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Normandin, Tara Jeanne [107336] [107336] b.1_Dec_1970, Hialeah FL

Normandin, Tracy [107340]

of_Normandy, Adela [2794], Normandy m.1080, Chartres wife of Stephen of Blois d.8_Mar_1138, Marcigny-sur-Loi

of_Normandy, Adelaide [2799] countess of Aumale m.____ wife of Enguerrand II, count of Ponthieu m.____ wife of Lambert of Boulogne, count of Lens in Atrois wife of Eudes, count of Champagne and Aumale

of_Normandy, Agatha [2792]

of_Normandy, Alice [2902] b.1021 wife of Randolph de Meschines, viscount of Bayeux

of_Normandy, Beatrice [2810] m.1000 wife of Ebles I d.18_Jan_1035

of_Normandy, Cecily [2791] b. before 1066 d.30_Jul_1126, Caen

of_Normandy, Constance [2796], Normandy m.1086, Caen wife of Alan IV, duke of Brittany d.13_Aug_1090, Brittany

of_Normandy, Eleanor [2804], Normandy wife of Baldwin IV

of_Normandy, Emma [2809] m.1002 2nd wife of Aethelred II, king of England wife of Canute of Denmark d.1052

of_Normandy, Emma [3471] wife of Osbern the steward

of_Normandy, Fredesinde [2928] [2928] wife of Tancred de_Hautville d.1057

of_Normandy, Gerloc [2818] (Adele) m.935 wife of William I, count of Poitou d.14_Oct_962

of_Normandy, Gunred [2795] the Fleming b.1063 m.1077 wife of William de_Warren, earl of Surry d.1085, Castle_Acre, Norfolk, England

of_Normandy, Hawise [2811] countess of Rennes wife of Geoffrey, duke of Brittany d.21_Feb_1034

of_Normandy, Hawise [3517] natural daughter of Richard I, duke of Normandy countess of Rennes wife of Geoffrey, duke of Brittany d.21_Feb_1034

of_Normandy, Judith [2803] (Alice or Adelaid), Normandy m.1016, Bourgogne, France wife of Raynald I, count of Burgundy d.1037, Normandy

of_Normandy, Matilda [2785] (Maud, the Empress) b. before 5_Aug_1102, London, England m.7_Jan_1114, Mainz, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany wife of Henry V, emperor of Germany m.22_May_1127, Le Mans, Sarthe, France w

of_Normandy, Matilda [2793]

of_Normandy, Matilda [2815] wife of Odo of_Blois

of_Normandy, Matilda [3044] natural daughter of king Henry I b.1086 m.1103 wife of Routrou II de Perche d.25_Nov_1120, on the white ship

of_Normandy, Mauger [2802] archbishop of Rouen

of_Normandy, Mauger [2814]

of_Normandy, Muriella [2927] wife of Tancred de_Hautville

of_Normandy, Papia [3018] wife of Gilbert de_St._Valery

of_Normandy, Richard [2789] b. before 1056, Normandy, New Forest o.s.p.l.

of_Normandy, Richard I [2816] (the fearless) duke of Normandy, 966-995 b.28_Aug_933, Normandy d.20_Nov_996

of_Normandy, Richard II [2807] [2807] the Good duke of Normandy, 995-1026, Normandy d.28_Aug_1026, Fecamp

of_Normandy, Richard III [2800] [2800] duke of Normandy, 1026-1028, Normandy d.6_Aug_1028

of_Normandy, Robert Clite [2904] [2904] d.1128, battle of Axpoele

of_Normandy, Robert I [2801] duke of Normandy, 1028-1035 d.22_Jul_1035, Nicea, Bithynia. on pilgrimage to Jerusalem

of_Normandy, Robert II [2788] (Curthose) duke of Normandy, 1087-1106, Normandy d.10_Feb_1134, prisoner, Cardiff Castle, Wales

of_Normandy, Rollo [2819] (Rollo the Dane) a viking pirate 1st duke of Normandy b. before 860 d.933

of_Normandy, Rudolf [3481]

of_Normandy, Stephanie [2805], Normandy wife of Geoffrey of Provence d.1100

of_Normandy, William [2817] longsword duke of Normandy d.17_Dec_942 (murdered)

of_Normandy, William III [2786] [2786] duke of Normandy b. before 5_Aug_1103, Selby, Yorkshire, England d.26_Nov_1119, at sea, Barfleur, Manche, France

(Norrie), William Norris Weston III [218501] (Norrie) [218501]

Norris, Anne [83039], Bray, Berkshire, England wife of John Harcourt

Norris, Anne Stuart [163956] wife Allen C. Poole

Norris, Barbara [76716] b. 27_Jan_1931 Haywood Co,Nc

Norris, Barbara [8401] (Babs)

Norris, Beatrice [76715] b. 18_Jun_1929 Haywood Co,Nc d. 14_Jan_1935 Haywood Co,Nc

Norris, Charles [47702] b.1712 d.1766

Norris, Charles E. [221418] b.1868, Macon, Bibb Co. GA d.9_May_1938, Macon Co. GA

Norris, Charles Fletcher [221428] [221428] b.8_Oct_1913, Jackson Co. GA d.27_Mar_1978, San Diego CA

Norris, Christine L. [76717] b. 12_Sep_1932 Haywood Co,Nc wife of Fred Newell Jackson

Norris, Clara Bell [221420] b.23_Feb_1871, Macon, Bibb Co. GA wife of ________ Maffett d.27_Mar_1947, Macon Co. GA

Norris, Clarence T. [19504]

Norris, Elizabeth [142854] b.1858 wife of Peter Norton d.1898

Norris, Elizabeth [8400] (Betty) wife of George Govatos

Norris, Emma Phillips [24565] m.22_Jun_1870 wife of Frank Hume

Norris, Fannie Amanda [19502]

Norris, George F. [19503]

Norris, Glenna Maxine [76720] b. 24_Jan_1938 Haywood Co,Nc

Norris, Hannah [31760] wife of Richard Clarke

Norris, Henry Early [221422] b.20_Jan_1878, Macon, Bibb Co. GA d.16_Jul_1938, Fort Gaines, Clay Co. GA

Norris, Henry Early Jr. [221425] [221425] b.24_Aug_1899, Georgia d.16_Aug_1977, Shorterville, Henry Co. AL

Norris, Isaac [47701] b.1701 d.1764

Norris, Isaac [47744] b.21_Feb_1802 d.1890

Norris, James Lark [221429] b.23_Oct_1919, Jackson Co. GA d.13_Feb_1993, Huntsville, Madison Co. AL

Norris, Jennie [19506]

Norris, John Wayne [76718] b. 8_Apr_1934 Haywood Co,Nc

Norris, Jospeh Parker [47719] b.5_May_1763 d.22_Jun_1841

Norris, Living [185123]

Norris, Living [221432] Hogg DNA Project ID ATA0079

Norris, Marie [221427] b.1906, Georgia

Norris, Mary [163957] (Polly) wife of John R. Miller

Norris, Mary [47717] b.1740 m.1770 wife of John Dickinson d.1803

Norris, Mary Belle Mamie [19501] [19501] wife of Orin Ellsworth

Norris, Mary Elizabeth [20090] [20090] b. before 1846

Norris, Mary Parker [47743] b.19_Jun_1791 m.11_Nov_1813 wife of William F. Emlen

Norris, Mary Pepper [47758] b.7_Oct_1837 m.30_Apr_1857 wife of Travis Cochran

Norris, Morah [221419] b.1_Mar_1869, Macon, Bibb Co. GA wife of ________ Hamilton d.10_Dec_1914

Norris, Nixon Grosvenor [36849] [36849] b.24_Oct_1898, Cincinnati

Norris, Peggy Ann [76721] b. 7_Jul_1940 Haywood Co,Nc

Norris, Roberta Carol [76722] b. 30_Dec_1944 Haywood Co,Nc

Norris, Shirley Maxine [76719] [76719] b. 28_Feb_1936 Haywood Co,Nc wife of Roy Donald Jackson

Norris, Thomas [205883] d.1926

Norris, Thomas Leonard [20091] [20091] b.12_Oct_1846, Moscow OH d.11_Aug_1922, Felicity OH

Norris, Un-Named Son [76714] b. 20_Apr_1928 Haywood Co,Nc

Norris, William [221423] b.20_Aug_1881, Georgia d.8_Mar_1888

Norris, William Harrison [19505] [19505]

Norris, William Thurston [221430] [221430] b.21_Jun_1921, Georgia d.2_Nov_1924, Clay Co. GA

Norris, Willie [221421], Georgia

Norris, Wlibur [221426] b.9_Jul_1902, Georgia d.12_Dec_1977, Atlanta, Fulton Co. GA

North, Abi [115404], CT wife of Amon Stanley

North, Alvin [115406] b.1781, New Britain CT d.1_Sep_1865, New Britain CT

North, Belle [189007] b.1887, Broome Co. NY wife of Harry L. Johnson d.1961

North, Christian [11794] wife of William Somerset

North, Elizabeth [23874] wife of William Paston

North, Henry [115403]

North, James [115402]

North, John [119408] b.1641, England d.6_Aug_1682, Goshen CT

North, Margaret [189008] wife of Moses P. Green

North, Seth Judd [115405] b.1780, New Britain CT d.10_Mar_1851, New Britain CT

North, Thomas [115573] b.4_Nov_1657, Farmington CT d.1712, Farmington CT

Northam, Elizabeth [195824] b. 1848 Accomack County, Virginia USA d. Aft 1873 wife of William Ailworth

Northcraft, Shirley Jean [58099] [58099] b.23_Nov_1948, Roseburg OR

de_Northeim, Bernard [81306]

de_Northeim, Ida [81304] wife of Thimo de_Meissen

Northend, Emma [15757] wife of Lancelot Lake

of_Northumberland, Aelflaed [85290] [85290] wife of Sigurd, earl of Northumberland

of_Northumberland, Aldred [85297] [85297] earl of Northumberland, Bernicia d.1038, murdered

of_Northumberland, Gospatric I [5386] [5386] earl of Northumberland, 1067-1072 1st earl of Dunbar, 1072-1075 lord of Carlisle and Allerdale d.1075

of_Northumberland, Maldred [5387] [5387]

of_Northumberland, Sybilla [85286] [85286] wife of Duncan I, king of Scots

of_Northumberland, Uchtred [85292] [85292] earl of Northumberland d.1016, murdered

of_Northumberland, Waltheof [85293] [85293] earl of Northumberland d. after 1006

de_Northumbria, Alice [85284], Flamsted, Hertfordshire, England m.1103 wife of Ralph IV de_Toeni

of_Northumbria, Ogne [480] wife of Hroar of Denmark

of_North_Wales, Christina [80414] [80414] wife of Owain I Gwynedd

of_North_Wales, Conan [80381] (Cynan) prince of North Wales, Aberffraw, Anglsy, Wales

of_North_Wales, Gladys [80258] [80258], Pembroke, Wales wife of Owain I

of_North_Wales, Gronw [80415]

of_North_Wales, Llywarch [80255] [80255] d.1129

of_North_Wales, Nesta [80253], of Rhuddlan, Flntsh, Wales wife of Osborn FitzRichard wife of Trahaern of_North_Wale

of_North_Wales, Owen [80416]

of_North_Wales, Trahaern [80254] [80254] d.1081

Norton, Abigail [173734] b. 20 Dec 1753

Norton, Arthur A. [61194] b.1884 d.1945

Norton, Charles Minn [199373] b.Feb_1788, Fredericksburg VA d.19_Jul_1824, Natchez MS

Norton, Chris Lee [61204] b.7_Oct_1954

Norton, Courtenay [143055] b.1773, Virginia m.12_Apr_1792, Woodland, Loundon Co. VA wife of Warner Lewis wife of Landon Carter d.11_Feb_1841, Woodland, Loudoun Co. VA

Norton, David [171094]

Norton, David Eugene [61206] b.16_Jun_1958

Norton, Edward Coval [107484] b.18_Dec_1958

Norton, Elizabeth [26113] b.1696, Hingham, MA m.1715, Hingham, MA wife of John Quincy

Norton, Ellen Ann [107483] b.20_Oct_1957

Norton, Floyd Ross [107486] b.12_Dec_1961, Burlington VT

Norton, Frances [199370] (Fanny) b.5_Dec_1759, Yorktown VA m.18_Nov_1778 wife of John Baylor

Norton, George [199369] b.20_May_1751, Yorktown VA

Norton, Hannah [173614] m. after 2 Apr 1746 wife of Benjamin Nichols

Norton, Harry W. [61190] b.20_Jun_1909

Norton, Hervey [195915]

Norton, John [115548] b.1653, Guilford CT

Norton, John [115672], England d.1711, Farmington CT

Norton, John [195916]

Norton, John Hatley [143053] b.4_Sep_1745, Yorktown VA d.1797, Virginia

Norton, Jonathan [173736] b. 11 Dec 1758

Norton, Kenneth Ray [61201] b.25_Sep_1937, Waverly KS d.15_Jun_1967, Merriam KS

Norton, Kyel Ron [107722] b.22_Jun_1987, Burlington VT

Norton, Linda Jo [61198] b.14_Oct_1960

Norton, Lindsay Kay [107723] b.26_Aug_1991, Burlington VT

Norton, Margaret [86696] wife of Richard Prowse

Norton, Mark Allan [61199] b.30_Oct_1962

Norton, Mary [87606] m.7_Apr_1660 wife of Samuel Rockwell

Norton, Mary [92081] m.1733, Cecil Co. MD

Norton, Natalie [142856]

Norton, Penny Lynn [107485] b.1_Apr_1959

Norton, Raymond Keith [61203] b.25_Oct_1953

Norton,, Rev. John [26114] Harvard, 1671 d.1716, Hingham, MA

Norton, Sarah [115586] b.1689, CT m.8_Aug_1710, Farmington CT wife of Samuel Newell d.5_Dec_1775, Southington CT

Norton, Stacey Robert [107487] [107487] b.17_Jun_1965

Norton, Susannah [173613] b. 13 Feb 1724/25 Salisbury, Massachusetts m. 2 Apr 1746 Hampton, New Hampshire wife of Benjamin Nichols

Norton, Terry Wayne [61205] b.7_Feb_1956

Norton, Theodore Wayne [61200] [61200] b.1_Jul_1935

Norton, William [26115] d.1694, Ipswich, MA

Norton, Winthrop [173735] b. 23 Jun 1756

Norvell, Gayle C. [147613] b.7_Jan_1946

Norvell, Loring Linwood [147614] [147614] b.20_Jan_1948

of_Norway, Aud [3256] d. after 870 wife of Olaf of Dublin

of_Norway, Bertrade [3184] wife of Bernhard II, duke of Saxony

of_Norway, Bjorn Haraldson [3192] [3192]

of_Norway, Gisele [3195] (Ulfhild) m.Nov_1042 wife of Ordulf Billung

of_Norway, Guldrod [3199], murdered

of_Norway, Haakon I [3520] king of Norway b. after 915 d.961

of_Norway, Haakon VI [128334] king of Norway d.1380

of_Norway, Halfdan [3188] (the Black) a king b. before 827 d.863

of_Norway, Harald Granske [3198] [3198] d.998

of_Norway, Harald Harfager [3187] [3187] 1st king of all Norway, 850-934

of_Norway, Harald II [3185] king of Norway d.976

of_Norway, Harold [10962] b.21_Feb_1937

of_Norway, Harold III [3197] king of Norway

of_Norway, Magnus I [3194] the good b.1024 d.1047

of_Norway, Margaret [5630] the Maid of Norway queen of Scots, 1286-1290 b.1283 d.1290

of_Norway, Olaf II Haraldson [3196] [3196] St. Olaf, 1st Christian king of Norway, 993-1030 d.31_Aug_1030, in battle

of_Norway, Olav V [10935] king of Norway b.2_Jul_1903

of_Norway, Rognvald [2821] (Rognvald the Rich), Maer, Norway d.894

of_Norway, Schwanhilde [2824] wife of Harold Halfager

of_Norway, Sigurd [2822], Maer, Norway

of_Norway, Sweyn [533] king of Norway, 1029-1035 d.1036

de_Norwich, Blanche [36736] wife of ________ le Scrope

de_Norwich, Katherine [148513] [148513] of Stoke, Norfolk, England wife of William de_la_Pole d.28_Jan_1381/82, Hull, Yorkshire, England

Norwood, Eliza Alves [187849] wife of William J. Bingham

Norwood, Helen Mary [187856] wife of Andrew Mickle

Norwood, James Hogg [187851]

Norwood, Jane Burgess [187854] [187854] wife of Samuel F. Tillinghast

Norwood, John Wall [187850]

Norwood, Joseph Caldwell [187855] [187855]

Norwood, Walter Alves [187853] [187853]

Norwood, William [187852]

Norwood, William [41866]

Nosak, Debra [202064] wife of Steve Groce wife of David Dorn

Nosak, Gayle [202065] wife of David Schwedic wife of Steve Dudley

Notbeam, Margaret [3572] wife of John Hinkley

Nottingham, ________ [160656] b. after 1928 d. after 1944

Nottingham, Adeline Jean [160630] [160630] b.25_May_1910, Tate Creek, Braxton Co. WV m.6_Jan_1929, Clay Co. WV wife of Woodrow W. Nichols d.6_Jun_1985, Charleston WV

Nottingham, Allie [161018] b.1901, West Virginia

Nottingham, Alma Alice [160898] [160898] b.15_Dec_1915, Fola, Clay Co. WV m.14_Jul_1934, Clay Co. WV wife of Franklin J. Legg d.4_Nov_1937, Fola, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Amanda [160886] b.1859, West Virginia

Nottingham, Annie Mariah [160545] [160545] b.6_Jun_1886, Braxton Co. WV m. before 1915, West Virginia wife of Emery D. Cottrill d.23_Dec_1916

Nottingham, Arthur McKendree [164864] [164864] b.17_Mar_1856, Northampton Co. VA

Nottingham, Benjamin Dudley [160540] [160540] b.31_May_1859, Braxton Co. VA d.7_Mar_1940, Gassaway WV

Nottingham, Benjamin Dudley [160546] [160546] b.28_Aug_1887, Strange Creek WV d.15_Mar_1956, Braxton Co. WV

Nottingham, Betty Jo [160904] b.10_Oct_1932, Clay Co. WV m.10_May_1956, Clay Co. WV wife of Porter L. Adkins d. beforE 2002

Nottingham, Carl Winfield [161055] [161055] b.21_Sep_1934, Clay Co. WV d.Dec_1965

Nottingham, Catherine Helena [164865] [164865] b.10_Apr_1858, Northampton Co. VA wife of James S. Dalby

Nottingham, Chelsie Jerry [160615] [160615] b.26_Aug_1916, Herald, Braxton Co. WV d.5_May_1967, Braxton Co. WV

Nottingham, Clarence [160652] b.9_Nov_1922, Strange Creek, Braxton Co. WV d.27_Aug_2002

Nottingham, Claudius [161049] b.15_Apr_1911, Clay Co. WV d.22_Aug_1978, Dixie, Nicholas Co. WV

Nottingham, Cora [160902] b.1921, Clay Co. WV m.21_Jan_1943, Clay Co. WV wife of Harold Fugate

Nottingham, D. J. Hallie [160551] [160551] b.19_Apr_1898, Braxton Co. WV d.Nov_1901, Braxton Co. WV

Nottingham, Dolly Marie [160900] [160900] b.2_Aug_1918, Sycamore, Clay Co. WV m.13_Apr_1940, Summersville, Nicholas Co. WV wife of Roy O Young d.16_Mar_1987, West Virginia

Nottingham, Dottie [160616] b.1917-1919

Nottingham, Dudley Roscoe [160980] [160980] b.4_Jul_1908, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Eliza A. [160533] b.1840, Braxton Co. VA m.Jan_1861, Calhoun Co. VA wife of Elijah Lyons d. after 1924, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Elizabeth Jane [161034] [161034] b.Apr_1882-Apr_1883, Clay Co. WV m.11_Jul_1898, Clay Co. WV wife of H. Poe Demmos d. Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Ernest Russell [160984] [160984] b.7_Dec_1912, Fola, Clay Co. WV d.18_Mar_1993, Richwood, Nicholas Co. WV

Nottingham, Esta M. [160897] b.28_Jun_1913, Upper Sycamore, Clay Co., WV m.17_Apr_1934, Clay Co. WV wife of Raymond M. Holcomb d.21_Oct_2003, Indore, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, George [161038] b.1893, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, George F. Pierce [164869] [164869] b.2_Oct_1867, Northampton Co. VA

Nottingham, Goldie [161050], Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Harriet S [160887] [160887] b.1868, West Virginia

Nottingham, Hessiona [160547] b.12_Dec_1889, Braxton Co. WV d.23_Jul_1890, Braxton Co. WV

Nottingham, Hezebiah Dalby [164866] [164866] b.12_Jun_1860, Northampton Co. VA

Nottingham, Homazelle [160617] [160617] b.23_Dec_1920 m. after 1937, Clay Co. WV wife of Donald Ringewold

Nottingham, Homer [161051], Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Hosey Joe [160661] [160661] b.13_Nov_1949 d.Nov_1986, Hardeeville, Jaspar Co. SC

Nottingham, Jacob Jasper [160532] [160532] b.28_Apr_1838, Braxton Co. VA d.29_Jan_1863, Alton IL, Civil War Prison

Nottingham, James Billy [160958] [160958] b.29_Oct_1964, Indore, Clay Co. WV d.Jun_1983

Nottingham, James D. [161101], West Virginia

Nottingham, James S. [160534] b.1844, Braxton Co. VA d.31_Aug_1924

Nottingham, James Shelton [160890] [160890] b.14_Feb_1878, Clay Co. WV d.23_Dec_1967, Fayette Co. WV

Nottingham, Jesse R. [161077] b.1957 d.28_Jul_1991, Kincaid, Fayette Co. WV

Nottingham, John J. [160535] b.1848, Braxton Co. VA

Nottingham, John Jasper [161032] [161032] b.Jul_1877, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, John S. [165356]

Nottingham, Josiah [161036] b.27_May_1887, Clay Co. WV d.27_Jul_1968, Indore, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Julia [88993] wife of Thomas Hogg Jr. d.23_Apr_1857

Nottingham, Junior Claude [161054] [161054] b.12_Nov_1932, Dutch Ridge, Clay Co. WV d.4_Nov_1989, Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV

Nottingham, Laura [161014] b. after 1890, West Virginia

Nottingham, Laura Ann [160541] [160541] b.28_Apr_1862, Braxton Co. VA m.6_Apr_1876, Braxton Co., WV wife of James Peter Hamrick d.19_May_1936, Braxton Co. WV

Nottingham, Laura Jane [160536] [160536] b.1849, Braxton Co. VA m.15_Dec_1869, Kanawha Co. WV wife of Hiram Deal d.24_Apr_1871, Virginia

Nottingham, Laura Susan [160550] [160550] b.12_Apr_1896, Braxton Co. WV m.16_Dec_1914, Braxton Co. WV wife of Fred A. Samsel d.16_Nov_1986, Gauley Bridge WV

Nottingham, Lila Angelica [164867] [164867] b.7_Sep_1862, Northampton Co. VA wife of Edmund W. Roberts

Nottingham, Living [160620] wife of Living Robinson

Nottingham, Living [160654]

Nottingham, Living [160655]

Nottingham, Living [160657] wife of Darcy Dale Brady

Nottingham, Living [160659] wife of Living Shaver wife of Living Cook

Nottingham, Living [160662]

Nottingham, Living [160663]

Nottingham, Living [160666]

Nottingham, Living [160668] wife of Living Kendall

Nottingham, Living [160669] wife of Living Borgelt

Nottingham, Living [160676]

Nottingham, Living [160695]

Nottingham, Living [160696]

Nottingham, Living [160699]

Nottingham, Living [160700]

Nottingham, Living [160702]

Nottingham, Living [160903] wife of Living Hood

Nottingham, Living [160945]

Nottingham, Living [160946]

Nottingham, Living [160947]

Nottingham, Living [160948]

Nottingham, Living [160952]

Nottingham, Living [160953]

Nottingham, Living [160959]

Nottingham, Living [160974]

Nottingham, Living [160975]

Nottingham, Living [160987]

Nottingham, Living [160988]

Nottingham, Living [160989]

Nottingham, Living [160991]

Nottingham, Living [160992] wife of Living Taylor

Nottingham, Living [160993]

Nottingham, Living [160994]

Nottingham, Living [161008] wife of Living Meadows

Nottingham, Living [161009]

Nottingham, Living [161041]

Nottingham, Living [161042]

Nottingham, Living [161043]

Nottingham, Living [161052]

Nottingham, Living [161056] wife of Living Johnson wife of Living ________ wife of Living Unknown

Nottingham, Living [161057] wife of Living Lee

Nottingham, Living [161058] wife of Living Mullins

Nottingham, Living [161059]

Nottingham, Living [161061] wife of Living Ferrell

Nottingham, Living [161062] wife of Living Maynard

Nottingham, Living [161064]

Nottingham, Living [161065]

Nottingham, Living [161066] wife of Living Moore

Nottingham, Living [161067] wife of Living Shamblin wife of Living Hodge

Nottingham, Living [161072]

Nottingham, Living [161073]

Nottingham, Living [161074]

Nottingham, Living [161079]

Nottingham, Living [161080]

Nottingham, Living [161081]

Nottingham, Living [161087] wife of Richard A. Foster

Nottingham, Living [161088]

Nottingham, Living [161089]

Nottingham, Living [161090]

Nottingham, Lula [161019] b.1903, Clay Co. WV m. after 1906, Clay Co. WV wife of George Neal d. Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Lulie [161015] b. after 1890, West Virginia

Nottingham, Luther Lee [164862] [164862] b.1_Jan_1852, Northampton Co. VA

Nottingham, Maggie [160899], Clay Co. WV m. after 1935, Clay Co. WV wife of Walter Burchett

Nottingham, Malissa A. [160985] [160985] b.13_Sep_1916, Clay Co. WV m.19_Apr_1933, Clay Co. WV wife of Ross Summers

Nottingham, Marie [161023] b.1919

Nottingham, Martha [161017] b.1891-1892, West Virginia m.1915-1916 wife of William S. Nottingham m. after 1917, Clay Co. WV wife of Willis Nottingham m. after 1918, Clay Co. WV wife of John Morris

Nottingham, Martha J. [88992] b.25_Jan_1823 m.10_Aug_1839 wife of Thomas Hogg Jr. d.12_Feb_1851

Nottingham, Martha M. [161037] [161037] b.1891, Clay Co. WV m. after 1908, Clay Co. WV wife of ________ Sergent

Nottingham, Martha P. [160893] [160893] b.1885, West Virginia m.23_Aug_1903, Clay Co. WV wife of Jacob P. Marling

Nottingham, Mary Ellen [160894] [160894] b.12_Apr_1888, Big Otter WV m.20_Jan_1907, Clay Co. WV wife of Samuel H. Nottingham d.8_Apr_1959, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Mason Harold [161060] [161060] b.26_May_1946, Clay Co. WV d.26_May_1946, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Nellie Blaire [160549] [160549] b.14_Jun_1892 m. after 1910 wife of Loring Dean m. after 1919 wife of ________ Frame d.Jun_1967, Oceana WV

Nottingham, Nora Caroline [160653] [160653] b.7_Aug_1924, Strange Creek, Braxton Co. WV

Nottingham, Ome [160892] b.10_Feb_1881, West Virginia

Nottingham, Ora Marie [161022] [161022] b.26_Jul_1917, Indore, Clay Co. WV m. after 1942, West Virginia wife of Vergis McClaine m.21_Sep_1941. Clay Co. WV wife of Ralph Fitzwater d.13_Jun_1996, Indore, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Ose [161016] b. after 1890, West Virginia

Nottingham, Osie [161021] b.1914, West Virginia

Nottingham, Owen Byrne [160983] [160983] b.11_Jan_1910, Clay Co. WV d.6_Oct_1976, Clendenin, Kanawha Co. WV

Nottingham, Paul Revere [160632] [160632] b.1914, West Virginia d.7_May_1917, West Virginia

Nottingham, Pearle Kathleen [160658] [160658] b.18_Aug_1936 wife of Living Casares d.1953

Nottingham, Phillip [160981] b.10_Dec_1909, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Rachael [160618] b. after 1920

Nottingham, Rexford Harley [160986] [160986] b.23_Sep_1923, Clay Co. WV d.19_Jan_1986, Indore, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Richard Olen [164863] [164863] b.14_Jul_1854, Northampton Co. VA

Nottingham, Robert Jasper [160543] [160543] b.7_May_1882, Link WV d.11_Sep_1909, Glendon WV

Nottingham, Rosa Bell [160544] [160544] b.4_Jan_1884, Braxton Co. WV m.13_Apr_1900, Braxton Co. WV wife of George E. Butcher d.15_Mar_1956, Frametown WV

Nottingham, Sallie Anna [164868] [164868] b.25_May_1865, Northampton Co. VA wife of Josiah Jolliff

Nottingham, Samuel [161040] b.12_May_1930, Clay Co. WV d.23_Jun_2000, Charleston WV

Nottingham, Samuel Hartland [161033] [161033] b.17_Feb_1879, Big Otter WV d.3_Mar_1949, Spencer, Roane Co. WV

Nottingham, Sarah [160888] b.1876-1877, West Virginia m. after 1890, West Virginia wife of John J. Nottingham d. after 1919, West Virginia

Nottingham, Silvia M. [160548] [160548] b.7_Mar_1891 d.27_Mar_1891

Nottingham, Thomas Sergent [160891] [160891] b.1879-1880, West Virginia

Nottingham, Violet [161020] b.1909, West Virginia

Nottingham, Wanda Crystal [160697] [160697] b.11_Aug_1931, Braxton Co. WV d.1975 wife of Living Feltman

Nottingham, Wilbur Fiske [164861] [164861] b.4_Aug_1850, Northampton Co. VA

Nottingham, William Andrew [160982] [160982] b.15_Aug_1908, West Virginia d.Nov_1962

Nottingham, William Carson [160552] [160552] b.28_Dec_1900 d.19_Sep_1915

Nottingham, William Newton [160537] [160537] b.Dec_1850, Braxton Co. VA

Nottingham, William Russell [160901] [160901] b.28_Dec_1920, Clay Co. WV d.13_Apr_1997, Portland, Tuscararus Co. OH

Nottingham, William Sergent [160889] [160889] b.1877-1878, West Virginia

Nottingham, William Washington [160538] [160538] b.1854, Virginia

Nottingham, Winfield Scott [161035] [161035] b.12_Oct_1885, West Virginia d.13_Feb_1949, Clay Co. WV

Nottingham, Woodrow Wilson [160631] [160631] b.6_Jun_1913, Duck Creek, Braxton Co. WV d.1918, Middle Run Hollow, Herold, Braxton Co. WV

Nourse, Charles [86567] b.31_Oct_1862, Oakham MA

Nourse, James Percival [86568] [86568] b.5_Oct_1888, Oakham MA

Nousamra, Ryan David [79017] b.3_Feb_1978, Detroit MI

Nousmara, Emily [79016] b.4_Dec_1975, Detroit MI

of_Novogorod, Lyubawa [607] m.1122 wife of Mstislav I, grand prince of Kiev d.1168

Novy, Donald [99378]

Novy, Edmund W. [99376]

Novy, Ralph M. [99377]

of_Noyen, Ancilla [2486] wife of Humbert of Savoy m. before 1020

of_Noyen, Anselm [2487] count of Noyen

de_Noyers, Matilda [12616] d. after 1115 wife of Milo II

Noyes, ________ [125977]

Noyes, Amos [97724] b.18_Jun_1752, Newbury MA d.30_Jan_1825, Newbury MA

Noyes, Daniel [151599] b. before 22_Apr_1744, Haverhill MA

Noyes,, Deacon Cutting [97750] b.23_Sep_1649, Newbury MA d.25_Oct_1734, Newbury MA

Noyes, Dorothy [124063] b.24_Mar_1739/40, Stonington CT

Noyes, Dorothy [65849] b.1621, Foxcotte, Hants Co., England m.13_Oct_1642, Sudbury, MA wife of John Haynes d.8_Apr_1715, Sudbury, MA

Noyes, Elizabeth [56325] wife of William Adams

Noyes, Elizabeth [97723] b.21_Jul_1787, Newbury MA m.23_Dec_1806, Newbury MA wife of Joseph Marsh d.14_Jun_1843, Newbury MA

Noyes, Hannah [41343] b.18_Mar_1795 m.1815 wife of John Chapman d.14_Jan_1873

Noyes, James [125975]

Noyes, James [97731]

Noyes, Jane [151890] b.11_Jan_1771, Rowley MA m.26_Jun_1810, Rowley MA wife of Jonathan Todd d.29_Aug_1848, Rowley MA

Noyes, John [125974]

Noyes, John [97726] b.22_Aug_1706, Newbury MA d.26_Dec_1787, Newbury MA

Noyes, John [97727] b.15_Nov_1674, Newbury MA d.1724, Newbury MA

Noyes, John [97749] b.20_Jan_1645/6, Newbury MA d.1691

Noyes, John Jr. [56323]

Noyes, Joseph [125973]

Noyes, Lydia [151600] b. before 22_Apr_1744, Haverhill MA

Noyes, Mary [125976]

Noyes, Mary [97728] b.10_Dec_1675, Newbury MA m.6_Apr_1700, Newbury MA wife of John Noyes d. before 1735

Noyes, Nathaniel [151888] b.23_May_1740, Newbury MA, N. Yarmouth MA

Noyes, Nicholas [97730] b.23_Nov_1614, Cholderton d.23_Nov_1701, Newbury MA

Noyes, Peter [65856] b.1592, Foxcotte, Hants Co., England d.23_Sep_1657, Sudbury, MA

Noyes, Rebecca [125972] b.22_Nov_1759, New Haven CT d.14_May_1760

Noyes, Rebecca [151601], Landaff NH m.1773, NH wife of Benjamin Currier

of_Noyon, Liudolf [2174] bishop b.957 d.986

Nozler, Andrew H. [160176]

Nozler, Jacob [160177]

Nozler, Patricia [160178]

Nozler, Sarah E. [160179]

Nozler, Theophilus [160175]

Nozler, William R. [160174]

Nugent, Bessie [170410] b. 7 Mar 1890 Ashton, Iowa m. 15 Aug 1890 wife of A. W. McGranahan

Nugent, Gordon Howard [170409] [170409]

Nugent, Melvin [170408]

Nugent, Patrick Lyndon [22346] [22346] b.21_Jun_1967

Nugent, William Clark [170407] [170407]

Nunez, Lain [87704]

Nunez, Mary Elizabeth [39973] b.20_Jan_1938

Nunez, Nuno [12223] d. after 860

Nunez, Vermundo [12222] d. after 958

Nunez), Fernando de_Castrosiero (Fernando [12220] (Fernando Nunez) [12220]

Nunn, Carlton [192714] b.1747, Orange Co. NC d.1823, Yancyville NC

Nunn, Francis [192712] b.1687, New Bern, Craven Co. NC d.1739, New Bern, Craven Co. NC

Nunn, James Buchanan [192717] b.1858, Richland City, Spencer Co. IN d.1951, Richland City, Spencer Co. IN

Nunn, James Franklin [192718] b.1908, Richland City, Spencer Co. IN d.1965, Richland City, Spencer Co. IN

Nunn, John [192710] b.1637, Lancaster Co. VA

Nunn, John [192711] b.1660, Lancaster Co. VA d. Chesterfield Co. VA

Nunn, John [192715] b.1785, Mecklenburg Co. VA d.1840, Center, Metcalfe Co. KY

Nunn, John Benton [192716] b.1818, Luce Twp., Spencer Co. IN

Nunn, Living [192719] FTDNA Kit no. 63396

Nunn, Thomas [192709] b.1613, England d.1659, Westmoreland Co. VA

Nunn, William [192713] b.1713, Craven, Rowan Co. NC d.1787, Craven, Rowan Co. NC

Nunnelly, Ann Lee [44845]

Nunnelly, William [44846]

of_Nuremberg, Conrad I [12482] [12482] burgrave of Nuremberg

of_Nuremberg, Conrad II [12479] [12479] burgrave of Nuremberg d.1334

of_Nuremberg, Frederick II [12483] [12483] burgrave of Nuremberg d.1251

of_Nuremberg, Frederick III [12481] [12481] burgrave of Nuremberg d.1297

of_Nuremberg, Frederick IV [12480] [12480] burgrave of Nuremberg d.1332

of_Nuremberg, Frederick V [12477] [12477] burgrave of Nuremberg, 1357-1397 prince of the empire, 1363-1397 b.1333 d.1398

of_Nuremberg, Frederick VI [12475] [12475] burgrave of Nuremberg, 1397-1440 (Frederick I of Brandenburg) elector of Brandenburg, Brandenburg, 1415-1440 b.1371 d.21_Sep_1440

of_Nuremberg, John II [12478] burgrave of Nuremberg d.1357

of_Nuremberg, John III [12476] [12476] burgrave of Nuremberg, 1397-1420 b.1369 d.1420

Nurse, Abigail [64894] b.15_Aug_1706, Salem MA wife of Daniel Eames d.13_Oct_1786

Nurse, Artemus [64919] b.1_May_1785, Barre MA

Nurse, Benjamin [64881] b.26_Jan_1665, Salem MA d.1747/48

Nurse, Benjamin [64888] b.28_Jul_1690, Salem MA d.6_Jan_1761

Nurse, Benjamin [64962] b.9_Dec_1716 d.20_Jun_1806

Nurse, Benjamin Reed [64918] b.25_Sep_1782, Barre MA

Nurse, Caleb [168163] b.17_Dec_1728, Reading MA d.4_Sep_1729, Reading MA

Nurse, Caleb [64895] b.15_Jan_1709, Salem MA d.12_Sep_1778, Reading MA

Nurse, Daniel [168164], Reading MA

Nurse, Daniel [64916], Barre MA d.26_Oct_1842, Barre MA

Nurse, Daniel Jr. [64920] b.16_Jan_1788, Barre MA

Nurse, Elizabeth [64878] b.9_Jan_1656, Salem MA wife of William Russell d.1734/35

Nurse, Elizabeth [64933] b.26_Nov_1708

Nurse, Elizabeth [64961] b.17_Aug_1715, Billerica MA m.8_Jun_1738 wife of Joseph Daby d. before 11_May_1761

Nurse, Francis [64886] b.10_May_1686, Salem MA d.15_May_1686

Nurse, Francis [64887] b.3_Jan_1688, Salem MA d.15_May_1733

Nurse, Francis [64914] b.2_Mar_1746/47, Rutland MA d.8_Feb_1837, Barre MA

Nurse, Francis [64925] b.8_Jun_1800, Barre MA

Nurse, Francis Jr. [64879] b.3_Feb_1660, Salem MA d.8_Oct_1716, Reading MA

Nurse, Hannah [65000] m.12_Dec_1754, Framingham MA wife of Capt. Thomas Read d.10_Mar_1803, Rutland MA

Nurse, John [64873] b.1645, Salem MA d.1_Dec_1719

Nurse, John Jr. [64928] b.12_Oct_1672

Nurse, John Jr. [64930] b.27_Aug_1701 d.2_Aug_1785

Nurse, Jonathan [168159] b.26_Aug_1719, Reading MA d.2_Jul_1749, Reading MA

Nurse, Jonathan [64889] b.4_Mar_1692, Salem MA d.26_Nov_1718

Nurse, Jonathan [64924] b.10_Oct_1798, Barre MA

Nurse, Joseph [64931] b.7_Oct_1703

Nurse, Joshua [64891] b.15_Jul_1695, Salem MA d.8_Sep_1717

Nurse, Joshua [64963] b.17_Dec_1719

Nurse, Josiah [64890] b.9_Sep_1694, Salem MA d.4_Apr_1718

Nurse, Martha [168158] b.27_Feb_1717/18, Reading MA d.13_May_1718, Reading MA

Nurse, Martha [168160] b.13_Mar_1721/22, Reading MA

Nurse, Mary [64877] b.1655, Salem MA m.25_Oct_1678, Salem MA wife of John Tarbell d.28_Jun_1749, Salem MA

Nurse, Mary [64965] b.30_Nov_1725 wife of Edward Powers

Nurse, Mehitable [64934] b.12_Apr_1712 d.1746

Nurse, Michael [64876], Salem MA

Nurse, Nathaniel [64893] b.6_Jul_1704, Salem MA d.25_May_1717

Nurse, Nathan Willis [64926] b.23_Apr_1803, Barre MA

Nurse, Polly [64923] b.4_Oct_1795, Barre MA

Nurse, Rebecca [64874] b.1647, Salem MA wife of Thomas Preston d.1719, Salem MA

Nurse, Samuel [64875] b.3_Feb_1649, Salem MA d.15_Jul_1715, Salem MA

Nurse, Samuel [64935] b.18_Feb_1714

Nurse, Sarah [168162] b.21_Jun_1726, Reading MA

Nurse, Sarah [64880] b.1663, Salem MA

Nurse, Sarah [64892] b.27_Jan_1697, Salem MA m.18_Apr_1718 wife of Henry Sawyer d.15_Jan_1755

Nurse, Sarah [64932] b.2_Mar_1705

Nurse, Sarah [64964] b.2_May_1723 wife of Joseph Marble

Nurse, Thamazin [64936] b.20_Aug_1716

Nurse, Thankfull [64921] b.10_Mar_1790, Barre MA

Nurse, Timothy [168161] b.17_Mar_1723/24, Reading MA

Nurse, Timothy [64911] d.10_Jul_1781, Barre MA

Nurse, Timothy III [64922] b.28_May_1792, Barre MA

Nurse, Timothy Jr. [64915] b.20_May_1753, Rutland MA

Nurse, Zerviah [64999] m.30_Oct_1756 wife of Jason Read

Nussey, Edward Lyle Jr. [145450] [145450]

Nussey, Margaret [145446]

Nussey, Richard H. [145448]

Nussey, Robert Lyle [145447]

Nutt, Ambrose [99860]

Nutt, Ambrose [99865]

Nutt, Anne [99858]

Nutt, Elizabeth [135075], Virginia

Nutt, Francis [99862]

Nutt, Jane [99866]

Nutt, John [99868]

Nutt, Margett [99869]

Nutt, Mary [129155] m.4_Aug_1796 wife of Kendall Lee

Nutt, Mary [99861]

Nutt, Mary [99864]

Nutt, Michael Barking [99857]

Nutt, Myles [99859] d.2_Jul_1671, Malden MA

Nutt, Sarah Ruth [99836] b.1624, England m.5_Nov_1644, Woburn MA wife of Lt. John Wyman m.25_Aug_1684, Woburn MA wife of Thomas Fuller d.24_May_1688

Nutt, William [99856]

Nutt, William [99867]

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