Hogg DNA Project - Origins of the Surname Hogg

Monica Hogg, on her web site "The Hogg Surname Centre", has a page (click here) discussing the origins of the surname Hogg. She lists the following various origins:

   1. middle English: hog, a name for swine
   2. Scottish: hog or hogg, a yearling sheep
   3. Old English and Nordic: hoga, wise, careful, or prudent
   4. Irish Gaelic: Mac an Bhanbh, son of the hog
   5. English: a descendant of Hodge, Hodge is a nickname for Roger
   6. English: a dweller near a portion of wood marked off by a clearing
   7. Old Norse and Danish: Hogge, a falconer; hog (with a slash through the o),
      is a Danish word for hawk
   8. Dutch: Hogg, the dyke area of the Dutch coastline
   9. English: an unkind nickname for a self-indulgent, gluttonous person

To Monica's list, we can add the following:

Frank R. Holmes, "Dictionary of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families,
1620-1700" tells us that "Hoag" is derived from the Welsh:

  10. Welsh: low in stature, small

We also can cite the region "La Hague" in Normandy:

  11. a region in Normandy: La Hague

Also we know from the Gaelic:

  12. Gaelic: Og is the word meaning "Junior" 

Finally, as modern members of American Society, although we cannot suggest that
this was ever used to provide a family surname, we cannot fail to mention:

  13. modern American nickname: Hog, a Harley-Davidson motercycle

As we are learning from the DNA, there are several unralated Hogg families. It
is very likely that several of these possible origins have been used by the
different families and there is no single origin for the name.