Hogg DNA Project - A List of Hogg Lines

As part of this project, we have assembled a list of all Hogg lines that we have identified. We are always seeking to add to our list as we discover additional Hogg lines. Our list is now and will probably always be incomplete. Our list so far follows.

Note the following new addition to the project: This is a surname project with primary interest in the use of Y-DNA to establish Hogg lines. However, recent success using autosomal DNA inspries us to include references to project members with autosomal DNA. In the following list of family lines, the female connections supported by autosomal DNA are color-coded in green.

Hoggs with ancestry before 1900, mostly in the USA, but some still in the UK and elsewhere.

line EN1535: descendants of Peter Hogg b.ca.1535, Glucestershire, England -- The descendants of Rev. Peter Hogg lived in Gloucestershire for many genertions
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Peter Hogg rector of Harescombe and Pitchcombe, 1576 b.ca.1535, Gloucestershire, England
     2 Rev. Peter Hogg b.ca.1576, Gloucestershire, England
       3 Rev. Peter Hogg b.ca.1600, Pichdombe, Gloucestershire, England
         4 Daniel Hogg b.ca.1624, Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire, England d.22_Oct_1712, Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire, England
           5 John Hogg b.ca.1664, Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire, England
             6 John Hogg b.ca.1688, Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire, England
               7 Peter Hogg b.ca.1715, Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire, England d.1773, Pitchcombe, Gloucestershire, England
                 8 Samuel Hogg ba.15_May_1779, Harescombe, Gloucestershire, England
                   9 Samuel Hogg b.ca.1790, Painswick, Gloucestershire, England
                    10 Thomas Hogg b.1810, Haresfield, Gloucestershire, England d.1883, Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England
                      11 Charles Hogg b.1836, Stockend, Haresfield, Gloucestershire, England d.Mar_1910, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
                        12 Edgar Frank Hogg b.6_Feb_1880, Hanvair, Kilgeddin, Gwent, Monmouthshire, Wales d.16_Dec_1952, South Africa
                          13 Lionel Francis Hogg b.4_Jul_1908, Sterkstroom, South Africa d.18_Jul_2000, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
                            14 Living Hogg b.21_Oct_1940, Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa
                              15 DNA Project ID EN1810a: desc of Thomas Hogg, b.1810, Gloucs, England

line SL1550: descendants of Thomas Hog of Harcarse and Bogend, Scotland, b.ca.1550 -- Thomas Hog was the Progenitor of the Hogs of Hardarse and Bogend

line SL1568: descendants of John Hogg b.ca.1568, Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland -- Hogg family of Fifeshire, Scotland

line SL1580: descendants of John Hoge b.ca.1580, Musselburgh, Berwickshire, Scotland -- John Hoge was the ancestor of William Hoge, b.1660, Musselburgh, Berwickshire, Scotland, who migrated to America in 1682 on the ship Caldonia, ariving in Perth Amboy NJ, marring to Barbara Hume, d.1745, in Frederick Co. VA. We refer to the descendants of William and Barbara by the code NJ1682.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 John Hoge b.ca.1575, Musselburgh Scotland, d. aft 1613
     2 George Hoge b.1606, Musselburgh Scotland, d.ca.1638, Bermersyde House, Scotland
       3 James Hoge, b.ca.1638, Musselburgh Scotland, d.1682
         4 William Hoge b.1660, Musselburgh Scotland, d.1745, Frederick Co. VA
         . 5 Mary Hoge wife of Mark Hardin wife of Noal Tomson
         . . 6 Maj. John Hardin b.1710, Northumberland Co. VA, d,13_Oct_1789, Nelson Co. KY
         . . . 7 Polly Hardin b.1731, Fayette Co. PA, d.1805, Mason Co. KY, wife of Owen Thomas
         . . . . 8 Henry Thomas b.17_Feb_1758, Sumner Co. TN, d.4_Sep_1837, Caldwell Co. MO
         . . . .   9 Polly Thomas, wife of John McCartney
         . . . ,    10 Mary Mulkey McCartney b.1827, Sumner Co. TN, d.1912, Kansas, wife of Solomon Combs 
         . . . .      11 Thomas Orville Combs b.17_Mar_1868, Franklin Co. IL, d.1957, Eureka, KS
         . . . .        12 Mary Ellen Combs b.5_Jan_1908, Severy KS, d.7_May_2005, Eureka KS, wife of Roy C. Olson
         . . . .          13 Living Olson, wife of Thomas G. Spires
         . . . .            14 DNA Project ID ATA0168 (autosomal DNA)
         . . . 7 John Hardin b.2_Jun_1733, Prince William Co. VA, d.13_May_1803, Fayette Co. PA
         . . . . 8 John Hardin b.8_Mar_1752, Frederick Co. VA, d.27_Mar_1818, Washington Co. KY
         . . . .   9 Hannah Hardin b.19_May_1783, Washington Co. KY, d.28_Aug_1815, Crawford Co. IN, m.27_Jul_1802, Washington Co. KY, wife of Charles Springer
         . . . .    10 Lewis Harding Springer b.18_Sep_1807, Washington Co. KY, d.9_Jan_1884, Sullivan Co. MO
         . . . .      11 Elizabeth Comfort Springer b.15_Jan_1842, McDonough Co. IL, d.15_Sep_1919, Alfafa Co. OK, m.27_Sep_1866, Sullivan Co. MO, wife of John Jones
         . . . .        12 Carl Farley Jones b.4_Dec_1878, Sullivan Co. MO, d.22_Jul_1948, Alfafa Co. OK
         . . . .          13 Anna Catherine Jones b.21_Jan_1919, Alfafa Co. OK, d.27_Feb_1991, Alfafa Co. OK, wife of Glenn R. Sumrall
         . . . .            14 Timothy L. Sumrall b.5_May_1942, Beaver Co. OK, d.21_Jul_2015 DNA Project ID ATA0303 (autosomal DNA)
         . . . 7 Jesse Hardin b.1751, Prince William Co. VA, d.1789, Cumberland Co. NC
         . . . . 8 Mary Hardin b.15_Oct_1775, Nelson Co. KY, d.17_Sep_1839, Breckinridge Co. KY, wife of Benjamin Huff
         . . . .   9 Elizabeth Huff b.21_Mar_1799, Kentucky, 20_May_1883, Monroe Co. IN, wife of Joseph W. Polley
         . . . .    10 John A. Polley b.14_Sep_1823, Kentucky, d.19_Sep_1895, Monroe Co. IN
         . . . .      11 Elizabeth Jane Polley b.17_Dec_1851, Monroe Co. IN, d.17_Jun_1928, Monroe Co. IN, wife of William T. Skirvin
         . . . .        12 William Edgar Skirvin b.13_Sep_1880, Monroe Co. IN, d.10_Mar_1977, Monroe Co. IN
         . . . .          13 Mary E. Skirvin b.25_Apr_1918, Monroe Co. IN, d.7_May_2012, Monroe Co. IN, wife of Floyd Jeffers
         . . . .           14 DNA Project ID ATA0205 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .   8 Mary Catherine Thomas b.1786, North Carolina, d.1852, De Kalb Co. TN, wife of Ephraim Garrison
         . . .     9 William Garrison b.1810, Smith Co. TN, d.16_Mar_1870, Denton Co. TX
         . . .      10 James Hardin Garrison b.9_Dec_1859, Jefferson Co. IL, d.22_Aug_1942, Denton Co. TX
         . . .        11 Angus M. Garrison b.23_Dec_1881, Denton Co. TX, d.24_Dec_1969, Medford OR
         . . .          12 Herman Dennis Garrison b.1_Jan_1921, Denton Co. TX, d.29_Nov_1993, Jackson Co. OR
         . . .            13 Living Garrison, wife of Living Henson
         . . .              14 DNA Project ID ATA0214 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 Nancy Ann Hardin b.1711, Northumberland Co. VA, d.18_Aug_1769, Prince William Co. VA, wife of Johann Heinrich Holtclaw
         . . . 7 Duanna Holtzclaw b.1742, Fauquier Co. VA, wife of Jarvis Cornwell
         . . .   8 Franky Cornwell b.1770, Fauquier Co. VA, d.1810, Mlhenberg Co. KY, wife of Samuel Grigsby Sr.
         . . .     9 Aaron Grigsby b.1793, Virginia, d.22_Oct_1800, Stephenson Co. IL
         . . .      10 Matilda Grigsby b.13_Sep_1818, Stephenson Co. IL, d.29_Sep_1875, Taney Co. MO, wife of James M. DeGraff
         . . .        11 Oscar DeGraff b.15_Mar_1846, Jo Davies Co. IL, d.15_Aug_1931, Joplin MO
         . . .          12 Edgar Harrison DeGraff b.23_May_1889, Jasper Co. MO, d.24_Jan_1961, Jasper Co. MO
         . . .            13 Elmer Harrison DeGraff b.2_May_1918, Galena KS, d.18_Feb_2009, Joplin MO
         . . .              14 DNA Project ID ATA0166 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 Martin Hardin b.1716, Northumberland Co. VA, d.20_Nov_1779, Greene Co. PA
         . . . 7 William Hardin b.11_Dec_1750, Grayson Co. VA, d.1803, Grayson CCo. VA
         . . . . 8 James N. Hardin b.1795, Grayson Co. VA, d.30_Dec_1885, Mercer Co. KY
         . . . .   9 Paulina Hardin b.1816, Kentucky, d.1880, Mercer Co. KY, wife of William H. Chasteen
         . . . .    10 Mary Jane Chasteen b.ca.1845, Kentucky, d. Kentucky, wife of William H. Williams
         . . . .      11 William Chasteen Williams b.30_Aug_1872, Kentucky, d.26_Jan_1933, Bollinger Co. MO
         . . . .        12 James Adolph Williams b.4_Nov_1905, Missouri, d.19_Aug_1971, Saint Louis MO
         . . . .          13 Living Williams, wife of Living Arnold
         . . . .            14 DNA Project ID ATA0215 (autosomal DNA)
         . . . 7 John Hardin b.1_Oct_1753, Elk Run, Fauquier Co. VA, d.2_May_1792, Hardin, Shelby Co. OH
         . . . . 8 Martin Davis Hardin b.21_Jun_1780, Westmorelan Co. VA, d.8_Oct_1823, Franklin Co. KY
         . . . .   9 William Glenn Harin b.12_Nov_1822, Hall Co. GA, d.1_Jun_1896, Calhoun Co. MS
         . . . .    10 John Elias Hardin b.Oct_1846, Mississippi, d.12_May_1916, Texas
         . . . .      11 Walter Lee Hardin b.9_Jun_1871, Reid, MS, d.17_Apr_1957, Hale Co. TX
         . . . .        12 Robert Doyle Hardin b.29_Aug_1902, Texarcana TX, d.4_Feb_1985, Texas
         . . . .          13 Melvin Dean Hardin b.25_Dec_1924, Hale Co. TX, d.7_Feb_1983, Cline's Corner NM
         . . . .            14 Donald Dean Hardin b.4_Feb_1947, Clovis NM, d.14_Aug_2015, Colorado, DNA Project ID ATA0169 (autosomal DNA)
         . . . 7 Rosannah Hardin b.9_Mar_1760, Fauquire Co. VA, d.Nov_1789, Knox Co. KY, m.1774, wife of John McMahan
         . . .   8 Rosannah Mary McMahon b.4_Oct_1789, Washington Co. KY, d.18_Apr_1847, Fort Sutter CA, m.16_Jan_1806, Washigton Co. KY, wife of Edward G. Pyle
         . . .     9 Sarah Riddle Pyle b.22_Jul_1808, Harrison Co. KY, d.25_Aug_1891, Emery Co. Utah, m.13_Jan_1824, Monroe Co. IN, wife of Jehu Cox
         . . .      10 Rachel Ann Cox b.17_Mar_1836, Scott Co. MO, d.15_Feb_1922, Sanpete Co. UT, m.1_Jan_1855, Salt Lake Co. UT, wife of Warren P. Brady
         . . .        11 Martha Ellen Brady b.29_Dec_1875, Sanpete Co. UT, d.15_Apr_1939, Bonneville Co. ID, m.22_Nov_1893, Utah Co. UT, wife of Lewis R. Bird
         . . .          12 Lewis Richard Bird b.3_Sep_1894, Utha Co. UT, d.23_Oct_1982, Bonneville Co. ID
         . . .            13 Living Bird, wife of Victor J. Geary
         . . .              14 DNA Project ID ATA0299 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 Mark Hardin b.1718, Northumberland Co. VA d.1790, Kettle Run, VA
         . . . 7 Benjamin Hardin b.1753, Franklin, Simpson Co. KY d.25_Sep_1832, Henry Co. KY
         . . .   8 Mark Hardin b.12_Dec_1802, Kentucky d.29_Sep_1877, Lockport, Henry Co. KY
         . . .     9 Nancy Hardin b.ca.1829, Kentucky wife of Zachariah Rose d.1880, Kentucy
         . . .     .10 Silas Rose b.1_Apr_1853, Henry Co. KY d.4_May_1927, Hopkins Co. KY
         . . .     .  11 John Silas Rose b.14_Apr_1888, Kentucky d.19_Dec_1954, Muhlenberg Co. KY
         . . .     .    12 Pauline Rose b.2_Apr_1919, Muhlenberg Co. KY wife of William T. Campbell d.14_May_1971, Madisonville KY
         . . .     .      13 Living Campbell wife of Living Davis
         . . .     .        14 DNA Project ID ATA0043 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     .          15 DNA Project ID ATA0044 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     9 Sarah Hardin b.1835, Henry Co. KY, d.27_Dec_1903, Madison Co. KY, wife of Aris Adams
         . . .      10 Martha Ann Adams b.6_Jul_1854, Henry Co. KY, d.28_Apr_1890, Henry Co. KY, wife of Isaac S. Adams
         . . .        11 Lucy Ann Adams b.30_Jun_1874, Henry Co. KY, d.27_Apr_1898, Henry Co. KY, wife of Lemuel W. Brooks
         . . .          12 Fronia Brooks b.10_Nov_1892, Henry Co. KY, d.15_Mar_1962, Jefferson Co. KY, wife of Arthur McDaniel
         . . .            13 Mattie McDaniel b.30_May_1918, Kentucky, d.18_Nov_2001, Oldham Co. KY, wife of Curtis L. Rayl
         . . .              14 DNA Project ID ATA0167 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 William Henry Hardin b.1720, Fauquier Co. VA, d.26_May_1797, Pittsylvania Co. VA
         . . . 7 Nancy Sarah Hardin b.1740, Pittsylvania Co. VA, d.1806, Virginia, wife of John H. Caldwell
         . . . . 8 David William Caldwell b.24_Jun_1769, Halifax Co. VA, d.1825, Upson Co. GA
         . . . .   9 Mathew Tanner Caldwell b.1794, Halifax Co. VA, d.1862, Cass Co. GA
         . . . .    10 David Satterwhite Caldwell b.27_Oct_1822, Jasper Co. GA, d.27_Nov_1893
         . . . .      11 Elijah C. Caldwell b.1857, Georgia, d.1884, Graham Co. TX
         . . . .        12 Frank Caldwell b.8_Apr_1882, Young Co. TX, d.1940, McLlain Co. OK
         . . . .          13 Harvey Caldwell b.3_Nov_1914, Durant OK, d.23_Aug_1983, Oklahoma City OK
         . . . .            14 DNA Project ID ATA0165 (autosomal DNA)
         . . . 7 William Everett Hardin b.25_Apr_1741, Pittsylvania Co. VA, d.4_Mar_1810, Franklin Co. GA
         . . .   8 Mark Hardin b.1764, Johnston Co. NC, d.1841, Noxubee Co. MS
         . . .   . 9 Sarah Hardin b.1803, Georgia, d.1860, Noxubee Co. MS, wife of Thomas L. Jernagin
         . . .   .  10 Elizabeth Ann Jernigin b.26_Apr_1828, North Carolina, d.1_Feb_1891, Smith Co. MS, m.1848, Mississippe, wife of Robert J. Blakeney
         . . .   .    11 Ellen Louise Blakeney b.9_Apr_1855, Smith Co. MS, d.16_Feb_1939, Smith Co. MS, m.1879, Smith Co. MS, wife of Alvin L. Stringer
         . . .   .      12 Iva Vennie Stringer b.9_Nov_1895, Smith Co MS, d.18_Dec_1969, Vicksburg MS, m.21_Oct_1914, Smith Co. MS, wife of John G. Robinson
         . . .   .        13 Helen Lethesa Robinson b.29_Dec_1919, Smith Co. MS, d.13_Mar_2010, Vicksburg MS, wife of Clyde Lee Sink
         . . .   .          14 DNA Project ID ATA0304 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .   8 Swan Hardin b.10_Mar_1773, Johnston Co. NC, d.27_Jul_1829, Liberty Co. TX
         . . .     9 Milton Ashley Hardin b.4_Nov_1813, Maruy Co. TN, d.1898, Johnson Co. TX
         . . .      10 Mary Jane Jerusha Hardin b.4_Nov_1837, Liberty Co. TX, d.11_Feb_1915, Galveston TX, m.1855, Liberty Co. TX, wife of Louis E. Edmonson
         . . .        11 Francis Marion Edmonson b.9_Mar_1860, Galveston TX, d.26_Dec_1921, Galveston TX
         . . .          12 Norman Leo Edmonson b.21_Aug_1900, Galveston TX, d.15_Jan_1985, Texas City TX
         . . .            13 Norman Webster Edmonson b.5_Jul_1829, Galveston TX, d.6_Mar_2015, Webster TX
         . . .              14 DNA Project ID ATA0300 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 Alice Hardin b.1730, Prince William Co. VA, d.17_Mar_1734, Fairfield SC, wife of Joseph Cloud
         . .   7 William Cloud b.17_Sep_1750, Anson Co. NC, d.8_Feb_1842, Carroll Co. VA
         . .     8 Mary "Polly" Cloud b.21_Feb_1796, Patrick Co. VA, d.23_Apr_1840, Franklin Co. TN, wife of James Russey
         . .       9 Iredlee Cloud Russey b.15_Jun_1812, Virginia, d.27_Sep_1894, Bowie Co. TX
         . .        10 Edward Williams Russey b.18_Oct_1854, Franklin Co. TN, d.5_May_1927, Beaumont TX
         . .          11 Claud Monroe Russey b.6_Apr_1885, Bowie Co. TX, d.21_Sep_1938, Bell Co. TX
         . .            12 Claud Monroe Russey Jr. b.20_Jan_1926, Baylor Co. TX, d.15_Feb_1995, Austin TX
         . .              13 Living Russey, wife of Living Stockton
         . .                14 DNA Project ID ATA0170 (autosomal DNA)
         . 5 Margaret Hoge b.ca.1690, PA, d.11_Feb_1751, Frederick Co. VA, wife of Dr. Robert White
         . . 6 Barbara White b.ca.1722, d.8_Jul_1778, Randolph Co. NC, wife of Isaac DeJulian
         . . . 7 Renee Julian b.29_Mar_1756, Frederick Co. VA, d.1840, Knoxville TN
         . . .   8 Barbara Julian b.2_Nov_1780, Randolph Co. NC, d.11_Dec_1870, Greene Co. MO, wife of John A. Murray
         . . .     9 Isaac John Murray b.1816, North Carolina
         . . .      10 Cirrella Murray b.12_Nov_1846, Missouri, d.1_Dec_1910, Greene Co. MO, wife of George W. Snider
         . . .        11 Nancy Ellen Snider b.12_Aug_1871, Greene Co. MO, d.14_Jun_1951, Greene Co. MO, wife of Lewis Richie
         . . .          12 Alma Richie b.14_Mar_1897, Missouri, d.31_Jul_1991, Greene Co. MO, wife of Samuel Appleby
         . . .            13 Sam Appleby b.26_Dec_1922, Missouri, d.10_Aug_1985, Missouri
         . . .              14 DNA Project ID ATA0212 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 Helena White b.3_Jul_1732, Chester Co. PA, d.11_Mar_1800, Franklin Co. VA, wife of Capt. Owen Rubel
         . .   7 Elizabeth Rubel b.1767, Henry Co. VA, d.12_Nov_1829, Askin, Ohio Co KY, wife of David Hall
         . .     8 Theodoshia Hall b.1808, Mercer Co. KY, d.1884, Kentucky, wife of Edward John Dehaven
         . .       9 Mary Ann Dehaven b.1842, Breckinridge Co. KY, d.1923, wife of John T. Johnson Sr.
         . .        10 Alphonso F. Johnson b.20_Dec_1879, Breckinridge Co. KY, d.Oct_1951, Pickens Co. AL
         . .          11 Hattie Johnson b.2_Aug_1915, Pine Tree AR, 28_Oct_1995, Little Rock AR, wife of Oscar E. Wade
         . .            12 DNA Project ID ATA0097 (autosomal DNA)
         . 5 Judge John Hoge b.1685-1699, Perth Amboy NJ d.11_Oct_1745, Lancaster Co. PA
         . . 6 Rev. John Hoge Jr. b.ca.1723, Chester Co. PA d.11_Feb_1807, Northumberland Co. PA
         . . . 7 Ebenezer Hoge b.19_Mar_1765 d. after 1850
         . . .   8 John Hoge b.1789, Pennsylvania d.Apr_1877
         . . .   . 9 Ebenezer Hoge b.1824, Lawrence Co. PA  d.1894, Venango Co. PA
         . . .   . .10 Chapman E Hogue b.1861, Venango Co. PA d.1915, Venango Co. PA
         . . .   . .  11 Kermit Jack Hogue b.1908, Venango Co. PA d.1989, Trumbull Co. OH
         . . .   . .    12 Living Hogue
         . . .   . .      13 DNA Project ID ATA0101 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .   . 9 John Hoge b.1828, Pennsylvania
         . . .   .  10 Wilson Joseph Hoge/Hogue b.16_Mar_1855, Pennsylvania d.31_Aug_1890, Washington Co. PA
         . . .   .    11 Charles Wesley Hogue b.15_Aug_1886, Little Washington PA d.31_Dec_1955, Bradford PA
         . . .   .      12 Leroy Gordon Hogue b.29_Oct_1929, McKean PA d.6_Jan_1997, Spencerport, Monroe Co. NY
         . . .   .        13 DNA Project ID NJ1682e: desc of William Hoge > Judge John Hoge
         . . .   8 Ebenezer S. Hoge\Hogue b.1819, Pennsylvania d.1910, Rock Co. WS
         . . .     9 Sarah Elizabeth Hogue b.15_Feb_1845, Cranbury, Venango Co. PA d.22_May_1921, Oil City, Venango Co. PA m.1863 wife of David L. Trax
         . . .      10 Harry B. Trax b.18_May_1865, Oil City, Venango Co. PA d.1949, Oil City, Venango Co. PA
         . . .        11 Paul O. Trax b.27_Oct_1902, Pennsylvania d.Oct_1978, Franklin, Venango Co. PA
         . . .          12 Paul Thomas Trax b.29_Jul_1926, Oil City, Venango Co. PA d.13_Sep_2006, Allentown PA
         . . .            13 DNA Project ID ATF0339 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 David Hoge b.1_Apr_1735, Cumberland Co. PA, d.5_Dec_1804, Cumberland Co. PA
         . . . 7 Jonathan Hoge b.1774, Cumberland Co. PA, d.14_Sep_1812, Monongalia Co. VA
         . . .   8 David M. Hoge b.21_May_1800, Pennsylvania, d.29_Oct_1865, Perry Co. IL
         . . .     9 Anna Daugherty Hoge b.28_Sep_1834, Virginia, d.11_Jan_1878, Perry Co. IL, m.11_Sep_1851, Perry Co. IL, wife of William M. Eaton
         . . .      10 Clara Matilda Eaton b.9_Mar_1864, Perry Co. IL, d.10_Nov_1923, Williamson Co. IL, m.14_Mar_1889, Franklin Co. IL, wife of Addison Price
         . . .        11 William Elmer Price Sr. b.2_Jun_1891, Illinois, d.Sep_1965, Miami FL
         . . .          12 Mildred Bernice Price b.22_Apr_1916, Williamson Co. IL, d.19_May_2008, Broward Co. FL, m.22_Apr_1943, Miami FL, wife of Robert Lee Warren
         . . .            13 DNA Project ID ATA0307 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 unknown missing link
         . .   7 unknown missing link
         . .     8 unknown missing link
         . .       9 John Hogue b.1812, Tennessee (shown to be a desc of Judge John Hoge by DNA)
         . .        10 James M Hogue b.10_Feb_1838, Alabama d.1912, Robertson Co. TX
         . ,          11 Sylvester Vestel Hogue b.3_May_1881, Cisco, Eastland Co. TX d.30_Sep_1944, Little Field, Lamb Co. TX
         . .            12 Joe Childress Hogue Sr. 24_Feb_1918, Limestone Co. TX d.6_Mar_2015
         . .              13 DNA Project ID TN1812a: desc of John Hogue, b.1812, Tennessee
         . 5 William Hoge Jr. b.1701, Perth Amboy NJ, d.13_Apr_1789, Loudon Co. VA
         . . 6 James Hoge b.6_Dec_1724, Chester Co. PA
         . . . 7 Jacob Hoge b.1755, d.1817
         . . .   8 Solomon Hogue b.ca.1778, Dallas, Paulding Co. GA
         . . .   . 9 Montgomery Hogue b.1820, Georgia
         . . .   .  10 Thomas Jefferson Hogue b.29_Sep_1855, Holly Springs, Dallas Co. AR
         . . .   .    11 Emmitt Leonard Hogue b.27_June_1896, Falls Co. TX d.17_Nov_1978, Howard Co. TX
         . . .   .      12 Bruce Leonard Hogue b.1925, Texas
         . . .   .        13 DNA Project ID NJ1682f: desc of Montgomery Hogue, b.1820, Georgia
         . . .   8 James Hogue b.ca.1780, Dallas, Paulding Co. GA
         . . .     9 William S. Hogue b.1799, Paulding Co. GA d.26_Feb_1883, Paulding Co. GA
         . . .     .10 Edward S. Hogue b.1823, Georgia d.May_1895, Cullman Co. AL
         . . .     . .11 Thomas M. Hogue b.20_Dec_1850, Georgia d.28_Sep_1917, Lauderdale Co. AL
         . . .     . . .12 William James Hogue b.6_Mar_1875, Cullman Co. AL
         . . .     . . .  13 Eva Viola Hogue b.7_May_1905, Lawrence Co. TN d.6_Nov_1997, Limestone CO. AL wife of Ben W. Stanford
         . . .     . . .   .14 William Ben Stanford b.13_Jan_1926, Lauderdale Co. AL d.9_Dec_2006, Morgan Co. AL
         . . .     . . .   .  15 DNA Project ID ATA0384 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     . . .  13 Thomas Everett Hogue b.1912, Tennessee
         . . .     . . .    14 DNA Project ID ATA0382 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     . .11 James Hogue b.1855, Georgia d.26_Oct_1893, Winston Co. AL
         . . .     . . .12 Lelon Angeline Hogue b.30_Jan_1881, Alabama d.9_Apr_1973, Winston Co. AL wife of Joseph Franklin Berry
         . . .     . . .  13 George Milton Berry b.31_Aug_1903, Winston Co. AL d.18_Jan_1997, Winston Co. AL
         . . .     . . .    14 DNA Project ID ATA0393 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     . . .    14 DNA Project ID ATA0388 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     . . .    14 DNA Project ID ATA0386 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     . .11 William J. Hogue b.1857, Georgia d.2_May_1930, Cullman Co. AL
         . . .     . . .12 Arthur Brown Hogue b.14_Jul_1878, Georgia d.27_Jan_1934, Smyrna, Cobb Co. GA
         . . .     . . .  13 William Elbert Hogue b.10_Apr_1908, Smyrna, Cobb Co. GA d.15_May_1977, Smyrna, Cobb Co. GA
         . . .     . . .    14 Living Hogue
         . . .     . . .      15 DNA Project ID ATA0383 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     . .11 Missouri E. Hogue b.20_Dec_1861, Georgia d.9_Sep_1930 wife of Daniel S. Sharpton
         . . .     . .  12 James Wesley Sharpton b.1897, Cullman Co. AL d.7_Mar_1985, Lawrence Co. TN
         . . .     . .    13 James Leo Sharpton b.30_Jan_1926, Alabama d.3_Oct_1981, Maura Co. TN
         . . .     . .      14 Living Sharpton wife of William Ernest Morton
         . . .     . .        15 DNA Project ID ATA0385 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     .10 Mary Ann Hogue b.16_Oct_1824, Georgia d.21_Feb_1914 wife of John M. Steel
         . . .     . .11 Nancy Ann Steel b.1_Apr_1859 d.11_Jun_1906 wife of Ephram C. Wilson
         . . .     . .  12 Lillie Ella Wilson b.24_Nov_1883, Haralson Co. GA d.19_Nov_1960 wife of Ernest Kramer Hilton
         . . .     . .    13 Dora Lucile Hilton b.13_Jul_1917 d.14_Dec_2014, Douglas Co. GA wife of Otis Milo Redding
         . . .     . .      14 Living Redding 
         . . .     . .        15 DNA Project ID ATA0391 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     .10 William Jacob Hogue b.9_May_1830, Paulding Co. GA d.19_Jan_1905, Paulding Co. GA
         . . .     . .11 William Thomas Hogue b.May_1853, Georgia
         . . .     . .  12 Dr. William L. Hogue b.Sep_1880, Georgia d. before 2001
         . . .     . .    13 Dr. William Leroy Hogue b.1915, Draketown, Haralson Co. GA d.29_Jul_2001, Augusta GA
         . . .     . .      14 DNA Project ID NJ1682c: desc of William Hoge > William > James #2
         . . .     .10 Jonathan Jefferson Hogue b.1834, Georgia d.6_Mar_1897, Lamar Co. TX
         . . .     . .11 Rebecca Hogue b.19_Sep_1876, Paulding Co. GA d.3_May_1956, Garland TX wife of Walker Melmouth Free
         . . .     . .  12 Willie Faye Free b.20_Dec_1904, Ellis Co. TX d.16_Jun 2000, Cedar Hill, Dallas Co. TX wife of Edward Earle Gibbs
         . . .     . .    13 Manon Eudora Gibbs b.3_Aug_1936, Dallas TX d.29_Jan_2017, Dallas Co. TX wife of Living Metcalf
         . . .     . .      14 DNA Project ID ATA0387 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     .10 Adeline Melvina Hogue b.7_Apr_1835, Georgia d.22_Feb_1907, Paulding Co. GA wife of Henry L. Kirk
         . . .     .  11 Laura Josephine Kirk b.1861, Paulding Co. GA d.12_Aug_1924, Atlanta GA wife of Frederick Thomas Lewis
         . . .     .    12 Willard Hubert Lewis b.30_Nov_1889, Paulding Co. GA d.7_Oct_1969, Atlanta GA
         . . .     .      13 Living Lewis
         . . .     .        14 DNA Project ID ATA0390 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     9 Jacob Hogue b.4_May_1800, Dallas, Paulding Co. GA d.7_May_1873, Marshall, Harrison Co. TX
         . . .     .10 Ellen Hogue b.25_Nov_1832, Draketown, Haralson Co. GA, d.1923, d.1923, Draketown, Haralson Co. GA wife of Dr. Robert Hutcheson
         . . .     . .11 Amanda Araminta Hutcheson b.14_Jan_1868, Haralson Co. GA d.18_Jan_1939, Haralson Co. GA wife of Jesse Marion Huey
         . . .     . .  12 Minnie Estelle Huey b.13_Oct_1890, Georgia d.28_Feb_1981, Paulding Co. GA wife of William C. Craton
         . . .     . .    13 Earl Huey Craton b.8_Dec_1923, Paulding Co. GA d.20_Oct_1988, Cobb Co. GA
         . . .     . .      14 Living Craton wife of Living Williams
         . . .     . .        15 DNA Project ID ATA0392 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     .10 Amanda Elizabeth Hogue b.23_May_1835, Draketown, Haralson Co. GA, d.10_May_1913, Caddo Parish LA, m.3_Aug_1854, Paulding Co. GA, wife of John O. Little
         . . .     . .11 Sallie Ruth Little b.5_Sep_1860, Dallas, Paulding Co. GA, d.13_Dec_1937, Bowie Co. TX, m.1_Mar_1888, Cass Co. TX, wife of John E. Stanley
         . . .     . .  12 Omega Stanley b.25_Oct_1891, Bright Star AR, d.28_Dec_1974, Texarkana TX, wife of Samuel A. Lane
         . . .     . .    13 DNA Project ID ATF0316 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     .10 James Hogue b.16_Jun_1840, Draketown, Haralson Co. GA d.9_Jun_1920, Ravanna, Miller Co. AR
         . . .     . .11 Jennie Omega Hogue b.12_Mar_1891, Ravanna, Miller Co. AR d.17_Mar_1973, Atlanta, Cass Co. TX wife of Alfred Martin Gibson
         . . .     . .  12 Rosemary Gibson b.31_Jan_1924, Bloomburg, Cass Co. TX d.18_Sep_2012, Texarkana, Bowie Co. TX wife of S W Lummus
         . . .     . .    13 Living Lummus
         . . .     . .      14 DNA Project ID ATA0400 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     .10 Jonathan Patrick Hogue b.ca.1847, Draketown, Haralson Co. GA, d.1895, Bright Star AR
         . . .     .  11 Ben Dee Hogue b.29_Mar_1879, Arkansas
         . . .     .   .12 Clifford Easters Hogue b.1_Jun_1918, Texas
         . . .     .   .  13 DNA Project ID NJ1682a: desc of William Hoge > William > James #1
         . . .     .  11 Willie Eugene Hogue b.7_May_1889, Miller Co. AR d.1918, Cass Co. TX
         . . .     .    12 Opal Marie Hogue b.14_Aug_1915, Cass Co. TX d.6_Mar_2007, Tyler TX wife of Raymond Lovelace Alexander
         . . .     .      13 DNA Project ID ATA0389 (autosomal DNA)
         . . .     9 Mary Hogue b.11_Oct_1804, Georgia d.7_Aug_1855, Carroll Co. GA wife of Edward Harris Gresham
         . . .      10 Frances America Gresham b.14_Sep_1831, Jones Co. GA d.14_Aug_1896, Winn Pa. LA wife of Leroy Dark
         . . .        11 William Edward Dark b.5_May_1848, Meriwether Co. GA d.23_Mar_1941, Winn Pa. LA
         . . .          12 William Lee Dark b.8_Sep_1870, Union Pa. LA d.11_Aug_1952, Winn Pa. LA
         . . .            13 Shelby Saunders Dark Sr. b.29_Jun_1908 d.26_Feb_1988, Monroe LA
         . . .              14 DNA Project ID ATA0394 (autosomal DNA)
         . . 6 William Hoge III b.4_Jan_1725/26, Chester Co. PA d.6_Oct_1804
         . . . 7 Solomon Hoge b.4_Mar_1767, Virginia d.7_Jul_1813, Greene Co. PA
         . . .   8 Joseph Hoge b.16_Nov_1806, Franklin Twp., Greene Co. PA d.9_Nov_1893, Center Twp., Greene Co. PA
         . . .     9 William Hoge b.15_Dec_1830, Center Twp., Greene Co. PA d.21_Feb_1921, Holbrook, Greene Co. PA
         . . .      10 William Graham Hoge b.28_Jul_1855, Center, Greene Co. PA d.22_Sep_1932, Holbrook, Greene Co. PA
         . . .        11 Harry Clifton "Pete" Hoge b.4_Oct_1895, Greene Co. PA d.31_Jul_1964, Amity, Berks Co. PA
         . . .          12 Laverne Hoge b.27_Mar_1923, Pennsylvania
         . . .            13 DNA Project ID NJ1682g: desc of William Hoge > William > William
         . . 6 George Hoge b.6_Feb_1732/33, Frederick Co. VA d.1805, Green Co. PA
         . .   7 Nancy Anne Hoge b.19_Apr_1759, Forest Co. PA, d.10_Mar_1838, Greene Co. PA, m.1777, wife of Noah Smith
         . .   . 8 George Smith b.1801, Greene Co. PA, d.4_Sep_1869, Monroe Co. OH
         . .   .   9 Job Smith b.24_May_1831, Green Co. PA, d.22_Feb_1904, Wetzel Co. WV
         . .   .    10 Ruth Ann Smith b.27_Sep_1869, Monroe Co. OH, d.1_Aug_1912, Tyler Co. WV, wife of John H. Tippens
         . .   .      11 Grace Virginia Tippens b.18_Aug_1900, Tyler Co. WV, d.Dec_1986, Harford Co. MD, wife of Samuel A. Hanke
         . .   .        12 Glen Albert Hanke b.1_Mar_1924, Baltimore Co. MD, d.1991, Baltimore Co. MD
         . .   .          13 Living Hanke, wife of Living Klapka
         . .   .            14 DNA Project ID ATA0305 (autosomal DNA)
         . .   7 Thomas Hoge b.25_Sep_1765, Green Co. PA, d.4_Jan_1837, Green Co. PA
         . .   . 8 George Hoge Sr. b.14_Aug_1791, Greene Co. PA, d.7_Oct_1873, Greene Co. PA
         . .   . . 9 Thomas Hoge b.1816, Pennsylvania d.17_Jul_1889, Lewis Co. MO
         . .   . .  10 Ella V Hoge b.25_Jan_1865, West Virginia, d.12_May_1932, St. Louis MO, m.8_Nov_1889, wife of David L. Cook
         . .   . .    11 Pauline Vessa Cook b.18_Aug_1898, Bourbon Co. KY, d17_Jan_1969, Dallas TX, m.29_Sep_1919, Jackson Co. MO, wife of Harry A. Hale
         . .   . .      12 Harriett Martha Hale b.12_Mar_1921, Bourbon Co. KY, d.15_Dec_1978, Kansas City MO, m.6_Jan_1942, Dallas TX, wife of William C. Johnston
         . .   . .        13 DNA Project ID ATA0290 (autosomal DNA)
         . .   . 8 Abner Hoge b.1_Nov_1812, Green Co. PA, d.26_Feb_1890, Wenono IL
         . .   .   9 Thomas Jefferson Hoge b.10_Apr_1840, Green Co. PA, d.22_Jan_1905, Wenona IL
         . .   .    10 John C. Hoge b.10_Sep_1887, Wenona IL, d.20_Feb_1960, Phoenix AZ
         . .   .      11 DNA Project ID NJ1682b: desc of William Hoge > William > George, b.1732
         . .   7 John Hogue b.ca.1780, d.6_Oct_1845, Mercer Co PA
         . .   . 8 Alexander Hogue b.1813, Mercer Co. PA, d.20_Oct_1872, Pennsylvania
         . .   .   9 William James Hogue b.1844, Pennsylvania
         . .   .    10 James William Hogue, b.12_Dec_1865, Ohio, d.18_Dec_1900, Indiana
         . .   .      11 James Flavis Hogue b.21_Jul_1891, Indiana, d.18_Apr_1926, Arapahoe Co. CO
         . .   .        12 DNA Project ID ATA0206 (autosomal DNA)
         . .   7 ________ Hoge (this connection is a guess)
         . .     8 Isaac Hoge of Greene Co. PA b.1801, Pennsylvania
         . .       9 Edward Hoge b.1834, Pennsylvania d.1910, Pennsylvania
         . .        10 Isaac F. Hoge b.1870, Ohio d.1962, West Virginia
         . .          11 Russell Hogue b.1902, West Virginia d.1958, Arizona
         . .            12 Denver Hogue b.1923, West Virginia d.1987, Georgia
         . .              13 DNA Project ID NJ1682d: desc of Isaac Hoge of Greene Co. PA
         . 5 James Hoge b.4_Jul_1706, Cumberland Valley PA, d.2_Jun_1795, Pulaski Co. VA
         .   6 James Mayo Hoge b.1732, d.5_Apr_1812, Pulaski Co. VA
         .   . 7 Eleanor "Nellie" Hoge b.5_Apr_1769, Pulaski Co. VA, d.Dec_1814, Montgomery Co. VA wife of John Alford
         .   . . 8 Charles W. Alford b.13_Mar_1801, Giles Co. VA d.1884, Montgomery Co. KY
         .   . .   9 Joanna Alford b.23_Dec_1822, Grayson Co. VA d.3_Oct_1905, Madison Co. AR wife of William Calvin Mchaffey
         .   . .    10 Jesse Mchafey b.21_Apr_1862, Owsley Co. KY d.6_Aug_1915, Madison Co. AR
         .   . .      11 Addie Jane Mchaffey b.22_Jul_1882, Madison Co. AR d.7_Dec_1970, Franklin Co. AR wife of Elias T. Russell
         .   . .        12 Bonnie Sue Russell b.16_Mar_1905, Franklin Co. KY d.19_Sep_1989, Fayette Co. TN wife of Living Butner
         .   . .          13 DNA Project ID ATA0404 (autosomal DNA)
         .   . 7 Joseph Johnson Hoge Sr. b.25_Feb_1770, Montgomery Co. VA, d.1850
         .   . . 8 Joseph Johnson Hoge Jr. b.3_Jul_1807, Marion Co. TN, d.1870, Rhea Co. TN
         .   . .   9 William Lemuel Hogue Sr. b.ca.1838, Tennessee
         .   . .    10 William Lemuel Hogue Jr. b.7_Apr_1864, Sequatchie Co. TN, d.9_Apr_1927, Montgomery Co. TN
         .   . .      11 ________ Hogue, wife of Alvin H. Stone
         .   . .        12 Living Stone, wife of Living Jenkins
         .   . .          13 Living Jenkins
         .   . .            14 DNA Project ID ATA0211 (autosomal DNA)
         .   . 7 Elizabeth Hoge b.25_Sep_1777, Wythe Co. VA, d.2_Jun_1850, Bledsoe Co. TN, m.1_Oct_1801, Montgomery Co. VA, wife of James Foster
         .   .   8 Mary Gilmore Foster b.1_Oct_1802, Wythe Co. VA, d.3_Mar_1857, Marion Co. TN, m.22_Mar_1821, Bledsoe Co. TN, wife of Joshua T. Ashburn
         .   .     9 Sarah Orr Ashburn b.23_Feb_1837, Marion Co. TN, d.16_Jul_1904, Marion Co. TN, m.27_Nov_1859, Marion Co. TN, wife of James M. Price
         .   .      10 Charles Newton Price Sr. b.5_Jul_1875, Marion Co. TN, d.6_Jan_1961, Cotton Co. OK
         .   .        11 Robert Kell Price Sr. b.19_Jan_1921, Cotton Co. OK, d.19_Mar_2002, Tulsa OK
         .   .          12 DNA Project ID ATA0308 (autosomal DNA)
         .   6 Mary Agnes Hoge b.1742, Chester Co. PA, d.11_Feb_1802, Tazwell Co. VA, m.ca.1757, VA, wife of Robert Evans
         .     7 Robert Alexander Evans Sr. b.4_Jun_1756, d.Oct_1826, Washington Co. IN
         .       8 Alexander Evans b.ca.1804, Garrard Co. KY, d.1849, Sacramento Valley CA
         .         9 Nancy Jane Evans b.2_Apr_1839, Iowa, d.30_Oct_1917, Lake Co. CA, m.4_Oct_1854, Washington Co. OR, wife of Levi Lee Whitcomb
         .          10 Alice Amelia Whitcomb b.13_Aug_1850, Washington Co. OR, d.30_Jul_1926, Lane Co. OR, m.10_Apr_1878, Mendocino Co. CA, wife of Martin Frost
         .            11 Jean Evans Frost b.7_May_1879, Mendocino Co. CA, d.7_Mar_1954, Linn Co. OR, m.30_Nov_1898, wife of David A. Mosby
         .              12 Wade Mosby b.2_Nov_1900, Lane Co. OR, d.28_Sep_1963, Lane Co. OR
         .                13 Robert Wade Mosby b.8_Jan_1926, Lane Co. OR, d.28_Oct_2013, Linn Co. OR
         .                  14 DNA Project ID ATA0306 (autosomal DNA)
         . 5 George Hoge b.1708, Loudoun Co. VA, d.1765, Anderson Co. SC
         .   6 Barbara Hoge b.1741, Bedford Co. PA d.1761, Frederick Co. VA wife of John McCullough Ross
         .     7 George w. Ross b,16_Jul_1760, Virginia d.21_Aug_1846, Hardin Co. TN
         .     . 8 John McCullough Ross b.16_Dec_1792, South Carolina d.11_May_1857, Hardin Co. TN
         .     .   9 Milissa Anna Murchison Ross b.7_Nov_1825, Hardin Co. TN d.1_Sep_1867, Hardin Co. TN wife of William Shepherd Bivens
         .     .    10 George Milton Bivens b.2_Nov_1858, Hardin Co. TN d.25_Jun_1925, Poinsett Co. AR
         .     .      11 Jasper William Bivens b.3_Feb_1890, Haedin Co. TN d.5_May_1971, Poinsett Co. AR
         .     .        12 Raymond Horace Bivens b.4_Feb_1932, Arkansas d.25_Dec_1973, Little Rock AR
         .     .          13 DNA Project ID ATA0396 (autosomal DNA)
         .     7 Elizabeth Ross b.ca.1767, South Carolins d.1824, Dickson Co. TN wife of Vance Walker
         .       8 Mary Walker b.1790 d. Tennessee wife of William Ballard Bartee
         .         9 Andrew Jackson Bartee b.20_dEC_1833, TN d.4_Jan_1890
         .          10 William Ballard Bartee b.31_Mar_1858, Stewart Co. TN d.26_Dec_1887, Stewart Co. TN
         .            11 John Barney Bartee b.14_Dec_1886, Trigg Co. KY d.11_Jan_1975, Christian Co. KY
         .              12 John Ballard Bartee b.2_Sep_1914, Trigg Co. KY d.27_Nov_1988, Todd Co. KY
         .                13 John Dilday Bartee Sr. b.26_Dec_1938, Nashville TN d.7_Jul_2013, Nashville TN
         .                  14 DNA Project ID ATA0411 (autosomal DNA)
         4 George Hoge b.ca.1661, Musselburgh Scotland, d.1721, New Castle Co. DE
           5 Sarah Hoge wife of Geogre Gregg, b.1694, New Castle Co. DE, d.ca.1769
             6 Richard Gregg b.6_Feb_1713/14, Ardmore, Watrford, Munster, Ireland, d.ca.1754, New Castle Co. DE
             . 7 Ruth Gregg wife of William Brecken, b.1730, Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle Co. DE, d.ca.1814 
             . . 8 Martha Braken wife of William Clarke, b.20_Feb_1757, New Castle Co. DE, d.ca.1832
             . .   9 George Clarke, b.1791, Indiana Co. PA, d.9_Sep_1828, Wheatfield, Indiana Co. PA
             . .    10 Elizabeth Clarke wife of William J. Duncan, b.1820, Pennsylvania, d.11_Mar_1862, Indiana Co. PA
             . .      11 Samuel Sampson Duncan, b.16_May_1850, Indiana Co. PA, d.6_May_1905
             . .        12 Letta Bell Duncan wife of Charles E. Vanriper, b.25_Aug_1870, Rice Co. KS, d.25_Jun_1945, Portland OR
             . .          13 Ira Samuel Van Riper, b.12_Oct_1909, Idaho, d.29_Jun_1969, Shasta Co. CA
             . .            14 DNA Project ID ATF0055 (autosomal DNA)
             . .              15 DNA Project ID ATF0017 (autosomal DNA)
             . 7 Jacob Gregg b.1741, New Castle Co. DE, d.Apr_1801, Londonderry, Ross Co. OH
             .   8 Joseph Gregg b.1773, North Carolina d.2_Feb_1851, Vinton Co. OH
             .     9 Lewis Gregg b.ca.1801
             .      10 Abigail Gregg wife of Stephen Rains b.29_Oct_1825, Ohio d.6_Dec_1883, Dallas CO. MO
             .        11 John Rains b.ca.1855, Missouri d.ca.1887, Dallas Co. MO
             .          12 Lauretta Rains wife of Beecher Stafford b.11_Jun_1879, Missouri d.17_Feb_1934, Claremore, Rogers Co. OK
             .            13 Jessie Carl Stafford b.5_Apr_1918, Claremore, Rogers Fo. OK d.17_Dec_1992, Oklahoma City OK
             .              14 DNA Project ID ATF0057 (autosomal DNA)
             6 George Gregg b.1720, Newcastle, New Castle Co. DE, d.10_Mar_1794, Loudoun Co. VA
               7 William Gregg b.1746, Loudoun Co. VA d.1826, Loudoun Co. VA
               . 8 Elizabeth Gregg wife of Joseph Wilkinson b.15_Feb_1772, Loudoun Co. VA d.1846, Warren Co. OH
               . . 9 Tracy L. Wilkinson wife of Isaac Peacock b.ca.1807, Loudoun Co. VA d. bef 1860, Warren Co. OH
               . .  10 Angeline Amanda Peackck wife of Isaac Mullin b.1835, Ohio d.1925, Springboro, Warren Co. OH
               . .    11 Ida May Mullin wife of Torrence Edwin Griest b.28_Jul_1858, Peoria IL d.20_May_1943, Franklin Co. OH
               . .      12 Frank T. Griest b.29_Dec_1885, Cincinnati OH d.19_Oct_1961, Dayton OH
               . .        13 John Robert Griest b.1_Oct_1916, Dayton OH d.8_Apr_1993, Lexington KY
               . .          14 Meade Griest wife of Neil Randall Farris
               . .            15 DNA Project ID ATF0059 (autosomal DNA)
               . 8 Rev Samuel Gregg b.28_Apr_1773, Loudoun Co. VA, d.30_Aug_1844, Warren Co. OH
               .   9 Alpheus Gregg b.29_Jan_1801, Warren Co. OH, d.9_Sep_1869, Montgomery Co. IN
               .    10 Aaron Gregg b.25_Feb_1848, Montgomery Co. IN, d.29_May_1914, Kansas City MO
               .      11 Opal Gregg b.11_May_1892, Montgomery Co. IN, d.23_Nov_1954, Kansas City MO, m.25_Mar_1909, Independence MO, wife of John F. Nickerson
               .        12 John Lyle Nickerson Sr. b.30_Apr_1910, Kansas City MO, d.12_Jul_1976, Kansas City MO
               .          13 John Lyle Nickerson Jr. b.2_Apr_1932, Kansas City MO, d.24_Feb_2009, Kansas City MO
               .            14 DNA Project ID ATA0292 (autosomal DNA)
               7 George Gregg b.1760, Loudon Co. VA, d.ca.1825, Tyler Co. VA
                 8 Samuel Gregg b.1796, Mason Co. VA, d.Apr_1870, Mason Co. VA
                   9 Spencer Withers Gregg b.1_Jan_1836, Virginia, d.1_Mar_1909
                    10 Sarah Elizabeth Gregg b.14_Apr_1884, Mason Co. WV, d.28_Jun_1974, Boyd Co. KY, wife of John E. Rhodemyre
                      11 Clarence Edgar Rhodemyre b.19_Jul_1907, Kentucky, d.5_May_1950, Kanawha Co. WV
                        12 Betty Jeanne Rhodemyre b.4_Sep_1928, Boyd Co. KY, d.13_May_2006, wife of Hal Ray Whitaker
                          13 DNA Project ID ATF0070 (autosomal DNA)

line EN1581: descendants of Paul Hogg b.1581, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England -- Paul Hogg died in 1632. He has living descendants in England.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Paul Hogg b.1581, Derbyshire, England d.1632, Derbyshire, England
     2 Paul Hogg b.1613, Derbyshire, England d.1692, Derbyshire, England
       3 Godfrey Hogg b.1651, Derbyshire, England
         4 John Hogg b.1684, Derbyshire, England d.1767, Derbyshire, England
           5 Paul Hogg b.1730, Derbyshire, England
             6 Robert Hogg b.1773, Derbyshire, England
               7 Robert Hogg b.1818, Derbyshire, England d.1904, Middlesex, England
                 8 Walter Eustace Peter Hogg b.1869, London, England d.1933, Birkshire, England
                   9 Anthony George Hogg b.1919, Wantage, England d.1973, Salisbury, Englang
                    10 DNA Project ID EN1581a: desc of Paul Hogg b.1584, Derbyshire, England

line EN1585: descendants of Thomas Hogg b.1585, Buckinhkamshire, England -- Thomas Hogg has living descendants in England.

line SL1587: descendants of Thomas Hogg, b.1587, Fife, Scotland -- David Hogg, b.1842, Kinrosshire, Scotland, co-founder and vice president of Hannah and Hogg of Chicago, Illinois, and John Scott, b.1847, were sons of Robert Hogg, b.1806, Kinrosshire, Scotland, and descendants of Thomas Hogg, b.1587, Fife, Scotland. David Hogg emigrated to America in 1863. John Scott settled in Stark Co. IL

line SL1631: descendants of Johne Hogg of East Lothian, Scotland, b.1631 -- Early Hogg family in Scotland

line SL1635: descendants of William Oigo b.1635, Caithness, Scotland -- Ogg family of Caithness, Scotland with descendants in Virginia and Kentucky

line MA1637: descendants of Richard Hoag of Boston MA -- Richard Hoag, taylor of Boston, b.1617, Wales, first seen in Boston MA in 1637.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Richard Hoag taylor of Boston MA b.1617, Wales
     2 John Hoag Sr. weaver b.4_Mar_1643/44, Boston MA, d.ca.1725, Newbury MA
       3 Jonathan Hoag b.28_Oct_1671, Newbury MA, d.1_Dec_1740, Hampton Falls NH
       . 4 John Hoag b.14_Aug_1705, Newbury MA d.8_Apr_1788, Oblong NY
       . . 5 Enoch Hoag b.7_Nov_1747, Oblong NY d.20_Jun_1817, Duanesburg NY
       . .   6 Nathaniel Hoag b.16_Jul_1771, Duanesburg NY d.1_Jul_1862, Duanesburgh NY
       . .     7 Stephen Hoag b.1808, New York d.1886
       . .       8 Simon Veeder Hoag b.1833 d.1886
       . .         9 Stephen Harris Hoag b.1877, Dakota Territory
       . .          10 Richard Meade Hoag b.27_Jul_1918
       . .            11 DNA Project ID MA1637b: desc of Richard Hoag of Boston MA #2
       . 4 David Hoag b.8_Sep_1712, Newbury MA d.18_Aug_1785, Oblong NY
       . . 5 David Hoag b.28_Apr_1741, Beekman, Dutchess Co. N d.1822-1826, Milan, Dutchess Co. NY
       . .   6 Solomon Hoag b.3_Nov_1766, Dutchess Co. NY, d.17_Apr_1851, Dutchess Co. NY
       . .   . 7 James Hoag b.12_Jul_1796, Dutchess Co. NY, d.13_Oct_1865, Knox Co. IL
       . .   ,   8 Luman S. Hoag b.15_Dec_1841, Otsego Co. NY, d.22_Oct_1915, Rush Co. KS
       . .   .     9 Cora Elnora Hoag b.15_Oct_1866, Knox Co. IL, wife of Richard Morehead, d.30_Jan_1934, Gavin Co. OK
       . .   .      10 Harry Raymond Morehead b.23_Dec_1884, d.12_Oct_1970, Rush Co. KS
       . .   .        11 Raymond Carlton Morehed b.22_Mar_1912, Kansas, d.18_Dec_1972, Tillamook Co. OR
       . .   .          12 Cuba Lee Morehead b.13_Jul_1936, Riverside CA, wife of Theodore Kruse, d.26_Jul_2000, Oroville CA
       . .   .            13 Living Kruse
       . .   .              14 DNA Project ID ATF0109 (autosomal DNA)
       . .   6 Hannah Hoag b.23_Jul_1773, Oblong, Dutchess Co. NY m.14_Jan_1793, Oblong, Dutchess Co. NY wife of James Sherman d.4_Apr_1844, Erie Co. NY
       . .   . 7 Matilda Sherman b.1798, Warren Co. NY m.16_May_1816, Hamburg, Erie Co. NY wife of Moses Hambleton d.5_Mar_1872, Ellery, Chautauqua Co. NY
       . .   .   8 Mary Hambleton b.1823, Ellery, Chautauqua Co. NY wife of Alnzo J. S. Bush d.15_Jul_1881, Columbus Twp., Warren Co. PA
       . .   .     9 Matilda Louisa Bush b.7_Dec_1858, Columbus Twp., Warren Co. PA wife of Horace D. Bagley d.6_Jan_1939, Topeka KS
       . .   .      10 Jessie Rebecca Bagley b.26_May_1900, Columbus Twp., Warren Co. PA wife of Oral Lee Hite d.30_Sep_1985, Topeka KA
       . .   .        11 Living Hite
       . .   .          12 DNA Project ID ATF0083 (autosomal DNA)
       . .   6 Isaac Hoag b.22_May_1786, Dutchess Co. NY
       . .     7 Daniel Hoag b.14_Sep_1814, Dutchess Co. NY, d.28_Jul_1892, Grays Harbor Co. WA
       . .       8 Maya Ellena Hoag b.17_Mar_1761, St Lawrence Co. NY, wife of Leonard Williams, d.14_Mar_1930, St Lawrence Co. NY
       . .         9 Josephine M. E. Williams b.14_Mar_1903, St Lawrence Co. NY, wife of Clifford Ray Jackson, d.4_Mar_1996, St Lawrence Co. NY
       . .          10 Living Jackson wife of Dale Clark
       . .            11 Living Clark wife of Living Ramsey
       . .              12 DNA Project ID ATF0108 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Nathan Hoag b.11_May_1714, Newbury MA, d.24_Apr_1805, Newton NH
       . . 5 Joseph Hoag b. 1746 Newton NH, d. before 1789, Henniker NH
       . .   6 Abraham Hoag b.11_Jan_1770, Amesbury MA, d.1_Apr_1862, Concord NH
       . .     7 James S, Hoag b.24_Dec_1790, Weare NH, d.29_Dec_1871, Mt. Sterling Twp. Pettis Co. MO
       . .       8 Asahel W. Hoag b.26_Feb_1816, New York, d.2_Aug_1899, Cass Co. MO
       . .         9 Wilber C. Hoag b.11_Oct_1844, Elgin, Kane Co. IL, d.2_May_1917, West Union, Cass Co. MO
       . .          10 Wilbur Elery Hoag b.4_Jan_1879, West Union, Cass Co. MO, d.27_Nov_1939, Kansas City MO
       . .            11 Wilson Hoag Sr. b.26_Sep_1913, St. Louis MO, d.24_Jan_1973, Santa Monica CA
       . .              12 DNA Project ID MA1637a: desc of Richard Hoag of Boston MA #1
       . 4 Moses Hoag b.5_May_1716, Newbury MA d.1_Oct_1758 Easton NY
       .   5 Nathan Hoag/Hoeg b.1749, Dartmouth MA d.11_May_1820, Southampton, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
       .   . 6 Martin Hoeg b.24_Jul_1784 d.26_Jul_1884, Southampton, Nova Scotia, Canada
       .   . . 7 Nathan Hoeg b.27_Oct_1809, River Herbert, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada b.1875, River Herbert, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
       .   . .   8 Elida Hoeg b.20_Jul_1841, Southampton, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.31_Dec_1921, Amherst, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada m.2_Jul_1866, Amherst, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada wife of Thomas E. Priest
       .   . .     9 Mary R. Priest b.12_Nov_1870, River Herbert, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.22_Jul_1925, Amherst, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada m.21_May_1889, Nova Scotia, Canad wife of Phillipe A. Cormier
       .   . .      10 Albertha Cormier b.30_May_1892, Nova Scotia, Canada d.19_May_1946, Danvers MA m.1912, Nova Scotia, Canada wife of Albert J. Le Blanc
       .   . .        11 Philip E. White b.10_Mar_1911, Amherst, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.11_Jan_1980, Melrose MA
       .   . .          12 DNA Project ID ATA0326 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . 6 Jeptha Hoeg b.4_Jan_1789, Dartmouth MA d.ca.1837
       .   . . 7 Nathan Elliot Hoeg b.28_Nov_1815, Maccan, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.Oct_1875
       .   . .   8 Phebe J. Hoeg b.ca.1848, Maccan, Cunberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.1934 m.22_Dec_1870, Cunberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada wife of Thomas E. Harrison
       .   . .     9 Elizabeth Amelia Harrison (Bessie) b.14_Apr_1886, Maccan, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.Oct_1956, Jaffrey NH m.16_Jun_1909, Haverhill MA wife of John L. Hazelton
       .   . .      10 John Byron Hazelton b.28_Nov_1923, Brockton MA d.1_Jul_2009, Keene, Cheshire Co. NH
       .   . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0324 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . 6 Ruth Hoag b.10_Oct_1801, Maccan, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d. after 1830, Wales, St. Clair Co., MI m.30_Oct_1818, Maccan, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada wife of Charles W. Boss Sr.
       .   . . 7 Charles Wesley Boss Jr. b.5_Feb_1823, Nova Scotia, Canada d.8_Aug_1908, Colfax, Huron Co. MI
       .   . .   8 Wesley Charles Boss b.21_Sep_1866, Themsford, Ontario, Canada d.11_Feb_1947, Memphis, St Clair Co. MI
       .   . .     9 Louisa Boss b.2_Sep_1891, Colfax, Huron Co. MI d.29_Nov_1986, Berkley, Oakland Co. MI m.4_Aug_1914, Port Huron, St Clair Co. MI wife of John H. Fraleigh
       .   . .      10 Ronald Vere Fraleigh b.14_Mar_1927, Berkley, Oakland Co. MI d.5_Aug_2002, Linden, Genesse Co. MI
       .   . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0325 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . 6 Joseph Hoag b.24_May_1802, Maccan, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.ca.1885
       .   .   7 Nathan Hoeg b.22_Feb_1822, Maccan, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.5_Jun_1902, Southampton, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada
       .   .     8 Joseph Hoeg b.31_Dec_1865, Southamton, Nova Scotia, Canada d.13_Jun_1927, Gunningville, New Brunswick, Canada
       .   .       9 Martin Trueman Hoeg b.17_Jul_1898, Linden, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.19_Jan_1967, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
       .   .        10 Arnold Gordon Hoeg b.25_Jun_1917,Pedicodiac, Westmorland Co., New Brunswick, Canada d.10_Apr_1975, Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada
       .   .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0322 (autosomal DNA)
       .   5 Patience Hoag b.30_Oct_1757, Dutchess Co. NY wife of Jonathan Mosher
       .     6 Gershom Mosher b.27_Apr_1782, Dutchess Co. NY d.3_May_1842, Knox Co. IL
       .       7 Perlina Mosher b.15_Apr_1825, Delaware Co. OH d.1912, Knox Co. IL m.29_Dec_1842, Knox Co. OH wife of John M. Youngs
       .         8 Gershom W. Youngs b.20_Jul_1845, Knox Co. IL d.2_May_1927, Pawnee Co. NE
       .           9 Callie Leona Youngs b.Sep_1882, Iowa d.2_May_1920, Pawnee Co. NE m.31_Dec_1903, Johnson Co. NE wife of William S. Bush
       .            10 Lynn Everett Bush b.8_Aug_1906, Lewiston NE d.21_Dec_1981, Lincoln NE
       .              11 Living Bush DNA Project ID ATA0323 (autosomal DNA)
       3 Joseph Hoag b.10_Jan_1676/77, Newbury MA d.12_Nov_1760, Stratham MA
       . 4 Joseph Hoag b.3_Nov_1710, Stratham NH d. Dover NH
       .   5 William Hoag b.30_Jun_1753, Rochester, Monroe Co., New York
       .     6 Elisha William Hoag b.1783, Lockport, Niagara Co., New York
       .       7 Joel Hoag b.14_Jul_1809, Ulster Co. NY d.28_Mar_1902, Tama Co. IA
       .         8 Benjamin Franklin Hoag b.Aug_1858, Iowa d.8_Feb_1930, San Bernardino CA
       .           9 Ira Woodbury Hoag b.18_Oct_1884, California d.27_Sep_1972, Riverside Co. CA
       .            10 Elvin Woodbury Hoag b.14_Mar_1914, Ontario CA d.17_Oct_2000, Redlands CA
       .              11 DNA Project ID MA1637e: desc of Richard Hoag of Boston MA #5, ATF0255 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
       3 Benjamin Hoag b.1_Mar_1679/80, Newbury MA d.19_May_1760, Nine Partners NY
         4 Jonathan Hoag b.10_Dec_1708, Amesbury MA d. before 1771
         . 5 Peter Hoag b.21_Dec_1738, Amesbury MA, d.1828
         .   6 Elliott Hoag b.1774, New York
         .     7 Peter Hoeg b.29_Feb_1808, Collins, Erie Co. NY d.1847, Richmond, McHenry, IL
         .       8 George Henry Hoeg b.4_Mar_1844, Richmond Twp., McHenry Co. IL d.17_May_1916, Plevna, Fallon Co. MT
         .         9 Fred Elisa Hoeg b.15_Aug_1882, Lincoln Twp., Tama Co. IA d.31_Jul_1948, Iowa
         .          10 Lloyd S. Hoeg b.8_Jan_1908, Lincoln Twp., Tama Co. IA d.15_Jul_1966, Waterloo, Black Hawk Co. IA
         .            11 Joan Rae Hoeg b.6_Nov_1939, Waterloo, Black Hawk Co. IA wife of Living Sturgeon d.30_Jul_2000, Indianapolis IN
         .              12 DNA Project ID ATF0123 (autosomal DNA)
         4 Daniel H. Hoag b.24_Feb_1720/21, Amesbury MA d.1790, Columbia Co. NY
         . 5 Daniel H Hoag b. 14 Aug 1772 Holmesville, Chenango Co., New York d. 23 Sep 1848 Sun Prairie, Dane Co., Wisconsin
         .   6 Zina D. Hoag b. 20 Dec 1794 Holmesville, Chenango Co., New York d. 23 Oct 1851 Holmesville, Chenango Co., New York
         .   . 7 William Daniel Hoag b.25_Jan_1820, New York d.24_Aug_1889, Little Sioux, Harrison Co. IA
         .   .   8 Emma Lunette Hoag b.14_May_1848, Norwich, Chenango Co. NY m.15_Jun_1867, Harrison Co. IA d.8_Jan_1937, California Junction, Harrison Co. IA m.7_Nov_1871, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co. IA wife of Walter A. Smith
         .   .     9 Elizabeth Lunette Smith b.31_Mar_1872, River Sioux, Harrison Co. IA d.14_May_1932, California Junction, Harrison Co. IA m.25_Feb_1891, Callifornia, Harrison Co. IA wife of Hugh R. Coulthard 
         .   .      10 Verna Ruth Coulthard b.24_Jan_1897, Harrison Co. IA d.25_Oct_1975, Logan, Harrison Co. IA m.1916 wife of William P. Welch 
         .   .        11 DNA Project ID ATF0335 (autosomao DNA)
         .   6 Daniel Hawley Hoag b. 17 Oct 1805 New York d. 19 Sep 1868
         .     7 John E. Hoag b.ca.1837, Onandago Co. NY d.3_Nov_1888, Vermillion, Clay Co. SD
         .       8 Jed Hoag b.8_Nov_1870, Smethport, McKean Co. PA d.8_Apr_1922, Vermillion SD
         .         9 Howard Jed Hoag b.14_Mar_1919, Omaha NB d.30_Oct_2001, Sioux City IA
         .          10 DNA Project ID MA1637d: desc of Richard Hoag of Boston MA #4, ATF0069 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
         4 Moses Hoag b.28_Jan_1723/24, Amesbury MA d. Nine Partners NY
           5 Daniel Hoag b.5_Oct_1761, Dartmouth MA d.14_Jun_1809, Grand Isle VT
           . 6 Seth Hoag b.26_Apr_1798, Grand Isle VT d.28_Jul_1887, Grand Isle VT
           .   7 Wyman Chamberlain Hoag b.14_Mar_1830, Vermont d.30_Jan_1894
           .     8 Charles Sumner Hoag b.21_Sep_1859, Grand Isle VT d.1920, Rutland VT
           .       9 John Wyman Hoag b.26_Aug_1892, Rutland VT d.10_Mar_1954, Rutland VT
           .        10 John Wyman Hoag Jr. b.23_Jun_1924, Rutland VT
           .          11 DNA Project ID MA1637c: desc of Richard Hoag of Boston MA #3
           5 Sarah Hoag b.3_Jun_1764 m.21_May_1780, Pittstown NY wife of Simeon Brownell d.18_Mar_1849, Pittstown NY
             6 Alice Brownell b. 4 Apr 1781 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 16 Oct 1859 m. 7 Feb 1802 wife of Moses Van_Namee
               7 Ann Van_Namee b. 7 Oct 1818 wife of Charles D. Worden
                 8 Charles Edward Waredn b.Jul_1857
                   9 Ella Beulah Warden b.19_Dec_1892 wife of Charels A. Paddock
                    10 Pearl Juanita Paddock b.ca.1918 wife of Col. Selmer J. Espelund
                      11 DNA Project ID ATF0082 (autosomal DNA)

line SL1640: descendants of Walter Hogg of Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland, b.ca.1640 -- Walter Hogg was the ancestor of many Selkirkshire and Roxburghshire Hoggs, including James Hogg, The Ettrick Shepherd. The lines previously identified as SL1698 and SL1753 have been combined into this line.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Walter Hogg b.ca.1640, Scotland
     2 George Hogg b.4_Sep_1664, Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland
       3 William Hogg b.ca.1698, Selkirk, Selkirkshire, Scotland
       . 4 George Hogg b.18_Jul_1724, Selkirkshire, Scotland, d.May_1787, Ashkirk, Roxburgh, Scotland
       . . 5 Walter Hogg b.ca.Jun_1777, Ashkirk, Roxburgh, Scotland, d.2_Mar_1865, Wilton, Roxburgh, Scotland
       . .   6 Robert Hogg b. Wilton, Roxburgh, Scotland, d.9_Jun_1890, Cathcart,Glasgow, Scotland
       . .     7 John Anderson Hogg b.5_Jan_1857, Wilton, Roxburgh, Scotland, d.2_Dec_1935, Edinburgh, Scotland
       . .       8 Ernest Leslie Hogg b.27_Feb_1898, Galashiels, Scotland, d.18_Mar_1972, Whiston, Lancashire, England
       . .         9 DNA Project ID SL1698a: desc of George Hogg b.ca.1724 Selkirk Scotland
       . 4 Robert Wallace Hogg b.16_Apr_1729, Selkirkshire, Scotland d.Aug_1813, Scotland
       .   5 Robert Wallace Hogg II b. Ettrick, Selkirkshire, Scotland d.1833, at sea, abord the ship ROMULUS, on the trip to New York
       .     6 James Hogg b.3_Sep_1813, Scotland d.19_Feb_1877, Choconut Center, Broome Co. NY
       .     . 7 John Oliver Hogg b.1852. Broome Co. NY d. after 1930
       .     .   8 James Henry Hogg b.2_Dec_1871, New York d. after 1910
       .     .     9 George Oliver Hogg Sr. b.3_Dec_1899, Denver CO d.19_Mar_1968, Riverside CA
       .     .      10 DNA Project ID SL1698b: desc of William Hogg, b.ca.1698, Selkirk, Scotland
       .     6 Margaret Laidlaw Hogg b.1815, Scotland wife of Albert L. Crane d.1892
       .       7 Mabel Isabella Crane b.13_May_1856, Binghampton NY wife of Orville S. Bishop d.8_Jan_1937, Binghampton NY
       .         8 Leon Crane Bishop b.1_Mar_1894, Bingampton NY d.1_Aug_1953, Nanticoke PA
       .           9 Living Bishop
       .            10 DNA Project ID ATA0091 (autosomal DNA)
       3 George Hogg (this person is not fully proved)
         4 John Hogg b.1725, d.12_Jan_1804, Roxburghshire, Scotland
           5 William Hogg b.ca.1753, Yarrow, Singlie, Selkirkshire, Scotland d. Scotland
             6 Thomas Hogg  b.11_Sep_1785, Yarrow, Singlie, Selkirkshire, Scotland d.21_Oct_1871, Hartwoodburn farm, Selkirkshire, Scotland
               7 Walter Hogg b.18_Jul_1812, Ashkirk, Roxburghshire, Scotland d.1900, Shabbona, Sanilac Co. MI
                 8 Thomas Hoagg b.16_May_1840, Kirkton, Roxburghshire, Scotland d.29_Spr_1924, Shabonna MI
                   9 Andrew Hoagg b.11_Feb_1900, Shabbona MI d.12_Jun)1989, Cass City MI
                    10 DNA Project ID SL1753a: desc of William Hogg of Selkirkshire Scotland, b.1753
                      11 Living Hoag wife of Living Rilett
                        12 DNA Project ID ATF0380 (autosomal DNA)

line VA1656: descendants of Thomas Hogg of Northampton Co. VA -- Thomas Hogg came to Virginia in 1656 as headright to Southy Littleton. (C&P Vol. 1, p. 327). He settled in Northampton Co.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Thomas Hogg of Northampton Co. VA
     2 George Hogg of Northampton Co. VA and Gloucester Co. VA b.ca.1660
       3 George Hogg II b.ca.1710, Gloucester Co. VA (George -> George II not proved)
       . 4 George Hogg Jr. b.Oct_1746, Abingdon Parish, Glouchester Co. VA
       . . 5 John Hogg Senior b.1782, Virginia d.1865, Gloucester Co. VA (George Jr. -> John Senior not proved)
       . .   6 William B. Hogg b.1804, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Jun_1880, Gloucester Co. VA
       . .     7 Joseph T. Hogg b.24_Nov_1838, Gloucester Co. VA d.8_Jun_1899, Gloucester Co. VA
       . .       8 Elliott Kidd Hogg b.11_Jun_1882, Gloucester Co. VA d.12_Jan_1955
       . .         9 Lorrimer H. Hogge b.22_May_1911, Virginia d.17_Jun_1981
       . .          10 DNA Project ID VA1656e: desc of John Hogg Senior b.1782
       . 4 Stephen Hogg b.26_Aug_1753, Abingdon Parish, Glouchester Co. VA
       .   5 William Henry Hogg I b.1760-1770, Gloucester Co. VA d.1818, Gloucester Co. VA
       .   . 6 William Henry Hogg II b.1809, Gloucester Co. VA d.1830, Gloucester Co. VA
       .   .   7 Elizabeth Hogg b.1820, Gloucester Co. VA d.bef.1860, Gloucester Co. VA m.ca.1838, Gloucester Co. VA wife of James M. Howard
       .   .   . 8 Ellen Sonora Howard b.14_Apr_1854, Gloucester Co. VA d.29_Jul_1931, Portsmouth VA m.12_Sep_1875, Gloucester Co. VA wife of John W. Bonnewell
       ,   .   .   9 Capt. Perry Sylvestor Bonnewell b.18_Jun_1887, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Mar_1967, Norfolk VA
       .   .   .    10 Cecil Gwynn Bonnewell b.19_Jul_1920, Norfolk VA d.19_Apr_2010, Norfolk VA
       .   .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0349 (autosomal DNA)
       .   .   7 Washington Hogg b.1822, Gloucester Co. VA d.1885, Gloucester Co. VA
       .   .     8 James Robert Hogg b.Jul_1844, Wicomico, Gloucester Co. VA d.1908, Gloucester Co. VA
       .   .     . 9 James Rudolf Hogge b.23_Sep_1900, Gloucester Co. VA d.1_May_1991, Gloucester Co. VA
       .   .     .  10 Eugene Cornelius Hogge b.2_Jun_1927, Richmond VA d.25_Nov_2006, Chesapeake VA
       .   .     .    11 Eugene Marshall Hogge b.15_Jun_1953, Norfolk VA d.12_Aug_2009, Norfolk VA
       .   .     .      12 DNA Project ID ATA0353 (autosomal DNA)
       .   .     8 Benjamin Allen Hogg b.May_1849, Virginia d.1911, Wicomico, Gloucester Co. VA
       .   .       9 John Daniel Washington Hogg b.7_Mar_1887, Wicomico, Gloucester Co, VA d.18_Jun_1934
       .   .       .10 Living Hogge
       .   .       .  11 DNA Project ID VA1656c: desc of Stephen Hogg b.1753
       .   .       9 Carrie Miller Hogge b.26_Nov_1900, Wicomico, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Sep_1985, Norfolk VA m.8_Mar_1922, Norfolk VA wife of William C. McClure
       .   .        10 Alice Roxine McClure b.21_Oct_1926, Norfolk VA d.27_Mar_1990, Norfolk VA m.5_Aug_1944, Camden Co. NC wife of Thomas S. Reed Sr.
       .   .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0344 (autosomal DNA)
       .   5 Daniel Hogg b.1766-1775 (Stephen -> Daniel is not proved)
       .     6 John (Jack) Hogg Jr. b.1799, Gloucester Co. VA d.1870, Gloucester Co. VA
       .     . 7 Peter Marcus Hogg b.1844, Gloucester Co. VA d. after 1920
       .     . . 8 Peter Thomas Hogg b.16_Aug_1902, Gloucester Co. VA d.Nov_1983, Wicomoco, Gloucester Co. VA
       .     . .   9 DNA Project ID VA1656f: desc of Daniel Hogg > Jack Hogg
       .     . 7 Martha Matilda Hogg b.Apr_1851, Gloucester Co. VA d.ca.1905 m.30_Nov_1879, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Alan T. Hogg
       .     .   8 Ida Sue Hogg b.Oct_1884, Gloucester Co. VA m.20_May_1902, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Coleman Jenkins
       .     .     9 Thomas Lee Jenkins b.19_May_1904, Maryus, Gloucester Co. VA d.10_Apr_1972, Newport News VA
       .     .      10 Rachel Annette Jenkins b.21_Jul_1938, Gloucester Co. VA d.28_Aug_2008, Poquoson VA m.9_Apr_1955, Emporia VA wife of John M. West Sr.
       .     .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0351 (autosomal DNA)
       .     6 William Hogg b.1806, Gloucester Co. VA d.aft_1870, Gloucester Co. VA
       .       7 John Richard Hogg b.27_Jun_1836, Gloucester Co. VA d.8_Apr_1919, Middlesex Co. VA
       .         8 George Washington Hogg b.4_Apr_1867, Gloucester Co. VA d.21_Oct_1951, Norfolk VA
       .           9 Ethel Lucille Hogg b.2_Apr_1891, Middlesex Co. VA, d.1994, Prince William Co. VA m.15_Feb_1906, Baltimore Co. MD, wife of Thomas R. Blake Sr.
       .           .10 Thomas Russell Blake Jr. b.2_Mar_1919, Elizabeth City Co. VA d.2_Nov_1962, Los Angeles CA
       .           .  11 DNA Project ID ATA0342 (autosomal DNA)
       .           9 Joseph Clyde Hogge Sr. b.5_Oct_1922, Norfolk VA d.18_Jun_1993, Portsmouth VA
       .            10 DNA Project ID ATA0341 (autosomal DNA)
       3 Richard Hogg Sr. b.ca.1717, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1786, Chesterfield Co. VA (George -> Richard not proved)
         4 Avarilla Hogg b.4_Oct_1744, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of Obadiah Jenkins Sr.
         . 5 Obadiah Jenkins Jr. b.1762, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1840, Gloucester Co. VA
         . . 6 Armistead Jenkins Sr. b.1785, Gloucester Co. VA
         . .   7 Isaac Jenkins b.1810, Gloucester Co. VA, d.Oct_1881, Gloucester Co. VA
         . .   . 8 Susan Frances Jenkins b.1841, Gloucester Co. VA, d.aft.1880, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of William Bonnywell
         . .   .   9 Missouri Elizabeth Bonnywell, b.1858 Gloucester Co. VA, d.20_Dec_1889, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of John W. West
         . .   .    10 Rosella Mae West b.18_Feb_1883, Gloucester Co. VA, d.18_Apr_1950, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of Robert F. West III
         . .   .      11 William Franklin West b.30_Mar_1901, Gloucester Co. VA, d.3_Feb_1947, Newport News VA
         . .   .        12 Margaret Mae West b.10_May_1927, Gloucester Co. VA, d.11_May_2006, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of Franklin V. D'Amico
         . .   .          13 DNA Project ID ATA0036 (autosomal DNA)
         . .   .          13 DNA Project ID ATA0354 (autosomal DNA)
         . .   7 William Jenkins Sr. b.1811, Gloucester Co. VA d. Maryus, Gloucester Co. VA
         . .     8 Grace Jenkins b.Jun_1852, Gloucester Co. VA d.ca.1905, Severn, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Thomas H. Butler
         . .       9 Nannie Missouri Butler b.1870, Virginia, d.1932, m.18_Jul_1893, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Joseph H. Belvin Sr.
         . .        10 Joseph Henry (Dick) Belvin Jr. b.1902, Virginia d.1985
         . .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0265 (autosomal DNA)
         . 5 James Jenkins b.1765, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1830, Gloucester Co. VA
         .   6 James Edmund Jenkins b.1814, Gloucester Co. VA
         .     7 Benjamin Franklin Jenkins b.Oct_1860, Gloucester Co. VA, d.20_Mar_1928, Virginia
         .       8 Benjamin Coleman Jenkins b.18_Oct_1909, Gloucester Co. VA, d.21_Oct_1975, Newport News VA
         .         9 Thomas Beverly Jenkins b.1932, Gloucester Co. VA, d.14_Dec_2011, Gloucester Co. VA
         .          10 DNA Project ID ATA0100 (autosomal DNA)
         4 Fielding Hogg b.16_Dec_1745, Gloucester Co. VA, d.ca.1793, Gloucester Co. VA
           5 Thomas Hogg Sr. b.1764, Gloucester Co. VA (Fielding -> Thomas Sr. not proved)
           . 6 Thomas Hogg Jr. b.ca.1795, Gloucester Co. VA, d.bef.1850, Gloucester Co. VA
           . . 7 James Hogg Jr. b.1810, Gloucester Co. VA, d.aft.1880, Gloucester Co. VA
           . . . 8 Elizabeth Hogg b.1838, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1902, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of John W. Kellum
           . . .   9 Margaret Sarah Kellum b.23_Mar_1866, Gloucester Co. VA, d.13_May_1914, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of John W. Green Jr.
           . . .   .10 Lillian Hyacinth Vie Green b.8_Jun_1905, Gloucester Co. VA, d.27_Aug_1993, Roanoke VA, wife of William F. West
           . . .   .  11 Margaret Mae West b.10_May_1927, Gloucester Co. VA, d.11_May_2006, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of Franklin V. D'Amico
           . . .   .    12 DNA Project ID ATA0036 (autosomal DNA)
           . . .   9 Charles Martin Kellam b.1879, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1931, Gloucester Co. VA
           . . .    10 Lloyd Henry Kellam Sr. b.1902, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1958, Portsmouth VA
           . . .      11 Lloud Henry Kellam Jr. b.1929, Portsmouth VA, d.2014
           . . .        12 DNA Project ID ATA0103 (autosomal DNA)
           . . 7 Jemima Hogg b.28_Feb_1841, Gloucester Co. VA d.aft_1920, Gloucester Co. VA m.6_Oct_1859, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Robert F. Thomas
           . .   8 Levi Sylvester Thomas b.15_Dec_1878, Gloucester Co. VA d.18_Oct_1944, Richmond VA
           . .     9 Erances Elizabeth Thomas b.12_Jun_1925, Richmond VA d.13_May_1995, Richmond VA wife of Denby Abbott
           . .      10 DNA Project ID ATA0345 (autosomal DNA)
           . 6 James Hogg Sr. b.1780-1790, d. before 1850
           . . 7 Thomas Hogge b.1822, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1876, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .   8 George Hogg b.1843, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .   . 9 William H. Hogg(e) b.Feb_1873, Virginia, d.1930
           . .   .  10 George Raymond Hogge b.1900, Virginia, d.1970
           . .   .    11 DNA Project ID VA1656b: desc of Thomas Hogg Sr. b.1764, Glou. Co. VA, ATF0005 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
           . .   8 Katherine Hogge b.1845, Gloucester Co. VA d.1900, wife of Armistead Hall Jr.
           . .   . 9 Rosa Bell Hall b.15_Mar_1878, Gloucester Co. VA, d.27_Dec_1960, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of William L. King
           . .   .  10 William Delmos King Sr. b.21_Nov_1916, Gloucester Co. VA, d.4_Dec_1994, Newport News VA
           . .   .    11 Living King, wife of William M. Shinn Jr.
           . .   .      12 DNA Project ID ATA0229 (autosomal DNA)
           . .   8 Levi Thomas Hogg b.1853, Gloucester Co. VA d.30_Nov_1916, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .   . 9 Ellen Jane Hogge b.4_Nov_1889, Gloucester Co. VA d.23_Nov_1937, Gloucester Co. VA m.20_Dec_1910, Maryus, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Benjamin F. Williams Jr
           . .   . .10 Ellen Tabitha Williams b.19_Sep_1925, Gloucester Co. VA d.6_Nov_2012, Newport News VA m.13_Dec_1941, Camden Co. NC wife of Elbert H. R. Hunt
           . .   . .  11 Living Hunt
           . .   . .    12 DNA Project ID ATA0356 (autosomal DNA)
           . .   . 9 Alice Carrie Hogge b.27_Jul_1893, Gloucester Co. VA d.22_Feb_1987, Gloucester Co. VA m.4_Dec_1910, Gloucester Co. VA wife of James E. Williams
           . .   .  10 Ethel Hydon Williams b.10_Sep_1911, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Feb_2004, Chesterfield Co. VA m.8_Jul_1931, Gloucester Co. VA wife of James E. Sterling
           . .   .    11 Alice Joan Sterling b.9_Aug_1934, Gloucester Co. VA d.10_Aug_2002, Yorktown VA m.3_May_1952, Gloucester Co. VA wive of Living German
           . .   .      12 DNA Project ID ATA0343 (autosomal DNA)
           . .   8 Mildred Frances Hogge b.Jan_1857, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1935, wife of Robert D. Rowe
           . .     9 Maryus Clifton Rowe Sr. b.7_Apr_1879, Gloucester Co. VA, d.1_Jul_1937, Norfolk VA
           . .      10 Maryus Clifton Rowe Jr. b.12_Oct_1920, Gloucester Co. VA, d.4_Aug_2003, Newport News VA
           . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0352 (autosomal DNA)
           . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0232 (autosomal DNA)
           . 6 Richard Lee Hogg b.1793, Wicomico VA d. before 1860, Gloucester Co. VA
           . . 7 Mary Ann Hogg b.1830, Gloucester Co. VA d.aft.1900, Virginia "wife" of James F. Berry
           . . . 8 Lucy Jane Berry b.25_Jul_1869, Gloucester Co. VA d.11_May_1919, Newport News VA m.7_Sep_1891, Newport News VA wife of Frank C. Lenz
           . . .   9 Effie May Lenz b.1_Mar_1901, Newport News VA d.22_Sep_1971, Newport News VA wife of Harry A. Boyd
           . . .    10 DNA Project ID ATA0357 (autosomal DNA)
           . . 7 Andrew Alexander Hogg b.1837, Gloucester Co. VA d.1906, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .   8 William Franklin Hogg b.3_May_1860, Gloucester Co. VA d.1_Apr_1923, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .     9 William Edgar Hogge b.22_May_1886, Gloucester Co. VA d.15_Sep_1960, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .     .10 DNA Project ID VA1656d: desc of Thomas Hogg Sr. > Richard Hogg
           . .     9 Leroy Hogge b.12_Apr_1904, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Mar_1959, Newport News VA
           . .      10 Nanci Lee Hogge b.16_Mar_1945, Newport News VA d.23_Jan_2013, Virginia Beach VA
           . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0030 (autosomal DNA)
           . 6 Vincent Hogg b.bef.1800 Gloucester Co. VA, d.bef 1850, Gloucester Co. VA
           . . 7 George A. Hogg b.1814, Gloucester Co. VA d.aft.1880, Gloucester Co. VA
           . . . 8 Sarah Jane Hogg b.1841, Gloucester Co. VA d.bef.1900, Gloucester Co. VA m.1_Feb_1859, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Joseph S. Brown
           . . .   9 John Junis Brown b.18_Jan_1867 d.29_Npv_1936, Gloucester Co. VA
           . . .    10 Washington Seymer Brown b.7_Apr_1905, Lancaster Co. VA d.12_Nov_1983, Newport News VA
           . . .      11 Mae Jean Brown b.25_Nov_1935, Newport News VA d.30_Nov_1992, Hampton VA m.6_Jan_1953, Newport News VA wife of Lawrence J. Marr Sr.
           . . .        12 DNA Project ID ATA0347 (autosomal DNA)
           . . 7 Stephen Thomas Hogg b.1829, Gloucester Co. VA, d.13_Aug_1907, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .   8 Walter Columbus Hogge b.24_Nov_1859, Gloucester Co. VA, d.30_Nov_1919, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .     9 Walter John Hogge b.22_Mar_1890, Gloucester Co. VA, d.23_Dec_1959, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .      10 Edna Elizabeth Hogge b.14_Sep_1923, Gloucester Co. VA, d.9_May_2008, Gloucester Co. VA, wife of Willim D. King Sr.
           . .        11 Living King, wife of William M. Shinn Jr.
           . .          12 DNA Project ID ATA0229 (autosomal DNA)
           . 6 Warner Henry Hogg b.20_Dec_1806, Gloucester Co. VA d. after 1870, Gloucester Co. VA
           .   7 Benjamin R. Hogg b.1835, Gloucester Co. VA d.29_Nov_1879, Gloucester Co. VA
           .   . 8 Susannah Hogge b.2_Apr_1861, Gloucester Co. VA d.3_Nov_1942, Gloucester Co. VA m.27_Dec_1885, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Michael Smith
           .   . . 9 Sadie Ann Smith b.7_Dec_1889, Gloucester Co. VA d.29_Apr_1983, Gloucester Co. VA m.6_Jun_1909, Gloucester Co. VA wife of John W. Hogg
           .   . .  10 Jennie Woodrow Hogg b.21_Jan_1914, Gloucester Co. VA d.27_Nov_2012, Wicomico, Gloucester Co. VA m.3_May_1929, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Stanley R. Greene Sr.
           .   . .    11 Living Greene
           .   . .      12 DNA Project ID ATA0348 (autosomal DNA)
           .   . 8 George Washington Hogg/Hogge b.2_Nov_1874, Gloucester Co. VA d.17_Mar_1961, Newport News VA
           .   .   9 Mary Magdalene Hogge b.13_Jan_1904, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Feb_1988, Gloucester Co. VA m.5_Oct_1924, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Ernest L. Jenkins Sr.
           .   .    10 Rachel Annette Jenkins b.21_Jul_1938, Gloucester Co. VA d.28_Aug_2008, Poquoson VA m.9_Apr_1955, Emporia VA wife of John M. West Sr.
           .   .      11 DNA Project ID ATA0351 (autosomal DNA)
           .   7 Georgiana A. Hogg b.1837, Gloucester Co. VA d. before 1892, Gloucester Co. VA wife of James J. Jenkins
           .   . 8 Louise/Louisa Jenkins b.11_Oct_1875, Gloucester Co. VA d.Mar_1883, Newport News VA wife of William A. Hogg/Hogge
           .   .   9 Susana Hogg/Hogge b.6_Apr_1891, Gloucester Co. VA d.27_Jan_1974, Gloucester Co. VA wife of James A. Jenkins
           .   .    10 James W. Jenkins b.8_Sep_1912, Cloucester Co. VA d.19_Sep_1970, Hampton VA
           .   .      11 Charles R. Jenkins b.4_Nov_1948, Elizabeth City Co. VA d.3_Mar_2008, Hampton VA
           .   .        12 DNA Project ID ATA0071 (autosomal DNA)
           .   7 Pinkey Elizabeth Hogg b.20_Jul_1838, Gloucester Co. VA d.18_Jun_1899, Portsmouth VA m.20_Jul_1859, Portsmouth VA wife of Thomas H. Quillen
           .   . 8 Margaret Davis Quillen b.22_Aug_1862, Portsmouth VA d.13_Oct_1923, Gloucester Co. VA m.21_Mar_1878 wife of William F. Thomas
           .   .   9 Leona Maude Thomas b.1_Oct_1878, Severn, Gloucester Co. VA d.15_May_1973, Portsmouth VA wife of William F. Tyler
           .   .    10 DNA Project ID ATA0350 (autosomal DNA)
           .   7 Warner Henry Hogg Jr. b.11_Feb_1842, Gloucester Co. VA d.5_Sep_1905
           .   . 8 Susan Hogge b.18_Nov_1882, Gloucester Co. VA d.17_Sep_1970 m.22_Apr_1903, Gloucester Co. VA wife of George Washington Hogge
           .   .   9 Mary Magdalene Hogge b.13_Jan_1904, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Feb_1988, Gloucester Co. VA m.5_Oct_1924, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Ernest L. Jenkins Sr.
           .   .    10 Rachel Annette Jenkins b.21_Jul_1938, Gloucester Co. VA d.28_Aug_2008, Poquoson VA m.9_Apr_1955, Emporia VA wife of John M. West Sr.
           .   .      11 DNA Project ID ATA0351 (autosomal DNA)
           .   7 Allen T. Hogg b.Apr_1850, Gloucester Co. VA
           .   . 8 Ida Sue Hogg b.Oct_1884, Gloucester Co. VA m.20_May_1902, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Coleman Jenkins
           .   .   9 Thomas Lee Jenkins b.19_May_1904, Maryus, Gloucester Co. VA d.10_Apr_1972, Newport News VA
           .   .    10 Rachel Annette Jenkins b.21_Jul_1938, Gloucester Co. VA d.28_Aug_2008, Poquoson VA m.9_Apr_1955, Emporia VA wife of John M. West Sr.
           .   .      11 DNA Project ID ATA0351 (autosomal DNA)
           .   7 Lillian Ann Hogg b.1851 Gloucester Co. VA d.14_Sep_1890, Gloucester Co. VA m.14_Jan_1968, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Christopher West Jr.
           .     8 Warner Christopher West b.Mar_1871, Gloucester Co. VA d.10_May_1932, Gloucester Co. VA
           .       9 John Howard West b.1907, Gloucester Co. VA
           .        10 John Morris West Sr. b14_May_1928, Gloucester Co. VA d.9_Jan_2002, Newport News VA
           .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0351 (autosomal DNA)
           5 Lewis Hogg b.ca.1775, Gloucester Co. VA
             6 Lewis Hogg b.1818, Gloucester Co. VA
               7 Andrew Jackson (Jack) Hogg b.1858, Gloucester Co. VA, d.16_Jan_1940, Gloucester Co. VA
                 8 Maryus H. Hogg b.12_Mar_1890, Gloucester Co. VA, d.19_May_1948, Gloucester Co. VA
                   9 DNA Project ID VA1656a: desc of Richard Hogg Sr. > Fielding b.1745, ATF0004 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)

line VA1657: descendants of John Hogg of New Kent Co. VA -- John Hogg came to Virginia in 1657 as headright to Capt. Leonard Chamberlain (C&P Vol. 1, p. 346, 451). He settled in New Kent Co. As a result of the DNA study, we have learned that line NC1720, descendants of Gideon Hogg of Caswell Co. NC, and line VA1790, descendants of Sampson Hogg of Virginia and Indiana, are part of this line. Consequently we have merged those trees into this tree. We are retaining the nomenclature NC1720 and VA1790 for consistancy and historical continuity.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 John Hogg of New Kent Co. VA b. before 1638 d. before 1703
     2 William Hogg of St. Paul's Parish, New Kent/Hanover Co. VA b.1682-1683, New Kent Co. VA d.ca.1749
       3 Milbourn Hogg b.ca.1707, New Kent Co. VA d.ca.1764
       . 4 John Hogg b.ca.1739, Hanover Co. VA d.1814, Amherst Co. VA
       . . 5 Randolph Hogg b.1766, Amherst Co. VA
       . . . 6 James Hogue b.10_Jul_1819, Rockbridge Co. VA d.1_Oct_1887, Van Buren Co. IA (Randolph -> James not proved)
       . . .   7 Samuel Chappel Hogue b.Aug_1845, Van Buren Co. IA d.1933, Van Buren Co. IA
       . . .     8 George Winfield Hogue b.19_May_1887, Van Buren Co. IA d.Nov_1963, Bonapart IA
       . . .       9 Thaine Ray Hogue b.10_Mar_1916, Van Buren Co. IA d.26_Mar_1996, Hardin Co. IA
       . . .        10 DNA Project ID VA1657c: desc of James Hogg b.1819, Rockbridge Co. VA
       . . 5 Samuel Hogg/Hogue b.17_Aug_1767. Amherst Co. VA d.aft.1850
       . .   6 Samuel Theodore Hogue b.14_Feb_1816, Amherst Co. VA d.15_Feb_1892, Montgomery MO
       . .     7 Milburn Norman Hogue b.31_Oct_1849, Centerville, Wayne Co. IN d.9_Jun_1936, Plainview, Hale Co. TX
       . .       8 Samuel Tilden Hogue b.18_Nov_1876, Pottsboro, Grayson Co. TX d.22_Dec_1960, Phoenix AZ
       . .       . 9 Austin Donald Hogue b.26_Jan_1924, Dorchester, Grayson Co. TX d.24_Nov_2000, Phoenix AZ
       . .       .  10 DNA Project ID VA1657a: desc of John Hogg of New Kent Co. VA, ATF0008 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
       . .       8 Houston Homer Hogue b.29_Aug_1900, Basin Springs, Grayson Co. TX d.3_Jan_1963, Corvallis OR
       . .         9 DNA Project ID ATF0025 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Milbourn Hogg of Albemarle Co. VA
       .   5 William Hogg of Albemarle Co. VA (Milbourn -> William not proved)
       .     6 Sampson Hogg b.1790-1800, Virginia (William -> Sampson not proved)
       .       7 James R. Hogg b.1812, Virginia (Sampson -> James R. not proved)
       .         8 Marion Hogg b.1832, Indiana
       .           9 James Robert Hogg b.Jan_1863, Jennings Co. Indiana, d. before 1920
       .            10 John Edmund Hogg b.14_Feb_1884, Poplar Bluff MO
       .              11 DNA Project ID VA1790a: desc of Sampson Hogg b.1790-1800 VA, ATF0010 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
       3 Gideon Hogg Sr. b.1720, Hanover Co. VA d.Apr_1793, Caswell Co. NC
       . 4 Mary Hogg b.ca.1745 wife of Elijah Yates
       . . 5 George Woodford Yates b.1765, Caroline Co. VA d.9_Mar_1859, Caswell Co. NC
       . .   6 George Washington Yates Sr. b.1801, Virginia d.1870, Henderson Co. KY
       . .     7 George Washington Yates Jr. b.Oct_1845, Webster Co. KY d.23_Aug_1923, Henderson Co. KY
       . .       8 Thomas Jefferson Yates b.4_Dec_1882, Webster Co. KY d.5_Nov_1986, Union Co. KY
       . .         9 Ella Elizabeth Yates b.10_Feb_1904, Henderson Co. KY d.21_Mar_1977, Henderson Co. KY m.8_Dec_1921 wife of Otto E. Phillips
       . .          10 Elsie Jane Phillips b.9_Aug_1927, Henderson Co. KY d.29_Oct_2006, Hnderson Co. KY m.1946 wife of Rev Walter Rollie Stone
       . .            11 Living Stone wife of Living King
       . .              12 DNA Project ID ATF0329 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 William Hogg Sr. rev. war soldier b.1747-1750 d.1810, Barren Co. KY
       . . 5 Archellis Hogg b.ca.1774, North Carolina d.aft.1860, Benton Co. MO
       . . . 6 Gibson Hogg-Hogue b.ca.1816, Perry Co. KY d.10_Mar_1863, Helena AK, on the hospital boat NASHVILLE
       . . .   7 Archelius (Arches) Hogue b.27_Jul_1858, Miller Co. MO d.9_Oct_1931, New Hope, Bates Co. MO
       . . .     8 Alonzo Leonard Hogue b.30_Dec_1883, Brumley, Miller Co. MO d.28_May_1939, Butler, Bates Co. MO bu. Morris Cemetery, Nyhart, Bates Co. MO
       . . .       9 Glenard Paul Hogue b.18_Mar_1916, Brumley, Miller Co. MO d.28_Mar_2001, Salem UT
       . . .        10 DNA Project ID ATF0060 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Reuben William Hogg b.1775-1778, Virginia d.27_Jul_1839, Barren Co. KY
       . . . 6 Susannah Hogg b.1798, Granger Co. TN, d.1846, Fort Bend Co. TX, wife of Joseph Bridges
       . . . . 7 Nancy G. Bridges b.10_Jun_1835, Kentucky, d.23_Dec_1917, Polk Co. MO, wife of Boyd W. Miller
       . . . .   8 Charles C. Miller b.May_1861, Missouri, d.13_Nov_1934, Fresno Co. CA
       . . . .     9 Annis Corda Miller b.8_Nov_1886, Polk Co. MO, d.3_Jul_1940, Jasper Co. MO, wife of Ralph N. Hendricks
       . . . .      10 Willid Carrol Hendrix b.13_Sep_1909, Polk Co. MO, d.1_Dec_1976, Contra Costa Co. CA
       . . . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0107 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 William Hogg Sr. b.1801 d.1829
       . . . . 7 William Hogg Jr. b.1829 d.1924
       . . . .   8 Hon. John Wesley Hogg b.1864 d.1949
       . . . .     9 Clarence Undrel Hogg b.1894 d.1984
       . . . .      10 Raymond Hogg b.1917 d.2006
       . . . .        11 Living Hogg
       . . . .          12 Troy S. Hogg, PhD, DNA Project ID NC1720a: desc of Gideon Hogg of Caswell Co. NC #1
       . . . 6 Isaac Hogg b.1814, Kentucky
       . . . . 7 Irene Emma Hogue b.1846, Indiana, d.19_Jun_1919, Oklahoma, wife of Robert Jones, wife of Ebenezer Peugh
       . . . .   8 Matilda Bell Jones b.Jan_1866, Indiana, wife of Thomas M. Overstreet
       . . . .   . 9 Robert Franklin Rollo-Overstreet b.30_Oct_1881, Missouri, d.13_May_1949, Osage Co. OK
       . . . .   .  10 Pansy Marie Rollo-Overstreet b.1919, Osage Co. OK, d.1974, Mesa AZ, wife of Leio M. Jones-Murdock
       . . . .   .    11 DNA Project ID ATA0242 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . .   .    11 Living Jones-Murdock, wife of Living Blackwell
       . . . .   .      12 DNA Project ID ATA0241 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . .   8 George Charles Peugh b.12_Jul_1879, Harrison Co. MO, d.27_Jan_1957, Osage Co. OK
       . . . .     9 Vera Viola Peugh b.21_Apr_1905, Osage Co. OK, d.19_Oct_1962, Montgomery Co. KS, wife of Alfred M. Robison
       . . . .      10 Ray Edward Robison b.3_Oct_1926, Montgomery Co. KS, d.4_Jan_1968, El Paso TX
       . . . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0249 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 John Wisdom Hogg b.1815, Barren Co. KY d. ca.1851, Polk Co. MO
       . . .   7 William H. Hogg b.3_Mar_1843, Barren Co. KY d.31_May_1924, Polk Co. MO
       . . .     8 Robert Warner Hogg b.1_Mar_1871, Greene, Polk Co. MO d.29_May_1913, Granite, Greene Co. OK
       . . .       9 Leslie Earl Hogg b.1_Jun_1900, Missouri d.31_Oct_1978, Granite, Greene Co. OK
       . . .        10 Living Hogg b.6_Aug_1927, Oklahoma
       . . .          11 John Leslie Hogg b.18_Aug_1948, Granite, Greene Co. OK d. Texas
       . . .            12 DNA Project ID NC1720b: desc of Gideon Hogg of Caswell Co. NC #2
       . . 5 Gibson Hogg-Hogue b.1780, Wilkes Co. NC d.1840, Conway Co. AR
       . . . 6 E. G. Hogue b.1820, Tennessee d.1850-1860, Conway Co. AR
       . . .   7 Charles Carroll Hogue b.1853, Arkansas d.1876, Arkansas
       . . .     8 Thomas Benjamin Hogue b.1877, Faulkner Co. AR d._1951, Oklahoma City OK
       . . .       9 Charles William Hogue b.1901, Magazine, Logan Co. AR d.1982, Tulsa OK
       . . .        10 Charles Calvin Hogue b.1927, Oklahoma City OK d.2013
       . . .          11 DNA Project ID NC1720c: desc of Gideon Hogg of Caswell Co. NC #3
       . . 5 Anderson Hogg Sr. b.ca.1780, North Carolina, d.ca.1855, Fentress Co. TN
       . . . 6 Milburn Hogue b.1808, Kentucky, d.1865, Indiana
       . . .   7 Anderson Hogue Jr. b.23_Feb_1835, Fentress Co. TN, d.1_Jul_1887, Fentress Co. TN
       . . .     8 Albert Ross Hogue b.24_Jul_1873, Fentress Co. TN, d.18_Oct_1978, Fentress Co. TN
       . . .       9 Roscoe Douglas Hogue b.18_Sep_1895, Overton Co. TN, d.26_Jun_1986, Escambia Co. FL
       . . .       .10 Eloise Matilda Hogue b.ca.1923, Melbourne FL, d.7_Aug_2004, Atlanta GA, wife of Charles P. Gilleland
       . . .       .  11 DNA Project ID ATA0197 (autosomal DNA)
       . . .       9 Woodrow Grant Hogue b.5_Oct_1911, Fentress Co. TN, d.2_Oct_2007, Overton Co. TN
       . . .        10 Billy Grant Hogue Sr. b.15_Jun_1941, White Co. TN, d.13_Apr_1993, Cleveland OH
       . . .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0296 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Gideon Hogg-Hogue b.1785, North Carolina, d.1858, Conway Co. AR
       . .   6 William Jasper Hogue b.1_Sep_1844, Faulkner Co. AR, d.2_Nov_1918, Scott Co. AR
       . .     7 Francis Mrion Hogue 15_Nov_1877, Conway Co. AR, d.1_Mar_1959, Oklahoma Co. OK
       . .       8 Rossie Hogue b.7_Jul_1912, New Castle OK, d.17_Jan_2004, Oklahoma City OK, wife of Edgar Miller
       . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0296 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Ann Hogg b.ca.1751, wife of Joseph Denton
       . . 5 Jeremiah Denton b.1770, Caswell Co. NC, d.17_Oct_1835, White Co. TN
       . . . 6 Golda Denton b.1808, Tennessee, d.1855, Clinton Co. KY, wife of Samuel Couch
       . . .   7 Elizabeth Couch b.1931, White CO. TN d.1904, Denton Co. MO wife of Cornelius Green Burns
       . . .   . 8 Sarah Ann Burns b.16_Oct_1863, Sent Co. MO d.12_Sep_1935, Ottawa Co. OK m.17_Jul_1881, Texas Co. MO wife of Fielden David Johnson
       . . .   .   9 Charles Monroe Johnson b.16_Oct_1956, Missouri d.14_May_1956, Ottawa Co. OK
       . . .   .    10 Louise Johnson b.28_Oct_1914, Ottawa Co. OK d.26_Mar_1970, Tulsa OK m.29_Dec_1934 wife of Cecil Eugene George
       . . .   .      11 DNA Project ID ATA0328 (autosomal DNA)
       . . .   7 William Couch b.1837, White Co. TN, d.1928
       . . .     8 Louisa Ellen Couch b.13_Jan_1870, Newton Co. AR, d.18_Jan_1927, Watts OK, wife of Allison Bouyear
       . . .       9 William Allison Bouyear b.15_Jun_1909, Carroll Co. AR, d.25_Dec_1960, Kansas City MO
       . . .        10 Living Bouyear, wife of Harvey B. Hempfling
       . . .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0177 (autosomal DNA)
       . . .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0178 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Isaac D. Denton b.Sep_1774, Caswell Co. NC, d.1870, Jackson Co. TN
       . . . 6 Noah Denton b.1811, Jackson Co. TN, d.1883, Clay Co. TN
       . . .   7 Elias Denton b.ca.1834, Tennessee
       . . .     8 Mary Ella Denton b.19_Sep_1870, Tennessee, d.18_Oct_1926, Van Zandt Co. TX, wife of Samuel D. Tillery
       . . .       9 Alvin Staton Tillery b.29_Jul_1895, Van Zandt Co. TX, d.17_Jun_1971, Cherokee Co. TX
       . . .        10 Bonnie Nell Tillery b.16_Jan_1930, Van Zandt Co. TX, d.25_Oct_2015, Harris Co. TX, wife of Roy G. Hamby
       . . .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0180 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Justice Wheeler Denton b.20_Nov_1784, Westchester Co. NY, d.13_May_1875, Indiana
       . .   6 Emily Denton b.28_Jan_1813, Clay Co. IN, d.11_Feb_1896, McDonough Co. IL, wife of James F. LeMaster
       . .     7 Joseph Fleming LeMaster b.21_Jun_1847, Clay Co. IN, d.24_Jun_1922, McDonough Co. IL
       . .       8 Bert Leroy LeMaster b.7_Nov_1873, McDonough Co. IL, d.27_Jan_1951, Peoria IL
       . .         9 Hazel Isabel LeMaster b.6_Jul_1911, McDonough Co. IL, d.27_Apr_1985, Lewis Co. TN, wife of Ralph W. Keener
       . .          10 Living Keener, wife of Thomas R. Smith
       . .            11 DNA Project ID ATA0179 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Gideon Hogg Jr b.ca.1755, d.1790, Franklin Co. TN
       . . 5 Elizabeth Hogg b.1794, North Carolina, d.1839, Hardin CO. IL, m.1810, Franklin Co. TN, wife of William Howell
       . .   6 Riley Jennings Howell b.16_Nov_1812, Franklin Co. TN, d.6_Oct_1884, Franklin Co. AR
       . .     7 Josephine Howell b.ca.1861, Franklin Co. AR, d.1888, Franklin Co. AR, m.25_Dec_1877, Benton Co. MO, wife of Lewis Marlow
       . .       8 Samuel Gideon Marlow b.23_Dec_1883, Arkansas, d.18_Aug_1948, Gladewatter TX
       . .         9 Cleo Randall Marlowe b.4_Oct_1917, Bryan Co. OK, d.17_Oct_1990, Smith Co. TX
       . .          10 DNA Project ID ATA0295 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Mourning Hogg (Monie) b.ca.1756 m.1766, Caswell Co. NC wife of Abraham Denton III d. Monroe Co. TN
       . . 5 Nancy Mourning Denton b.1776, Green Co. TN m.1797, White Co. TN wife of Samuel A. Moore Jr. d.27_Dec_1866, White Co. TN
       . . . 6 Denton Moore b.31_Aug_1797, White Co. TN, d.21_Jun_1873, Madison Co. TN
       . . .   7 Alpha Orpha Moore b.5_Oct_1828, Jackson Co. TN, d.5_Aug_1889, Jackson Co. TN, wife of Andrew V. Vanhooser
       . . .     8 Elizabeth Vanhooser b.7_Oct_1850, Jackson Co. TN, d.1880, wife of Milton B. Mosley
       . . .       9 Milton Bedford Mosley b.ca.1844, Jackson Co. TN, d.ca.1893, Clay Co. TN
       . . .        10 Valentine Vanhooser Mosley b.25_Nov_1870, Jackson Co. TN, d.18_Sep_1951, Jackson Co. TN
       . . .          11 Lex D. Mosley b.13_Jan_1895, Jackson Co. TN, d.8_May_1976, Davidson Co. TN
       . . .            12 Vester Pual Mosley b.21_Jun_1918, Jackson Co. TN, d.4_Jul_1985, Nashville TN
       . . .             13 DNA Project ID ATA0188 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 Samuel Ottison Moore (Otto) b.1805-1807, White Co. TN
       . . .   7 Tabitha Moore b.1828, White Co. TN wife of Samuel Clark Swindle d. after 1880, White Co. TN
       . . .     8 James Monroe "Mon" Swindle b.10_Feb_1846, White Co. TN d.12_Mar_1904, White Co. TN
       . . .     . 9 Vernia Elvira Seindell b.1_Jun_1894, Green Briar, White Co. TN wife of Perry G. Byars d.1_Apr_1985, McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
       . . .     .  10 Robert Lucile Byars b.6_Dec_1918, Keltonburg, DeKalb Co. TN wife of Bertha Hennessee d.23_Mar_2008, McMinnville, Warren Co. TN
       . . .     .    11 DNA Project ID ATF0062 (autosomal DNA)
       . . .     8 Lafayette Swindell b.21_Feb_1856, White Co. TN, d.4_Jul_1925, Madison Co. AL
       . . .       9 Sherman Lee Swindell b.16_Nov_1887, White Co. TN, d.19_Nov_1951, Madison Co. AL
       . . .        10 Ursula Belle Swindell b.19_Jun_1910, White Co. TN, d.14_Sep_1997, Madison Co. AL, wife of Lionel Certain
       . . .          11 Living Certain, wife of Living Hymer
       . . .            12 DNA Project ID ATA0190 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Elijah Denton b.20_Dec_1782, Tennessee, d.25_Oct_1870, White Co. TN
       . . . 6 Tidence Lane Denton b.15_Nov_1810, White Co. TN, d.29_May_1892, White Co. TN
       . . .   7 Elizabeth Denton b.1858, White Co. TN, d.1877, White Co. TN, wife of Wiley M. Underwood
       . . .     8 Dr. Smith Jay Underwood b.6_Jun_1874, White Co. TN, d.2_Jan_1944, Hale Co. TX
       . . .       9 Smith Denton Underwood Sr. b.11_Mar_1905, Erath Co. TX, d.5_Dec_1987, Smith Co. TX
       . . .        10 DNA Project ID ATA0191 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 Rachel Denton b.24_Apr_1813, White Co. TN, d.6_Jun_1891, Warren Co. TN, wife of Smith J. Walling
       . . .   7 Nancy Walling b.27_Oct_1835, White Co. TN, d.10_Apr_1892, White Co. TN, wife of Rezi J. Stroud
       . . .     8 Virgie Maud Stroud b.5_Oct_1878, White Co. TN, d.24_Apr_1969, Reeves Co. TX, wife of Jim Camp
       . . .       9 Nancy Elizabeth Camp b.30_Aug_1916, Reeves Co. TX, d.30_Dec_2000, Reeves Co. TX, wife of John R. Dean
       . . .        10 DNA Project ID ATA0185 (autosomal DNA)
       . . .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0186 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 Lydia Denton b.5_Jan_1826, Tennessee, d.5_Dec_1879, Hamilton Co. IL, wife of Samuel C. Tittle
       . . .   7 Samuel F. Tittle b.ca.1867, Illinois
       . . .     8 James Arthur Tirrle Sr. b.9_Jun_1894 Hamilton Co. IL, d.14_May_1955, Illinois
       . . .       9 Robert Eugene Tittle b.19_Oct_1928, Wayne Co. IL, d.14_Dec_2006, Jersey Co. IL
       . . .        10 DNA Project ID ATA0188 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Agnes Denton b.1785, White Co. TN, d.1850, Trimble Co. KY, wife of Garrett Moore
       . . . 6 Mahala Moore b.11_Apr_1819, Jackson Co. TN, d.27_Nov_1911, Clay Co. TN, wife of Welcome Pennington
       . . . . 7 Emiline D. Pennington b.ca.1847, Tennessee, d.12_Feb_1900, wife of Isaac J. B. Spear
       . . . .   8 John Bennett Spear b.13_Mar_1876, Monroe Co. KY, d.14_Mar_1939, Bakersfield CA
       . . . .     9 Andrew B. Spears b.1900, Clay Co. TN, d.1959, Indianapolis IN
       . . . .      10 Living Spears, wife of Leo McClure
       . . . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0192 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 Nancy Elizabeth Moore b.2_Mar_1821, Madison Co. TN, d.15_Mar_1888, Clay Co. TN, wife of Samuel Plumlee
       . . .   7 Newton Moore Plumlee b.15_Feb_1852, Clay Co. TN, d.1932, Celina TN
       . . .     8 Eulas Newton Plumlee b.5_Jul_1895, Clay Co. TN, d.11_Dec_1985, Clay Co. TN
       . . .       9 DNA Project ID ATA0187 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Margaret Denton b.1786, White Co. TN, dl25_Oct_1858, Decatur Co. TN, wife of Jessee Moore
       . . . 6 Malinda Moore b.28_Apr_1821, Tennessee, d.30_Jan_1880, Decatur Co. TN, wife of James R. Lomax
       . . .   7 Margaret J. Lomax b.31_Jul_1856, Decatur Co. TN, d.19_Jan_1930, Henderson Co. IL, wife of Richard N. Welch
       . . .     8 William Lee Welch b.14_Dec_1883, Henderson Co. TN, d.6_Apr_1981, Pemiscot Co. MO
       . . .       9 William Floyd Welch b.28_Dec_1909, Decatur Co. TN, d.15_May_1988, Pemiscot Co. MO
       , , .        10 William Delano Welch b.25_Mar_1933, Pemiscot Co. MO, d.30_Mar_2007, Lancaster Co. PA
       . . .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0182 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Martha Denton b.1787, White Co. TN, d.1845, Madison Co. TN, wife of Cornelius Clanc
       . .   6 Elijah Clancy b.1822, Jackson Co. TN, d.1871, Clay Co. TN
       . .     7 George Dibrel Clancy b.31_Mar_1870, Madison Co. TN, d.9_Jul_1939, Clay Co. TN
       . .       8 Bertha Clancy b.20_Mar_1893, Tennessee, d.13_Jul_1920, Tennessee, wife of Walter Reecer
       . .         9 Ersie Reecer b.Sep_1911, Tennessee, d.2008, Ohio, wife of Benton A. Watkins
       . .          10 Living Watkins, wife of Living Wood`
       . .          . 11 DNA Project ID ATA0183 (autosomal DNA)
       . .          10 DNA Project ID ATA0184 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Judith Hogg b.ca.1759, Orange Co. NC, d.30_Jan_1845, Christian Co. KY, wife of John Gibson Jr.
       . . 5 Alsey Ruth Gibson b.1785, North Carolina, wife of Jacob M. Lindley
       . . . 6 Samuel Lindley b.1808, Christian Co. KY d.Jan_1891, Hopkins Co. TX
       . . . . 7 Alice Mae Lindley b.23_May_1849, Hopkins Co. TX d.13_Aug_1922, Texas wife of Leeaiden P. Posey
       . . . .   8 Ida Mae Posey b.6_Aug_1866, Hopkins Co. YX d.7_Oct_1952, Sulpher Springs, Hopkins Co. TX wife of Robert Brooks Sickles
       . . . .     9 William Leeaiden Sickles b.18_May_1890, Sulpher Springs, Hopkins Co. TX d.15_Dec_1974, Amarillo TX
       . . . .      10 DNA Project ID ATA0415 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 Jehu Lindley b.11_Mar_1815, Christian Co. KY, d.19_Mar_1906, Hunt Co. TX
       . . . . 7 Ephraim Lindley b.13_Mar_1837, Cedar Co. MO, d.6_Oct_1928, Wood Co. TX
       . . . .   8 John Thomas Lindley b.22_Nov_1881, Hunt Co. TX, d.20_Nov_1967, McLennan Co. TX
       . . . .     9 John D. Lindley b.17_Dec_1913, Wood Co. TX, d.14_Feb_2000, Potter Co. TX
       . . .        10 DNA Project ID ATA0193 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 Jacob Q. Lindley b.1817, Christian Co. KY, d.28_Nov_1888, Cedar Co. MO
       . . .   7 Sarah E. Lindley b.15_Dec_1859, Barton Co. MO, d.8_Feb_1923, Cedar Co. MO, m.8_Mar_1882, wife of Henry L. Baker
       . . .     8 Loretta Etna Baker b.26_Sep_1883, Cedar Co. MO, d.13_Sep_1953, Polk Co. MO, m.ca.1905, wife of Isaac L. Baker
       . . .       9 Rathbrun Isaac Baker b.17_Jul_1912, Polk Co. MO, d.1_May_1988, Polk Co. MO
       . . .        10 Living Baker, wife of Stephen Cody
       . . .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0287 (autosomal DNA)
       . . 5 Pittman Gibson b.1799, Caswell Co. NC, d.1856, Marengo Co. AL
       . .   6 Dr Malcomb McNeil Gibson b.15_Jan_1843, Louisville KY, d.29_Mar_1908, Eastland Co. TX
       . .     7 Twillie Camilla Gibson b.1_Oct_1867, Ashley Co. AR, d.24_Nov_1914, Eastland Co. TX, m.15_Jan_1887, wife of Jacob L. Alford
       . .       8 Benjamin Franklin Alford Sr. b.9_Jan_1898, Eastland Co. TX, d.26_May_1981, San Patricio Co. TX
       . .         9 Benjamin Franklin Alford Jr. b.24_Jun_1920, Eastland Co. TX, d.27_Mar_2011, San Antonio TX
       . .          10 DNA Project ID ATA0288 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Andrew Hogg-Hogue b.ca.1762 d.29_Aug_1838, Casey Co. KY
       .   5 John Hogue b.1792, Caswell Co. NC d.1860, Casey Co. KY
       .   . 6 Madison Henderson Hogue b.1813, Casey Co. KY d. after 1880, Casey Co. KY
       .   . . 7 Patsy Priscilla Hogue b.2_Jan_1841, Pulaski Co. KY, d.30_Mar_1910, Casey Co. KY, wife of James Spears
       .   . . . 8 Ada Francis Spears b.9_Jun_1886, Casey Co. KY, d.27_Apr_1942, Casey Co. KY, wife of Elmer Brown
       .   . . .   9 Minnie Hazel Brown b.14_Aug_1920, Kentcky, d.5_May_2006, Kentucky, wife of Walter D. Dorn
       .   . . .    10 Living Dorn
       .   . . .      11 DNA Project ID ATA0243 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . 7 William Madison Hogue b.20_Sep_1845, Casey Co. KY d.26_Jan_1936, Lincoln Co. KY
       .   . . . 8 Luther Martin Hogue b.18_May_1878, Lincoln Co. KY d.1_May_1963, Lincoln Co. KY
       .   . . . . 9 Della Hogue b.26_Jul_1903, Lincoln Co. KY, d.19_Apr_2002, Lincoln Co. KY, wife of Hugh R. Terry
       .   . . . . .10 Livng Terry, wife of Living Sims
       .   . . . . .  11 Living Sims
       .   . . . . .    12 DNA Project ID ATA0235 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . . . 9 Mayme Hogue b.4_Dec_1923, Lincoln Co. KY, d.22_Feb_2015, Kentucky, wife of John L. Peek
       .   . . . . .10 Living Peek
       .   . . . . .  11 DNA Project ID ATA0236 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . . . 9 Joseph Madison Hogue b.22_Sep_1926, Lincoln Co. KY d.29_Mar_1995, Hustonville, Lincoln Co. KY
       .   . . . .  10 Living Hogue
       .   . . . .    11 DNA Project ID NC1720d: desc of Gideon Hogg of Caswell Co. NC #4; Project ID ATA0086 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . . 8 George A. Hogue b.22_Oct_1852, Casey Co. KY, d.12_May_1930, Hamilton Co. OH
       .   . . . . 9 Flora Ellen Hogue b.13_Oct_1886, Lincoln Co. KY, d.22_May_1956, Casey Co. KY, wife of Marcus D. Ponder
       .   . . . .  10 Marguerite Macie Ponder b.27_Oct_1919, Casey Co. KY, d.3_Mar_2011, Casey Co. KY, wife of Marcus Ray Douglas
       .   . . . .    11 Living Douglas, wife of Living Watson
       .   . . . .      12 DNA Project ID ATA0240 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . . 8 Virgil Bristo Hogue b.22_Feb_1881, Lincoln Co. KY, d.26_Mar_1960, Boyle Co. KY
       .   . . .   9 Chester Odis Pumphrey b.5_Mar_1907, Kentucky, d.2_Feb_1979, Lincolnn Co. KY
       .   . . .    10 DNA Project ID ATA0237 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . 7 Matilda Francis Hogue b.1_Feb_1859, Casey Co. KY, d.16_Nov_1927, Casey Co. KY, wife of Joseph Douglas
       .   . . . 8 Mollie Douglas b.27_Dec_1883, Casey Co. KY, d.5_May_1974, Pennington Co. SD, wife of John R. Staton
       .   . . .   9 Ruth Staton b.1_Jul_1907, Casey Co. KY, d.18_Jan_1990, Larimer Co. CO, wife of George W. Meyers
       .   . . .    10 Betty Sue Meyers b.19_Mar_1931, Pennington Co. SD, d.30_Sep_2003, Larimer Co. CO, wife of Living DeGabain
       .   . . .     .11 DNA Project ID ATA0246 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . .     .11 DNA Project ID ATA0247 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . .    10 DNA Project ID ATA0245 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . . 7 Jeremiah M. Hogue b.21_Jan_1865, Casey Co. KY, d.11_Feb_1947, Casey Co. KY
       .   . .   8 Eva Hogue b.16_Apr_1893, Casey Co. KY, d.27_Jan_1986, Lexington KY, wife of Edward F. Hamilton
       .   . .     9 Tressie Hamilton b.2_Sep_1920, Casey Co. KY, d.3_Jul_1982, Christian Co. KY, wife of Beldon Baker
       .   . .     .10 DNA Project ID ATA0239 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . .     9 DNA Project ID ATA0238 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . 6 James Harrison Hogue b.1816, Casey Co. KY d. after 1875, Casey Co. KY
       .   . . 7 William Hogue b.1842, Casey Co. KY
       .   . .   8 Gertrude Hogue b.3_May_1888, Junction City, Boyle Co. KY m.10_Jan_1914, Bloomfield, Greene Co. IN wife of Elihah E. Edington
       .   . .     9 Edmond E. Edington b.12_May_1926, LInton, Greene Co. IN d.31_Mar_2000, Ocala, Marion Co. FL
       .   . .      10 DNA Project ID ATA0039 (autosomal DNA)
       .   . 6 Mary Ann Hogue b.1824, Kentucky, d.1870, Casey Co. KY
       .   .   7 Amanda Hogue b.1840, Casey Co. KY, d.24_Sep_1858, Casey Co. KY, wife of Lafayette King
       .   .     8 John William King b.29_Nov_1858, Casey Co. KY, d.29_Jun_1908, Johnson Co. TX
       .   .       9 Thomas Henry King b.5_Jan_1885, Tarrant Co. TX, d.7_Jun_1950, Johnson Co. TX
       .   .        10 Jewell Katherine King b.2_Oct_1923, Texas, d.25_Dec_1969, Houston TX, wife of Cecil C. Walker
       .   .          11 DNA Project ID ATA0244 (autosomal DNA)
       .   5 Elizabeth Hogue b.8_Feb_1798, Caswell Co. NC d.2_Oct_1870, Coles Co. IL m.15_Dec_1819, Casey Co. KY wife of Elijah Carman
       .     6 Mary Partemia Carman b.1826, Casey Co. KY d.1899, Bado, Texas Co. MO m.16_Jun_1846, Lincoln Co. KY wife of Francis Wall
       .       7 Nancy S. Wall b.8_Apr_1848, Casey Co. KY d.22_Mar_1876, Texas Co. MO m.7_Feb_1867, Huston, Dallas Co. MO wife of John M. Keeth
       .         8 John William Keeth b.24_Oct_1869, Texass Co. MO d.Jun_1958, Idabell, McCurtain Co. OK
       .           9 Edith Keeth b.16_Dec_1899, Cabool, Howell Co. MO d.14_Jul_1997, Haworth, McCurtain Co. OK m.25_Oct_1914, Savier Co. AR wife of Luther H. Tolison
       .            10 Herbert Bill Tolison b.15_Feb_1929, Goodwater, McCurtain Co. OK d.16_Jan_2004, Texarkana TX
       .              11 DNA Project ID ATA0363 (autosomal DNA)
       3 Elizabeth Ann Hogg wife of Abraham Denton III d.1770
         4 John Denton b.17_Jun_1759, Dunsmore Co, VA d.5_Jul_1842, Monroe Co. TN
           5 Isaac Denton Sr. b.28_Feb_1794, Tennessee d.8_Feb_1883, Caloosa Co. GA
              6 Isaac Denton Jr. b.1830
                7 Martha Elizabeth Denton b.2_Npv_1861, Monroe Co. TN wife of Francis N. Eddleman d.20_Jul_1934, McKinney TX
                  8 Isaac Francis Eddleman b.10_Oct_1900, Floyd, Hunt Co. TX d.15_Sep_1987, McKinney Tx
                    9 Living Eddleman b. aft 1913 wife of Benjamin L. Hamilton
                     10 DNA Project ID ATF0050 (autosomal DNA)

line VA1658: descendants of William Hogg (Hoges) of York Co. VA -- William Hoges is first mentioned in the records in York County in 1658.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 William Hogg of York Co. VA before 1658
     2 John Hogg of York Co. VA (William -> John not proved)
       3 Charles Hogg d.1736, York Co. VA (John Jr. -> Charles not proved)
         4 Richard Hogg of York Co. VA (Charles -> Richard not proved)
           5 John Hogg Sr. b.ca.1760 d.1843, York Co, VA (Richard -> John Sr. not proved)
           . 6 Zachariah Hogg b.ca.1791, York Co. VA d.1844, York Co. VA
           . . 7 William Hogg Jr. b.ca.1813 d.Jan_1849
           . .   8 James William Hogg b.Sep_1834, Virginia d.2_Mar_1913
           . .     9 John Edwin Hogg b.31_Mar_1874 d.13_Feb_1939
           . .      10 Dr. Paul Hogg, MD b.27_May_1910, Gloucester Co. VA d.13_May_1993, Gloucester Co. VA
           . .        11 DNA Project ID VA1658c: desc of John Sr. Hogg b.1757 #3
           . 6 John Hogg Jr. b.ca.1794, York Co. VA d.1840, York Co. VA
           . . 7 Thomas W. Hogg/Hogge b.1833, York Co. VA d.11_Aug_1875, York Co. VA
           . .   8 Franklin Lee Hogg/Hogge b.14_Feb_1867, York Co. VA d.15_Oct_1956, York Co. VA
           . .     9 Mercer Vanzan Hogge Sr. b.17_Nov_1904, York Co. VA d.5_Jan_1976, Newport News VA
           . .      10 Mercer Vanzan Hogge Jr. b.26_Aug_1928, York Co. VA d.27_Jan_2009, Newport News VA
           . .        11 DNA Project ID VA1658e: desc of John Sr. Hogg b.1757 #4
           . 6 Lewis Hogg Jr. b.1810, York Co. VA, d.1856, York Co. VA
           .   7 Samuel J. Hogg b.1_Mar_1836, York Co. VA d.10_Feb_1908, York Co. VA
           .   . 8 William Henry Hogg b.2_Jul_1867, York Co. VA d.22_Aug_1934, York Co. VA
           .   .   9 Judge William Edward Hogg b.3_Mar_1890, York Co. VA d.4_Nov_1864, Richmond VA
           .   .    10 Mildred Virginia Hogg b.14_Mar_1920, York Co. VA d.24_Aug_1014, Hampton VA m.16_May_1941, Hickory VA, wife of James T. Lee
           .   .      11 Carol Virginia Lee b.23_May_1943, Newport News VA d.6_Apr_2005, Hampton VA m.9_Jun_1961, Hampton VA, wife of Robert R. Denton
           .   .        12 DNA Project ID ATA0370 (aotosomal DNA)
           .   7 Lewis Hogg III b.1838, York CO. VA, d.1912, York Co. VA
           .   . 8 Elizabeth Ann Hogg b.1865, York Co. VA, d.1935, York Co. VA
           .   . . 9 Jesse Thomas Wilson b.1892, Hampton VA, d.1953, Hampton VA
           .   . .  10 Laura Jane Wilson b.1926, Hampton VA, d.1988, Parma OH
           .   . .    11 DNA Project ID ATA0102 (aotosomal DNA)
           .   . 8 Fitzhugh Lee Hogge b.14_Feb_1868, York Co. VA, d.31_Jul_1941, Newport News VA
           .   . . 9 Emily Rebecca Hogge b.22_Aug_1906, York Co. VA, d.15_May_1968, Hampton VA, wife of Dr. Thomas Uriah Vermillion
           .   . .  10 DNA Project ID ATA0258 (aotosomal DNA)
           .   . 8 Frederick Lewis Hogg b.29_Jan_1872, York Co. VA d.2_Jun_1936, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cem., Seaford, York Co. VA
           .   .   9 Reginald Wilson Hogg Sr. b.29_Dec_1912, York Co. VA d.21_Dec_1997, York Co. VA
           .   .    10 Reginald Wilson Hogg Jr. b.18_Dec_1941
           .   .      11 DNA Project ID ATF0334 (aotosomal DNA)
           .   7 George Edward Hogg b.27_Feb_1840, York Co. VA, d.1897, York Co. VA
           .     8 Rebecca Susan Hogg b.5_May_1874, York Co. VA, d.5_Dec_1934, York Co. VA, wife of Walter T. Shields
           .     . 9 Walter Franklin Shields, b.29_Jul_1908, York Co. VA, d.28_Jun_1984, Newport News VA
           .     .  10 Elsie Mae Shields b.27_Oct_1934, York Co. VA, d.29_Oct_2001, Newport News VA, wife of Donald E. Hilt
           .     .    11 Ina Louise Hilt b.8_Nov_1954, Newport News VA, d.29_Jan_1996, Portsmouth VA, wife of Victor E. Redfern
           .     .      12 DNA Project ID ATA0230 (aotosomal DNA)
           .     8 George Thomas Hogg Sr. b.22_Jul_1877, York Co. VA, d.14_Dec_1939, York Co. VA
           .     . 9 Otis Melbourne Hogg(e) b.15_Jan_1908, York Co. VA, d.17_Apr_1959, York Co. VA
           .     . .10 George Melbourne Hogg b.18_Apr_1933, York Co. VA, d.10_May_2014, York Co. VA
           .     . . .11 DNA Project ID VA1658b: desc of John Hogg Sr. b.1757 #2
           .     . .10 DNA Project ID VA1658a: desc of John Hogg Sr. b.1757 #1, ATA0001 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
           .     . 9 Lena Elizabeth Hogge b.25_Mar_1914, York Co. VA, d.12_Nov_2003, Newport News VA, wife of Coleman W. Shields
           .     .  10 DNA Project ID ATA0002 (aotosomal DNA)
           .     8 Sarah Elizabeth Hogg b.14_May_1881, York Co. VA, d.9_Apr_1938, York Co. VA, wife of Archibakd M. Shields Sr.
           .     . 9 Mallory Thomas Shields b.2_Aug_1900, York Co. VA, d.5_Aug_1963, York Co. VA
           .     .  10 Norman Guy Shields Sr. b.14_Jul_1932, York Co. VA, d.25_Nov_2010, Newport News VA
           .     .    11 Living Shields
           .     .      12 DNA Project ID ATA0067 (aotosomal DNA)
           .     8 Alexander Alonza Hogge b.13_Dec_1885, York Co. VA, d.15_Jul_1957, York Co. VA
           .       9 Minnie Madeline Hogge b.26_Feb_1908, York Co. VA, d.6_Feb_2002, Hampton VA, wife of Syphron T. Crockett Sr.
           .        10 Syphron T. Crockett Jr. b.5_Feb_1927, York Co. VA, d.31_Mar_2007, Yorktown VA
           .          11 DNA Project ID ATF0231 (aotosomal DNA)
           .            12 DNA Project ID ATA0114 (aotosomal DNA)
           5 Lewis Hogg Sr. b.1773, Gloucester Co. VA d.1852, York Co. VA (Richard -> Lewis Sr. not proved)
             6 Edward Hogg b.1810
               7 Thomas Enos Hogg b.ca.1835 d. before 1887
                 8 Thomas Enos Hogge Jr. b.Jun_1872 d. York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetary, Seaford VA
                   9 Linwood Percy Hogge b.29_Jul_1905 d.Jun_1971, Accomack Co. VA
                    10 Living Hogge
                      11 DNA Project ID VA1658d: desc of Lewis Hogg Sr. of York Co. VA

line NI1658: descendants of William Hogg b.1658, Portglenone, Garvaghy, Northern Ireland -- This Hogg line is documented in Burke's Peerage from 1658 to the present. Many in this line served in the British civil service in India and in the Royal military. Some were awarded titles of Baronet, Baron, and Viscount.

line SL1660: descendants of Thomas Hogg b.ca.1660, Robertson Parish, Selkirkshire, Scotland -- Some members of this line emigrated to Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.

line EN1662: descendants of David Hogg b.1662, Northumberland, England -- This Hogg line proliferated in Northumberland, Durham, and Yorkshire, England for generations.

line MD1667: descendants of George Ogg, b.1667, Baltimore MD -- George Ogg was born in 1667 in Baltimore MD
   minimal pedigree of DNA donors in this line:

   1 George Ogg b.1667, Baltimore MD d.Nov_1713, Baltimore MD
     2 George L. Ogg b.30_Apr_1696, All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co. MD
       3 George Ogg b.12_Apr_1724, Baltimore MD d.1770, Baltimore MD
         4 William Hamilton Ogg b.1767, Baltimore MD d.9_Aug_1833, Knox Co. OH
         . 5 James J. Ogg b.4_Apr_1820, Baltimore MD d.30_Jun_1897, Mt. Vernon, Knox Co. OH
         .   6 David Thomas Ogg b.15_Oct_1863, Knox Co. OH
         .     7 James J. Ogg b.ca.15_Oct_1890, Hardin IA d.23_Jun_1969
         .       8 DNA Project ID MD1667a: desc of George Ogg, b.1667, Baltimore MD #1
         4 Vachel Ogg b.ca.1775, Baltimore MD d.ca.22_Nov_1825, Deerfield twp., Morgan Co. OH
           5 Andrew J. Ogg b. 8 May 1798
           . 6 Aaron Ogg b. 5 Oct 1826 Athens, Athens, Ohio, USA d.
           .   7 Leonard Ogg b. 1873 , , Ohio, USA d.
           .     8 Delbert Arron Ogg b.17_Aug_1894, Bern, Athens Co. OH d.17_Jul_1979, Hamilton, Butler Co. OH
           .       9 Charles Leonard Ogg b.13_Apr_1918, Lathrop OH d.7_Jan_1985, Orlando FL
           .        10 DNA Project ID MD1667d: desc of George Ogg, b.1667, Baltimore MD #4
           5 Richard Ogg b.ca.1799
             6 John Ogg b.ca.1835, Indiana
               7 George D. Ogg b.Aug_1865, Michigan d.4_Feb_1942, Pierson Twp, Montcalm Co. MI
                 8 Melvin B. Ogg b.26_Mar_1894, Michigan d.2_May_1984, Grand Rapids MI
                   9 Robert C. Ogg b.28_Oct_1938, Michigan d.16_Jan_1987, Waukegan, Lake Co. IL
                    10 DNA Project ID MD1667b: desc of George Ogg, b.1667, Baltimore MD #2

line EN1670: descendants of Jonas Hogg of Yorkshire, England, b.ca.1670 -- This line is probably connected to lines EN1720 and EN1739, below.

line SL1672: descendants of James Hogg of Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland -- James Hogg of Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland was the grandfather of James and Robert Hogg who emigrated to Hillsborough, North Carolina. The descendants of James Hogg of Hillsbourough NC were formerl known as Line NC1774.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 James Hogg b.ca.1672, Scotland
     2 Gavin Hogg b.1708, Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland, d. after 1747, Scotland
       3 James Hogg ba.1_Mar_1730, Innerwick, East Lothian, Scotland, d.1805, Hillsboro NC
         4 Elizabeth Hogg b. Scotland wife of John Huske
         . 5 John Huske Jr.
         .   6 Wright Huske b.27_Jan_1832, Fayetteville NC d.15_Sep_1893, Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. NC
         .     7 William Weldon Huske b.1_Jan_1855, Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. NC d.24_Jan_1929, Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. NC
         .       8 Mary Weldon Huske b.12_Sep_1886, Oak Ridge Farm, near Fayetteville, NC wife of Richard H. Lewis d.15_Aug_1968, Oxford, Granville Co. NC
         .         9 Martha "Patty" Battle Lewis b.14_Jun_1910, Oxford, Granville Co. NC wife of Rives W. Taylor d.31_Mar_2002, Oxford, Granville Co. NC
         .          10 DNA Project ID ATA0054 (autosomal DNA)
         4 Walter Hogg Alves b.6_Oct_1768, Scotland d.24_Dec_1819, Henderson Co. KY
           5 Annie Alves b.2_Mar_1788, Orange Co. NC, d.17_Mar_1853, Henderson Co. KY, wife of Richard Henderson
           . 6 Mary Ann Henderson b.1802, North Carolina, d.1850, Texas, wife of William E. Neal
           .   7 Mary Caroline Neal b.1824, Tennessee, d.aft.Sep_1860, Smith Co. TX, wife of Hiram Cates
           .     8 Thomas Jefferson Cates b.15_Apr_1847, Smith Co. TX, d.10_Oct_1923, Van Zandt Co. TX
           .       9 Winfred Valentine Cates b.18_Nov_1873, Smith Co. TX, d.21_Jan_1952, LUbbock TX
           .        10 Ethel Lucille Cates b.11_Nov_1897, Van Zandt Co. TX, d.19_Mar_1977, Tulare Co. CA, wife of Bert B, Rhodes
           .          11 Willie Augustine Rhodes b.4_Sep_1921, Texas, d.28_Apr_2006, Chico CA, wife of Voaid T. Mitchell
           .            12 DNA Project ID ATA0234 (autosomal DNA)
           5 James Alves b.6_Mar_1792, Hillsboro NC d.30_Jul_1853, Henderson Co. KY
             6 John Winslow Alves b.20_Mar_1831 d.1912
               7 William Hohlloway Alves b.22_Sep_1873 d.21_Dec_1937
                 8 William Redford Alves b.16_Mar_1904, Louisville KY d.9_Sep_1987, Sarasota FL
                   9 DNA Project ID NC1774a: desc of James Hogg of East Lothian, Scotland

extinct line NJ1682: descendants of William Hoge and Barbara Hume -- This line is now part of line SL1580, above.

line RI1690: descendants of John Hogg of Gloucester RI -- John Hogg of Gloucester RI was born in 1690. This line is part of the group we call "Hogg I1 cluster no. 1", a diverse group of Hogg familes with matching DNA.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 John Hogg b.1690, Gloucester RI d.1756, Dutchess Co. NY
     2 Abraham Hogg b.ca.1725, Providence RI
       3 John Hogg b.1743, Providence RI moved to Dutchess Co. NY d.1827
         4 Abraham Hog b.1765, New Paltz NY d.ca.1795, New Paltz NY
           5 John Hog/Hoege b.23_Apr_1786, New Paltz NY, d.1846
              6 Charles Nelson Hoege b.1826 d.1894
              . 7 Lewis Brott Hoag b.1_Apr_1863, Geneva, Van Buren Co. MI d.27_Dec_1918, South Haven, Van Buren Co. MI
              .   8 Charles Nelson Hoag b.30_Mar_1897, Lacota, Van Buren Co. MI d.12_Dec_1954, Savannah, Chatham Co. GA
              .     9 DNA Project ID RI1690b: desc of Abraham Hog of N. Paltz NY b.1765 RI #2
              6 Orrin S. Hoege b.5_Jul_1831, Mayfield Twp. Cuyahoga Co. OH, d.19_Nov_1889, South Haven, Van Buren Co. MI
                7 Reynolds Arthur Hoag b.12_Dec_1869, Van Buren Co. MI, d.8_Jul_1952, Allegan Co. MI
                  8 Russell Alva Hoag b.26_Feb_1910, Lacota, Van Buren Co. MI, d.24_Jun_1996, Glendale AZ
                    9 DNA Project ID RI1690a: desc of Abraham Hog of N. Paltz NY b.1765 RI #1

line SL1695: descendants of Alexander Ogg of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, b.1695, Scotland -- Ogg family of Aberdeenshire, Scotland with descendants in Virginia and Tennessee

extinct line SL1698: descendants of William Hogg of Selkirkshire Scotland, b.ca.1698 -- This line is now part of line SL1640, above.

line SC1700: descendants of John Hogg Sr. of South Carolina -- John Hogg Sr., AFN:1XTG-CSB
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 John Hogg Sr.
     2 John Hogg Jr. b.ca.1720, South Carolina d.ca.1770
       3 John Hogg b.ca.1760, South Carolina d.ca.1821
         4 John Hogue b.15_May_1788, South Carolina d.13_May_1869, Perry AL
           5 William Scott Hogue b.26_Mar_1817, York, Fairfield Co. SC d.1860-1870, Texas
             6 Elizabeth Narcissus Hogue b.1848, Arkansas wire of Joh W. Grace d.9_Mar_1904
               7 Byrd Mobley Grace b.14_May_1881, Cleveland, Liverty Co. TX d.22_Jul_1929, Refugio, Refugio Co. TX
                 8 John Yancy Grace b.12_Feb_1923, Texas d.24_Sep_1991, Rockdale, Milam Co. TX
                   9 DNA Project ID ATA0080 (autosomal DNA)

line NH1703: descendants of William Hogg of Londonderry NH -- William Hogg of Londonderry NH was born in 1703. Some descendants of this line have taken the names Church, Hodge, Follansbee, Dana, and Pettigill. This line is part of the group we call "Hogg I1 cluster no. 1", a diverse group of Hogg familes with matching DNA.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in the line:

   1 William Hogg of Londonderry NH, b.1703
     2 Alexander Hogg b.17 Jun 1732, Londonderry NH
       3 Alexander Hogg Church b.1758, Deering NH, d.3_Feb_1849, Chateaugay, Franklin Co. NY (Name change documented in VT)
       . 4 Joseph Hogg Church b.1808, Orange Co. VT, d.14_Apr_1897, South Bend, Pacific Co. WA
       .   5 Azro B. Church b.2_Apr_1830, Orange Co. VT, d.12_Apr_1906, North Mount Tabor Co. OR
       .     6 William Azro Church b.Oct_1855, Oregon
       .       7 George Dewey Church b.3_May_1898, Ilwaco, Pacific Co. WA, d.27_Feb_1981, Long Beach, Pacific Co. WA
       .         8 Living Church
       .           9 DNA Project ID NH1703b: desc of William Hogg of Londonderry NH b.1703
       3 John Hogg Church b.25_Feb_1760, Dunbarton NH, d.1842
       . 4 Enoch Hogg Church b.24_Jul_1791, Lempster twp., Sullivan Co. NH, d.10_Jan_1843, W. Topsham VT
       .   5 William Perkins Church b.24_Mar_1821, Orange VT, d.11_Dec_1860, Moretown VT
       .     6 Charles Albert Church b.15_Feb_1850, Topsham VT, d.27_Apr_1928, Moretown VT
       .     . 7 Frederick Leon Church b.26_Mar_1909, E. Montpelier VT, d.5_Mar_1973, Fullerton CA
       .     .   8 DNA Project ID NH1703c: desc of Enoch Church b.1791 Sullivan Co. NH
       .     6 William Wilber Church b.15_Apr_1855, Montpeliar VT d.18_Feb_1942, Portland OR
       .       7 Albert Arthur Church b.10_Aug_1880, Minneapolis MN d.4_Jul_1966, Portland OR
       .         8 Harold Church b.1924, Oregon
       .           9 DNA Project ID NH1703a: desc of William W. Church b.1855 Montpelier VT
       3 Joshua Hogg Church b.27_May_1763, Dunbarton NH d.10_May_1841, Springfield, Delaware Co. PA
       . 4 Deborah Church b.26_Sep_1788, Vermont wife of Enos Baker d.14_Mar_1843, Springfield Twp., Erie Co. PA
       .   5 Lafayett Philander Baker b.5_Mar_1832, Buffalo NY d.7_May_1884, Blue Springs, Gage Co. NE
       .     6 Walter Irving Baker b.19_Feb_1891, Nemaha Co. NE d.25_Feb_1919, Diller, Jefferson Co. NE
       .       7 Nettie Mae Baker b.27_Jan_1907, Blue Springs, Gage Co. NE wife of Roland W. Hand d.18_Nov_1982, Lincoln, Lancaster Co. NE
       .         8 Dorothy Darlene Hand b.17_Nov_1927, Beatrice, Gage Co. NE wife of John H. Huggins d.24_Jul_2913, Lincoln, Lancaster Co. NE
       .           9 DNA Project ID ATA0051 (autosomal DNA)
       3 Thomas Hogg Hodge b.7_May_1764, Deering, Hillsborough Co. NH d. Orange Co. VT
       . 4 Avery S. Hodge b.4_Oct_1805, Deering, Hillsborough NH d.7_Apr_1885, Topsham, Orange Co. VT
       .   5 Philip Sargent Hodge b.1832, Orange Co. VT d.11_Feb_1893, Stevens Point, Portage Co. WI
       .     6 Laura Solome Hodge b.9_Jun_1871, Wisconsin wife of Charles E. Densch d.8_Dec_1951, Stevens Point, Portage Co. WI
       .       7 Henry Densch b.3_Jul_1907, Stevens Point, Portage Co. WI d.2_Aug_1991, Stevens Point, Portage Co. WI
       .         8 DNA Project ID ATA0052 (autosomal DNA)
       3 Charles Hogg Church b.22_Jan_1766 d.7_Oct_1839, Hancock VT
         4 William Harrison Church b.14_Jan_1814, New Hampshire c.30_Sep_1889, Hancock VT
           5 George Ransom Church b.29_Dec_1854, Vermont d.19_Dec_1936
             6 Lloyd Church b.10_May_1885, Vermont d.26_Nov_1958, Granville VT
               7 Lloyd Church Jr b.1923, Burlington VT d.1995
                 8 DNA Project ID ATA0092 (autosomal DNA)

line DE1720: descendants of Samuel Hogg of Wilmington Delaware -- Samuel Hogg of Wilmington Delaware, b.ca.1720, d.1797

extinct line NC1720: descendants of Gideon Hogg of North Carolina, b.1720 -- Gideon Hogg of North Carolina, b.1720, d.1793. From the DNA study we have learned that this line is connected to the line VA1657, descendants of John Hogg of New Kent Co. VA, earlier in this list. This line is now part of line VA1657, above.

line EN1720: desccndants of John Hogg of Aysgarth, Yorkshire, England
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in the line:

   1 John Hogg of Aysgarth, Yorkshire, England, b.ca.1720
     2 Thomas Hogg, b.1748, Aysgarth, Yorkshire, England
       3 Thomas Hogg, b.1789, Arsgarth, Yorhshire, England
         4 Thomas Hogg, b.1813, West Burton, Yorkshire, England, d.1895
           5 James Hogg, b.1869, Leyburn, Yorkshire, England, d.1941
             6 James Cecil Hogg, b.1900, West Hartlepool, County Duram, England, d.1973
               7 DNA Project ID EN1720a: desc of John Hogg of Aysgarth, Yorkshire, England

line SC1721: descendants of James Hogg b.ca.1721, Monikie, Angus, Scotland -- descendants of this line immigrated to Minnesota in the 1880's.

line SL1725: descendants of James Hogg, b.ca.1725, Scotland -- James Hogg was born about 1725 in Scotland. His descendnts live in Nebraska

line NC1728: descendants of Thomas Hogg of Pasquotank Co. NC, b.1728, d.1780 -- descendnts of this line moved to Gibson Co. TN.

line NA1730: descendants of William Hogg, Cherokee Indian, b.ca.1730 -- This is probably the only Native American Hogg line. Descendnts of this line were in Illinois.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 William Hogg (Cherokee Indian) b.ca.1730, Indian Territory d. White Co. IL
     2 Samuel Hogg Sr. b.ca.1775, Virginia d. after 1830, Hamilton Co. IL
       3 Minerva Hogg b.1805, Kentucky m.1923, Christian Co. KY, d.1935, Hamilton Co. IL, wife of John Braden Sr.
         4 John Roy Braden Jr. b.11_Mar_1823, Hamilton Co. IL d.14_Aug_1898, Piggott, Clay Co. AR
           5 Mary "Polly" Braden b.30_Apr_1853, Hamilton Co. IL d.1876, wife of James W. Johnson
             6 James Grover Johnson b.20_May_1885, Hamilton Co. IL, d.4_Dec_1959, Hamilton Co. IL
               7 James Ivan Johnson Sr. b.27_Apr_1922, Hamilton Co. IL, d.1_Apr_2000, Franklin Co. IL
                 8 Living Johnson
                   9 Living Johnson
                    10 DNA Project ID ATF0142 (autosomal DNA)

line VA1732: descendants of John Hogg of Franklin Co. NC, b.ca.1732, Virginia, d.1795 -- John Hogg was born in Virginia and died in Franklin Co. NC leaving a will. DNA matches tell us that several lines not previously known to be connected are related to and presumed to be descendants of John Hogg. These include line GA1758: descendants of Matthew Hogue of Green Co. GA, b.1758, NC, line NC1785: descendants of Richard Hogg of Johnston Co. NC, b.1785, line NC1787: descendants of William G. Hogue b.1787, North Carolina, line NC1808; descendants of William A. Hogue b.1808, North Carolina. line NC1819; descendants of Calvin Hogue of Leake Co. MS, b.1819, NC, and line NC1838: descendants of James A. Hogue of Johnson Co. IL, b.1838, NC In the folloing tree some connections are based on speculation/guess; speciffically: the parents of William A. Hogue and Calvin Hogue are speculation/guess.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 John Hogg b.ca.1732, Virginia d.1795, Franklin Co. NC
     2 Matthew Hogue of Greene Co. GA, b.1758, d.24_Nov_1840, Eutaw, Greene Co. AL
     . 3 Jeter Anson Hogue b.3_Nov_1796, Greene Co. GA, d.21_Oct_1862, Americus, Sumter Co. GA
     .   4 Robert Jasper Hogue b.8_Mar_1820, Greene Co. GA, d.10_Oct_1906, Atoka OK
     .     5 Erastus Seig Hogue b.26_Sep_1846, Greene Co. GA, d.15_Feb_1908, Coalgate OK
     .       6 Henry Bunyan Hogue b.23_Jan_1877
     .         7 Robert James Hogue b.1908, d.1999
     .           8 Robert James Hogue Jr. b.1936, d.1990
     .             9 DNA Project ID GA1758a: desc of Matthew Hogue of Green Co. GA, b.1758
     2 Daniel Hogg b.ca.1760, North Carolina
     . 3 Calvin "Carnathan" Hogue b.12_Jan_1819, North Carolina d.16_Feb_1894, Leake Co. MS
     .   4 James Monroe Hogue b.Jul_1848, Mississippi d.30_Dec_1924, Leake Co. MS
     .   . 5 Mary Lula Hogue b.5_Jun_1880, Leake Co. MS d.29_Jun_1937, Leake Co. MS m.31_Jul_1900, Carthage, Leake Co. MS wife of Thomas L. McNair
     .   .   6 Maude Ann McNair b.4_Feb_1904, Mississippi d.26_Aug_1974, Tucson AZ m.15_Apr_1926, Monroe Co. AR wife of James M. Loveless
     .   .     7 Lula Loveless b.11_Feb_1927, Muskogee Co. OK d.2015, Saline Co. AR wife of Otis Dean Taylor
     .   .       8 Living Taylor
     .   .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0327 (autosomal DNA)
     .   4 Calvin Thomas Hogue b.Jun_1864, Mississippi
     .     5 DNA Project ID NC1819a: desc of Calvin Hogue of Leake Co. MS, b.1819 NC
     2 William Hogg b.ca.1762, North Carolina d.1836, Marshall Co. TN
     . 3 John Hogue b.bef.1800, North Carolina (William -> John not proved) 
     . . 4 Mary E. Hogue b.1828, South Carolina d.ca.1862, Hardeman Co. TN wife of George W. Irvin (John -> Mary E. not proved)
     . . . 5 Robert Ellison Irvin b.18_Apr_1851, Tennessee d.29_Dec_1912, Palmer, Ellis Co. TX
     . . .   6 Robert Lee Irvin b.21_Jun_1878, Moscow, Tennessee d.20_Feb_1968, Greenville, Hunt Co. TX
     . . .     7 George Trice Irvin b.1906, Ellis Co. TX d. 16_Jan_1990, Greenville, Hunt Co. TX
     . . .       8 DNA Project ID ATF0111 (autosomal DNA)
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATF0093 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 Emily E. Hogue b.Sep_1832, South Carolina m.13_Aug_1850, Hardeman Co. TN wife of John J. Smith
     . .   5 John William Smith b.Oct_1857, Hardeman Co. TN d.ca.1901, Hardeman Co. TN
     . .     6 Frances McCarley Smith b.5_Oct_1888, Tennessee d.13_Dec_1954, Whiteville, Hardeman Co. TN wife of Harry R. London
     . .       7 Annie Elizabeth London b.24_Oct_1913, London TX d.12_Oct_1989, New Braunfels, Comal Co. TX wife of Charles R. Hendricks
     . .         8 DNA Project ID ATA0362 (autosomal DNA)
     . 3 Bennett Hogue b.27_Jan_1803, Orange Co. NC d.18_Mar_1879, Drew Co. AR
     . . 4 William Cordelia Hogue b.16_Jun_1833, Fayette Co. TN d.aft.1900, Savier Co. AR
     . . . 5 Bennett Hogue b.1857, Drew Co. AR
     . . .   6 Joseph Jackson Hogue b.1873, Louisiana d.1950
     . . .     7 Edward Jackson Hogue b.9_Jul_1900, Redbud AR d.25_Aug_1965, Russellville, Pope Co. AR
     . . .       8 Betty Jewel Hogue b.22_Feb_1928, Little Rock AR d.6_Sep_2004, Gerald, Franklin Co. MO m.18_Jan_1946, Pope Co. AR wife of Jacob M. Abernathy Jr.
     . . .         9 Living Abernathy wife of living Humphrey
     . . .          10 DNA Project ID ATA0364 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 John Alexander Hogue b.8_Dec_1835, Maury Co. TN, d.10_Feb_1931, Drew Co. AR
     . .   5 Thomas Monroe Hogue b.6_Sep_1872, Drew Co. AR, d.2_Nov_1946, Desha Co. AR
     . .     6 Irene Estelle Hogue b.1_Aug_1896, Desha Co. AR, d.8_Mar_1981, Boone Co. AR, wife of Robert L. Marks
     . .       7 Cecil Dewitt Marks b.16_Aug_1916, Drew Co. AR, d.17_Jul_1972, Jefferson Co. AR
     . .         8 DNA Project ID ATA0204 (autosomal DNA)
     . 3 William A. Hogue b.1808, North Carolina d.1850-1860, Hardeman Co. TN (William -> William A. not proved)
     . . 4 Mary Elizabeth Hogue b.1847, Hardeman Co. TN, d.27_Apr_1928, Seminole Co. OK, wife of Allen J. Gillespie
     . . . 5 Salena Jane Gillespie b.17_Apr_1881, Hardeman Co. TN, d.15_Nov_1949, Bell Gardens CA, wife of John F. Eaton
     . . .   6 Eugene Francis Eaton b.24_Jan_1902, Oklahoma, d.3_Feb_1990, Hemet CA
     . . .     7 DNA Project ID ATA0202 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 Josiah "Joe" A. Hogue b.1836, South Carolina d.ca.1872, Tennessee
     . .   5 James "Jim" Sidney Hogue b.27_Nov_1865, McNairy Co. TN d.7_May_1937, Rains Co. TX
     . .     6 Sydney Oscar Hogue b.McNair Co. TN, d.10_Feb_1964, Dallas TX
     . .     . 7 Lois ODeal Hogue b.24_Mar_1921, Rains Co. TX, d.11_Aug_1986, Hunt Co. TX
     . .     .   8 DNA Project ID ATF0156 (autosomal DNA)
     . .     .     9 DNA Project ID ATF0158 (autosomal DNA)
     . .     6 Roby Hogue b.21_Apr_1902, Rains Co. TX d.21_Jan_1964, Rains Co. TX
     . .       7 J. W. Hogue b.7_Sep_1923, Rains Co. TX d.25_Nov_2008, Irving TX
     . .         8 DNA Project ID NC1808a: desc of William A. Hogue, b.1808, North Carolina
     . 3 Elizabeth Hogue b.1808, South Carolina, d.1875, wife of William T Caple III
     . . 4 Amy Caple b.1835, d.1920, Falls Co. TX, wife of Thomas M. Tull
     . . . 5 Thomas Henry Tull b.Feb_1860 AR, d.20_Dec_1946, Falls Co. TX
     . . .   6 Willis Wesley Tull b.5_Nov_1881, Saline Co. AR, d.24_Jun_1964, Falls Co. TX
     . . .     7 Catgerine Elva Tull b.12_Nov_1909, Falls Co. TX, d.16_Dec_1955, Falls Co. TX, wife of William R. James
     . . .       8 DNA Project ID ATA0172 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 James Pemberton Caple b.7_Apr_1836, Maury Co. TN, d.17_Jan_1873, Grant Co. AR
     . . . 5 Ida Belle Caple b.31_Jul_1869, Saline Co. AR, d.13_Oct_1925, Arkansas, m.15_Oct_1885, Saline Co. AR, wife of James W. Ball
     . . .   6 George Donoghey Ball b.2_Apr_1908, Arkansas, d.5_Apr_1990, Little Rock AR
     . . .     7 Living Ball
     . . .       8 Living ________
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0294 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 Elizabeth Van Buren Capel b.15_Mar_1841, Maury Co. TN d.21_May_1924, Dalark, Dallas Co. AR m.15_Oct_1867, Saline Co. AR wife of Nathaniel S. Burnett
     . .   5 Seth Keener Burnett b.23_Jan_1872, Arkansas Co. AR d.29_Jan_1958, Garland Co. AR
     . .     6 Georgia Belle Burnett b.8_Apr_1902, Pike Co. AR d.30_Apr_1978, Little Rock AR m.26_Jun_1926, Lafayette Co. AR wife of Keener P. Gill
     . .       7 DNA Project ID ATA0366 (autosomal DNA)
     . 3 Lucretia Hogue b.13_Oct_1810, York County SC d.20_Feb_1892, Grant Co. AR m.7_Jan_1830, York Co. SC wife of Samuel M. Watson
     .   4 Jane Collins Watson b.6_Jun_1832, Marry Co. TN d.1866, Saline Co. AR m.1850, Arkansas wife of George J. Bratton
     .   . 5 Sara Elizabeth Bratton b.28_Aug_1858, Texas d.18_Aug_1940, Hopkins Co. TX m.7_Dec_1882, Morris Co. TX wife of Carey H. Bridges
     .   .   6 Carey Lundy Bridges b.21_Dec_1895, Texas d.1957, Houston TX
     .   .     7 Charles Horace Bridges b.29_Jul_1915, Hopkins Co. TX d.6_Apr_2002, Las Vegas NV
     .   .       8 Alma Sue Carol Bridges b.14_Mar_1939, Lawton OK d.24_Mar_2012, Las Vegas NV wife of Francesco Salvatore
     .   .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0369 (autosomal DNA)
     .   4 Rev. Harvey Hiram Watson b.4_Jul_1849, Saline Co. AR d.30_Jan_1920, Saline Co. AR
     .     5 Alice Belle Watson b.24_Dec_1907, Chicot Co. AR d.18_May_2000 Harris Co. TX m.16_Sep_1939, Texarkana AR wife of Norman E. Grimm
     .       6 DNA Project ID ATA0368 (autosomal DNA)
     2 Charles Hogg b.1761-1770 d. after 1830
     . 3 Richard Hogg of Johnston Co. NC, b.1785 NC d. after 1860
     .   4 Thomas C. Hogg b.1835, North Carolina d.6_Nov_1896, Darlington Co. SC
     .     5 William M. Hogg b.May_1866, South Carolina d.13_Apr_1934, South Carolina
     .       6 Winters T. Hogge Sr. b.9_Apr_1910, South Carolina d.10_Aug_1989,  Darlington Co. SC
     .         7 Living Hogge
     .           8 DNA Project ID VA1732a: desc of John Hogg of Franklin Co. NC
     2 John Hogg b.ca.1770, North Carolina d.1837, York District SC
     . 3 William G. Hogue b.1787, North Carolina d.1865, Stecoah Twp., Graham Co. NC
     . . 4 Percy Marih Hogue b.24_May_1917, Davidson Co. NC, d.13_Oct_1901, Steoah, Graham Co. NC, wife of Rev. John L. Crisp
     . . . 5 Sarah Caroline Crisp b.6_Mar_1848, Graham Co. NC, d.12_Apr_1879, Stecoah, Graham Co. NC, wife of George D. Marcus
     . . . . 6 John Roland Marcus b.1_Aug_1866, Cherokee Co. NC, d.10_Nov_1926, Penther Creek, NC
     . . . .   7 Clark Jackson Marcus b.20_Oct_1887, Swain Co. NC
     . . . .   . 8 Pauline Bleaker Marcus b.9_Jul_1909, Cherokee Co. NC, d.14_Nov_2001, Florence OR, wife of Thomas W. Kephart
     . . . .   .   9 Jackson C. Kephart b.21_Jan_1931, Cherokee Co. NC, d.10_Feb_2010, Parker, AZ
     . . . .   .    10 DNA Project ID ATA0203 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . .   7 Janie Lavada Marcus b.6_Nov_1889, Swain Co. NC, d.15_Mar_1973, Jackson Co. AL, wife of John L. Howse
     . . . .   . 8 Annie Elizabeth Howse b.6_Jan_1932, d.25_Dec_2015
     . . . .   .   9 Living Howse, wife of Living Ward
     . . . .   .    10 DNA Project ID ATA0200 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . .   7 Porter M. Marcus b.1904, North Carolina
     . . . .   . 8 Living Marcus wife of Eugene O. Kinsey
     . . . .   .   9 DNA Project ID ATA0155 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . .   7 Robert Clinton Marcus b.15_Nov_1911, Cherokee Co. NC, d.12_Dec_1986, Cherokee Co. NC
     . . . .     8 Living Marcus, wife of Living Mauney
     . . . .       9 DNA Project ID ATA0199 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . 5 Orvilla Clementine Crisp b.31_May_1854, Stecoah, Cherokee Co. NC, d.19_Nov_1900, Graham Co. NC, wife of John Marcus Crisp
     . . .   6 Charles Lincoln Crisp b.22_Nov_1893, Stecoah, Graham Co. NC, d.10_Mar_1945, Bradley Co. TN
     . . .     7 Virdon Joseph Crisp b.19_Feb_1921, Stecoah, Graham Co. NC, d.24_Aug_2007, Bradley Co. TN
     . . .       8 Living Crisp
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0163 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 Lewis Hogue b.3_Jun_1819, Burke Co. NC d.6_Mar_1885, Indian City, Payne Co. OK
     . . . 5 William D. Hogue b.1841, North Carolina d.1877, Arkansas
     . . . . 6 John William Hogue b.22_Feb_1869, Arkansas d.18_Jan_1918, Searcy Co. AR
     . . . .   7 Hulan Dennis Hogue b.7_Feb_1913, Atkansas d.25_Aug_1975, Atkansas
     . . . .     8 Harold D. Hogue b.16_Apr_1832, Arkansas d,11_Apt_2005, West Sacramento, Yolo Co. CA
     . . . .       9 Living Hogue 
     . . . .        10 DNA Project ID NC1787c: desc of William G. Hogue b.1787, North Carolina #3
     . . . 5 Daniel J. Hogue b.1850, Rusk Co. TX d.aft.1900
     . . .   6 Malissa J. Hogue b.1875, Iowa, wife of John W. Slate
     . . .   . 7 Cassie Mae Slate b.16_May_1900, Oklahoma, d.26_Nov_1991, Scott Co. AR, wife of James W. Waters
     . . .   .   8 Warren G. Waters b.19_Dec_1920, Sequoyah Co. OK, d.26_Aug_1993, Scott Co. AR
     . . .   .     9 DNA Project ID ATA0160 (autosomal DNA)
     . . .   6 Earley Ransom Hogue b.1_Apr_1877, Nebraska, d.9_Jan_1947, Modesto CA
     . . .     7 Clinton Davis Hogue b.1906, Arkansas, d.1970, New Mexico
     . . .       8 DNA Project ID ATA0147 (autosomal DNA)
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0149 (autosomal DNA)
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0150 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 William Monroe Hogue b.1820, Burke Co. NC d.6_Mar_1886, Chickasaw Co. OK
     . . . 5 Jackson Monroe Hogue b.8_May_1847, Murray Co. GA, d.11_Sep_1892, Courtney OK
     . . . . 6 Willim Henry Hogue b.4_Nov_1869, Whitfield Co. GA, d.20_Mar_1948, Comanche Co. OK
     . . . . . 7 Dovie Lee Hogue b.24_Jan_1903, Okmulgee Co. OK, d.27_Jan_1990, Comanche Co. OK, wife of Eula O. Hutchinson
     . . . . .   8 Oleta Ebelyn Hutchinson b.11_Jul_1927, Oklahoma, d.13_Dec_2002, Comanche Co. OK, wife of Harrell A. Creel
     . . . . .     9 Living Creel, wife of Living Garrett
     . . . . .      10 DNA Project ID ATA0208 (autosomal DNA)
       . . . 6 Rhue Jane Hogue b.21_Oct_1879, Oklahoma, d.19_Jul_1977, Ridgecrest CA, wife of Mark Ross
     . . . . . 7 Anna Lee Ross b.27_Apr_1907, d.27_Nov_1997, Ridgecrest CA, wife of Bonny Brown
     . . . . .   8 Joe Brown b.14_Apr_1933, Grady Co. OK, d.17_Feb_1995, Lancaster CA
     . . . . .     9 DNA Project ID ATA0164 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . . 6 Joness Wolf Hogue b.3_Jul_1887, Montague Co. TX, d.13_Sep_1921, California
     . . . .   7 Jack Paul Hogue b.17_Nov_1919, Oklahoma City OK, d.26_Jan_1986, Orange Co. CA
     . . . .     8 Living Hogue, wife of Donnald L. Fails
     . . . .       9 DNA Project ID ATA0196 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . 5 William A. Hogue b.28_Dec_1862, Cherokee Co. NC, d.23_Sep_1921, McClain Co. OK
     . . . . 6 Etta Evelyn Hogue b.3_May_1897, Seminole Co. OK, d.5_Mar_1997, Grady Co. OK, wife of Edmon Lee Spangler
     . . . .   7 Living Spangler, wife of Living Shields
     . . . .     8 Living Shields
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0153 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . 5 Charles S. Hogue b.15_Jan_1865, Blount Co. TN d.24_Jul_1917, Love Co. OK
     . . . . 6 John W. Hogg b.4_Jul_1894, Love Co. OK, d.13_Jan_1976, Montague Co. TX
     . . . . . 7 J.C. Hogg b.17_Mar_1920, Dallam Co. TX, d.29_Jan_1966, Spain 
     . . . . .   8 Living Hogg wife of Living Shaffer wife of Living Pettitt DNA Project ID ATA0154 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . . .     9 Living Shaffer DNA Project ID ATA0152 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . . .     9 Living Pettitt wife of Living Williams
     . . . . .      10 DNA Project ID ATA0367 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . . 6 Leonard R. Hogue b.15_Dec_1904, Love Co. OK, d.15_Feb_1968, Fresno CA
     . . . . . 7 Living Hogue
     . . . . .   8 Living Hogue
     . . . . .     9 DNA Project ID ATA0151 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . . 6 Henry J. Hogue b.3_Aug_1914, Love Co. OK d.4_Apr_2009, Folsom CA
     . . . .   7 Charles W. Hogue b.18_Mar_1937, San Jose CA d.24_Dec_2003, Rancho Murieta CA
     . . . .     8 DNA Project ID NC1787b: desc of William G. Hogue b.1787, North Carolina #2
     . . . 5 Cordella L. Hogue b.8_May_1867, Blount Co. TN, d.6_Aug_1941, Hughes Co. OK
     . . . . 6 Mary Carol Cline b.12_Feb_1881, Indian Territory, OK, d.14_Oct_1962, Hughes Co. OK, wife of John M. Snider
     . . . .   7 John Edward Snider b.28_Sep_1923, Hughes Co. OK, d.16_Nov_1992, Hughes Co. OK
     . . . .     8 Living Snider
     . . . .       9 DNA Project ID ATA0162 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . 5 Nellie Luvenia Hogue b.21_Aug_1873, Blount Co. TN, d.21_Mar_1965, Napa CA, wife of William Dyer
     . . .   6 Luvenia Dyer b.17_Dec_1908, Jefferson Co. OK, d.6_Dec_1994, Mendocino Co. CA, wife of Robert Vance
     . . .     7 Robert Lee Vance b.10_Sep_1907, Sequoyah Co. OK, d.10_Jul_1976, Seminole Co. OK
     . . .       8 DNA Project ID ATA0156 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 Daniel Washington Hogue b.1826, Burke Co. NC, d.28_Sep_1878, Blount Co. TN
     . . . 5 Carey Jackson Hogue b.23_May_1848, Murray Co. GA, d.11_Jun_1896, Chattooga Co. TN
     . . . . 6 Sarah L. Hogue b.18_Aug_1867, Tennessee, d.29_Oct_1920, Walker Co. GA, wife of James R. Hill
     . . . .   7 Archie Lee Hill b.21_Feb_1895, Chattooga Co. GA, d.7_Mar_1969, Chattooga Co. GA
     . . . .     8 Austin Leo Hill b.25_May_1931, Georgia, d.20_Dec_1998, Cherokee Co. TN
     . . . .       9 DNA Project ID ATA0201 (autosomal DNA)
     . . . 5 William Gideon Hogue b.1852, Georgia/Tennessee d. Clay Co. TX
     . . . . 6 Lonzo Edgar Hogue b.10_Sep_1890, Tennessee d.2_Mar_1970, Fort Worth TX
     . . . .   7 Leo Hogue b.18_Dec_1908, Texas d.20_Jan_1996, Fort Worth TX
     . . . .     8 DNA Project ID NC1787a: desc of William G. Hogue b.1787, North Carolina #1, ATA0195 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
     . . . 5 Hollam Hogue b.6_May_1857, Tennessee, d.3_Jul_1933, wife of James W Welch
     . . .   6 James Garfield Welch b.28_Sep_1881, Wilkes Co. NC, d.2_Jul_1951, Ada Co. OK
     . . .     7 Ruby Elizabeth Welch b.14_May_1908, Oklahoma, d.9_Jan_1958, Ada Co. OK, wife of Sonley R. Flynn
     . . .       8 Living Flynn
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0158 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 Rebecca Hogue b.4_Aug_1827, Clevland Co. NC, d.3_Oct_1892, Cleveland Co. NC, wife of William G. Patterson (William G. -> Rebecca not proved)
     . . . 5 David Edward Patterson b.15_Dec_1848, Cleveland Co. NC, d.13_May_1922, Dallas TX
     . . .   6 Willie Irene Patterson, b.21_Nov_1887, Hill Co. TX, d.29_Jul_1987, Hill Co. TX, wife of William C. Brown
     . . .     7 Living Brown, wife of Living Buchanan
     . . .       8 Living Buchanan
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATF0126 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 Henry A. Hogue b.1831, Burke Co. NC, d.bef.1880, Murray Co. GA
     . . . 5 Queen Isabella Hogue b.11_Nov_1855, Murray Co. GA, d.3_Oct_1938, Jefferson Co. OK, wife of James A. Plant
     . . .   6 William Homer Plant b.21_Jun_1886, Boone Co. AR, d.21_Dec_1974, Fowler CA
     . . .   . 7 Mona Arcie Plant b.11_Feb_1914, Sequoyah Co. OK, d.28_Jul_1937, Sequoyah Co. OK, wife of Virgil Copeland
     . . .   .   8 Living Copeland
     . . .   .     9 DNA Project ID ATA0210 (autosomal DNA)
     . . .   6 Norby Dalto Plant b.11_Dec_1894, Boone Co. AR, d.15_Jan_1974, Jefferson Co. OK
     . . .     7 Living Plant, wife of Glenn W. Anthony
     . . .       8 Living Anthony
     . . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0209 (autosomal DNA)
     . . 4 James Leonard Hogue b.1837, Burke Co. NC, d.5_Mar_1893, Graham Co. NC
     . .   5 Dellia Hogue b.23_Nov_1853, Cherokee Co. NC, d.28_Jul_1921, Graham Co. NC, wife of Robert M. Andrews
     . .   . 6 Lona Elizabeth Andrews b.27_May_1890, North Carolina, d.16_May_1973, Haywood Co. NC, wife of Grady F. Mashburn
     . .   .   7 Kenneth Hardy Mashburn b.3_Dec_1906, Graham Co. NC, d.25_Sep_1950, Jackson Co. NC
     . .   .     8 DNA Project ID ATA0213 (autosomal DNA)
     . .   5 Mary Anne Hogue b.22_Mar_1869, Graham Co. NC, d.30_Nov_1946, Charranooga TN, wife of William H. Crisp
     . .   . 6 Felix Hurshel Crisp b.16_Feb_1886, Graham Co. NC, d.21_Jan_1958, Walker Co. GA
     . .   .   7 Mary Pauline Crisp b.7_Sep_1920, Georgia, d.1_Sep_1998, Walker Co. GA, wife of Stanley B. Baker
     . .   .     8 Mary Catherine Baker b.5_Aug_1941, Catoosa Co. GA, d.27_Jun_2014, Walker Co. GA, wife of Living Johnson
     . .   ,       9 DNA Project ID ATA0207 (autosomal DNA)
     . .   5 Rev. Henry Jackson Hogue b.18_Apr_1855, Cherokee Co. NC, d.20_Apr_1939, Swain Co. NC
     . .     6 Riley William Hogue b.25_Nov_1887, Swain Co. NC, d.25_May_1937, Macon Co. NC
     . .       7 Earl Jackson Hogue b.3_Feb_1920, Swain Co. NC, d.12_Aug_1988, Cherokee Co. NC
     . .         8 Living Hogue
     . .           9 DNA Project ID ATA0194 (autosomal DNA)
     . 3 Daniel M. Hogg b.1802, North Carolina, d.Feb_1860, Davidson Co. TN
     . . 4 James A. Hogg b.ca.1836, South Carolina d.2_Nov_1888, Johnson Co. IL
     . .   5 Isaac S. Hogue farmer, Vienna, Johnson Co. IL, 1880 b.15_Mar_1863, Illinois d.24_Oct_1923, Cairo IL
     . .     6 James Henry Hogue b.30_Aug_1884, Virnna, Johnson Co. IL d.14_Jul_1946, Metropolis, Massac Co. IL
     . .       7 Charles R. Hogue b.21_Aug_1922, Metropolis, Massac Co. IL b.3_Nov_2002, Metropolis, Massac Co. IL
     . .         8 Living Hogue
     . .           9 DNA Project ID NC1838a: desc of James A. Hogue of Johnson Co. IL, b.1838, NC
     . 3 James R. Hogg b.1812, North Carolina, d.30_Sep_1862, Union Co. IL
     .   4 John R. Hogue b.28_Dec_1837, York Co. SC, d.6_Oct_1904, Johnson Co. IL
     .   . 5 Mary Elizabeth Hogue b.23_Jan_1861, Johnson Co. IL, d.1_Sep_1939, Johnson Co. IL, wife of Daniel M. Gurley
     .   .   6 Minnie Ellen Gurley b.27_Nov_1882, Johnson Co. IL, d.30_Sep_1944, wife of Frank Wallace
     .   .     7 Inez Gertrude Wallace b.25_Jan_1914, Missouri, d.3_Jan_1985, Lansing MI, wife of Julius Oliver Brotherton
     .   .       8 Living Brotherton
     .   .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0161 (autosomal DNA)
     .   4 Daniel Silvanus Hogue b.11_Feb_1841, York Co. SC, d.2_Nov_1907, Johnson Co. IL
     .     5 Shirley Elizabeth Hogue b.8_Sep_1871, Union Co. IL, d.6_Aug_1929, Jackson Co. IL, m.26_Mar_1990, Union Co. IL, wife of William M. Sissom
     .       6 William Charles Sissom b.20_Aug_1890, Union Co. IL, d.5_Nov_1974, Marion Co. IL
     .         7 DNA Project ID ATA0319 (autosomal DNA)
     2 Pinkney Hogg b.19_Jun_1776, North Carolina d.11_Jul_1866, Johnson Co. IL
       3 John T. Hogg b.14_Dec_1810, North Carolina d.3_Sep_1856, Johnson Co. IL
         4 Matilda Caroline Hogg b.1832, Tennessee d.4_Jul_1862, Johnson Co. IL m.17_Apr_1846, Fayette Co. IL wife of William H. Gage
           5 John Richard Gage b.12_Feb_1851, Johnson Co. IL d.15_Sep_1934, Johnson Co. IL
           . 6 Alvin Richard Gage b.9_Jun_1888, Johnson Co. IL d.28_Apr_1960, Johnson Co. IL
           .   7 Edwin Alvin Gage b.30_Jan_1914, Johnson Co. IL d.5_Nov_1966, Macoupin Co. IL
           .     8 DNA Project ID ATA0359 (autosomal DNA)
           5 Marshall Gage b.1852, Illinois
             6 Angeletta Gage wife of Frederick L. Mattocks
               7 Katherine E. Mattocks wife of Wilburn Grady Denton
                 8 Frederick G. Denton
                   9 DNA Project ID ATA0379 (autosomal DNA)

line EN1739: descendants of Tristram Hogg b.1739, Coverham, Yorkshire, England
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in the line:

   1 Tristram Hogg b.1739 bu.4_Feb_1832, Coverham, Yorkshire, England
     2 John Hogg b.1785 d.1868
       3 Tristram Hogg b.25_Jun_1834, West Scrafton, Yorkshire, Englang d.Mar_1911, Riding, Northumberland, England
         4 Thomas Hogg b.1875, Scrafton, Leyburn, Yorkshire, Englang d.1953, West Scrafton, Yorkshire, Englang
           5 Tristram Hogg b.1918
             6 Living Hogg
               7 DNA Project ID EN1739a: desc of Tristram Hogg b.1739, Coverham, Yorkshire, England

line SC1743: descendants of George Hogg Sr. of Beaufort Dist. SC -- George Hogg Sr., b.ca.1666, England, married to Ann Wyndham, ca.1734, St. Helena's Parish, Granville Co. SC, d.ca.1769, St. Lukes Parish SC.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 George Hogg Sr. b.ca.1666, England, d.ca.1769, St. Lukes Parish SC
     2 George Hogg Jr. b.ca.1742, Beaufort Dist. SC, d.ca.1790, Beaufort Dist. SC
       3 John Hogg b.25_Jan_1769, Newberry, Barnwell Dist. SC, d.1846, Barnwell Co. SC (George -> John not proved)
         4 Henry Benjamin Hogg
           5 Henry Decatur Hogg b.9_Aug_1836, Kitchen Mills SC, d.22_Aug_1922, Charleston SC 6 Henry Benjamin Hogg Sr. b.6_Nov_1880, Aiken Co. SC, d.3_Aug_1949, Charleston SC
               7 Henry Benjamin Hogg Jr. b.13_Mar_1916, Charleston SC
                 8 DNA Project ID SC1743a: desc of John Hogg of Barnwell Dist. SC

line VA1744: descendants of Lewis and James Hogg of Frederick Co. VA -- Lewis and James Hogg, believed to be brothers, of Frederick Co. VA are mentioned in 1744. Their descendants moved to the Newberry District, South Carolina and beyond. Lewis Hogg was the ancestor of James Stephen Hogg, Governor of Texas, 1891-1895. We have one Y-DNA sample and a few autosomal DNA samples. The Y-DNA sample matches the other members of the group known as Hogg R1b cluster no. 10.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Lewis Hogg b.ca.1700, Virginia d.7_Oct_1747, Frederick Co. VA
   . 2 John Hogg b.ca.1732, Winchester, VA d.12_Oct_1782, Newberry District SC
   .   3 James Hogg b.ca.1753, Frederick Co. VA d.1781, Newberry District SC
   .   . 4 Francis R. Hogg b.9_Feb_1780, Newberry District SC d.27_May_1849, Pope Co. IL
   .   .   5 Francis Hogg b.1827, Illinois d. Pope Co. IL
   .   .     6 George Washington Hogg b.5_May_1877, Coconda, Pope Co. IL d.26_Mar_1964, Campbell, Dunklin Co. MO
   .   .       7 Arzie Hogg b.29_Oct_1906, Pope Co. IL d.10_Apr_1944, Tallaposa, New Madrid Co. MO
   .   .         8 DNA Project ID VA1744a desc of Lewis and James Hogg of Frederck Co. VA
   .   3 Maj. Lewis Hogg b.31_Aug_1755, Frederick Co. VA, d.9_Sep_1828, Newton Co. GA
   .   . 4 Mildred Hogg b.27_Jun_1780, Newberry Co. SC, d.20_Mar_1857, Henry Co. GA, wife of Johnson Fargason
   .   . . 5 John Leonard Fargason b.1800, Newberry Co. SC, d.1866, Tallagoosa Co. AL
   .   . .   6 Thomas Benjamin Fargason b.25_Jul_1831, Henry Co. GA, d.4_Jan_1918, Tallapoosa Co. AL
   .   . .     7 Paulina Lena Fargason b.8_Apr_1871, Tallapoosa Co. AL, d.31_Aug_1934, Tallapoosa Co. AL, wife of Lucius C. Jennings
   .   . .       8 Guy Elmer Jennings b.1904, Alabama, d.1_Feb_1989, Tallapoosa Co. AL
   .   . .         9 Elizabeth Anne Jennings b.18_Feb_1929, Fulton Co. GA, d.20_Aug_1984, Fulton Co. GA, wife of Julius Monroe Langley
   .   . .          10 DNA Project ID ATF0141 (autosomal DNA)
   .   . 4 Edith Edy Hogg b.6_Jan_1786, Newberry District SC, d.10_Jul_1826, Newbury Co. SC, wife of William Noland
   .   .   5 Hannah Noland b.1807, South Carolina, d.5_Aug_1890, Newberry Co. SC, wife of Thomas H. Henderson
   .   .     6 Stroughton Henderson b.17_Feb_1852, South Carolina, d.5_May_1921, Newberry Co. SC
   .   .       7 Lewis Shelton Henderson b.1_Feb_1881, York Co. SC, d.11_May_1944, Laurens Co. SC
   .   .         8 Thomas Watland Henderson b.30_Apr_1925, Laurens Co. SC, d.29_Jun_1960, Santorcaz, Madrid Spain
   .   .           9 DNA Project ID ATA0321 (autosomal DNA)
   .   3 John Hogg b. before 1760, Newberry District SC d.Aug_1824, Newberry District SC
   .   . 4 James Hogg b.1792, Newberry District SC d. Macon Co. GA
   .   .   5 Amanda Hogg b.18_Jul_1837, South Carolina m.26_Aug_1866, Macon Co. GA wife of Joel F. Norris d.1_Sep_1903, Montaxuma, Macon Co. GA
   .   .     6 Henry Early Norris b.20_Jan_1878, Macon, Bibb Co. GA d.16_Jul_1938, Fort Gaines, Clay Co. GA
   .   .       7 Charles Fletcher Norris b.8_Oct_1913, Jackson Co. GA d.27_Mar_1978, San Diego CA
   .   .         8 DNA Project ID ATA0079 (autosomal DNA)
   .   3 Maj. Thomas Hogg b.16_Apr_1768, Newberry District SC d.1849, Rusk, Cherokee Co. TX
   .   . 4 Joseph Lewis Hogg b.13_Sep_1806, Morgan Co. GA d.16_May_1862, Corinth MS
   .   .   5 Thomas Elisha Hogg b.19_Jun_1842, Cherokee Co. TX d.Sep_1880
   .   .     6 Lucanda Eliza Hogg b.8_Aug_1867, Rusk, Cherokee Co. TX wife of William H. H. Owen d.8_Aug_1892, Houston TX
   .   .       7 Velma Owen b.24_Feb_1890, Denton TX m.ca.1911, Denton TX wife of Alvin J. Kyle d.11_Nov_1917, Galveston TX
   .   .         8 Katherine Kyle b.16_Sep_1912, Texas m.15_Aug_1936, Fresno CA wife of Roderick L. Hill d.18_Jun_1989, Sacramento CA
   .   .           9 DNA Project ID ATA0046 (autosomal DNA)
   .   3 Margaret Hogg b.28_Mar_1770, Newberry District SC d.27_May_1839, Tuscaloosa Co. AL, m.1788, Newberry Co. SC, wife of Benjamin Durrett
   .     4 Lucretia Durrett b.2_Dec_1808, South Carolina d. Missippii, m.1823, Tuscaloosa AL, wife of Felix Houpt
   .       5 Benjamin Clarence Houpt b.1825, Atlanta GA, d.1886, Pototoc Co. MS
   .         6 Benjamin Judson Houpt Sr. b.29_Nov_1855, Pontotoc Co. MS d.31_Jan_1939, Pontotoc Co. MS
   .           7 Carrie Houpt b.ca.1885, Mississippi, d.6_Nov_1950, Ponotoc Co. MS, m.8_Sep_1903, Pontotoc Co. MS, wife of Claud S. Bolen
   .             8 Birl Maulton Bolen b.23_Aug_1921, Calhoun Co. MS d.30_May_1982, Panola Co. MS
   .               9 Living Bolen, wife of Living Respess
   .                10 DNA Project ID ATA0320 (autosomal DNA)
   1 James Hogg b. before 1725, Virginia, d. after 1786, South Carolina
     2 Joseph Hogg b.ca.1745, d.1787
       3 James Hogg b.ca.1767, South Carolina, d.ca.1840, Newberry Co. SC
         4 George Euclidus Hogg b.27_Apr_1809, Newberry Co. SC, d.17_Mar_1885, Talbot Co. GA
           5 James Hamilton Hogg b.12_May_1844, Talbot Co. GA d.20_Aug_1902, Tazwell, Marlon Co. GA
           . 6 Nellie Katherine Hogg b.8_Dec_1877, Marion Co. GA d.20_May_1963, Durham NC m.29_Jul_1903, Georgia wife of William C. Jenkins
           .   7 Elizabeth Richardson Jenkins b.13_Jan_1907, Georgia d.4_Sep_1937, Atlanta GA m.25_Dec_1927, Opelika AL wife of Garland F. Steele Sr.
           .     8 Garland Fredrick Steele Jr b.27_Oct_1929, Columbus GA d.1_Dec_1987, Morrow, Clayton Co. GA
           .       9 DNA Project ID ATF0361 (autosomal DNA)
           5 Georgia Rebecca Hogg b.18_Dec_1854, Georgia, d.2_Jul_1920, m.1872, Talbot Co. GA, wife of Edmond J. Johnson
             6 Edmond Jackson Johnson b.5_Dec_1886, Covington Co. AL, d.25_Nov_1954, Hardeman Co. TX
               7 Janiece Melba Johnson b.4_Aug_1918, Hardeman Co. TX, d.22_Dec_22_Dec_2014, Texas, wife of Clarence E. Trout
                 8 DNA Project ID ATF0314 (autosomal DNA)

line SL1745: descendants of William Hogg b.ca.1745, Scotland or Ireland -- descendants of William Hogg emigrated to Pennsylvania and many moved on to Oregon and Washington
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 William Hogg b.ca.1745, Scotland or Ireland
     2 John Hogg b.29_Mar_1769, County Tyrone, Ireland d.6_Oct_1845, Millbrook, Mercer Co. PA
       3 William R. Hogue b.17_Feb_1803, Pennsylvania d.11_Sep_1984, Pipestone, Berrien Co. MI
         4 Cassius C. Hogue b.11_May_1852, Mercer, Mercer Co. PA d.8_Sep_1887, Pipestone, Berrien Co. MI
           5 Carrie Mable Hogue b.13_Apr_1880, Pipestone, Barrien Co. MI m.11_Jun_1902 wife of Noel Seth Peters d.25_Apr_1957, Stevensville, Barrien Co. MI
             6 Leone Peters b.19_Dec_1902, Michigan m.24_Dec_1921, Benton Harbor, Berrien Co. MI wife of Wilbur M. VanGleson divorced, 4_Jun_1943, Berrien Co. MI d.29_Aug_1983, Michigan
               7 Virginia Ruth VanGleson b.19_Feb_1922, Michigan wife of Harley L. Ridley d.29_Dec_1954, Michigan
                 8 DNA Project ID: ATA0045 (autosomal DNA)

line VA1745: descendants of James Hogg of Edinburgh Scotland -- The traditional story is that James Hogg of Scotland, b.1680, was father of James Hogg, Thomas Hogg, and Capt. Peter Hogg who came to Virginia in 1745. Capt. Peter Hogg served with Washington in the French and Indian War. The records show that Capt. Peter Hogg considered Thomas Hogg Sr. to be his brother, but DNA from descendants of Capt. Peter Hogg do not match DNA from descendants of Thomas Hogg Sr. We presume that Thomas Hogg Sr. was a half-brother (with different fathers) of Capt. Peter Hogg and James Hogg.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 James Hogg b.1680, Edinburgh, Scotland, d.1760, Edinburgh, Scotland
     2 Thomas Hogg of Augusta Co. VA, came to Virginia in 1745
     . 3 Thomas Hogg b.1730-1755, d.1831
     .   4 Permelia Hogg b.1765, Washington Co. VA, wife of Christopher Cooper, d. after 21_Jul_1850
     .   . 5 Mary "Polly" Cooper wife of Ezekiel Alexander, b.1788, d.1865
     .   . . 6 John McCoy Alexander b.23_Sep_1818, Wilson Co. TN, d.19_Nov_1861, Richmond VA
     .   . . . 7 Lydia Ann Alexander b.9_Apr_1845, Bastrop Co. TX, d.13_Feb_1909, Nolan Co. TX, wife of Brinkley H. Tyler
     .   . . .   8 Elizabeth Aldena Tyler b.30_Mar_1880, Bastrop Co. TX, d.26_Sep_1960, Erath Co. TX, wife of Thomas E. Shinn
     .   . . .     9 John Brinkley Shinn b.4_Dec_1902, Caldwell Co. TX, d.24_Apr_1969, Erath Co. TX
     .   . . .      10 Dorothy Juanita Shinn b.23_Apr_1926, Jones Co. TX, d.22_Nov_1982, Palo Pinto Co. TX, wife of Earl Strong
     .   . . .        11 DNA Project ID ATA0233 (autosomal DNA)
     .   . . 6 Nancy Alexander wife of Daniel Bryson, b.1820, Wilson Co. TN, d.1874, Cannon Co. TN
     .   . . . 7 Emily S. Bryson wife of William T. Mears, b.1850, Tennessee
     .   . . .   8 Altie Jemima Mears wife of Robert M. ALexander, b.1878, Cannon Co. TN, d.1957, Cannon Co. TN
     .   . .       9 Ina Irene Alexander wife of Charles B. Davenport, b.1905, Cannon Co. TN, d.1998, Cannon Co. TN 
     .   . .        10 DNA Project ID ATF0016 (autosomal DNA)
     .   . . 6 Abraham O Alexander b.1823, Wilson Co. TN, d.1851, Cannon Co. TN
     .   . .   7 John Dee Alexander b.1851, Cannon Co. TN, d.1938, Cannon Co. TN
     .   . .     8 Robert Martin Alexander b.1878, Cannon Co. TN, d.1951, Cannon Co. TN
     .   . .       9 Ina Irene Alexander wife of Charles B. Davenport, b.1905, Cannon Co. TN, d.1998, Cannon Co. TN 
     .   . .        10 DNA Project ID ATF0016 (autosomal DNA)
     .   . 5 John M Cooper b.30_Apr_1790, Culpeper VA d.1844, Hardin Co. TN
     .   .   6 Permelia Cooper b.ca.1819, Tennessee d.1860, Calhoun Co. MS wife of Preston P. Moore
     .   .   . 7 Rebecca Elizabeth Moore b.25_Sep_1848, Calhoun Co. MS d.13_Aug_1935, Garland Co. AR wife of Simon B. McElroy
     .   .   .   8 Louisa McElroy wife of John M. Pennington
     .   .   .     9 Nellie Jane Pennington b.ca.1886, Arkansas wife of ________ Parker
     .   .   .      10 Bertha Parker b.ca.1902, Arkansas wife of ________ Adams
     .   .   .        11 DNA Project ID ATF0048 (autosomal DNA)
     .   .   6 Christopher Columbus Cooper b.1829, Hardin Co. TN d. after 1860
     .   .     7 Christopher Columbus Cooper b.18_Nov_1851, Hardin Co. TN d.8_Jun_1921, Myton UT
     .   .     . 8 Columbus Orvillee "Lee" Cooper v.20_Sep_1884, Hot Springs AR d.3 Sep 1975, Salt Lake City UT
     .   .     .   9 DNA Project ID ATF0020 (autosomal DNA)
     .   .     7 Isaac Joseph Cooper b.3_Jan_1858, Wayne Co. TN d.9_Jan_1920, Pushmataha Co. OK
     .   .       8 Minta Julina Cooper b.15_Nov_1885, Hot Springs AR d.27_Aug_1966, Choctaw Co. OK wife of Elija T. Carpenter
     .   .         9 Muriel Mavis Carpenter b.9_Mar_1922, Pushmataha Co. OK d.5_Nov_1985, Kern Co. CA wife of Arthur W. Selph
     .   .          10 DNA Project ID ATF0047 (autosomal DNA)
     .   4 Sarah Elizabeth Hogg b.1767, North Carolina, d.1860, Scott Co. VA, wife of Soloman Frazier
     .     5 Squire Frazier b.1800, Scott Co. VA, d.25_Oct_1854, Letcher Co. VA
     .       6 Lavina Frazier b.18_Feb_1831, Perry Co. KY, d.23_Apr_1885, wife of Stephen A. Whitaker
     .         7 Richmond B. Whitaker b.16_Feb_1858, Letcher Co. KY, d.2_Nov_1934, Letcher Co. KY
     .           8 Jerry P. Caudill b.Feb_1881, Kentucky, d.1921, Perry Co. KY
     .             9 William Caudill b.2_Jan_1912, Perry Co. KY d.Jul_1987, Lexington KY
     .              10 Living Caudill
     .                11 DNA Project ID ATA0175 (autosomal DNA)
     .   4 James Hogg Sr. b.1777, Virginia, d.18_Feb_1861
     .   . 5 Matilda Jane Hogg b.19_Aug_1808, Letcher Co. KY d.10_sep_1878, Wolfe Co. KY wife of Hiram H Sampler
     .   . . 6 Loucinda Jame Sampler b.1_Oct_1838, Kentucky d.6_Dec_1922, Shelby Co. KY wife of Anderson C Byrd
     .   . .   7 Lou Ellen Jane Byrd b.13_Jul_1873 d.15_Sep_1849, Wolfe Co. KY wife of Joseph J Chambers
     .   . .     8 Loucinda Chambers b.6_Sep_1898, Wolfe Co. KY d. Charles SC wife of John C B Griffith
     .   . .       9 Living Griffith wife of James S. Pendarvis
     .   . .        10 Living Pendarvis wife of Randleson A Floyd
     .   . .          11 DNA Project ID ATF0049 (autosomal DNA)
     .   . 5 Kelly Hogg b.1820, Kentucky, d.1903
     .   . . 6 Hiram Wesley Hogg b.1840, Kentucky, d.1863
     .   . . . 7 Kelly Hogg b.1861, d.1937
     .   . . .   8 George Hogg Sr. b.1892, d.1965
     .   . . .     9 George Hogg Jr. b.1923, d.1989
     .   . . .      10 DNA Project ID VA1745a: desc of Thomas Hogg, b.1755, Virginia #1
     .   . . 6 Stephen Hogg b.1845, Kentucky, d.1923
     .   . .   7 Burnett Hogg b.1898, d.1971
     .   . .     8 Living Hogg
     .   . .       9 DNA Project ID VA1745c: desc of Thomas Hogg, b.1755, Virginia #3, ATF0022 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
     .   . 5 James Hogg Jr. b.8_May_1825, Kentucky, d.9_Jan_1901
     .   .   6 James W. Hogge b.23_Dec_1846, Letcher Co. KY d.22_Feb_1922, Omaha NE
     .   .   . 7 Green S. Hogge b.5_Jul_1871, Letcher Co. KY 20_May_1921, Nebraska
     .   .   .   8 Virgil C. Hogg b.8_Nov_1898, Falls City NE d.29_Aug_1953, Echo Co. OR
     .   .   .     9 DNA Project ID VA1745b: desc of Thomas Hogg, b.1755, Virginia #2
     .   .   6 Squire Hogg/Hogue b.17_Oct_1847, Letcher Co. KY d.20_Jan_1938, Rowan Co. KY
     .   .     7 Margha Ellen Gilley-Hogg b.16_Sep_1869, Letcher Co. KY d.14_Jan_1945, Harlan Co. KY wife of James E. Adams
     .   .       8 George Matt Adams b.9_Dec_1889, Letcher Co. KY d.12_Nov_1956, Larlan Co. KY
     .   .         9 Roma Catherine Adams b.7_Oct_1931, Scott Co. VA d.17_Mar_2010, Berks Co. PA wife of Sidney Lanier Randolph
     .   .          10 DNA Project ID ATA0072 (autosomal DNA)
     .   4 Stephen Hogg b.10_Nov_1777, Culpeper Co. VA, d.15_Oct_1852, Breathitt Co. KY
     .     5 James Hogg b.2_Dec_1804, Floyd Co. KY, d.20_Dec_1890, Breathitt Co. KY
     .       6 Missouri Jane Hogg b.17_Aug_1848, Breathitt Co. KY, d.1929, Mayes Co. OK, wife of Squire Frazier
     .         7 Charles Elmer Frazier b.12_Jul_1877, Keck Co. KY, d.7_Nov_1944, Ottawa Co. OK
     .           8 Bonnie Blanche Frazier b.31_Mar_1909, Breathitt Co. KY, d.19_Jul_2000, Ottawa Co. OK, wife of Otis C. Johnson
     .             9 Carl J. E. Johnson b.1_Jan_1934, Mayes Co. OK, d.20_Dec_2015, Fayette Co. IA
     .              10 DNA Project ID ATA0174 (autosomal DNA)
     2 Capt. Peter Hogg b.1719, Edinburgh, Scotland d.20_Apr_1782, Augusta Co. VA
     . 3 Peter Earl Hogg Sr. b.1773, Augusta Co. VA d.2_Sep_1823, W. Columbia VA
     .   4 Peter Earl Hogg Jr. b.1817, Virginia
     .   . 5 Henry H. Hogg b.1837, Virginia
     .   .   6 Charles R. Hogg b.Sep_1871, West Virginia
     .   .     7 Paris Hogg Sr. b.6_Mar_1900, Kentucky d.11_Jul_1964, Dallas Co. TX
     .   .       8 Paris Hogg/Hoag b.2_Feb_1929 d.28_Sep_2006, Minneapolis MN
     .   .         9 DNA Project ID VA1745d: desc of Capt. Peter Hogg, b.1719, Scotland no. 1
     .   4 Abney Hogg Jr. b.2_May_1818, Mason Co. VA d.12_Jan_1873
     .     5 Taylor N. Hogg b.3_Oct_1842, Point Pleasant, WV d.3_Oct_1923, Kokomo IN
     .       6 Tayor N. Hogg b.28_Feb_1868, Mason Co. WV d.20_Jan_1946, Washington Co. PA
     .         7 William Conway Hogg b.19_Jun_1895, New Haven WV, d.9_Jun_1959, Washington Co. PA
     .           8 William E. Hogg b.28_Dec_1917, Pennsylvania d.26_Jun_1980, Washington Co. PA
     .             9 DNA Project ID VA1745e: desc of Capt. Peter Hogg, b.1719, Scotland no. 2
     2 James Hogg b.1723, Edinburgh, Scotland d.1808, Blount Co. TN
       3 Martha Hogg b.31_Oct_1774, Augusta Co. VA, d.15_Jul_1844, Warren Co. IL, wife of Thomas Gibson
         4 James Gibson b.7_Jun_1800, Bbount Co. TN, d.24_Dec_1850, Warren Co. IL
           5 Gabriella Gibson b.1843, d.29_Oct_1934, Dare Co. NC, wife of Lorenzo Bateman
             6 Mary Bateman b.1873, d.1958, wife of John B. Benton
               7 Sabra Elizabeth Benton b.19_Apr_1915, Perquinmans Co. NC, d.30_Dec_1992, Norfolk Co. VA, wife of Frank W. Toxey
                 8 Living Toxey wife of Living Horn
                   9 Living Horn wife of John V. Moore
                    10 DNA Project ID ATA0072 (autosomal DNA)

line AU1748: descendants of David Ogg, b.1748, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland -- the descendants of David Ogg emigrated to Australia about 1900. Matching DNA shows that this line is connected to line GA1804: descendants of John Thomas Ogg Sr. of Grimes Co. TX
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 David Ogg b.1748, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland
     2 Robert Ogg b.18_Mar_1786, Lochlee, Angus, Scotland, d.14_Dec_1858, Angus, Scotland
       3 Robert Ogg b.1832, Fern, Angus, Scotland, d.5_Nov_1899, Angus, Scotland
         4 William Cattanach Ogg b.9_Apr_1857, Eassie and Nevay, Angus, Scotland, d.1929, New South Wales, Australia
           5 Alfred Ogg b.8_Jul_1895, Dundee, Angus, Scotland, d.7_Jan_1970. New South Wales, Australia
             6 Donald Alfred Ogg b.27_Aug_1924, Burwood, New South Wales, Australia, d.6_Apr_2004, South Australia, Australia
               7 DNA Project ID AU1748a: desc of David Ogg, b.1748, Scotland

line GA1750: descendants of William Hogg of Greene Co. GA -- William Hogg, Revolutionary War Soldier, married to Martha Torrens, d.1795, Greene Co. GA.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 William Hogg b.ca.1730, Londonderry, Ulster, d.1795, Greene Co. GA
     2 Samuel Hogg b.1757, Greene Co. GA, d.1_Nov_1838, Greene Co. GA
       3 Hugh Torrens Hogg b.29_Nov_1796, Greene Co. GA, d.21_Nov_1881, Greene Co. GA
         4 William Davis Hogg b.24_Apr_1820, Greene Co. GA, d.31_Aug_1864, Clayton Co. GA
           5 Martha Ann Hogg b.21_Mar_1856, Chattooga Co. GA, d.27_Aug_1908, Union Co. NM, wife of John C. Cox
             6 Alice Vandora Cox b.12_Oct_1878, Chattooga Co. GA, d.21_Oct_1971, Comanche Co. OK, wife of Sam H. Jackson
               7 Florence Vada Jackson b.11_Jun_1919, Grady Co. OK, d.28_Jan_1996, Comanche Co. OK, wife of Murl E. Wilson
                 8 DNA Project ID ATA0106 (autosomal DNA)

line VA1750: desccndants of William Hogue of Virginia, b.ca.1750 -- William and David, sons of William Hogue b.ca.1750, setteled in Clark Co. IL in 1815-1816.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 William Hogg of Virginia b.ca.1750
     2 William Hogue b.1800, Virginia, d.1891
       3 William Wallace Hogue b.21_Nov_1826, Vigo Co. IN, d.28_Sep_1878, Clark Co. IL
         4 Charles Edward Hogue b.20_Jul_1850, Mason Co. KY, d.1907, Los Angeles CA
           5 Gertrude Hogue b.26_Aug_1888, Eagle Co. CO, d.2_Feb_1972, Ravalli Co. MT, m.1905, wife of Atrhur E. Robbins
             6 Living Robbins, wife of George D. L. Mabary
               7 DNA Project ID ATA0302 (autosomal DNA)

line PA1752: descendants of Michael Hogg, b.1752, Pennsylvania -- This family migrated from Kentucky to Tennessee to Texas.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Michael Hogg b.10_Jan_1752, Pennsylvania d.13_Jan_1815, Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY
     2 David Hogg b.1781, Kentucky d.1853, Smith Co. TN
     . 3 Leonidas Day Hogg b.18_Apr_1811, Harrison Co. KY d.11_Aug_1875, Smith Co. TN
     .   4 James Bullock Hogg b.Oct_1859, Smith Co. TN
     .     5 James Leonidas Hogg b.10_Feb_1888, Smith Co. TN d.1_Feb_1955, Dallas TX
     .       6 Virginia "Dixie" Hogg wife of Lloyd E. Pate,b.7_May_1918, Texas d.Nov_1995, Dallas TX
     .         7 DNA Project ID ATF0053 (autosomao DNA)
     2 Robert Michael Hogg b.1783, Pennsylvania d.Feb_1857, Hancock Co. KY
       3 Robert Shelby Hogg b.31_Oct_1818, Bowing Green, Warrein Co. KY d.2_Sep_1877, Goose Creek, Union twp., Delaware Co. IA, killed in farm accident
         4 John Milton Hogg b.12_Mar_1852, Delaware Co. IA d.15_Apr_1927, Paxton, Keith Co. NE
           5 George Paxton Hogg b.18_Jan_1900, Hershey, Lincoln Co. NE d.13_Oct_1980, North Platte NE
             6 Hogg DNA Project ID: PA1752a FTDNA kit no. 687816

extinct line SL1753: descendants of William Hogg of Selkirkshire Scotland, b.1753 -- This line is now part of line SL1640, above.

line NH1754: descendants of James Hogg of New Hampshire b.1696, Scotland -- James Hogg emigrated to Ulster, Ireland. His sons Joseph and Robert were born in Ulster and emigrated to New Hampshire in 1754. Some descendants of this line have taken the names Prentiss and Huntley.

line PA1754: descendants of Robert Hogg, b.1721, Southern Scotland -- Robert Hogg emigrated to Philadelphia before 1754, he died 25_Jan_1798, Tuscarora Valley, Mifflin Co. PA. This line is part of the group we call "Hogg I1 cluster no. 1", a diverse group of Hogg familes with matching DNA.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Robert Hogg (Hoge) b.Nov_1721, Southern Scotland d.25_Jan_1798, Tuscarora Valley, Mifflin Co. PA
     2 Martha Hoge b.17_Dec_1759, Mifflin Co. PA, d.26_Jul_1836, Butler Co. PA, m.ca.1777, wife of Thomas McKee
     . 3 David Albert McKee b.10_Jan_1796, Westmoreland Co. PA, d.1_May_1847, Hancock Co. IL
     .   4 James McKee b.6_May_1820, Butler Co. PA, d.14_Jul_1861, Spanish Fork UT
     .     5 David Daniel McKee b.28_Jan_1859, Spanish Fork UT, d.20_Feb_1946, Millord Co. UT
     .       6 Vorda Angus McKee b.4_Aug_1890, Millard Co. UT, d.14_Feb_1972, Millard Co. UT
     .         7 Living McKee, wife of Cecil C. Nixon
     .           8 Living Nixon
     ,             9 DNA Project ID ATA0291 (autosomal DNA)
     2 James Hoge b.Jan_1766, Tuscarora Valley, Mifflin Co. PA d.22_Mar_1840, Slippery Rock Twp., Butler Co. PA
       3 James Irvin Hoge b.1796, Juniata Co. PA, d.1877, Burler Co. PA
       . 4 Elizabeth Hogue b.19_Jul_1832, Butler Co. PA, d.18_Jan_1906, Butler Co. PA, wife of Samuel Wimer Jr.
       .   5 Isaac C. Wimer b.6_Aug_1858, Butler Co. PA, d.25_Aug_1942, Butler Co. PA
       .     6 Clara Mabel Wimer b.26_Oct_1891, Butler Co. PA, d.23_Mar_1944, Venango Co. PA, wife of Bert W. Wilson
       .       7 John Thomas Wilson b.10_Nov_1917, Butler Co. PA, d.18_May_1985, Birmingham AL
       .         8 Living Wilson, wife of Living Williams
                   9 DNA Project ID ATA0198 (autosomal DNA)
       3 William Hoge b.1801 d.1825
         4 Ely DeWolf Hoge b.1836 d.1902
           5 Amos Dunbar Hogue b.1867 d.1934
             6 Jesse Sherman Hogue b.1890 d.1969
               7 DNA Project ID PA1754a: desc of Robert Hogg b.1721, Southern Scotland

line PA1755: descendants of Robert Hogg d.1747, Chester Co. PA -- Robert Hogg emegrated from Scotland to Philadelphia PA before 1755. He died within a few weeks of arival leaving a wife and son.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Robert Hogg b.ca.1725, Scotland d.1747, Chester Co. PA
     2 Robert Hogg/Hogue b.1743, Ayrshire, Scotland d.1824, Belmont Co. OH
       3 Hugh Hogue b.18_Nov_1787, Oxford, Chester Co. PA d.7_Jan_1880, Sparta, Monroe Co. WI
       . 4 Hugh Jackson Hogue b.22_Jun_1825, Hopewell twp., York Co. PA d.15_May_1870, Williamsport, Lycoming Co. PA
       . . 5 Robert Fulton Hogue Sr. b.5_Dec_1850, Williamsport, Lycoming Co. PA d.4_Oct_1924, Norfolk, V  
       . . . 6 Helen Blanche Hogue b.18_Aug_1881, Jaysburg PA m.10_Jan_1907, Washington DC wife of Edward S. Youngblood d.24_Oct_1864, Richmond VA
       . . .   7 Cecil Hogue Youngblood Sr. b.13_Mar_1910, Petersburg VA d.22_Nov_1988, Richmond VA
       . . .     8 DNA Project ID ATA0041 (autosomal DNA
       . . 5 Annie E. Hogue Sr. b.1855, Pennsylvania, wife of Samuel House, d.1880
       . .   6 Hugh G. House, b.18_Nov_1879, Chester Co. PA, d.1956, Cumberland Co. NJ
       . .     7 Herbert House, b.1912, Maryland, d.10_Aug_1997, Salem Co. NJ
       . .       8 DNA Project ID ATA0110 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Samuel Hogue b.2_Oct_1834, York Co. PA d.22_Feb_1908, Strum, Trempealeau Co. WI
       .   5 John Leland Hogue b.29_Aug_1868, Wisconsin d.30_May_1950, Lafayette, Chippewa Co. WI
       .     6 Jesse Eugene Hogue b.13_Oct_1896, Strum WI d.1_Sep_1963, Strum EI
       .       7 Durwood Leighton Hogue b.12_Nov_1917, Strum WI d.20_Nov_2003, Park Falls WI
       .         8 DNA Project ID PA1755a: desc of Robert Hogg b.1725, Scotland d.1747, PA 
       3 Elizabeth Hogue b.12_Mar_1788, Oxford, Chester Co. PA m.ca.1805, Pennsylvania wife of James Baggs m.7_Jan_1819, Belmont Co. OH wife of Samuel Thompson wife of ________ Madlock d.20_Apr_1864, Belmont Co. OH
         4 Matilda Baggs b.14_May_1813, Pittsburg PA m.16_Mar_1831, Union, Belmont Co. OH wife of Robert Boyd d.1891
           5 Elizabeth Boyd m.4_Sep_1872, Belmont Co. OH b.2_Feb_1851, Bridgeport OH wife of John W. Boone d.25_Mar_1923, Pittsburgh PA
             6 Thomas V. Boone b.8_Oct_1873, Richland, Belmont Co. OH d.17_Mar_1954, Turtle Creek PA
               7 Viola Maude Boone wife of John G. Freeman
                 8 Living Freeman wife of Living Frysinger
                   9 DNA Project ID ATA0042 (autosomal DNA)

line IR1755: descendants of Samuel Hogg of Ramelton, County Donegal, Ireland, b.1755 -- Samuel Hogg died in Ireland before 1802, when his Widow, Elizabeth, came to Pennsylvania, settling in Slippery Rock, PA. Lines IR1755, SL1814, and NY1815 have matching Y-DNA. We list these three lines as "Hogg I1 cluster no. 2"
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Samuel Hogg b.1755, Ramelton, Co. Dohegal, Ireland d. before 1802, Ireland
     2 Samuel Hogg Sr. b.1779, Ramelton, Co. Donegal, Ireland, d.18_Jun_1846, Cherry Twp., Butler Co. PA
     . 3 James Hogg b.2_Feb_1808, Milford Twp., Mifflin Co. PA, d.1865, Slippery Rock Twp., Butler Co. PA
     .   4 James Harvey Hogg b.1843, Slippery Rock Twp., Butler Co. PA, d.17_Aug_1982, Pennsylvania
     .     5 Harvey Hamilton Hogue Sr. b.18_Feb_1887, Richfield, Juniata Co. PA, d.15_Mar_1941, Chelsea MA
     .       6 DNA Project ID PA1887a: desc of Harvey Hogue b.1887, PA, ATF0015 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)
     2 Robert "Robin" Hogg b.ca.1785, Ramelton, Co. Dohegal, Ireland d.7_Feb_1857, Cherry Twp., Butler Co. PA
       3 Robert McCoy Hogg b.1817, Chester Co. PA d.1899, Butler Co. PA
         4 John Alexander Hogg b.1844, Cherry Twp., Butler Co. PA d.1922, Shelton NE
           5 Sadie Inez Hogg b.1875, Michelville IA d.1943, Crookston NE wife of Ivan E. Lux 
             6 Iva Mae Lux b.1896, Nebraska d.1986, Warrensburg MO wife of Harvey A. Goucher
               7 Living Goucher wife of Robert T. Neal
                 8 DNA Project ID ATF0340 (autosomal DNA)

extinct line GA1758: descendants of Matthew Hogue of Greene Co. GA, b.1758, NC -- Matthew Hogue of Greene Co. GA, b.1758, NC, d.24_Nov_1840, Eutaw, Greene Co. AL. This line is now part of line VA1632, above.

line SL1760: descendants of James Hogg of Faskine, Lanarkshire, Scotland, b.ca.1760 -- Many descendants of this line emigrated to Western Canada.

line PA1760: descendants of Robert Hogg of Harrison Co. OH, b.1760, PA -- Many descendants of this line live throughout Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri. Most spell the name Hogge.

extinct line IR1764: descendants of Widow Elizabeth Hogg of County Donegal, Ireland, b.ca.1764 -- This line came to America and lived in Slippery Rock, PA. This line is now part of line IR1755, above.

line MD1765: descendants of Alexander Ogg b.ca.1745, Scotland -- Alexander Ogg b.ca.1745, Scotland, emigrated to Maryland in 1765. This line is part of the group we call "Hogg I1 cluster no. 1", a diverse group of Hogg familes with matching DNA.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Alexander Ogg b.ca.1745, Scotland?, d.1799, Hampshire WV
     2 Robert Washington Ogg b.1777, Calvert MD, d.Nov_1838 Barnesville, Belmont Co. OH
       3 Young Hance Ogg b.6_Jul_1824, Warren Twp. Belmont Co. OH, d.6_Jan_1905, Agra, Lincoln Co. OK
         4 Benjamin Franklin Ogg b.17_Apr_1865, Barnesville, Belmont Co. OH, d.15_Jun_1956, Ottawa, Franklin Co. KS
           5 Courtney Stamp Ogg b.30_Jun_1894, Chandler, Lincoln Co. OK, d.3_Mar_1984, Ottawa, Franklin Co. KS
             6 James Boicourt Ogg b.15_Mar_1916, Ottawa, Franklin Co. KS, d.11_Nov_2007, Ottawa, Franklin Co. KS
               7 James Courtney Ogg, b.1949, d.2009, DNA Project ID MD1765a: desc of Alexander Ogg of Maryland, b.ca.1745

line NY1766: descendants of Benjamin Hoeg, b.24_Jan_1766, New York -- Benjamin Hoeg was born 24_Jan_1766 in New York.

line GA1770: descendants of James Hogg Sr. of Savannah GA -- James Hogg Sr., b.1740, immigrated from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Savannah GA in 1770, d.1790-1804, Hancock Co. GA. This line is part of the group we call "Hogg I1 cluster no. 1", a diverse group of Hogg familes with matching DNA. Note that the DNA from GA1770c does not match the others in this line, suggesting a NPE leading to GA1770c.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 James Hogg Sr. b.1740, d.1790-1804, Hancock Co. GA immigrated from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Savannah GA, 1770
     2 James Hogg Jr. b.1760 d.ca.1820, Georgia
       3 Elizabeth Middleton Hogg b.1772-1783 m.ca.1793, Jackson Co. GA wife of Radford Jordan
       . 4 Elizabeth Jane Jordan b.1816, Georgia, d.1875, Grant Pa. LA wife of John O. Odum
       . . 5 John Wesle Odum b.7_May_1834, Bovington Co. AL d.3_Jul_1903, De Soto PA. LA
       . .   6 William Thomas Odum b.5_Jun_1868, Boyce, Rapides Pa. LA d.5_Apr_1905, Dennison, Grayson Co. TX
       . .     7 Harold Napoleon Odum b.15_Mar_1894, Marshall, Harrison Co. TX d.5_Feb_1997, De Qreen, Savier Co. AR
       . .       8 William Leroy Odum b.16_May_1925, Fort Worth TX d.5_Jan_2002, Quitman, Wood Co. TX
       . .         9 DNA Project ID ATA0360 (autosomal DNA)
       . 4 Cecilia Ann Jordan b.1816, Georgia m.11_Dec_1836, Henry Co. AL wife of John Atha Day d.1880, Babbi, Covington Co. AL
       .   5 Henry Joel Day b.25_Dec_1844, Henry Co. AL d.22_Oct_1927, Covington Co. AL
       .     6 John Benard Day b.21_Jul_1896, Covington Co. AL d.6_Aug_1971, Atmore, Escanbia Co. AL
       .       7 Raymond Houston Day b.14_Sep_1927, Huxford, Escambia Co. AL d.30_Oct_1989, Monroe Co. AL
       .         8 DNA Project ID ATA0078 (autosomal DNA)
       3 John Hogg b.1776, Georgia, d.1862, Columbia Co. AR
       . 4 James Maderson Hogue b.1_May_1809, Alabama, d.15_Nov_1869, Titus TX
       . . 5 Charles Boden Hogue b.25_Nov_1846, Union AR, d.3_Dec_1926, Tarrant Co. TX
       . .   6 Perry Tunnell Hogue b.16_Feb_1882, Tarrant Co. TX, d.3_Sep_1959, Tarrant Co. TX
       . .     7 William Perry Hogue b.27_Rug_1915, Denton Co. TX, d.6_Oct_2001, Tarrant Co. TX
       . .       8 DNA Project ID GA1770b: desc of James Hogg Sr. of Savannah GA b.1740 #2
       . 4 Holland Middleton Hogg b.1817, Alabama
       .   5 Hatten Milton Hogg b.1842, Union Co. AR, d.af.1920, Union Co. AR
       .   . 6 James Albert Hogg b.ca.1869, Union Co. AR
       .   .   7 Francis Goodwin Hogg b.1888, d.1963
       .   .     8 Donald Eugene Hogg b.1934, d.2013 DNA Project ID GA1770a: desc of James Hogg Sr. of Savannah GA b.1740 #1
       .   5 William Wallace Hogg b.ca.1854, El Dorado AR d. after 1910, Union Co. AR
       .     6 John Lee Hogg b.1893, Van Buren AR d.1943, Little Rock AR
       .       7 Jeppie Neal Hogue b.1920, Mount Holly AR d.1986, Shreveport LA
       .         8 DNA Project ID GA1770d: desc of James Hogg Sr. of Savannah GA b.1740 #4
       3 Holland Middleton Hogg Sr. b.1784, Cherokee Nation East, Georgia d.ca.1844, Alabama
         4 Stephen M. Hogg b.1813, Georgia
           5 Holland Middleton Hogg III b.1836, Alabama
             6 Francis Robert Hogg b.1863, Mississippi
               7 Francis Harris Hogg (Jack) b.6_Aug_1903, Mississippi d.22_Jun_1993, Arizona
                 8 Robert Louis Hogg b.14_Aug_1929, Louisanna d.21_Jul_2007, Arizona
                   9 DNA Project ID GA1770c: desc of James Hogg Sr. of Savannah GA b.1740 #3 [data mismatch suggests an NPE in this line]

line SL1771: descendants of Thomas Hogg of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, b.c1771, d.1828 -- Thomas Hogg married Peggy Haddon. Their descendants relocated to England
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 William Hogg b.ca.1771, Scotland d.12_Aug_1828, Dumfries, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
     2 George Hogg b.25_Jun_1800, Cummertrees, Dumfriesshire, Scotland d.Apr_1873, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
       3 George Hogg b.1830, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
         4 Katherine Elizabeth Hogg b.Jan_1862, St. Luke, Middlesex, England m.Jan_1878, Islington, London, England wife of Thomas W. Pusey d.Jan_1912, Shoreditch, London, England
           5 Thomas Edward Pusey b.13_Jan_1899, Shoreditch, London, England d.15_May_1951, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
             6 Rose Marie Pusey b.18_Dec_1933, Shoreditch, London, England m.6_Jun_1954, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England wife of Joseph W. Bevard d.14_Jan_2006, Seatle WA
               7 Living Bevard wife of Living Shager
       .         8 DNA Project ID ATA0113 (autosomal DNA)

extinct line NC1774: descendants of James Hogg of East Lothian, Scotland -- This line is now part of line SL1672, above.

line NH1774: descendants of Joseph, William, and Simpson Hogg -- Joseph, William, and Simpson Hogg emigrated to New Hampshire before 1774. Joseph and William changed their name to Hodge and Simpson changed his name to Wilder.

line NI1777: descendants of James Hogg of Northern Ireland b.ca.1777 -- The descendants of this line came to America in the twentyth centuary.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 James Hogg of Northern Ireland b.ca.1777
     2 John Hogg b.1803, Lisburn, County Down, Northern Ireland note: parents not proved
       3 Andrew Hogg b.1831, Lisburn, County Down, Northern Ireland
         4 William Hogg (Gilmour, Gilmore) b.1865, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
           5 Daniel Steele Hogg Sr. b.1884-1886, Castlerock, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
             6 DNA Project ID NI1777a: desc of James Hogg of Northern Ireland b.ca.1777

line SL1780: descendants of John Hogg of Stirlingshire, Scotland, b.ca.1780 -- John Hogg of Stirlingshire, Scotland, b.ca.1780
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 John Hogg of Stirlingshire, Scotland, b.ca.1780
      2 James Hogg b.18_Oct_1804, Dunipace, Stirlingshire, Scotland d.23_May_1880, Stane, Cambusnethan, Lanarkshire, Scotland
        3 John Hogg b.12_Apr_1837, Shotts, Lanarkshire d.18_Feb_1910, Airdrie, Scotland
         4 James Hogg b.21_Apr_1875, Airdrie, Scotland d.9_Oct_1928, Maxwell Park, Pollokshields, Glasgow, Scotland
           5 John Stirling Hogg b.23_Nov_1910, Dzansoul, South Russia d.21_Jul_1960, Saltdean, Brighton, England
             6 DNA Project ID SL1780a: desc of James Hogg of Stirlingshire, Scotland, b.ca.1780

line EN1780: descendants of John Hogg of Norham, Northumberland, England -- John Hogg of Norham, Northumberland, England, b.1780, d.1857

line SC1784: descendants of Thomas Hogg of York Co. SC -- Thomas Hogg, b.3_Jan_1782, York Co. SC, married to Sarah Scott in Charleston SC, d.30_Sep_1842, Columbia SC.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Thomas Hogg b.3_Jan_1782, York Co. SC d.30_Sep_1842, Columbia SC
      2 John Hogge b.2_Dec_1811, York Co. SC d.11_Sep_1890, Telico TX
        3 Thomas Elzethen Hogge b.6_Apr_1841, South Carolina d.11_Oct_1920, Dimmit TX
        . 4 Julia Willis Hogge b.5_Jun_1874, Hollysprings MS m.17_Dec_1891, Ellis Co. TX wife of Eugene S. Derden d.2_Apr_1961, Happy TX
        .   5 Margaret Ethel Derden b.6_Apr_1894, Ellis Co. TX d.1977
        .     6 James Stnley Bennett b.1_Sep_1934, Carthage, Smith Co. TN d.3_Apr_2004, Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co. TN
        .       7 DNA Project ID ATA0264 (autosomal DNA)
        3 Margaret Hogge b.26_Aug_1844, South Carolina d.25_Apr_1898, Bosqueville, McLennan Co. TX wife of Charles E. Gallagher
        . 4 Nellie "Netie" Gallagher b.24_Dec_1870, Alcorn Co. MS d.29_Sep_1952, Alcorn Co. MS wife of Robert Lee Allen
        .  5 Living Allen wife of William Cornish
        .    6 Living Cornish 
        .      7 DNA Project ID ATF0112 (autosomal DNA)
        3 Mary Jane Hogge b.1855, Mississippi m.28_Nov_1883, Ellis Co. TX wife of Robert M. Guinn
          4 Ray Guinn b.Dec_1885, Texas d.1963
            5 Roy Sidney Guinn b.1907 d.1965
              6 Sherry Elaine Guinn b.1937 d.2012 wife of Living Roberson
                7 DNA Project ID ATF0024 (autosomal DNA)

extinct line NC1785: descendants of Richard Hogg of Johnston Co. NC, b.1785 -- Richard Hogg's descendants were in Johnston Co. and Wilson Co, NC into the twentyth century. This line is now part of line VA1632, above.

line NY1785: descendants of Warren Hoag, b.1785, New York -- Warren Hoag, b.1785, New York must be, according to DNA, a descendant of Richard Hogg of Boston MA (line MA1637). Once we determine the nature of that dependance, this line will be merged into the earlier line.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Warren Hoag b.1785, New York
     2 Lyman V. Hoag b.3_Oct_1821, New York d.17_Mar_1915, Sparta, Kent Co. MI
       3 Frank Eugene Hoag b.1867, Michigan
         4 ________ Hoag
           5 DNA Project ID MA1637b: desc of Warren Hoag, b.1785, New York

line DK1785: descendants of Riggel Hoeg, b.1785, Denmark -- Riggel Hoeg, b.4_Jan_1785, Sovang, Tonder, Denmark
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Riggel Hoeg, b.4_Jan_1785, Sovang, Tonder, Denmark, d.5_Apr_1833, Tonder, Denmark
     2 ________ Hoeg
       3 ________ Hoeg
         4 ________ Hoeg
           5 DNA Project ID DK1785a: desc of Riggel Hoeg, b.1785, Denmark

line EN1785: descendants of George Hogg b.ca.1785, d.1839, Leeds, Yorks, Eng -- George Hogg was married and died in Yorkshire. He was probably born in Northern England, but possibly, Southern Scotland. He is the earliest known ancestor of George Alfred Hogg, surviring TITANIC crewman.

extinct line NC1787: descendants of William G. Hogue, b.1787, North Carolina -- William G. Hogue, b.1787, North Carolina, was in Blount Co. TN, 1860, and d.1865, Stecoah Twp., Graham Co. NC. This line is now part of line VA1632, above.

line NC1788: descendants of Gavin Hogg, b.1788, Scotland, d.1835, New York City -- Gavin Hogg was a prominant attorny in Raleigh, NC. His biography says he was born in Wick, Caithness, Scotland and his parents were James Hogg and Mary Finlayson.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Gavin Hogg b.17_Apr_1788, Wick, Caithness, Scotland d.10_Oct_1835, New YorkNY
     2 Dr. Thomas Devereux Hogg b.1_Oct_1823, Raleigh NC d.30_Sep_1904, Raleigh NC
       3 Lucy Hogg b.22_Feb_1855, Raleigh NC d.24_Apr_1905, Raleigh NC wife of Isaac Foote Dortch
         4 William Pittman Dortch b.23_Mar_1884, Goldsboro NC d.6_Feb_1949, Raleigh NC
           5 Helen Marie Dortch b.28_Nov_20, Bronx, New York City NY d.14_May_1977, Bronx, New York City NY wife of Barry McGoldrick
             6 DNA Project ID ATF0414 (autosomal DNA)

extinct line PA1789: descendants of William Hogg of Butler Co. PA, b.1789, Ireland -- William Hogg died in Jackson Co. IA. This line is now part of line IR1764, above.

extinct line VA1790: descendants of Sampson Hogg of Virginia and Indiana, b.1790-1800 -- James R. Hogg, b.1812, was probably the son of Sampson Hogg b.1790-1800 in Virginia. His descendants migrated to Indiana and then settled in Missouri. This line is now part of line VA1632, above.

line EN1791: descensants of Charles Hogg b.1791, d.1854, Durham, England -- Charles Robert Hogg was born in 1800. His son, Francis, was born in 1841 in Northumberland, England. The close DNA match between this line and lines SL1792 and SL1796 indicates these three lines are connected.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Charles Hogg b.1791, Durham, England, d.1854, Durham, England
     2 Francis Hogg b.1841
       3 Charles Robert Hogg d.1967, Northumberland England
         4 Frank Edwin Hogg b.1900, Pittsburgh PA
           5 Charles Robert Hogg Sr. b.1924, Pittsburgh PA
             6 Charles Robert Hogg b.1956, Pittsburgh PA
               7 DNA Project ID EN1891a: desc of Charles Hogg, b.1791, d.1854, Durham, England

line SL1792: descendants of George Hogg b.1792, Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland -- Joseph Hogg and his family came from Scotland in 1893 and settled in Philadelphia PA. The close DNA match between this line and lines EN1791 and SL1796 indicates these three lines are connected.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 George Hogg b.ca.1792, Hawick, Roxburgh, Scotland, d. before 1855, Hawick, Roxburgh, Scotland
     2 Joseph Hogg b.Aug_1845, Hawick, Roxburgh, Scotland, d.25_Jan_1903, Philadelphia PA
       3 William Laidlaw Hogg b.10_Jun_1876, Hawick, Roxburgh, Scotland, d.13_Jul_1944, Atlantic City NJ
         4 John Alexander Hogg b.23_Sept_1914, Philadelphia PA, d.12_Oct_1988, Miami FL
           5 DNA Project ID SL1792a: desc of George Hogg b.1792 Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland, ATF0013 (Y-DNA and autosomal DNA)

line SL1796: descendants of William Hogg of Canongate, Edinburgh, Scotland, b.ca.1796 -- William Hogg, b.1828, Scotland, son of William Hogg, came to Iowa before 1860, then moved to Lecompton Twp., Douglas Co. KS and d. before 1910. The close DNA match between this line and lines EN1791 and SL1792 indicates these three lines are connected.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 William Hogg of Scotland
     2 William Hogg b.2_Feb_1822, N. Leath, Midlothian, Scotland d. before 1910
       3 Thomas T. Hogg b.1869, Iowa
         4 Harley Andrew Hogg b.29_Sep_1894, Lecompton KS d.10_Jan_1973, Lakeport, Lake Co. CA
           5 Harold Lee Hogg
             6 Gregory Lee Hogg
               7 DNA Project ID SL1796a: desc of William Hogg, b.1796, Ashkirk, Roxburgh, Scotland

line OH1798: descendants of James Hogg of Rutland Twp., Meigs Co., OH, b.1798, Scotland -- James Hogg, b.1798, Scotland, lived in Rutland Twp., Meigs Co., OH.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 James Hogg (Hogue) b.1798, Scotland d. after 1880
     2 James Hogue Jr. b.1825, Ohio d.1870-1880
       3 John Franklin Hogue b.1863, Ohio
         4 ________ Hogue
           5 ________ Hogue
             6 DNA Project ID OH1798a: desc of James Hogg of Ohio b.1798 Scotland

line SL1798: descendants of Francis Hogg of Selkirkshire, Scotland, b.1798 -- Many of his descendnts emigrated to Canada
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Francis Hogg, b.1798, Selkirkshire, Scotland, d.1841, Ontario, Canada
     2 James Smith Hogg, b.1823, Ettrick, Selkirkshire, Scotland, d.1897, Ontario, Canada
       3 Francis Ramsay Hogg, b.1845, Galt, Ontario, Canada, d.1917, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada
         4 Alexander Blake Hogg, b.1875, Greenock, Ontario, Canada, d.1941, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
           5 Donald Bruce Hogg, b.1912, Kamloops, British Colubia, Canada, d.1970, Stockton, CA
             6 DNA Project ID ATA0099 (autosomal DNA)

line VA1803: descendants of John Hogg of Norfolk VA, b.1803 -- John Hogg was born in Virginia in 1803. He first appears in Norfolk VA in 1860. He most likeky belongs to one of the other tidewater Virginia lines: VA1656, VA1657, or VA1658.

line GA1804: descendants of John Thomas Ogg Sr. of Grimes Co. TX -- John Thomas Ogg was born in Georgia in 1804. He setteled in Texas before 1850. Matching DNA shows that this line is connected to line AU1748, descendants of David Ogg, b.1748, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 John Thomas Ogg Sr. farmer, Grimes Co. TX, 1850, 1860 b.1804, Georgia d.1875, Magnolia, Grimes Co. TX
     2 Henry Warren Ogg Sr. farmer, Waller Co. TX, 1880 b.1848, Texas d.1880-1900
       3 Henry Warren Ogg Jr. farmer labor, Waller Co. TX, 1900 cabinet maker, Houston TX, 1910 cabinet maker, Waller Co. TX, 1920 b.23_Oct_1881, Magnolia, Montgomery Co. TX d.26_Oct_1940, Houston TX
         4 Andrew Lee Ogg b.16_Mar_1911, Houston TX d.29_Jun_1882, Bryan, Brazos Co. TX
           5 DNA Project ID GA1804a: desc of John Thomas Ogg Sr. of Grimes Co. TX

line SC1805: descendants of James Hogg, b.1805, South Carolina -- James Hogg, b.1805, South Carolina, moved to Missouri and then to California. While in Missouri, the family used the name Hogue for awhile, then changed it to Hoque.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 James Hogg/Hogue/Hoque, b.1805, South Carolina, d.1884, California
     2 Francis Marion Hogue, b.24_Mar_1844, Missouri, d.2_Feb_1921, San Jose CA
       3 William Francis Hoque, b.25_Dec_1872, Jackson Co. MO, d.7_Apr_1952, San Jose CA
       . 4 Elmer Albert Hoque, b.19_Feb_1900, San Jose CA, d.3_Dec_1988, San Jose CA
       .   5 Living Hoque
       .     6 DNA Project ID SC1805a: desc of James Hogg, b.1805, South Carolina #1
       3 Lee Roy Hoque, b.3_Jun_1899, San Jose CA
         4 Leroy Kenneth Hoque, b.6_Jul_1913, California, d.1_May_1975, Pleasanton CA
           5 Living Hoque
             6 DNA Project ID SC1805b: desc of James Hogg, b.1805, South Carolina #2

line EN1805: descendants of Charles Hogg b.1805, d.1880, Yorkshire, England -- Charles Hogg is the earliest known ancestor of Charles William Hogg who periahed on TITANIC

extinct line NC1808: descendants of William A. Hogue, b.1808, Nouth Carolina -- William A. Hogue, b.1808, Nouth Carolina, was living in Hardeman Co. TN in 1850. He died before 1860. This line is now part of line VA1735, above.

extinct line UK1810: descendants of Thomas Hogg, b.1810, Gloucestershire, England -- Thomas Hogg was born 1810 in Haresfield, Gloucestershire, England and died 1883 in Wheatenhurst, Gloucestershire, England. This line is now part of line EN1535, above.

line CN1813: descendants of William Hoag of Canada -- William Hoag was born in Canada and then moved to New York.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 William Hoag b.1813, Canada
     2 William Joseph Hoag b.20_Jan_1846, Luzerne, Saratoga Co. NY d.17_Apr_1918, Glens Falls NY
       3 Louis George Hoag b.1_Jun_1878
         4 DNA Project ID CN1826a: desc of William Hoag of Canada

line SL1814: descendants of James Hogg, b. bef 1814, Scotland -- James Hogg, b. before 1814, Scotland Lines IR1755, SL1814, and NY1815 have matching Y-DNA. We list these three lines as "Hogg I1 cluster no. 2"
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 James Hogg, b. before 1814, Scotland
     2 Robert Hogg, b.1814, Scotland
       3 Samuel Hogg, b.1830, Scotland, d.1895, Clasgow, Scotland
         4 William Bayne Hogg, b.1845, Scotland
           5 DNA Project ID SL1814a: desc of James Hogg, b. bef 1814, Scotland

line NY1815: descendants of George Hoage of New York -- George Hoage was born 1815-1820 in Scotland and Settled in New York. Lines IR1755, SL1814, and NY1815 have matching Y-DNA. We list these three lines as "Hogg I1 cluster no. 2"
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 George Hoage b.1815-1820, Scotland, settled near Plattsurg NY
     2 James Alvin Hoage b.Mar_1847, Plattsburg NY, d.12_Nov_1911, Olympia WA
       3 Robert James Hoage b.27_Jun_1877, Lenox IA, d.2_Jun_1945, Chevy Chase MD
         4 Alden Warne Hoage b.11_Feb_1906, Elgin IL, d.24_Aug_1991, Silver Spring MD
           5 Robert Jay Hoage b.1946, d.2012, DNA Project ID NY1815a: desc of George Hoage b.1815-1820, Scotland

line SL1815: descensants of James Hogg, b.ca.1815, d.bef.1861, Scotland -- James Hogg was living in Selkirk in about 1840
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 James Hogg b.ca.1815, Scotland d. before 7_Jun_1861, Scotland
     2 Walter Hogg b.1839, Selkirk Scotland d.25_Jun_1903, Galashiels, Selkirkshire
       3 Walter Hogg Sr., b.19_Jul_1873, Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland d.25_Nov_1850, Pittsburgh PA
         4 Walter Hogg Jr. b.1_Jul_1903, Pittsburgh PA d.28_Mar_1984, Bethel Park, Allegheny Co. PA
           5 Living Hogg
             6 DNA Project ID SL1815a: desc of James Hogg, b.ca.1815, d.bef.1861, Scotland

line SC1816: descensants of Henry James Hogue, b.1816, South Carolina -- records are scarce, but trees on ancestry.com say he died in Fairfield, Freestone Co. TX. Y-DNA indicates that his line is connected to John Hogg of Franklin Co. NC.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Henry James Hogue b.1815, South Carolina d. before 1860, Fairfield TX
     2 Josiah Franklin Hogue b.18_Sep_1843, Polk Co. GA, d.6_Feb_1916, Walker Co. TX
       3 James Lee Hogue b.24_Nov_1875, Freestone Co. TX, d.8_Jul_1964, Houston TX
         4 Claude Wallace Hogue b.10_Apr_1910, Polk Co. TX, d.21_Mar_1998, Navarro Co. TX
           5 DNA Project ID SC1816a: desc of Henry James Hogue, b.1816, South Carolina

line AL1818: descendants of William Hogg of Tuscaloosa AL, b.1818 NC or SC -- This line might be conneted to line VA1744, but there are several other possibilities.

extinct line NC1819: descensants of Calvin Hogue of Leake Co. MS, b.1819, NC -- Calvin Hogue of Leake Co. MS, b.12_Jan_1819, NC, d.16_Feb_1891, Standing Pine, Leakd Co. MS. This line is now part of line VA1632, above.

line IL1825: descendants of John Hogg d.1825, Vermillion Co. IL -- John Hogg died in 1825 in Vermillion Co. IL. He was probably from Pennsylvania. He was probably related to one of the two men named Robert Hogg who immigrated to Pennsylvania before 1755 (line PA1854 and line PA1755). This line is part of the group we call "Hogg I1 cluster no. 1", a diverse group of Hogg familes with matching DNA.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 John Hogg d.1825, Vermillion Co. IL
     2 Samuel C. Hoge b.25_Feb_1803, Russellville, Logan Co. KY d.6_Jan_1873, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL
       3 Washington Wayne Hoge/Hogue b.9_Nov_1824, Darwin, Clark Co. IL d.2_Jun_1912, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL
         4 Roscoe Conklin Hogue b.12_May_1878, Coles Co. IL d.1950, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL
           5 Wayne Henry Hogue b.7_Apr_1909, Michigan d.Feb_1969
             6 DNA Project ID IL1825a: desc of John Hogg d.1825, Vermillion Co. IL

line PA1825: descendants of James Hogue, b.1825, Pennsylvania -- James Hogue was a farmer in Beaver township, Clarion Co. PA in 1880. He was probably related to one of the two men named Robert Hogg who immigrated to Pennsulvakia before 1755 (line PA1854 and line PA1755). This line is part of the group we call "Hogg I1 cluster no. 1", a diverse group of Hogg familes with matching DNA.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 James Hogue b.1825, Pennsylvania
     2 Robert E. Hogue b.Aug_1863, Pennsylvania
       3 Newell S. Hogue b.15_Sep_1887, Knox, Clarion Co. PA d.1957
         4 Earl Raymond Hogue b.16_Aug_1916, Wellsville OH d.16_Sep_2006, Grove City, Mercer Co. PA
           5 DNA Project ID PA1825a: desc of James Hogue b.1825, Pennsylvania

line EN1826: descendants of William Hogg b.ca.1826, Congleton, Cheshire, England -- This is the line with the Lindsay-Hogg Baronets

line VA1826: descendants of William Hogg of King and Queen Co. VA, b.1826, Virginia -- William Hogg is first seen in King and Queen Co. VA in 1850. The tradition in this family is that William Hogg came from Gloucester County and should be part of line VA1656, descendants of Thomas Hogg of Northampton Co. VA. Although, the Y-DNA from this line does not match the Y-DNA from other Glouceser Co. Hogg men, the autosomal DNA shows that there is a family relationship. We assume William Hogg was the son of a Gloucester Co. Hogg woman and an unknown man.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 William Hogg of King and Queen Co. VA b.1826, Virginia
     2 Virginia "Jennie" E. Hogg wife of George Bew, b.1852, King and Queen Co. VA, d.16_Apr_1918, Richmond VA
     . 3 Daisy E. Bew wife of Gregory L. Adams, b.1878, King and Queen Co. VA, d.1910, Richmond VA
     .   4 Ada Pearl Adams wife of Edgar Robinson, b.10_Mar_1897, Richmond VA, d.3_Oct_1920, Fredericksburg VA
     .     5 Harold Glenwood Robinson b.15_Nov_1917, Richmond VA d.22_May_2009, Richmond VA
     .       6 DNA Project ID ATF0007 (autosomal DNA)
     2 James William Hogg b.25_Jul_1853, King and Queen Co. VA
     . 3 Joseph Kelly Hogge b.28_Dec_1882, King and Queen Co. VA
     .   4 William Bernard Hogge b.19_May_1916, Virginia d.14_Oct_1990, Middlesex Co. VA
     .     5 DNA Project ID VA1826a: desc of William Hogg of King and Queen Co. VA, b.1826 (Y-DNA), DNA Project ID ATF0006 (autosomal DNA)
     2 Antoinette R. Hogge b.1860, King and Queen Co. VA d.ca.1905, King and Queen Co. VA wife of Charles E. Moore
       3 Lloyd Thomas Moore b.26_Jul_1880, King and Queen Co. VA d.19_Feb_1942, Franklin, Southampton Co. VA
         4 Lorene Hilda Moore b.14_Oct_1904, King and Queen Co. VA d.14_Jul_1944, Wilmington NC m.21_Mar_1923, Richmond VA wife of William E. Latham
           5 Living Latham wife of Harry L. Moses
     .       6 DNA Project ID ATA0346 (autosomal DNA)

line CN1829: descendants of William Hogue of Ontario, Canada -- Not much is known about William Hogue, d.1828. His descendants lived for a few generations in Ontario, Canada, before moving to USA.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 William Hogue d.ca.1829, Ontario, Canada
     2 William Ross Hogue b.1829, Ontario, Canada d.1898
       3 Lemuel Hogue b.1855, Ontario, Canada d.1929
       . 4 William Ross Hogue b.1880, Ontario, Canada d.1944
       .   5 William Harold Hogue b.8_Sep_1908, Emery, Hanson Co., SD d.23_Mar_1980, El Monte CA
       .   . 6 Robert H Hogue b.1935, Buffalo NY d.2016, Redlands CA
       .   .   7 DNA Project ID CN1818a, FTDNA kit no. B181084
           .   7 DNA Project ID ATF0418 (autosomal DNA)
       .   5 Mary Laila Hogue b.25_Dec_1913, Hanson Co. SD d.1966, Buffalo NY wife of Raymond C. Pempsell
       .     6 Margaret Ann Pempsell b.8_Oct_1940, Buffalo NY d.16_Feb_1991, Buffalo NY wife of Living Senzarobbo
       .       7 DNA Project ID ATF0421 (autosomal DNA)
       3 William Frederick Hogue b.5_Apr_1864, Ionia Co. MI
       . 4 Lemuel Percy Hogue b.31_Mar_1890, Ontario, Canada d.31_Mar_1952, Saskatchewan, Canada
       .   5 Living Hogue
       .     6 DNA Project ID ATF0420 (autosomal DNA)
       3 Alice G. Hogue b.12_Feb_1874, Canada d.1961, Manistique, Schoolcraft Co. MI wife of Charles Wesley Bretz
         4 Faye Iris Bretz b.23_Sep_1909, Rudyard Twp., Chippewa Co. MI wife of Carl F. Anderson
           5 Living Anderson
             6 DNA Project ID ATF0419 (autosomal DNA)

line UT1831: descendants of Charles Hogg of Deighton, Yorks., England -- Charles Hogg was born about 1755, Deighton, Yorks., England. His descendants took the name Hogge, immigrated to Utah, and settled in Idaho.

line VA1831: descendants of John Anderson Hogg b.1831, d.aft.1900, Gloucester Co. VA -- It was always thought that John Anderson Hogg of Gloucester Co. VA was a part of the very large Gloucester County Hogg(e) family listed above as line VA1656, but however, the Y-DNA does not match. Consequently, the ancestry of John Anderson Hogg is a mystery.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 John Anderson Hogg b.Apr_1831, Gloucester Co. VA d. after 1900, Gloucester Co. VA
     2 George Thomas Hogge b.Apr_1865, Virginia d.1942
     . 3 George U. Luck Hogge b.May_1890, Virginia d.1943
     .   4 Charles Franklin Hogge b.10_Sep_1925, Virginia d.1_Jan_2004, Moss Point, Jackson Co. MS
     .     5 DNA Project ID VA1831a: desc of John Anderson Hogg b.1831, d.aft.1900, Gloucester Co. VA
     2 William Anderson Hogg/Hogge b.1_Apr_1871, Gloucester Co. VA d.17_Jan_1957, Hampton VA
     . 3 Susana Hogg/Hogge b.6_Apr_1891, Gloucester Co. VA d.27_Jan_1974, Gloucester Co. VA wife of James A. Jenkins
     .   4 James W. Jenkins b.8_Sep_1912, Cloucester Co. VA d.19_Sep_1970, Hampton VA
     .     5 Charles R. Jenkins b.4_Nov_1948, Elizabeth City Co. VA d.3_Mar_2008, Hampton VA
     .       6 DNA Project ID ATA0071 (autosomal DNA)
     2 John Walter Hogg  b.Jun_1881, Gloucester Co. VA
       3 Jennie Woodrow Hogg b.21_Jan_1914, Gloucester Co. VA d.27_Nov_2012, Wicomico, Gloucester Co. VA m.3_May_1929, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Stanley R. Greene Sr.
         4 Living Greene
           5 DNA Project ID ATA0348 (autosomal DNA)

extinct line NC1838: descendants of James A. Hogue of Johnson Co. IL, b.1838, NC -- James A. Hogg, b.ca.1838, North Carolina moved to Johnson County IL. This line is now part of line VA1632, above.

line RI1848: descendants of James Hague b.1805, Lancashire, England -- James Hague, b.1805, Lancashire, England, emigrated to Rhode Island in about 1848, and moved to Polk Co. IA in 1861.
   minimal pedigrees of DNA donors in this line:

   1 James Hague b.7_Dec_1805, Lancashire, England, d.2_Dec_1871, Polk Co. IA
     2 William Henry Hague b.19_Jul_1848, Jackson RI, d.12_May_1913, Polk Co. IA
       3 George A. Hague b.6_Apr_1879, Polk Co. IA, d.15_May_1955, Des Moines IA
         4 Alfred Vincent Hague b.23_Oct_1909, Des Moines IA, d.26_Aug_1993, Hemet CA
           5 DNA Project ID RI1848a: desc of James Hague b.1805, Lancashire, Eng #1
             6 DNA Project ID RI1848b: desc of James Hague b.1805, Lancashire, Eng #2

line IL1855: descendants of William Hogg Sr., b.1827, Scotland -- William Hogg Sr., b.1827, Scotland, came to Illinois before 1860, then moved to Kansas before 1900

line NY1867: descendants of Ernest Hoag of New York City -- Ernest Hoag. cigar maker, b.1854, Germany, emigrated to New York City in 1867, married to Mary Blasy, d. after 1910.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Ernest Hoag b.1854, Germany, d. after 1910
     2 Arthur Hoag b.1880, New York NY
       3 Living Hoag
         4 DNA Project ID NY1867a: desc of Ernest Hoag b.1854 Germany

line MN1868: descendants of Frederick William Hoge, b.1820, Prussia -- Frederick William Hoge came from Germany in 1868, settled in Minnesota, then moved to Cambridge MD.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Frederick William Hoge b.1820, Prussia, d.1907, Maryland
     2 Frederick William August Hoge b.20_Oct_1850, Wismar, Brandengurg, Prussia
       3 Roland Hoge b.1897, Minnesota
         4 DNA Project ID MN1868a: desc of Frederick William Hoge b.1820 Prussia

line MD1869: descendants of Henry Hoge weaver from Prussia -- Herny Hoge was b. 1806, Bavaria, arrived in Baltimore with his family from Bremen on the bark GAUSS on 21_Oct_1869. They were in Cuyahoga Co. OH, 1860

line IN1872: descendants of Henry Herman Hoge b.1872, Indiana -- Henry Herman Hoge was born in 1872 in Indiana. He was a farmer and railroad station supervisor in Clark Co. IN. Note that the DNA samples in this line were provided by men who obtained the name Hogg by adoption, so their DNA is not representative of this Hogg line.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donors in this line:

   1 Henry Herman Hoge b.1872, Indiana
     2 Henry William Hoge b.15_Feb_1919, Island, McLean Co. KY adopted ca.1922, Kentucky by Henry H. Hoge d.6_Feb_1978, Tallahassee FL
       3 DNA Project ID IN1872a: desc of Henry Herman Hoge b.1872 Indiana #1
         4 DNA Project ID IN1872b: desc of Henry Herman Hoge b.1872 Indiana #2

line MA1877: descendants of John Hoge of Boston MA -- John Hoge was b. 1877, Scotland, immigrated to Massachusetts in 1880.

line LA1881: descendants of Gottfried Hooge, b.ca.1815, Germany -- Gottfried Hooge was of Koschainen, Mohrungen, East Prussia, Germany. His descendants immigratee through New York in 1881 and settled in Louisiana.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Gottfried Hooge b.ca.1815 of Koschainen, Mohrungen, East Prussia, Germany
     2 Carl (Karl) Hooge b.18_Aug_1840, Koschainen, Muhrungen, East Prussia, Germany, d.11_Mar_1891 of Clinton, East Feliciana, Louisiana
       3 Friedrich (Fritz) Hooge, b.5_Jan_1865, Gros Munsterberg, Mohrungen, East Prusia, Germany, d.24/25_May_1949, Clinton, East Feliciana, Louisiana
         4 Conrad Gottlieb Hooge b.22_Jan_1891, Clinton, East Feliciana, Louisiana, d.24_Oct_1986, Clinton, East Feliciana, Louisiana
           5 Living Hooge
             6 DNA Project ID LA1881a: desc of Gottfried Hooge b.ca.1815, Germany

line ND1883: descendants of Johann Hoge of Greifenberg, Pommern -- The descendants of Johann Hoge emigrated to North Dakota in 1883.
   minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

   1 Johann Hoge
     2 Gustav Ferdinand Otto Hoge b.1833, Greifenberg. Pommern d.1914, Bismarck ND
       3 Friedrich Otto Carl Hoge b.1861, Greifenberg, Pommern d.1910, ND
         4 Theodore Karl Hogue b.1902, ND d.1959, WA
           5 DNA Project ID ND1883a: desc of Johann Hoge of Greifenberg, Pommern

line HI1884: descendants of John Ashton Hogg Sr. -- John Ashton Hogg Sr. emigrated to the USA in 1884 and settled in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii. He was the father of aviation pioneer Bertram J. Hogg, who was honered by selection of the trigraph "OGG" as the international designation for Kahului airport, Maui, Hawaii.

extinct line PA1887: descendants of Harvey Hogue -- Harvey Hogue was born in Pennsylvania in 1887. He was living in Lafayette twp, Juniata Co. PA in 1900. This line is now part of line IR1755, above.

Hoggs in the USA early who are not known to have left descendants

1. Thomas Hogg was a resident of New Haven as early as 1637. He was accused of the crime of bestiality in 1645, but was not convieted. He was wipped for general lewdness.

2. William Hogg was brought to Northumberland Co. Virginia by John Armesbee in 1650 (C&P Vol. 1, p. 206).

3. Mary Hogges was brought to Northumberland Co. Virginia by John Cooke in 1650 (C&P Vol. 1, p. 207).

4. Savage tells us that five "Hoggs" landed at Boston in May 1652 by the ship "John & Sara" of London. They were to be sold, having been made prisoners at Worcester on 3 Sept. 1651. Not one of them was heard of thereafter.

5. Andrew Hogg was brought to Virginia by John Ashley and Mr. Hamper in 1653 (C&P Vol. 1, p. 288).

6. Robert Hogg was brought to Petomeck freshes (Westmoreland Co.) Virginia by Henry Vincent in 1657 (C&P Vol 1. p. 353). Note: Thomas Hill received a grant on the same day and in the same location for transporting himself, three male Hills (sons?) and two female Hills (daughters?). Thomas Hill's grant and Henry Vincent's grant are recorded on the same page of Patent Book No. 4. We find these facts interesting because men named Hill have DNA matching the descendants of line VA1756.

7. Lawrence Hogge or Hegge was brought to Northampton Co. Virginia by William Roberts in 1657 (C&P Vol. 1, p. 356).

8. John Hogg was brought to Charles City Co. or James City Co. Virginia by Fardinando Austin in 1664 (C&P Vol. 1, p. 564).

9. John Hogg was brought to New Kent Co. Virginia by Capt. William Bassett in 1695.