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Adam (and Eve) of Genesis

Noah of Genesis

Abraham of Genesis

King David of Bethleham, b.1085BC, d.972BC

Julius Caesar, Roman general and statesman, d.44BC, Rome

Mark Antony, b.83BC d.30BC

Cleopatra, b.69BC, d.30BC

Joseph of_Aremathea


Constantine the Great, emperor of Rome in the east, b.265, d.336

Clovis the Great, king of Franks, 481-511, b.466, d.511

Arthur Pendragon, king of Camelot b.501 d.21_May_542

Charlemagne, king of France, 768-814, emperor of Rome, 800-814, b.747, d.814

Lady Godiva of Mercia

Alfred the Great, king of England, 871-901, b.849, d.901

Brian Boru, king of Munster, 976-1002, king of Ireland, 1002-1014

William the Conqueror, king of England, 1066-1087, b.1027, d.1087

Richard I the Lion Hearted, king of England, 1189-1199, b.1157, d.1199

Robert I the Bruce, king of Scots, 1306-1329, b.1274, d.1329

John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, b.1340, d.1399,

Ferdinand II (the Catholic), king of Aragon, 1479-1516, b.1452, d.1516

Isabella I (the Catholic), queen of Castile and Leon, 1474-1504, b.1451, d.1504

Henry VIII, king of England, 1509-1547, b.1491, d.1547

Elizabeth I, queen of England, 1558-1603

Pocahantas, Matoka b.1595, Gloucester VA, Jamestown, VA wife of John Rolfe d.21_Mar_1616/17, Gravesend, England

Mary Stuart, queen of Scots, 1542-1567, b.1542, d.1587

Peter I (Peter the Great) emperor of Russia, 1682-1725

George Washington, 1st President of USA b.1732, d.1799

Patrick Henry b.1736 d.1799

Benedict Arnold, the traitor b.3_Jan_1740 d.14_Jun_1801, England

Napoleon Bonaparte, b.1769 d.5_May_1821, Saint Helena

Gen. Robert Edward Lee, b.1807, d.1870

Jefferson Davis, President of the CSA b.1808, KY d.1889

Gen. William T. Sherman, b.1820, d.1891

Ulyses S. Grant, 18th US President, b.1822, d.1885

Victoria, queen of England, 1837-1901, b.1819, d.1901

Sir Winston Churchill, prime minister of England, b.1874, d.1965

John Clayton "Tarzan" 8th earl of Greystoke

Gen. George S. Patton, b.1885, CA d.1945, Germany

Lady Diana Spencer, b.1961, d.1997

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