Hogg DNA Project

Click here to go straight to the DNA results. Click here for information on how to join the project. Click here for information on financial aid.

Important News: The project was conceived as a Y-DNA project and run for years in that context. However, recent progress made in bringing autosomal DNA to a point of being a significant tool for the understand of family connections gives us cause to broaden out perspective and recognize autosomal DNA as an equal component of the project. We welcome participants who do not have the ability to contribute Y-DNA, but can provide autosomal DNA.

Active participants in this project (no looky lews, please) are encouraged to join the "Hogg DNA Project" common interest group on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook at http://www.facebook.com; then enter "Hogg DNA Project" in the Facebook search window (not the browser search window).

The Hogg DNA project is managed by Dwight Hogge. To email me click here.