Hogg DNA Project - Project Summary

The goal of the project is to use DNA to identify connections between Hogg lines that cannot be shown to be connected using traditional genealogy practices.

Our project is run in a manner independent of all testing companies. We accept project members tested by any testing company. In fact, we shamelessly seek out data relevant to the project where ever we can find it. If you are a descendant of any Hogg line (using any reasonable spelling variation) through a direct male-to-male path, we invite you to join the project. If you already have DNA data from any testing company, you can join immediately by simply sharing your data with us. If you have not been tested, contact us and we will help you choose a test appropriate for your circumstances.

Not withstanding our testing company independent nature, we maintain a presence as a recognized surname project at each of the major testing companies. This allows us to qualify for group discount rates and provides us access to the proprietary data base of each testing company (within the constraints imposed by each testing company's policy on uploading data from other companies).

When the project was started there were three major testing companies and a few minor testing companies. Since then the industry has consolidated and now there is only one major testing company offering Y-DNA tests, Family Tree DNA.