Index part 33

Brownell, George [60113] b.27_Apr_1739, Little Compton RI

Brownell, George [60121] b.21_Jun_1711, Little Compton RI d.30_Jun_1800, Dartmouth MA

Brownell, George Edward [176640] [176640] b. 11 Sep 1922

Brownell, George W. [171487] b. 21 Apr 1831

Brownell, German [176574] b. 9 Jun 1833

Brownell, Gilbert [171474]

Brownell, Giles [60109] b.4_Aug_1729, Little Compton RI d.19_Oct

Brownell, Giles [60118] b.1_Mar_1707, Little Compton RI d.1778

Brownell, Grace [176669]

Brownell, Harold [176626] b. 7 Sep 1884

Brownell, Harry C. [176583] b. 24 Jun 1859

Brownell, Hattie [176582] b. 9 Jun 1857 d. 25 Sep 1857

Brownell, Henry H. [176288] b. 14 Oct 1806 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 18 Apr 1877

Brownell, Herbert [176668]

Brownell, Ichabod [125436]

Brownell, Irving M. [176613]

Brownell, Isaac [176284] b. 29 Jan 1799 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 26 Jun 1886

Brownell, Isaac [60107] b.15_Oct_1726, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Isaac [61535] b.17_Apr_1772, Little Compton RI d.16_May_1818, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Israel [171443] b. 16 Jul 1807 Pittstown Ny

Brownell, Israel [60117]

Brownell, Jacob [171473]

Brownell, James [60114] b.15_Mar_1743, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Jane [176575] b. 13 Jun 1837 wife of Walter Howell

Brownell, Jane [176586] b. Cambridge Ny wife of William J. Harrell

Brownell, Jane H. [171485] b. 15 Jul 1825

Brownell, Jane Jemima [171458] [171458] b. 16 Jan 1820 Pittstown Ny d. 17 Dec 1891 Panama Ny wife of Telemichs Burch wife of David Brownell wife of Reuben F. Randolph

Brownell, Jeremiah [125435]

Brownell, Jeremiah [60090] b.10_Oct_1689, Little Compton RI d.Jun_1756, Tiverton RI

Brownell, John [176285] b. 20 Apr 1801 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 12 Oct 1803 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York

Brownell, John [60088] b.21_Feb_1682, Little Compton RI d.Mar_1759, Little Compton RI

Brownell, John N. [170756] b. 29 Dec 1894

Brownell, John W. [156039] b.30_Feb_1812, Trenton NY

Brownell, Jonathan [60124] b.19_Mar_1719, Little Compton RI d.20_May_1760, Dartmouth MA

Brownell, Joseph [171446] b. 8 May 1813 Pittstown Ny

Brownell, Joseph [176275] b. 14 Jan 1783 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 10 Jun 1849 Ellery Ny

Brownell, Joseph [60116] b.15_Jul_1744, Little Compton RI d.24_Feb_1824, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Lewis [176573] b. 13 Mar 1828 d. 1898

Brownell, Lillian [176634] b. 2 Nov 1886 d. 1980 wife of John Lynch

Brownell, Lina [170755] b. 1 Dec 1888 m. 1 Jan 1907 wife of Steven Coomber

Brownell, Lina [170780]

Brownell, Living [176646]

Brownell, Living [176659]

Brownell, Living [176660]

Brownell, Lorenzo M. [171480] b. 1 Mar 1814

Brownell, Lucy [125437]

Brownell, Luthan [176286] b. 18 Mar 1803 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 26 Aug 1866

Brownell, Luvilla [171444] b. 5 Sep 1809 Pittstown Ny d. 18 Sep 1883 Jamestown Ny wife of Stephen Pratt

Brownell, Marcella Jane [176639] [176639] b. 13 May 1920 Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois m. 30 Apr 1949 Santa Monica, Los Angeles Co., California wife of Donald Roy Howland

Brownell, Marian [170759] b. 13 Sep 1909

Brownell, Marion [176628] b. 5 Sep 1895

Brownell, Martha [59994] b.1_May_1643, Portsmouth RI m.8_Mar_1691, Tiverton RI wife of Charles Dyer m.16_Sep_1665, Portsmouth RI wife of Jeremiah Wait d.15_Feb_1744, Portsmouth RI

Brownell, Mary [176282] b. 23 Nov 1795 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 15 Feb 1877 m. 12 Oct 1816 wife of David Brown

Brownell, Mary [59992] b.8_Dec_1639, Portsmouth RI m.1658/1659, Portsmouth RI wife of Robert Hazard d.12_Jan_1739, South Kingston RI

Brownell, Mary [60002] d.1718

Brownell, Mary [60091] b.22_Mar_1692, Little Compton RI m.3_Apr_1716, Little Compton RI wife of Esek Carr d.31_Jul_1717, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Mary [60115] b.1_Dec_1743, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Mary [60120] b.9_Nov_1709, Little Compton RI m.31_Aug_1727, Little Compton RI wife of Joseph Wood d.6_Oct_1791, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Mary Ann [171481] b. 24 Jul 1815

Brownell, Minerva [176611] wife of Solomon Frost Cushman

Brownell, Minerva A. [174801] b. 29 Sep 1824 d. 19 Jun 1860 Pittstown Ny

Brownell, Moses [176279] b. 1 Jan 1790 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 12 Mar 1879

Brownell, Moses Hoag [174802] b. 26 Jan 1826 d. 29 Nov 1894 Pittstown Ny

Brownell, Nancy Maria [171457] [171457] b. 12 Jan 1818 Pittstown Ny d. 1895 wife of Reuben Downing

Brownell, Nathan [176283] b. 7 May 1797 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 4 Dec 1859 Cambridge Ny

Brownell, Nathan [176610]

Brownell, Olivia M. [176601] b. 24 Mar 1819 wife of Alfred Rev. Pinney

Brownell, Paul [60125] b.12_Jun_1721, Little Compton RI d.12_May_1760, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Peleg [60212] b.14_Jan_1801, Westport MA d.24_Feb_1876, New Bedford MA

Brownell, Phebe [176287] b. 9 Jul 1805 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 24 Jul 1883 Ellery Ny m. 9 Sep 1829 Pittstown Ny wife of Morrison Weaver

Brownell, Phebe [60112] b.10_Jun_1735, Little Compton RI m.25_May_1755 wife of Benjamin Mossley

Brownell, Phinett J. [174808] b. 9 Oct 1837 d. 13 Nov 1838 Pittstown Ny

Brownell, Phoebe [171467] wife of Perry Dayton

Brownell, Phoebe [60119] b.19_Jun_1708, Little Compton RI m.1_Oct_1724, Little Compton R wife of Philip Taber d.1756

Brownell, Reuben [171594]

Brownell, Rhoda Caroline [60215] [60215] b.6_Jun_1849, New York m.19_Aug_1868, Lansing MI wife of Daniel Lester Mead d.3_Oct_1903, Appleton WI

Brownell, Robert [59999] b.1652 Little, Compton RI d.22_Jul_1728, RI

Brownell, Robert [60138] b.1576, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Brownell, Rosa [176625] b. 17 Oct 1877 Cambridge, New York m. 19 Jun 1901 wife of John Herbert Thompson

Brownell, Rose [176579] b. 10 Jan 1853 d. 2 Jan 1856

Brownell, Rowland [60139] b.1578, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Brownell, Sarah [171459] b. 30 Sep 1821 wife of Barnard Flinn

Brownell, Sarah [171476]

Brownell, Sarah [176280] b. 15 Jan 1792 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 5 Apr 1837

Brownell, Sarah [176614]

Brownell, Sarah [59993] b.1641, Portsmouth RI m.1_Jun_1658, Portsmouth RI wife of Gideon Freeborn d.6_Sep_1676, Portsmouth RI

Brownell, Sarah Ann [176571] b. 13 Jan 1824 d. 11 Jul 1848

Brownell, Sarah Jane [171593] wife of Lewis Curtis

Brownell, Sarah Louise [176637] [176637] b. 10 Feb 1916 Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois m. 12 Mar 1944 wife of Kelvin Hinckley Pack

Brownell, Sidney M. [171484] b. 6 Apr 1823

Brownell, Silas B. [176605] b. 11 Oct 1830

Brownell, Simeon [171488] b. 26 May 1833

Brownell, Simeon [171595]

Brownell, Simeon [176278] b. 14 Apr 1788 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 6 Oct 1862

Brownell, Simeon [176572] b. 30 Jan 1826 Washington Co., New York d. after 1907 Whittier, Los Angeles Co., California

Brownell, Simeon C. [174804] b. 2 Jul 1829 d. 26 Jan 1852 Pittstown Ny

Brownell, Smith Harrington [174806] [174806] b. 28 Feb 1833 d. 21 Jan 1877 Shushan Ny

Brownell, Stephen [171472]

Brownell, Stephen [176276] b. 4 Sep 1784 Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 18 Oct 1840

Brownell, Stephen [60126] b.29_Nov_1726, Little Compton RI d.5_Jan_1747, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Susanna [60000] b.2_Jun_1655, Little Compton RI d.1655

Brownell, Thankful [171442] b. 18 Oct 1805 Pittstown Ny d. 9 Apr 1846 Ellery Ny wife of David Brownell

Brownell, Thomas [59996] b.1647/1650, Little Compton RI d.18_May_1732, Portsmouth RI

Brownell, Thomas [60001] of London England b.5_Jun_1608 d.24_Sep_1665, Portsmouth RI

Brownell, Thomas [60087] b.16_Feb_1679, Little Compton RI d.1_Jan_1750, Little Compton RI

Brownell, Thomas [60122] b.1_Feb_1713, Little Compton RI d.1757

Brownell, Tillinghast White [60178] [60178] b.14_Oct_1826, Westport MA d.31_Mar_1914, Vets Home, Waupaca WI

Brownell, Walter [176665]

Brownell, William [59998] b.1648, Portsmouth RI d.1_Aug_1715, Portsmouth RI

Brownell, William [60110] b.11_Feb_1732, Little Compton RI

Brownell, William [60137] b.1574, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Brownell, William [60140] b.1754, Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Brownell, William Albert [170753] [170753] b. 30 Oct 1876

Brownell, William Albert [170758] [170758] b. 15 Apr 1906 d. 26 Jun 1921

Brownell, William Durell [176641] [176641] b. 4 Dec 1931 Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois d. 6 Feb 1932 Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois

Brownell, William H. [171475]

Browning, Deborah [65881] b.31_Dec_1647 m.28_Nov_1666 wife of John Perkins m.26_Dec_1669 wife of Isaac Meacham

Browning, Elizabeth [62407] b.6_May_1777, Rutland MA m.9_Nov_1803, Rutland MA wife of Olliver Harding d.16_Feb_1845, Barre MA

Browning, Mary [64744] m.1652 wife of Edmund Towne

Browning, Mary Parry [15015] m.26_Oct_1859 wife of Frank Samuel Owens d.19_Dec_1898

Browning, Mary Roberts [44227] [44227] wife of Arthur V. Meigs

Browning, Theodrick Lee [15039] [15039] b.1810 d.1865

Browning, Thomas [15037] b.1767 d.1834

Brownlee, Addie Alberta [148915] [148915]

Brownlee, James Drayton [148914] [148914]

Brownlee, Mary Ellen [148912]

Brownlee, Paul T. [148921] d. in childhood

Brownlee, Rose [148917] (Rosa)

Brownlee, Tennie Catherine [148916] [148916]

Brownlee, T. N. [148920]

Brownlee, Walter Howard [148919] [148919]

Brownley, Dorothy [147679] b.14_Mar_1914 m.16_Nov_1944 wife of Phillip E. Manheimer

Brownley, Earline O. [224511] b.1910, Mathews Co. VA

Brownley, Leon W. [224509] b.1905, Mathews Co. VA

Brownley, Leslie Warren [224507] [224507] b.1900, Mathews Co. VA d.1948

Brownley, Living [146667]

Brownley, Living [146668]

Brownley, Marshall D. [146649] [146649] b.14_Mar_1884, Marshall Co. VA d.1_Jul_1912, Norfolk VA, drowned in Horfolk Harbor

Brownley, Marshall W. [146663] [146663] b.1911 d.1978, Mathews Co. VA

Brownley, Rosa Lee [224510] b.1908, Mathews Co. VA

Brownley, Russell [147678] b.8_Sep_1905 m.8_Oct_1944 wife of Benjamin A. Warwick

Brownley, Samuel Edward [224502] [224502] b.6_Jul_1867, Mathews Co. VA d.14_Nov_1961, Mathews Co. VA

Brownley, Sophie E. [224505] b.Mar_1896, Mathews Co. VA

Brownley, Stanley E. [224506] b.Jun_1898, Mathews Co. VA

Brownley, Virginia A. "Kattie" [224508] [224508] b.1903, Mathews Co. VA

Brownley, William [224504] b.Oct_1893, Mathews Co. VA

Brownlie, Jessie [215719] b. 1899 d. 1980 Park Circus, Glasgow m. 21 FEB 1930 Glasgow wife of Henry Hogg

Brownridge, Agnes Anderson [224072] [224072] b.1875, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland d.1955, Victoria, Australia

Brownridge, Effie [224076] b.1885 d.1969

Brownridge, Elizabeth [224074] [224074] b.1881 d.1960

Brownridge, Ethel Clare [224077] [224077] b.1888, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Brownridge, John Ross [225126] [225126] b.1890, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Brownridge, Robert [224071] b.1874 d.1874

Brownridge, Robert [224075] b.1883 d.1932

Brownridge, William McMillan [224073] [224073] b.1878 d.1925, Victoria, Australia

Brown-Riley, Charles L. [218611] [218611] b.1892, Gloucester Co. VA

de_Broyes, Isabelle [85027] wife of Simon I

Broyles, Alan J. [75188] b.1948

Broyles, David Robert [136160] [136160] b.10_Jul_1982, Raleigh NC

Broyles, Jonathan Clarles [136159] [136159] b.9_May_1981, Raleigh NC

Broyles, Robert Javan [75190] [75190] b.11_Mar_1956, Waynesville NC

Broyles, Steven Joseph [75189] [75189]

Bruce, ________ [178942], Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.30_Jan_1914

Bruce, ________ [64570]

Bruce, ________ [64571]

Bruce, ________ [64572]

Bruce, ________ [64573]

Bruce, ________ [64576]

Bruce, Abigail [64614] b.29_Mar_1703, Woburn, MA m.21_Mar_1722/23 wife of Nathaniel Cutler

Bruce, Abigail [64623] b.22_Oct_1747, Marlborough, MA m.3_Jul_1764 wife of Elijah Flagg

Bruce, Alexander [6719], Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland d.9_Feb_1307, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

Bruce, Alfred A. [64553] b.21_Jun_1833

Bruce, Alosia [6727] of Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland wife of Nigel Graham

Bruce, Anne E. [64564] b.12_Dec_1851 m.8_Dec_1872 wife of Bernard Morloch d.9_Oct_1873, in childbirth

Bruce, Barry [178952]

Bruce, Bernard [64542]

Bruce, Bertha May [183600] b. 20 NOV 1871 West Salem, La Crosse Co, Wisconsin

Bruce, Carson H. [178940] b.17_Feb_1897, Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d. 23 Apr 1943

Bruce, Carson H. [178950] b.3_Jun_1917, Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.21_Apr_1980

Bruce, Charles C. [64565] b.5_Feb_1854

Bruce, Charles F. [64550] b.16_Oct_1826

Bruce, Christian [139404] b. before 1595 m.10_Apr_1608 wife of William Cavendish, 2nd earl of Devonshire d.16_Jun_1674

Bruce, Christiana [6728] of Annandale, Dumfrieshire, cotland wife of Patrick Dunbar

Bruce, Christina [6711] of Seton, East Lothian, Scotland m.1292 wife of Gratney, Earl Mar m.20_Sep_1305 wife of Andrew Moray wife of Christopher Seton d.1356/1357

Bruce, Clara [178945]

Bruce, Clara V. [178943] b.1914, Virginia wife of Richard T. Smith d.8_Jan_1952

Bruce, Craig Aaron [50213] b.18_Jul_1962, Cedar Rapids IA

Bruce, Edward [6713] of Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland lord of Galloway king of Ireland d.14_Oct_1317/1318, Tagher, Dundalk, Ireland

Bruce, Eliza [64551] b.22_Jun_1829

Bruce, Elizabeth [64579] b.13_Aug_1726, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Elizabeth [64594] b.26_Jan_1662/63, Woburn, MA d. young

Bruce, Elizabeth [64597] b.24_Aug_1672, Woburn, MA wife of Ebenezer Swan

Bruce, Elizabeth [64624] b.10_Feb_1748/49, Marlborough, MA wife of James Spaulding m.4_Apr_1769 wife of John Wilkins d.30_Mar_1841

Bruce, Elizabeth [6720] of Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland wife of William Dishington

Bruce, Ella [178941]

Bruce, Ella [183597] b. 13 APR 1862 Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois d. 23 APR 1862 Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois

Bruce, Emma Josephine [183593] [183593] b. 8 OCT 1856 Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois d. 26 JUN 1865 Illinois

Bruce, Eva [183598] b. 13 APR 1862 Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois d. 7 MAY 1862 Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois

Bruce, Frank C. [64566] b.1_Apr_1860

Bruce, French [64555] b.14_Aug_1837 d.3_Jul_1871

Bruce, George [183599] b. 29 FEB 1868 West Salem, Wisconsin d. 16 APR 1913 Onalaska, La Crosse Co, Wisconsin

Bruce, George [64549] b.29_Jun_1823

Bruce, George [64598] b.18_Jan_1673/74, Woburn, MA d.18_Jan_1673/74, Woburn, MA

Bruce, George K. [64561] b.20_Apr_1856

Bruce, Glen Kendall [183615] b. 3 OCT 1893 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, Iowa d. 22 AUG 1895 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, Iowa

Bruce, Harriet E. [64563] b.27_Dec_1849 d.7_Aug_1852

Bruce, Harriet M. [64548] b.20_Mar_1821 m.7_May_1843 wife of George W. Taggart d.19_Feb_1845

Bruce, Harry [64554] b.22_Aug_1835 d.11_Apr_1838

Bruce, Isabel [6710] of Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland queen of Norway wife of Thomas Randolph m.25_Sep_1293 wife of Eric III, King Norway wife of Alexander Bruce d.1358

Bruce, Isabella [6726] of Argyllshire, Scotland wife of John Fitz_Marmaduke d.1300

Bruce, James [178949]

Bruce, James [64616] b.16_Jun_1708, Woburn, MA d.27_Jun_1708, Woburn, MA

Bruce, James C Jr [183594] b. 16 APR 1858 Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois d. 1 MAR 1871 Illinois

Bruce, Jane [178956]

Bruce, Jerusha [64537] wife of Hollis Bruce

Bruce, John [178955]

Bruce, John [64580] b.12_Mar_1728/29, Woburn, MA

Bruce, John [64596] b.18_Jun_1670, Woburn, MA

Bruce, John [64611] b.9_Nov_1698, Woburn, MA

Bruce, John [64627] b.31_Aug_1757, Marlborough, MA

Bruce, John F. [64547] b.31_Aug_1818

Bruce, John Kendall [183595] b. 16 APR 1858 Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois

Bruce, Joseph [64599] b.11_Jan_1674/75, Woburn, MA d.18_Feb_1675/76, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Joseph [64600] b.29_Dec_1676, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Kendall [64534] b.13_Sep_1767, Marlborough, MA d.12_Jan_1832, Calais, VT

Bruce, Kendall [64538] d.1866

Bruce, Kendall [64546] b.24_May_1816 d.5_Feb_1850

Bruce, Lady Elma [23699] m.1864 d.1923 wife of Thomas Hovell-Thurlow, 5th lord Thurlow

Bruce, Linda Allison [50214] b.8_May_1965, Cedar Rapids IA

Bruce, Louis [64539] d.4_Oct_1861

Bruce, Luther [64535]

Bruce, Lydia [64603] b.10_Apr_1687, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Lydia [64618] b.24_Aug_1712, Woburn, MA m.23_Oct_1734 wife of Josiah Winn

Bruce, Margaret [6717] of Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland wife of William de_Carlyle

de_Bruce, Margaret [6732] m.1344 wife of William de_Sutherland

Bruce, Margaret Elizabeth [183596] [183596] b. 31 MAR 1860 Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois d. 9 NOV 1905 Flandreau, Moody Co, South Dakota wife of David Burris

Bruce, Margary [64602] b.24_Apr_1684, Woburn, MA m.20_Feb_1704/05 wife of Isaac Walker

Bruce, Margery [6721] of Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland wife of David de_Breschin

Bruce, Marjory [6709] b. before 1297 m.1315 2nd wife of Walter Stewart, 6th lord high Steward of Scotland d.Mar_1316

Bruce, Martha [64577] b.8_Dec_1721, Woburn, MA m.13_Jan_1742/43 wife of Thomas Barney

Bruce, Martha [64628] b.10_Dec_1761, Marlborough, MA wife of Abel Severance

Bruce, Mary [64582] b.14_Aug_1734, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Mary [64593] b.15_Jun_1665, Woburn, MA m.4_Jun_1683, Woburn, MA wife of Walter Cranston

Bruce, Mary [64610] b.6_Dec_1693, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Mary [6715] b.1282 wife of Sir Neil Campbell m.1316 wife of Alexander Fraser d. before 22_Sep_1323

Bruce, Mary A. W. [64567] b.14_Jun_1870

Bruce, Matilda [6733] wife of Thomas Iaaac

Bruce, Maud [6716] (Matilda) of Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland m.1308 wife of Hugh de_Ros d. after Sep_1323

Bruce, Mildred [183616] b. 20 MAR 1895 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, Iowa d. 3 SEP 1895 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, Iowa

Bruce, Miriam [178948]

Bruce, Myrtle [183617] b. 28 APR 1897 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, Iowa d. UNKNOWN

Bruce, Nathaniel [64625] b.26_Oct_1753, Marlborough, MA

Bruce, Nigel [6714] (Neil), Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland d.Sep_1306, Berwick, Northumberland, England

Bruce, Oliver G. [178944] b.1902, Tylerton, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.7_Apr_1969

Bruce, Peter [64536] b.30_Jan_1790 d.1_Mar_1850

Bruce, Rebecca [64617] b.26_Sep_1709, Woburn, MA m.22_Nov_1733 wife of Phinea Goodall

Bruce, Robert [6722] of Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland lord of Annandale earl of Carrick b.Jul_1243 d.1304, Palestine

Bruce, Robert Elder [183614] b. 31 DEC 1891 Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, Iowa

Bruce, Ruth [178946]

Bruce, Samuel [64601] b.28_Mar_1680, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Samuel [64613] b.11_Mar_1700/01, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Sarah M. [64552] b.25_Sep_1831 wife of John F. Bruce

Bruce, Solomon [64541]

Bruce, Thomas [64615] b.20_May_1705, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Thomas [6718] of Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland d.9_Feb_1307, Carlisle Castle, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

Bruce, Timothy [64581] b.27_Feb_1731/32, Woburn, MA

Bruce, Walter Hurbert [224852] [224852] b.2_Jul_1878, Norfolk VA d.1928, Norfolk VA

Bruce, William [113072] b.28_Apr_1667, Woburn MA

Bruce, William [64578] b.8_Jun_1724, Woburn, MA d.Sep_1803, Marlborough, MA

Bruce, William [64591] b.21_Nov_1660, Woburn, MA d.1_Jan_1661, Woburn, MA

Bruce, William [64592] b.20_Oct_1661, Woburn, MA d.3_Nov_1661, Woburn, MA

Bruce, William [64595] b.28_Apr_1667, Woburn, MA

Bruce, William [64612] b.11_Mar_1695/96, Woburn, MA d.18_Dec_1723, Woburn, MA

Bruce, William A. [64540] b.1799, Washington, MA d.17_Aug_1886, Worcester, VT

Bruce, Zeruiah [64626] b.27_Feb_1755, Marlborough, MA wife of Elijah Morse

Bruen, Caleb [38495]

Bruen, Herman [38563]

Bruen, John [38488] b.1560 d.18_Jan_1625

Bruen, John [38494] b.1646 d.169_

Bruen, John [38501] b.1690 d.1767

Bruen, John [61508] b.1690 d.8_Sep_1767

Bruen, Mary [38492] m.1653 wife of John Baldwin

Bruen, Matthias [38499]

Bruen, Obadiah [38490] d. before 1690

Bruen, Rebecca [38502] wife of Thomas Montagne

Bruen, Rebecca [38567] wife of Samuel Headley

(Bruff), William Decatur Carmines [132721] (Bruff) [132721] b.27_Nov_1873 d.19_Nov_1954, Hampton VA

Brugel, Anna [55220] b.23_Dec_1886, St. Anna, Hungary m.25_Jun_1905, St. Anna, Hungary wife of Charles Popp d.3_Nov_1959, Allenton MI

Brugel, Katherine [55221] b.23_Jun_1902, Hungary wife of John Zimmer

Brugel, Michael [55219] b.12_Dec_1858, Hungary d.24_Dec_1932, Waltz MI

Brugge, Elizabeth [29097] wife of John Baskerville

Brugge, John [29096]

Bruley, Joan [14675] wife of John Danvers

Brumit, Daniel [88333] b.1_Dec_1822, Tennessee d.15_Jul_1878. Saline MO

Brumit, David S. [88335] b.11_Sep_1826, Tennessee d.3_Oct_1894

Brumit, Elbert LeRoy [88346] b.31_Aug_1891, Hampton TN d.16_Oct_1933, Marceline MO

Brumit, Elijah S. A. [88336] b.1828 d.1860

Brumit, Joseph LeRoy [88348] b.19_Oct_1918, Marshall MO

Brumit, Margaret Ann [88334] b.1825 m.25_Feb_1841, Washington TN wife of John Fine d.1858

Brumit, Mary [88332] m.24_Feb_1850, Washington TN wife of Elisha Fine d.1880

Brumit, Phillip [88337] b.15_Jun_1830 d.8_Apr_1858, Washington TN

Bruner, Eli [58567] b.23_Jul_1982

Bruner, Erin Marie [58568] b.9_Sep_1984

Brunskill, Martha [190457] m. BEF. 1761 wife of Richard Booker

Brunswick, Angela Kay [111231] [111231] b.18_Jan_1972, Imperial NE

Brunswick, Betty Joann [111300] [111300] b.10_Aug_1956, Oberlin KS m.22_Aug_1975, Sioux City IA wife of Carl Glenn Meisner

Brunswick, Brenda Lee [111314] [111314] b.11_Dec_1963, Hawthorne CA

of_Brunswick, Caroline [10838] [10838] b.17_May_1768, Brunswick m.8_Apr_1795, Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace, London wife of George IV, king of England d.7_Aug_1821, Brandenburg House, Hammersmith

Brunswick, Crystal Dawn [111308] [111308] b.18_May_1980, McCook NE

Brunswick, Dale Allen [111227] [111227] b.17_Apr_1951, Benkleman NE

Brunswick, Debra Lee [111228] b.17_Aug_1953, Benkleman NE m.20_Jan_1974 wife of Randy Lynn Bartlett

Brunswick, Diane Elizabeth [111229] [111229] b.2_Jan_1960, Benkleman NE m.6_Jul_1983 wife of Michael Chambers

Brunswick, DWayne Allen [111275] [111275] b.25_Mar_1956, McCook NE

Brunswick, Ernest Newell [111218] [111218] b.5_Nov_1924, Haigler NE

Brunswick, Gary Lee [111264] b.17_Aug_1957, McCook NE

Brunswick, Georgia Yvonne [111223] [111223] b.22_Feb_1935, McCook NE m.15_Jul_1954, Ogallala NE wife of Harry William James m.15_May_1962, McCook NE wife of Keith Gordon Bean m.24_May_1973, Oberlin KS wife of Cecil Bernar

Brunswick, Harold Marvel [111219] [111219] b.11_Oct_1926, Haigler NE

Brunswick, James [111311]

Brunswick, James Ernest [111266] [111266] b.18_Sep_1960, Torrence CA

Brunswick, Jennifer Lynn [111278] [111278] b.9_Oct_1975, McCook NE

Brunswick, Lacy Lynn [111309] b.9_Dec_1985, McCook NE

Brunswick, Lorraine Helen [111276] [111276] b.10_Sep_1957, McCook NE m.12_Feb_1977, Bellevue NE wife of Kenneth James Wasner

Brunswick, Lucinda Marie [111267] [111267] b.8_May_1963, Harbor City CA

Brunswick, Nancy Dawn [111313] [111313] b.18_Dec_1962, Hawthorne CA

of_Brunswick, Otto [13594] duke of Brunswick d.1252

Brunswick, Pamela Rae [111254] [111254] b.12_Mar_1953, McCook NE m.25_Jun_1972, McCook NE wife of Robert Myrl Burton

Brunswick, Patricia Marie [111255] [111255] b.1_Jun_1954, Tecumseh MI m.22_Dec_1973, McCook NE wife of Gary Dean Loftin

Brunswick, Penny [111310]

Brunswick, Phyllis Lucille [111220] [111220] b.14_Mar_1928, Haigler NE m.9_Feb_1950, McCook NE wife of Harold Lloyd Thomas

Brunswick, Rhonda Lee [111270] [111270] b.31_Dec_1956, McCook NE m.25_May_1974 wife of Michael L. Alcarta

Brunswick, Richard DWayne [111222] [111222] b.9_Jan_1933, Haigler NE

Brunswick, Robert Eugene [111301] [111301] b.11_Feb_1958, Duluth MN

Brunswick, Robin LeAnn [111271] [111271] b.18_Sep_1959, Oberlin KS

Brunswick, Russel Lynn [111269] [111269] b.24_May_1955, McCook NE

Brunswick, Scott Allen [111279] [111279] b.28_Feb_1978, McCook NE

of_Brunswick, Sophia-Dorothea [10819] [10819] -Zell b.3_Feb_1666, Zell, Germany m.21_Nov_1682, Zell, Germany wife of George I, king of England d.13_Nov_1726, Ahlden, Germany

Brunswick, Stephanie Lee [111307] [111307] b.22_Dec_1978, Meade KS

Brunswick, Stephen Andrew [111265] [111265] b.3_Nov_1959, Long Beach CA

Brunswick, Terry Gale [111312] [111312] b.23_Mar_1961, Gardena CA

Brunswick, Travis Allen [111232] [111232] b.18_Sep_1973, Imperial NE

Brunswick, Verlyn Gale [111224] [111224] b.6_Apr_1937, Max NE

Brunswick, Virgil Everett [111221] [111221] b.17_Jun_1931, Haigler NE

de_Brus, Adam [18880] of Normandy b.1050 d.1080

de_Brus, Agatha [13970] wife of Ralph FitzRibald

de_Brus, Isabel [37901] d. after 1230 wife of Sir Henry de Percy

de_Brus, Lucy [37898] wife of Marmeduke de Thwenge

de_Brus, Peter I [37900] baron of Skelton and Danby in Cleaveland, Yorkshire

de_Brus, Peter II [37899] baron of Skelton d. before 1247

de_Brus, Richard [6725] of Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland d. before 26_Jan_1286

de_Brus, Robert [6729] (the Competitor) of Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Lord of Annandale b.1210 d.31_May_1295, Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

de_Brus, Sir Bernard [6723] of Connington, Huntingsonshire, England

de_Brus, William [6724] of Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Bruyn, Aeltje [10306]

Bruyn, Barent [10305]

Bruyn, Ellen [38354] wife of Geoffrey Warburton

Bruyn, Hendrick [10302]

Bruyn, Johannes [10303]

Bruyn, Magdalentie [10304]

Bruyn, Martin [10307]

Bryan, Bailey [59042] b.11_Nov_1984

Bryan, Benjamin [59041] b.22_Jun_1983

Bryan, Bethany Marie [59040] b.20_Aug_1979, Oberlin KS

Bryan, Elizabeth [9213] wife of ________ Grant

Bryan, Emma [224829] b.1878, Ohio

Bryan, Floyd Blaine [59039] b.18_Feb_1977, Oberlin KS

Bryan, Frances [224825] b.2_Jan_1843 d.3_Sep_1923, Huntington, Cabell Co. WV

Bryan, Frances Farthing [217470] [217470] b.28_Nov_1870, Williamsburg VA m.28_Jan_1897, Norfolk VA wife of Atthur L. G. Stephenson Sr. d.1927, Aulander, Beaufort Co. NC

Bryan, George D. [224828] b.1871, Ohio

Bryan, George W. "Delaware" [217467] [217467] b.1810, York Co. VA

Bryan, Georgia Miles [217473] b.1879, Warwick Co. VA m.30_Dec_1905 wife of Arthur H. Hutt d.30_May_1957, Florence, Florence Co. SC

Bryan, John Stewart [27811]

Bryan, Jonathan Randolph [27813] [27813]

Bryan, Living [202742]

Bryan, Living [202743]

Bryan, Lucy M. [217510] b.6_Jun_1849, York Co. VA m.1879 wife of Robert C. MacLean d.25_Sep_1920, Los Angeles CA

Bryan, Maggia L. [217471] b.1873, Warwick Co. VA

Bryan, Mary [9214]

Bryan, Miles [224822], York Co. VA d. after 1840, Ohio

Bryan, Miles S. [224827] b.1867, Ohio

Bryan, Rachael [9215] wife of George Maxwell

Bryan, Rebecca [77423] b.1739, North Carolina m.14_Aug_1756, North Carolina wife of Daniel Boone d.1813, MO

Bryan, Richard M. [217469] b.Sep_1844, York Co. VA

Bryan, Robert Coalter [27812]

Bryan, Sarah [16247] b.24_Apr_1749 m.4_Jan_1770 wife of Benedict Arnold Law d.26_Nov_1785

Bryan, St. George Tucker [27814] [27814]

Bryan, Thomas Pinckney [27815] [27815]

Bryan, Thomas Wilson [224824] b.26_May_1841, Newark, Licking Co. OH d.9_Oct_1917, Columbus, Franklin Co. OH

Bryan, William Wynn [217468] b.1843, York Co. VA

Bryan, Willie [217472] b.1875, Warwick Co. VA

Bryan, W. W. [217474] b.Mar_1887, Virginia

Bryant, Alice [48756]

Bryant, Andrew J. [189734] b. 16 AUG 1842 d. 6 MAY 1857

Bryant, A(ndrew) Jackson [189736] [189736] b. 28 MAY 1858 d. 4 NOV 1942

Bryant, Charles [190357]

Bryant, Donna [89135]

Bryant, Elizabeth [190354] b. ABT. 1765 m. 11 SEP 1815 Lynchburg, VA wife of Absalom Stevens

Bryant, Elizabeth Sohier [48755] [48755]

Bryant, Gladys [48758]

Bryant, Haley [201890]

Bryant, Hannah [100025] m.24_Nov_1715 wife of William Learned

Bryant, Helen R. [168917] b. 1843

Bryant, Hezekiah [153371] b.17_Jun_1747, Halifax MA d.27_Feb_1826, Turner ME

Bryant, Isaac [190360]

Bryant, Isaac [192637] b. 12 AUG 1739 d. 1800

Bryant, James [190353] b. 1760 d. 1835 Cumberland Co, Va

Bryant, James W. [189732] b. 30 JUN 1836 d. 21 SEP 1870

Bryant, Jesse Minerva [160383] [160383] wife of Louis E. Drining

Bryant, Julia Cox [48757]

Bryant, Larry [89134]

Bryant, Living [155423] wife of Living Adcock

Bryant, Living [202884]

Bryant, Living [202885] wife of Living Freeman

Bryant, Living [202886]

Bryant, Living [202887] wife of Living Flynn

Bryant, Living [202889]

Bryant, Living [202899]

Bryant, Mary [9160] wife of Apollos Stites

Bryant, Mary Cleveland [48754] [48754]

Bryant, Melissa "Elisa" Anne [189731] [189731] b. 10 FEB 1834 d. 23 MAY 1875 Cumberland Co, Va m. 24 DEC 1850 Lyndon, KS wife of Phillip H(ardwick?awkins?)

Bryant, Michael Eugene [147876] [147876] b.15_Apr_1960

Bryant, Mindwell [65789] b.18_Oct_1759, Rutland MA m.13_Mar_1785, Rutland MA wife of Abel Parmenter d.21_Jan_1844, Rutland MA

Bryant, Nancy [190359] wife of John Anderson

Bryant, Orville D. [168918] b. 1847

Bryant, Polly [190356]

Bryant, Richard Anderson [189730] [189730] b. 23 SEP 1831 "Cedar Grove", Cumberland Co, VA d. 2 JUN 1862 Cumberland Co, Va

Bryant, Richard Mabry [179881] [179881] b.3_May_1910, Georgia d.2_Jan_1997, Suwannee Co. FL

Bryant, Ryland Crews [190346] b. 10 FEB 1880

Bryant, Ryland Crews [192561]

Bryant, Sally [190358]

Bryant, Silas S(tevens) [189354] [189354] b. 20 NOV 1813 Cedar Grove, Cumberland Co, VA b. 20 NOV 1813 Cumberland Co., VA d. 16 MAY 1884 Cumberland Co, Va d. 16 MAY 1884 "Cedar Grove", Cumberland Co, VA

Bryant, Silas Stevens [189733] [189733] b. 4 MAY 1839 d. 30 AUG 1864 Richmond City, VA

Bryant, William [190355]

Bryant, William Cullen [189735] [189735] b. 12 AUG 1856 d. 26 MAY 1926 Alabama

Bryant, William Sohier [48759] [48759]

Bryant, Willie P. [190350] b. OCT 1889

Bryck, Hugh Bradley Ver [172026] [172026] b. 15 Jan 1929 Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin d. 8 May 1999 Winnetka, Il.

Bryck, Living [172025]

Bryennius, Nicephorus [52819]

Bryson, Emliy [216309] b.1850 wife of William T. Mears

Bryson, Living [215999]

Bryson, Living [216000]

Bryson, Living [216001]

Bryson, Living [216012]

Bryson, Living [216014]

Bryson, Living [216015]

Bryson, Living [216017]

Bryson, Living [216018]

Bryson, Stephanie Lynn [76816] [76816] b. 7_Aug_1978 Haywood Co,Nc

Bryson, Stephen Lamar [76815] b. 30_Sep_1975 Haywood Co,Nc

de_Buc, Lyderic [12541] count of Harlebec 1st hereditary gov. of Flanders d.802

of_Buchan, Marjorie [12706] countess of Buchan m.1214 2nd wife of William Comyn, earl of Buchan

Buchanan, Alexander Spotswood [127335] [127335]

Buchanan, Almerie [75733] b. 10_May_1928 Haywood Co,Nc d. 12_Mar_1994 wife of Harley Manson Allen Jr. wife of David Walker Norris Jr.

Buchanan, Bruce Gantt [91144] b.28_Aug_1969

Buchanan, Carolyn [75748] b. 12_Oct_1945 Haywood Co,Nc m._Jun_1966 Dillard,Ga wife of Harry Phillip Roberson Jr.

Buchanan, Chad Eric [76543] b. 3_Jan_1973 Haywood Co,Nc

Buchanan, Earl Anthony [76542] [76542] b. 23_Mar_1967 Haywood Co,Nc

Buchanan, Elizabeth [218003]

Buchanan, Elizabeth Paige [150809] [150809] b.29_Jan_1989, Columbus GA

Buchanan, Emma Jean [75751] b. 19_Mar_1952 Haywood Co,Nc

Buchanan, George [48512] b.1763 d.1808

Buchanan, George E. [203196] b.10_Feb_1809, York Co. VA

Buchanan, George Stephen [147802] [147802] b.1881, York Co. VA

Buchanan, Henry W. [203197]

Buchanan, Jack [75750] b. 5_Feb_1949 Haywood Co,Nc

Buchanan, James [22268] US House of Rep., 1821-1831 Minister to Russia,1831-1833 US Senate, 1835-1845 Secratary of State, 1845-1849 Minister to Great Brittan, 1852-1856 15th US President, 1857-1861 b.23_Apr_1791, Stony Ba

Buchanan, James A. [199341] b.1829, Baltimore MD d. after 1880, Baltimore MD

Buchanan, James Broadus [195931] [195931]

Buchanan, J. Charles [127339] b.Jul_1841

Buchanan, Joseph [75749] b. 23_Feb_1947 Haywood Co,Nc

Buchanan, Kendall Leigh [150811] [150811] b.31_Jan_1992, Washington DC

Buchanan, Lauisa Aegbert [127343] [127343] b.10_Jan_1852

Buchanan, Living [145152]

Buchanan, Living [145153]

Buchanan, Lola [218005] b.1880, York Co. VA

Buchanan, Lola G. [195930] wife of Joseph Burroughs

Buchanan, Lucy [203198] m.1855 wife of James Tignor

Buchanan, Margaret [24936] wife of Patrick Stewart

Buchanan, Mary Ann [157800] b.1836, Virginia wife of William A. Fox d.1870-1874 bu. Buchanan Family Cemetery, York Co. VA

Buchanan, Mary Anne [48514] b.1792 m.18_Apr_1815 wife of Edward Johnson Coale d.1866

Buchanan, Mary Spotswood [127341] [127341] b.7_Apr_1845

Buchanan, Matthew Craig [150810] [150810] b.11_Jan_1990, Washington DC

Buchanan, Millard Earl [75747] [75747] b. 6_Mar_1942 Haywood Co,Nc

Buchanan, Paula Elaine [76541] [76541] b. 29_Apr_1965 Haywood Co,Nc m. 27_Jun_1987 Haywood Co,Nc wife of Stephen Wayne Clark m. 20_Jun_1992 Haywood Co,Nc wife of Lewis Wayne Nichols

Buchanan, Rebecca Dale [147803] [147803]

Buchanan, Robert Smith [199342] [199342] b.1840

Buchanan, Sarah N. [141701] b.1819, York Co. VA wife of John E. Davis

Buchanan, Sarah Pendelton [127337] [127337] b.8_Dec_1835 m.1855 wife of Dabney C. Harrison d.1916

Buchanan, Serena Pendelton [127342] [127342] b.28_May_1848

Buchanan, Sophie Williams [127338] [127338] b.23_Nov_1838 wife of William Stephenson

Buchanan, Thomas Elie II [127340] [127340]

Buchannan, Karen Lynne [145709] [145709] b.10_Apr_1948

Buchannan, Phillip Bruce [145708] [145708] b.24_Oct_1942

Buchannan, Stephen Allen [145707] [145707] b.21_Sep_1940

Buchanon, Lucy [81513] b.19_Sep_1813 m.28_Dec_1833 wife of John C. Patrick d.30_Aug_1848, York Co. VA

Buck, Abigail [115079] b.11_Mar_1723/24, Wethersfield CT

Buck, Ada Patricia [89259] b.19_Jun_1950

Buck, Alfred Taylor [88278] b.8_May_1875, Carter Co. TN d.6_Jun_1944, Johnson City TN

Buck, Benjamin [57736]

Buck, Benoni [194900] b. 1616 Jamestown, Virginia USA

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