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Squier, Hattie D. [8694] b. Jerseyville, Illinois wife of Danile B. Mudgett

Squier, Israel [8683] b.1799 d.1875

Squier, John N. [8651] b.1828 d.1898

Squier, Lealia [8691] b. Jerseyville, Illinois wife of Raymond T. Moore

Squier, Ludlow [8657]

Squier, Mary [8655]

Squire, Abbie Janeway [31405] b.24_Sep_1845, Rahway NJ m.11_Dec_1867, Rahway NJ wife of James M. Whitehead d.20_Nov_1904, Rahway NJ

Squire, Abigail [32689] (Aby) wife of Richard Coriell

Squire, Alexander [33027] b.13_Sep_1832

Squire, Alexander James [33024] [33024] b.28_Mar_1828

Squire, Anne [25879] b. before 1591, Charlton, Mackrell, Somersetshire, England wife of Thomas Oliver m.1613/14, Kingweston, Somersetshire, England wife of Aquila Purchase d.1662, Boston MA

Squire, Benjamin [31380] b.6_Feb_1772 d.3_Mar_1828

Squire, Benjamin Burt [31382] b.16_Nov_1808, New Jersey d.21_Jun_1886, Rahway NJ

Squire, Benjamin C. [31402] dealer in tea b.24_Jun_1839, New Jersey

Squire, Charles C. [31433] d. after Dec_1933

Squire, Clark [32690] b.6_Feb_1797 d.22_Jan_1853

Squire, Cyrus [31384]

Squire, Deborah [31378] b.14_Sep_1741, Westfield NJ m.6_Sep_1671, Westfield NJ wife of Thomas Marsh d.11_Jul_1814

Squire, Deborah [32692] wife of William Darby

Squire, Eleazer [31377] b.1740, Westfield NJ d.21_Sep_1784

Squire, Elias Runyan [33026] b.13_Sep_1832

Squire, Elizabeth C. [33023] b.28_Mar_1828

Squire, Elizabeth Edith [25877] [25877] b.29_May_1587, England m.19_Oct_1609, Charlton, Mackrel, Somersetshire, England wife of Henry Adams d.21_Jan_1672, Medfield MA

Squire, Frances [25881]

Squire, George [31471] b.1680

Squire, Henry [26335] b.1563, Charlton, Mackrell, Somersetshire, England d.25_Dec_1649, Kingweston, Somersetshire, England

Squire, Hester Hattie [31407] b.26_Oct_1851, Rahway NJ d.10_Aug_1920, Elizabeth NJ unmarried

Squire, Israel [32691]

Squire, Jane [32693] wife of Elias Kirkpatrick Esq.

Squire, Johathan [32098]

Squire, John [31467] b.1660

Squire, John [34785]

Squire, Ludlow [32688] b.4_May_1771

Squire, Ludlow [32694]

Squire, Margaret [25880] wife of John Shepherd

Squire, Margaret Coddington [31432] [31432] b.16_Feb_1871 d.15_Jul_1921, Rahway NJ

Squire, Marietta Burtis [31431] [31431] b.9_May_1969 d.21_Dec_1933, E. Orange NJ

Squire, Mary [31381] b.1804 wife of Felix Fontanelle

Squire, Mary [31400] b.20_Jan_1832 m.5_Feb_1857 wife of Augustus Laing d.28_Oct_1873

Squire, Peter [31383]

Squire, Phoebe Ann [31404] b.23_Nov_1843, New Jersey m.23_Nov_1863, Rahway NJ wife of Martin Van B. Clark d.14_Jul_1904, Rahway NJ

Squire, Rachel Eliza [31408] b.26_Oct_1851, Rahway NJ d.10_Mar_1932, unmarried

Squire, Randolph [31401] b.29_Feb_1836 d.6_Jul_1840

Squire, Samuel Abernathy [31406] [31406] b.7_Jun_1849, Rahway NJ d.13_Jan_1918, Rahway NJ

Squire, Sarah [25878]

Squire, Thomas [31485] d.14_Feb_1778, Westfield NJ

Squire, Thomas Janeway [31403] [31403] b.6_Aug_1841 d.13_Feb_1864, Rahway NJ

Squire, William Gaston [33025] [33025] b.26_Mar_1830

Sr,, James Foster [193308], Gloucester Co. VA, Amelia Co. VA

Sr,, John Foster [193309], Gloucester Co. VA d.1760, Orange Co. VA

Sr,, Samuel Knox [126633] b.1_Jan_1747, Coleraine, Ireland d.11_Feb_1837

Sr,, William Henry Powell [224420] [224420] b.4_Jan_1846, Cricket Hill, Mathews Co. VA d.15_Feb_1916, Mathews Co. VA

St., Calin Leon West [194044] b.1957

Staats, Gertrude [26566] wife of Andries Coeymans

Stacey, Agnes Linwood [182040] [182040] b.15_Nov_1927 d.23_Jan_2004

Stacey, Anne Elizabeth [182037] [182037] b.2_Apr_1919 d.15_Feb_2005

Stacey, Benedict [181984] (Bennet) b.19_Dec_1725, St. Mary's Co. MD, Lincoln Co. NC

Stacey, Carrie Ethel [182034] b.14_Sep_1910 d.5_Jul_1997

Stacey, Charles [181981] b.Jan_1684 d.2_Jan_1724

Stacey, Cornelius Cook [182033] [182033] b.29_Mar_1909 d.1986

Stacey, Edna Mae [181977] b.11_Mar_1917, Melton Place, Rutherfordton Co. NC m.25_May_1940 wife of Willie P. Pryor

Stacey, John [181979] b.1677

Stacey, John [181983] b.1712-1724, St. Mary's Co. MD

Stacey, Oliver Hicks [182032] b.31_Aug_1907 d.19_Mar_2005

Stacey, Raymond Spurgeon [182039] [182039] b.16_Apr_1923 d.31_Aug_2004

Stacey, Thomas Edward [182036] [182036] b.20_Mar_1915 d.13_Jun_1994

Stacey, Thomas Jr. [181980] ba.18_Feb_1679

Stacey, Velma Louise [182038] b.16_Jun_1921

Stacey, William Woodrow [182035] [182035] b.19_Oct_1912 d.7_May_1997

Stachura, Brandon Arthur [150991] [150991]

Stachura, Christopher Michael [150992] [150992]

Stackhouse, 1John [149219]

Stackhouse, Alice [149236] b.1699 wife of Euclidis Longshore

Stackhouse, Amos [16592] b.4_May_1757 d.5_Apr_1825

Stackhouse, Ann [149228] b.1715 wife of Charles Plumley

Stackhouse, Ellen [149220] b.1636, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England m.1656 wife of Ralph Cowgill d. after 1705, Middletown Twp., Bucks Co., PA

Stackhouse, Ellen [51314] b.1639, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England wife of Ralph Cowgill

Stackhouse, Ellin [51312] b.1637, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England

Stackhouse, Esther [16593] b.17_Oct_1787, Philadelphia, P m.29_Oct_1807, Philadelphia, P wife of Elija Keeler Bangs d.27_Sep_1819, Philadelphia, P

Stackhouse, Isaac [149226] b.1712 d.1714

Stackhouse, Isaac [149230] b.1720

Stackhouse, Jacob [149227] b.1713

Stackhouse, James [16603] b.11_Nov_1725, Bucks Co., PA d.16_Aug_1759, Philadelphia, P

Stackhouse, Jannet [51311] b.1637, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England

Stackhouse, John [149215] b.1558

Stackhouse, John [51308] b.1633, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England

Stackhouse, John [51313] b.1638, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England

Stackhouse, Living [187287]

Stackhouse, Sarah [149229] b.1718 wife of Samuel Carey

Stackhouse, Thomas [149217] b.1_May_1601 d.1686

Stackhouse, Thomas [149224] b.1660

Stackhouse, Thomas [51309] b.1635, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England

Stackhouse, Thomas Sr. [51310] [51310] b.1635, Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England d.1706, Bucks Co. PA

Stacy, ________ [159693]

Stacy, Aaron [181987] b.1760, St. Mary's Co. MD d.17_Jun_1834, Burke Co. NC bu. Gilboa Methodist Church Cemetery

Stacy, Agnes [159669]

Stacy, Albert [182022] b.7_Sep_1870 d.16_Oct_1934

Stacy, Altha [182017] b.1846

Stacy, Anne [181961]

Stacy, Ann (Nancy) [81371] b.1813, York Co. VA wife of William Fox m. after 1839 wife of Edmund T. Powell Sr.

Stacy, Benjamin [181986] b.1752 d.1832

Stacy, Benjamin [181997] b.1795 d.1_Sep_1873

Stacy, Daniel W. [182006] b.11_Mar_1821 d.29_Dec_1903

Stacy, Daniel Watkins [182029] [182029] b.25_Jan_1888 d.10_Aug_1940

Stacy, Edith Loretta [182025] b.6_Feb_1876

Stacy, Eleanor [181998] b.1798

Stacy, Elisha [181992] b.1772

Stacy, Elizabeth [159656] wife of William Darnell

Stacy, Elizabeth [159680] b.11_Jan_1713, Charles Parish, York Co. VA d.17_Aug_1731, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Elizabeth [159692] b.27_Nov_1766, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Elizabeth [159696]

Stacy, Elizabeth [181962] b.1756

Stacy, Elizabeth [181970] b.29_Nov_1766

Stacy, Elizabeth Ann [182011] (betty) b.1831

Stacy, Emily [182008] b.1825, Lovelady Ford, Morganton, Burke Co. NC

Stacy, George A. [65712]

Stacy, Hannah [159654]

Stacy, Hannah [159673]

Stacy, Henrietta [182001] b.1808, Burke Co. NC

Stacy, Henrietta L. [182016] b.1844

Stacy, James [181966] h.17_Mar_1742/43

Stacy, James [182012] b.1933, Lovelady Ford, Morganton, Burke Co. NC

Stacy, James [182018] b.1848

Stacy, James [182026] b.24_Oct_1877

Stacy, James F. [68707] b.1837, Jackson Co., TN

Stacy, Jane [181989] b.1762

Stacy, Jeremiah [181996] b.1790 d.Apr_1846

Stacy, Joan [159640] wife of Roger Newman

Stacy, Joan [159642]

Stacy, Joana [159655]

Stacy, Joanne [159665]

Stacy, John [159638]

Stacy, John [159658]

Stacy, John [159663], North Petherton Parish, Somersetshire, England

Stacy, John [159670] in York Co. VA, 1657, North Petherton Parish, Somersetshire, England

Stacy, John [159671] b.23_Oct_1642

Stacy, John [159683] b.15_Dec_1722, Charles Parish, York Co. VA d.2_Jan_1770, York Co. VA

Stacy, John [159686] b.16_Jul_1741, Charles Parish, York Co. VA d.1770, York Co. VA (will)

Stacy, John [159694] of York Co. VA, 1820 b.1775-1794

Stacy, John [181988] b.1761, St. Mary's Co. MD

Stacy, John Edward [165400]

Stacy, John Jr. [181969] b.5_Feb_1762

Stacy, John L. [68705] b.1822, Jackson Co, TN

Stacy, Joseph [159677] b.24_Jul_1690, Charles Parish, York Co. VA d.5_Jan_1726, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Joseph [159684] b.6_Apr_1726, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Joseph [159689] b.13_Oct_1767, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Katherine [159639] wife of George Pomfret

Stacy, Katherine [159667]

Stacy, Kinchen Kerechen [181963] [181963] b.18_Jan_1763

Stacy, Laurea [98186]

Stacy, Lucinda [182009] b.18_Aug_1826, Lovelady Ford, Morganton, Burke Co. NC d.14_May_1895 bu. Mt. Pleasant Babtist Church Cemetery, Burke Co. NC

Stacy, Lucretia [181990] b.1766

Stacy, Lucretia [182000] d.16_Apr_1883

Stacy, Margaret [159666]

Stacy, Mark [181993] b.1785 d.1855

Stacy, Martha [182014] b.1838

Stacy, Mary [159653]

Stacy, Mary [159682] b.17_Jun_1720, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Mary [31239] m.1679 wife of Thomas Lincoln

Stacy, Mary Eulola Katherine [182024] [182024] b.31_Mar_1874 d.25_Dec_1884 bu. Pisgah United Methodist Church Cemetary, Rutherford Co. NC

Stacy, Miles W. [182005] b.14_Aug_1819 d.13_May_1872

Stacy, Nancy [181991]

Stacy, Oliver [182007] b.1823 d. after 1870

Stacy, Oliver Durant [182020] b.28_Sep_1852 d.26_May_1924

Stacy, Osborne [182004] b.17_May_1818, Lovelady Ford, Morgonton, Burke Co. NC d.10_May_1899, Burke Co. NC bu. Pisgah United Methodist, Church Cemetary, Rutherford Co. NC

Stacy, Pauline [182003] b.17_Jun_1817 d.14_May_1882

Stacy, Ralph [182027] b.13_Jul_1879

Stacy, Robert [159672]

Stacy, Robert Sr. [181967] b.25_Mar_1757 d.6_Feb_1849, Spartanburg SC

Stacy, Roda [159643]

Stacy, Sallie Ida [182028] b.21_Mar_1882 d.25_Feb_1944

Stacy, Sarah [159681] b.17_Feb_1718, Charles Parish, York Co. VA d.24_Sep_1718, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Sarah [181968] b.3_Jan_1759

Stacy, Selina [181999] b.1802

Stacy, Simon [159657]

Stacy, Simon [159668]

Stacy, Simon [159674] b.5_Aug_1638, North Petherton Parish, Somersetshire, England d.23_Jan_1717/18, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Simon [159679] b.29_Jan_1711, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Simon [159687] b.20_Mar_1742, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Stacy, Susan [130153] b.1818, Warwick Co. VA m. before 1834 wife of Lewis E. Burcher d. after 1880

Stacy, Susan [182015] b.1841

Stacy, Symon [159661] c.11_May_1572, North Petherton Parish, Somersetshire, England

Stacy, Thomas [159662], North Petherton Parish, Somersetshire, England

Stacy, Thomas [159664]

Stacy, Thomas [159675] b.1640, Waltham Parish, Colchester, Essex, England d.5_Jul_1697, Chowan NC

Stacy, Thomas III [159641], Walden, Essex, England

Stacy, Thomas Jr. [159637], Walden, Essex, England

Stacy, Vardie E. [182010] b.1828, Lovelady Ford, Morganton, Burke Co. NC

Stacy, Walter Theodore [182031] [182031] b.3_Mar_1906 d.3_Mar_2000

Stacy, William [159690] of Warwick Co. VA, 1820 b.1775-1794 d.1825

Stacy, William [159695] of York Co. VA, 1820 b.1775-1794 d.18_May_1828, York Co. VA

Stacy, William [98185]

Stacy, William Gamewell [182019] [182019] b.11_Aug_1849, Burke Co. NC d.1921, Burke Co. NC

Stacy, William Osborn [182023] [182023] b.30_Jun_1872, Rutherford Co. NC d.26_Oct_1944, Rutherford Co. NC bu. Rutherford City Cemetary, Section 3, Rutherford Co. NC

Stacy, William T. [68706] b.1824, Jackson Co, TN

Stacy, Zachariah Bullock [181995] [181995] b.1786, Brunswick Co. VA d.25_Mar_1857, Burke Co. NC

of_Stade, Henry [13527] (the Bold) b.952 d.11_May_976

of_Stade, Hildegard [13529] countess of Stade wife of Bernard I of Saxony

Stafford, Alice [143575], England wife of Anthony Savage

Stafford, Alice [48193] wife of Walter Tailboys, lord Kyme d.1448

Stafford, Anne [16840], Grafton, Worcestershire, England wife of Sir William Berkeley wife of Richard Neville d. after 1500

Stafford, Anne [16883], Buckingham, England d.Apr_1472

de_Stafford, Anne [16890], Staffordshire, England wife of Edmund de Mortimer m. before 1427 wife of John de_Exeter Holand d.24_Sep_1432

Stafford, Anne [16910], Ashby, Leicestershire, England wife of Sir Walter Herbert m.Dec_1509 wife of George Hastings d. Stoke Pogis

Stafford, Beatrice [16855] wife of Maurice of Desmond, earl of Desmond wife of Thomas de Ros of Helmsley

Stafford, Catherine [16875] wife of Michael de la Pole, earl of Suffolk

Stafford, Catherine [16885], Buckingham, England wife of John Talbot, 3rd earl of Shrewsbury d.26_Dec_1476

Stafford, Catherine [16905] countess of Westmorland m. before Jun_1520, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England wife of Ralph Neville of Westmorland d.14_May_1555, Holywell in Shoreditch, Middlesex, England

Stafford, Clayton W. [104314] b.1_Jun_1888 d.24_Nov_1932

Stafford, Edmund [16859] of Clifton, Staffordshire, England 1st baron Stafford b.15_Jul_1273 d.26_Aug_1308

Stafford, Edmund [16873] earl of Stafford b.2_Mar_1378, Staffordshire, England d.22_Jul_1403, Shrewsbury

Stafford, Edward [16882], Stafford, Staffordshire, England

Stafford, Edward [16907] duke of Buckingham b.3_Feb_1477/78, Brecknock Castle, Brecknockshire, Wales d.17_May_1521, Tower Hill, London, England, beheaded

Stafford, Elizabeth [16842] wife of Sir John de Beauchamp

Stafford, Elizabeth [16889], Stafford, Staffordshire, England

Stafford, Elizabeth [16904], Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England m.1512 wife of Thomas Howard d.30_Nov_1558, Lambeth, London, England

Stafford, Elizabeth [16908] wife of Robert Radcliffe of Sussex

Stafford, George [16886], Stafford, Staffordshire, England

Stafford, Henry [16876] duke of Buckingham b.4_Sep_1455, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Wales d.2_Nov_1483, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Stafford, Henry [16906] b.18_Sep_1501, Penshurst, Kent, England d.30_Apr_1563, Caus Castle, Shropshire, England

Stafford, Henry [16909] of Brecknock Castle, Brecknockshire, Wales earl of Wiltshire b.1479 d.Mar_1522/1523, sp

Stafford, Humphrey [16878] earl of Stafford, Stafford, Staffordshire, England d.1455, St Albans

Stafford, Humphrey [16892] duke of Buckingham, Stafford, Staffordshire, England d.10_Jul_1460, Battle, Northampton, England

de_Stafford, Joan [16857], Staffordshire, England wife of John de Cherleton, lord of Powis d. before 1397

Stafford, Joan [16887], Stafford, Staffordshire, England d. after 1485

Stafford, Joanne [16877], England

Stafford, John [16881], Buckingham, England d.8_May_1473

Stafford, John L. [104313] b.19_Apr_1882 d.1_May_1953

Stafford, Katharine [16853], Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England m.1357 wife of John de Sutton III d.Dec_1361

Stafford, Living [204536]

Stafford, Living [204538]

Stafford, Margaret [142137], Wilton in Cleveland, Yorkshire, England d.25_May_1537, Smithfield, Middlesex, England

Stafford, Margaret [16856] 2nd wife of Sir John Stafford of Bramshall, Stafford

Stafford, Margaret [16874] of Stafford, Staffordshire, England 1st wife of Sir Ralph Neville, 1st earl of Westmoreland d.1396

Stafford, Margaret [16884] b.1435, Buckingham, England

Stafford, Marjorie Jean [104315] [104315] b.19_Sep_1932 m.1953 wife of Max Mendenhall

Stafford, Mary [16903] baroness Abergavenny, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England wife of George Neville

Stafford, May B. [104312] b.13_Dec_1878 d.24_Jul_1960

de_Stafford, Millicent [16921] [16921] of Staffordshire d.1224 wife of Hervey de_Bagot

de_Stafford, Nicholas [16860] lord Stafford of Staffordshire d.1287

de_Stafford, Nicholas [16923] of Staffordshire d.1138

de_Stafford, Philippa [16891], Staffordshire, England

de_Stafford, Ralph [16845] of Grafton, Worcester d.1410

Stafford, Ralph [16852] d.1347

Stafford, Richard [16880], Stafford, Staffordshire, England

de_Stafford, Robert [16861] lord Stafford of Staffordshire b.1220 d.1261

de_Stafford, Robert [16922] of Staffordshire b.1124

de_Stafford, Robert [16924] of Staffordshire d.1088

Stafford, Sir Henry [16879], Buckingham, England d.1481

Stafford, Sir Hugh [16854] knight of the garter 2nd earl of Stafford d.6_Oct_1386, Rhodes

Stafford, Sir Humphrey [16841] [16841] of Grafton, Worcester d.1486, Tyburn (executed)

Stafford, Sir Humphrey [16843] [16843] of Grafton, Worcester b.1400 d. after 1467

Stafford, Sir Humphrey [16844] [16844] of Grafton, Worcester b.1384 d.1419

Stafford, Sir John [16846] of Bramshall, Stafford

de_Stafford, Sir Ralph [16858] [16858] of Tunbridge, Staffordshire, England knight of the garter 1st earl of Stafford b.9_Oct_1299 d.31_Aug_1372, Tunbridge Castle, Staffordshire, England

Stafford, Thomas [16871] earl of Stafford b. before 1368, Staffordshire, England d.4_Jul_1392, Westminster, England

Stafford, William [16872] earl of Stafford d.1395

Stafford, William [16888], Stafford, Staffordshire, England

Stage, Ariana M. [149719] b.1998, Germany

Stage, Destiny F. [149720] b.1999, Germany

Stagg, Elizabeth Fox [211578] b.27_Oct_1864 m.22_Jul_1886, Richmond VA wife of Edward C. Madison d.3_Apr_1952, Tuscaloosa AL

Stagg, John Fox [211576] b.2_Oct_1829 d.7_Sep_1865

Staggs, Living [181502]

Staggs, Living [181503]

Staggs, Living [181504]

Staggs, Thomas William [211291] [211291] b.1874, St. Joseph MO d.Sep_1962, The Dalles, Wasco Co. OR

de_Stainton, Christian [37944] [37944] wife of Michael II le Fleming

Stair, Clara [35781]

Stair, Hannah [35779]

Stair, Holdnay [35780]

Stalker, Jerusha [144680] b.1_Jan_1701, Kent Co. MD m.1_Jan_1719, Accomack Co. VA wife of Delight Shields

Stall, Bedford Heard [205658] wife of Thomas E. Embry

Stall, Robert J. [205660]

Stall, Robert Jennings [205657] [205657]

Stallard, Callie [201104] b.20_Apr_1890, Crafts Colly, Ermine, Letcher Co. KY wife of Kelly Ison d.26_Nov_1981 Letcher Co. KY

Stallard, Cordelia [201106] (Delia) b.23_Dec_1899, Letcher Co. KY

Stallard, Mary Bell [201105] b.18_Sep_1894, Crafts Colly, Ermine, Letcher Co. KY

Stallon, Margaret [68975] m.30_Nov_1678, New London, CT wife of Pasco Foote

Stallon, Sarah [68974] m.9_Feb_1674, New London, CT wife of John Edgecombe

Stallyon, Deborah [68973] b.1651, New London, CT m.1_Jan_1670, New London, CT wife of James Avery d.27_Mar_1729, Hartford, CT

Stalnaker, John I. [138607] b. Elkins WV

Stalvey, Madison [150318] b.2000

de_St_Amand, Ralph [19142]

Stamey, Allen Buddy [76020] b. 26_Sep_1929 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Boyd Montraville [75243] [75243] b. 9_Jun_1885 Haywood Co,Nc d. 8_Aug_1971 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Carolyn Ruth [75254] b. 1942

Stamey, Carrie [75241] b. 1877 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Charles Rufus [76785] b. 20_May_1916 Haywood Co,Nc d. 18_Sep_1971

Stamey, Charlotte [75236] b. 1878 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Charlotte Hope [76013] [76013] b. 19_Jan_1906 Haywood Co,Nc wife of A. L. Hall

Stamey, Claude C. [75237] b. 1889 d. 1978

Stamey, Dale Bruce [76019] b. 7_Apr_1922 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, George Henry [76784] b. 22_May_1914 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Jesse [75238]

Stamey, Jessie Lou [75242] b. 1_Oct_1881 Haywood Co,Nc d. 1968 Haywood Co,Nc m. 1898 wife of James Wesley Holland

Stamey, Mabel M. [76367] b._Jun_1890 Haywood Co,Nc d. 7_Jun_1920 Haywood Co,Nc wife of Willard N. Keener

Stamey, Monnie "Monty" G. [75240] [75240] b. 1900 d. 1957

Stamey, Nancy Ellen [76018] b. 10_Dec_1918 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Pearl Vernell [76014] b. 25_Nov_1909 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Reuben "Rube" C. [75239] [75239] b. 1893 d. 1955

Stamey, Un-Named Dau [76786] b. 13_Feb_1919 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Un-Named Dau [76787] b. 22_Dec_1920 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Un-Named Son [76017] b. 14_Aug_1916 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, Virginia [76015] b. 26_Nov_1909 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, William Boyd "Bill" [76016] [76016] b. 12_Aug_1912 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamey, William Buel [76368] b. 5_Jun_1892 Haywood Co,Nc

Stamm, Clara Freda [96028] b.25_Oct_1880, Germany m.16_Aug_1903, Boston MA wife of Arthur W. Pearce d.27_Dec_1939, Dorchester MA bu. Birch Grove Cemetery, Boston MA

Stanard, Virginia [27306] wife of Samuel Slaughter

Standish, Abigail [122798] b.16_Dec_1731, Plymouth MA m.1_Sep_1752, Plymouth MA wife of Samuel Wright d.1_Dec_1774, Plymouth MA

Standish, Abigail [122804] b.6_Oct_1724, Plymouth MA d.3_Feb_1725, Plymouth MA

Standish, Alexander [42432], Plymouth MA d.6_Jul_1702, Duxbury MA

Standish, Alice Hale [128142] b.1505 m.1525 wife of John Mynne

Standish, Charles [42431], Plymouth MA d. before 1634

Standish, Charles [42437] b. after 1634, Plymouth MA d. after 7_Mar_1655/56, unmarried

Standish, Clemency [37968] wife of Sir John Radcliffe

Standish, David [42472] b.1674 d. before 14_Feb_1689

Standish, Desire [42473] b.5_May_1689, Marshfield MA d.20_Jun_1766, Plympton MA

Standish, Ebenezer [122795] b.16_Oct_1721, Plymouth MA d.28_Nov_1747, Plymouth MA

Standish, Ebenezer [42471], Duxbury MA d.19_Mar_1755, Plympton MA

Standish, Elizabeth [37985] b.1510, Standish, Lancashire, England m.1527/28, Standish, Lancashire, England wife of James Prescott d.10_Mar_1564/65, Standish, Lancashire, England

Standish, Elizabeth [42467], Duxbury MA wife of Samuel P. Delano d. after 1731

Standish, Experience [122790]

Standish, Grace [29697] wife of Ralph Faircloth

Standish, Hannah [121239] b.6_Mar_1703/04, Plymouth MA m.4_Jan_1721/22, Plymouth MA wife of Seth Staples d.Apr_1774, Taunton MA

Standish, Hannah [122796] b.15_Dec_1723, Plymouth MA m.7_Apr_1743, Plympton MA wife of Elkanah Cushman d.16_Oct_1756, Plymouth MA

Standish, Ichabod [42475] b.10_Jun_1693, Marshfield MA d.29_Feb_1772, Halifax MA

Standish, Israel [42479] d. before 26_Jan_1729/1730, Connecticut

Standish, John [122810]

Standish, John [42433], Plymouth MA d. before 1650, unmarried

Standish, Josiah [42436], Plymouth MA d.19_Mar_1690/91, Preston CT

Standish, Josiah [42478] d.26_Mar_1753, Stafford CT

Standish, Lois [42480] m.29_Nov_1706, Norwich CT wife of Hugh Caulkins m.21_Mar_1726, Lebanon CT wife of John Sprague d. after 16_Apr_1731

Standish, Lora [42435] b. after 22_May_1627, Plymouth MA d. before 7_Mar_1655/1656, unmarried

Standish, Lorah [42465] b.1658 m. before 1681 wife of Abraham Sampson d. after 2_Aug_1725, Duxbury MA

Standish, Lydia [122789]

Standish, Lydia [42466], Duxbury MA wife of Isaac Sampson d. after 30_Apr_1734, Middleboro MA

Standish, Lydia [42641] m.24_Apr_1657 wife of John Belden

Standish, Mary [42476], Duxbury MA

Standish, Mercy [121242] (or Marcy) b.17_Oct_1716, Plymouth MA wife of ________ ________, Plymouth MA wife of Benjamin Weston d.22_Feb_1794, Plymouth MA

Standish, Mercy [42468], Duxbury MA m. before 1685 wife of Caleb Samson d. before 30_Jan_1728/29

Standish, Mercy [42482] m.30_Sep_1726, Windham CT wife of Ralph Wheelock d.4_Nov_1748, Salisbury CT

Standish, Miles [122787]

Standish, Miles [42469], Duxbury MA d.15_Sep_1739, Duxbury MA

Standish, Miles [42477] d. before 9_Apr_1728, Preston CT

Standish, Moses [121238] b.30_Aug_1701, Plymouth MA d.24_Apr_1769, Plymouth MA

Standish, Moses [122808]

Standish, Myles [121236] b.11_Mar_1713/14, Duxbury MA d.1784, Bridgewater MA

Standish, Myles [42434], Plymouth MA d.19_Aug_1661, at sea

Standish, Oliver [29696]

Standish, Patience [121234] b.16_Aug_1707, Duxbury MA m.6_Apr_1738, Duxbury MA wife of Caleb Jenny d. before 20_May_1746

Standish, Peleg [120970]

Standish, Peleg [122799] b.21_Jun_1734, Plymouth MA d.17_Aug_1758, Plymouth MA

Standish, Peleg [154743] b.3_May_1774, Plympton MA d.10_Jul_1853, Peru OH

Standish, Penelope [121237] b.13_Apr_1717, Duxbury MA d.11_Nov_1739, Duxbury MA

Standish, Penelope [122788]

Standish, Priscilla [121235] b.1_Apr_1710, Duxbury MA d. after 31_Dec_1739

Standish, Priscilla [122793] b.2_Nov_1755, Duxbury MA d.Nov_1805

Standish, Rachel [122805] b.24_Apr_1726, Plympton MA m.12_May_1742, Plympton MA wife of Philemon Sampson d.13_Oct_1809, Plympton MA

Standish, Rebecca [122807] b.24_Jan_1732, Halifax MA m.12_May_1752, Halifax MA wife of Zachariah Weston d.28_Jul_1769, Middleboro MA

Standish, Roger [37984]

Standish, Sally [120969] wife of ________ Burras

Standish, Samuel [42481], Duxbury MA d. before 4_Aug_1753, Preston CT

Standish, Sarah [121233] b.15_Apr_1704, Duxbury MA m.2_Mar_1729/30, Duxbury MA wife of Abner Weston d.20_Feb_1779, Duxbury MA

Standish, Sarah [121241] b.9_Nov_1709, Plymouth MA m.23_Sep_1728, Plymouth MA wife of Jabez Newland d.25_Aug_1792, Plymouth MA

Standish, Sarah [122792] c.22_May_1748, Duxbury MA

Standish, Sarah [122797] b.5_Aug_1729, Plymouth MA

Standish, Sarah [122809] b.26_Apr_1736, Halifax MA m.5_Jan_1758, Halifax MA wife of Ephraim Tinkham d. before 2_Dec_1809

Standish, Sarah [154745] (Sally) b.27_Apr_1815, Cayuga Co. NY m.7_Nov_1835, Huron Co. OH

Standish, Sarah [42470], Duxbury MA m.10_Mar_1692, Duxbury MA wife of Benjamin Soule d.4_Mar_1740, Plympton MA

Standish, Thomas [42474] b.29_Jan_1690/1691, Marshfield MA d. after 13_Jun_1774

Standish, Thomas [42511]

Standish, Zacharaih [120971]

Standish, Zachariah [120972] b.12_Oct_1698, Plymouth MA d.30_Mar_1770, Plymouth MA

Standish, Zachariah [122800] b.30_May_1739, Plympton MA d.30_Mar_1770, Plympton MA

Standish, Zerviah [121240] b.8_Jan_1796/07, Plymouth MA m.20_May_1724, Plymouth MA wife of Andrew Ring m.19_Dec_1745, N. Yarmouth ME d.26_Apr_1778/79, N. Yarmouth ME

Standish, Zerviah [122806]

Stanford, Frederick [125368] d.3_Oct_1760, Duxbury MA

Stanford, Hannah [125370]

Stanford, Hannah [38854], CT m.16_Jan_1679/80, Saybrook CT wife of Abraham Chalker d.7_Dec_1683, Saybrook CT

Stanford, Joshua [125371]

Stanford, Leland [100295]

Stanford, Lydia [42501] m.4_Feb_1713/14, Duxbury MA wife of Andrew Alden d. after 7_Apr_1734

Stanford, Rebecca [122919] b.7_May_1731, Duxbury MA m.1746, Duxbury MA wife of Andrew Alden

Stanford, Rebecca [125369]

Stanford, Robert [125367]

Stanford, Samuel Bradford [125372] [125372]

Stanhope, Anne [15647] b.1497 wife of Edward Seymour d.1587

Stanka, Betty Ann [97887] b. Madison Co. IL m. Madison Co. IL wife of Randy Boswell

Stanka, Beverly [97888] b. Madison Co. IL wife of Lonny Vitoli

Stanle, Ann [56358] b.2_Dec_1720, Haverhill MA m.28_Aug_1741, Dracut MA wife of John Varnum Jr.

Stanle, Benjamin [56354] b.12_Nov_1673, Topsfield MA d. after 1743

Stanle, Benjamin [56363] b.30_Sep_1732

Stanle, Elizabeth [56359]

Stanle, John [56361]

Stanle, Joseph [56356] b.26_Jan_1715/16

Stanle, Matthew [56357] b.22_Jun_1718 d. after 1785

Stanle, Rebecha [56360] b.18_Mar_1723

Stanle, Ruth [56355]

Stanle, Sammuel [56362] b.13_Apr_1729

Stanley, ________ [115257] b.1634, England d.1634, England

Stanley, ________ [115343] b.16_Jan_1814, New Britain CT d.16_Jan_1814, New Britain CT

Stanley, ________ [115344] b.11_Sep_1815, New Britain CT d.11_Sep_1815, New Britain CT

Stanley, ________ [115502] b.20_Mar_1818, New Britain CT d.Apr_1818, New Britain CT

Stanley, ________ [115503] b.20_Mar_1818, New Britain CT d.Apr_1818, New Britain CT

Stanley, ________ [52185] b.1914 d.1914

Stanley, Abigail [115301] b.25_Jul_1669, Wethersfield CT wife of John Hooker

Stanley, Abigail [115335] b.7_Mar_1729/30, Farmington CT m.15_Mar_1756, Farmington CT wife of John Griswold

Stanley, Abigail [115350] b.19_Aug_1765, Farmington CT m.10_Mar_1785, New Britain CT wife of Justus Francis m.26_Feb_1828, Hartford Co. CT wife of James North d.3_Oct_1852, West Avon CT

Stanley, Abigail [115382] b.18_Aug_1774, New Britain CT m.25_Jul_1796, New Britain CT wife of Stephen W. Cornwell

Stanley, Abigail [79195] b.1637, Hartford CT m.14_Jan_1660/61, Farmington CT wife of Samuel Cowles d.1734

Stanley, Adam [17097]

Stanley, Adora [52385] b.21_Jun_1864

Stanley, Agnes [816] wife of Richard de_Temple

Stanley, Alfred Hotston [67932] [67932]

Stanley, Alice [17150], Clifton, Lancashire, England m.1440, Knowsley, Lancashire, England wife of John Dutton d. Dutton, Cheshire, England

Stanley, Almira [115449] b.31_Dec_1786, New Britain CT wife of Ansil Stocking d.13_Nov_1852, Collinsville CT

Stanley, Almira [115501] b.1817, New Britain CT m.15_Jun_1843, New Britain CT wife of George S. Coe

Stanley, Amon [115444] b.10_Mar_1778, Farmington CT d.2_Feb_1846, New Britain CT

Stanley, AMzi [115380] b.23_Oct_1770, Farmington CT d.4_Aug_1823, Marietta OH

Stanley, Anna [115312] b.14_May_1699, Farmington CT m.16_Mar_1720/21, Farmington CT wife of Thomas Hart d.24_Oct_1770, Southington CT

Stanley, Anna [115330] b.30_Oct_1718, Stanley Quarter, New Britain CT wife of Ozias Griswold d.6_Nov_1732, New Britain CT

Stanley, Anna [115386] b.15_Jan_1783, New Britain CT wife of Alvin North d.26_Jun_1815, New Britain CT

Stanley, Anna [115410] b.8_Aug_1742, New Britain CT m.11_Dec_1760, New Britain CT wife of Ozias Griswold

Stanley, Anne [38340] wife of Sir Christopher Savage

Stanley, Anne [67928]

Stanley, Anthony Hugh [12922] b.20_Feb_1923 d.11_Mar_1943

Stanley, Caleb [79193] b.6_Sep_1674

Stanley, Caleb Raymond [50990] [50990] b.19_Sep_1975

Stanley, Calrissa [115487] b.1803, Fearing Twp, Marietta OH wife of Harvey C. Hovey

Stanley,, Capt. Caleb [79194] b.Mar_1642, Hartford CT d.5_May_1718, Hartford CT

Stanley,, Capt. John [79205] of Farmington CT, England d.19_Dec_1706, Farmington CT

Stanley, Carla [77122] b. 4_Dec_1977 Haywood Co,Nc

Stanley, Caroline [67930] b.2_Nov_1845, East Preston, Sussex Co., England

Stanley, Caroline [67941]

Stanley, Charles [17129] 8th earl of Derby b.19_Jan_1628 d.21_Dec_1672

Stanley, Constance Mary [12921] [12921] b.24_Jan_1919 m.18_Feb_1946 wife of Malcolm Weaver

Stanley, Cynthia [115483] b.11_Jan_1795, Marietta OH d.4_Jan_1833, Marietta OH

Stanley, Cyrus [115388] b.29_Jul_1787, New Britain CT d.25_Mar_1844, New Britain CT

Stanley, Daniel G. [115474] b.4_May_1785, Marietta OH

Stanley, David [67777] b. Iowa

Stanley, Dolly [115452] b._Nov_1792, Farmington CT d._Jun_1793, Farmington CT

Stanley, Dolly [115453] b.15_Feb_1794, New Britain CT wife of Francis Hart d.26_Apr_1868, New Britain CT

Stanley, Donna Marie [189188] b. 2 SEP 1963 Richmond Va m. 19 DEC 1992 Henrico Co Va wife of Jeffrey Neal Cooke

Stanley, Dorothy Ellen [67569] [67569] b.7_Jun_1961, San Diego, CA

Stanley, Douglas Gilbert [67570] [67570] b.16_Oct_1963, San Diego, CA

Stanley, Edward [17115] 3rd earl of Derby d.24_Oct_1572

Stanley, Edward [17149], Clifton, Lancashire, England d.1461, Chester, Cheshire, England

Stanley, Edward Geoffrey [17140] [17140] 14th earl of Derby b.1799 d.1869

Stanley, Edward Geo. Villiers [17137] [17137] 17th earl of Derby b.1865 d.1948

Stanley, Edward Henry [17138] 15th earl of Derby d.1893

Stanley, Edward John [17135] 18th earl of Derby b.1918

Stanley, Edward M. C. [17136] (Montagu Cavendish) b.1894 d.1938

Stanley, Edward Smith [17141] 13th earl of Derby b.1775 d.1851

Stanley, Elizabeth [115254] b.1_Apr_1657

Stanley, Elizabeth [115385] b.17_Jul_1780, New Britain CT m.27_Sep_1801, New Britain CT wife of Seth Judd North d.28_Aug_1862, New Britain CT

Stanley, Elizabeth [115486] b.1_Jan_1801, Marietta OH wife of Selden Chapman

Stanley, Elizabeth [16707] wife of Mark St._John

Stanley, Elizabeth [17126] d.23_Apr_1714

Stanley, Elizabeth [17172] of Lancashire, England b.1423 wife of Thomas Strange m. before 1432 wife of Sir Richard Molyneux

Stanley, Elizabeth [17598], West Bromwich, Sommersetshire, England wife of Robert Littleton

Stanley, Elizabeth [205879]

Stanley, Elizabeth [4009] b.1798, Newborn NC m.1814 wife of Walker K. Armistead d.Sep_1861, Fauquier Co. VA

Stanley, Elizabeth [47652] wife of Charles Lloyd

Stanley, Elizabeth [79192] b.24_Oct_1669, Hartford CT m.1686, New Haven CT wife of William Pitkin d.12_Feb_1751

Stanley, Elizabeth [79204] b.1_Apr_1657, Farmington CT m.20_Aug_1696 wife of Deacon John Wadsworth d.25_Oct_1713

Stanley, Elwood [52384] b.2_May_1863 d.17_Sep_1864

Stanley, Emily [115389] b.31_Aug_1791, New Britain CT d.7_May_1792, New Britain CT

Stanley, Emily Rowena [115373] [115373] b.11_Sep_1810, Farmington CT wife of Henry White Clark d. before 1872, Cleveland OH

Stanley, Esther [115268] b.2_Sep_1672, Farmington CT d.11_Apr_1676, Farmington CT

Stanley, Esther [115379] b.21_Sep_1768, Farmington CT m.1787, Farmington CT wife of William S. Judd d.27_Mar_1835, New Britain CT

Stanley, Esther Hester [67939] [67939] m. before 1861, Lyminster, Sussex Co., England wife of Robert H. Hodson

Stanley, Ferdinando [17110] 5th earl of Derby d.16_Apr_1594

Stanley, Frances [51571] b.22_Apr_1819 wife of Isaac Votaw

Stanley, Francis R. [115479] b.22_Jan_1788, Marietta OH

Stanley, Frederick Arthur [17139] [17139] 16th earl of Derby b.1826 d.1908

Stanley, Gad [115337] b.21_Mar_1735/36, Farmington CT d.10_Jan_1815, Farmington CT

Stanley, Gad [115383] b.13_Aug_1776, New Britain CT d.1_Jun_1820, en route from Martinique

Stanley, George [115341] b.1_Nov_1807, New Britain CT d.2_Apr_1808, New Britain CT

Stanley, George [17595] bishop b.1435, Worcestershire, England

Stanley, George W. [115490], Fearing Twp, Marietta OH

Stanley, Hannah [79176] m.1659, Hartford CT wife of Samuel Porter d.18_Dec_1702, Hartford CT

Stanley, Hannah [79191] b.13_Oct_1666, Hartford CT m.1683 wife of Roger Pitkin d.1_Nov_1703

Stanley, Harriet [67937]

Stanley, Harry [167360]

Stanley, Henrietta [17125] baroness Strange m.21_May_1706 wife of ________ Annesley, earl of Anglesey wife of ________ ________, earl of Ashburnham d.8_Aug_1732

Stanley, Henry [17112] 4th earl of Derby d.25_Sep_1593

Stanley, Henry [17153], Stourton, Cheshire, England

Stanley, Henry [67931]

Stanley, Henry [67940]

Stanley, Henry G. [52378] b.4_Feb_1846

Stanley, Ira [115442] b.12_Oct_1773, Farmington CT d. New Britain CT

Stanley, Isaac [115255] b.22_Sep_1660

Stanley, Isabel [17147], Clifton, Lancashire, England m.10_Mar_1422, Knowlesley, Lancashire, England wife of John Warren d. Peynton, Cheshire, England

Stanley, Isabel [17154], Stourton, Cheshire, England, Lathom, Lancashire, England wife of John Warren

Stanley, Ivor William Frank [67774] [67774] b.28_Oct_1924, Newton, IA d.Mar_1993, Iowa

Stanley, James [115412] b.14_Feb_1748/49, Farmington CT d.30_Mar_1816, Rocky Hill CT

Stanley, James [115450] b.1_Jul_1789, Farmington CT d.Nov_1789, Farmington CT

Stanley, James [115480] b.11_May_1789, Marietta OH

Stanley, James [17124] lord Strange b.28_Jun_1680

Stanley, James [17128] 10th earl of Derby b.3_Jul_1664 d.1_Feb_1735/1736

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