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Perkins, Rebecca [153415], Brockton MA m.10_Oct_1782, Bridgewater MA wife of Josiah Packard

Perkins, Reuben [46188] b.27_Sep_1745, New Haven CT d.13_Apr_1804, Hamden CT

Perkins, Ruth [46191] b.4_Jul_1751, New Haven CT

Perkins, Ruth [46194] b.7_Sep_1758, New Haven CT m.27_Dec_1784, Hamden CT wife of Hezekiah Brockett

Perkins, Sarah [46642] b.6_Dec_1696, New Haven CT, New Haven CT wife of John Sperry

Perkins, Shepard [137356] b.19_Apr_1772, Bridgewater MA d.3_Jul_1817

Perkins, Stephen [45786] b.7_Apr_1680, New Haven CT d. after 1755

Perkins, Susanna [153414] b.24_May_1761, N. Bridgewater MA m.25_Dec_1777, Bridgewater MA wife of Simeon Brett

Perkins, Susanna [47043] b.13_May_1726, New Haven CT m.20_Sep_1748, Woodbridge CT wife of Thomas Johnson d.2_Feb_1789, Bethany CT

Perkins, Thankful [46195] b. before 1770 wife of Amos Guernsey

Perkins, Thomas [46181] d.1630

Perkins, Thomas [47061] b. England d.1592

Perkins, Thomas [47064] b. England d.21_Apr_1528

Perkins, Thomas [47067]

Perkins, Thomas [65247] d.1719

Perkins, Timothy [47071] b.20_Jun_1736, New Haven CT Old Field, Ashe Co. NC

Perkins, Timothy [65248] b.6_Jun_1661

Perkins, Titus [46189] b.27_Aug_1747, New Haven CT d.12_Jan_1752, New Haven CT

Perkins, Titus [46197] b. before 1770 d.1783

Perkins, William [47066] b. England d. Warwickshire, England

Perkins, William [47068] Berkshire, England

Perkins, William Alexander [30040] [30040] b.23_Mar_1886

Perkins, Zaccheus [65242] d.1732

(Perkins), Katherine Noel P. Herndon [207567] (Perkins) [207567] b.25_Dec_1909, Albemarle Ca. VA Raleigh NC wife of James E. Baker d.2000, Albemarle Co. VA

Perks, Henry F. [90757] b.1835, Virginia

Perks, John J. [90754] b.1828, Culpeper Co. VA

Perks, Joseph [90753] b.1825, Virginia

Perks, Mary [90756] b.1832, Virginia

Perks, Nettie May [100882] b.28_May_1878, Benson, UT m.6_Apr_1904, Raymond, Alberta, Canada wife of John Walter Hyde wife of Thomas Davis d.11_Nov_1918, Raymond, Alberta, Canada

Perks, Susan Margaret [90755] b.1831, Culpeper Co. VA m.1849, Culpeper Co. VA wife of Joseph Butler d.1914, Culpeper Co. VA

Perley, Humphrey Clark [15855] [15855] b.24_Dec_1761 d.9_Apr_1838, Georgetown, MA

Perley, Humphrey Clark [15857] [15857] b.2_Nov_1802, Methuen, MA d.31_Jul_1884, Lawrence Station, NJ

Perley, Isaac [151620] b.5_Sep_1730, Boxford MA

Perley, Josephine Mighill [15859] [15859] b.27_Jun_1834 m.23_Oct_1860, Chicago wife of Edwin L. Gillette

Perley, Lucy [151622] of Boxford MA b.22_Jul_1760 m.30_May_1782, Boxford MA wife of Samuel Sawyer d.30_May_1844

Perley, William [15853] b.11_Feb_1736 d.9_Mar_1812

Perne, Rachael [10639] b. England m. England wife of Edward Rawson d.11_Oct_1677, Boston, MA

Pernell), Petronilla de_Grantmesnil (or [18459] (or Pernell) [18459], Leicester wife of Robert de Beaumont, earl of Leicester d.1_Apr_1212, Leicester

Perrigo, Mary B. [69439] b.1831 m._Mar_1852 wife of Israel P. Richardson d.4_Aug_1909

Perriman, Rebecca [38153] wife of Daniel Forbus

Perrin, Sarah [35257] wife of William Cocke d. before 1748

Perrin), Elizabeth T. P. Mackubin (Tayloe [127977] (Tayloe Perrin) [127977] wife of Charles F. Lyman

Perrotta, Rita [83257] b.15_Aug_1918 m.29_Jan_1949, NF, CAN wife of Edward T. Winsor Jr.

Perry, Abigail [67717] b.16_Jul_1832, Radnor, OH d.9_Sep_1832, Radnor, OH

Perry, Abigail Georgia [67687] [67687] b.12_Jul_1868, Fairfield, IA wife of A. C. Dornfield m.5_Mar_1889, Fairfield, IA wife of David Locke d.4_Oct_1929, Rockford, IL

Perry, Alice [124242] b.7_Feb_1738/39, Pembroke MA m.30_Jul_1759, Pembroke MA wife of Edward King

Perry, Amanda Jane [67684] b.6_May_1862, Keokuk, IA m.3_Apr_1877, Keota, IA wife of Laverne W. Myers d.4_Jan_1945, Atwood, KS

Perry, Anna [77646] b.22_Jan_1679, Stratford CT

Perry, Anthony [77685] b.1624, Devonshire, England d.1_Mar_1683, Rehoboth MA

Perry, Arthur [38217] d. at 2 years of age

Perry, Arthur [77674] b.27_May_1651, Boston MA d.1709, Stratford CT

Perry, Arthur [77679] b.1611-1614, England d.9_Oct_1652, Boston MA

Perry, Barnabas [124240] b.17_Aug_1735, Pembroke MA

Perry, Caleb [77655] b.Aug_1696, Stratford CT d.1750, Oxford CT

Perry, Cameron [207269] b.2_Jan_2005

Perry, Damian Michael [55837] b.1972

Perry, Daniel [77653] b.14_Apr_1692, Stratford CT d.7_Jan_1772, Woodbury CT

Perry, David [43587] b.19_Jul_1746, Ripton MA d.7_Jun_1817, Richmond MA

Perry, Deborah [42219] b.14_Oct_1754, Dartmouth MA m.19_Apr_1777, Dartmouth MA wife of Capt. Joseph Church

Perry, Deborah [77656] b.29_Mar_1697, Stratford CT m.29_Oct_1724, Connecticut wife of Capt. Daniel Hyde d.17_Feb_1754, Huntington CT

Perry, Deborah [77673] b.27_Apr_1649, Boston MA d.1649, Boston MA

Perry, Deborah [77688] b.1634, England d.14_Oct_1665, Sandwich MA

Perry, Delbert [100636] b.1851, New York

Perry, Diman [124244]

Perry, Ebenezer [120919]

Perry, Ebenezer [67705] b.1788, Wales d.1836

Perry, Edmund [77676] b.27_Jan_1599, Devonshire, England d.1624, Sandwich MA

Perry, Edward [77687] b.1630, Devonshire, England d.16_Feb_1695, Sandwich MA

Perry, Elishua [77667] b.20_Dec_1637, Boston MA d.10_Apr_1639

Perry, Elishua [77668] b.20_Dec_1637, Boston MA d.10_Apr_1639, Boston MA

Perry, Elizabeth [77649] b.25_Sep_1684, Stratford CT

Perry, Elizabeth [77672] b.28_Jan_1646, Boston MA

Perry, Elizabeth [77682] b.1622, England d.5_Nov_1988

Perry, Elizabeth [95973] wife of Asahel Wyman

Perry, Elizabeth Ella [67682] b.20_Dec_1854, Talleyrand, IA d.26_Apr_1890

Perry, Eliza Sherrill [43606] b.Jun_1812 wife of Edward M. Teall

Perry, Erastus [132963] b.17_Apr_1787, Richmond MA d.3_May_1858, Albany NY

Perry, Ezra Sr. [77686] b.1627, Sandwich MA d.16_Oct_1689, Sandwich MA

Perry, Frank [67680] b.20_Sep_1846, Iowa d.3_Sep_1847, Iowa

Perry, Fred [100639] b.1892, New York

Perry, Frederick [43588] b.21_Nov_1778

Perry, Freeman L. [38216]

Perry, Hannah [77678] b.31_Dec_1607, Bridford, Devonshire, England d.9_Jan_1673

Perry, Hannah [77683] b.1623, England d.9_Jun_1673, Sandwich MA

Perry, Henry [67711] b.5_Apr_1819, Radnor, OH

Perry, Jacob [67712] b.5_Jun_1821, Radnor, OH d.7_Jun_1874, Fairfield, IA

Perry, Jane [67710] b.21_Jun_1817, Radnor, OH wife of John Hoskins

Perry, John [124241] b.7_Jun_1737, Pembroke MA

Perry, John [77670] b.26_Apr_1642, Boston MA

Perry, John [77680] b.1616, England d.21_Sep_1642

Perry, John Fletcher [147387]

Perry, John Strong [98591] b.17_Dec_1815, Farmington CT d.4_Apr_1889, Albany NY

Perry, Joshua [77654] b.22_Dec_1694, Stratford CT d.Oct_1777, Ripton MA

Perry, Josiah [77657] b.31_Aug_1699, Stratford CT d.1790, Oxford CT

Perry, Levi [67706] b.1790, Wales d. Indiana

Perry, Living [166081]

Perry, Lois [96612] wife of Eleaser Wyman

Perry, Lot [124243] b.19_Sep_1740, Pembroke MA

Perry, Marcie Evelyn [55838] b.1977

Perry, Margaret [67716] b.29_May_1829, Radnor, OH wife of Richard M. Morris d.12_Feb_1856

Perry, Margaret [77684] b.1624, Devonshire, England d. Sandwich MA

Perry, Marian L. [38215]

Perry, Mary [102428] b.27_Apr_1743, Bellingham MA m.21_Oct_1765, Bellingham MA wife of Benjamin Partridge m.26_Apr_1780 wife of John Coombs

Perry, Mary [38462] wife of Gershom Banks d.3_Jan_1807

Perry, Mary [67708] b.28_Oct_1813, Radnor, OH d.16_Oct_1814, Radnor, OH

Perry, Mary [96666] wife of Jacob Wyman

Perry, Mary Elizabeth Wyman [98592] [98592] b.28_Jan_1869, Albany NY m.14_Jun_1899, Stamford CT wife of Norman W. Storer d.14_Jan_1908, Pittsburgh PA

Perry, Mary Hoskins [67685] b.9_Nov_1863, Keokuk County, I d.19_Jan_1865, Fairfield, IA

Perry, Mercy [124239]

Perry, Myron [100635] b.1849, New York

Perry, Nancy [67707] b.22_Mar_1812, Radnor, OH

Perry, Nancy Margaret [67686] b.16_Jan_1866, Jefferson Co. I m.9_Jan_1900 wife of William John Gilbert d.5_May_1941, Fairfield, IA

Perry, Otto [100638] b.1884, New York

Perry, Richard [67715] b.2_Dec_1827, Radnor, OH d.7_Jul_1828, Ohio

Perry, Robert [100633] b.1845, New York

Perry, Robert [67704] b.16_Dec_1785, Anglesey, Wales d.18_Sep_1852, Radnor, Ohio

Perry, Robert [67714] b.7_Sep_1825, Radnor, OH

Perry, Robert Lucian [67683] b.14_Sep_1857, Talleyrand, IA d.17_Sep_1926

Perry, Rosalie [100632] b.Jul_1843, Lewiston, NY m.1861 wife of Thomas J. Warren d.1901

Perry, Roscoe A. [38213]

Perry, Ruby [38214]

Perry, Ruth [77652] b.5_May_1690, Stratford CT d.27_Jan_1767, Oxford CT

Perry, Samuel [42222] b.1731 d.1805

Perry, Samuel [54693]

Perry, Samuel [77647] b.4_Feb_1681, Stratford CT d. Derby CT

Perry, Sarah [67713] b.8_Sep_1824, Radnor, OH d.30_Sep_1824, Ohio

Perry, Sarah [77648] b.16_Jan_1682, Stratford CT

Perry, Sarah [77671] b.30_Nov_1644, Boston MA

Perry, Seth [77651] b.24_Jan_1687, Stratford CT d.Feb_1745/46, Stratford CT

Perry, Seth [77669] b.7_Mar_1639, Boston MA

Perry, Susannah [54691] b.25_Mar_1742 m.10_Jul_1759, Charlestown RI wife of Jonathon Babcock

Perry, Sylvester [100631] b.1839, New York

Perry, Vinal B. [38212]

Perry, William [67709] b.27_Jul_1815, Radnor, OH

Perry, William [77645] b.29_Jun_1677, Stratford CT d.1738, Stratford CT

Perry, William [77681] b.1620, England

Perry, William E. [100634] b.1847, New York

Perry, William Herschell [67681] [67681] b.9_Jul_1848, Iowa d.28_Aug_1848, Iowa

Perry, Yelverton [77650] b.20_Aug_1686, Stratford CT d.1764, Oxford CT

Persdotter, Ingrid [120219] b.4_Apr_1784, Torskinge Parish, Jonkoping lon, Sweden

Persdotter, Karin [120222] b.27_May_1795, Torskinge Parish, Jonkoping lon, Sweden

Persdotter, Stina [120220] b.22_Nov_1784, Torskinge Parish, Jonkoping lon, Sweden

Persdr, Cecilia [120134] (Mattsson) b.Sep_1848, Vallby, Kristianstad lšn, Sweden, Vallby, Kristiandad lšn, Sweden wife of Per Wahlgren m.1893, St Paul MN wife of John L. Weston d. after 1920, St. Paul MN

Pershale, Jane [14076], Much Haddam, England wife of Richard Sandford

of_Persia, Ardashir [11487] (Shahen Shah, King of Kings) gov. or prince of Istakhr, c.2 Shah of Persia, 224-241

of_Persia, Harar [11471] Persian princess

of_Persia, Hormouz IV [11475] (Hormisdas) Shah of Persia, 579-590

of_Persia, Hormuzd II [11484] (Hormisdas) Shah of Persia, 302-310

of_Persia, Izdundad [11470] Persian princess wife of Mohammed ibn Abubeker 2nd wife of Bustanai ben Hanin

of_Persia, Kavadh I [11477] (Kobad, Cabades) Shah of Persia, 488-531

of_Persia, Khusrau II_Parves (Chosroes the Conquerer) [11474] Shah of Persia, 590-628

of_Persia, Narses [11485] Shah of Persia, 293-302

of_Persia, Peroz [11478] Shah of Persia, 459-484

of_Persia, Shahrijar [11473] Shah of Persia, 628

of_Persia, Shapur I [11486] Shah of Persia, 274-ca.275

of_Persia, Shapur II [11483] Shah of Persia. 310-379

of_Persia, Shapur III [11482] Shah of Persia, 383-388

of_Persia, Varahan V_Gor (Bahram the Wild Ass) [11480] Shah of Persia, 420-438

of_Persia, Yezdegerd I [11481] [11481] Shah of Persia, 399-420

of_Persia, Yezdegerd II [11479] [11479] Shah of Persia, 438-457

of_Persia, Yezdegerd III [11472] [11472] Shah of Persia, 632-651

Persinger, Betty Sharon [132289] [132289]

Persson, Carl [120221] b.25_Jan_1787, Torskinge Parish, Jonkoping lon, Sweden d.16_May_1863, Torskinge Parish, Jonkoping lon, Sweden

Persson, Gudmund [120091] b.4_Oct_1750, Aker, Sodra Unnaryd, Sweden

Persson, Jonas [120223] b.17_Feb_1804, Torskinge Parish, Jonkoping lon, Sweden

Persson, Per [120092] b.18_Sep_1753, Aker, Sodra Unnaryd, Sweden

Perwich, Rose [82899] wife of William Digby

de_Peshall, Adam [18044]

de_Peshall, Margaret [18043] d.1420 wife of Sir Richard Mytton

Pete, Ruth Auten [39564] b. after 1900

(Pete), Clarence Edgar [213004] [213004] Hillhouse b.1_Oct_1919, San Saba TX d.6_Nov_1985, Temple TX bu. Commanche TX

(Pete), Clyde C. Foster [193419] (Pete) [193419] b.5_Sep_1892, Advance, Davie Co. NC d.1_May_1965, Statesville NC

(Pete), Wilbur Waters Livingood [186706] (Pete) [186706] b.13_Apr_1892, Post Twp. Allamakee Co. IA d.12_Jun_1933

Peter, Agnes [127897] b.3_Feb_1880 m.28_Jul_1953 wife of John R. Mott

Peter, Allan Magruder [127839] [127839]

Peter, America Pinkney [127577] [127577] b.12_Oct_1803 m.22_Jun_1826 wife of William G. Williams d.25_Apr_1842

Peter, Anne Custis [127905] b.1922, Paris, France m.1953 wife of Douglas W. Pearre d.6_Jun_1985, Unionville MD

Peter, Annie Lucy [127863] wife of Thomas K. Glasgow

Peter, Armistead II [127894] b.30_Nov_1870 d.1960

Peter, Armistead III [127902] b.19_Jul_1896 d.1983

Peter, Beverley Kennon [127875] [127875]

Peter, Beverley Kennon [127895] [127895] b.21_Jun_1872 d.15_Feb_1922

Peter, Beverley Stannard [127861] [127861] b.26_Jun_1880

Peter, Britannia Wellington [127580] [127580] b.28_Jan_1815, Tudor Place, Georgetown, Washington DC m.8_Dec_1842 wife of Commodore Beverley Kennon d.27_Jan_1911

Peter, Brittania Kennon [127824] [127824] b.8_Apr_1844

Peter, Brittania Kennon [127923] [127923]

Peter, Claramond [14492] wife of Walter Colquhoun

Peter, Columbia Washington [127574] [127574] b.12_Feb_1797 d.3_Dec_1820

Peter, Daniel Parke [127825] b.31_Oct_1846

Peter, David [127820] b.11_Jul_1837 d.15_Aug_1837

Peter, Edith [127837] b.10_Sep_1869

Peter, Eleanor Custis [127868] [127868] b.1896 d.Nov_1905

Peter, Elizabeth [127836] b.6_Jul_1868 wife of Harry N. Carter

Peter, Emily Margaret [127983] [127983] b.28_Sep_1881 m.17_Feb_1910 wife of Leon Mario

Peter, Eugene [127922]

Peter, Gabriella [127967] b.1844 wife of James Mackubin d.25_Feb_1920

Peter, George [127830] b.5_Feb_1858

Peter, George Freeland Jr. [127908] [127908] b.6_Nov_1919 d.20_Aug_1991

Peter, George Freeland Sr. [127896] [127896] minister b.12_Jun_1875 d.22_Feb_1953

Peter, Gertrude Elizabeth [127865] [127865] wife of Clayton W. Mills

Peter, James Beverley [127864] [127864]

Peter, James Henderson [127822] [127822] b.24_Jan_1841

Peter, James Henderson [127832] [127832] b.28_Dec_1860 d.18_Feb_1951

Peter, James M. [127860] b.17_Jul_1876 d.13_Jan_1909

Peter, Jane [127823] b.24_Jul_1842 wife of James H. McMurran d.24_Apr_1905

Peter, John [14455] d.1765

Peter, John Parke Custis [127575] [127575] b.14_Nov_1799 d.19_Jan_1848

Peter, John Parke Custis [127821] [127821] b.5_May_1839 d.5_Mar_1904

Peter, John Parke Custis [127831] [127831] b.5_Jun_1859

Peter, John Parke Custis [127857] [127857] b.4_Dec_1867

Peter, John Parke Custis [127869] [127869] b.1898

Peter, Laura Gordon [127866] wife of James P. Cannon

Peter, Margaret Gibson [127833] [127833] b.18_Dec_1863 wife of Henry P. Walton

Peter, Martha Custis [127819] b.13_Sep_1836 wife of Archibald C. Gibbs d.1910

Peter, Martha Custis Castania [127579] [127579] b.5_Oct_1808 d.5_Apr_1809

Peter, Martha Eliza Eleanor [127573] [127573] b.20_Jan_1796 d.31_Aug_1800

Peter, Mary [127966] b.11_Mar_1841 d.8_Jul_1877

Peter, Mary [127982] b.20_Feb_1879 wife of Agustus J. P. Gallagher

Peter, Mollie Henderson [127859] [127859] b.15_Jun_1872 d.14_Dec_1898

Peter, Norman Phillips [127840] [127840]

Peter, Parke Custis [127968] b.16_Aug_1845 d.22_Apr_1961

Peter, Randolph Tucker [127867] [127867]

Peter, Robert [14456] b.1760 d.1791

Peter, Robert Thomas [127578] b.7_Nov_1806 d.7_Oct_1807

Peter, Sarah Elizabeth [127817] [127817] b.11_Feb_1831 wife of John E. Slaymaker

Peter, Sarah Freeland [127835] [127835] b.5_Jul_1867 wife of John E. Slaymaker

Peter, Thomas II [127834] b.16_Apr_1865

Peter, Walter Gibson [127893] architect, graduate MIT, 1890 b.24_Jun_1868 d.9_Feb_1946

Peter, Walter Gibson [127899] b.11_Dec_1908 d.Feb_1971

Peter, William Boyce [127969] b.29_Nov_1846 d.15_Apr_1905

Peter, William Henderson [127858] [127858] b.13_Apr_1870

Peter, William Thomas [127818] [127818] b.6_Mar_1834 d.1914

(Peter),, Dr. Eskrich Peterson White [133102] (Peter) [133102] b.26_Jan_1884 d.19_Apr_1951

Peterkin, Mary Stewart [27817] [27817]

Peterman, Lola Marzelle [150057] [150057] b.31_Jul_1928 m.Dec_1943 wife of Joseph G. Hill m.17_Aug_1968 wife of Thomas O. Gouge

Peters, Albert [221717] b.1918, Michigan

Peters, Beatrice [221712] b.1905, Michigan

Peters, Catherine [10309] b.1662 m.1_Aug_1683, Dutch Ref. Ch., New York, NY wife of Hans Spier

Peters, Conrad Snidow [159872] [159872] b.1812

Peters, David D. [218950] b.1900, Virginia

Peters, Donn Damon [60940] b.6_Dec_1912, Pond Creek OK

Peters, Doris Irene [218946] b.1891, Virginia

Peters, Dorothy [221718] b.1920, Michigan

Peters, Elizabeth [81482] b.1806, York Co. VA wife of John Patrick d. before 1870, Warwick Co. VA

Peters, Emma [218947] b.1893, Virginia

Peters, Eve [221716] b.1915, Michigan

Peters, Georgie F. [218948] b.1896, Virginia

Peters, Gertrude [218954] b.1920, Warwick Co. VA

Peters, James Conrad [159875] b.25_Jul_1840

Peters, Kathleen [130328] b.16_Aug_1906, Warwick Co. VA m.4_Apr_1924, Newport News VA wife of Leonard H. Drewery d.Jul_1977, Newport News VA

Peters, Leone [221711] b.19_Dec_1902, Michigan m.24_Dec_1921, Benton Harbor, Berrien Co. MI wife of Wilbur M. VanGleson divorced, 4_Jun_1943, Berrien Co. MI wife of ________ Brown d.29_Aug_1983, Michigan

Peters, Marie [221714] b.1910, Michigan

Peters, Marritien [10310]

Peters, Martha J. [218951] b.1908, Virginia

Peters, Mary [90415] wife of George Hogg

Peters, Melsena [218953] b.1913, Warwick Co. VA

Peters, Myrl [221710] b.1877, Michigan

Peters, Raymond [221713] b.1908, Michigan

Peters, Rebecca Jane [159874] b.25_Jan_1836

Peters, Susan Kaye [59806] b.28_Feb_1943, Wichita KS m.1_Jun_1964, Tucson AZ wife of Alan Jeffrey Wright

Peters, Thomas Ottaway [218952] [218952] b.1910, Virginia

Peters, Vernon [221715] b.1913, Michigan

Peters, Wesley M. [218949] b.1898, Virginia

Peterson, Abigail [124529]

Peterson, Alfred [120069] b.11_Apr_1872, S. Unnaryd, Jonkoping, Sweden d.17_Sep_1945, St. Paul MN

Peterson, Anna [200553]

Peterson, Anna Mathilda [120074] [120074] b.5_Mar_1888, Bosebo, Sodra Unnaryd, Sweden m.13_Apr_1913, St.Paul MN wife of Carl Victor Rudin d.Apr_1958, St. Paul MN

Peterson, Anne [51694] wife of William McFadden

Peterson, August [120071] b.5_Aug_1877, Sweden

Peterson, B. [119694] m.4_Jun_1921, Winnebago MN wife of R. Hummel

Peterson, Betty [200556]

Peterson, Carl [120123]

Peterson, Charles Edgar [211270] [211270] b.1928 d.1_Mar_2007

Peterson, Claes [1309]

Peterson, Content [123117] b.1735, Middleboro MA m.27_Oct_1757, Richmond RI wife of Joseph Boss

Peterson, Cornelius [1305] b.1560, Borgholm, Sweden d.1599

Peterson,, Dr. William Frank [211267] [211267] d.1922 d.Jan_2003

Peterson, Edgar Benjamin [211269] [211269] b.1925 d.1998

Peterson, Edgar Charles [211266] [211266] b.1921 d.1922

Peterson, Eleanor Bouvier [26794] [26794]

Peterson, Eleanore [120052] m.1_May_1940, St. Paul MN wife of John Harold Johnson

Peterson, Elijah [124526]

Peterson, Elizabeth M. [212003] [212003] b,1837, Illinois

Peterson, George Richard [200555] [200555]

Peterson, Hannah [123115]

Peterson, Helen [120124]

Peterson, Herman Edward [120061] [120061] b.Apr_1907 d.19_Feb_1990, St. Paul MN

Peterson, Hopestill [20143] b.20_Jan_1702/03, Duxbury MA wife of Josuha Delano d.27_Jul_1775, Kingston MA

Peterson, Hopstill [123113]

Peterson, Ichabod [123120]

Peterson, Iona [105064] wife of Oscar Swanson

Peterson, Isaac A. [212007] b.1851, Illinois

Peterson, Jack Winfield [119695] [119695] b.18_Jul_1931, St. Paul MN d.30_Jun_1986, Oslo, Norway

Peterson, Jacob [1310]

Peterson, Jean [200554]

Peterson, Joseph Frederick [200557] [200557]

Peterson, Joshua [124535]

Peterson, Julia [200552]

Peterson, Karl [120068] (Charles) b.27_Sep_1869, Bosebo, Sodra Unnaryd, Sweden

Peterson, Karmie C. [120048] b.6_Jan_1904, St. Paul MN m.1_Jun_1935, St. Paul MN wife of John Lars Blomquist d.1_Aug_1969, St. Paul MN

Peterson, Lemuel [123122], Middleboro MA

Peterson, Lillie Rose [39916] b.13_Apr_1878, Jasper Co., MO m.17_Oct_1900, Carthage, MO wife of James A. Harbaugh wife of Elmer Rush

Peterson, Lucy [123114]

Peterson, Luther [124533]

Peterson, Lydia [123118], Middleboro MA m.1757, Middleboro MA wife of Peter Bennett

Peterson, Lydia [124531] b.14_Nov_1742, Duxbury MA

Peterson, Margaret [120128] (Marge)

Peterson, Margaret Carolyn [211268] [211268] b.21_Apr_1924 d.11_Jun_2003

Peterson, Maria [1307]

Peterson, Marian [120130] wife of Clifford Palmquist

Peterson, Mary [124527] b.21_Oct_1734, Duxbury MA d.25_Jun_1772, Duxbury MA

Peterson, Mary [151304] b.1680, Duxbury MA m.1711, Duxbury MA wife of Joseph Soule d. before 16_Jan_1755, Duxbury MA

Peterson, Melissa Paker [91273] [91273] b.26_Oct_1967

Peterson, Melvin [120129]

Peterson, Nathan [123116]

Peterson, Nehemiah [124528]

Peterson, Oskar [120070] b.10_Feb_1875, Bosebo, Sodra Unnaryd, Sweden

Peterson, Owen G. [212005] b.1846, Illinois

Peterson, Patience [123121]

Peterson, Paul J. [120049] b.10_Nov_1905, St. Paul MN d.Oct_1978, Chicago IL

Peterson, Peter [1308]

Peterson, Raema Ingrid [120050] [120050] b.22_Jul_1907, St. Paul MN m.5_Oct_1935, St. Paul MN wife of Herman E. Peterson d.1_Apr_1992, St. Paul MN

Peterson, Rebecca [124537]

Peterson, Reuben [124534]

Peterson, Rhoda [123123]

Peterson, Robert E. [26793]

Peterson, Roland [120131] d.died at age 19, of scarlet fever

Peterson, Ruth [120125]

Peterson, Ruth [120127]

Peterson, Ruth [123124], Middleboro MA

Peterson, Samuel [124536]

Peterson, Sarah [124530]

Peterson, Sarah [1306]

Peterson, Sarah C. [212006] b.1848, Illinois

Peterson, Selburn Everet [120051] [120051] b.16_Sep_1910, St. Paul MN d.7_Aug_1978, Minnesota

Peterson, Selma [120073] b.16_Feb_1885. Bosebo, Sodra Unnaryd, Sweden wife of Esaias J. Stople

Peterson, Sylvanus [123112]

Peterson, Thaddeus [124532]

Peterson, Thomas S. [212004] farmer, Vienna, Johnson Co. IL, 1860 b.1842, Illinois

Peterson, William [212002] farmer, Johnson Co. IL, 1850 b.1833, Illinois

Peterson, William Banks III [91272] [91272] b.28_Oct_1963

Peterson, Zilpha [123119]

Petit, ________ [25314] wife of Andrew Bayard

Petre, Bernard H._P. [23370] (Henry Philip) 14th baron Petre b.1858 d.1908

Petre, Frances Mary [23372] m.1873 d.1920 wife of George Arthur Hastings Forbes, 7th earl of Granard

Petre, Mary [53564] b.25_Mar_1679 wife of George Heneage

Petre, Philip B._J. [23371] (Benedict Joseph) 15th baron Petre b.1864 d.1908

Petre, Reginald William [23387] [23387] b.1851

Petre, Robert [12007] d.1638

Petre, Thomas [12008]

Petre, William [23374] 11th baron Petre b.1793 d.1850

Petre, William Bernard [23373] [23373] 12th baron Petre b.1817 d.1884

Petre, William Joseph [23369] 13th baron Petre b.1847 d.1893

Petre, Winifred [12010] wife of George Atwood d.1771

Petrie, Anne Catharine [49160] [49160] wife of Johan Jost Herkimer

Petronille, Sophie Romaine [72025] [72025] Falcon b. 18_Aug_1766 Baie,St. Paul, Quebec,Canada m. 3_Mar_1783 St. Philippe, Laprairie,Quebec,Canada wife of Louis Regnier

Pettibone, Asa G. [44581]

Pettis, Mary Ella [56027] b.23_May_1861, Groton NY wife of Elwyn F. L. Clark d.13_Jan_1917

Pettit, James [114153] b.1870

Pettus, Elizabeth [189157] b. ABT. 1772 Hanover Co Va? m. 17 OCT 1792 Pr Edward Co Va wife of William Cooke

Petty, Anne [139298] m.14_Jan_1692/93 wife of Thomas FitzMaurice

Petty,, Gen. Sir William [139189] [139189] 1st marquess of Lansdowne b.2_May_1737, Dublin, Ireland d.7_May_1805, Berkley Square, London, England bu. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

Petty, John [139190] 1st earl of Shelburne b.1706 d.14_May_1761

Petty, John Henry [139310] 2nd marquess of Lansdowne b.6_Dec_1765 d.15_Nov_1809

Petty, Julia Moore [194439]

Petty, Julie [135765]

Petty, Laurie [135764]

Petty, Susan [135766]

Petty-FitzMaurice, Lady MCLT. (Mary Caroline Louisa Thomas) [139323] m.4_Oct_1860 wife of Lt-Gen. Rt. Hon. Sir Percy E. Herbert d.17_Sep_1927

Petty-FitzMaurice, Sir Henry [139187] [139187] 4th Marquess of Lansdowne b.7_Jan_1816 d.5_Jul_1866

Petty-FitzMaurice, Sir Nenry [139188] [139188] 3rd marquess of Lansdowne b.2_Jul_1780, Shelburne House, Berkeley Square, London, England d.31_Jan_1863, Bowood Park, Calne, Wiltshire, England

Petzholdt, Josephine [42718] b.1820, Lengenfeld, Germany wife of Johann G. Doss d.1886, Auerbach, Germany

Pevahouse, Ruby [181489] b.24_Aug_1916 d.1_Mar_1945

Peverel, Helen [7047] wife of William I Fitz_Alan

Peverel, Maud [29199] wife of Ranulphus de_Whittington

Peverell, Amicia [15334] of Sandford, Peverell, Devonshire, England wife of Nicholas Carew

Peverell, Dionesia [15333] of Sandford, Peverell, Devonshire, England wife of John de_la_River

Peverell, Eleanor [15327] Park Hamitilly, Penhale, Cornwall, England wife of William Talbot d. sp

Peverell, Jacob [15337] (James), Sandford, Peverell, Devonshire, Eng.

Peverell, Jane [61888] b.1523, Dorset, England m.1552, Dorset, England wife of Nicholas Meigs d. Bradford-Peverel, Dorsetshire, England

Peverell, Joan [15332] of Sandford, Peverell, Devonshire, England wife of John Wrokeshall

Peverell, Katherine [15326] of Park Hamatethy, Penhale, Cornwall, England m. before 18_Sep_1402 wife of Walter Hungerford d. after 14_Jun_1426

Peverell, Margaret [15330], Sandford, Peverell, Devonshire, Eng.

Peverell, Margaret [15331] of Sandford, Peverell, Devonshire, England wife of Elias Cotele

Peverell, Margaret [19165], Devon, England wife of William Montacute

Peverell, Sir Hugh [15329] of Sandford, Peverell, Devonshire, England

Peverell, Sir John [15335] of Sandford, Peverell, Devonshire, England

Peverell, Sir Thomas [15336] of Park Hamitill, Penhale, Cornwall, England d.1422

Peveril, Adeliza [2908] of Nottingham, England, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England wife of Richard de_Redvers d.27_May_1156

Peveril, Margaret [2906] of Derbyshire wife of William de_Ferrers, earl of Derby

Peveril, William [2907] of Nottinghamshire

Peveril, William [2909] of Normandy d.19_Jan_1113, England

Peycutt, Priscilla [200767] wife of James Deal

de_Peyferer, ________ [15463] wife of Gunceline de_Badlesmere

Peyton, Anne Lee [128494] b. after 1834

Peyton, Christopher [18918] d. after 1495, d.s.p.

Peyton, Edward [3277] d.1656

Peyton, Elizabeth [3283] m. before 1690 wife of Peter Beverley

Peyton, Eliza Gordon Scott [128495] [128495] b. after 1834

Peyton, Francis [18919] d.1529

Peyton, John [18908]

Peyton, John [18910] d.6_Oct_1416, d.v.p.

Peyton, John [3275] d.1616

Peyton, Robert [3272] b.1523 d.1590

Peyton, Robert [3282]

Peyton, Robert Eden [128493]

Peyton, Rose [18917] wife of Robert Freville

Peyton, Thomas [18915]

Peyton, Thomas [3279] b.1616 d.1687

Peyton, Virginia [128496] b. after 1834

Pfanenstiel, Andrea [59277] b.18_Aug_1985, Hays KS

Pfanenstiel, Jennifer Ann [59276] [59276] b.14_Nov_1982, Hays KS

Pfanenstiel, Miranda [59278] b.18_Aug_1985, Hays KS

Pfeiffer, Gerald Wayne [190534] [190534] b. 4 MAY 1958

Pfeiffer, James Edward [190533] [190533] b. 2 FEB 1953

Pfeiffer, Jason Edward [190537] [190537] b. 3 APR 1978

Pfeiffer, Jessica Marie [190538] [190538]

Pfeiffer, Mackenzie Marie [190734] [190734] b. 7 NOV 1995 Henrico Doctor's Hospital, VA

Pfeiffer, Ryan Carl [190536] b. 21 APR 1976

Phaff, Living [185339]

Phaff, Living [185340]

Phaup, Alvin [91388] b.17_Apr_1920

Phaup, Ashton [91382] b.14_Jun_1907

Phaup, Carlese [91380] d.22_Jul_1902, infant

Phaup, Evelyn [91387] b.12_Jun_1917 wife of Benjamin Parker

Phaup, Gilroy [91381] b.13_Jul_1905

Phaup, Hansford [91385] b.24_Sep_1913

Phaup, Herman [91386] b.17_May_1915

Phaup, Irwin [91383] b.23_Aug_1909

Phaup, Julian [91389] b.8_Nov_1923

Phaup, Lloyd [91384] b.13_Oct_1911

Ph.D., Marion Thomas Clark, [34098] [34098] chemistory professor b.20_Aug_1917

Pheasant, Catherine [140277], Dublin Ireland wife of Sir George Harwood

Pheb.Babcock, [55084] m.11_Jan_1824 wife of Oliver Babcock

Pheb.Burch, [55081] b.2_Nov_1774, Stonington CT m.22_Mar_1801, Saybrook CT wife of Stephen Babcock d.10_Nov_1837

manning,Phebe [64379] of Salem MA b. England wife of James Waters m.23_Feb_1618 wife of William plasse

plasse,Phebe [64393] m.11_Aug_1658 wife of Thomas West d.16_Apr_1674

Phelp,, Dr. Frank Van_Renssalaer [98398] [98398] b.30_Apr_1866, NY NY d.9_Jan_1935, NY NY

Phelps, Abigail [87502] b.5_Apr_1655, Windsor, CT wife of John Alvord d.16_Aug_1756

Phelps, Abigail [87542] b.3_Aug_1679, Northampton, MA m.3_Aug_1697 wife of Joseph Parsons

Phelps, Alice [87461], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England m.21_Jun_1595 wife of John Hope

Phelps, Alice Jane [210045] wife of Philip Harbert

Phelps, Benjamin [87564] b.10_Mar_1712/13, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Clayton Talmadge Jr. [210046] [210046]

Phelps, Crystal A. [102585] b.4_Sep_1896, Savoy MA m.8_Nov_1919, Athol MA wife of Walter Edwin Viner

Phelps, Deborah [87547] b.17_May_1694, Northampton, MA wife of Jonathan Rust

Phelps, Dorothy [87473], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Dorothy Turner [31461] [31461] b.1914 wife of Lieut. Cloyd D. Gull

Phelps, Ebenezer [87548] b.Oct_1697, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Edward [87462], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Eleanor [98401] b.6_Mar_1908 m.12_Oct_1933, NY NY wife of Edward Cantwell

Phelps, Eliakim [87562] b.17_Jan_1708/09, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Elizabeth [87476], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Elizabeth [87544] b.4_Feb_1681/82, Northampton, MA m.1709 wife of Benjamin Knowlton

Phelps, Elnathan [87570] b.18_Feb_1733/34

Phelps, Esther Brooks [98399] b.27_May_1905 d.6_Jan_1982, N. Tarrytown NY

Phelps, Eunice [87565] b.Apr_1720, Northampton, MA wife of John Wright

Phelps, Experience [87566] b.15_Mar_1716/17, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Frank Van_Renssalaer [98400] [98400] b.16_Dec_1917, NY NY

Phelps, Frank Van_Rensselaer [98407] [98407] b.11_Jul_1952, Oceanside NY

Phelps, George [87460], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, George [87477]

Phelps, Hannah [54747] b.7_Aug_1734, Hebron CT m.15_May_1753 wife of Nathan Rowley

Phelps, James [87475], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, John Austin [87549] b.5_Dec_1699

Phelps, Joseph [87483], England

Phelps, Joseph [87568] b.1728, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Josiah [87563] b.20_May_1716, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Kenelm [87463], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Living [182646]

Phelps, Living [182647]

Phelps, Living [182648]

Phelps, Lois [87567] b.1725, Northampton, MA wife of Joshua Pomeroy d.21_Apr_1779

Phelps, Luther Brooks [98397] b.19_Jul_1814, Dunstable NH d.11_Sep_1865, NY NY

Phelps, Marilyn May [108123] b.10_Jul_1928, Mexico ME wife of ________ Hawkins d.30_Jan_1997, Waterville ME

Phelps, Mary [87470], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Mary [87471], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Mary [87492] b.2_Mar_1643/44, Windsor, CT wife of Thomas Barber

Phelps, Mary [87500] b.21_Jun_1651, Windsor, CT wife of Matthew Closson

Phelps, Mary [87545] b.3_Jan_1687/88, Northampton, MA wife of Ebenezer Burt

Phelps, Mary [87550] b.4_May_1703 m.1730 wife of Thomas Burt

Phelps, Mercy [87505] b.16_May_1662, Northampton, MA d.15_Jul_1662, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Nancy [45154] b.Jul_1767 wife of Jonathan Taylor d.16_Apr_1849, Gouverneur NY

Phelps, Nathaniel [87482], England d.27_May_1702, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Nathaniel [87501] b.2_Apr_1655, Windsor, CT

Phelps, Nathaniel [87546] b.5_Oct_1690, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Richard [87464], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Richard [87478], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Robert [87465], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Samuel [87481], England

Phelps, Sarah [108993] m.Nov_1844 wife of Benjamin H. Whitney d. after 22_Jul_1878

Phelps, Sarah [87480], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England wife of William Wade

Phelps, Thankful [87560] b.17_Dec_1707, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Thankful [87561] b.20_Jul_1710, Northampton, MA wife of Caleb Pomeroy

Phelps, Thomas [87459], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Thomas [87472], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

Phelps, Thomas [87504] b.20_May_1661, Northampton, MA

Phelps, Thomas Sidney [210047] [210047] d.1991

Phelps, Timothy [87491] b.1_Sep_1637, Windsor, CT

Phelps, William [87458], Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England d.1611

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