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de_Neville, Geoffrey [5742]

Neville, George [5502] archbishop of York d.1476

Neville, George [5520] of Raby, Durham, England 1st lord Latimer d.30_Dec_1469

Neville, George [5612] baron of Abergavenny b.1440, Raby Castle, Raby With Kevers, Staindrop, Durham, England d.20_Sep_1492, Sussex, Eng.

Neville, George [5642] baron abergavenny b.1469, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England d.13_Jun_1535, Birling, Kent, England

Neville, Gregory [73224]

Neville, Henry [5512] d. young

Neville, Henry [5619], Latimer, Buckinghamshire, England d.26_Jul_1469, Battle of Edgecote, Branbury, England

Neville, Henry [5627] baron Abergavenny, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England d.10_Feb_1586/1587, spm, Comfort, Kent, England

de_Neville, Isabel [5486] d.1254 wife of Robert Fitz Maldred

Neville, Isabel [5497] b.1451 m.11_Jul_1467 wife of George Plantagenet, duke of Clarence d.1476

Neville, Jane [5448] of Oversley and Wormsley wife of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe, York

Neville, Jane [5648], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England m.May_1520 wife of Henry Pole d.9_Jan_1539

Neville, Joan [5503] wife of William Fitz Alan, earl of Arundel

Neville, Joan [5510] of Raby, Durham, England

de_Neville, John [5462] lord Latimer d.1430

Neville, John [5495] d.1461, battle of Towton

Neville, John [5501] marquess of Montague earl of Northumberland d.1471

Neville, John [5519] d. young

Neville, John [5624], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England d. unmarried

Neville, John [5638] 3rd lord Latimer b.17_Mar_1493, Snape Hall, Snape, Yorkshire, England d.2_Mar_1542-1543, London, England

Neville, John [5641], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England d. sp

Neville, Katherine [5539] m.1515 wife of Sir Walter Strickland

Neville, Katherine [5640] of Latimer wife of Henry Percy, 8th earl of Northumberland wife of Francis Fitton d.28_Oct_1596

Neville, Lady Anne [22748] wife of Sir Fulke Greville of Warwick

Neville, Lady Catherine [22747] [22747]

Neville, Lucy [5525] b.1466, Salisbuty, Wiltshire, England wife Sir Thomas Fitz_Williams wife of Sir Anthony Browne d.Mar_1534

Neville, Margaret [5456] wife of Richard le Scrope wife of William Cressener d.4_Mar_1463

de_Neville, Margaret [5466] m.____ wife of William de Ros of Helmsley m.1358 wife of Henry de Percy, 1st earl of Northumberland d.May_1372

Neville, Margaret [5508] wife of John, earl of Oxford

Neville, Margaret [5528] b. before 1387 wife of Sir William Harington

Neville, Margaret [5615] wife of John Brooke

Neville, Margaret [5623], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England wife of Henry Pole wife of John Cheyney

Neville, Margaret Elizabeth [5639] [5639] wife of Edward W. de_Broke

Neville, Marmeduke [128078] b.1494-1510

Neville, Mary [5622] b.1520, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England baroness Dacre m.1536 wife of Thomas Fiennes wife of ________ Wooton wife of Francis Thursby d.1576

Neville, Mathilda [5452] wife of Peter, lord de Mauley

de_Neville, Matilda [5460] wife of William le_Scrope

de_Neville, Maude [5526] baroness Furnivall b.1392, Shrewsbury, Sommersetshire, England m.1407 wife of Sir John Talbot, 1st earl of Shrewsbury d.1423

Neville, Mr. John [5449] of Althorpe, Lincoln m.p. for Lincolnshire, 1444 sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1439-1440, 1452-1453 d.1482

Neville, Philippa [5453] wife of Thomas Dacre, lord Dacre of Gillesland

de_Neville, Ralph [5464] of Thornton Bridge

de_Neville, Ralph [5470] 4th baron Neville of Raby b.1291 d.5_Aug_1367

Neville, Ralph [5493] 3rd earl of Westmoreland d.1523

Neville, Ralph [5494] 2nd earl of Westmoreland d.1484

de_Neville, Randolph [5471] 3rd Baron Neville of Raby d.1331

Neville, Richard [5499] the king maker earl of Warwick earl of Salisbury b.22_Nov_1428 d.14_Apr_1471

Neville, Richard [5610], Raby Castle, Raby With Kevers, Staindrop, Durham, England d. before 18_Oct_1476

Neville, Richard [5617] 2nd lord Latimer, Latimore, Buckinghamshire, England d.Dec_1530, Snape Hall, Snape, Yorkshire, England

de_Neville, Robert [5472] d.1271

de_Neville, Robert [5473] 2nd baron Neville of Raby d.1282

Neville, Robert [5516] of Raby, Durham, England bishop of Salisbury

de_Neville, Robert [5531] of Hornby Castle

Neville, Sir Alexander [5543] of Thornton Bridge d.1457, York

Neville, Sir Edward [5643], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England d.9_Jan_1538, tower hill, London, (beheaded)

Neville, Sir Henry [5614], Raby Castle, Raby With Kevers, Staindrop, Durham, England

Neville, Sir John [5450] d.1423

de_Neville, Sir John [5463] knight of the garter 3rd lord Neville of Raby d.17_Oct_1388, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Neville, Sir Ralph [5451] d.26_Feb_1457

de_Neville, Sir Ralph [5457] of Castle Raby, Raby With Kevers, Durham, England knight of the garter 1st earl of Westmoreland b.1364 d.21_Oct_1425/1426, Castle Raby, Raby With Kevers, Durham, England

Neville, Sir Ralph [5540] of Thornton Bridge d.1522

Neville, Sir Richard [5511] of Raby, Durham, England knight of the garter earl of Salisbury d.30_Dec_1460, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England

Neville, Sir Richard [5647], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England

de_Neville, Sir Robert [5529] of Hornby Castle sheriff of Yorkshire d.1413

de_Neville, Sir Robert [5530] of Hornby Castle commissioner for Lancashire j.p. for Yorkshire

de_Neville, Sir Thomas [5458] baron of Furnivall, Raby, Durham, England d.14_Mar_1406

Neville, Sir Thomas [5645], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England d.29_May_1542

Neville, Thomas [5500] d.1460

Neville, Thomas [5513] of Raby, Durham, England

Neville, Ursula [5626], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England m.15_May_1541. Ulcombe, Kent, Englane wife of Warham St._Leger d.1575, England

Neville, William [128079] b.1494-1510

Neville, William [5517] of Raby, Durham, England baron Fauconberg earl of Kent d.9_Jan_1462/1463

Neville, William [5541] d.1484

Neville, William [5542] squire of Thornton Bridge

Neville, William [5644], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England d.9_Jan_1538, sp

(Neville), Frederick N. Leveson-Gower [12810] (Neville) [12810] b.31_May_1874 d.09_Apr_1959

Nevins, Catherine [5959] m.30_Sep_1885 wife of Thomas H. Bradford

Nevins, Cornelia [5951] wife of Joseph Reese Fry

Nevins, Isabella [5950] m.26_Apr_1838 wife of Edward S. Whelen

Nevins, James [5926] b.1_Aug_1790 d.11_Mar_1866

Nevins, Jonathan Willis [5952] [5952] b.26_Mar_1826 d.21_Aug_1861

Nevsky, Alexander [630] d.1263

Newberry, ________ [18579] d. young

Newberry, ________ [18627] b.14_Nov_1746, Windsor CT d.14_Nov_1746, Windsor CT

Newberry, Abigail [18589] b.4_May_1659, Windsor CT m.8_Jan_1684/85 wife of Ephraim Howard d.29_Feb_1715/16

Newberry, Abigail [18657], Windsor CT d.1709-1717

Newberry, Abigail [18665] b.5_Dec_1733, Windsor CT m.18_Jan_1770 wife of Rev. William Russell d.19_Apr_1775

Newberry, Amasa [18630] b.27_Oct_1752, Windsor CT

Newberry, Ann [18610] b.17_Oct_1750, South Windsor CT m.1778 wife of Warham Moore

Newberry, Benjamin [18599] b.18_Feb_1686/87, Windsor CT d.24_Sep_1709, Albany NY

Newberry, Benjamin [18605] b.20_May_1721, South Windsor CT d.23_Jan_1804, East Windsor CT

Newberry, Benjamin [18635] b.13_Aug_1765, Windsor CT d. after 1820

Newberry, Benjamin [18655] b.31_Jan_1692/93, Windsor CT d.11_Sep_1718

Newberry, Benjamin [18668] b.11_Dec_1738, Windsor CT d.abt 1788, Hillsdale NY

Newberry,, Capt. Benjamin [18591] [18591] b.20_Apr_1669, Windsor CT d.3_Nov_1709, Albany NY

Newberry,, Capt. Joseph [18615] [18615] b.25_Jan_1760, South Windsor CT d.1_Jun_1822, Delaware Co. NY

Newberry,, Capt. Roger [18658] b.4_Jun_1706, Windsor CT d.6_May_1741, at sea of yellow fever

Newberry, Chauncey [18629] b.23_Jan_1750, Windsor CT d.2_Mar_1829, East Windsor CT

Newberry, Daryl [50397] b.3_Sep_1946

Newberry, Dyer [18616] b.18_Jun_1765, Windsor CT d.20_Jun_1846, East Windsor CT

Newberry, Eldon [50396] b.Feb_1944

Newberry, Elizabeth [18631] b.13_Sep_1755, Windsor CT m.31_Dec_1788 wife of Russell Stoughton d.4_May_1834

Newberry, Elizabeth [18663] b.28_Jun_1728, Windsor CT m.11_Feb_1746/47 wife of Daniel Bissell Jr. d.4_Jun_1749

Newberry, Ens. Thomas [18669] b.1_Aug_1740, Windsor CT d.5_Apr_1804, Wintonbury CT

Newberry,, Gen. Frank Dana [18648] [18648] b.23_Jun_1840, Avon, MI d.28_Dec_1912, San Jose CA

Newberry,, Gen. Roger [18666] b.29_Jun_1735, Windsor CT d.13_Feb_1814, Windsor CT

Newberry, George [18612] b.5_Nov_1753 d. before 1784

Newberry, Gerald [50389] b.21_Jun_1920, North English IA

Newberry, Hannah [18578], England d. before 1661 wife of Thomas Hanford Rev

Newberry, Hannah [18586] b.22_Dec_1652, Windsor CT d.21_Sep_1663

Newberry, Hannah [18592] b.1_Jul_1673, Windsor CT

Newberry, Hannah [18596] b.10_Feb_1679/80, Windsor CT m.14_Dec_1703 wife of John Wolcott d.17_Oct_1719

Newberry, Hannah [18656], Windsor CT d.17_Oct_1718, Windsor CT

Newberry, Hannah [18664] b.3_Oct_1729, Windsor CT m.3_Nov_1757 wife of Ashbel Olmstead d.5_Feb_1806

Newberry, Henry [18682] b.27_Jan_1783, Windsor CT d.Dec_1854, Cuyahoga Falls OH

Newberry, Jerusha [18628] b. 19_Apr_1748, Windsor CT wife of ________ Skinner d. 11_Dec_1821

Newberry, John [18576] d.Dec_1647, Windsor CT

Newberry, John [18613] b.6_Aug_1756, South Windsor CT d.23_Apr_1825

Newberry, Joseph [18572] d. aftter 1675, Marshwood, Dorset, England

Newberry, Joseph [18602] b.11_Jan_1709/10, South Windsor CT d.28_Jan_1797, East Windsor CT

Newberry, Joseph [18614] b.17_Jul_1758 died young

Newberry, Karl [50399] b.24_Nov_1963

Newberry, Laura [18636] b.13_Jul_1768, Windsor CT d.6_Mar_1852

Newberry, Loren [50395] b.25_Jul_1942 d.1946

Newberry, Lovisa [18634] b.2_Sep_1762, Windsor CT d.14_Oct_1781

Newberry, Lynnette [50398] b.25_Aug_1948

Newberry,, Maj. Benjamin [18574] [18574], England d.11_Sep_1689, Windsor, CT

Newberry, Marah [18659] (Mary) b.3_Feb_1709/10, Windsor CT m.10_Oct_1728, Windsor CT wife of Maj. Roger Wolcott d.5_Jun_1758

Newberry, Margaret [18590] b.13_Oct_1662, Windsor CT m.23_May_1689 wife of Lieut. Return Strong

Newberry, Marvel [50390] b.31_Mar_1922, North English IA m.11_Jan_1940 wife of Russell Olsen

Newberry, Mary [18575] m.13_Jun_1644, Windsor CT wife of Capt. Daniel Clark d.29_Aug_1688, Windsor CT

Newberry, Mary [18584] b.10_Mar_1648, Windsor, CT m.14_Dec_1664, Windsor, CT wife of Capt. John Moseley

Newberry, Miriam [18632] b.6_Feb_1757, Windsor CT wife of Joseph Hosmer d.9_Jun_1832, South Windsor CT

Newberry, Prof. John Strong [18684] [18684] b.22_Dec_1822, Windsor CT d.7_Dec_1892, New Haven CT

Newberry, Rebecca [18577], England wife of Rev. John Russell d.21_Nov_1688

Newberry, Rebecca [18587] b.2_May_1655, Windsor CT m.22_Jun_1675 wife of Samuel Marshall d.17_Oct_1718

Newberry, Romeo Dyer [18646] b.5_Feb_1794, East Windsor CT d.1_Oct_1863, Rochester MI

Newberry, Sarah [18573], England m.18_Nov_1641, Windsor CT wife of Mr. Henry Wolcott d.16_Jul_1684, Windsor CT

Newberry, Sarah [18585] b.14_Jun_1650, Windsor CT m.4_Jun_1668 wife of Capt. Preserved Clapp d.3_Oct_1716

Newberry, Sarah [18604] b.14_Aug_1716, South Windsor CT

Newberry, Sarah [18611] b.7_Mar_1751/52, South Windsor CT d.17_Aug_1759

Newberry, Sarah [18667] b.31_Dec_1736, Windsor CT m.4_Dec_1755 wife of Eliakim Mather d.3_Sep_1783

Newberry,, Sgt. Joseph [18598] b.24_Oct_1684, Windsor CT d.30_Aug_1751, South Windsor CT

Newberry, Tamesine [18633] b.28_Oct_1759, Windsor CT d.23_Oct_1826

Newberry, Thomas [18566] b.10_Nov_1594, Yarcombe, Devon, England d.Dec_1635, Dorchester MA

Newberry, Thomas [18588] b.1_Sep_1657, Windsor CT d.30_Apr_1688, South Windsor CT

Newberry, Thomas [18595] b.20_Jan_1677/78, Windsor CT d.10_Feb_1680/81

Newberry, Thomas [18597] b.22_Mar_1681/82, Windsor CT d.23_Feb_1697/98

Newberry, Thomas [18603] b.7_Nov_1714, South Windsor CT d.24_May_1735

Newberry, Walter [18643] b.18_Sep_1804, East Windsor CT d.6_Nov_1868, at sea, en route to Europe

Newbill, ________ [223609] b.Apr_1900, Norfolk VA d. before 1910, Norfolk VA

Newbill, Clara B. [223600] b.11_Mar_1872, Gloucester Co. VA m.27_Dec_1898, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Herbert L. Bridges d.2_Mar_1953, Willimsburg VA

Newbill, Doris [223611] b.16_Jun_1908, Norfolk VA m.24_Dec_1927, Norfolk VA wife of George A. Bridgers d.10_Mar_1999, Bowie, Prince Georges Co. VA

Newbill, Emma Jesse [223598] b.May_1850, King and Queen Co. VA d.10_Feb_1932, Middlesex Co. VA

Newbill, Esther M. [223601]

Newbill, George Thomas [223595] [223595] b.21_Jan_1842, King and Queen Co. VA d.16_Apr_1915, Gloucester Point, Gloucester Co. VA

Newbill, Gordon Lee [223612] b.1_Sep_1909, Norfolk VA d.18_Jul_1992, Portsmouth VA

Newbill, Joel Hunter [223606]

Newbill, John [223590] d. before 1850

Newbill, John [223592] b.1815, King and Queen Co. VA d.Aug_1879, Middlesex Co. VA

Newbill, John Thomas [223603]

Newbill, Josephine [223597] b.1848, King and Queen Co. VA d.31_May_1894, Middlesex Co. VA

Newbill, Katti [223602]

Newbill, Lillian Hayes [223604] [223604]

Newbill, Margarette Estelle [223605] [223605]

Newbill, Marion Lee [223599] b.15_Oct_1870, Virginia d.25_Feb_1947, Norfolk VA

Newbill,, Rev. John Horace [223596] [223596] b.20_Sep_1843, King and Queen Co. VA d.19_May_1915, King George Co. VA

Newbill, Rose Belle [223594] b.1838, King and Queen Co. VA

Newbill, Virginia [223610] b.23_Sep_1905, Norfolk VA wife of ________ Phipps d.8_Apr_1991, Virginia Beach VA

Newbill, William Avery [223607] [223607]

Newborough, Thomas [18539], Dorset, England d.15_Mar_1512/13, Berkley, Somerset, England

Newborough, Walter [18530], Berkley, Somerset, England d.12_Aug_1517, Netherbury, Dorset, England

de_Newburgh, Alice [18464] wife of William Mauduit, baron Mauduit

Newburgh, Alice [18547] b.1593/94, Netherbury, Dorset, England

Newburgh,, Col. Thomas [18550] b.1597, Netherbury, Dorset, England d.1660/61, Ireland

Newburgh, Elizabeth [18549] b.1596 m.1623, St Anne, Blackfriars, London, England wife of James Millward

Newburgh, Elizabeth [18552]

Newburgh, Emma [18545], Netherbury, Dorset, England wife of John Baker

de_Newburgh, Henry [18453] 1st earl of Warwick d.20_Jun_1123

de_Newburgh, Henry [18512]

de_Newburgh, John [18511], Dorsetshire, England, Dorsetshire, England

Newburgh, John [18546] b.1592, Netherbury, Dorset, England died young

de_Newburgh, John Esq. [18508] [18508] of Lulworth, Dorset, England d.4_Jun_1381, Dorset, England

Newburgh, John Esq. [18528], Dorset, England d. after Feb_1438/39

Newburgh, John Esq. [18533] d.1_Apr_1484, Dorset, England

Newburgh, Katherine [18555]

Newburgh,, Rev. Walter [18548] b.May_1595, Netherbury, Dorset, England d.2_Jun_1631, Symondsbury, Dorset, England

Newburgh, Richard [18529], Netherbury, Dorset, England d. before Feb_1568/69, the Francis, Netherbury, Dorset, England

Newburgh, Richard [18554], Netherbury, Devon, England, Yarcombe, Devon, England

de_Newburgh, Robert [18467], Ponteaudemer Normandy d.30_Aug_1159, Ponteaudemer, Normandy

de_Newburgh, Robert [18514], Dorsetshire, England, Dorsetshire, England

Newburgh, Robert [18551] b.1598/99, Netherbury, Dorset, England d.1642/43, St Dunstans in the West, London, England

Newburgh, Robert [18567] b.Apr_1600, Yarcombe, Devon, England d.22_Aug_1687, Yarcombe, Devon, England

de_Newburgh, Roger [18466] 2nd earl of Warwick d.12_Jun_1153

de_Newburgh, Roger [18515], Ponteademer, Normandy, Dorsetshire, England

de_Newburgh, Sir Robert [18510] [18510], Dorsetshire, England d.1338

de_Newburgh, Sir Robert [18513] [18513]

de_Newburgh, Sir Thomas [18509] [18509], Dorsetshire, England, Dorsetshire, England

Newburgh, Sir William [18538] d.4_May_1471, beheaded at Battle of Tewkesbury

de_Newburgh, Waleran [18465] 4th earl of Warwick b. before 1153 d.12_Dec_1204

Newburgh, Walter [18553], Netherbury, Dorset, England d.Feb_1598/99, Netherbury, Dorset, England

Newburgh, William [18556] d.1623, Symondsbury, Dorset, England

Newbury, Catherine Sedgwick [37571] [37571]

Newbury, Egbert [37572]

Newbury, Frances E. [37574] wife of John J. Bagley

Newbury, Mary Ann [37573] wife of Austin Adams

Newbury, Samuel Sergeant [37570] [37570]

Newcomb, Bethia [137252] b.14_Nov_1673, Braintree MA m.1_Dec_1698, Bridgewater MA wife of John Kingman

Newcomb, Daniel [78667] b.29_Nov_1729, Hebron, CT d. after 1789, Hebron, CT

Newcomb, Ebenezer [137254] b.3_Jun_1694, Braintree MA d. after 1763

Newcomb, Experience [137256] of Watertown MA m.31_Jan_1715, Newton MA wife of Daniel Mason d.18_Nov_1733, Charlestown MA

Newcomb, Hannah [137251] m.22_Nov_1693, Braintree MA wife of William Hayward m.13_Jun_1693, Braintree MA wife of William Thayer d. after 1729, Easton MA

Newcomb, John [137244] b. before 8_Aug_1634, Sudbury, Suffolk, England d.21_Mar_1721/22, Braintree MA

Newcomb, John [137248] b.13_Apr_1659, Braintree MA d.11_Nov_1740, Braintree MA

Newcomb, Lydia [78646] b.28_Apr_1763 m.26_Jul_1791, Penfield, NY wife of Timothy Bush d.14_Sep_1835, Penfield, NY

Newcomb, Mary [137245] b.2_Mar_1639, Braintree MA m.27_Apr_1675, Braintree MA wife of George Spear m.10_Nov_1657, Braintree MA wife of Samuel Deering d.1_Aug_1678, Braintree MA

Newcomb, Obadiah [78672], Edgartown, MA d.4_May_1761, Hebron, CT

Newcomb, Peter [137246] b.16_May_1648, Braintree MA d.20_May_1725, Braintree MA

Newcomb, Rachel [26462], Suffolk, England m.1650, Medfield MA wife of Peter Adams

Newcomb, Ruth [137250], Braintree MA, Braintree MA wife of John Copeland d.1742, Braintree MA

Newcomb, Samuel [137249] b.25_Feb_1660, Braintree MA, Braintree MA

Newcomb, Susanna [137273] b.22_Jun_1673, Braintree MA m.5_Apr_1699, Braintree MA wife of Benjamin Hobart d.10_Aug_1721, Braintree MA

Newcombe, Alton Eugene [206078] [206078] b.13_Nov_1982

Newcombe, Nancy [206068] b.27_Sep_1939 wife of Joseph B. King

Newcombe, William James III [206077] [206077] b.2_Jan_1980

Newcombe, William James Jr. [206069] [206069] b.24_Feb_1945

Newell, Abel [115633] b.15_Aug_1730, Farmington CT d.1811, Charlotte CT

Newell, Anna [115645] b.28_Aug_1756, Bristol CT m.13_Dec_1774, Bristol CT wife of Elnathan Hooker

Newell, Asahel [115598] b.8_May_1725, Southington CT

Newell, Ashbel [115661] b.7_Jul_1759, Southington CT d.20_Feb_1836, Southington CT

Newell, Beulah Carlin [171523] [171523] b. 19 Jan 1915 Topeka Ks d. 5 Jan 1991 Modesto Ca Buried Lakewood Memorial Park Empire/Hughson Ca

Newell, Brennon Kirkham [185093] [185093] b.22_Nov_1930 Montour, Idaho d.21_Mar_2008 Haines, Oregon

Newell, Brennon Kirkham (Ben) [185266] [185266] b.2_Apr_1903 Burns, Oregon d.12_Sep_2000 Boise, Ada Co., Idaho

Newell, Daniel [115583] b.18_Apr_1700, Farmington CT d.14_Sep_1731, Farmington CT

Newell, Daniel [115608] b.20_Feb_1718/19, Farmington CT

Newell, Daniel [115629] b.1726, Portland CT

Newell, David [115595] b.23_Dec_1716, Southington CT d.31_Mar_1734, Southington CT

Newell, Devera Loomis (Buck) [185265] [185265] b.8_Aug_1895 Burns, Harney Co., Oregon d.10_Apr_1982 Henderson, Clark Co., Nevada

Newell, Elihu [115611] b._Jul_1730, Farmington CT d. Windsor VT

Newell, Elisha [115634] b.6_Dec_1732, Farmington CT

Newell, Elizabeth [115433] b.23_Jan_1719/20, Farmington CT m.2_Sep_1742, Farmington CT wife of John Clark d.2_Feb_1791, New Britain CT

Newell, Eunice [115609] b.25_Mar_1722m Farmington CT

Newell, Gad [115663] b.10_Sep_1763, Southington CT

Newell, Hannah [115567] b.14_Apr_1658, Farmington CT wife of Thomas North d.4_Nov_1757, Farmington CT

Newell, Hester [115564] (Esther) b.Jul_1652, Farmington CT m.18_Nov_1669, Farmington CT wife of John Stanley d.29_Jan_1739/40, Farmington CT

Newell, Isaac [115593] b.11_Aug_1711, Southington CT

Newell, Isaac [115659] b.31_Jan_1753, Southington CT

Newell, John [115562] b.Jan_1646/47, Farmington CT d.1696, Farmington CT

Newell, John [115581] b.17_Jan_1691/92, Farmington CT d.21_Feb_1777, Farmington CT

Newell, John [115622] b.16_Dec_1733, Farmington CT d. West Stockbridge MA

Newell, Joseph [115569] b.20_Apr_1664

Newell, Josiah [115597] b.17_Aug_1722, Southington CT d.18_Oct_1797, Southington CT

Newell, Larry Rex [185273] b.14_Nov_1939 Gem Co., Emmett, Idaho d.May_2008 Nevada

Newell, Living [185094]

Newell, Living [185095]

Newell, Living [185097]

Newell, Living [185111]

Newell, Living [185112]

Newell, Living [185131] wife of Living Phaff

Newell, Living [185133]

Newell, Living [185135] wife of Living Hunt

Newell, Living [185136]

Newell, Living [185137] wife of Living Sherman wife of Living Porter

Newell, Living [185271] wife of Living Baker

Newell, Living [185272] wife of Living Ritchie

Newell, Living [185285] wife of Living Jordan

Newell, Living [185286] wife of Living Garcia wife of Living Eval

Newell, Living [185305]

Newell, Living [185306]

Newell, Living [185307]

Newell, Living [185318]

Newell, Living [185319]

Newell, Living [185328]

Newell, Living [185329]

Newell, Living [185330]

Newell, Living [185333]

Newell, Living [185334]

Newell, Living [185336]

Newell, Living [185337]

Newell, Lois [115621] b.15_May_1731, Farmington CT

Newell, Lott [115644] b.15_Mar_1754, Bristol CT d.29_Oct_1791, Yale College

Newell, Lott [115650] b.1790, Bristol CT

Newell, Lucy [115610] b.23_Jan_1723/24, Farmington CT

Newell, Lucy [115619] b.31_Mar_1728, Farmington CT

Newell, Lydia [115623] b.20_May_1738, Farmington CT m.5_May_1757, Farmington CT wife of Timothy Stanley d.17_Dec_1826, Farmington CT

Newell, Martha [115566] b.14_Apr_1658, Farmington CT

Newell, Martha [115618] b.23_Feb_1725/26, Farmington CT m.1_Mar_1755, Farmington CT wife of John Wiard

Newell, Mary [115561] b.Mar_1644/45, Farmington CT wife of Thomas Bascomb

Newell, Mary [115582] b.23_Dec_1697, Farmington CT m.17_Dec_1716, Farmington CT wife of John Steele d.Mar_1779, Farmington CT

Newell, Mary [115607] b.7_Nov_1716, Farmington CT m.3_Jan_1737/38, Farmington CT wife of Matthew Cole d.13_Mar_1809, Farmington CT

Newell, Mary [115620] b.20_May_1730, Farmington CT

Newell, Mary [115642] b.30_Oct_1750, Bristol CT m.13_Dec_1770, Bristol CT wife of Jacob Hungerford

Newell, Mercy [115655] b.16_Nov_1742, Southington CT wife of John Strong m.1776, Southington CT wife of Stephen Root

Newell, Mollie Joy [185267] b.20_Sep_1907 Harney Co., Burns, Oregon d.1962 Sweet, Gem Co., Idaho m.25_Dec_1935 Gem Co., Sweet, Idaho wife of Harry Edgar Church

Newell, Nathan [115606] b.6_May_1714, Farmington CT

Newell, Nathaniel [115584] b.20_Feb_1702/03, Farmington CT d.31_Aug_1753, Farmington CT

Newell, Nathaniel [115632] b.30_Jul_1728, Farmington CT d.8_Feb_1755, Farmington CT

Newell, Nathaniel [115638] b.8_Feb_1757, Goshen CT

Newell, Oliver [115624] b.9_Feb_1740/41, Farmington CT

Newell, Philip Todd [185132] b.17_Nov_1957 Boise, Idaho d.18_Nov_1957 Boise, Idaho

Newell, Pomeroy [115656] b.2_Apr_1745, Southington CT d.21_Oct_1831, Southington CT

Newell, Quartus P. [115662] b.2_Jun_1761, Southington CT d.24_Sep_1761, Southington CT

Newell, Rachel [115660], Southington CT wife of Roswell Cook

Newell, Rebeckah [115560] b.Jan_1642/43, Farmington CT wife of Joseph Woodford d. Northfield MA

Newell, Ruth [115615] b.10_Oct_1722, Farmington CT d.1722, Farmington CT

Newell, Ruth [115616] b.2_Nov_1723, Farmington CT wife of Thomas Cowles d.10_Oct_1753, Farmington CT

Newell, Samuel [115568] b.5_Dec_1660, Farmington CT d.15_Feb_1753, Farmington CT

Newell, Samuel [115579] b.19_Feb_1685/86, Farmington CT d.11_Feb_1750/51, Southington CT

Newell, Samuel [115594] b.1_Mar_1713/14, Southington CT d.10_Feb_1789, Bristol CT

Newell, Samuel [115643] b.27_Jun_1752, Bristol CT d.2_Feb_1756, Bristol CT

Newell, Samuel [115646] b.11_Apr_1758, Bristol CT d.15_Apr_1782, Bristol CT

Newell, Sarah [115565] b.18_Feb_1654/55, Farmington CT wife of Arthur Smith

Newell, Sarah [115585] b.17_Jun_1707, Farmington CT m.5_May_1731, Farmington CT wife of Hezekiah Gridley d.1796, Farmington CT

Newell, Sarah [115596] b.6_Jul_1719, Southington CT m.5_Jan_1746/47, Southington CT wife of Ebenezer Fisk

Newell, Sarah [115617], Farmington CT wife of Matthew Clark

Newell, Sarah [115658] b.1751, Southington CT m.1779, Southington CT wife of Lemuel Andrews

Newell, Simeon [115657] b.5_Feb_1747/48, Southington CT

Newell, Simon [115576] b.1_Apr_1683, Farmington CT d.1_Apr_1761, Farmington CT

Newell, Solomon [115599] b.30_Nov_1725, Southington CT d.3_Mar_1750/51, Southington CT

Newell, Thomas [115563] b.2_Mar_1649/50, Farmington CT d.25_Oct_1773, Farmington CT

Newell, Thomas [115575] b.1_Oct_1681, Farmington CT

Newell, Thomas [115580] b.1_Mar_1689/90, Farmington CT

Newell, Verna May [185092] b.23_Feb_1928 Montour, Boise Co., Idaho Wyandotte Co., Kansas City, Kansas wife of James M. Thrasher m.12_Jun_1948 Sweet, Idaho wife of Leo Frank Lusher Jackson Co., Kansas C

Newell, Vern Maynard [185096] b.5_Nov_1937 Montour, Boise Co., Idaho d.27_Feb_1980 Boise, Ada Co., Idaho

Newgate, Elizabeth [113592] b.1617, England, Boston MA wife of John Oliver m.14_Mar_1649 wife of Edward Jackson d.30_Mar_1709, Boston MA

Newgate, Hannah [113595] b.1_Aug_1633, Boston MA m.22_Feb_1653 wife of Simon Lynde

Newgate, Hannah [82911] b.28_Jun_1635 m.ca_Feb_1652 wife of Simon Lynde d.20_Dec_1684

Newgate, John [113587] [113587] merchant b.1580, Southwark, England d.1665, Boston MA

Newgate, Joshua [113591] b. England d.12_Nov_1658, Boston MA

Newgate, Nathaniel [113594], England d._Sep_1688, England

Newgate, Sarah [113593] wife of Peter Oliver d._Oct_1692

Newhall, Elizabeth [65335] b.22_Oct_1667, Lynn, MA

Newhall, Elizabeth [71007] b.1678, Malden MA m.18_Jan_1700, Reading MA wife of Benjamin Burnap d. after 1740

Newhall, John [65322] b.1620-1630, Lynn, MA

Newhall, John [65332] b.14_Dec_1655, Lynn, MA

Newhall, Joseph [65333] b.22_Sep_1658, Lynn, MA d.30_Jan_1706, Lynn, MA

Newhall, Martha Greenough [40593] [40593]

Newhall, Mary [65324], Lynn, MA m.1652/53, Lynn, MA wife of Thomas Browne

Newhall, Mary [65336] b.18_Feb_1669, Lynn, MA

Newhall, Mary Elizabeth [40594] [40594]

Newhall, Nathaniel [65334] b.17_Mar_1660, Lynn, MA

Newhall, Rebecca [65338] b.17_Jul_1675, Lynn, MA m.1697 wife of Ebenezer Parker

Newhall, Samuel [65337] b.19_Jan_1672, Lynn, MA

Newhall, Susanna [65321], England d.7_Feb_1682, Lynn, MA

Newhall, Thomas [65323], Lynn, MA d.1_Apr_1687, Lynn, MA

Newhall, Thomas [65331] b.18_Feb_1652, Lynn, MA

Newhart, Norman Dale [40242] b.27_Jul_1936

Newhart, Wayne Ivan [40241] b.28_Mar_1934

Newhart, Wayvern Arles [40240] [40240] b.29_Dec_1931

de_Newkirk, Catherine [82905] wife of Everard Digby

Newland, Jabez [121248] b.1703, Plymouth MA d.7_Apr_1787, Plymouth MA

Newlin, Elizabeth [47661] m.1713, Concord Meeting, Chester county wife of Ellis Lewis

Newman, ________ [148500] b.1501, England wife of Thomas Hoo

Newman, Crystal Ann [135527] wife of Ronald G. Tharpe

Newman, Elizabeth [9418]

Newman, Elizabeth E. [29644]

Newman, Ellen Rose [23552] wife of John A. Wheelock d.1869

Newman, Emily E. [119060] b.1854, Princess Anne Co. VA m.13_Aug_1873, Princess Anne Co. VA wife of Caleb J. Moseley

Newman, Gerald James [120240] b.Jul_1924 d.1_Jan_1925, New York NY

Newman, Glee [191324] wife of Mr. Burgher

Newman, Ira Stuart [191323]

Newman, Ivy Denise [135528]

Newman, John James [120255] b.16_Dec_1900, Boyd's Cove Newfoundland, Canada d.1_Jan_1925, New York NY

Newman, L;iving [207187]

Newman, M. [120239] b.28_Jul_1923, Boyd's Cove, Newfoundland, Canada wife of William T. Wilson

Newman, Mary Frances [23553] wife of James Rose

Newman, Samuel [172573]

Newman, Samuel [175089] b. 1887

Newman, Velvet Lynn [135526] wife of Dwight Tharpe

Newman, Walter Stephenson Jr. [204477] [204477] b.23_Dec_1922, Christiansburg VA

Newmarch, Elizabeth [5491] wife of John Neville Esq.

de_Newmarche, Hawise [3637] of Cadbury, Somersetshire, England wife of John de_Botreaux wife of Nicholas de_Moels

Newport, Eleanor [149207], Boynton, Yorkshire, England, St. Nicholas, Northumberland, England wife of William Buckton

Newport, Sarah [137576], Newport RI m.19_Jun_1667, Little Compton RI wife of John Peckham

Newsum, Mary Ann [35237] wife of George G. Skipwith

Newton, Amanda [34105]

Newton, Ardell Elizabeth [132449] [132449] b.1_Oct_1861, Poquoson VA m.31_Jan_1890, York Co. VA wife of Thomas M. Insley d.22_Jan_1961, Poquoson VA

Newton, Arthur [96536]

Newton, Arthur J. [146912] b.1845, New Jersey

Newton, Catherine E. [132466] b.5_Sep_1883 m.5_Aug_1899, Poquoson VA wife of John G. Insley d.15_Jul_1900

Newton, Daniel [67203] b.21_Dec_1655, Marlborough MA d.20_Nov_1739

Newton, Edward W. [145421] b.1868, Virginia

Newton, Elijah [132451] d. before 1900

Newton, Elizabeth [67196] wife of Jacob Dingley

Newton, Elizabeth Stanly [4012] [4012] wife of Pedro Merlin Lusson

Newton, Ellen Elizabeth [132447] [132447] m.30_Dec_1880, Gloucester Co. VA wife of George W. Jordan

Newton, Ezekiel [67200]

Newton, Hannah [67202] b.13_Apr_1654, Marlborough MA d.13_Mar_1696/97

Newton, Isaac [67205] d.12_Jun_1685

Newton, Isobel [188475] b.1610-1619, Bemersyde, Perth, Scotland, Bemersyde, Perth, Scotland wife of Sir George Hoge

Newton, John [145422] b.1840, New York

Newton, John [67197] b.20_Oct_1641, Sudbury MA d.16_Oct_1723, Marlborough MA

Newton, Joseph [67201] d.1727

Newton, Joseph J. [132450] b.4_Dec_1864, Poquoson VA d.12_Aug_1900, Poquoson VA

Newton, Julia [78549], Talbey, Cheshire, England wife of Piers Daniles

Newton, Living [132479] wife of Living Forrest

Newton, Living [158818]

Newton, Living [158819]

Newton, Living [158820]

Newton, Living [158821]

Newton, Living [214844]

Newton, Living [226118]

Newton, Lydia Church [101950] b.18_Jul_1814, Princeton MA wife of Elbridge Clark d.31_May_1869

Newton, Martha Adeline [132453] [132453] b.Sep_1870 m.13_Jun_1891 wife of Charles W. Firth

Newton, Mary [67198] b.22_Apr_1644, Marlborough MA wife of Jonathan Johnson

Newton, Mary E. [132448]

Newton, Mary V. [132478] (Shag) b.Oct_1898 wife of ________ Holloway

Newton, Melissa [34104]

Newton, Moses [67199] b.26_Mar_1646, Marlborough MA d.23_May_1736

Newton, Rebecca [118481] m.27_Jan_1768 wife of Bassett Moseley

Newton, Sallie Emma [132467] b.16_Sep_1886, York Co. VA m.16_Jun_1902, York Co. VA wife of William J. Ferguson d.24_Aug_1968, Poquoson VA

Newton, Sarah [67204] wife of ________ Taylor

Newton, Warren [96537]

Newton, Washington I. [4011]

Newton, William [132454] b.28_Jul_1873 d.30_Jan_1966, Poquoson VA

Newton, William B. [132452] d. before 1900

Niadhnar, Crombthan [5142]

de_Nice, Gerberge [85593] heiress to part of La Salette de Saramar

Nicely, Emily Miranda [19868] b.2_Aug_1856 m.31_Jan_1874, Boone Co. IN wife of Nathan S. Delano

Nichloson, ________ [164957] b.25_Dec_1907, Virginia d.25_Dec_1907, Virginia

Nicholas, Caroline [27278] wife of William Gerald Muller

Nicholas, Cary Anne [27271] wife of Rudolph Fink

Nicholas, Elizabeth Byrd [27269] [27269]

Nicholas, George [27267]

Nicholas, Jane Hollins [142926] [142926] b.1798, Virginia m.10_Mar_1815, Albemarle Co. VA wife of Thomas J. Randolph d.1871

Nicholas, Margaret [99923] b.1535, England wife of Thomas French

Nicholas, Philip Narbonne [27266] [27266]

Nicholas, Robert Carter [27265] [27265]

Nicholas, Robert Carter [27277] [27277] b.1793 d.1856

Nicholas, Samuel Smith [27270] [27270]

Nicholas, Sarah [114143] b.1840, Albemarle Co. VA m.1864, Albemarle Co. VA wife of Nelson H. Goodwin

Nicholas, Wilson Cary [27268]

Nicholls, Elizabeth [42539], Northclay, Kent, England wife of Edmund Cooke

Nicholls, Martha [35275] wife of George W. Bolling

Nichols, ________ [170181]

Nichols, ________ [170182]

Nichols, ________ [170183]

Nichols, ________ [170184]

Nichols, ________ [170185]

Nichols, Agnes [125589] b.10_Dec_1757, Derby CT

Nichols, Agnes [4121]

Nichols, Ann [203855]

Nichols, Ann [203883]

Nichols, Asenath [170187] b. before 1798 d. after 1846 m. 5 Feb 1818 Montgomery Co., New York wife of Peleg Thomas

Nichols, Bathsheba [163861], Loudoun Co. VA wife of Ignatius Burns

Nichols, Benjamin [173611] b. 8 Oct 1723 Amesbury, Vermont

Nichols, Benjamin [4747]

Nichols, Brittany Hope [194128] [194128] b.1992

Nichols, Candice Elizabeth [194127] [194127] b.1982

Nichols, Carol Margaret [91299] [91299] b.4_Nov_1952

Nichols, Catherine [173621] b. 14 Sep 1771 d. 24 Jun 1845 m. 1 Nov 1788 Hoosick, Rensselaer Co., New York wife of Ichabod Hoag

Nichols, Catherine [203887]

Nichols, Chariry [203866], Loudoun Co. VA d. young

Nichols, Charity [203856]

Nichols, Charity [203862]

Nichols, Daniel [170186]

Nichols, Daniel [203880]

Nichols, David B. [203865] b.1785, Loudoun Co. VA

Nichols, Ebenezer [173610] b. 28 Mar 1722 Amesbury, Vermont

Nichols, Eleazer [173622] b. 1776

Nichols, Eli [203867] b.12_Sep_1787 d.15_Nov_1853, Ohio

Nichols, Elizabeth [163872] b.16_Oct_1767, Loudoun Co. VA m.29_Apr_1784, Goose Creek, Lincoln, Loudoun Co. VA wife of Isaac Hoge d.9_Jul_1836, Belmont Co. OH

Nichols, Elizabeth [203873]

Nichols, Elizabeth [4748] b. Waterbury CT m.30_Apr_1740, Waterbury CT wife of Ebenzer Wakelin

Nichols, Elizabeth [53195] wife of Hezekiah Welles

Nichols, George [163860] b.25_Dec_1756, Loudoun Co. VA d.10_Jun_1812, Loudoun Co. VA

Nichols, Hannah [203858]

Nichols, Harley Jack [4122]

Nichols, Isaac [203878] b. before 1712, England d.1802, Lincoln, Loudoun Co. VA

Nichols, Isaac [203891] d. after 1832

Nichols, Isaiah [163996] d. before 1832

Nichols, Jacob [203857]

Nichols, James [203852] d. before 1832

Nichols, James [203863]

Nichols, Johan [163867] b.1811 d.1897

Nichols, John [163862] b.25_Nov_1782, Loudoun Co. VA

Nichols, John [203850] b. before 1712, England 1767

Nichols, John George [203860]

Nichols, Jonah [203870], Loudoun Co. VA

Nichols, Joseph [203882]

Nichols, Judith [173497] b. 6 Dec 1745 Amesbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts d. after 1789 wife of Peter Hoag

Nichols, Judith [173619] wife of Joshua Purington

Nichols, Kenneth Lee [160634] b.5_May_1931, Ira, Clay Co. WV d.13_Aug_1932

Nichols, Living [160635]

Nichols, Living [160636] wife of Living Young

Nichols, Living [160637] wife of Carl Hilton Lloyd

Nichols, Lousia [203874]

Nichols, Lydia [173618]

Nichols, Lydia [203893]

Nichols, Margery [203890]

Nichols, Maria [163865] wife of James Gardner

Nichols, Mary [203879]

Nichols, Mary Esther [163998] [163998] wife of Solomon Hoge

Nichols, Mary Jane [91300] b.8_May_1954

Nichols, Nancy [163866] wife of William Norris

Nichols, Nancy [203868], Loudoun Co. VA

Nichols, Nathan [173612] b. 1725 Amesbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts

Nichols, Nathan [203864]

Nichols, Nathaniel [170177]

Nichols, Nathaniel [173617] d. Dec 1830

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