Index part 90

of_Fitzlar, Conrad [85616] (Conrad the Old) count of Logenahe count of Franconia d.905

Fitz_Maldred, Robert [5476] lord of Raby and Brancepeth, Durham

Fitz_Maldred, Uchtred [5479] lord of Raby, Durham d.1129

FitzMaurice,, Capt. Hon. James [139281] [139281] b.1670

FitzMaurice,, Col. Edmond [139274] [139274]

FitzMaurice,, Col. Garret [139263] [139263] d.Sep_1632

FitzMaurice,, Col. Garrett [139275] [139275] d.16_Dec_1662

FitzMaurice,, Col. Richard [139276] [139276] d.1644

FitzMaurice,, Col. Robert [139278] [139278] d.1680

FitzMaurice, Edmond [139197] 9th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw d.Nov_1541

FitzMaurice, Edmond [139199] 8th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw d.1510

FitzMaurice, Edmond [139236] d.1541

FitzMaurice, Edmond [139241] d.1446

FitzMaurice, Edmond [139250] d. afrer 1631

FitzMaurice, Elizabeth [139289] [139289] d.13_Sep_1733

FitzMaurice, Elizabeth [139308] [139308] b. before 1697

FitzMaurice, Gerald [139235] 13th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw d.1543

FitzMaurice, Gerald [139237]

FitzMaurice, Hon. Constance [139284] [139284]

FitzMaurice, Hon. Honora [139283] [139283]

FitzMaurice, Honora [139290] b. before 1661

FitzMaurice, Hon. Thomas [139299] [139299] b.1742 d.28_Oct_1793

FitzMaurice, Hon. William [139282] [139282] b.30_Jul_1670 d.1710

FitzMaurice, Jane [139286]

FitzMaurice, Joan [139252]

FitzMaurice, Joan [139261]

FitzMaurice, Joan [139265]

FitzMaurice, Joan [23729] wife of Turlogh-donn O'Brien

FitzMaurice, John [139239]

FitzMaurice, John [139309] b. before 1710

FitzMaurice, Katherine [139279] [139279]

FitzMaurice, Lady Arabella [139302] [139302]

FitzMaurice, Lady Charlotte [139303] [139303]

FitzMaurice, Louisa [139316] b. before 1789

FitzMaurice, Margaret [139273] [139273] d. before 1691

FitzMaurice, Margaret [139288] [139288]

FitzMaurice, Mary [139240]

FitzMaurice, Mary [139280] b. before 1630

FitzMaurice, Mary [139287]

FitzMaurice, Mary [139307] m.16_Feb_1734 wife of John Petty d.9_Dec_1780

FitzMaurice, Maurice [139262] b. before 1600

FitzMaurice, Patrick [139193] 17th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw b.1595, Lixnaw, Ireland bu.5_Jan_1660/61, St.-Gile's-in-the-Fields, London, England

FitzMaurice, Patrick [139195] 15th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw d.12_Aug_1600

FitzMaurice, Patrick [139234] 10th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw

Fitzmaurice, Raymond [139285] d.5_Jul_1713

FitzMaurice, Robert [139238]

FitzMaurice, Robert [139251]

FitzMaurice, Robert [139264]

FitzMaurice, Sir Thomas [139196] [139196] 14th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw d.16_Dec_1590

FitzMaurice, Thomas [139191] 19th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw 1st viscount Clanmaurice 1st earl of Kerry b.1668 d.16_Mar_1741/42, Lixnaw, Ireland bu.21_Mar_1741/42, Killtomy, Ireland

FitzMaurice, Thomas [139194] 16th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw b.1574 d.3_Jun_1630, Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland bu. Cashel Cathedral, Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland

FitzMaurice, Thomas [139198] d. before 1510

FitzMaurice, Thomas [139277]

FitzMaurice, Thomas [23728] 7th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw d.1469, Dublin, Ireland bu. Ardfert, County Kerry, Ireland

FitzMaurice, William [139192] 18th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw b.1633 d.Mar_1696/97

FitzMaurice, William [139300] 2nd earl of Kerry b.2_Mar_1694 d.4_Apr_1747

Fitz_Maurice, Edmond Walter [25554] [25554] 7th earl of Orkney b.1867 d.1951

Fitz_Maurice, George Hamilton [25555] [25555] 6th earl of Orkney d.1889

Fitz_Maurice, Gerald [139221]

Fitz_Maurice, Gerald [80204] 1st baron of Offaly d.1203

Fitz_Maurice, Henry Warrender [25556] [25556] b.1828 d.1875

Fitz_Maurice, John [25558] b.1778 d.1820

Fitz_Maurice, Juliana [80201] wife of Thomas de Clare, governor of London

Fitz_Maurice, Matthias [139213] [139213]

Fitz_Maurice, Maurice [80202] lord of Offaly in Ireland justiciar of Ireland d.1286

Fitz_Maurice, Piers [139214]

Fitz_Maurice, Robert [139200]

Fitz_Maurice, Robert [139215]

Fitz_Maurice, Sir Nicholas [139205] [139205] 2nd baron of Kerry and Lixnaw d.1317

Fitz_Maurice, Thomas [139209] d.1213

Fitz_Maurice, Thomas John [25557] [25557] 5th earl of Orkney b.1803 d.1877

Fitz_Maurice, William [139208] [139208] 1st baron of Ness

(Fitz_Maurice), Patrick F. Fitz_John [139202] (Fitz_Maurice) [139202] (Patrick the bearded) 6th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw

Fitz_Micholas, Maurice [139210] [139210] 3rd baron of Kerry and Lixnaw b. before 1314 d.Oct_1339

Fitz_Nicholas, Aveline [139212] [139212]

Fitz_Nicholas, Gerald [139229] [139229]

Fitz_Nicholas, John [139224]

Fitz_Nicholas, Robert [139230] [139230]

Fitz_Nicholas, Sir John [139204] [139204] 4th baron of Kerry and Lixnaw

Fitz_Nicholas, William [139211] [139211]

Fitz-Nigel, William [85955], Holton, Yorkshire, England

Fitz_Orm, Emma [17053] wife of Adam of Aldithley

Fitz_Orm, Ralf [17054]

FitzOsbern, William [16932]

FitzOsborn, Osborn [16934] bishop of Exeter d.1103

FitzOsborn, William [16933] 1st earl of Hereford

FitzOther, Walter [80211]

FitzPatrick, Grizel [139447] b. before 1562

FitzPatrick, Lady Louisa [139315] [139315] m.19_Jul_1779, St. Geroge's chruch, Bloomsbury, London, England wife of Gen. Sir William Perry

Fitz_Patrick, Ela [15614] countess of Salisbury, Amesbury, Wilts m.1198 wife of William de Longespee d.24_Aug_1261

Fitz_Patrick, Mabel [22237] wife of Nele de_Mowbray

Fitz_Patrick, William [15615] earl of Salisbury d.17_Apr_1196

FitzPen, Robert [195504] b. 1552 Weymouth, Dorsetshire, England d. 1603 Dorset, Dorsetshire, England

FitzPiers, Geoffrey [3149] earl of Essex, Cherhill, Wilts. d.14_Oct_1213

FitzPiers, Hawise [3157] b. Walden, Essex 1st wife of Sir Reynold de Mohun d. before 1243

FitzPiers, Joan [15355] wife of John de_Mohum

FitzPiers, Robert [3148], Cherhill, Wilts. d.1185/1186

Fitz_Piers, Alice [17955], Basing, Hampshire, England m.Jun_1256 wife of Sir John St._John d. after 1305

Fitz_Piers, Eleanor [17965] wife of William Martin

Fitz_Piers, Herbert [17956] d.1285

Fitz_Piers, Lucy [17958] wife of Sir WIlliam de Ros

Fitz_Piers, Peter [17964] of Chewton b. after 1255 d.1322

Fitz_Piers, Reynald [17957]

FitzPons, Richard [37044] of Frampton, Gloucs, Eng b.1075

FitzRainulph, William [1601]

FitzRalph, Robert [13965] b.1110, Middleham, Yorks. d.1185

Fitz_Ralph, Simon [35173]

FitzRandolph, Juliana [8018] m.5_Jun_1834 wife of Charles S. Wood

Fitz_Randolph, Ambrose [33009] [33009]

Fitz_Randolph, Ann [6171] b.24_Jul_1694, Woodbridge NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Anna Lewis [33013] [33013] b.7_Aug_1835 d.8_Mar_1840

Fitz_Randolph, Anne [6323]

Fitz_Randolph, Benjamin [6147] [6147] b.23_Dec_1707

Fitz_Randolph, Benjamin [6161] [6161] b.1663Barnstable, MA

Fitz_Randolph, Bethia [6319] wife of John Clarkston

Fitz_Randolph, Catherine [6291] [6291] b.20_Nov_1739 m.23_Apr_1760, Plainfield NJ wife of John Vail d.20_Mar_1809, Greenbrook NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Christopher [6164] [6164] b.23 Feb 1681/82, Woodbridge NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Christopher [6188] [6188] b.1530, Nottinghamshire, England d.1588, Langton Hall, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notttinghamshire, England

Fitz_Randolph, Desire [6166] b.22_Jul_1689, Woodbridge NJ wife of William Wright

Fitz_Randolph, Edward [6136] b. before 5_Jul_1617, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, England, Middlesex Co, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Edward [6145] b.1670, Barnstable, MA d.23_Feb_1760, Woodbridge, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Edward [6148] b.1565, Langton Hall, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notttinghamshire, England d.1647, Langton Hall, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notttinghamshire, England

Fitz_Randolph, Edward [6245] d.17_Jun_1750, Woodbridge, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Edward [6255]

Fitz_Randolph, Edward [6293]

Fitz_Randolph, Elizabeth [6158] [6158] b.1657, Barnstable, MA wife of Andrew Wooden d.1702, Piscataway, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Experience [6334] [6334]

Fitz_Randolph, George [6251]

Fitz_Randolph, Hannah [6153] b. before 23_Apr_1648, Barnstable, MA m.6_Nov_1668, Barnstable, MA wife of Jasper Taylor d.14_Apr_1705, Prob. Yarmouth, MA

Fitz_Randolph, Hannah [6315] b.4_Feb_1687/88 m.1703, Rahway, NJ wife of Capt Andrew Drake

Fitz_Randolph, Hartshorne [6247] [6247]

Fitz_Randolph, Hope [6160] b.2_Apr_1661, Barnstable, MA wife of Ezekiel Bloomfield d.1703

Fitz_Randolph, Howard M. [33014] [33014]

Fitz_Randolph, Isaac [6325]

Fitz_Randolph, Issac [6141] b.7_Dec_1665, Barnstable, MA d.1694, Woodbridge, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Jacob [6338]

Fitz_Randolph, James [6292]

Fitz_Randolph, John [6140] b.1_Feb_1662/63, Barnstable, MA d.19_Jun_1727, Woodbridge, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, John [6155] b.2_Jan_1651/52, Barnstable, MA d. in Infancy

Fitz_Randolph, John [6156] b.7_Oct_1653, Barnstable, MA d.1727, Belvadere, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, John [6167] b.18_May_1690, Woodbridge NJ d.18_May_1690, Woodbridge NJ

Fitz_Randolph, John [6170] b.25_Apr_1693, Woodbridge NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Jonathan [6317] [6317]

Fitz_Randolph, Joseph [6144] b.1667, Barnstable, MA d.21_Apr_1718, Woodbridge, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Joseph [6157] b.1_Mar_1655/56, Barnstable, MA d.18_Jan_1726/27, Piscataway, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Joseph [6168] b.1691, Woodbridge NJ d.4_Nov_1691, Wooodbridge NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Joseph [6316]

Fitz_Randolph, Katherine [6252] [6252]

Fitz_Randolph, Lidda [6320]

Fitz_Randolph, Martha [6146] b.1674

Fitz_Randolph, Martha [6169] b.25_Apr_1693, Barnstable MA m.17_May_1712, Woodbridge NJ wife of Rev. John Vail d.18_Apr_1766

Fitz_Randolph, Mary [6152] b. before 6_Oct_1644, Barnstable, MA, Barnstable, MA

Fitz_Randolph, Mary [6154] b.2_Jun_1650, Barnstable, MA m.15_Jan_1668/69 wife of Samuel Hinckley d.1738

Fitz_Randolph, Mary [6246]

Fitz_Randolph, Mary [6254]

Fitz_Randolph, Mary [6318] wife of John Morris

Fitz_Randolph, Mary [6333]

Fitz_Randolph, Moses [6326]

Fitz_Randolph, Nathaniel [6142] [6142] b.25_Jun_1666, Barnstable, MA d.9_Apr_1703, Woodbridge, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Nathaniel [6150] [6150] b. before 9_Aug_1640, Barnstable, MA d.10_Dec_1640, Barnstable, MA

Fitz_Randolph, Nathaniel [6151] [6151] b. before 15_May_1642, Barnstable, MA d.21_Nov_1713, Woodbridge, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Nathaniel [6248] [6248]

Fitz_Randolph, Nathaniel [6332] [6332]

Fitz_Randolph, Peter [6172] b.20_Apr_1695, Woodbridge NJ d. in the Queen Anne's War

Fitz_Randolph, Prudence [6324] [6324]

Fitz_Randolph, Prudence [6337] [6337] (Smith)

Fitz_Randolph, Rachel [6173] m.1712 wife of Thomas Vail

Fitz_Randolph, Rachel [6335]

Fitz_Randolph, Randolph [6189] [6189] d.1565

Fitz_Randolph, Randolph [6191] [6191] d. before 1514

Fitz_Randolph, Richard [6244] b.16_Apr_1705, Woodbridge, NJ d.25_Nov_1754, Perth Amboy, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Richard [6253]

Fitz_Randolph, Richard Runyan [33012] [33012] b.8_Aug_1830

Fitz_Randolph, Rose [6165] b.28_Jul_1685, Woodbridge NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Ruth [6322]

Fitz_Randolph, Samuel [6143] b.1668, Barnstable, MA d.25_Jun_1754, Woodbridge, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Samuel [6336]

Fitz_Randolph, Sarah [33011] b.1_Apr_1826 d.30_Oct_1829

Fitz_Randolph, Stelle [33010]

Fitz_Randolph, Susannah [6321] [6321]

Fitz_Randolph, Thomas [6159] b.16_Aug_1659, Barnstable, MA d.1745, Piscataway, NJ

Fitz_Randolph, Thomas [6250] b.21_Dec_1740

FitzRanulf, Mary [13961], Middleham, Yorks. m. Middleham, Yorkshire wife of Robert de_Neville d.1320, Covering, Yorks.

FitzRanulf, Ralph [13962] b.1218 d.31_Mar_1270

FitzRanulph, Ranulph [13963] b.1220, Middleham, Yorkshire d.1294

FitzRibald, Ralph [13966] b.1080, Middleham, Yorks. d.1168

Fitz_Richard, Nesta [80433] wife of Bernard de Neufmarche

Fitz_Richard, Osborn [80434] of Richard's Castle, Herefordshire

Fitz_Richard, Rohese [2951] wife of Badeion de_Monmouth

FitzRobert, Maud [3066] (or Matilda) b.1101 wife of William de_Lovetot

FitzRobert, Ranulf [13964], Middleham, Yorks. d.7_Dec_1251

Fitz_Robert, Amice [3006] countess of Gloucester wife of Richard de Clare, 6th earl of Clare d.1_Jan_1224

Fitz_Robert, Gerald [139217] d.1252-1262

Fitz_Robert, Maud [3008] wife of Ranulf de_Guernan, earl of Chester d.29_Jul_1189

Fitz_Robert, Sir Thomas [139207] [139207] (Thomas FitzMaurice) founder of Franciscan Abbey of Ardfert, 1253 d.29_Jun_1280, Bruree, County Limerick, Ireland bu. Abbey of Ardfert, Ardfert, County Kerry, Ireland Fitz_Robert, Sir Walter [2914] [2914] of Woodham-Walter, etc d.1258

Fitz_Robert, Walter [2917] lord of Dunmow Castle b.1102 d.1198

Fitz_Robert, William [3007] lord Glamorgan 2nd earl of Gloucester d.23_Nov_1183

Fitzroger, Elizabeth [15254] of Chewton, Somersetshire, England b.1370 wife of Richard Stewkley wife of John Bonville d.10_Apr_1414

Fitzroger, John [81096] b.1335, Eng.

Fitz_Roger, Gilbert [37903] lord of Kendal

Fitz_Roger, Isabel [87666] d.1207 wife of Osmond de Stuteville wife of Wm. de Huntingfield

Fitz_Roger, Robert [85969] baron of Clavering b.1247 d.1310

Fitzrogers, Aaron [81097], Italy

Fitzrogers, Aaron II [81099] [81099]

Fitzrogers, Sir John [81091] b.1386/1387, Eng. d.4_Oct_1441

Fitzroy, Anne [7277] b.1661 m.1674 wife of Thomas Lennard d.1722

Fitzroy, Augustus [7290] b.1716 d.1741

Fitzroy, Augustus Henry [7288] [7288] 3rd duke of Grafton b.1735 d.1811

Fitzroy, Charles [7274] earl of Southampton b.Jun_1662 d.9_Sep_1730

Fitzroy, Charles [7289] 1st lord Southampton b.1737 d.1797

Fitzroy, Charles [7291] 2nd duke of Grafton b.1683 d.1757

Fitzroy, Charles Alfred Euston [7301] [7301] 10th duke of Grafton b.1892

Fitzroy, Charles Edward [7283] [7283] b.1857 d.1911

Fitzroy, Charlotte [7278] b.5_Sep_1664 m.6_Feb_1677 wife of Edward H. Lee d.17_Feb_1718

Fitzroy, George [7276] b.28_Dec_1665 d.28_Jun_1716

Fitzroy, George Henry [7287] 4th duke of Grafton b.1760 d.1844

Fitzroy, Grace [7273] wife of Henry Vane, viscount Barnard, 1st earl of Darlington

FitzRoy, Henry [7038] d.1536, d.s.p

Fitzroy, Henry [7275] earl of Euston b.1663 d.9_Oct_1690, Cork Co., Ireland

Fitzroy, Henry [7286] 5th duke of Grafton b.1790 d.1863

Fitzroy, John Charles William [7280] [7280] 9th duke of Grafton b.1914 d.1946

Fitzroy, William Henry [7284] 6th duke of Grafton b.1819 d.1882

Fitzroy, William Henry Alfred [7281] [7281] b.1884 d.1918

Fitz_Roy, Isabel [11725], England m.1247, Waterford, Ireland wife of Maurice de Berkeley, 6th lord Berkeley d.7_Jul_1276

Fitz_Roy, Reginald [3026] (or Fitz Henry) de Dunstanville earl of Cornwall natural son of king Henry I b.1110-1115, Dunstanville, Kent, England d.1_Jul_1175, Chertsey, Surrey, England

Fitz_Roy, Richard [11727] natural son of King John, England d.6_Aug_1270

Fitz_Simon, Margaret [35172] wife of William de_Skipwith

FitzSwayn, Adam [22045]

Fitz_Thomas, Maud [11784] d. after 1329 wife of John de Botetourte

Fitz_Thomas, Maurice [139206] 1st baron of Kerry and Lixnaw d. after 14_Apr_1305, Molahiffe, County Kerry, Ireland

Fitz_Thomas, Nesta [139216]

Fitz_Uchtred, Dolfin [5478] lord of Raby

FitzUlf, Essulf [103618] b.1080 d.1159

FitzUlf, Richard [103617]

FitzWalter, Hubert [18073]

FitzWalter, Maud [86975] wife of Richard FitzPons

FitzWalter, Theobald [18072]

Fitz_Walter, Alan [7117] 2nd lord high steward of Scotland d.1204, Paisley

Fitz_Walter, Alice [2916] wife of Gilbert Pecche

Fitz_Walter, Avelina [18222] wife of Duncan of_Carrick

Fitz_Walter, Ela [2913] wife of William de Odingsells

Fitz_Walter, Miles [86974] of Gloucester constable of Hereford earl of Hereford d.24_Dec_1143

Fitz_Walter, Robert [2915] of Woodham Walter, Essex, England d.1235

Fitz_Walter, Sir Robert [2912] [2912] 1st lord Fitz Walter b.1247 d.1326

Fitzwarin, Alianore [15545] m. before 26_Aug_1390 wife of John Chideock 1_Dec_1433

FitzWarin, Ameline [7828] wife of Alan

FitzWarin, Hawise [148482] of Litcham, Norfolk, England wife of Robert Hoo

FitzWarine, Fulk II [29146] d.1219

FitzWarine, Fulk III [29145] d.1263

FitzWarine, Mabel [29144],Whittington, Shropshire wife of John 1st lord Tregoz

Fitz_Warine, Fulk [17092]

FitzWarren, Fulk [29155]

FitzWilliam, Emma [16931] m.1075, Exning, Cambridgeshire, England wife of Ralph of_Norfolk

FitzWilliam, Janet [103601] wife of Nicholas de_Baildon

Fitzwilliam, Joan [81224] of Ashington, Somersetshire, England m. before 1213 wife of Henry De Furnellis

Fitzwilliam, Reginald [81223] of Ashington, Somerset, England b.1180 d. before 1213 Ashington Manor, Somerset, England

Fitz-William, ________ [81225] [81225] of Ashington, Somerset, England wife of Nicholas Avenel d. before 1250

Fitz-William, ________ [81226] [81226] of Ashington, Somerset, England wife of James Gerard d. before 1250

Fitz_William, Catherine [35150] [35150] of Woodworth wife of Sir John Skipwith

Fitz_William, Ellen [139219] wife of Maurice Fitz_Thomas

Fjolnarsson, Svegdi [2852] king of Sweden, Uppsala, Sweden

Fjose, Liv Olsdr [119865] b.1794, Numedal region, Norway m. Norway wife of Ole Olsen d.1875, Norway

Flack, Julia May [180787] b.7_Mar_1919, Grave Co. KY wife of Waco Arant d.17_Feb_1998, McCracken Co. KY

Flack, Martha Lee [180785] b.2_Sep_1915 d.17_Sep_1980, Globe AZ

Flack, Virginia [180786]

Flagg, Allen [18376] b.16_May_1665, Watertown MA d.11_Nov_1711, Watertown MA

Flagg, Bartholomew [18367] b.23_Feb_1644/45, Watertown MA d.18_Dec_1675, Watertown, MA

Flagg, Benjamin [18375] b.25_Jun_1662, Watertown MA d.3_May_1741, Worcester MA

Flagg, Cettie Moore [6979] d.18_Mar_1863 wife of Abraham Evan Gwynne

Flagg, Eleazer [18371] b.14_May_1653, Watertown MA d.21_May_1722, Watertown MA

Flagg, Elizabeth [18372] b.22_Mar_1654/55, Watertown MA m.20_Oct_1676, Watertown MA wife of Joshua Bigelow d.9_Aug_1729, Watertown MA

Flagg, Ernest [48855] b.6_Feb_1857

Flagg, Gershom [18365] b.16_Apr_1641, Watertown MA d.6_Jul_1690, Lee NH

Flagg, Hannah [86127] b.1_Oct_1716 m.3_Oct_1733 wife of Nathaniel Reed

Flagg, John [18366] b.14_Jun_1643, Watertown MA d.6_Feb_1696/97, Watertown MA

Flagg, Mary [18373] b.14_Jun_1657, Watertown MA m.30_Jun_1674, Watertown MA wife of Samuel Bigelow d.17_Sep_1720, Watertown MA

Flagg, Mary [5826] b.1759 wife of Ebenezer Greenough d.1842

Flagg, Michael [18370] b.23_Mar_1650/51, Watertown MA d.16_Oct_1711, Watertown MA

Flagg, Rebecca [18374] b.5_Sep_1660, Watertown MA m.19_Nov_1679, Watertown MA wife of Stephen Cook d.20_Jun_1721, Watertown MA

Flagg,, Rev. Jared Bradley [48854] [48854] b.16_Jun_1820 d.25_Sep_1899, New York NY

Flagg, Rita [102568]

Flagg, Thomas [18368] b.28_Apr_1646, Watertown MA d.1719, Watertown MA

Flagg, Velma [102567]

Flagg, William [18369] b.1648, Watertown MA d.21_Aug_1675, Lancaster MA

Flaherty, Douglas [134534]

Flaherty, Lindsey [134536]

Flaherty, Living [134538]

Flaherty, Reagan [134535]

Flaitel, Basilie [16972] of Evereux Normandy wife of Hugh III de_Gournay d.16_Jan_1099

Flaitel, Basilie [22609] of Evereux Normandy wife of Hugh III de_Gournay d.15_Jan_1099

Flaitel, Emmengard [16971] wife of Walter Giffard

Flameus, Dirk [81905] count in Velue d.1082

Flanagin, Elizabeth S. [9883] m.31_Jan_1854 wife of William Dare

Flanary, Martha [20756] (Patsy) b.30_Dec_1779 wife of Edward Pennington d.25_Dec_1852

of_Flanders, ________ [138838] [138838] natural daughter of Henri of_Flanders m.1208, Constantinople wife of Alexii Slaw

of_Flanders, Adele [12550] wife of Canute IV, king of_Denmark wife of Roger Borsa, duke of_Apulia d.1115

of_Flanders, Arnold I [12536] (the Old) count of Flanders and Artois d.27_Mar_964

of_Flanders, Baldwin [138295] b.1080 d.1080

of_Flanders, Baldwin III [12531] [12531] count of Flanders, Flanders d.1_Nov_962

of_Flanders, Baldwin IX (Baldwin VI of_Hainaut) [12510] count of Flanders and Hainaut, 1195-1205 emperor of Constantinople b.1171, Valenciennes d.11_Jun_1205, Bulgaria

of_Flanders, Baldwin VII [12584] [12584] count of Flanders, 1111-1119 d.1119

of_Flanders, Charles [12657] (the Good) count of_Flanders b. before 1084 d.1127

of_Flanders, Egbert [12535], Flanders d.10_Jul_953

of_Flanders, Elstrude [12533], Flanders, Guisness, France wife of Sigefred the Dane, 1st count of Guines

of_Flanders, Ermengarde [12525] [12525], Flanders, Gand, East Vlaanderen, Belgium wife of Adalbert of Holland

of_Flanders, Eustach [138802] regent of Thessaloniki, 1210-1216 d, after 1217

of_Flanders, Gerturde [12549] b.1086 wife of Thierry II, duke of Lorraine and Alsace d.23_Jan_1115

of_FlanderS, Godfrey [138804]

of_Flanders, Henri [138801] emperor of Constantinople, 1206-1216 d.11_Jul_1216, murdered

of_Flanders, Hildegarde [12532] [12532] b.937, Gand, Flanders wife of Waleran of Vexin wife of Thierri II d.981

of_Flanders, Ida [85543] countess of Boulogne wife of Henry II, king of England

of_Flanders, Ingelram [12540] Governor of Flanders d.824

of_Flanders, Jeanne [2524] countess of Flanders and Hainaut, 1205-1224 b.1188 m.1_Jan_1212 wife of Fernando of Portugal m.2_Apr_1237 wife of Thomas II of Savoy d.5_Dec_1244, Marquette

of_Flanders, Joan [11148] wife of John de Montfort

of_Flanders, Judith [12545] b.1033 wife of Tostig of England wife of Welf IV, duke of Bavaria d.5_Mar_1094

of_Flanders, Luitgard [12534], Flanders m.950, Gand, Flanders wive of Wickmann II d.29_Sep_964

of_Flanders, Margaret [5749] m.1282 wife of Alexander of Scotland d.1330

of_Flanders, Margaret II [12509] [12509] countess of Flanders and Hainaut, 1224-1278 b.2_Jun_1202, Valenciennes m. before 23_Jul_1212 wife of Bouchard d'Avenes divorced ca.1221 m.1223 wife of Guillaume II de_Dampierre d.1

of_Flanders, Matilda [12523] b.1032 m.1053 wife of William the Conqueror, king of England d.3_Nov_1083, Caen, France

of_Flanders, Maud [85542] m.1179 wife of Henry I, duke of Brabant d.1240

of_Flanders, Odoacer [12539] (Audacer) Governor of Flanders

of_Flanders, Ogiva [12553] Abbess of_Messines d.1127

of_Flanders, Robert II [12551] [12551] count of Flanders, 1087-1111 d.1111

Flanders, Sarah [65328] b.1629 m.17_Jul_1659 wife of John Newhall

of_Flanders, Sibylle [138803] b.1179 m.1196-1198 wife of Guichard IV de_Beaujeu d.9_Jan_1217

of_Flanders, William [138296] b.1094 d.1109

of_Flanders, Winilda [12548] b.865, Flanders m.877 wife of Wilfred I, the Hairy

of_Flanders, Yolanda [12512] margrave of Namur, 1212-1217 empress of Constantinople, 1217-1219 m.1_Jul_1193, Soissons wife of Pierre de Courtenay d.Aug_1219, Constantinople

Flannery, Brenda [82427]

Flannery, Carolyn [182101] b.1939 d.1940, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

Flannery, Catherine [82425] b.29_Jul_1942

Flannery, Danny [82426]

Flannigan, ________ [171138]

Flare, Jessica [207272]

Flare, Joshua [207271]

Flatz, Living [170917]

Flatz, Living Jr. [170916]

(Flav), Flavius Josephus Hoge [200375] (Flav) [200375] b.5_Jul_1859, Bledsoe Co. TN d.13_Dec_1935, Chattanooga TN

de_la_Fleche, Jean I [85053] seigneur de la Fleche

Fleck, Abbie [191281] b. 2 DEC 1893

Fleck, Florence [191279] b. 11 JUN 1889

Fleck, Van Dalton [191280] b. 1 APR 1891

Fleete, ________ [8064] wife of ________ Brent

Fleete, Alexander [8045] b.23_Apr_1798, King and Queen Co. VA

Fleete, Alexander Frederick [7997] [7997] b.6_Jun_1843

Fleete, Anne [8068] wife of Leonard Howson

Fleete, Baylor [8092]

Fleete, Belle [8036]

Fleete, Benjamin [8046] b.25_Jan_1818 d.8_Mar_1865

Fleete, Charles Preston [8040] [8040]

Fleete, Dorothea Ann [8044] wife of Richard Bagby

Fleete, Edwin [8091]

Fleete, Elizabeth [8065] wife of ________ Currell

Fleete, Elizabeth [8094]

Fleete, Henry [7994]

Fleete, Henry [8060] d. after 1717

Fleete, Henry [8063] d. after 1734, unmarried

Fleete, Henry Wyatt [8038]

Fleete, John [8084] b.12_Aug_1724

Fleete, John [8090]

Fleete, John Seddon [8037]

Fleete, Judith [8066] wife of William Hobson

Fleete, Mary [8035]

Fleete, Mary [8067] wife of Presley Cox

Fleete, Mary Ann [8093]

Fleete, Mary Anne [8083] wife of ________ Tebbs

Fleete, Reginald Scott [8041]

Fleete, William [8043] b.18_Dec_1757 d.11_Apr_1833

Fleete, William [8069]

Fleete, William [8085] b.19_Oct_1726

Fleete, William Alexander [8039] [8039]

hogg,Fleetwood [149455]

Flegg, Isabelle [4473] b. England m.1242, England wife of Robert de_Maltby d. England

Fleming, Agnes [7721] wife of William, 6th lord Livingston

Fleming, Anne Milderd [201198] [201198] b.26_May_1855, Gloucester Co. VA m.4_Sep_1877 wife of Charles T. Moore d.18_Oct_1942

Fleming, Ann Malvinia [201195] [201195] b.20_Feb_1849, Princes Ann Co. VA d.11_Dec_1852

le_Fleming, Anselm [37942] of Furness

Fleming, Captain Alexander [191959] [191959] b. 1612 d. 1668

Fleming, Carl Arden [51915] b.25_Oct_1945

Fleming, Cecily [36674] wife of Robert de_Waterton

Fleming, Charles Ballentine [201197] [201197] farm labor, Gloucester Co. VA, 1880 b.12_Feb_1852, Gloucester Co. VA

Fleming, Charles Spottswood [144643] [144643] b.19_Sep_1871

Fleming, Christopher Columbus [201255] [201255] b.21_Oct_1860, Virginia d.2_Feb+1862, Virginia

Fleming, Della Gertrude [197524] [197524] b.4_Jul_1889, Gloucester Co. VA m.1906 wife of J. J. Walker m.18_Mar_1908, New Bern NC wife of Frank L. Cartwright d.18_Oct_1958, Norfolk VA

Fleming, Donald Churchill [50065] [50065] b.27_Aug_1915, Chadron NE

le_Fleming, Eleanor [37938] (Alicia) lady of Aldingham wife of Sir Richard Cansfield

le_Fleming, Eleanor [37946] wife of Ralph d'Eyncourt

Fleming, Elizabeth Lucille [198545] [198545] b.18_Nov_1913, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Fred Oliver

Fleming, Ethel Hope [198539] b.30_Jan_1894, Gloucester Co. VA m.26_Mar_1913, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Logan G. Gregg

Fleming, George Frank [198540] [198540] b.22_Oct_1903, Gloucester Co. VA

Fleming, George Frank Jr. [198551] [198551]

Fleming, George Washington [201194] [201194] b.20_Jun_1847, Princes Ann Co. VA

Fleming, George William [198535] [198535] b.5_Dec_1888, Gloucester Co. VA

Fleming, Georgie L. [198536] b.26_Jul_1889, Gloucester Co. VA d.24_Oct_1889, Gloucester Co. VA

Fleming, Henry Corbin [144639] [144639] b.11_Nov_1860 d.6_May_1931

Fleming, Ida Madora [201203] dress maker, Tanners Creek, Norfolk Co. VA, 1910 b.21_Sep_1875, Gloucester Co. VA m.1901 wife of Samuel Taylor m.1921 wife of Eugene Riley d.14_Aug_1950, Norfolk VA

Fleming, Inza May [95316] b.15_Dec_1910 wife of Capt. Henry Day

Fleming, Ira Guy [95319] b.4_Aug_1932

Fleming, James [7716] 4th lord Fleming d.1558

Fleming, James C. [198532] b.1863, Gloucester Co. VA

Fleming, James Henry [201192] farm labor, Gloucester Co. VA, 1870 b.8_Apr_1844, Gloucester Co. VA d. Baltimore MD

Fleming, James O. [198534] b.14_Jul_1884, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Sep_1964, Gloucester Co. VA bu. Beech Grove Cemetery, Coke, VA

Fleming, Joanna [7720] wife of John Livingston

Fleming, John [7717] 5th lord Fleming

Fleming, John W. [201193] b.19_Jul_1845, Princes Ann Co. VA d.21_Aug_1864, Elmira NY

Fleming, Jonet [44367], Pen-llin Ogmore, Glamorgan, Wales wife of Sir Mathew ap_Ieuan

Fleming, Joseph Columbus [184175] [184175] sailor, Gloucester Co. VA, 1860 farmer Gloucester Co. VA, 1870-1880 street railroad worker, Tanners Creek, Norfolk Co. VA, 1900 b.24_Jul_1843, Prince William Co. VA d.15_Jan_1902

Fleming, Josephine Thomas [201205] [201205] b.5_May_1882, Gloucester Co. VA m.21_Feb_1901, Norfolk VA wife of Charles L. Jordan m.18_Dec_1937, New Haven CT wife of Francis P. Cowell d.1_Feb_1948, West Haven CT bu. Hamden

Fleming, Karen Rose [51914] b.20_Apr_1938 m.16_Jun_1956 wife of Wayne Erwin Kanzig

Fleming, Lucy Olivia [201199] b.15_Nov_1859, Gloucester Co. VA d.16_Aug_1937, Gloucester Co. VA

Fleming, Lucy Pearl [201206] b.18_Apr_1884, Gloucester Co. VA wife of ________ Moore wife of Frederickson Smith m.10_Oct_1918, Norfolk VA wife of Harry O. Durrua d.25_Mar_1962, Norfolk VA

Fleming, Margaret [50067] b.12_Feb_1918, Chadron NE wife of Paul Harvey

Fleming, Margaret [7718] wife of 4th earl of Atholl

Fleming, Marie [50207]

Fleming, Marvin F. [198537] b.27_Jan_1891, Gloucester Co. VA d.22_Feb_1891, Gloucester Co. VA

Fleming, Mary [142963] wife of Warner Lewis

Fleming, Mary [7719] wife of Maitland of Lethington

Fleming, Mary Maude [184177] b.2_Jun_1876, Gloucester Co. VA m.5_Apr_1898, Norfolk Co. VA wife of George W. Hogg d.26_Sep_1904, Urbanna, Middlesex Co. VA

Fleming, Orlando Fairfax [144640] [144640] b.9_Dec_1861 d.1_May_1934

Fleming, Pet [198538] b.21_Apr_1892, Gloucester Co. VA d.16_Jul_1892, Gloucester Co. VA

Fleming, Ralph [95315] b.4_Mar_1909

Fleming, Ralph [95320]

Fleming, Richard [50066] b.9_Mar_1923, Chadron NE d.29_Dec_1975

Fleming, Richard Jr. [50206]

Fleming, Rosetta Belle [201201] [201201] b.Oct_1870, Gloucester Co. VA m.7_Jul_1892 wife of James H. Ambrose d.1951

Fleming, Samuel Sheild [144644] [144644] b.6_Oct_1873 d.27_Oct_1943

Fleming, Sharon L. [50203] wife of ________ Roberts

le_Fleming, Sir Michael III [37940] [37940] b.1197

Fleming, Susan [142964] wife of Addison Lewis

Fleming, Susan [50205] wife of ________ Hartman

Fleming, Tarlton Beverly [144642] [144642] b.3_Oct_1866

Fleming, Thomas H. [198533] b.26_Oct_1882, Gloucester Co. VA d.30_Sep_1945, Newport News VA

Fleming, Thomas Marin [144641] [144641] b.2_Sep_1862 d.10_Sep_1863

Fleming, Thomas Olin [198542] b.19_Jul_1916

Fleming, Ursula [190607] b. 1659 d. ABT. 1700 m. ABT. 1680 wife of George Keeling

Fleming, Virginia Frances [201196] [201196] b.15_May_1851, Gloucester Co. VA m.24_Dec_1874 wife of Geotge W. Moore d.15_Feb_1915

Fleming, William [198543] b.16_Jan_1918

le_Fleming, William [37939] of Aldingham

le_Fleming, William [37941] of Aldingham d.1203

Fleming, William Randolph Jr. [144638] [144638] b.4_Mar_1859 d.8_May_1898

Flemming, Sarah [107882] wife of John Barnard

Flennen, Richard [223514] b.14_Mar_1898, Minnesota

Flenner, Joseph Lee [223513] b.28_Mar_1896, Minnesota d.23_Dec_1948, Ramsey Co. MN

Flenner, Marcus George [223515] [223515] b.19_Nov_1901, Moorhead, Clay Co. MN d.9_Dec_1992, Holt, Ingham Co. MI

Flenner, William Frances [223512] [223512] b.11_Nov_1894

Fletcher, Abigail [116646] b.13_Jun_1652, Milford CT wife of Roger Newton

Fletcher, Ada R. [62894] b.31_Oct_1851

Fletcher, Amory [214679]

Fletcher, Aubrey Bowden [143644] [143644] b.15_Oct_1893 m.28_Dec_1919 wife of Sim J. Smith

Fletcher, Benjamin Gailbreth [164162] [164162] b.13_May_1859, Bentonville AR d.28_Dec_1920, Flint District, OK

Fletcher, Bernard [214678]

Fletcher, Bruce [145824] b.20_Jan_1946

Fletcher, Callie [164166] b.18_Apr_1871, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK d.13_Jan_1950, Gypsum CO

Fletcher, Charles H. [62893] b.24_Jan_1848

Fletcher, Christine [214677]

Fletcher,, Deacon John [79207] of Streedon, Rutlandshire, England b.1606 d.18_Apr_1663, Milford CT

Fletcher, Dianne M. [145823] b.6_Apr_1941

Fletcher,, Dr. Alpheus [63775] b.2_Feb_1731/32, Sudbury MA d.12_Jun_1766, Rutland MA

Fletcher, Eleazer [43968] b.19_Apr_1704 d.1768, Grafton MA

Fletcher, Elisabeth [164163] b.20_Nov_1863, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK d.5_Feb_1891, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK

Fletcher, Elizabeth [116644] b.1645, Milford CT m.12_Dec_1665, Milford CT wife of Elnathan Botsford d.1766, Milford CT

Fletcher, Ella [164169] b.1878, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK

Fletcher, Francis [43984] b.1636, Concord MA

Fletcher, Frederic V. [62892] b.14_Feb_1844

Fletcher, Hannah [116643] b.1643, Milford CT m.12_Dec_1665, Guilford CT wife of John Chittenden

Fletcher, James [164168] b.1876, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK

Fletcher, John [164165] b.1870, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK d.1929

Fletcher, Lucy [63776] m.9_Sep_1755 wife of Capt. John Stone d.31_Jan_1824

Fletcher, Luke [43981] d.21_May_1665

Fletcher, Mary [116641], Roxbury, Suffolk, England m.18_Nov_1655, Milford CT wife of Thomas Stevens d.24_Oct_1983, Guilford CT

Fletcher, Mary [116647]

Fletcher, Mary [54520] wife of Moses Rowley Jr. d. before 1714

Fletcher, Mary Rebecca [164167] [164167] b.1873, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK d.1960

Fletcher, Patricia [215603]

Fletcher, Rebecca [116642] b.1636, Milford CT m.10_Oct_1653, Hartford CT wife of Andrew Warner d.25_Jan_1714/15

Fletcher, Rebecca [116648]

Fletcher, Rebecca [14706] wife of Andrew Warner

Fletcher, Robert Neopleon [164170] [164170] "Bud" b.1880, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK

Fletcher, Ruth [19746]

Fletcher, Sally [164164] b.1866, Flint District, (Indian Terrority) OK d.1885

Fletcher, Samuel [116645] b.1649, Milford CT d.1650-1660, Wethersfield CI

Fletcher, Samuel [43969]

Fletcher, Samuel [43983] b. England

Fletcher, Sarah [79206] b.31_Oct_1641, Wethersfield CT m.20_Apr_1663, Milford CT wife of Capt. John Stanley d.15_May_1713, Farmington CT

Fletcher, Stanley [19745]

Fletcher, William [43982] b.1622, England

Flewelling, John H. [221525] b.1914, Dowaglac, Cass Co. MI d.2009, Naples FL

Flewelling, Lyle H. [221524] b.Nov_1868, Michigan

Flickinger, Lula Dell [135889] [135889] b.1875, Byhalia OH m.31_Mar_1895, Marion Co. OH wife of James E. Robinson d. after 1920

Fling, Susan [93206] b.1783 wife of Major Asa Wyman d.18_May_1833

de_Flinsbach, Hedwig [101143] d. after 1100 wife of Engelbert I

Flint, Abel [40440] b.22_Jun_1758, Lincoln, MA d.17_Jan_1789, Lincoln, MA

Flint, Abigail [40441] b.30_Mar_1763, Lincoln, MA

Flint, Alice M. [186097] b. Oakland CA

Flint, Augusta Miller [40669] b.15_Sep_1835, Lincoln, MA d.18_Sep_1837, Lincoln, MA

Flint,, Capt. John [15944]

Flint, Caroline Bemis [40663] b.28_Apr_1823, Lincoln, MA m.24_May_1848, Lincoln, MA wife of Nathan Mosman

Flint, Ebenezer [15942] b.16_Dec_1689

Flint, Edna Sylvesta [39737] b.27_Oct_1898, St. Lawrence, S m.29_Apr_1923, St. Lawrence, S wife of Robert Lyle Meuret d.1_Dec_1930, Lemmon, SD

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