99875] d.1728

Stearns, Charlotte Champe [3408] [3408] wife of Henry Ware Eliot

Stearns, Frank P. [102922]

Stearns, Henry K. [102923]

Stearns, Isaac [99876] d.1739, Billerica MA

Stearns, Isaac [99886] b.6_Jan_1633, Watertown MA d.29_Aug_1676, Watertown MA

Stearns, Isaac [99888] b.25_Feb_1603, Stoke by Nayland, Sudbury, Suffolk, England d.19_Jun_1671, Woburn MA

Stearns, Isaac [99908] b.2_Aug_1665

Stearns, John [99885] d.5_Mar_1668/69, Billerica MA

Stearns, John [99911] b.1675 d.14_Jun_1734, Bedford MA

Stearns,, Lieut. John [99880] b.1686 d.1776

Stearns, Margaret [102928] d. before 28_Nov_1943

Stearns, Mary [99884] b.6_Jan_1625, Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England m.9_Jul_1646, Woburn MA wife of Isaac Learned m.9_Jun_1662 wife of John Burg d.8_Jan_1663, Chelmsford MA

Stearns, Mary [99907] b.8_Oct_1663 m.1_Jan_1693 wife of John Cutler d.24_Feb_1733

Stearns, Mary Isabella [102925] [102925] wife of Ellery C. Park

Stearns, Ruth [102927] wife of ________ Brooks

Stearns, Samuel [99909] b.11_Jan_1667/68, Watertown MA d.19_Nov_1721, Lexington MA

Stearns, Sarah [99882] b.26_Mar_1704 m.19_May_1725, London England wife of Ebenezer Johnson d.24_May_1779

Stearns, Sarah [99887] b.22_Sep_1635, Watertown MA m.7_Jun_1655, Watertown MA wife of Deacon Samuel Stone d.6_Oct_1700, Lexington MA

Stearns, Sarah [99906] b.14_Jan_1661, Cambridge MA m.27_Dec_1678, Concord MA wife of John Wheeler d.12_Aug_1725, Concord MA

Stearns, Sarah J. [102926]

Stearns, Seward S. [102929]

Stearns, Susannah Frances [99877] [99877] b.19_Dec_1762, Bedford MA m.18_Aug_1785, Boston MA wife of Col. Nehemiah Wyman d.6_Apr_1847, Charlestown MA

Stearns, Thomas [3396]

Stearns, William C. [102924]

Steart, Fleming [8236], PA

Stebbins, Abigail [87446] b.24_Sep_1660, Northampton, MA m.30_May_1678 wife of William Phelps d.1748

Stebbins, Anne [87524] b.10_Apr_1651

Stebbins, Benjamin [87454]

Stebbins, Benoni [87526] b.23_Jun_1655 d.1704

Stebbins, Curtis Miles [89861] [89861]

Stebbins, Deborah [87453] b.5_Mar_1671/72 wife of Benjamin Alvord

Stebbins, Edward [87525] b.12_Jul_1653 d. young

Stebbins, Elizabeth [87516] b.1628, England m.1647 wife of John Clark

Stebbins, Ellen Branham [135535] [135535]

Stebbins, Hannah [87449] b.8_Jul_1664 m.5_Nov_1679 wife of John Sheldon

Stebbins, John [87515] b.1626, England d.7_Mar_1678/79, Northampton,

Stebbins, John [87522] b.28_Jan_1646/47 d. after 1723

Stebbins, Joseph [87452] b.17_Jan_1669/70

Stebbins, Justin [135532]

Stebbins, Lola E. [95777] b.11_Dec_1861, Pittsfield IL m.22_Dec_1885, Pittsfield IL wife of Charles Anson Wyman d.1949, Ramona CA

Stebbins, Mary [15165] m.9_Aug_1648 wife of Walter Gaylord

Stebbins, Mary [87450] b.10_Sep_1666 m.17_Nov_1683 wife of Thomas Strong

Stebbins, Megan [135534]

Stebbins, Rebecca [87455] m.1679 wife of Nathaniel Strong d.8_May_1712

Stebbins, Rowland [87510] b.1592, Stebbing, Essex County, England d.14_Dec_1671, Northampton, MA

Stebbins, Ryan [135533]

Stebbins, Samuel [87447] b.21_Jan_1658/59 d.3_Sep_1732, Belchertown, MA

Stebbins, Sarah [87451] b.4_Jun_1668 m.24_Feb_1686/87 wife of William Southwell

Stebbins, Sarah [87514] b.1623, England m.14_Jul_1639 wife of Thomas Merrick d.1653

Stebbins, Shirley Lee [89859] wife of Ralph Newman

Stebbins, Thankful [87456] b.11_May_1678 m.10_Jul_1700 wife of Jenijah Strong d.24_May_1714

Stebbins, Thomas [87448] b.6_May_1662 d.28_Dec_1712

Stebbins, Thomas [87513] b.1620, England d.25_Sep_1683, Springfield, MA

Stebbins, Thomas [87523] d.24_Apr_1649

Stebe, Bessie [107031] b.Apr_1891

Stedman, Ann [91890] m.1770, Lancaster Co. PA

Stedston, Agnes [57594] d.30_Jun_1601

Stedston, Hugh [57592]

Stedston, John [57590]

Stedston, William [57591]

Stedston, Wilmont [57593] m.30_Jan_1606 wife of Thomas Hytchin

Steedman, Charles Richard [16553] [16553] b.31_Jul_1897

Steele, Antoinette Wells [37224] [37224] wife of Britton Davis

Steele, Betsy M. [202166] b.15_Sep_1941 wife of Leon Martin wife of John F. Baron wife of Richard Graham d.23_Nov_1993, Fredericksburg VA

Steele, Charles F. [186987]

Steele, Claude Harold [20582] b.15_Jun_1875

Steele, Clemens [186985]

Steele, Edwing Oliver [20581] b.19_Sep_1872

Steele, Eliphalet [212122] b.23_Jun_1700, Hartfford CT d.Jul_1773, West Hartford CT

Steele, Eliphalet [212124] b.26_Jun_1742, West Hartford CT d.17_Oct_1817

Steele, Emma Estelle [20583] b.6_Feb_1880

Steele, Eva Nell [20584] b.9_Jan_1882

Steele, Florence [186988]

Steele, Hannah [53468] b.18_Mar_1697 m.10_Jul_1715 wife of Ephraim Goodrich

Steele, Hugh [186990]

Steele, James [53469]

Steele, John Thomas [202169] b.10_Jun_1952 d.11_Apr_2001, Hampton VA

Steele, John T. Jr. [202397]

Steele, Kory [202390]

Steele, Lewis [8623]

Steele,, Lieut. Samuel [53470], England d.14_Aug_1685, Wethersfield CT

Steele, Louisa [212126] b.11_Nov_1778, South Egremont MA wife of Daniel P. Handy d.20_May_1829

Steele, Louisa Emmaline [39355] [39355] b.29_Jul_1838, Madison Co., IL m.19_Oct_1855, Harrison Co., I wife of Solomon Gamet d.28_May_1934, Woodbine, IA

Steele, Maria [186986]

Steele, Mary [80023] b.5_Dec_1652, Farmington CT m.24_Oct_1670 wife of John Thomson

Steele, Mercy [120947] wife of ________ Webster

Steele, Oliver [20578]

Steele, Paul E. [202394] b.20_Mar_1969

Steele, Provy [8624]

Steele, Robert E. [202167]

Steele, Ronald E. [202168]

Steele, Sarah [49419] b.1656 m.8_Feb_1682, Wethersfield CT wife of Samuel Boreman d.23_Jan_1732/1733

Steele, Sharon E. [202393] b.23_May_1967

Steele, Sherman [186989]

Steele, Thomas E. [186984]

Steele, Tina M. [202388]

Steere, Elizabeth Lee [147756] [147756]

Steere, Phebe [16377] b.26_Oct_1699 wife of John Matthewson d.1_Aug_1767

Steffy, Elizabeth [67017] b.1769 wife of George Wampler d.1859

Steffy, Elizabeth [67019] wife of George Wampler

Steger, Alfred Meador [189971] [189971]

Steger, Ann [190921] b. 1774

Steger, Ann Rebecca [189979] b. 26 MAY 1861 d. FEB 1936

Steger, Benjamin [190918] b. 1768

Steger, Daniel B. [192490] b. 1847 Richmond City, VA

Steger, Daniel Boatright [189963] [189963] b. 27 JUL 1808 Cumberland Co, VA d. 18 FEB 1874

Steger, Daniel Boatright [189974] [189974] b. 29 AUG 1848 Richmond City, VA d. 2 APR 1910

Steger, Edward Meador [189978] [189978] b. 23 NOV 1858 Richmond City, VA d. 7 JUL 1890

Steger, Elizabeth [190840]

Steger, Elvira [190933]

Steger, Frances [190834]

Steger, Francis [190842]

Steger, Francis [190917] b. 1766

Steger, Francis George [190925] [190925] b. 1715 London, England/Germany d. 23 APR 1769

Steger, Hans [190839]

Steger, Hans Heinrich [190926] [190926] b. ABT. 1702 London, England d. 1761 Amelia Co, VA

Steger, Hans William [190937] d. 1791 Petersburg, VA

Steger, Isham [190923] b. 29 MAR 1778 d. 18 JUN 1845 "Ishall", Powhatan Co, VA

Steger, Isham Taylor [189973] b. 9 DEC 1846 Richmond City, VA d. 16 MAY 1901

Steger, James Alfred [189977] b. 27 MAR 1857 d. 20 JUL 1857

Steger, James M. [192491] b. 1853 Richmond City, VA

Steger, Jane Catherine [189964] [189964] b. 23 MAR 1810 d. 10 OCT 1887

Steger, John [190934] b. ABT. 1659 d. 30 JAN 1736/37 Christ Church, Middlesex Co, VA

Steger, John [190942] b. 1705

Steger, John Parrot [189966] b. 18 JAN 1815 d. 24 DEC 1879

Steger, John Parrott [190837]

Steger, John Parrott [190919] b. 1769

Steger, John William [189975] b. 2 JUN 1850 Richmond City, VA d. 7 MAR 1921

Steger, Joseph Monk [189976] b. 22 DEC 1852 d. 3 FEB 1883

Steger, Keturah King Mariana [190929] [190929]

Steger, Lucia Ann [190939]

Steger, Martha [190835]

Steger, Martha [190841]

Steger, Mary Leigh [190836]

Steger, Miranda Warren [190940] [190940]

Steger, Rhoda Ann [189962] b. 15 NOV 1805 d. 18 FEB 1874 wife of James Meador

Steger, Robert Harris [189980] [189980] b. 15 JAN 1864 d. 1 NOV 1935

Steger, Samuel A. [190928]

Steger, Sarah Harris [189965] b. 5 MAY 1812 Powhatan? Co, Va d. AFT. 1880 Powhatan? Co, Va m. 12 NOV 1834 Powhatan Co, Va wife of James Edward Cooke

Steger, Skipwith Harris [190922] [190922] b. 1776

Steger, Sophia [190943] b. 1706

Steger, Thomas H. [190833]

Steger, Thomas Hales [190838]

Steger, Thomas Hales [190920] b. 15 APR 1772 Powhatan Co, VA

Steger, Tralucia [190936]

Steger, William [190931] b. 1776 Powhatan Co, VA d. 3 MAR 1850 Buckingham Co, VA

Stegge, Capt, Thomas Jr. [27523] [27523]

Stegge, Grace [27524], London England m. London England wife of John Byrd d. London England

Stegge, Thomas Jr. [27525], England d. after Mar_1670, Henrico Co. VA

Steinberger, William [30806]

Steinmetz, Anita May [44098] b.9_May_1874 m.27_Jan_1897 wife of Roland L. Taylor

Steinmetz, Daniel C. [44094] b.21_Aug_1864

Steinmetz, Edith Allison [44096] [44096] b.14_Jul_1867

Steinmetz, Elizabeth Morris [44090] [44090] b.22_May_1859 m.27_Nov_1883 wife of S. Bevan Miller

Steinmetz, Frances Allison [44091] [44091] b.3_Oct_1860 d.17_Jul_1866

Steinmetz, John E. W. [44093] b.21_Aug_1864

Steinmetz, Joseph Allison [44097] [44097] b.22_Mar_1870

Steinmetz, Laura Lianne [207994] [207994] b.26_Oct_1972, Hyattsville MD m.26_Jun_1998, Pennsylvania wife of Jason Fauth

Steinmetz, Mary Eleanor [44095] [44095] b.7_Dec_1865

Steinmetz, Oliver Janney [44089] [44089] b.24_Jul_1858 d.15_Aug_1858

Steinmetz, Paula Marie [207995] [207995] b.10_Jun_1975, Boston, Culpepper Co. VA m.1999, State College PA wife of Dan ________ m.26_Nov_1994, Annville PA wife of Kevin Gonzales m.2004, Annville PA wife of Aaron Lightfoot<

Steinmetz, Spencer Janney [44092] [44092] b.3_Jul_1863

Steinmeyer, Christine [155667] [155667] b.Aug_1887, South Carolina

Steinmeyer, Edwin C. [155669] b.17_Nov_1909, Charleston SC d.16_Nov_1976

Steinmeyer, Elma C. [155666] b.Jun_1886, South Carolina

Steinmeyer, Harry F. [155664] salesman, 1900 b.Nov_1878, South Carolina

Steinmeyer, Henry [155670] b.23_Jul_1911, South Carolina d.Apr_1977

Steinmeyer, Julien B. [155665] [155665] b.Sep_1884, South Carolina

Steinmeyer, Pauline D. [155668] [155668] b.1906, Charleston SC

de_Steirmark, Wilibirt [81877] [81877] m. before 1134 wife of Eckbert II d.18_Jan_1145

Stejskal, Nicholas Michael [50232] [50232] b.23_Sep_1979, Springville IA

Stelle, Adeline [9254]

Stelle, Anne [8617]

Stelle, Anne [9250]

Stelle, Christiana [8613]

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