Index part 19

Berry, Living [158960]

Berry, Living [158961]

Berry, Living [158962]

Berry, Living [158963]

Berry, Living [158993]

Berry, Living [197796] b.29_Nov_1923, Virginia wife of Garnet W. Chase

Berry, Living [197797] b.24_Feb_1926, Virginia

Berry, Living [197859] b.7_Jun_1933 wife of Alexander Leland

Berry, Living [197866] wife of Living Stephenson wife of Living Silva wife of Living Laughter wife of Living Wilburn

Berry, Living [210212]

Berry, Living [210214]

Berry, Lola M. [197680] b.1914, Virginia

Berry, Louisa [158707] b.6_Nov_1883, Missouri wife of John Miller wife of Robert H. Roberts d.5_Nov_1983, Kansas

Berry, Lucina [197853] b.1911, Virginia

Berry, Lucy [222971] b.6_Jan_1776, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.29_Sep_1784, Baltimore Co. MD wife of Humphrey H. Keeple Sr. m.1805 wife of William Lane d.9_Jan_1821

Berry, Lucy Jane [197789], Gloucester Co. VA wife of Winder G. Walker d. before 1850

Berry, Luther Franklin [197635] [197635] oysterman, Gloucester Co. VA, 1910 farm laborer, York Co. VA, 1930 b.10_Feb_1889, Gloucester Co. VA d.1961

Berry, Luther W. [197679] b.22_Nov_1912, Virginia d.17_Oct_1997, Yorktown VA SSN: 227-10-3609

Berry, Maggie G. [158886] b.1887 d.1970, California

Berry, Malinda [51179] wife of Norman Corruthers

Berry, Margaret [158734] b.5_Aug_1900 wife of Clarence Blakely

of_Berry, Marguerite [11221] b.1523 m.1559 d.1574 wife of Emmanual Philbert, duke of Savoy

Berry, Martha [158672], Iowa

Berry, Martha Cornelia [158866] [158866] b.1876, Texas wife of Moses C. Tuck d.1968, Texas

Berry, Martha Emma [158694] b.1861, Tennessee m.6_Aug_1886, Dallas Co. TX wife of Daniel S. Morgan d.30_Jul_1933, Denton Co. TX

Berry, Martha Jane [158700] b.13_Feb_1871, Missouri wife of Thomas Lonzo Biggers d.1963, Texas

Berry, Martha Rebecca [158915] [158915] b.1892 wife of Chester Hill d.1975

Berry, Mary [151884] (Polly) b.22_Feb_1775, Falmouth ME m.22_Oct_1795, Woodstock ME d.28_Dec_1837, Woodstock ME

Berry, Mary [158656]

Berry, Mary Ann [159013] b.18_Jan_1844, Stone Co. MO m.10_Nov_1881, Stone Co. MO wife of ________ Gideon

Berry, Mary Belle [158706] b.15_Nov_1881, Missouri wife of Milton Tucker d.11_Nov_1932, Cushing OK

Berry, Mary Elizabeth [158691] [158691] b.11_Oct_1855, Tennessee wife of Jeptha Murrell m.1886, Texas wife of Hansford Splawn d.6_Jun_1921, Denton Co. TX

Berry, Mary Francis [158676] wife of ________ Brown d.1_Jan_1930, Arno VA

Berry, Mary Louire [199028] b.Sep_1893, Virginia wife of Elliot Evans

Berry, Mattie Paralee [158894] [158894] b.1887. Tennessee d.1904, Hawkins Co. TN

Berry, Maue S. [199018] b.Nov_1881, California

Berry, Melville Jefferson Sr. [197794] [197794] b.16_Mar_1919, Virginia

Berry, Michael [158863]

Berry, Millie Garnett [199031] [199031] b.Dec_1898, Virginia wife of Coley M. Heywood Sr.

Berry, Minnie [158663] b.Feb_1872, Tennessee m.10_Dec_1890, Hawkins Co. TN wife of Lucas W. Buttry

Berry, Minnie Lee [158882] b.27_Mar_1876, Virginia d.1967, Tennessee

Berry, Myrtle DeShields [197791] [197791] b.8_Mar_1914, Virginia wife of Merville McKay wife of Elmer R. Gauffman Sr. wife of George Givens

Berry, Nancy M. [159024], Stone Co. MO m.12_Feb_1880, Stone Co. MO wife of John P. Maples

Berry, Nora L. [199032] b.10_Aug_1903, Virginia wife of Voight Jenkins

Berry, Odel [197681] b.1916, Virginia

Berry, Olive [159033] b. after 1880

Berry, Oscar C. [199017] b.Feb_1880, Missouri

Berry, Palina [159014] b.19_May_1846, Taney Co. MO m.10_Nov_1881, Stone Co. MO wife of Thomas W. Hartley d.12_Apr_1914, Maryland

Berry, Pauline M. [197852] school teacher, Gloucester Co. VA, 1900 b.May_1875, Virginia

Berry, Philip [158932] b.Jan_1957, Norton VA d.Mar_1957, Arno VA

Berry, Phillip H. [158715] b.1890, Missouri

Berry, Phoebe [158714] b.1888. Missouri wife of Dayton Bowling

Berry, Rachael [158652]

Berry, Ray Worth [158786] b.11_Nov_1907

Berry, Robert [197855] b.1916, Virginia

Berry, Robert Jr. [222972] b.3_Sep_1781, Baltimore MD d.23_Nov_1828

Berry, Robert Roades [197662] [197662] sailor, Gloucester Co. VA, 1850 merchant, Gloucester Co. VA, 1870 b.1819, Maryland d. before 1880

Berry, Robert S. [197851] (Boozer) farm laborer, Gloucester Co. VA, 1900 pound fishing, Gloucester Co. VA, 1910 farmeer, Gloucester Co. VA, 1920 oysterman, Gloucester Co. VA, 1930 b.Mar_1873, Virginia

Berry, Robert Wilson [158688] b.Sep_1847, Tennessee d.14_Oct_1916, Denton Co. TX

Berry, Roland [158712] b.4_Nov_1885, Missouri

Berry, Roseanna [197641] b.8_Nov_1907, Virginia wife of John W. Firth d.18_Nov_1983

Berry, Ruby [197682] b.1917, Virginia

Berry, Rufus [158696] b.1860, Tennessee d.1941, Texas

Berry, Russell Thomas [193765] [193765] b.Aug_1922, Gloucester Co. VA d.Aug_1953, Gloucester Co. VA, auto accident bu. Gloucester Point Cemetery

Berry, Sallie G. [197850] b.Oct_1972, Virginia

Berry, Samuel [158660] b.1813

Berry, Sandy Willis [158787] b.1_Oct_1913

Berry, Sarah [158653], Tennessee wife of Benoni Morland

Berry, Savilla Ann [158705] b.7_Dec_1879, Missouri wife of Samuel Powell d.1967

Berry, Sophia A. [159010], Missouri

Berry, Sophia Jane [159012] b.18_Nov_1840, Stone Co. MO m.10_Nov_1881, Stone Co. MO wife of James Payne d.21_May_1925, Missouri

Berry, Sophronia Ellen Iwelda [158916] [158916] b.12_Mar_1896, Kyles Ford, Hawkins Co. TN wife of Robert E. Lee Sargent d.12_Sep_1986, Arno VA

Berry, Sylvia Lee [133717] wife of William Lawson

Berry, Thomas [158650] d. after 1832

Berry, Thomas J. [158677], Tennessee d.22_Mar_1890, Hawkins Co. TN

Berry, Thomas Jefferson [158692] [158692] b.1856, Tennessee d.16_May_1942, Big Stone Gap VA

Berry, Thomas Jefferson [197639] [197639] farmer, Gloucester Co. VA, 1920 fisherman, Gloucester Co. VA, 1930 b.6_Feb_1899, Virginia d.Jan_1967

Berry, Thomas Jefferson Hogg [197633] [197633] SSN: 231-20-3895 oysterman, Gloucester Co. VA, 1900 farmer, Lancaster Co. VA, 1930 oyster house worker, Lancaster Co. VA, 1930 b.27_Apr_1877, Gloucester Co. VA d.12_Jan_1973,

Berry, Thomas Theodore [158921] [158921] b.20_Dec_1919 d.14_Jun_1988, Roanoke VA

Berry, Thompson [159031], Missouri

Berry, Tilman Henry [158689] b.30_Jan_1848, Tennessee d.4_Apr_1924, Grapevine TX

Berry, Tom [158892] b.Dec_1881, Tennessee d.9_Jul_1913

Berry, William [151882] b.6_Mar_1753, Falmouth ME d.24_Aug_1829, Buckfield ME

Berry, William [158655]

Berry, William [158659] b.1810, Lee Valley, Hawkins Co. TN d. after 1880

Berry, William [158674], Iowa

Berry, William [158718] b.1902, Texas

Berry, William A. [159009], Missouri

Berry, William Broton [158911] [158911] b.11_Nov_1890, Tennessee d.15_Oct_1953, Big Stone Gap VA

Berry, William Edward [158782] [158782] b.1910, Texas d.1947

Berry, William Eldridge [158702] [158702] b.19_Apr_1875, Missouri d.8_Aug_1956, Texas

Berry, William Franklin [159016] [159016] b.5_Sep_1853, Stone Co. MO

Berry, William J. [199030] b.1898, Virginia

Berry, William Jesse [158868] b.1882, Texas d.1942, Texas

Berry, William Jesse [158888] b.1885, Texas d.1954, Missouri

Berry, William Mack [158687] b.1845, Tennessee d.8_Jan_1909, Rogersville, Hawkins Co. TN

Berry, William Riley [158680] b.1881 d.1952

Berry, William Tyler [158897] b.1896, Tennessee d.1950, Grapevine TX

Berry, Yvonne [158930] b.Jul_1953, Norton VA d.Jul_1953, Norton VA

("Bert"), Bertram Ellsworth Forrest [224582] ("Bert") [224582] b.2_Apr_1917, Poquoson, York Co. VA d.31_Dec_1899, Poquoson VA

Bertholf, Cyrn [10083], Zeeuws, Vlaanderen, Netherlands d. lost at sea?

Bertholf, Elizabeth [10080] b.1683, Zeeuws, Vlaanderen, Netherlands m.23_Sep_1699, Dutch Ref. Ch., Hackensack, NJ wife of John Albertson Terhune d. after 1714

Bertholf, Maria [10079] b.1680, Zeeuws, Vlaanderen, Netherlands m.25_Mar_1699, Dutch Ref. Ch., Hackensack, NJ wife of Jan Bongaert d. after 1745

Bertholf, Sarah [10078] b.1677, Sluys, Vlaanderen, Holland m.24_Apr_1697, Dutch Ref. Ch., Hackensack, NJ wife of David Demarest d. Bergen Co., NJ

Bertholf, William [10081] b.1656, Zeeuws, Vlaanderen, Netherlands d.16_Feb_1725/26, Hackensack N

Bertie, Catharine [23870] wife of Sir William Paston d.1636

Bertie, Marsh Mills [67108] b.1875

Bertie, Susan [14274] wife of Reginald Grey

(Bertie), Edward VII of_England [10904] (Bertie) [10904] king of England, 1901-1910 b.9_Nov_1841, Buckingham Palace, London d.6_May_1910, Buckingham Palace, London

Bertrand, Charlotte [202516]

Bertrand, Mariamne [202517]

Bertrand, Mary Ann [127013] b.1690, Prince William Co. VA m.1705-1710, Lancaster Co. VA wife of Charles Ewell m.16_Dec_1724, Lancaster Co. VA wife of William Ballendine m.5_Oct_1734, Virginia wife of Leroy Griffin m.25_Ap

de_Bertrand, Toussaint [18417] [18417] b. 942

Bertrand, William [202518]

Berwick, Frances [13094] b.1635, Toulston Hall, Newton Kyme, Yorkshire, England, Yorkshire, England wife of Henry Fairfax d.14_Sep_1683, Denton Otley, Yorkshire, England

(Beryl), Agnes B. Spencer_Churchill [25800] (Beryl) [25800] b.1881 d.1948 wife of Weetman Pearson, 2nd viscount Cowdray

de_Besalu, Gersinda [11718] b.981 wife of Berenger I

Besford, Agnes [83084], Besford, Worcester, England, England wife of Thomas Throckmorton

de_Besford, Alexander [83104], Besford, Worcester, England d. before 1404

de_Besford, Alexander [83108], Besford, Worcester, England

de_Besford, Alexander [83110], Besford, Worcester, England d. before 12_Jan_1267

de_Besford, John [83106], Besford, Worcester, England

de_Besford, Osbert [83116], Besford, Worcester, England

de_Besford, Vivian [83114], Besford, Worcester, England

de_Besford, Walter [83112], Besford, Worcester, England

Beshears, Jack T. [148188] b.26_Dec_1918

Beshears, Myrtle R. [148189] b.22_Jun_1920

Beshears, Robert C. [148190] b.14_Nov_1921

Beshears, Ruth N. [148186] b.30_Sep_1916

Beshears, Thelma L. [148187] b.16_Oct_1917

Beshears, William C. Jr. [148185] [148185] b.2_Sep_1915

(Bess), Elizabeth Virginia Wallace [22407] (Bess) [22407] b.13_Feb_1885 m.28_Jun_1919 wife of Harry S. Truman d.1982

(Bess), Mary Elizabeth Shellabarger [105817] (Bess) [105817] b.16_Oct_1879, Moffat CO d.Jul_1962, California

Bessette, Abraham [72047]

Bessette, Caroline [22446] m.Sept_1996 wife of John F. Kennedy Jr. d.16_Jul_1999, Martha's Vineyard MA

Bessette, Flavie [72046] b. 1805 m. 7_Jan_1828 L'Acadie,St. Jean,Quebec,Canada wife of Alexandre Regnier

Bessette, Florence [73558]

Bessette, George [73559] b. 1874

Bessette, Lauren [22447] d.16_Jul_1999, Martha's Vineyard MA

(Bessie), Elizabeth Amelia Harrison [225960] (Bessie) [225960] b.14_Apr_1886, Maccan, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia, Canada m.16_Jun_1909, Haverhill MA wife of John L. Hazelton d.Oct_1956, Jaffrey NH

(Bessie), Margaret E. Foxwell [146078] (Bessie) [146078] b.1892 wife of Earl Whitehurst

Bessiles, Elizabeth [44472] d.1511, Bessiles-Leigh wife of Richard Fettiplace of E. Shelford, Berkshire

Best, Andrea [146040]

Best, Barbara [88077]

Best, Bridget [42600] b.Apr_1592, Halifax, Yorkshire, England m.24_Jun_1616, Halifax, Yorkshire, England wife of Abraham Shaw

Best, Elizabeth [43813] m.1527, Berwick, England wife of Thomas Whitcomb

Best, George Jr. [146041]

Best, Henry [42601], Ovenden, Yorkshire, England

Best, Jacqueline Morgan [77023] [77023] b. 25_May_1985 Haywood Co,Nc

Best, Linda [88078]

Best, Valin Gene [193077]

Besylls, Milesent [26358], England, England wife of Sir John ab_Adam

Bet"), Mary Elizabeth Minson ("Polly [224811] ("Polly Bet") [224811] b.1858, York Co. VA d. before 1894

Bet"), Sarah Elizabeth Billups ("Sally [223145] ("Sally Bet") [223145]

Bet"), Sarah Elizabeth Diggs ("Sallie [225060] ("Sallie Bet") [225060] b.1873, Mathews Co. VA

(Beth), Elizabeth Ellen Ammons [207648] (Beth) [207648] b.13_Aug_1992, Raleigh NC

Bethea, Clarence William [95119] [95119] b.1_Dec_1930, Washoughal WA

Bethea, Dolores Louise [95082] [95082] b.28_Jun_1931, N. Dalles WA

Bethea, Esther Mae [94946] b.11_Jun_1912, Washoughal WA m.26_Oct_1929 wife of Claude Grenia wife of Robert Thompson

Bethea, Evelyn Mae Marie [94950] [94950] b.11_Feb_1937, Stevenson WA m.26_Mar_1960, Eureka CA wife of Thomas Anthony Barry

Bethea, Frank Chester [94944] b.8_Jun_1909, Cape Horn WA

Bethea, Howard Allen [95122] b.23_Oct_1936, Stevenson WA

Bethea, Joe Vernon [94945] b.12_Nov_1910, Washoughal WA

Bethea, John William [95087] b.15_Sep_1882, Clarks NE

Bethell, Bessie [30012] wife of John M. Foster

Bethell, Charles C. Pinckney [30016] [30016]

Bethell, Charles Worden [30057] [30057]

Bethell, Hattie [30017] d. young

Bethell, Jennie [30013] wife of John P. Edrington

Bethell, Jerome Pillow [30015] [30015]

Bethell, William Decatur [30014] [30014]

Bethell, William Decatur [30056] [30056]

of_Bethmezin, William Embriaco [52653] [52653] lord of Bethmezin

Betota, Gonzalo [12245]

Betsey, [106815]

"Betsey", Elizabeth [88987], York Co. VA wife of George W. Rowe, York Co. VA

(Betsey), Elizabeth Woodruff Price [31495] (Betsey) [31495] b.23_Apr_1794, New Jersey m.23_Jan_1817 wife of David W. Clark d.5_Jan_1871, New Jersey

(Betsia), Elizabeth Toplis Curtis [135365] (Betsia) [135365] b.3_Dec_1815 wife of Robert Y. Weymouth

Betsy, Elizabeth Jane Mason [66274] [66274] b.1850, Edwardsport, IN wife of ________ Wesner

(Betsy), Elizabeth Ann Parker [199046] (Betsy) [199046] b.1846, Accomack Co. VA

(Betsy), Elizabeth Blanche Shellabarger [105770] (Betsy) [105770] b.22_Mar_1939, San Diego CA m.16_Sep_1972 wife of William Bayne

"Betsy", Elizabeth Clyde [76000] [76000] Fisher b. 26_Oct_1948 Haywood Co,Nc

(Betsy), Elizabeth Ellen Ford [141622] (Betsy) [141622] b.20_Oct_1811, Potato Neck, Somerset Co. MD m.2_May_1833, Somerset Co. MD

(Betsy), Elizabeth Fauntleroy Leland [135088] (Betsy) [135088] b.30_Aug_1822, Virginia

Betsy), Elizabeth (Lizzie, [214370] [214370] Belvin b.Mar_1842, Virginia m.16_Feb_1860, Gloucester Co. VA wife of William A. Jenkins d.1900-1910

(Betsy), Elizabeth M. Meriwether [142897] (Betsy) [142897] b.14_Oct_1798, Bedford Co. VA m.27_Nov_1817, Charlottesville VA wife of Walker G. Meriwether d.15_May_1821

(Betsy), Mary Elizabeth Harris [130294] (Betsy) [130294] b.1834, Warwick Co. VA m. before 1858, Warwick Co. VA wife of Edmund Allen d. before 1870, Warwick Co. VA

Betterley, Thomas [122096]

Betteshorne, Elizabeth [16011] [16011], Beverstone, Gloucestershire, England wife of Sir John Berkeley

Bettie), Charlotte Elizabeth Smith (Betty, [182085] (Betty, Bettie) [182085] b.1868, Gloucester Co. VA m.26_Dec_1889, Gloucester Co. VA wife of George T. Hogg

Bettie), Elizabeth F. Ironmonger (Eliza, [144525] (Eliza, Bettie) [144525] b.24_Aug_1846, York Co. VA m.25_Jan_1874, York Co. VA wife of V. Escridge Wornom d.1889, York Co. VA bu. Providence Methodist Church, Dare VA

(Bettie), Mary Elizabeth Crockett [144239] (Bettie) [144239] school teacher, 1870 b.28_Jun_1848, York Co. VA m.31_Jan_1871, Accocmack Co. VA wife of Travis A. Crockett d.13_Sep_1896

Bettie), Mary Elizabeth Thornton (Sarah, [89409] (Sarah, Bettie) [89409] b.18_Sep_1852, Virginia m.21_Dec_1874, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Richard H. Hogg d.16_May_1929, Gloucester Co, VA bu. Hill Cemetery, Gloucester Co,

(Bettie), Rebecca Catherine Smith [159325] (Bettie) [159325] b.9_Aug_1854, York Co. VA m.4_Jun_1870, York Co. VA wife of John W. Wainwright d.21_Jan_1921, York Co. VA

Bettle, Griscom [48012] b.19_Feb_1890

Betts, Abigail [49416]

Betts, Frederic H. [6022] b.8_Mar_1843

Betts, Living [154992]

Betts, Louis Frederic Holbrook [6024] [6024] b.21_May_1870

Betts, Mary [49417] b.1621/1623, Ipswich CT wife of Samuel Boreman d.Aug_1684

Betts, Mary Eliot [6025] b.19_Oct_1871 m.28_Jan_1892 wife of Russell H. Hoadley

Betts, Wyllys Rosseter [6026] b.12_May_1875

Betts, Wyllys Rosseter [6031] b.4_Dec_1900

(Betty), Caroline Elizabeth Clark [34205] (Betty) [34205] b.19_Mar_1921 (adopted) m.2_Nov_1940 wife of Dr. Francis M. Durst Jr.

(Betty), Catherine Elizabeth [212815] [212815] Cameron b.1930 d.1000

(Betty), Catherine Elizabeth Riggin [146072] (Betty) [146072] wife of Richard Hartung

(Betty), Elizabeth Mace Gowing [34142] (Betty) [34142] b.12_Dec_1947, Richmond VA m. Maryland wife of Warren A. Boyd Jr.

(Betty), Elizabeth Southworth [125449] (Betty) [125449] b.30_Jun_1761, Lebanon CT d.8_Jun_1828, Lebanon CT

(Betty), Mary Elizabeth Cowles White [130883] (Betty) [130883] b.25_Apr_1839 m.7_Jan_1858 wife of John S. Freeman, York Co. VA wife of George B. Cox d.17_Jan_1931

(Betty), Sarah Elizabeth Crockett [144274] (Betty) [144274] b.12_Sep_1865, York Co. VA m.24_Dec_1884, Virginia wife of Ferdinand D. Crockett d.20_Sep_1942, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

(Betty), Susanna Elizabeth Amory [140153] (Betty) [140153] b.1848, York Co. VA, York Co. VA wife of Elisha Lawson Jr.

de_la_Betuwe, Adelaide [81951] [81951] wife of Henry II d. after 1086

Betzner, Doris Carolyn [104922] [104922] b.14_Feb_1904, Caledonia MI m.16_Jul_1925 wife of Ernest Goodwin Green d.14_Jul_1995, Barbourville KY

Beuschel, Alice [193841] b.1896 d.1917

Beuschel, John Homer [193842] b.8_Aug_1889 d.27_Feb_1963

Bevan,, Dr. Thomas E. [98420]

Bevard, Henry C. [225386] b.1888, Oklahoma

Bevard, Joseph William [225390] [225390] b.11_Nov_1929, Brokenarrow OK d.28_Jan_1977, Houma, Terrebonne Parish LA

Bevard, Living [225388]

Bevard, Living [225389]

Bevard, Living [225391] wife of Living Shager

Bevard, Living [225392] wife of Living McLain

Bevard, Living [225393]

Bevard, Living [225394]

Beveridge, Joseph H. [96128]

Beveridge, Lavinia [96576] wife of Daniel Wyman

Beverley, Anna [27871] b.____, Blandfield VA wife of Robert Munford d.____, Blandfield VA

Beverley, Anna Munford [27851] [27851] b.1778

Beverley, Burton [27847] b.1772, Blandfield VA d.1781, Blandfield VA

Beverley, Byrd [27849] b.1775, Blandfield VA

Beverley, Carter [27848] b.1774

Beverley, Catherine [145387] b.4_Jan_1679/80, Blandfield, Middlesex Co. VA wife of John Robinson

Beverley, Catherine [3297] b.7_Dec_1708 wife of George Stubblefield

Beverley, Christopher [145391] [145391] b.19_Feb_1685/86

Beverley,, Col. William [27874] [27874] His young mother died from childbirth. b.1698 d.1756

Beverley, Elizabeth [27870] Though she gave birth to six children, none of them lived even a year. b.1725, Blandfield VA m.1743 wife of James Mills m.1783 wife of Thomas Griffin Peachy d.1795

Beverley, Elizabeth Peyton [3286] [3286] b.1_Jan_1690, Gloucester Co. VA m.22_Jun_1709 wife of William Randolph d.26_Dec_1723

Beverley, Evelyn Byrd [27854] wife of George Lee wife of Patrick Hume Douglas

Beverley, Harry [3285], Virginia

Beverley, James Mills [27850] b.1776 d.1779

Beverley, John [145390] b.1684

Beverley, John [27869] d.1743

Beverley, Lucy [27846] b.1771

Beverley,, Maj. Robert [3295] b.1641, Beverley, Yorkshire, England d.15_Mar_1687, Jamestown VA

Beverley, Maria [27843] b.1764

Beverley, Munford [27852] b.1779, Blandfield VA

Beverley, Peter [3284], Virginia d.1728

Beverley, Peter Randolph [27853] [27853] b.1780

Beverley, Rebecca W. [27841] wife of John Everard Meade

Beverley, Robert [27844] b.1766, Blandfield VA d.1767, Blandfield VA

Beverley, Robert [27845] b.1769

Beverley, Robert [27867] b.____, Blandfield VA d.1800

Beverley, Robert [27873] Author of "The History and Present State of Virginia" b.1673, Jamestown VA d.1722, Beverley Park, King and Queen Co. VA

Beverley, Thomas [145389] b.1681. Blandfield, Middlesex Co. VA

Beverley, Ursula [27868]

Beverley, William [145388] ba.4_Jan_1680, Christ Church, Middlesex Co. VA d.1702

Beverley, William [27842] b.1763

Beverly, Elijah [197685] b.14_May_1762 d.1835, Wise Co. VA

Beverly, Elijan Jr. [197687] b.1809 d.1879, Dickenson Co. VA

Beverly, Frank Monroe [197691] [197691] b.1857, Dickenson Co. VA d.1929

Beverly, Living [197695] FTDNA Kit no. 149138

Beverly, Living [197696]

Beverly, Living [197697]

Beverly, Peter [126225], Hull, Yorkshire, England d.Sep_1650, Hull, Yorkshire, England

Beverly, Robert [126227], Selbey, Yorkshire, England

Beverly, Ursala [126220] wife of John Dudley

Beverly, Walter Egbert [197693] [197693] b.1884 d. Rocky Mount VA

Beverly, William W. [197689] b.1836, Russell Co. VA d.1921, Dickenson Co. VA

Bevile, Margaret [87357] wife of Edward de_la_Pomeroy d.10_Sep_1461

Bevys, Alice [86764] m.30_Aug_1595, St. Mary Arches, Exeter, Devonshire wife of John Marshall

Bevys, Richard [86769] d.26_Aug_1602

Bew, Daisy E. (Earlton?) [182344] [182344] b.1878, King and Queen Co. VA wife of Gregory Adams d.1910, Richmond VA bu. Riverview Cemetery, Richmond VA

Bew, Eugene [212410] b.1855. Virginia

Bew, George H. [157346] b.2_Aug_1854, King and Queen Co. VA, Richmond VA

Bew, Zora [212411] b.1858, Virginia

Bews, Alice [100367] (Braiose) of Norfolk, England wife of Sir William de_Cailly d.3_Oct_1458, England

Beyer, Living [168532]

Beyer, Living [168533]

Bezer, Elizabeth [17878] m.1683 wife of William Clayton

de_Beziers, Adelheid [85378] wife of Boso ________ d. after 923

de_Beziers, Senegunde [85371] b.979 d. before 1014 wife of Richard I

Bibb, John [142307]

Bibb, Lucy Rosemond [208118] wife of ________ Harlow

Bibb, Philemon [142309]

Bibb), Frances E. B. Fargason (Elizabeth [157721] (Elizabeth Bibb) [157721] b.28_Aug_1831 wife of Roderick W. Jackson

Bibble, Anne [99851] wife of Robert Jones

Bibby, Maud Belle [16374] m.4_Jun_1890 wife of Samuel de_Wolf Lewis

(Bic), Robert Bickford Curtis [135688] (Bic) [135688] b.20_Mar_1907, Denbigh, Warwick Co. VA d.20_May_1991, Newport News VA

Bicknel, Sylvia [108999] m.1814 wife of Prentiss Whitney

("Biddie"), Margaret Verlyn Bunting [224631] ("Biddie") [224631] b.20_Jan_1917, Poquoson, York Co. VA d.2_Sep_2012, Poquoson VA

Biddle, Alexander [44174] b.29_Apr_1819

Biddle, Anne Clifford [44258] m.1881 wife of Clement S. Phillips

Biddle, Anne Wilkinson [44166] [44166] b.12_Jun_1791 m.2_Jun_1822 wife of Thomas Dunlap

Biddle, Christine [24814] wife of Richard M. Cadwalader

Biddle, Clement [44154] b.10_May_1740 d.14_Jul_1814

Biddle, Clement [44161] b.6_Aug_1778 d.10_Feb_1856

Biddle, Clement Cornell [44165] [44165] b.24_Oct_1784

Biddle, Frances Canby [44169] b.11_Aug_1840 m.18_Jun_1862 wife of Clement A. Griscom

Biddle, Hannah Miller [44189] b.24_Aug_1850 m.5_Jan_1882 wife of John C. W. Frishmuth

Biddle, Hannah Nicholson [44171] [44171] b.18_Apr_1855 m.18_Oct_1877 wife of Charles Williams

Biddle, Henry Jonathan [44173] [44173] b.16_May_1807 d.30_Jun_1862, of wounds received at New Market Cross Roads

Biddle, John [44152]

Biddle, John Barclay [44178] b.3_Jan_1815

Biddle, Julia Montgomery [24811] [24811] b.1840 m.1863 wife of Charles S. Huntington

Biddle, Lydia McFunn [44263] b.9_Apr_1857 wife of Moncure Robinson

Biddle, Margaret May [196175] (Maggie)

Biddle, Marianne [44265]

Biddle, Mary [44170] b.17_Dec_1849 m.28_Jan_1869 wife of Howard Wood

Biddle, Owen [44153] b.1737

Biddle, Pearl Clifton [196176] [196176] b.26_Jun_1878, Union Co. OH d.31_Dec_1951

Biddle, Rebekah Cornell [44164] [44164] b.7_Nov_1782 m.1_Sep_1808 wife of Nathaniel Chapman

Biddle, Robert [44183]

Biddle, Thomas [44163] b.4_Jun_1776

Biddle, Thomas Henry [196174] b.12_Dec_1856 d.5_Feb_1902

Biddle, William Canby [44182] b.25_Sep_1816 d.22_Dec_1887

de_Biden, Matilda [16094] wife of Geoffrey de_Manderville

Bidwell, Delia [14940] b.1831 m.15_Nov_1853 wife of Austin Merrills Ward d.1901

Bidwell, James [14939] b.13_May_1803 d.11_Jan_1835, Hartford

Bier, Charles Richard [27678]

Bier, David Lawrence [27681]

Bier, Dorothy Margaret [27679] [27679]

Bier, Stuart Walter [27680]

Bigbey, Abraham Lincoln [164184] [164184] b.1890, Going Snake District, Seqouyah, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory d.1928, Fresno CA

Bigbey, Arthur Eugene [164181] [164181] b.1884, Flint District, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory d.1946, Oak Grove, Adair Co. OK

Bigbey, Benjamin Jackson [164150] [164150] b.30_Oct_1840, Flint District, Cherokee Nation East d.1846

Bigbey, Charlotte Elizabeth [164148] [164148] b.10_Aug_1838, Cherokee Nation, Trail of Tears m.1857, Flint District, OK wife of Robert H. Fletcher d.11_Mar_1915, Prob. OK

Bigbey, David Lee [164186] b.25_Mar_1896 d.9_Jun_1991

Bigbey, David Taylor [164155] b.27_Jan_1849, Flint District, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory d.3_Jun_1927, Adair Co. OK

Bigbey, Esther Smith [164152] b.22_May_1844, Flint Distrist, Cherokee Nation East wife of Harrison Roberts d.1912

Bigbey, Henry Clour Deleon [164182] [164182] b.1887

Bigbey, James Lafayette [164147] [164147] b.5_Aug_1836, Cherokee Nation East, GA d.30_May_1903

Bigbey, John Baxter [164180] b.21_Aug_1878, Going Snake District, Seqouyah, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory

Bigbey, Malinda Jane [164156] b.26_Oct_1853, Flint District, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory d.1927

Bigbey, Martha Ivan [164183] b.23_Jun_1888

Bigbey, Mary Ann [164146] b.6_Nov_1834, Cherokee Nation East, Indian Territory wife of Charles A. A. Rider d.Oct_1861

Bigbey, Mary Jennie [164179] b.24_Aug_1876, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory m.7_Feb_1892, Flint District, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory

Bigbey, Samuel Adair [164145] b.18_May_1833, Cherokee Nation East, GA d.1892

Bigbey, Samuel Adair [164178] b.22_Feb_1875 d. Adair Co. Oklahoma

Bigbey, Stephen Foreman [164151] [164151] b.26_Oct_1842, Flint District, Cherokee Nation East d.Oct_1861

Bigbey, Susannah [164153]

Bigbey, Thomas [164177] b.14_Jun_1873

Bigbey, Thomas Whitfield [164154] [164154] b.23_Apr_1848, Flint District, Cherokee Nation East d.1916, Adair Co., OK

Bigbey, Walter Austin [164185] [164185] b.1894

Bigby, Elenora [164173] b.1883, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory

Bigby, John [164149] b.1839, Flint District, Cherokee Nation East

Bigby, Wyly [164172] b.1883, Cherokee Nation West, Oklahoma Indian Territory

Bigelow, ________ [18306] b.18_Dec_1667, Watertown MA d.18_Dec_1667, Watertown MA

Bigelow, Abigail [18304] b.4_Feb_1664, Weston MA m.10_Dec_1684, Watertown MA wife of Benjamin Harrington d.12_Jan_1754, Weston MA

Bigelow, Abigail [18338] b.17_May_1687, Watertown MA m.17_Aug_1710, Killingly CT wife of Jonathan Cutler, Colchester CT

Bigelow, Auriel [64111] b.15_Apr_1856 d.25_Jun_1874

Bigelow, Catherine Scollay [37526] [37526] wife of Francis Parkman

Bigelow, Daniel [18293] d.1789

Bigelow, Daniel [18297] b.1_Dec_1650, Watertown MA d.1715, Framingham MA

Bigelow, Deliverance [18341] b.22_Sep_1695, Watertown MA m.10_Aug_1715, Watertown MA wife of John Stearns d.Aug_1762, Worcester MA

Bigelow, Elizabeth [18300] b.15_Jun_1657, Watertown MA m.6_Sep_1676, Watertown MA wife of Capt. John Stearns d.18_Apr_1695, Billerica MA

Bigelow, Ernest [93009]

Bigelow, Fernando Cortez [64113] [64113], Rutland MA

Bigelow, Geraldine [93008] b.1933

Bigelow, Hannah [18305] b.7_Mar_1665/66, Watertown MA d.8_Mar_1665/66, Watertown MA

Bigelow, Hannah [18339] b.1689, Watertown MA m.24_May_1711, Watertown MA wife of Daniel Warren d.1717, Westborough MA

Bigelow, Harold [93007] b.1914

Bigelow, Herbert L. [64109] b.7_Apr_1850 d.6_Jun_1853

Bigelow, Isaac [18340] b.19_Mar_1689/90, Watertown MA d.11_Sep_1751, Colchester CT London,Connecticut

Bigelow, James [18302] b.1_Apr_1662, Watertown MA d.20_Jan_1727/28, Weston CT

Bigelow, John [18294] b.27_Oct_1643, Watertown MA d.31_Aug_1684, Hartford CT

Bigelow, John [18332] b.9_May_1675, Watertown MA d.8_Sep_1769, Marlboro MA

Bigelow, Jonathan [18295] b.11_Dec_1646, Watertown MA d.10_Jan_1709/10, Hartford CT

Bigelow, Joshua [18299] b.29_Oct_1655, Watertown MA d.21_Feb_1744/45, Westminster MA

Bigelow, Lewis [64112] b.30_Aug_1870

Bigelow, Marilyn [93011] b.1940

Bigelow, Martha [18303] b.1_Apr_1662, Watertown MA m.10_Dec_1684, Watertown MA wife of John Obadiah Wood d.20_Jan_1727/28, Watertown MA

Bigelow, Mary [18296] b.14_Mar_1647/48, Watertown MA m.13_Jun_1674, Watertown MA wife of Michael Flagg d.3_Sep_1704, Watertown MA

Bigelow, Mary [18333] b.12_Sep_1677, Watertown MA m.26_Feb_1698/99, Watertown MA wife of David Bruce m.1701, Sudbury MA wife of Thomas Read d.21_Feb_1706/07, Sudbury MA

Bigelow, Mercy [18337] b.14_Apr_1685, Watertown MA m.25_Jan_1705/06, Watertown MA wife of Thomas Garfield d.23_Feb_1742/43, Weston MA

Bigelow, Norman [93006] b.1911

Bigelow, Oren [64110] b.11_May_1854

Bigelow, Patience [18329] b.30_Sep_1695 m.29_Nov_1720, Groton MA wife of Samuel Woods d.23_Jan_1773

Bigelow, Richard [93010] b.1939

Bigelow, Samuel [18298] b.28_Oct_1653, Watertown MA d.30_Sep_1730, Watertown MA

Bigelow, Samuel [18334] b.18_Sep_1679, Watertown MA d.1733/34, Marlboro MA

Bigelow, Sarah [18301] (Sary) b.29_Sep_1659, Watertown MA m.23_Jul_1679 wife of Isaac Learned d.18_Apr_1694, Framingham MA

Bigelow, Sarah [18335] b.1_Oct_1681, Watertown MA m.14_Jun_1706, Marlboro MA wife of Josiah Howe m. 11_Dec_1706 wife of Joseph Howe d.22_Mar_1712/13, Marlboro MA

Bigelow, Thomas [18336] b.24_Oct_1683, Watertown MA d.6_Oct_1756, Waltham MA

Bigelow, Walter [93012] b.1938

Bigelow, Wyman [93005] b.1906

Bigge, Elizabeth [45581], Kent, England m.13_Sep_1608, Biddenden, Kent, England wife of John Stowe, Roxbury MA

Bigger, Anne [8790]

Bigger, David [8788]

Bigger, David Findley [158104] [158104]

Bigger, Elizabeth [8789]

Bigger, Jane [158107] wife of Abraham Pollock

Bigger, John [8787]

Bigger, Mary [8792]

Bigger, Ruth [8791]

Bigger, Samuel [158105]

Bigger, William [158106]

Biggers, Clyde H. [138558]

Biggers, Dale [138559]

Biggers, Don Hampton [138566] b.27_Sep_1868, Meridian TX d.11_Dec_1957, Stephenville TX

Biggers, Elizabeth [138580] (Betty) b.1841 wife of Sam W. Biggers d.1882

Biggers, Elizabeth [158761] b.1889 d.1982

Biggers, Eugene [138567]

Biggers, Eula [138560]

Biggers, Gordon Earl [138557]

Biggers, James [158762] b.1899

Biggers, John Morris [138746]

Biggers, Living [138408]

Biggers, Living [138409] wife of Living Vercoutere

Biggers, Living [138410] wife of Living Whitworth

Biggers, Living [138411]

Biggers, Living [138413]

Biggers, Living [138414]

Biggers, Living [138435]

Biggers, Living [138436] (adopted)

Biggers, Living [138750]

Biggers, Nina [158763] b.1905 wife of James T. Davis d.1970

Biggers, Norton Homan [138556] [138556] b.8_Jan_1901, Colorado City TX d.25_Oct_1994, Stow OH

Biggers, Sam W. [138578] b.1836, Georgia d.1894

Biggers, William H. [138579] b.30_Jun_1839, Loundes Co. MS d.20_Jul_1864, Atlanta GA

Biggs, Beulah Mae [155409] b.10_Aug_1909, Andalusia, Covington Co. AL wife of Charlie D. McDonald d.29_Mar_1971, Elba, Coffee Co. AL

Bigham, Anna L. [71225] wife of William E. Gay d.20_Mar_1932, Danbury CT

Bigham, Claude Virgil [183917] [183917] b. 6 JUN 1875 Texas d. 1927 Abeline, Abeline Co, Texas

Bigham, Claude Wayne [204525] b. 29 SEP 1935 Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma d. 22 JUN 1984 Amarillo, Potter, Texas

Bigham, Dorothy Helen [204521] [204521] b. 22 DEC 1926 Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma m. 15 MAR 1947 Pampa, Gray, Texas wife of James Weldon Kennemer

Bigham, Florence [71226] d. before 1969

Bigham, Fred [183918] b. 16 AUG 1878 Texas d. 5 FEB 1927 Merkel, Taylor Co, Texas

Bigham, Ima Jo [204523] b. 9 JUN 1931 Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma d. 20 NOV 1978 Pampa, Gray, Texas m. JUN 1947 wife of Billy Gus Bell m. 13 OCT 1951 wife of Russell Eugene Glover wife of A.V. Smith

Bigham, Jesse Hogue [183916] b. 22 DEC 1871 Texas d. 1 AUG 1897

Bigham, Living [204524] wife of Don Flaherty wife of Ruel Brooks Jr. Hayes wife of Happy Martin wife of Bill Charleston wife of Bill ? wife of Leo Livingston

Bigham, Living [204527]

Bigham, Living [204564]

Bigham, Living [204565] wife of Living Parks wife of Living Melton

Bigham, Living [204566]

Bigham, Living [204568]

Bigham, Living [204569]

Bigham, Living [204570]

Bigham, Living [204577]

Bigham, Living [204578]

Bigham, Living [204581]

Bigham, Margaret [71224]

Bigham, Naomi Joy [204522] b. 20 MAY 1929 Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma m. 12 JUL 1950 Sidney, Cheyenne, Nebraska wife of Gerold Edward Huckins m. 2 JUL 1947 Pampa, Gray, Texas wife of James Alvin Wedgeworth

Bigham, Wanda Louise [204520] b. 5 MAY 1925 Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma d. JUL 1925 Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma

Bigham, Wariner [204526] b. 29 MAY 1937 Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma d. 29 MAY 1937 Waurika, Jefferson, Oklahoma

Bigham, Wariner [204579] b. 17 MAR 1966 Pampa, Gray, Texas d. 17 MAR 1966 Pampa, Gray, Texas

Bigham, Willie Elizabeth [183919] [183919] b. 3 MAY 1886 Texas d. 7 MAR 1971

Bignell, Ann [225410] b.1830, Hillingdon, Middlesex, England m.Apr_1870, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England wife of George Hogg d.Jan_1908, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England

Bignell, Thomas [225408] b.1783, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England

Bigod, ________ [2976]

Bigod, Cicely [2981], Belvoir_Castle, Suffolk

Bigod, Gunnora [2979] of Norfolk

Bigod, Hugh [2973] 3rd earl of Norfolk, Thetford, Norfolk d.feb_1225, Thetford, Norfolk

Bigod, Hugh [2980], Belvoir_Castle, Suffolk d.1176

Bigod, Isabel [2972] of Norfolk wife of Gilbert de Lacy of Ewyas Lacy, Hereford wife of Sir John Fitz Geoffrey

Bigod, Joan [2966] m.1358 wife of Sir William de Chauncy, baron of Skirpenbeck, York

Bigod, Joanna [2963] wife of Sir Walter de Calverley

Bigod, Margaret [2975] wife of William Hastings

Bigod, Mary [2974], Thetford, Norfolk wife of Ranulf FitzRobert

Bigod, Maud [2978] of Belvoir Norfolk wife of d'Aubigny

Bigod, Ralph [2971] of Norfolk

Bigod, Robert [2985] of St. Saveur Normandy

Bigod, Roger [2968] 6th earl of Norfolk

Bigod, Roger [2977] baron le Bigod lord high stewart of England 2nd earl of Norfolk d.1221

Bigod, Roger [2983] of St. Saveur France d.1107, Thetford Norfolk

Bigod, Roger [2984] of St. Saveur France

Bigod, Roger [3525] 5th earl of Norfolk

Bigod, Sir Hugh [2970] chief justice of England d.1266

Bigod, Sir John [2964] of Settrington

Bigod, Sir John [2965] of Settrington d.1389

Bigod, Sir John [2969] of Stockton, Norfolk

Bigod, Sir Roger [2967] of Settrington, York d.1362

Bigod, William [2982] lord of Framlingham d.25_Nov_1120, drowned in the wreck of the white ship

de_Bigorre, Clemencia [85889] m.1055 wife of Ermengaud III, count of Urgel d. after 1965

of_Bigorre, Facquilo [85417] wife of Donat Llop

de_Bigorre, Gersinde [85425], Foix, France wife of Bernard de Comminges d. after 1038

of_Bigorro, Ermisenda [85892] (Gisberga) wife of Ramiro I Sanchez, king of Aragon m.1036

Bilger, Deirdre Erma [194022]

Bilger, Erika Emery [194023] b.1977

Bilger, Jessica Mae [194024] b.1981

Bill, Anna [97631] b.3_Sep_1739, Chelsea MA m.21_Sep_1758 wife of John Tewksbury d.4_Apr_1829, Chelsea MA

Bill, Catherine [127625] wife of William Fitzhugh d. after 1546

Bill, James [97659], England d.1_Feb_1687/8, Winthrop MA

Bill, John [127623] d.1503

Bill, John [97661]

Bill, Jonathan [97637] b.27_Nov_1701, Winthrop MA d.19_Oct_1761

Bill, Jonathan [97639], Boston MA d.16_Dec_1731, Winthrop MA

Bill, Joshua [97640] b.1688, Chelsea MA d.1731, Chelsea MA

Bill,, Lt. Jonathan [97657], Winthrop MA d.17_Apr_1729, Winthrop MA

Bill, Lydia [100272] wife of Joseph Howland

Bill, Sarah [97633] b.11_Nov_1709, Chelsea MA m.5_Nov_1733 wife of John Tewksbury d.28_Jul_1765, Chelsea MA

(Bill), Clancey Gilbert Batchelder [78366] (Bill) [78366]

(Bill), William Carl Pastrick [50959] (Bill) [50959] b.28_Jun_1916, Chicago IL d.15_Jul_1956, St Joseph MI

(Bill), William Custis Kellam [211104] (Bill) [211104] b.20_Jul_1904 d.13_Aug_1998

(Bill), William Iverson King [210053] (Bill) [210053] b.1868

(Bill), William Samuel Berry [197795] (Bill) [197795] b.21_Apr_1922, Virginia

(Bill), William Wallace Evans [178633] (Bill) [178633] b.Nov_1869, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD d.1945, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Billeau, Adeline [73846] d. Aft 1877 m. 1874 wife of David R. Regnier

Billeau, Carrie [73848] wife of Pete Bisaillon

Billeau, Marie Josephine [73847] [73847] wife of David R. Regnier

Billew), Frances Averilla Diggs (or [141027] (or Billew) [141027] b.1840 d.25_Jun_1853

(Billie), Lillie Rachel Chisholm [207728] (Billie) [207728] b.18_Nov_1931, Charlottesville VA wife of Melvin Quesenberry d.9_Aug_1994, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co. VA

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