Hogg DNA Project - Project Plans

Our X most wanted list

This is our list of the X most wanted new members.  Although any candidate with
the surname Hogg, or any variation of Hogg, or who for any reason thinks that
he might be the paternal descendant of a Hogg is welcome to join the project,
these candidates are identified by us as particularly desirable because they
might answer a specific question.  The number X will vary from time to time.

1. a descendant of William Hoge, b.1660, Musselburgh, Scotland through one of
   his sons other than William Jr. and John. This data, in combination with the
   data from the descendants of his sons William Jr. and John, which we have
   already, will establish the haplotype of the senior William.

2. a descendant of line VA1745 through James Hogg, brother of Capt. Peter Hogg.
   This data, in comparison with the data from Capt. Peter Hogg and his half-
   brother Thomas, which we have, will determine whether he was a full brother
   to Peter or Thomas.

3. a descendant of line NI1658.  This is a famous Hogg line documented in
   Burke's Peerage from 1658 to the present that made many contributions to the
   British Empire.

4. a descendant of Richard Hogg Sr. b.ca.1717, Gloucester Co. VA through his
   son Richard Jr. This data, will prove that Richard Jr. was a son of Richard
   Sr., line VA1656 and not from line VA1657 or line VA1658.