Index part 55

Coleman, Nicie Ann [114297] m.6_Jul_1824 wife of Hugh Goodwin

Coleman, Olive Gilmore [102513] [102513] b.29_Aug_1815, Hubbardston MA m.24_Oct_1833, Hubbardston MA wife of Ebenezer C. Warren

Coleman, Peter [114236] graduated, University of VA d. young

Coleman, Polly [102518] b.2_Mar_1825, Hubbardston MA

Coleman, Rebecca [224988] b.1840, Gloucester Co. VA

Coleman, Richard [224978] b.1792, Gloucester Co. VA d.1835

Coleman, Robert [114291]

Coleman, Robert [191850] b. ABT. 1747

Coleman, Robert [191876] b. 1622 England d. 1689 Gloucester Co., VA

Coleman, Samuel [191500]

Coleman, Samuel [191871] b. 1706 Petsworth Psh., Gloucester Co., VA d. BEF. 20 SEP 1748 Goochland Co., VA

Coleman, Samuel [191890]

Coleman, Sarah [113944] b. Oakley Farm, Caroline Co. VA wife of Peter Goodwin

Coleman, Sarah [191844]

Coleman, Sarah [79521], Wethersfield CT wife of Richard Treat d.23_Aug_1734, Wethersfield CT

Coleman, Spencer [113943] farmer of Pine Forest VA b. Pine Forest, Spottsylvania Co. VA

Coleman, Spencer [114295]

Coleman, Spilsby [191846] b. AFT. 1735

Coleman, Stephen [191499]

Coleman, Stephen [191847] b. 17 NOV 1739 Caroline Co., VA d. 17 AUG 1798 Pittsylvania Co., VA

Coleman, Stephen [191858]

Coleman, Stephen Clark [102530] [102530] b.23_Aug_1846, Hubbardston MA d.7_Aug_1849, Hubbardston MA

Coleman, Sylvester [102533] b.16_Feb_1846, Hubbardston MA

Coleman, Thomas [191837]

Coleman, Thomas [191868]

Coleman, Thomas [224979] b.1794, Gloucester Co. VA

Coleman, Thompson [191859]

Coleman, William [102511] b.1_Jan_1809, Rindge, NH

Coleman, William [191851] b. ABT. 1751

Coleman, William [224977] b.1785, Gloucester Co. VA

Coleman, William H. [114605]

Coleman, William Harris [114299] [114299] farmer of St. Louis Co. MO

Coles, Alice [84875] b.1540 wife of Fulke Woodhull d.1607

Coles, Mary [53131] b.1465 wife of William Blake

Coles, Rachel [32527] b.19_Jan_1772, Scotch Plains NJ wife of James Clark d.3_Nov_1825, Rahway NJ

Coles, Therese Pauline [7929]

Coles, Ursula [6371] wife of Edward Edwards d.1606, Alwalton, England

Colesworthy, Daniel C. [69508] [69508]

Colesworthy, Daniel C. [69512] [69512]

Colesworthy, Daniel P. [69506] [69506]

Colesworthy, Samuel [69504]

Colesworthy, William G. [69510] [69510]

de_Coleville, Alice [18899] wife of Guy Gobaud wife of John de_Gernon

de_Coleville, Edmund [18900] d.1316

de_Coleville, Elizabeth [18901] [18901] wife of Ralph Basset

Coleville, Mary [25781]

Coleville, Robert [25780]

Coley, Edmund Randolf [35734]

Coley, John Palmer [35736]

Coley, Lew Kennedy [35735]

(Coley), Coleman Leroy Haywood [204737] (Coley) [204737] b.22_Jun_1922, Maryus, Gloucester Co. VA d.1_May_1996, Gloucester Co. VA

Colhoun, Annie Elizabeth [225221] [225221] b.1928, Castleblaney, County Monaghan, Ireland wife of Robert Hillis d.1990, Portrush, County Atrim, N. Ireland

de_Coligni, Margaret [11069] m.1218 1st wife of Amadeus IV, count of Savoy

Colin, Effrick [24910] wife of Gillespie Campbell

Colingwood, Margaret [149196], Eslington, Northumberland, England, St. Nicholas, Northumberland, England wife of John Carr d. after 1538

Colingwood, Robert [149195], Eslington, Northumberland, England

Collack, Elizabeth [86707] wife of John Prowse

Collamore, Anthony [27177] b. Scituate MA d. Scituate MA

Collamore,, Capt. Anthony [27166] [27166] of Sciutate MA d.16_Dec_1693, Collamore's Ledge MA

Collamore, Deborah [27175] b.14_Mar_1682, Scituate MA, Scituate MA

Collamore, Elizabeth [27173] b.11_Dec_1679, Scituate MA m.1698, Amherst NH wife of Jeremiah Rose m.31_Jul_1710, Scituate MA wife of Timothy Symmes d.18_Jan_1758, Scituate MA

Collamore, Elizabeth [27188], Bishop's Tawton, Devon, England m.18_Jan_1586/87, Braunton, Devon, England wife of Bartholomew Harris d.1647

Collamore, Henry [27157] d.1625

Collamore, John [27161] b.Nov_1608, England

Collamore, John [27171] b.14_Dec_1675, Scituate MA, Scituate MA

Collamore, John [27174] b.11_Jun_1681, Scituate MA, Scituate MA

Collamore, Jone [27164] b.Oct_1616

Collamore, Mark [27162] b.Feb_1610, England

Collamore, Martha [27172] b.12_May_1677, Scituate MA d.21_Aug_1699, Scituate MA

Collamore, Mary [27167] b.10_Nov_1667, Scituate MA m.12_Jan_1692/93, Scituate MA wife of Robert Stetson

Collamore, Peter [27156]

Collamore, Peter [27163] b.Dec_1513, England

Collamore, Peter [27169] b.6_May_1671, Scituate MA

Collamore, Sarah [27168] b.26_Mar_1670, Scituate MA, Scituate MA

Collamore, Sarah [27170] b.12_Jul_1673, Scituate MA m.20_Apr_1710, Scituate MA wife of James Torrey d.5_Jan_1745, Hanover MA

Collamore, Thomas [27159] b.20_Sep_1569, Northam, Devon, England

Collamore, Thomas [27176] b. Scituate MA d. Scituate MA

Collamore, William [27189] b.1588 d.1648

Colle, Dorothy [29036] m.26_Dec_1639, England wife of Moore Fauntleroy

Colles, Maryon [6525], Ulcomb, Kent, England wife of Hugh Warham

Collett, Sarah [92412]

Colley, Patricia J. [222721] b.Dec_1933, Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England d.2007

Colley, Sonia F. [222722] b.Sep_1937, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

Collier, ________ [130084] b.1929

Collier, ________ [130085] wife of Ralph E. Wilkerson wife of ________ Millard

Collier, ________ [130086]

Collier, ________ [144389] b.1907 (twins) d.1907

Collier, ________ [144390] b.1907 (twins) d.1907

Collier, Addie Elizabeth [130083] [130083] b.26_May_1927, Port Arthur TX m.21_Aug_1948, Simsbury CT wife of Clifford T. Guernsey d.9_Jan_1885, Milford CT

Collier, Angel Michelle [150050] [150050] b.3_May_1973 wife of Tim Huneycutt

Collier, Anita Beatrice [154950] [154950] b.26_Jul_1925, Grand Junction CO m.9_Aug_1944 wife of Charles L. Roberts Jr.

Collier, Bridgette Dawn [150051] [150051] b.14_Aug_1976 wife of Jason Davis

Collier, Elizabeth [120649] m.1637 wife of Constant Southworth

Collier, Frances May [217485] b.13_May_1944, Rocky Mount NC d.18_Sep_2011, Littleton, Halifax Co. NC

Collier, Frank Lee [144393] b.9_Mar_1923, Virginia d.25_Oct_1994, St. Petersburg, FL

Collier, Freeman Samuel [144388] [144388] b.1_Nov_1905, Newport News VA d.8_May_1988, Newport News VA

Collier, Joseph [69345], Pinefield CT d.6_Nov_1691

Collier, Living [144391] wife of Daniel C. Powers

Collier, Living [144392] wife of Living Parry

Collier, Living [144395] wife of Living Jones

Collier, Living [144396] wife of Living Ashe

Collier, Living [154949]

Collier, Living [154952] wife of Living McCormack

Collier, Living [154953]

Collier, Living [205446]

Collier, Mary [42799] m.1_Apr_1635, Plymouth MA wife of Gov. Thomas Prence, Eastham MA

Collier, Rebecca [120654] wife of Job Cole d.1698

Collier, Sarah [42653] m.15_May_1634, Plymouth MA wife of Love Brewster wife of Richard Parks d.26_Apr_1691, Plymouth MA

Collier, Sarah [69344] b.1673, Hartford CT m.22_Jul_1697, New London CT wife of Joseph Pratt d.20_Nov_1730

Collier, Tommy Lavelle Jr. [150052] [150052] b.1_Mar_1979

Collins, ________ [82480]

Collins, Abel [45673] b.4_Aug_1702, New Haven CT d.30_Mar_1773, East Haven CT

Collins, Abigail [118357] b.2_Jun_1673 wife of ________ Ward

Collins, Abigail [45672] b.14_Sep_1700, North Haven CT wife of Eliphalet Luddington d.12_Dec_1790, East Haven CT

Collins, Aileen [131854] b.2_Jun_1953

Collins, Alan Curtis [50328] b.25_Aug_1960, Keswick IA

Collins, Allen Sylvester [79579] [79579] b.24_Apr_1888, Fort Anne, NY d.29_Nov_1975, Glens Falls, NY

Collins, Amos [45674] b.19_Oct_1704, New Haven CT, East Haven CT

Collins, Amy Jo [50340] b.13_Feb_1967, Sigourney IA

Collins, Andrew Russell [204709] [204709]

Collins, Anita Sue [50325] b.17_Jan_1951, Keswick IA wife of Keith Van_Ahsen

Collins, Anne Mae [79580] b.21_Jan_1891, Fort Anne, NY wife of Frank Farrar d.23_Jan_1985, Warrensburg, NY

Collins, Anne Morrison [47823] [47823] b.26_Jul_1849 m.10_Apr_1890 wife of Morris Earle

Collins, Annie [195377] b. Scotland d. Est 1915 Scotland wife of William Thornton

Collins, Annie [195583] wife of William Thornton

Collins, Avis [19001] wife of Peter Buell

Collins, Barbara Lou [50327] b.2_Oct_1958, Keswick IA

Collins, Caroline Lyman [48705] [48705] m.1886 wife of Charles Whitney Page

Collins, Catherine A. [55395] m.20_Dec_1889, CharlottecMI wife of George W. Rowley

Collins, Charles [48680] b.2_Apr_1817 d.30_Nov_1891

Collins, Cheryl Jean [50329] b.10_Apr_1964, Keswick IA

Collins, Clarence Lyman [48690] [48690]

Collins, Cyprian [19011] b.4_Mar_1733

Collins, Daniel [118358] b.5_Oct_1675

Collins, Daniel [45671] b.13_Jul_1699, New Haven CT d. before 1710

Collins, Daniel [45678]

Collins, Diane [79618] b.9_Aug_1960 wife of George Ellmers

Collins, Donald L. [79585] b.Nov_1923 d.Jan_1929

Collins, Donald Winfred [79594] [79594] b.12_Sep_1942 d.11_Jul_1957

Collins, Douglas [79617] b.27_Jan_1956

Collins, Earl Russell [79588] b.12_Dec_1931

Collins, Edith Lyman [48711] m.7_Jan_1897, Paris, France wife of Richid Bey

Collins, Edward [118352] b.18_Jun_1664

Collins, Elizabeth Dawson [47822] [47822] b.23_Jan_1847 m.3_Jun_1869 wife of Charles F. Hulse

Collins, Ellen [48703]

Collins, Erastus [48681]

Collins, Frederic [47781] b.21_Jan_1820 d.27_Nov_1892

Collins, Homer Edward [79583] b.27_Dec_1919, Comstock, NY

Collins, Isaac [47780]

Collins, James Charles [50106] [50106] b.2_Feb_1927

Collins, Janet Ann [50109] b.27_Jul_1938, Keswick IA wife of Gerald K. Bair

Collins, Jean Ida [79589] b.Apr_1935 m.29_Oct_1955 wife of Peter McGregor m.21_Nov_1986 wife of David Kelleher

Collins, Jeffrey Leon [79643] b.27_Sep_1947

Collins, Jennifer Marie [50334] [50334] b.5_Jul_1977, Keswick IA

Collins, Jill Catherine [79645] [79645] b.14_Nov_1970 m.4_Sep_1993 wife of Christopher Scott

Collins, Jimmy [97858]

Collins, John [118349]

Collins, John [46437] b.3_Oct_1710, New Haven CT

Collins, Karen Kay [50339] b.9_Jan_1962, Sigourney IA

Collins, Keith Leroy [50338] b.7_Sep_1958, Sigourney IA

Collins, Kevin Charles Osa [50335] [50335] b.16_Nov_1979, Keswick IA

Collins, Larry Edmond [50108] b.30_Sep_1936, Keswick IA

Collins, Leon [79640] b.23_Apr_1922

Collins, Louise Terry [48691] m.4_Oct_1884 wife of William Allen Butler

Collins, Lydia [45675] b.11_Feb_1706, East Haven CT d.22_Apr_1707, East Haven CT

Collins, Lydia [45677] b.4_Dec_1710, East Haven CT d.24_Oct_1713, East Haven CT

Collins, Lydia Coit [48689] m.8_Jun_1864 wife of William Platt Ketcham

Collins, Lyle Norman [50337] b.14_Dec_1956, Sigourney IA

Collins, Marjorie [131839] wife of Joel Seabough

Collins, Martha [118353] b.3_Mar_1665/66 wife of ________ Harris

Collins, Martha [129694] b. Baddow, England m.Apr_1741 wife of Robert Fairfax d.1743

Collins, Martha [47512] m.14_Mar_1712, New Haven CT wife of Joseph Curtis d.29_Jul_1769

Collins, Mary [118356] b.16_Jun_1672 wife of ________ Moore

Collins, Michael Eugene [79592] [79592] b.7_Aug_1953, Glen Falls, NY

Collins, Nancy Jean [50341] b.30_Jul_1973, Sigourney IA

Collins, Nelson Leonard [79581] [79581] b.1898, Fort Anne, NY d.1974, Hudson Falls, NY

Collins, Norman Lee [50107] b.23_Dec_1930

Collins, Orville Warren [79578] [79578] b.1886, Fort Anne, NY d.1978

Collins, Philo [55400]

Collins, Priscilla [45676] b.1_Mar_1708, East Haven CT wife of Daniel Holbrook d.14_Nov_1793, East Haven CT

Collins, Roberta [97856]

Collins, Ronald Charles [50326] [50326] b.11_Jun_1956, Keswick IA

Collins, Ronald Wayne [79591] b.15_Aug_1949, Glen Falls, NY

Collins, Ryan James [204708]

Collins, Sally [107729] b.24-Sep_1793 m.24_Sep_1793 wife of Joseph Whitney d.22_Sep_1799

Collins, Samuel [118348], England d.Jan_1695/96, Middletown CT

Collins, Samuel [118354] b.21_Oct_1668

Collins, Sarah [46438] b.1_Apr_1713, New Haven CT

Collins, Sean Michael [79622] b.1_Apr_1987

Collins, Shirley LaVerne [79586] [79586] b.21_Feb_1929 m.27_Jun_1947 wife of William Tucker

Collins, Sibylla [118355] b.24_Feb_1670/71

Collins, Susannah [116239] b.9_Jul_1674 Lynn MA wife of Samuel Lord

Collins, Telisa [79630] b.21_Jan_1952 m.Mar_1970 wife of Don Chandler

Collins, Timothy [19002] b.13_Apr_1699 d.7_Feb_1777

Collins, Timothy O'Lynn [50344] [50344] b.30_Dec_1964, Keswick IA

Collins, Todd Jeffrey [79646] b.Sep_1973

Collins, Triphena [19019] b.21_Aug_1757 m.15_Jan_1778 wife of Abraham Wadhams

Collins, Vernon Warren [79587] [79587] b.14_Jul_1930

Collins, Virgil E. III [131853] [131853] b.5_Dec_1949

Collins, Virgil Jr. [131840]

Collins, Virginia [97857]

Collins, William Lyman [48679] [48679] b.10_Feb_1812

Collins, Winfred Allen, [79584] [79584] b.23_Aug_1921 Comstock, NY

Collis-Wimsey, Barbara [54137] [54137]

Collona, Living [213165]

Collona, Living [213166] wife of Alexander H. Pugh

Collona, Living [213167]

Collongridre, Matthew [208187] [208187]

of_Cologne, Blithilde [2225] wife of Ausbert of Moselle

de_Cologne, Duteria (Dode) [2226] [2226], Montfaucon d.St_Pierre, Reims, France wife of Tonantius Ferreolus

of_Cologne, Gonthier [2385] archbishop of Cologne

de_Cologne, Ildegonde [2236] b.399, France, Cologne, Cologne wife of Clovis the Riparian

de_Cologne, Mummolin [2617], Cologne d.Nuestria

of_Cologne, Munderic [2224] b.500, Vitry-en-Perthois

de_Cologne, Sandregisisle [2620] [2620], Bobigny, Westphaila

of_Cologne, Waldrade [2386] m.861 wife of Lothar II of Lorraine

Colona, Living [213580]

Colona, Myrtle Winona (Nona) [202938] [202938] b.15_Sep_1927, Winston-Samel NC wife of Living Hogg d.3_Jan_2012, Newport News VA

Colonel, John Williams Lt. [191950] [191950] b. 24 JAN 1678/79 Wales d. 1755 Accomac Co., VA

Colonna, Mae [218243] b.1923, Fish Neck, York Co. VA

Colonna, Ruth [218242] b.1917, Fish Neck, York Co. VA wife of Earnest Greenig

Colonna, Samuel [218239] b.1845, Virginia

Colonna, William Henry [218240] [218240] b.26_May_1878, Fish Neck, York Co. VA d.26_Sep_1956, Dare, York Co. VA

Colony, Upshur [210836] d. after 1784

Colotta, Betty [163061]

Colquhorn, Agnes [8389] wife of John Somerville

Colquhoun, Claramond [14495] wife of Gustavus B. C. Cleemann

Colquhoun, Jean [25024] wife of Duncan Campbell

Colston, Edward [198909] b.25_Dec_1780 d.23_Apr_1825

Colston, Elizabeth Marshall [27360] [27360] wife of R. Alfred Williams

Colston, Jane [3961] m.1871 wife of Conway R. Howard

Colston, John [197043]

Colston, Lucy A. [198914] b.1798

Colston, Marion Ann [88825]

Colston, Mary I. [198910] b.23_Jun_1782

Colston, Raleigh [3960]

Colston, Raleigh T. [198913] b.1796

Colston, Susanna [198911] b.27_Nov_1792

Colston, Thomas M. [198912] b.11_Nov_1794

Colten, Living [168503]

Colton,, Capt. Thomas [45204] of Springfield MA b.1_May_1651, Longmeadow MA d.30_Sep_1728, Springfield MA

Colton, Deborah [45205] b.25_Jan_1654 wife of Nathaniel Bliss

Colton, Elizabeth [45214] b.5_Apr_1686, Lyme CT m.7_Jan_1726 wife of Joseph Billings m.5_Jul_1710, Windsor CT wife of Joseph Kellogg

Colton, Isaac [45203] b.21_Nov_1646, Springfield MA d.3_Sep_1700

Colton, John [45206] b.18_Apr_1659, Springfield MA d.3_Feb_1727

Colton, Julia [43560] b.13_Apr_1844 m.29_Dec_1869 wife of Harrison Allen

Colton, Sabin Woolworth [43558] [43558] b.20_Feb_1813, Longmeadow d.3_May_1890, Philadelphia, PA

Colton, Sarah [45213] b.25_Sep_1678, Lyme CT

(Columbus), Christopher C. Drennen [91520] (Columbus) [91520] miller of Conestoga twp., Lancaster Co. PA, 1900-1910 b.1849, Pennsylvania

Colver, Abigail [39164] b.23_Dec_1704, Lebanon, CT wife of James Beebe

Colver, Anne [39163] b.6_Jan_1702, Lebanon,CT wife of John Baldwin

Colver, Daniel [39161] b.16_Dec_1698, Lebanon, CT

Colver, Edward [39157] b.Nov_1689, Norwich, CT

Colver, Ephraim [39154] b.14_Dec_1683, Norwich, CT

Colver, Hezekiah [39159] b.Dec_1692, Norwich, CT

Colver, John [39155] b.16_Nov_1685, Norwich, CT

Colver, Lydia [39162] b.10_Nov_1700, Lebanon, CT wife of John Gay

Colver, Samuel [39158] b.11_Feb_1691, Norwich, CT

Colver, Sarah [39156] b.1687, Norwich, CT

Colver, Sarah [39160] b.Aug_1694, Norwich, CT

Colvill, Elizabeth [17012] wife of Ralph Basset

Colville, Margaret [142482] wife of John Semphill

de_Colville, Robert [142479]

de_Colville, Sir Robert [142480] [142480]

de_Colville, Sir Robert [142481] [142481]

Colvin, Priscilla [24546] m.25_Dec_1798 wife of Armistead Hume

Coman, Elizabeth [75605] b. 8_Jan_1882 Canton,Haywood, North Carolina d. 29_Nov_1950 Canton,Haywood, North Carolina m. 27_Nov_1901 ,Nc wife of Ralph Reno Mease Judge

Combee, Brenda Kay [61107] b.30_Jun_1942 m.20_Nov_1959 wife of Norman E. Glueckert

Combee, Connie Rae [61096] b.9_Dec_1968

Combee, Darren Lee [61113] b.21_Nov_1965

Combee, Darren Lynn [61092] b.4_Mar_1968

Combee, Darryl Wayne [61108] b.7_Mar_1944

Combee, Daryl Wayne Jr. [61097] [61097] b.2_Jul_1971

Combee, Deana Lynn [61094] b.25_Jan_1974

Combee, Debra Lee [61111] b.23_Aug_1961

Combee, Gary Brian [61093] b.2_Apr_1970

Combee, Gary Lynn [61109] b.9_Jan_1946

Combee, Richard Lee [61112] b.21_Nov_1965

Combee, Robert Lee [61106] b.28_Apr_1941

Combers, Allyn [113217] of South Weald, Essex, England

Combers, Anthony [113219] husbandman of Stanford Rivers, Essex, England, d.1621

Combers, Benjamine [113216] b.1610, Stanford Rivers, Essex, England

Combers, Jane [113213] b.1595, Stanford Rivers, Essex, England m.1618, Stanford Rivers, Essex, England wife of David Lazelby

Combers, Jane [113223]

Combers, Jeffrey [113221] of Stanford Rivers, Essex, England, d.1612

Combers, John [113220] husbandman of Shenfield, Essex, England, d.1627

Combers, Thomas [113218]

Combers, William [113214]

Combers, William [113222]

Combs, Andrew J. [20816] b.1842

Combs, Arminda [200980] b.29_Apr_1892 wife of Jonathan Frazier d.25_Oct_1957

Combs, Arminta [200965] b.30_Jan_1880, Taylor Co. KY m.25_May 1905, Letcher Co. KY wife of Solomon H. Frazier d.20_Jan_1923

Combs, Beatrice [200977] b.1_May_1923, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, Bonnie [200976] b.3_Jan_1921, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, Charlie [200974] b.9_Sep_1916, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, D. C. [20814] b.1835

Combs, Ella [200927] b.30_Mar_1902 m.17_Nov_1916 wife of G. Bennett Adams d.9_Jul_1973, Mayking, Letcher. Co. KY

Combs, Ida [200981] b.1_Mar_1894, Letcher Co. KT m. 5 Nov 1912, Letcher Co. KY wife of Melvin Frazier d.15_Jan_1972, Premium, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, Ira [200973] b.23_Feb_1913, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, Jack D. [200931] b.26_Feb_1930, Fayette Co, KY

Combs, James [200964] b.23_Nov_1876, Letcher Co. KY d.5_Mar_1939, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, John [21103]

Combs, Living [200932]

Combs, Lora [200972] b.23_Sep_1908 m.15_Jun_1927 wife of Willie M. Fields d.24_Apr_1977, Louisville KY

Combs, Louisa [200963] b.Jul_1872. Taylor Co. KY wife of Solomon Frazier d.25_Dec_1917

Combs, Malinda [20817] b.1847

Combs, Mary F. [200975] b.25_Nov_1918, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, Minalee [200966] b.12_Dec_1884, Taylor Co. KY m.30_Aug_1911, Letcher Co. KY wife of Henry C. Frazier d.3 Apr_1972, Lexington KY

Combs, Nicholas [21102] (Danger), Kings Parrish, VA, Perry Co., KY

Combs, Rachael Cornett [20813] [20813] b.10_Oct_1824, KY m.10_Nov_1842, Perry Co., KY wife of Levi Pennington d.5_Jun_1908, Jackson Co, KY

Combs, Samuel [21039] b.16_Jan_1799 d.11_Nov_1881

Combs, Samuel Hart [200930] b.8_Feb_1927, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, Stephen [200928] b.28_Jun_1911, Letcher Co. KY d.28_Jun_1911, Letcher Co. KY

Combs, Tandy [200926] b.5_Jan_1896 d.1_Apr_1986, Bardstown, Nelson Co. KY

Combs, William [20815] b.1823

Comfort, William Wistar [48086] [48086] b.27_May_1874

Comley, Albert [75500] b. 5_Oct_1926 Beverly,Essex, MA

Comley, Bonnie Jean [75269] b. 22_Oct_1962 Boston,Suffolk, MA m. 6_Dec_1992 Merritt Island, Brevard,Florida wife of Jarrett Jackson Clark

Comley, Joseph Herman [75498] b. 14_Mar_1895 Newburyport, Essex,MA d. 4_Mar_1966 Danvers,Essex, MA

Commander, Marvin Peck Mix [44984] [44984] b.9_Jun_1786, New Haven CT

de_Comminges, Arnaud I [85885] [85885] count of Comminges d.957

de_Comminges, Bernard II [85891] [85891] d.1077

de_Comminges, Bernard Roger [85882] [85882] count of Couserans, Foix, and Bigorre, Aude, France d.1038.

de_Comminges, Roger I [85886] count of Comminges

de_Comminges, Roger le_Vieux [85884] [85884] count of Carcassone, Couserans, and part of Comminges d.1012

Commodus, Lucius Aurelius [80526] [80526] emperor of Rome, 180-192 b.161, Italy d.192, Italy

Comnena, Anna [52758] b.1083 wife of Nicephorus Bryennius d. after 1148

Comnena, Theodora [52757] b.1144 wife of Constantine Angelus m.Sep_1158, Jerusalem wife of Baldwin III, king of Jerusalem d.20_Feb_1116

Comnena, Theodora [52783] b.1144 wife of Andronicus I Comnenos, emperor in the East wife of Baldwin III, king of ________

Comnenos, Andronicus I [52782] [52782] emperor in the East b.1110 d.12_Sep_1185, Killed

Comnenus, ________ [52759]

Comnenus, Alexius I [52760] emperor in the East, 1081-1118 b.1048 d.15_Aug_1118

Comnenus, Alexius II [52751] emperor in the East b.1169 d.Nov_1182, strangled by Andronicus I

Comnenus, Eudocia [52752] (Eudoxia) m.1174 wife of William VIII, count of Montpellier

Comnenus, Eudocia [52776] (Eudoxia) m.1174 wife of William VIII, count of Montpellier

Comnenus, Isaac [52753] d.1174

Comnenus, Isaac I [52762] emperor in the East d.1057

Comnenus, John [52763] (declined throne after death of brother) d.12_Jul_1067

Comnenus, John II [52756] emperor in the East, 1118-1143 b.13_Sep_1087 d.8_Apr_1143, Cilicia

Comnenus, Manuel I [52754] emperor in the East d.24_Sep_1180, Constantinople

Comnenus, Theodora [52761] wife of Konstantios Digoenes

Compton, Elizabeth [139516] m.27_Feb_1782 wife of G.A.H. Cavendish, 1st earl of Burlington

Compton, Jane [8685] wife of Jacob Stelle

Compton, Phebe [51526] m.15_Jan_1846, Newhope OH wife of Isaac Votaw

Compton), George H. C. Cavendish (Henry [139518] (Henry Compton) [139518] b.14_Oct_1784 d.22_Jan_1809

Compton-Cavendish,, Gen. H. F. (Hon. Henry Frederick) [139520] b.5_Nov_1789 d.5_Apr_1873

Comstock, Abbie Eliza [152632] [152632] b.3_Apr_1862, Ogden NY d.14_Jan_1937

Comstock, Adam [16339] b.Jan_1740, Smithfield d.10_Apr_1819, Saratoga, NY

Comstock, Anne Louise [16345] b.20_Apr_1836 m.13_May_1853 wife of Edward A. Balch

Comstock, Asa Willis [152641] b.12_Apr_1872, Swanton VT d.10_Aug_1872, Swanton VT

Comstock, Benjamin [16341] b.7_Mar_1747 d.30_Sep_1828

Comstock, Betsey [56232] wife of Daniel Butler

Comstock, Caroline Cornelia [152623] [152623] b.25_Jun_1834, Swanton VT m.14_Dec_1863, Beaver Dam WI wife of Ira Campbell d.15_Apr_1917, Fort Dodge IA

Comstock, Charlotte Amelia [152624] [152624] b.25_Jun_1834, Swanton VT m.8_Oct_1867, New Briton CT wife of Charles Tomlinson d.19_Feb_1903, Elmira NY

Comstock, Clarece Thomas [225831] [225831] b.1_Feb_1879, Rardin, Coles Co. IL d.25_May_1947, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL

Comstock, Eleanor [225836] b.1910, Illinois

Comstock, Elizabeth Kimball [152625] [152625] b.16_Jan_1838, Swanton VT d.21_May_1922, Elmira NY

Comstock, George Harris [152620] [152620] b.7_Feb_1829, Swanton VT d.6_Dec_1919, Ithaca NY

Comstock, Gideon [16335]

Comstock, Hassadiah [16326]

Comstock, Jane Eliza [152619] (Jennie) b.7_Dec_1827, Swanton VT m.11_Oct_1856 wife of Aurora Cady d.7_Aug_1905

Comstock, John [16327] b.26_Mar_1693 d.12_Jun_1750

Comstock, Living [225839] wife of Living Kerans wife of Living Rogers

Comstock, Lucia Abbie Luella [152639] [152639] b.19_Apr_1868, Swanton VT d.27_Mar_1946

Comstock, Lucia Byington [152621] [152621] b.13_Dec_1830, Swanton VT m.15+Oct_1861 wife of James M. Hitchcock d.5_May_1915, St. Paul MN

Comstock, Ned Sub.ette [225837] [225837] b.28_Sep_1918, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL

Comstock, Nellie [225832] b.8_Oct_1887, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL m.11_May_1910 wife of Theodore S. Wright d.13_Jun_1979, Kansas, Edgar Co. IL

Comstock, Orange Adams [152622] [152622] b.17_Dec_1832, Swanton VT d.3_May_1903, Swanton VT

Comstock, Robert Edward [39720] [39720] b.28_Jan_1928, Seattle, WA

Comstock, Ruth [16409] b.31_Dec_1763 m.11_Feb_1787, Schenectady wife of Nicholas Van_Vranken d.16_Aug_1800

Comstock, Samuel [16337] d.16_Jan_1765

Comstock, Thelma [225833] b.8_Mar_1901, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL wife of John P. Jackson d.Nov_1981, Springfield, Sanganon Co. IL

Comstock, Walter H. [152631] b.26_Feb_1861, Spencerport NY

Comstock, Walter Harris [152640] [152640] b.6_Oct_1869, Swanton VT d.29_Nov_1929

Comstock, William [16343] b.20_Jan_1786 d.27_Oct_1873

Comstock, William Riley [225835] [225835] b.3_Jul_1908, Illinois d.Sep_1980, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL

Comte-DeJolie, Charlotte [202515] [202515] b.1666, France m.29_Sep_1686, St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England wife of John Bertrand d.1710, Lancaster Co. VA

Comyn, ________ [12684] wife of Alexander MacDougall

Comyn, ________ [12700] wife of John Keith

Comyn, Alexander [12697] sheriff of Aberdeen

Comyn, Alexander [12701] earl of Buchan b. after 1210 d.1290

Comyn, Alice [12696] m.1310 wife of Henry de Beaumont, lord Beaumont and earl of Buchan d. before 1348

Comyn, Elizabeth [12682] b.1_Nov_1299, Wyke, England m.1325 wife of Sir Richard Talbot, baron Talbot d.20_Nov_1372

Comyn, Elizabeth [12698] d.1328 wife of Gilbert de Umfreville, earl of Angus

Comyn, Elizabeth [12704] of Buchan wife of William of Mar, 5th earl of Mar d.1267

Comyn, Idoine [12705] wife of Gilbert de la Haye, baron of Erroll

Comyn, Isobel [12710] wife of Sir Gilchrist Mure

Comyn, Jardine [12703] of Inveralloch

Comyn, Joan [12683] wife of David de_Strabolgi d.1326

Comyn, John [12571]

Comyn, John [12681] d.24_Jun_1314, Bannockburn, k.i.a., d.s.p

Comyn, John [12685] the Red Comyn #2 lord of Badenock d.10_Feb_1306, Greyfriars

Comyn, John [12691] of Tynedale

Comyn, Margarie [12699] wife of Patrick Dunbar

Comyn, Richard [12689] lord of Badenoch

Comyn, Richard [12692] of Northallerton and Badenoch d. before 1182

Comyn, Sir John [12687] the Black Comyn, lord of Badenock

Comyn, Sir John [12688] the Red Comyn #1 lord of Badenock d. after 1273

Comyn, Sir Robert [12709]

Comyn, Sir Walter [12702]

Comyn, William [12598]

Comyn, William [12690] earl of Buchan d.1233

Conan, Essylt Ferch [80294] wife of Merfyn Frych

Conant, Aaron [28804] b.15_Mar_1785, Gardner MA

Conant, Aaron Winslow [28825] b.15_Mar_1823, Gardner MA

Conant, Abigail [28809] b.11_Jun_1795, Gardner MA m.18_Feb_1816, Gardner MA wife of Jonathan Brown d.5_Dec_1839, Gardner MA

Conant, Alice Maud [86384] b.19_Aug_1873, Millers Falls MA d.1901

Conant, Bethiah [136155] b.8_Nov_1677, Beverly MA m.16_Dec_1696, Bridgewater MA wife of Nathaniel Allen d.1704, S. Bridgewater MA

Conant, Bethiah [71670] b.14_Oct_1684, Beverly MA m.15_Oct_1715, Beverly MA wife of Jonathan Herrick d. after 1724

Conant, Betsy [28807] b.8_Apr_1791, Gardner MA m.19_Dec_1822, Gardner MA wife of George W. Davis

Conant, Calvin [28832] b.3_Apr_1825, Gardner MA

Conant, Carrie Louise [86382] b.9_Feb_1866, North Attleboro MA d.1872

Conant, Catherine [28821]

Conant, Charles Wright [28834] [28834] b.16_Sep_1833, Gardner MA

Conant, Edward Everett [86189] [86189] b.9_Mar_1837, Holden MA

Conant, Eliza Jane [28855] b.25_Sep_1843, Gardner MA

Conant, Ella May [111068] wife of Harry G. Vining

Conant, Ellen Maria [28853] b.18_May_1838, Gardner MA

Conant, Emily [28812] b.19_Aug_1801, Gardner MA m.24_Jun_1824 wife of Silas Brooks

Conant, Emily [28823] b.13_Dec_1819, Gardner MA

Conant, Farewell [28808] b.12_Apr_1793, Gardner MA

Conant, Francis [28852] b.18_Oct_1835, Gardner MA

Conant, Fremont H. [70678]

Conant, George Alvah [28854] b.18_Mar_1841, Gardner MA

Conant, George Farewell [28824] [28824] b.28_May_1821, Gardner MA

Conant, Harriet [28847] b.9_Apr_1825, Gardner MA

Conant, Harry F. [70680]

Conant, Henry Clay [86190] b.14_Feb_1840, Orange MA d.1868, Orange MA

Conant, Hiram [86407] b.10_Jan_1799, Warwick MA d.9_Oct_1892, Northfield MA

Conant, Hiram Edward [86383] b.1_Jun_1871, Millers Falls MA

Conant, Hiram Reed [86187] b.28_Jun_1829, Holden MA

Conant, John [71710] b.15_Dec_1652, Beverly MA d.30_Sep_1724, Beverly MA

Conant, John Risley [28833] b.25_Oct_1829, Gardner MA

Conant, Joseph Lewis [28850] b.18_Oct_1831, Gardner MA

Conant, Josiah [28811] b.30_Jul_1799, Gardner MA

Conant, Josiah Gardner [86191] [86191] b.16_Jan_1845, Orange MA d.30_Jan_1845

Conant, Josiah L. [28851] b.1831

Conant, Lauson [28816] b.2_May_1809, Gardner MA

Conant, L. Maude [70682] wife of Alvin J. Darrah

Conant, Lot [71712] b.1626, Nantucket MA d.29_Sep_1674, Beverly MA

Conant, Lucy [28805] b.19_Feb_1787, Gardner MA m.24_Feb_1807 wife of Isaac Miller

Conant, Lucy Maria [28835] b.3_May_1837, Gardner MA

Conant, Lyman [28814] b.12_Aug_1805, Gardner MA

Conant, Maria [28815] b.16_Jun_1807, Gardner MA m.8_Nov_1832, Gardner MA wife of Joseph P. Stone

Conant, Mary [137419] b.20_Dec_1703, Middleboro MA m.26_Aug_725, Middleboro MA wife of John Cobb d.16_Nov_1795, Middleboro MA

Conant, Mary Ann [28831] b.13_Jan_1823, Gardner MA m.17_Sep_1840, Gardner MA wife of Abner White

Conant, Mary Bancroft [28826] b.11_Jun_1825, Gardner MA m.1_Oct_1845, Gardner MA wife of Joseph Powers

Conant, Nancy [28806] b.6_Feb_1789, Gardner MA m.1_Jul_1810, Gardner MA wife of Alpheus Simonds

Conant, Olive Eleanor [86188] b.28_May_1831, Holden MA m.18_Apr_1853 wife of Freeman S. Hagar

Conant, Polly [28810] b.30_Aug_1797, Gardner MA m.18_Feb_1816, Gardner MA wife of Asel Corey

Conant, Rebecca [28830] b.11_Dec_1820, Gardner MA m.16_Apr_1840, Gardner MA wife of Hosea Adams

Conant, Roswell [28820] b.24_Mar_1815, Gardner MA

Conant, Roswell Bancroft [28819] [28819] b.13_May_1813, Gardner MA

Conant, Sarah Case [28827] b.1_Dec_1829, Gardner MA

Conant, Smyrna Bancroft [28822] [28822] b.18_Jan_1818, Gardner MA

Conant, Sussanah [28813] b.18_Jul_1803, Gardner MA

Conant, Sylvester Thomas [28817] [28817] b.25_Jun_1810, Gardner MA

Conant, Walter [28849] b.16_May_1829, Gardner MA

Conant, William [28848] b.6_Mar_1827, Gardner MA

Conant, Wilma [111069] wife of ________ Chapman wife of Albert B. Dolbier wife of Albert S. Conant

Conde, Angela Marie [106688] b.1994

de_Conde, Gabel [15778] (or Isabel) of Buckinghamshire wife of Inglram de_Fiennes d.1266

de_Conde, Jacques [15779] sgnr. de Conde

de_Condet, Isabel [3080] wife of Hugh Bardolf d. after 1166

de_Condet, Robert [3388]

Condit, Alice [8880] wife of Andrew Kirkpatrick

Condit, Estelle [8881] wife of Thomas T. Kinney

Condon, Christopher [77045]

Condon, Graham David [77044] b. 28_Jul_1982

Condy, John [54037] d. before 1_Dec_1345

Condy, Margaret [54036] d. before 23_Nov_1372 wife of Robert Grubbe

Condy, William [54038]

Cone, Abigail [54720] b.27_Jun_1706 m.26_Dec_1723 wife of Elnathan Rowley d.8_Dec_1735

Cone, Anna Wood [119154] b.16_May_1836, Westbrook CT wife of George C. Spencer

Cone, Catherine Sherwood [119157] [119157] b.7_Aug_1843, Westbrook CT wife of Rufus Brown

Cone, Emily Abigail [119159] b.18_Mar_1850, Westbrook CT wife of ________ Lyon wife of William V. Searles

Cone, Esther Kirtland [119155] [119155] b.14_Jul_1838, Westbrook CT

Cone, Eugene Timothy [119158] b.10_Dec_1846, Westbrook CT d.24_Aug_1848, Westbrook CT

Cone, Irena [170579] b. 4 Feb 1830 New Lisbon, Otsego Co., New York m. 2 Mar 1851 wife of Thomas Estes

Cone, Lydia [170578] b. New Lisbon, Otsego Co., New York m. 2 Oct 1845 wife of Wilbur Estes

Cone, Richard Wood [119156] b.4_Oct_1839, Westbrook CT

Cone, Stephen [117967] b.1678, Haddam CT

Conger, Joseph [34617] of Hanover NJ b.17_May_1692 d. after 1739

Conklin, Living [171273]

Conklin, Living [171274]

Conklin, Living [171275]

Conklin, Living [182235]

Conklin, Living [182236]

Conklin, Living [182238]

Conklin, Living [182239]

of_Connacht, Bebinn [19193] wife of Kennedy MacLorcan

of_Connacht, Ducholi [19213] 3rd wife of Brian Boru

of_Connacht, Murcha [19194] king of Connacht

Connell, Linwood Blaine [185591] [185591] b.2_Jun_1914, Spokane WA d.3_Jun_1994, Warrenton VA

Connell, Living [185593]

Connell, Living [185594]

Connell, Living Jr. [185595]

Connelly, Dulania F. [50225] b. Galena OH m.30_Jan_1866, Galena OH wife of Norman W. Churchill d.25_Nov_1912, Keswick IA

Connelly, Living [134471]

Connelly, Living [134473] wife of Living Shuh

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