Index part 107

Grey, Jake [55499]

de_Grey, Jane [14098] wife of Sir William de Harcourt

Grey, Jefferson [55500]

de_Grey, Joan [14144] wife of Ralph Basset

de_Grey, Joan [14667] wife of Guy le_Breton

de_Grey, Joane [14289] m.1401 wife of Baron d'Eyncourt

de_Grey, John [14087] 5th lord Grey of Codnor

de_Grey, John [14095]

de_Grey, John [14136] 8th lord Grey of Wilton d. before 1506

de_Grey, John [14143] 2nd lord Grey of Wilton d.1323

Grey, John [14161]

de_Grey, John [14167]

Grey, John [14190]

Grey, John [14216] of Pirgo, Essex

Grey, John [14244] 2nd viscount L'Isle d.1512

de_Grey, John [14295]

de_Grey, John [14296] 3rd lord Grey of Rotherfield

de_Grey, Juliane [120852] wife of John Talbot

Grey, Katherine [14235] wife of Henry, lord Herbert wife of Edward Seymour, earl of Hertford

Grey, Katherine [14265] wife of ________ Spencer wife of ________ Slayton

Grey, Lady Jane [14234] "the nine days' queen" named successor by Edward VI, rejected in favor of Mary I b.Oct_1537, Broadgate, Leicestershire, England m.21_May_1553, Durham House, London wife of lord Guildford Dudley d.1

Grey, Leonard [14191] viscount Graney

de_Grey, Lucy [14092] wife of Sir Rowland Lenthall

de_Grey, Margaret [14139] d.1454 wife of John Darcy

Grey, Margaret [14198] wife of Richard Wake of Blisworth

de_Grey, Margaret [14291] wife of Ralph, lord Cromwell of Tatshall

Grey, Mary [14200] wife of Walter, viscount Hereford

Grey, Mary [14217]

Grey, Mary [14236] wife of Martin Keyes

de_Grey, Maud [14297], Rotherfield, Leicestershire, England wife of John de Botetourt wife of Sir Thomas de Harcourt d.30_Jan_1390/91

Grey, Maud [48208] b.1382 m.1411 wife of Sir Robert Ogle d.1451

Grey, Muriel [14247] wife of Henry Stafford, earl of Wiltshire

de_Grey, Nicholas [14101] of Rydale, York

de_Grey, Reginald [14141] 4th lord Grey of Wilton d.1370

de_Grey, Reginald [14145] of Ruthin 1st lord Grey of Wilton d.1308

de_Grey, Reginald [14166] 3rd lord Grey of Ruthyn b.1362 d.1440

de_Grey, Reginald [14168] 2nd lord Grey of Ruthyn b.1333 d.1388

Grey, Reginald [14205] d.1460, Wakefield

Grey, Reginald [14261] 8th lord Grey of Ruthyn 5th earl of Kent d.1573

Grey, Richard [14085] nat. son of Henry de Grey

de_Grey, Richard [14093] knight of the garter 4th lord Grey of Codnor

de_Grey, Richard [14132] 12th lord Grey of Wilton

de_Grey, Richard [14138] 6th lord Grey of Wilton, Wilton, England d.Aug_1442

Grey, Richard [14189]

Grey, Richard [14202] d.1483 (Beheaded)

Grey, Richard [14256] knight of the garter 6th lord Grey of Ruthyn 3rd earl of Kent

de_Grey, Richard [14294]

de_Grey, Robert [14099] of Cherlton-Grey, Somerset

de_Grey, Robert [14109] of Rotherfield

de_Grey, Robert [14293] 5th lord Grey of Rotherfield d.1387

de_Grey, Robert [14301] of Rotherfield d.1295

de_Grey, Roger [14169] lord Grey of Ruthin d.1353

de_Grey, Sir Arthur [14127] knight of the garter 14th lord Grey of Wilton d.1593

de_Grey, Sir Edmund [14135] 9th lord Grey of Wilton d.1511

Grey, Sir Edward [14207] lord Ferrers of Groby 1st lord Grey of Groby

de_Grey, Sir Henry [14102] lord Grey of Codnor, Derby d.____, Aylesford, Kent

de_Grey, Sir Henry [14140] 5th lord Grey of Wilton d.22_Aug_1396

Grey, Sir Henry [14262] 9th lord Grey of Ruthyn 6th earl of Kent d.1615

Grey, Sir Henry [14266] of Wrest, Bedford 7th lord Grey of Ruthyn 4th earl of Kent d.1562

de_Grey, Sir Henry [47627] earl of Tankerville d.13_Jan_1449

de_Grey, Sir John [14097] knight of the garter 3rd lord Grey of Codnor b.1305 d.1392, Aylesford, Kent

de_Grey, Sir John [14103] of Codnor, Derby d.1272

de_Grey, Sir John [14107] justice of Chester d.1265

Grey, Sir John [14165] d.27_Aug_1439

Grey, Sir John [14203] 2nd lord Grey of Groby b.1435 d.17_Feb_1461

de_Grey, Sir John [14299] knight of the Garter 2nd lord Grey of Rotherfield b.9_Oct_1300, Rotherfield d.1_Sep_1359

de_Grey, Sir John [14300] 1st lord Grey of Rotherfield d.17_Oct_1311, Rotherfield

de_Grey, Sir Reginald [14137] 7th lord Grey of Wilton d.1495

de_Grey, Sir Richard [14100] 2nd lord Grey of Codnor b.1281 d.1334

de_Grey, Sir Richard [14106] of Codnor, Derby warden of the Cinque Ports constable of Dover Castle

Grey, Sir Thomas [14201] knight of the garter earl of Huntingdon marquess of Dorset d.1501

Grey, Sir Thomas [48210] of Heaton Northumberland b.1384 d.1415, North_Gate, Southampton, Hampshire

de_Grey, Sir William [14133] knight of the garter 13th lord Grey of Wilton d.1562

Grey, Susan [14281] wife of Sir Michael Longueville

Grey, Thelma Liza [28570] b.11_Dec_1908 wife of Clifford Allen Brown d.9_Sep_1991

de_Grey, Thomas [14131] 11th lord Grey of Wilton

de_Grey, Thomas [14176] 16th lord Grey of Wilton

Grey, Thomas [14188] 2nd marquess of Dorset d.1530

Grey, Thomas [14215] d.1554 (beheaded)

de_Grey, Thomas [14666]

de_Grey, Walter [14110] archbishop of York

de_Grey, Walter [14302] of Rotherfield

de_Grey, William [14089] bishop of Ely d.1478

de_Grey, William [14108] of Landford, Notts. and Sandiacre, Derby

de_Grey, William [14128]

de_Grey, William [14177] d.1605

de_Grey, William [14182] of Wilton

Grey, William [55496] d. before 1887, NY

Greystock, Anne [38554] wife of Thomas Ashton

de_Greystock, Thomas [54220] d.1381

de_Greystock, William [54219] 4th lord Greystoke

of_Greystoke, Alice [13958] wife of Henry Fitz Hervey

de_Greystoke, Alice [5400] wife of Edgar of Dunbar

Greystoke, Elizabeth [139380] b. before 1478 wife of Thomas Dacre, 2nd baron Dacre of Gillesland

de_Greystoke, Joan [54267] wife of John, 7th lord Darcy

de_Greystoke, John [54264] baron de_Greystoke b. before 1389 d.8_Aug_1436

de_Greystoke, Maud [54263] wife of Eudo de Welles

de_Greystoke, Ralph [54265] lord Greystoke b.18_Oct_1353 d.Apr_1418

Gridley, Elizabeth Ely [53224] [53224], Clinton NY m.1843, Clinton NY wife of George S. Butler d. after 1912

Grier, Henry [5313] d. after 1652

Grier, James [5310] b.1604 d.1666

Grierson, Gilbert [5296]

Grierson, John [5304] d.1566

Grierson, Roger [5299] of Lag d.1488

Grierson, Roger [5307] of Lag d.1593

Grierson, Vedast [5295]

Grierson, William [5309] of Lag and Rockfall d.1629

Griest, Ellwood [168625]

Griest, Frank [168621] b.1854 d.1900

Griest, George [168629]

Griest, Rebecca [168630]

Griest, Unknown [168620] d. an Infant

Griest, Virginia P. [168624] d. before 1955 wife of John G. Bowman

Griest, William W. [168622] d.1929

Griffin, ________ [71748]

Griffin, ________ [71749]

Griffin, ________ [71750]

Griffin, Amanda K. [201999] wife of Michael W. Berg

Griffin, Ann Chiswell [143128] [143128] wife of John Lewis

Griffin, Archibald Hilary [204315] [204315] b.1843, Perry Co. AL d.4_Jul_1914

Griffin, Belinda Joyce [82364] [82364] b.16_May_1952

Griffin, Berry King [204308] b.1827, Perry Co. AL, Alabama

Griffin, B. Jackson [204311] b.1834, Perry Co. AL d.19_Nov_1905, Alabama

Griffin, Catherine [29032] m.1680 wife of William Fauntleroy

Griffin, Catherine [82896] d. before 1517 wife of John de_Digby

Griffin, Cyrus [202590]

Griffin, David Allen [82365] b.27_Nov_1954

Griffin,, Dr. Corbin [145395]

Griffin, Elizabeth [129235] b. after 1773 m.1794 wife of Joseph Chinn

Griffin, Elizabeth [143245] b.1735, Williamsburg VA m.10_Apr_1755, Williamsburg VA wife of Richard Adams d.23_Dec_1800, Essex Co. VA

Griffin, Frederick Alva [179778] [179778] b.18_Jul_1877, Sumter Co. GA

Griffin, George W. [204316] b.1847, Perry Co. AL

Griffin, Hardy M. [204310] b.1831, Perry Co. AL

Griffin, Hester J. [76565] b. 24_Aug_1937 Haywood Co,Nc

Griffin, Ida Rosalee [179779] b.1879, Sumter Co. GA

Griffin, Isiah [204314] b.1842, Perry Co. AL

Griffin, Jessie Irene [179775] [179775], Sumter Co. GA

Griffin, John Augustin [204312] [204312] b.1839, Perry Co, AL

Griffin, Katlyn S. [202000]

Griffin, Lindsey Green [204307] [204307] b.12_Feb_1826, Perry Co. AL, Tuscoolosa AL

Griffin, Lucinda [204309] b.1825, North Carolina m.16_Apr_1844, Perry Co. AL wife of Charles H. Bamburg d.Apr_1880, Red River Parish LA

Griffin, Mary [24447] wife of Thomas Griffin

Griffin, Mary [82362] b.7_Jun_1940 m.16_Jun_1957 wife of Reuben Van Ammons

Griffin, Mary Berkeley [24452] [24452] wife of William Waller

Griffin, Mary Louise [24448] wife of Stephen O. Wright

Griffin, Mary N. [179780]

Griffin, Monroe Evert [179781] [179781]

Griffin, Phyllis Ruth [6915] b.11_Sep_1921, Salt Lake City, Utah m.4_May_1950, Chico, CA wife of Orville H. Wood

Griffin, Robert Lewis [82363] b.1945 d.1945

Griffin, Samuel Stuart [24446] [24446]

Griffin, Sarah Ann [204306] b.1825, Perry Co. AL

Griffin, Thomas Bertrand [202591] [202591]

Griffin, Un-Named Dau [76567] b. 13_Sep_1940 Haywood Co,Nc

Griffin, William [202592]

Griffin, William J. [204313] b.1841, Perry Co. AL

Griffin, William Rufus [76566] [76566] b. 28_Feb_1939 Haywood Co,Nc

Griffin, William Spivey [179777] [179777], Sumter Co. GA

Griffing, Elizabeth [117753] wife of Martin Bates

Griffing, Jasper [117757] b.1722, CT

Griffing, John [117755]

Griffing, Robert [117756]

Griffing, Samuel [117752]

Griffing, William [117754] b.1715

Griffith, Alice [44020] wife of Piers Coytmore

Griffith, Amos [17266] b.1798 d.1871

Griffith, Benjamin [126162] b.21_Feb_1747/48, Killingworth CT d.28_Sep_1794, Clinton CT

ap_Griffith, Catharine [80240] [80240] b.1280 wife of Philip ap Ivor

Griffith, Catherine [127958]

Griffith, Charles [127951] b.20_Jan_1693 d.6_Oct_1771, Anne Arundel Co. MD

Griffith, Dorothy [44016] wife of William WIlliams

Griffith, Elizabeth Fairfax [129755] [129755]

Griffith, Elizabeth Price [17265] [17265] b.1827 wife of Joshua V. Milhous d.1923

Griffith, Joan [35045] b. Stockford, Lincolnshire wife of Sir Lionel Dymoke

ap_Griffith, John [47644]

Griffith, Living [216345] wife of James S. Pendarvis

ap_Griffith, Llewelynn [80241] [80241] of North Wales

Griffith, Lydia [32476] b.Mar_1770 m.29_Dec_1791, Newark NJ wife of Dr. Abraham Clark d.19_Aug_1861

Griffith, Sarah Ann Isabelle [157967] [157967] b.6_Feb_1832, Henderson Co. IL d.22_Jan_1916, Brownsville, Linn Co. Oregon

Griffith, Sibill [44017] wife of Owen ap_Hugh

Griffith, Sir William [44019] of Penrhyn Castle, Carnarvon chamberlain of North Wales high sheriff of Carnarvon b. before 1512, Penrhyn Castle, Carnarvon, North Wales

Griffith, Thomas [126163]

Griffith, William [126164] b.20_Mar_1753, Killingworth CT

Griffith, William [127952] b.15_Apr_1697, Anne Arundel Co. MD

Griffiths, Leslie John [219456] [219456] b.8_Oct_1903, Kings Norton, Warwickshire, England d.1988, Warwickshire, England

Griffiths, Lydia Ann [92501]

Griggs, Elizabeth [133575] b.9_Feb_1674, Charles Parish, York Co. VA wife of James Moore

Griggs, John [133573] b.8_Apr_1652, Charles Parish, York Co. VA d.9_Dec_1678, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Griggs, Lydia Jane [18982] m.5_Oct_1863 wife of Robert S. Tracy

Grigsby, Donald Wayne [164295] [164295] b.24_Aug_1960, Marlow, Stephens Co. OK d.30_Jan_1989, McClain OK

Grigsby, Earl [183539] b. ABT. 1890 Illinois

Grigsby, Guy [183538] b. ABT. 1888 Illinois

Grigsby, Living [164291] wife of Living Hayes

Grigsby, Living [164292]

Grigsby, Living [164293] wife of Living Ritter

Grigsby, Living [164294]

Grigsby, Living [164301]

Grigsby, Living [164306]

Grigsby, Living [164307]

Grigsby, Living [164308]

Grigsby, Nancy [21104] wife of Nicholas Combs

Grigsby, Rolle [183540] b. ABT. 1892 Illinois

Grimaldi, Albert I [87802] duke of Valentinois prince of Monoco b.1848 d.26_Jun_1922

Grimaldi, Albert II [87797] prince of Monaco, 2005- b.14_Mar_1958

Grimaldi, Anne Hppolite [137855] [137855] b.1667 d.1700

Grimaldi, Antoine I [137854] prince of Monaco b.1661 d.1731

Grimaldi, Charles [137847] count of Matignon b.1722 d.1749

Grimaldi, Charles III [137834] [137834] prince of Monaco b.1818 d.1889

Grimaldi, Charles Maurice [137849] [137849] count of Valentinois b.1727 d.1790

Grimaldi, Florestan I [137839] [137839] prince of Monaco b.1785 d.1856

Grimaldi, Florestine [137835] princess of Monaco b.22_Oct_1833 d.4_Apr_1897

Grimaldi, Frandis Charles [137848] [137848] count of Torigny b.1726 d.1743

Grimaldi, Hercules [137861] prince of Monaco b.1623 d.1651

Grimaldi, Hercules I [137863] prince of Monaco d.1604

Grimaldi, Honore [137856] b.1669 d.1748

Grimaldi, Honore II [137862] prince of Monaco d.1662

Grimaldi, Honore III [137846] prince of Monaco b.1720 d.1795

Grimaldi, Honore IV [137842] prince of Monaco b.1758 d.1819

Grimaldi, Honore V [137838] prince of Monaco b.1778 d.1841

Grimaldi, Joan Marie [137858] b.1644 d.1694

Grimaldi, Joseph [137843] b.10_Sep_1763 d.28_Jun_1816

Grimaldi, Louise Hyppolite [137851] [137851] m.1715 wife of James I de_Goyon de_Matignon, prince of Monaco

Grimaldi, Louis I [137857] prince of Monaco b.1642 d.1701

Grimaldi, Louis II [87801] prince of Monaco b.12_Jul_1870 d.9_May_1949

Grimaldi, Marie Hyppolita [137860] [137860] b,1651 2.1724

Grimaldi, Marie Therese [137859] [137859] b.1646

Grimaldi, Princess Antoinette [137879] [137879] baroness de_Massey b.20_Dec_1920, Paris, France m.1951 wife of Aleco Nogue divorced, 1954 m.1961 wife of Jean Rey divorced, 1973 m.1983 wife of John Gilpin

Grimaldi, Princess Caroline [87796] [87796] b.23_Jan_1957 m.28_Jun_1978, Monaco wife of Philippe Junot divorced, 9_Oct_1980, Italy m.29_Dec_1983, Monaco wife of Stefano Casiraghi m.23_Jan_1999 wife of Ernst August Hanover

Grimaldi, Princess Charlotte [137875] [137875] duchess of Valentois b.30_Sep_1898, Constantine, Algeria m.10_Mar_1920 wife of Pierre Grimaldi separated 20_Mar_1930 divorced 18_Feb_1933 d.15_Nov_1977, Paris, France

Grimaldi, Princess Stephanie [137872] [137872] b.1_Feb_1965, Monaco m.1_Jul_1995, Monaco wife of Daniel Ducruet divorced, 4_Sep_1996, Monaco

Grimaldi, Rainier_III [87798] prince of Monaco, 1949-2005 b.31_May_1923, Algeria d.6_Apr_2005, Monaco

Grimes, Living [173523]

Grimes, Living [173565]

Grimm, Kenneth Virgil [50420] b.15_Aug_1939, Millersburg IA

Grimm, Larry Ellis [50421] b.13_Dec_1939, Millersburg IA

Grimm, LaVerne Russell [50417] [50417] b.22_Jun_1925, Millersburg IA

Grimm, Leroy Keith [50419] b.24_Aug_1933, Millersburg IA

Grimm, Marvin Lee [50422] b.25_Aug_1944, Millersburg IA

Grimm, Phyllis Maxine [50418] b.6_Jul_1925, Millersburg IA wife of Lavaughn Wright

Grimstead, Anna M. [224406] b.20_Apr_1870, Virginia d.Mar_1870, Mathews, Mathews Co. VA

Grimstead, Harriett Susan [224401] [224401] b.19_Feb_1858, Mathews, Mathews Co. VA

Grimstead, Herbert Franklin [224405] [224405] b.10_Jan_1869, Mathews Co. VA d.20_Jan_1943, Riverdale, Prince Georges Co. MD

Grimstead, Ida Virginia [224400] [224400] b.24_May_1854, Richmond VA m.23_Mar_1871, Mathews Co. VA wife of Noah T. Sterling Sr. d.15_Dec_1927, West Franklin, Baltimore Co. MD

Grimstead, John B. [224404] b.1867, Norfolk VA

Grimstead, Lucy J. [224402] b.Jul_1860, Mathews Co. VA d.7_Feb_1920, Mathews Co. VA

Grimstead, Walter Linus [224407] [224407] b.Dec_1870, Mathews Co. VA d.10_Jul_1922, Mathews Co. VA

Grimstead, William James [224403] [224403] b.Jul_1863, Mathews Co. VA d.14_Mar_1935, Soles, Mathews Co. VA

Grindal, ________ [10665] wife of John Hooker

Grindal, Edmund [10666]

Grinels, John [195900]

Grinels, Marion [195902]

Grinels, Sam [195901]

Grinnan, Daniel [30467]

Grinnell, ________ [146797] wife of George Englebert

Grinnell, ________ [146798] wife of Stanley Callis

Grinnell, ________ [146799] wife of C. W. Patrick

Grinnell, Anne [122026]

Grinnell, Barber [121989]

Grinnell, Bathsheba [146784] b.1836, Mathews Co. VA d. Baltimore MD

Grinnell, Carl Edward [146796] [146796] b.1903 d.7_Dec_1964, Richmond VA

Grinnell, Charlotte Ann [194701] [194701] wife of James F. Hudgins wife of M. Burnsides

Grinnell, Daisy D. [146792] m.13_Sep_1900, Mathews Co. VA wife of Alexander R. Hudgins

Grinnell, Daniel [121077] b.11_Jan_1707/08, Westbrook CT d. before Nov_1726

Grinnell, Daniel [121985] b.18_Feb_1717/18, Saybrook CT d.7_May_1727

Grinnell, Daniel [122024]

Grinnell, Donald [194702]

Grinnell, Edward Martin [146794] [146794] b.1870 d.1939

Grinnell, Elias Holder [146788] [146788] b.17_Feb_1852, Mathews Co. VA d.30_Jun_1936, Peary, Mathews Co. VA

Grinnell, Elizabeth [121069], Little Compton RI m.15_Mar_1709/10, Killingworth CT wife of John Stevens d.20_Jan_1747/48, Killingworth CT

Grinnell, Elizabeth [121995]

Grinnell, Elizabeth [146785] b.5_May_1839, Mathews Co. VA d.16_Jul_1925

Grinnell, George [121075] b.12_Apr_1702, Little Compton RI d.11_Dec_1759, Saybrook CT

Grinnell, Hannah [121990]

Grinnell, Hannah [125092] b. Little Compton RI m.15_Apr_1794, Little Compton RI wife of Benjamin Head

Grinnell, Isaac [125089] b.23_Aug_1768, Little Compton RI

Grinnell, Jasper [121988]

Grinnell, Jemima [121076] b.26_Jan_1704/05, Westbrook CT m.4_Mar_1723/24, Saybrook CT wife of Abraham Chalker d.3_Feb_1762, Saybrook CT

Grinnell, Jemima [121998]

Grinnell, John [121999], Saybrook CT d. before 18_Feb_1788, Salisbury CT

Grinnell, John B. [146786] b.1842, Mathews Co. VA

Grinnell, Jonathan [121996]

Grinnell, Joseph [125090] b.22_Jul_1770, Little Compton RI

Grinnell, Keziah [125091] b. Little Compton RI m.18_Aug_1799, Little Compton RI wife of Samuel Snell

Grinnell, Leon [194681]

Grinnell, Living [146801]

Grinnell, Living [147205]

Grinnell, Lucy [122030]

Grinnell, Lydia [121072], Little Compton RI m.25_Sep_1712, Saybrook CT wife of Joseph Clark d. before Nov_1726, Saybrook CT

Grinnell, Lydia [121987]

Grinnell, Lydia [122029]

Grinnell, Malachi [153911] b.22_Jan_1737, Little Compton RI d.Aug_1780, NY, on a Prison Ship

Grinnell, Mary [121068], Little Compton RI m.12_Dec_1703, Saybrook CT wife of Robert Lay d.9_Jun_1755, Westbrook CT

Grinnell, Mary [122025]

Grinnell, Mary [125093] b.7_Jun_1779, Little Compton RI d.25_Dec_1797, Little Compton RI

Grinnell, Mercy [125087]

Grinnell, Owen [125088]

Grinnell, Pabody [121992]

Grinnell, Paybody [121071], Little Compton RI d.5_Aug_1767, Saybrook CT

Grinnell, Phebe [122027]

Grinnell, Priscilla [121070], Little Compton RI m.24_Dec_1706, Killingworth CT wife of Theophilus Redfield d.11_Jan_1770, Killingworth CT

Grinnell, Rebecca [121073], Little Compton RI m.Nov_1726 wife of John Doud m.13_Feb_1740/41, Killingworth CT wife of Gideon Wellman d. after 6_Oct_1762, Killingworth CT

Grinnell, Rebecca [122028]

Grinnell, Ruth [121078]

Grinnell, Ruth [121986]

Grinnell, Samuel [121993] b.14_Feb_1735/36, Saybrook CY d. before 14_Mar_1760

Grinnell, Sarah [121074], Little Compton RI m.29_Apr_1717, Saybrook CT wife of John Brooker m.27_Nov_1740, Westbrook CT wife of John Pike m.19_Jun_1754, Killingworth CT wife of Joseph Nettleton

Grinnell, Sarah [121994]

Grinnell, Sylvester [121997] b.16_Mar_1744/45, Saybrook CT d. before 14_Mar_1760

Grinnell, Temperence [122031]

Grinnell, Warren [146795] b.1890 d.1970, Mathews Co. VA

Grinnell, William [122023]

Grinnell, William Concentine [193104] [193104] b.1874, Mathews Co. VA d.28_Apr_1942, Mathews Co. VA

Grinnell, William T. [146787] b.Oct_1847, Mathews Co. VA d.20_Apr_1915

Griscom, Clement A. [47976]

Griscom, Clement Acton [47943] [47943]

Griscom, Francis C. [47979]

Griscom, Helen Biddle [47980] b.9_Oct_1866 m.20_Jun_1889 wife of Samuel Bettle

Griscom, Lloyd C. [47978]

Griscom, Rodman E. [47977]

Griswold, Abigail [119286], Wethersfield CT m.19_Mar_1716/17, Hartford CT wife of Thomas Francis d. before 1752, Newington CT

Griswold, Abigail [14918] b.21_May_1727 wife of Noah Griswold

Griswold, Anna [115416] b.12_Sep_1762, CT

Griswold, Anna [14664] b.31_Mar_1753, Lyme CT d.1762, Lyme CT

Griswold, Augustus Henry [14634] [14634] b.27_Oct_1789, Lyme CT

Griswold, Candice [14617] b.4_Apr_1764, Lyme CT

Griswold,, Capt. Matthew [14587] [14587] b.25_Mar_1714, Lyme CT d.28_Apr_1799. Lyme CT

Griswold,, Capt. Samuel [14544] [14544] b.16_Sep_1665, Norwich CT d.9_Dec_1740

Griswold, Charles Chandler [14635] [14635] b.8_Feb_1791, Lyme CT

Griswold, Charles Chandlor [14650] [14650] b.9_Nov_1787, Lyme CT

Griswold, Clarine [14594] b.9_Feb_1732/33, Lyme CT

Griswold, Clarissa [5887] m.1754 wife of Nathan Eliot

Griswold, Clerine [14593] b.30_May_1731, Lyme CT d.9_Apr_1732, Lyme CT

Griswold, Daniel [14574] d.2_Apr_1756

Griswold, Daniel [14578] b.15_Mar_1780 d.12_Jan_1870

Griswold, Deborah [14547] b.28_Jun_1646 m.Nov_1662 wife of Samuel Buell d.7_Feb_1719

Griswold, Deborah [14595] b.1_Mar_1734/35, Lyme CT

Griswold, Diodate Johnson [14644] [14644] b.16_Dec_1773, Lyme CT

Griswold, Edward [14529] of Windsor CT b.1607, England d.1691, Killingworth CT

Griswold, Electa [14938] b.1797 m.16_Nov_1826 wife of James Bidwell d.1871

Griswold, Elisabeth [14616] b.18_Feb_1762, Lyme CT

Griswold, Elisabeth [14646] b.15_Oct_1778, Lyme CT

Griswold, Elizabeth [14602] b.19_Nov_1685, Lyme CT

Griswold, Elizabeth [14610] b.16_Jul_1728, Lyme CT

Griswold, Elizabeth [82875] b.16_Jul_1729 m.1747 wife of John Raymond d.16_Jan_1779

Griswold, Eliza Woodbridge [14639] [14639] b.7_Apr_1799, Lyme CT

Griswold, Eunice [14618] b.31_Mar_1766, Lyme CT

Griswold, Frances Ann [14637] b.15_Jan_1795, Lyme CT

Griswold, Francis [128161] b.9_Sep_1691, Norwich CT d.10_Apr_1760, Norwich CT

Griswold, Francis [14546], Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England d.Oct_1671, Norwich CT

Griswold, Frederick [14936] b.1767 d.1829

Griswold, George [14609] b.19_Sep_1726

Griswold, George [14623] b.6_Mar_1777, Lyme CT

Griswold, Hannah [14590] b.10_Jan_1723/24, Lyme CT

Griswold, Hannah [14627] b.22_May_1746, Lyme CT d.15_Dec_1755, Lyme CT

Griswold, Hannah Lyde [14615] b.16_Apr_1760, Lyme CT

Griswold, Henry Bartlett [14564] [14564] b.25_Nov_1824 d.8_Jan_1916

Griswold, Henry Wilcox [14566] [14566] b.21_Feb_1850

Griswold, Hezekiah [14572] b.16_Oct_1697

Griswold, Jacob [119462], Wethersfield CT

Griswold, Jacob [14551] b.5_Feb_1676

Griswold, James [115428] b.21_Aug_1784, CT

Griswold, Jean [14620] b.20_Nov_1770, Lyme CT

Griswold, Joel [14561] b.6_Dec_1764 d.19_Jul_1835

Griswold, Joel [14562] b.27_Feb_1796 d.29_Aug_1879

Griswold, John [115419] b.29_Nov_1766, CT d.16_Sep_1775, CT

Griswold, John [115426] b.9_Apr_1779, CT

Griswold, John [14596] b.15_May_1739, Lyme CT d.4_Jan_1742, Lyme CT

Griswold, John [14605] b.22_Dec_1690, Lyme CT d.22_Sep_1746, Lyme CT

Griswold, John [14629] b.20_Feb_1752, Lyme CT d.1812

Griswold, John [14648] b.14_Aug_1783, Lyme CT

Griswold, Justus [115420] b.26_Apr_1768, CT

Griswold,, Lieut. Matthew [14531] [14531] b.1620, Kennilworth, Warwickshire, England d.21_Sep_1698, Windsor CT

Griswold,, Lieut. Selah [14576] [14576] b.6_Jan_1754 d.6_Jan_1835

Griswold, Lous [14661] b.1_Sep_1747, Lyme CT m.14_Nov_1765, Lyme CT wife of Samuel Mather d.17_Nov_1804, Lyme CT

Griswold, Lovice [14663] b.25_Jul_1751, Lyme CT

Griswold, Luce [14591] b.6_Jul_1726, Lyme CT

Griswold, Lucretia [14611] b.26_Mar_1730, Lyme CT

Griswold, Lucy [115418] b.20_Apr_1765, CT d.17_Oct_1774, CT

Griswold, Lucy [115425] b.11_Apr_1777, CT

Griswold, Lucy [14660] b.7_Oct_1745, Lyme CT

Griswold, Lydia [115422] b.8_Oct_1771, CT

Griswold, Mabel [115429] b.26_Feb_1786, CT

Griswold, Margaret [117974] m.16_Dec_1691, Saybrook CT wife of Thomas Buckingham

Griswold, Margrett [119134] b.1677, Saybrook CT m.6_Dec_1693, Saybrook CT wife of Samuell Chapman d.21_Feb_1749/50, Saybrook CT

Griswold, Marian [14640] b.4_Jan_1802, Lyme CT

Griswold, Marianna [14628] b.17_Apr_1750, Lyme CT

Griswold, Mary [115417] b.18_Mar_1764, CT

Griswold, Mary [14607] b.22_Apr_1694, Lyme CT

Griswold, Mary [3376] m.28_Mar_1739 wife of Elihu Chauncy

Griswold, Mary Ann [14649] b.25_Feb_1786, Lyme CT

Griswold, Matthew [14586] d.13_Jan_1715/16, Lyme CT

Griswold, Matthew [14604] b.15_Sep_1688, Lyme CT

Griswold, Matthew [14614] b.10_Jan_1759, Lyme CT d.10_Feb_1759, Lyme CT

Griswold, Matthew [14619] b.7_Jun_1768, Lyme CT

Griswold, Matthew [14631] b.17_Apr_1760, Lyme CT

Griswold, Matthew [14636] b.13_Sep_1792, Lyme CT

Griswold, Michael [14530] of Wethersfield CT, England d.26_Sep_1684, Wethersfield CT

Griswold, Nancy [115430] b.10_Sep_1788, CT

Griswold, Nathel Lynde [14621] [14621] b.19_Jan_1773, Lyme CT

Griswold, Noah [14920] b.1746 d.1785

Griswold, Ozias [115423] b.7_Aug_1773, CT

Griswold, Phebe [14588] b.22_Apr_1716, Lyme CT

Griswold, Phebe [14601] b.15_Aug_1684, Lyme CT

Griswold, Pheby [14659] b.18_Aug_1743, Lyme CT

Griswold,, Rev. George [14606] b.13_Aug_1692, Lyme CT d.14_Oct_1761 East Lyme CT

Griswold,, Rev. Silvanus [14612] [14612] b.3_Feb_1732/33, Lyme CT d.4_Dec_1819, West Springfield MA

Griswold, Roger [14632] b.21_May_1762, Lyme CT

Griswold, Roger Woolcott [14638] [14638] b.15_Mar_1797, Lyme CT

Griswold, Ruth Lee [14568] b.5_May_1889, Guilford CT m.7_Sep_1927 wife of Samuel A. Griswold

Griswold, Samuel [115421] b.26_Jan_1770, CT

Griswold, Samuel [14580] b.21_Aug_1821 d.13_Apr_1906

Griswold, Samuel Ames [14569] b.17_Mar_1867

Griswold, Sarah [115427] b.29_Mar_1781, CT d.9_Jul_1800, CT

Griswold, Sarah [119133] b.28_Mar_1653, Saybrook CT m.17_Jun_1671, Saybrook CT wife of Robert Chapman d.7_Apr_1692, Saybrook CT

Griswold, Sarah [14585] b.25_Sep_1657, Lyme CT m.11_Sep_1671, Lyme CT wife of Capt. Thomas Colton d.12_Sep_1690, Longmeadow MA

Griswold, Sarah [14592] b.2_Dec_1728, Lyme CT m.1_Nov_1750, Lyme CT wife of William Hillhouse d.10_Mar_1777, Montville CT bu. Montville CT

Griswold, Sarah [14603] b.19_Mar_1687, Lyme CT

Griswold, Sarah [14647] b.12_Aug_1781, Lyme CT

Griswold, Sarah [14662] b.26_Aug_1749, Lyme CT

Griswold, Sophia [39173] b.12_May_1789, Hartford, NY m.4_Nov_1807, Hartford, NY wife of William H. Gammet

Griswold, Thomas [115424] b.11_Jul_1775, CT

Griswold, Thomas [14549] b.26_Mar_1708 d.11_Jan_1784

Griswold, Thomas [14550] b.11_Jan_1674, Wethersfield CT d.17_Oct_1724

Griswold, Thomas [14552] b.22_Oct_1646, Wethersfield CT d.29_Oct_1718

Griswold, Thomas [14560] b.1_Sep_1737, Guilford CT d.7_Jan_1821

Griswold, Thomas [14589] b.15_Feb_1718/1,9 Lyme CT d.Aug_1770, Lyme CT

Griswold, Thomas [14624] b.21_Mar_1779, Lyme CT

Griswold, Ursula [14622] b.20_Jan_1775, Lyme CT

Griswold, Ursula [14626] b.18_Nov_1744, Lyme CT d.1744-1755, Lyme CT

Griswold, Ursula [14630] b.13_Apr_1754, Lyme CT m.20_Nov_1777, Lyme CT wife of Lynde McCurdy

Griswold, Ursula Woolcot [14645] [14645] b.2_Dec_1775, Lyme CT m.10_Sep_1794, Lyme CT wife of Richard McCurdy d.1811

Griswold, William [14641] b.22_Mar_1804, Lyme CT

Griswold, William McCrillis [152735] [152735] b.9_Oct_1853, Bangor ME d.3_Aug_1899

de_Grivegnee, ________ [9778]

de_Grivegnee, ________ [9779] wife of William Kirkpatrick

Grizzell, Elizabeth [191877] b. 1632 d. 1700 m. ABT. 1650 Rappahannock Co., VA wife of Robert Coleman

Groce, Daniel [202069]

Groesbeck, Julia [6943] m.1_Jun_1876 wife of Robert Ludlow Fowler

(Groesbeck), Elizabeth Burnet G. Fowler [6949] (Groesbeck) [6949]

Groetsema, Anna Sena [156053] b.4_Aug_1891, Kalamazoo MI wife of Horace J. Pulsepher

Groetsema, Klaas Ralph [156047] [156047] b.20_Aug_1867, Roodeschool, Groningen, Netherlands

Groo, Vilate Whitney [104319] wife of William A. Taylor

Grooms, Living [185900]

Grooms, Living [185901]

Groshong, Emma Xeriffa [39533] [39533] b.3_Mar_1849, Ashtabula Co., O m.10_Jun_1868, Iowa wife of Levi Gamet d.22_Sep_1904, Inman, NE

Grosse, Anne le [3836] wife of Nathaniel Bacon

de_Grosser, Conrad [101115] d.5_Feb_1157, Petersburg monastery, Halle

Grosvenor, Arthur Hugh [12824] [12824] b.31_May_1860 d.29_Apr_1929

Grosvenor, Barbara [12894] b.17_Aug_1901 m.15_Jan_1929 wife of John A. A. Rous

Grosvenor, Beatrice Constance [12823] [12823] m.4_Oct_1910 wife of John A. Moncreiffe m.13_Nov_1877 wife of Charles C. William d.12_Jan_1911

Grosvenor, Beatrice E. K. (Elizabeth Katherine) [12901] b.06_Nov_1915 m.03_Jun_1944 wife of Richard D. Girouard

Grosvenor, Catherine [43536] wife of ________ Nash

Grosvenor, Constance Isolde [12893] [12893] b.12_Jan_1900 m.02_Jun_1930 wife of William R. James

Grosvenor, Constance Sibell [12836] [12836] b.22_Aug_1875 m.15_Jul_1899 wife of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 9th earl of Shaftesbury d.08_Jul_1957

Grosvenor, Dorothy A. M. A. (Alice Margaret Augusta) [12847] b.22_Aug_1890 m.15_Apr_1909 wife of Albert E. H. Mayer m.16_Mar_1920 wife of Robert B. Brassey m.23_May_1929 wife of Chetwode C. Hamilton m.07_Feb_1938 wife of

Grosvenor, Edward Arthur [12844] [12844] b.27_Oct_1892 d.26_Aug_1929

Grosvenor, Edward George Hugh [12851] [12851] earl Grosvenor b.16_Nov_1904 d.13_Feb_1909

Grosvenor, Edwina [12793]

Grosvenor, Elizabeth [43533] b.1515 wife of Thomas Bulkeley

Grosvenor, Elizabeth Harriet [12822] [12822] m.2_Feb_1876 wife of ________ Butler, marquess of Ormonde d.25_Mar_1928

Grosvenor, Geoffrey [43535]

Grosvenor, Gerald Cavendish [12815] [12815] 6th duke of Westminster b.22_Dec_1951, London

Grosvenor, Gerald Hugh [12832] [12832] 4th duke of Westminster b.13_Feb_1907 d.25_Feb_1967

Grosvenor, Gerald Richard [12828] [12828] b.14_Jul_1874 d.10_Oct_1940

Grosvenor, Helen Frances [12843] [12843] b.05_Feb_1888 m.10_Nov_1915 wife of Henry C. Seymour

Grosvenor, Henry [43540]

Grosvenor, Henry George [12825] [12825] b.23_Jun_1861 d.27_Dec_1914

Grosvenor, Hugh Frederick [12904] [12904] b.19_Oct_1927 d.09_Apr_1947

Grosvenor, Hugh Richard Arthur [12838] [12838] 2nd duke of Westminster b.19_Mar_1879 d.19_Jul_1953, Witley

Grosvenor, Hugh Richard Louis [12794] [12794] earl Grosvenor b.29_Jan_1991

Grosvenor, Hugh William [12842] [12842] b.06_Apr_1884 d.30_Oct_1914

Grosvenor, Jane Meriel [12816] [12816] b.08_Feb_1953 wife of Guy D. Innes-Ker, 10th duke of Roxburghe

Grosvenor, Leonora Mary [12814] [12814] b.01_Feb_1949 wife of Thomas P. J. Anson

Grosvenor, Margaret Evelyn [12827] [12827] m.12_Dec_1894 wife of Adolphus C. Alexander d.27_Mar_1929

Grosvenor, Margary [43538]

Grosvenor, Mary Cavendish [12841] [12841] b.12_May_1883 m.10_Jun_1903 wife of Henry W. Crichton m.18_Apr_1918 wife of Algernon F. Stanley d.14_Jan_1959

Grosvenor, Mary Constance [12852] [12852] b.27_Jun_1910

Grosvenor, Millicent Constance [12846] [12846] b.14_Jan_1889 d.24_Aug_1944

Grosvenor, Randall [43539]

Grosvenor, Randall [43541] of Bellaport, Shropshire b.1482 d.1560

Grosvenor, Robert [43537]

Grosvenor, Robert Arthur [12892] [12892] b.25_May_1895 d.12_Jun_1953

Grosvenor, Robert Edward [12826] [12826] b.19_Mar_1869 d.16_Jun_1888, Constantinople

Grosvenor, Robert George [12833] [12833] 5th duke of Westminster b.24_Apr_1910

Grosvenor, Robina Jill [12905] [12905] b.28_Aug_1930 m.19_Sep_1951 wife of Michael Philip wife of Ronald Mills

Grosvenor, Rosemary Helen [12902] [12902] b.04_Mar_1918 m.23_Jul_1945 wife of George W. f. Dawney d.19_Sep_1969

Grosvenor, Tamara [12792]

Grosvenor, Thomas [43534]

Grosvenor, Ursula Mary Olivia [12850] [12850] b.21_Feb_1902

Grosvenor, Victor Alexander [12821] [12821] earl Grosvenor b.28_Apr_1853 d.22_Jan_1884

Grosvenor, William [12848] 3rd duke of Westminster b.23_Dec_1894 d.22_Feb_1963

Grosverneur, Maria C. [44072] m.27_Dec_1831 wife of Thomas Cadwalader

Groth, John [147405]

Grout, John Jr. [56235]

Grout, Phoebe [56234] wife of Jacob Winn III

Grover, Julie [51943] b.9_Aug_1963

Grover, Kevin Paul [106014]

Grover, Leslie Dawn [106015]

Grover, Sarah Grace [40035] b.12_Dec_1889, Syracuse, NY m.1_May_1936 wife of Grover C. Harbaugh

Grover), J. G. Cleveland Watkins (John [132225] (John Grover) [132225] farmer, 1920, 1930 b.Oct_1884, Virginia b.1_Oct_1884, Poquoson VA d.8_Aug_1937

Groves, Anthony [43723]

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