Index part 291

White, John T. [185528] b.17_Dec_1873, Oakwood, Cecil Co. MD d.1926

White, John Thomas [133522]

White, John Wesley [224183] b.29_Jul_1829, Mathews, Mathews Co. VA d.18_Oct_1892, Oakland CA

White, John Wise [133519] b.1910 d.1925

White, Joseph [146310]

White, Joseph [63423]

White, Joseph Davis [146302] b.6_Oct_1792, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.24_Feb_1857, Mathews Co. VA

White, Joseph Edward [133256] b.23_Jan_1895 d.25_Jul_1896

White, Josephine [148467] b.1926 wife of Roland Sadler

White, Joseph Lyman [106452]

White, Joseph P. Jr. [133526] dentist

White, Joseph P. Sr. [133100] [133100] b.5_Apr_1880

White, Joseph Shackelford [10753] [10753] b.10_Apr_1823

White, Joseph Washington [148337] [148337] b.23_Oct_1824 d.23_Jun_1882

White, J. Sledd [148457] b.1_Apr_1882

White, Judith [27358] wife of William Brockenbrough

White, Jurial P. [189402] b. FEB 1852 New York d. 1925

White, Karen [133241]

White, Katherine [120933] wife of George Leggett wife of John Carver

White, Kathleen [88759] b.23_Jun_1920 m.Apr_1945 wife of William A. Endebrock

White, Kellam [210768] m.7_Mar_1997, Norfolk VA d. after 1997, Norfolk VA

White, Kelly [191016] wife of Jeffrey Neal Cooke

White, Keturh [133005] (Kitty) b.1799 wife of Capt. John Kirwin d.1895

White, La_Fayette [88752] b.3_Sep_1898 d.8_Nov_1909

White, Larry Eugene [90092] b.31_Dec_1948

White, Laura [148341] wife of ________ Parron

White, Laura Frances [133065] b.1848, Baltimore MD wife of Linsey Rowe

White, Lawrence Grant [84989]

White, Lelia [133558] wife of Samuel E. Buxton

White, Lelia Norris [133423] b.Aug_1898 d.Mar_1899

White, Lemuel [224186] b.27_Jul_1837, Mathews Co. VA

White, Leonard [133368] b.2_Jan_1873

White, LeRoy [79021]

White, Lessie [148340] (Annie) b.Sep_1865, Virginia m.1883 wife of William Henry Derby

White, Levi [133477] b.23_Nov_1891 d.1904

White, Levin [146314]

White,, Lieut. Kenneth Jeffrey [185482] [185482] b.16_Nov_1946, Philadelphia PA d.26_May_1980, Montgomery AL

White, Lilie May [133087] b.30_Apr_1871 d.21_Oct_1871

White, Living [131634]

White, Living [131635]

White, Living [131636]

White, Living [131637]

White, Living [131639]

White, Living [133444]

White, Living [133496] wife of Living Roberts wife of Living White

White, Living [133497] wife of Living Page

White, Living [147295]

White, Living [179969]

White, Living [202670]

White, Living [202683] wife of Living Fox

White, Living [209840]

White, Living [209842]

White, Living [209843]

White, Living [210765]

White, Living [210766]

White, Living [210767]

White, Living [226053] Hogg DNA Project ID ATA0326

White, Lloyd Cowles [133086] b.9_Jan_1870 d.4_Feb_1870

White, Loid J. [191759] b. 7 JUL 1888 McGraw, New York

White, Lottie [206913] b.1896

White, Louisa [224179] b.4_Dec_1819, Mathews Co. VA wife of Armistead Davis Jr. d,26_May_1838, Mathews Co. VA

White, Louise [148347] wife of Robert Withers wife of ________ Blake

White, Louise [88756] b.27_Mar_1910 wife of Hunter Chalkley wife of Wilton Spencer divorced

White, Lucille [131638], York Co. VA m.Oct_1930, York Co. VA wife of Edward M. Moore

White, Lucy [115366] b.22_Jul_1785, Farmington CT m.1_May_1816, Farmington CT wife of Jesse Stanley wife of Ornan Clark d.13_Apr_1863, Brooklyn NY

White, Lucy Frances [133089] b.6_Nov_1874 d.2_Aug_1895, unmarried

White, Lucy May [133422] b.20_Jan_1897 m.28_Feb_1925 wife of Ernest V. Acree Jr.

White, Luther [148345]

White, Lydia [10727]

White, Lydia Ann [10754] b.25_Mar_1825

White, Mable [138718] b.1890, Indiana

White, Mable [192511] b. JAN 1878

White, Machen [133366]

White, Madeline [148348]

White, Margaret [141669], Somerset Co. MD, Somerset Co. MD

White, Margaret [141684]

White, Margaret [145481] wife of F. Ward Reilley

White, Margaret [145649] m.5_Dec_1933 wife of Clarence M. Dutton

White, Margaret [163765]

White, Margaret [172352] b. 21 Mar 1815 Schenectady Co., Ny d. 25 Feb 1853 wife of Caleb D. Hoag

White, Margaret [68202] b.1484, Kelvindon, Essex, England m.1514, Kelvindon, Essex, England wife of Thomas Marlar d.1540, Kelvindon, Essex, England

White, Margaret [88821] b.1908 wife of Taylor Parker d. young

White, Margaret Chapin [106453] [106453] wife of John S. Mechern

White, Margaret Minnie [10725] [10725] b.16_Sep_1886, Burton, WV m.6_Mar_1916 wife of Ralph R. Stewart d.14_Dec_1920, Burton, WV

White, Margo [133304] b.15_Feb_1939, Virginia d.5_Jun_1862, Hampton VA

White, Marian E. [221184] b.1927, Pennsylvania

White, Marie [221182] b.1916, Pennsylvania

White, Marietta D. [133080] (Mary) b.1858 d.1935, unmarried

White, Marshall B. [146308] shoemaker d.16_Feb_1874

White, Marshal T. [185431] b.1875, Maryland

White, Martha [133479] (Matt) b.19_Mar_1896 m.6_Aug_1916 wife of John S. Watkins d.13_Oct_1981

White, Martha [189546] m. BEF. 1759 wife of Sackville Brewer

White, Martha Amelia [133088] b.26_Oct_1872 m.22_Dec_1898 wife of Eugene M. Handy d.27_Jan_1960

White, Martha Ann [224178] b.6_Jul_1817, Mathews Co. VA d.Jun_1894

White, Martha Bain "Mattie" [224204] [224204] b.1859, Mathews Co. VA d.22_Jul_1942, Mathews Co. VA

White, Martha Elizabeth [145653] [145653] b.1_Jun_1889 m.25_Jun_1911 wife of Clarence Raines

White, Martha Louise [148447] b.8_Jul_1874 m.6_Nov_1901 wife of George A. Vogel d.19_Dec_1953

White, Martha Rowe [133450] b.8_Nov_1941

White, Martha W. [133096] b.5_Oct_1871 d.25_Oct_1872

White, Mary [132991] b.21_Jul_1755, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m. after 1781 wife of Edward Davis Sr. d.26_Jan_1797, Mathews Co. VA

White, Mary [133491] wife of Harvey Herring

White, Mary [133504] wife of Paul Hunt

White, Mary [138719] b.1896, Indiana

White, Mary [141681]

White, Mary [145625] b.13_Sep_1786, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.28_Feb_1811 wife of Cyrus B. James d.Jan_1873, Seaford VA

White, Mary [189549] wife of John Price

White, Mary [224190] b.23_Jul_1763, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

White, Mary [44715] wife of James Ayer

White, Mary [63425], Mendon MA m.1691 wife of Ebenezer Hill d. after 1742

White, Mary [68228] b.24_Aug_1590, Shalford, Essex, England m.30_Jun_1614, Shalford, Essex, England wife of Joseph Loomis d.23_Aug_1652, Windsor, CT

White, Mary A. [185531] b.20_Feb_1908 wife of Joseph Novak wife of ________ Humphrey d.Jan_1982

White, Mary Alice [88754] b.16_Aug_1904, Virginia m.10_Jul_1921 wife of Grady Lee Montgomery d.28_Oct_1998

White, Mary A. N. [185427] b.28_Oct_1854

White, Mary Ann [146521] b.7_Aug_1845, Mathews Co. VA m.26_Oct_1865 wife of William S. Smith d.11_Jan_1922

White, Mary Ann [224198] b.May_1837, Mathews Co. VA

White, Mary Ann [88750] b.7_Sep_1884 d. in infancy

White, Mary Ann Frances [133032] [133032] wife of Alpheus White

White, Mary Elizabeth [133090] [133090] b.6_Nov_1874 m.22_Dec_1904 wife of Levin H. Hall

White, Mary Elizabeth [146550] [146550] b.10_Sep_1836 wife of John W. Thomas

White, Mary Elizabeth [90069] b.9_Nov_1944 m.22_Jul_1961 wife of William Dye Jr. m.11_Jun_1965 wife of William T. Moore

White, Mary Emma [133105] b.28_Feb_1868 m.10_Jun_1883, Poquoson VA wife of Patrick H. Topping d.15_May_1941, Poquoson VA hu. Tabernacle Methodist Church, Poquoson VA

White, Mary Esther [148458] d. unmarried

White, Mary Harris [141639], Somerset Co. MD d. after 1817, Somerset Co. MD m.1_Jan_1805, Somerset Co. MD wife of Samuel Ford

White, Mary Hunley [133011] b.1803 wife of William Thomas wife of Absalom White d.1837

White, Mary LeBlanc [226048], Nova Scotia, Canada

White, Mary Lou [133454] b.7_Feb_1914 m.21_Feb_1936 wife of Harry D. Riley Sr.

White, Mary Page [27366] wife of Andrew Stevenson

White, Mary Rose [145651] b.20_May_1939

White, Maude [133394] wife of Robert J. Sheppe

White, Maude Adams [133447]

White, Melinda Lewis [29850] wife of Pleasant M. Benning

White, Michael [10745] b. Maidsville, WV

White, Michael [10750] b.27_Feb_1817 d.30_Dec_1868

White, Mildred [133203] b.1914, Virginia m.1930 wife of Jesse G. Wood wife of K. A. Corder

White, Miles Henry [133095] b.28_Nov_1869

White, Miles King [133028] b.18_Aug_1830 d.15_Sep_1846, unmarried

White, Misouri E. [146321]

White, Mordicai D. [133192] he was born a Rowe, was adopted and raised by his White grandparrents, and took the name White oysterman, York Co. VA, 1900, 1910 fisherman, York Co. VA, 1920, 1930 b.Nov_1870, Virginia d.3_Aug

White, Morrell H. [192168] b. DEC 1898

White, Morris Hemingway [79019] [79019] b.28_Jun_1885, CT d.1939, La Porte IN

White, Muriel Carolyn [90067] b.1_Jun_1935 m.28_Feb_1953 wife of Frederick D. Hunt Jr.

White, Myra Jean [189387] b. 27 JUL 1917 d. 1980 m. 1945 wife of Bernard Liddell m. 1960 wife of Richarc Carrington

White, Nadine Helen [39999] b.13_Dec_1937, Long Beach, CA m.14_Feb_1959, Long Beach, CA wife of John McKinnon

White, Nancy [133473] b.26_Nov_1956

White, Nancy [41537] b.12_Mar_1815 wife of Isaac N. Cuningham wife of John E. Lakin

White, Nancy Davis [146303] b.1_Nov_1796, Mathews Co. VA

White, Nannie B. [133552] b.16_Oct_1044 m.Dec_1960 wife of James E. Diggs

White, Nannie B. [88765] b.16_Oct_1944 m.Dec_1960 wife of Edwin Diggs

White, Nanny [224191] b.25_Jun_1766, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

White, Nanny Nancy [132985] wife of Mark Thomas

White, Nathan Houston [97100] d.1930

White, Nathaniel [68227] b.30_Apr_1587, Shalford, Essex, England d.31_Jul_1623, Felling, Essex, England

White, Neil Ivan [191758] b. 8 JUN 1886 McGraw, New York

White, Nellie [133370] b.25_Jan_1879 wife of Herbert S. Rockefeller d.16_Mar_1920

White, Nelly [141643], Somerset Co. MD m.11_Mar_1800, Somerset Co. MD wife of ________ Hickman

White, Nettie [88753] b.26_Aug_1901 m.12_May_1918 wife of Thomas Shield Harris

White, Obert B. [186555] b.1907 d.1986

White, Olive Belle [186553]

White, Onias Absalom [133077] b.31_Jan_1863

White, Ora [148393] wife of William Armistead d. young

White, Ora F. [133104] b.25_Apr_1888 d.7_Jan_1891

White, Ora Frances [133453] b.14_Apr_1909 m.24_Jun_1931 wife of Thomas C. Green Sr. d.1977, York Co. VA

White, Ora Sue [133082] b.1_Oct_1860 d.9_Sep_1868

White, Otis Randolph [185434] b.29_Oct_1882 d.1931

White, Pamelia [146305], Mathews Co. VA m.20_Dec_1832, Mathews Co. VA wife of John Shackelford d.10_Nov_1879, Mathews Co. VA

White, Pamila [133302] b.19_Sep_1944

White, Pauline [192513] b. NOV 1894

White, Pel [148471]

White, Percy Daniel Jr. [133446] [133446]

White, Percy Daniel Sr. [133440] [133440] b.7_May_1911

White, Peregrine [120796] b.Dec_1820, aboard Mayflower, Provincetown Harbor d.20_Jul_1706, Marshfield MA

White, Perlinia [132997] b.16_Nov_1795 d.12_Dec_1884

White, Peter [65080] b.27_Apr_1800, Warwick MA

White, Peter Mellin [189400] b. ABT. 1843

White, Philip E. [226044] b.10_Mar_1911, Amherst, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada d.11_Jan_1980, Melrose MA

White, Phillip [10728]

White, Pleasants Woodson [29914] [29914] b.25_May_1820 d.Nov_1902, Quincy, Fla.

White, Pleasants Woodson [29925] [29925] b.27_Aug_1882

White, Priscilla [124756] b.7_Oct_1740, Marshfield MA d.22_Feb_1781, Marshfield MA

White, Randolph [133530]

White, Ray C. [186550] b.1893 d.1953

White, Raymond [221183] b.1922, Pennsylvania

White, Raymond [88757] b.13_Feb_1913

White, Raymond Frank [88800] b.Feb_1957

White, Reason A. [10731] b.8_Jun_1854 d.24_Jan_1938, WV

White, Rebecca [141644], Somerset Co. MD, Somerset Co. MD wife of ________ Simms

White, Rebecca [141683]

White, Rebecca [145662] wife of ________ Smith

White, Rebecca Clark [148462] b.23_Oct_1944

White, Rebecca Lynn [88802] b.22_Sep_1958

White, Rebecca Smallwood [29919] [29919]

White, Rebeckah [10743] b. Maidsville, WV

White, Resolved [120795] Mayflower passenger, Leyden, Holland d. after 19_Sep_1687

White,, Rev. John Edward [133083] [133083] b.26_Aug_1865 d.Jun_1960

White,, Rev. John French [90007] [90007] methodist minister served in 32nd Virginia infantry, CSA b.23_May_1834, Poquoson VA d.2_Jan_1922

White,, Rev. Joseph F. [148460] [148460] Methodist minister

White, Richard [132979] b.1698

White, Richard [224188] b.24_Oct_1757, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

White, Richard [88767] b.15_Oct_1949

White, Richard Armstrong [10732] [10732]

White, Richard Armstrong [10755] [10755] b.14_Jan_1827 d.20_Jun_1868

White, Richard Thomas [133554] [133554] b.15_Oct_1949

White, Ringold T. [185423] b.24_Sep_1846, Maryland d.22_Feb_1888, Cecil Co. MD

White, Ritza [189385] b. 19 OCT 1911 Arcadia, NE d. 15 MAY 2004 Home, Cumberland, VA m. 1932 wife of Harry Fowler m. 1943 wife of Roland Larsen m. 1949 wife of William T. Satterwhite

White, Robert [148463] b.27_Sep_1944

White, Robert [163763]

White, Robert [224193] b.22_Nov_1771, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

White, Robert [91458]

White, Roberta H. [133075] b.11_Dec_1855

White, Robert Benjamin [148456] [148456] b.4_Sep_1879 d.14_Feb_1926

White, Robert Courtenay [88798] [88798] b.9_Mar_1949 d.26_May_1961

White, Robert Ellerson Jr. [133471] [133471] b.29_Jun_1944

White, Robert Ellerson Sr. [133456] [133456] b.28_Dec_1921 d.1992, York Co. VA

White, Robert Elmer [88747] b.23_Nov_1875 d.18_Dec_1952

White, Robert Elmer Jr. [88755] [88755] b.10_Jun_1907

White, Robert L. [133064] b.1844, Baltimore MD d.15_Sep_1862, Civil War at the Battle of Sharpsburg, Maryland

White, Robert Osgood [106455]

White, Robert Rosser [145654] b.7_Oct_1891

White, Roesmae Ann [105601] b.20_Aug_1971

White, Ronald [133238]

White, Ronald LaVerne [90090] b.7_Oct_1942

White, Rosamond B. [192509] b. ABT. 1919

White, Rosanna Davenport [90009] [90009] b.17_Mar_1879 m.10_Jun_1903 wife of John W. Hogg d.13_Nov_1911

White, Rose Hunt [133524]

White, Rosey M. [132996] b.30_Oct_1790 wife of William H. Perkins d.7_Jan_1875

White, R. Pleasant [190647] d. 1836 Fluvanna Co., Va

White, Russell Wayne [90091] b.24_Feb_1946

White, Ruth [145480] d. in infancy

White, Ruth J. [175583] b. 29 Nov 1840 McKean Co., Pennsylvania d. 12 Jul 1923 Kansas m. 9 Dec 1869 wife of Johnson S. Williams

White, Saber [141647] b.1778, Somerset Co. MD, Somerset Co. MD wife of ________ McDaniel

White, Sallie Ann [148469] b.1933

White, Samuel [146307]

White, Samuel [189547]

White, Samuel I. [119398], Snow Hill MD

White, Sandra [133237]

White, Sarah [124761] b.29_Mar_1749, Marshfield MA

White, Sarah [65019] wife of John Wilder

White, Sarah [68226] b.8_Mar_1586, Shalford, Essex, England m. before 1617, Shalford, Essex, England wife of James Bowtell d.1623, England

White, Sarah C. [146519] b.16_Oct_1839, Mathews Co. VA wife of Robert M. Thomas d.14_Feb_1897, Mathews Co. VA

White, Sarah Frances [145432] b.15_Apr_1864 d. unmarried

White, Sarah Frances [224182] b.1826, Mathews Co. VA

White, Sarah Jane [133009] b.1816 wife of Capt. Robert K. Hudgins d.1891

White, Sarah "Sally" [132990] [132990] b.1763

White, Shelton [133365]

White, Silas C. [224184] b.1831, Mathews Co. VA d.14_Dec_1883, Mathews Co. VA

White, Silvanus [124757] b.1_Oct_1742, Marshfield MA d.21_Jan_1812, Marshfield MA

White, Simon [10740] b. Maidsville, WV

White, Simon Lauck [10756] b.25_Sep_1829, Monongalia Co., WV

White, Stanley Wise Jr. [133553] [133553] b.9_Jun_1946

White, Stanley W. Jr. [88766] (Pete) b.9_Jun_1946

White, Stephen [10744] b. Maidsville, WV

White, Stephen [10748] b.21_Oct_1810

White, Stephen [10764] b. Baltimore Co., MD

White, Stephen [10770]

White, Stephen [10773] b. England

White, Stephen [133242]

White, Stephen S. [10730] b.7_Apr_1852, Burton, WV d.6_Nov_1931, Deep Valley VA

White, Susan [119397] b.1818, Snow Hill MD m.4_Dec_1834, Hampton VA wife of James Wood d.6_Jul_1876, Norfolk VA

White, Susan [189401] b. ABT. 1850

White, Susan [91459]

White, Susan Collins [145431] b.1_Jul_1862 d. unmarried

White, Susan Frances [132513] b.26_Feb_1843 wife of William C. Hunt wife of Daniel M. Carmines d.13_Aug_1923

White, Susan Katherine [96418] [96418], Jay ME m.8_Apr_1832 wife of Abram Petersen Wyman d.8_Apr_1883

White, Susanna [141680]

White, Susannah [124764]

White, Sydney W. [133097] b.6_Aug_1873 d.19_Jan_1876

White, Taylor Pyeatt [165196] b.12_Dec_1993, Bellevue WA

White, Thomas [10752] b.13_Apr_1821

White, Thomas [141637] b.1745, Somerset Co. MD d.Jun_1799, Somerset Co. MD

White, Thomas [141646] b.25_Apr_1773, Somerset Co. MD d.6_Nov_1836

White, Thomas [63424]

White, Thomas [86336] b.24_Nov_1757

White, Thomas Bartlett [146291] [146291] b.4_Jul_1818 d. in infancy

White, Thomas Degge James [133016] [133016] b.26_Oct_1809 d.8_Sep_1855

White, Thomas Douglas [146549] [146549] b.1_May_1831, Mathews Co. VA d.18_Feb_1887

White, Thomas Elvin [133257] b.2_Dec_1898 d.31_Jul_1901

White, Thomas Franklin [133078] [133078] b.18_May_1866

White, Thomas J. [133048] b.5_May_1843 d.8_Feb_1865, Civil War Battle at Point Look Out, Maryland

White, Thomas Jefferson [133103] [133103] b.9_Mar_1886

White, Tillah [189555] wife of Thomas King

White, Tilton Hanson [29928] b.22_Nov_1896

White, Vaden M. [148465] b.1906

White, Velma May [186552] b.1898 wife of Herbert M. Guy d.1989

White, Viola [189403] b. ABT. 1859

White, Viola [192246] b. 1872 d. 31 OCT 1874

White, Virginia [133050] wife of Dr. ________ Calhoun

White, Virginia [189386] b. 13 MAY 1914 m. 1936 wife of Clifford A. Shaw

White, Virginia Ann [147337] m.31_Jan_1959 wife of David R. Beakey

White, Virginia E. [146516] b.28_Oct_1831, Mathews Co. VA wife of Thomas A. Singleton

White, Wallace [97094] b.17_Apr_1849, E. Dixfield ME d.3_Aug_1910, Salt Lake City U

White, Wallie Gene [133494] b.1_Nov_1926

White, Wallie Gene [179968], York Co. VA

White, Waltin H. [206914] b.1898

White, Warren [58467]

White, Watkins [133527]

White, Wayne Carey [185480]

White, Wesley Franklin [133024] [133024] b.7_Sep_1826

White, Wesley Franklin Jr. [145430] [145430] b.17_Feb_1860 d. in childhood

White, William [10739] b.15_Aug_1783, Baltimore, MD d.2_Mar_1860, Monongalia Co., WV

White, William [10751] b.27_Jul_1819 d.1_Apr_1835

White, William [119438] b.1788, Snow Hill MD d.18_Dec_1867, Hampton VA

White, William [124762] b.9_Aug_1752, Marshfield MA d.19_Dec_1817, Marshfield MA

White, William [132982] b.1709, Abington Parish, Glocester Co. VA

White, William [132986] b.22_Dec_1750 d.1806-1807

White, William [141636], Somerset Co. MD

White, William [141645] b.4_May_1771, Somerset Co. MD d.23_Sep_1830

White, William [189554]

White, William Albert [39996] b.6_Jan_1915, Turlock, CA d.19_Mar_1980, Modesto, CA

White, William B. [146312]

White, William Bartlett [148236] [148236] b.18_May_1828 d.20_May_1828

White, William Bartlett [224192] [224192] b.29_Mar_1769, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

White, William Bennett [133084] [133084] b.31_Oct_1867 d.11_Jan_1949

White, William Davenport [133010] [133010] b.1818 d.1891

White, William Edward [133451] [133451] b.5_Nov_1946

White, William Elmer [145435] b.29_Feb_1876 d. in infancy

White, William F. [133480] b.Oct_1898 d.1899

White, William F. Sr. [133093] [133093] b.5_Sep_1864 d.4_Feb_1926

White, William Fuqua [133441] b.17_Sep_1914 d.17_Jan_1994

White, William H. [146517] b.17_Jun_1834, Mathews Co. VA d.21_Jun_1863

White, William Henry [133062] farmer, York Co. VA, 1870, 1880 b.24_May_1816, Virginia d.8_Jan_1890

White, William Henry [145645]

White, William Henry Harrison [224200] [224200] b.13_May_1842, Mathews Co. VA d.31_Dec_1910, Mathews Co. VA

White, William Henry Wise [133029] [133029] b.14_Oct_1836 d.9_Oct_1913

White, William James [145652] b.9_Nov_1887 d.30_Aug_1949

White, William K. [146306]

White, William Kitson [146304] [146304] b.18_Feb_1800, Mathews Co. VA d.7_Jan_1871, Mathews Co. VA

White, William Nelson [97096] b.18_Mar_1856, E. Dixfield ME d.Nov_1924, Berkley CA

White, William Raymond [148466] [148466] b.1916

White, Willie Celestia [146681] [146681], Mathews Co. VA m.17_Jul_1880 wife of Columbus W. Hudgins d.1_Jul_1930, Mathews Co. VA

White, Winifred Grace [58465] wife of Louis Knoflichek

White, Wisconsin Christiana [133073] [133073] b.31_Jan_1850 wife of James C. White d.23_Sep_1924

White, Woodson Tilton [29922] b.23_Jul_1849

White, Yelverton T. [133072] b.27_Oct_1847 d.1_Mar_1922

Whitebread, Anna [103773] b. Essex, England wife of Henry Wright

White-Crawford, Living [185484] [185484]

Whitehead, Alexandra Lee [190715] [190715]

Whitehead, Amy Brooke [190711] [190711] m. 11 JUL 1995 Roanoke, Virginia wife of William Theodore Pugh

Whitehead, Brett Lee [190709]

Whitehead, Brett Lee [190714]

Whitehead, Catherine Hope [190712] [190712] m. 19 JUN 2004 All Saints Episcopal, Hilton Head, SC wife of William Christian Beachler

Whitehead, Dorothy Ann [190707] [190707]

Whitehead, Elias S. [34847] b.1838 d.1925, Rahway NJ

Whitehead, Elizabeth Gray [34848] [34848] b.2_Aug_1840, Rahway NJ d.26_Mar_1920, Rahway NJ

Whitehead, Erma Bedman [34858] [34858] b.18_Jan_1901, Rahway NJ m.31_Aug_1929 wife of Edward J. Schmich d.1_Apr_1985, Fort Wayne IN

Whitehead, Florence Stansbury [34860] [34860] school teacher b.6_Jul_1905, Rahway NJ d.17_Oct_1990, Rahway NJ

Whitehead, Frank [34861] insurance agent b.20_Dec_1870, Rahway NJ d.4_Feb_1955, Rahway NJ

Whitehead, Gladys Mildred [34859] [34859] b.28_Jun_1903, Rahway NJ

Whitehead, Ila [181385] b.13_Oct_1897, Perry Co. TN wife of Edward Richardson d.Nov_1988, Perry Co. TN

Whitehead, James Marsh [34837] [34837] b.22_Apr_1804, Elizabeth NJ d.29_Nov_1851, Rahway NJ

Whitehead, James Marsh [34849] [34849] b.26_Sep_1841, Rahway NJ d.23_Jan_1896

Whitehead, John [34836] b.9_Dec_1772 d.25_Aug_1828

Whitehead, Margaret M."Maggie" [75925] [75925] b._Dec_1862 Haywood Co,Nc d. 1943 Haywood Co,Nc m. 15_Jul_1896 Haywood Co,Nc wife of Jasper N. Brock Sr. wife of /Raines/

Whitehead, Richard Lee [190706] [190706]

Whitehead, Samuel [34838] d. Rahway NJ

Whitehead, Sarah Jane Lou [75924] [75924] b. 2_Sep_1860 Haywood Co,Nc d. 28_Mar_1934 Haywood Co,Nc m. 1876 wife of Reuben S. Robinson

Whitehead, Savannah [190720]

Whitehead, Susan L. [34850] b.26_Sep_1841, Rahway NJ m. Rahway NJ wife of Uel Freeman d.12_Feb_1917, Rahway NJ

Whitehead, Thorpe [190710]

Whitehill, Anna [204925] b.1862, Ohio m.2_Jan_1882, Butler Co. OH wife of Benjamin Franklin Case

Whitehill, Clara [204899] b.2_Nov_1906, Oskaloosa IA wife of K. Dale Carter d.2_Ju;_1970, Fort Dodge IA bu. Oakland Cemetery, Fort Dodge IA

Whitehill, Earlinda Ann [204920] [204920] b.1931 wife of ________ Barriga

Whitehill, Florence Lenore [204865] [204865] b.23_Jan_1876, Wood, Butler Co. OH m. before 1905 wife of Melvin D. Parks d.17_Dec_1912, St. Louis MO bu. Forest Cemetery, Oskaloosa IA

Whitehill, George Edward [204903] [204903]

Whitehill, James Efram [204898] [204898] b.4_May_1902, Cedar Rapids IA d.2_Oct_1963, Spencer IA bu. Oakland Cemetery, Fort Dodge IA

Whitehill, James Washington [204863] [204863] farmer, Reily, Butler Co. OH, 1880 salesman, Cedar Rapids IA, 1900 grocery merchant, St. Louis MO, 1910 in Oskaloosa IA, 1920 b.21_Jun_1851, Morning Sun, OH d. after 1920

Whitehill, John [204921] farmer, Oxford, Butler Co. OH, 1860 d.1844, Pennsylvania

Whitehill, Josephine [204923] b.1855, Ohio wife of James McClure

Whitehill, Kenneth [204900] d. in infancy

Whitehill, Noah Ellis [204866] [204866] b.8_May_1878, Woods, Butler Co. OH

Whitehill, Winte [204924] (Elizabeth) b.1858, Ohio

Whitehouse, Barry Wayne [208465] [208465]

Whitehouse, Bobby Vernon [208464] [208464]

Whitehouse, Roy W. Jr. [208463] [208463]

Whitehurst, Ann Eliza [208568] [208568] b.3_Jun_1853, Portsmouth VA m.9_Dec_1875, Norfolk VA wife of James L. Jones d.20_Jun_1885, Portsmouth VA bu. Portlock Cemetery, Portsmouth VA

Whitehurst, Charles Yegger [118586] [118586]

Whitehurst, Charles Yegger [118587] [118587]

Whitehurst, E. B. [118585] b.1857, Currituck NC

Whitehurst, Elizabeth [118650] [118650] m.30_Oct_1765, Princess Anne Co. VA wife of Hillary Moseley

Whitehurst, Jeanette Gayle [147610] [147610]

Whitehurst, John E. [119049] b.1857, Princess Anne Co. VA

Whitehurst, John G. [208575] b.15_Mar_1869, Portsmouth VA d.29_Apr_1869, Portsmouth VA bu. Portlock Cemetery, Portsmouth VA

Whitehurst, Josephine Ferebee [208579] [208579]

Whitehurst, Mary [208569] b.10_Sep_1855, Portsmouth VA b.15_Aug_1859, Portsmouth VA bu. Portlock Cemetery, Portsmouth VA

Whitehurst, Mary Frances [132465] [132465] b.9_Mar_1869, Princess Anne Co. VA, York Co. VA wife of Joseph J. Newton m.1903 wife of John G. Insley d.25_Jul_1946, Poquoson VA

Whitehurst, Nancy V. [208573] b.30_Mar_1864, Portsmouth VA d.6_Oct_1879, Portsmouth VA bu. Portlock Cemetery, Portsmouth VA

Whitehurst, Richard T. [208578] [208578]

Whitehurst, Richard Thomas Jr. [208571] [208571] b.18_Nov_1858, Portsmouth VA d.18_Feb_1913, Deep Creek, Norfolk Co. VA

Whitehurst, Rosalee [147611] wife of Loring Norvell

Whitehurst, Sarah Buchannan [208570] [208570] b.3_Oct_1857, Portsmouth VA m.6_Jan_1876, Deep Creek, Norfolk Co. VA wife of Leroy N. Culpepper d.29_Jun_1930, Deep Creek, Norfolk Co. VA

Whitehurst, Susan Jane [208574] [208574] b.1866, Portsmouth VA m.4_Jul_1888, Norfolk VA wife of Georgw W. Brown d.Jul_1911, Deep Creek, Norfolk Co. VA

Whitehurst, William [208572] b.2_Jan_1860, Portsmouth VA d.18_Aug_1889, Portsmouth VA bu. Portlock Cemetery, Portsmouth VA

/Whitehurst/, [194945]

Whitelock, Benjamin E. [178650] [178650] b.6_Mar_1908, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.7_Jun_1975, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Whitelock, J. Edwin [178651] b.1910, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.24_Oct_1960, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Whitelock, Laura [178652]

Whitesell, David Ralph [107430] [107430] b.6_Mar_1973

Whitesell, Sonya Mae [107429] b.26_Oct_1970

Whitfield, Abigail [44910] wife of Rev. James Fitch d.9_Sep_1659

Whithill, Earl Oscar [204875] left handed pitcher, Detroit Tigers, 1923-1932, Washingtin Senators, 1933-1936, Cleaceland Indians, 1937-1938, Chicago Cubs, 1939 b.7_Feb_1899, Cedar Rapids IA d.22_Oct_1954, Omaha NE bu. Ced

Whithill, Edna Faye [204904] b.1901 wife of ________ Campbell

Whithill, Robert [204922] farm laborer, Milford, Butler Co. OH, 1870 b.1848, Pennsylvania

Whithurst, Earl Lester Jr. [201329] [201329] b.1909, Norfolk VA

Whiting, Abigail [16144] b.7_Sep_1736 m.11_May_1757 wife of Dringon Andrews

Whiting, Benjamin [16136] b.1694 d.2_Oct_1773, Wallingford, CT

Whiting, Bernice [124058] b.1633

Whiting, Catharine [129724] b.22_May_1694, Virginia m.9_Jul_1716, Virginia wife of John Washington d.7_Feb_1744, Virginia

Whiting, Catherine [142888], Virginia, Virginia wife of Nicholas Davies

Whiting, Catherine [16138] wife of John Lane

Whiting, Charles [124054]

Whiting,, Col. Joseph [48859] b.1680 d.4_Apr_1748

Whiting,, Col. William [48860]

Whiting,, Deacon John [48869] b.1_Mar_1721/22 d.21_Jun_1786

Whiting, Dorcas [16141] m.17_Mar_1720 wife of Joshua Abbott d.21_May_1763

Whiting, Ebenezer [124059]

Whiting, Elizabeth [124055], Hartford CT m.10_Jun_1744, Wethersfield CT wife of Samuel Goodrich d.1775

Whiting, Elizabeth [16129] b.1645 wife of Jeremiah Hobart d.1733

Whiting, Elizabeth [16139] wife of Samuel Ruggles

Whiting, Elizabeth Hancock [26735] [26735]

Whiting, Ephraim [78707], Wrentham, MA d.1788, Cumberland, RI

Whiting, Esther [103436] m.21_Jun_1732 wife of Nathaniel Clark

Whiting, Fanny [43392] m.8_Jun_1828 wife of Ephraim W. Blood d.18_Jul_1830

Whiting, Gamaliel [124056]

Whiting, Hannah [48868] b.21_Feb_1712/13 m.1_Aug_1743 wife of Jared Ingersoll d.8_Oct_1779

Whiting, John [100280]

Whiting, John [103441]

Whiting, John [124052]

Whiting, John [16135] b.20_Jan_1681 d.4_May_1752

Whiting, John Lake [16147] b.22_Jul_1755, Concord d. Lancaster, MA

Whiting, John Leffingwell [100281] [100281]

Whiting, John Tolman [100282]

Whiting, Joseph [16130] b.Lynn d.7_Apr_1723

Whiting, Joseph [48863] b.1645 d.1717

Whiting, Lettice [26733] m.1820 wife of Richard Woodward d.1828

Whiting, Living [213367]

Whiting, Living [213368]

Whiting, Living [213369]

Whiting, Margaret [103437]

Whiting, Martha [48852] b.25_Jan_1792, New Haven CT m.20_Mar_1811, New Haven CT wife of Henry C. Flagg Esq. d.22_Jul_1875, New York NY

Whiting, Mary [124051], Hartford CT wife of ________ Gardner

Whiting, Mary [16146] b.5_Jul_1743 m.17_Apr_1766 wife of William Barron

Whiting, Mary [44549] wife of Thomas Clap

Whiting, Mary Anna Edward [26734] [26734] d.1845

Whiting, Mary DeGama [100283]

Whiting, Mercy [103434] wife of Luther Metcalf

Whiting, Nathan [103438]

Whiting, Nathaniel [103439] b.2_Feb_1690/91, Wrentham MA d.1769

Whiting, Nathaniel [103573] b.22_Dec_1725, Medway MA d.1_Feb_1770

Whiting, Nathaniel Jr. [103435] [103435] b.22_Dec_1725, Medway MA d.1_Feb_1770, Medway MA

Whiting, Oliver [16133] b.1665 d.1736

Whiting, Patty [43384] wife of Ephraim Blood

Whiting, Relief [16151] b.11_Jul_1783, Shrewsbury, MA m.24_Feb_1805, Carlisle, MA wife of Reuben Foster Blood d.7_Dec_1851

Whiting,, Rev. John [48862] b.1633 d.8_Sep_1689

Whiting, Samuel [16128] b.1630, Shirbeck, England d.1713

Whiting, Samuel [16132]

Whiting, Sarah [48870] b.15_Apr_1725 m.6_Jun_1748 wife of Daniel Lyman d.1_Aug_1751

Whiting, Susanna [78706] b.14_Sep_1734, Wrentham, MA m.14_Jan_1757, Cumberland, RI wife of Benjamin Butler

Whiting, Susan Smith [26732] d.1845

Whiting, Sybil [124053]

Whiting, Thomas [16142] b.25_Jun_1717, Concord, MA d.1776

Whiting, William Bradford [124057] [124057]

Whiting, William Joseph Esq. [48851] [48851] b.15_Oct_1760, New Haven CT d.7_Feb_1794

Whitleigh, Margaret [14886] wife of Roger Grenville

Whitlock, Leland B. [178649] b.19_Jan_1900, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.23_Sep_1914, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Whitman, Abiah [153647] b.1646_Weymouth MA d.28_Jan_1728

Whitman, Abigail [122794] b.22_Sep_1702, Bridgewater MA m.13_Oct_1720, Plymouth MA wife of Zachariah Standish d.30_Aug_1775, Plymouth MA

Whitman, Abigail [153680] b.5_Aug_1751, Bridgewater MA m.5_Aug_1773, Bridgewater MA wife of John Whitman d.16_Sep_1813, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Amos [122220]

Whitman, Anna [153714] b.1754, Easton MA d.1831

Whitman, Benjamin [122217]

Whitman, Ebenezer [153651] b.17_Nov_1679, Weymouth MA d.Mar_1713_Weymouth MA

Whitman, Eleanor [153706] b.3_Sep_1688, Weymouth MA m.10_Sep_1714, Weymouth MA wife of William Turner

Whitman, Elizabeth [153684] b.6_Aug_1732, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Elizabeth [153688] b.24_Apr_1767, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Hannah [122758] b.30_Sep_1709, Bridgewater MA m.31_Mar_1730, Plympton MA wife of Benjamin Soule m.10_Jan_1754, Plymouth NA wife of Isaac Little d.3_Oct_1788, Plympton MA

Whitman, Isaac [122222] b.28_Mar_1742, Bridgewater MA d.1_Jun_1747, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, James [153686] b.2_Jan_1739, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, James [153689] b.4_Feb_1769, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Jemima [122218]

Whitman, John [153681] b.28_Feb_1704, Bridgewater MA d.7_Jan_1792, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, John [153685] b.17_Mar_1735, Bridgewater MA d. Bridgewater MA

Whitman, John [153705] b.1681, Weymouth MA d.1758, Easton MA

Whitman, John [153708] b.25_Oct_1714, Weymouth MA

Whitman, Josiah [153677] b.11_Feb_1724, Bridgewater MA d.18_Apr_1754, East Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Judith [153645] b.1643, Weymouth MA, Raynham MA wife of Philip King d. after 1711, Taunton NA

Whitman, Lydia [153687] b.1765, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Mary Jane [153712] b.13_Jun_1724, Easton MA d.1761

Whitman, Naomi [153650] b.1664 Bridgewater MA m.30_Nov_1686, Bridgewater MA wife of William Snow d. after 12_Jan_1711, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Nathan [122219]

Whitman, Nicholas [136662] b.1675, Bridgewater MA d.6_Aug_1746, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Peter [122216]

Whitman, Rebecca [153710] b.29_Apr_1719, Easton MA m.6_Mar_1738, Easton MA wife of Israel Randall d.Jul_1748

Whitman, Samuel [153683] b.26_Sep_1730, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Sarah [153711] b.12_Mar_1721, Easton MA

Whitman, Sarah [31095], Wiltshire, England wife of Abraham Jones d.11_Jun_1718, Hull MA

Whitman, Sarah D. [153678] b.8_May_1726, Bridgewater MA m.22_Nov_1748, Bridgewater MA wife of Eleazer Alden d.26_Apr_1816, Bridgewater MA

Whitman, Silence [153713] b.1752, Easton MA d.13_Mar_1778

Whitman, Simeon [122215]

Whitman, Susanna [153649] b.1660, Weymouth MA wife of Benjamin Willis

Whitman, Terah [153709] b.7_Jul_1717, Weymouth MA d.24_Nov_1805

Whitman, Thomas [153644] b.1629, Holt, Norfolk, England d.12_Nov_1712, Bridgewater MA

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