Index part 181

Lomax, Phoebe Jane [181713] (Pheby) b.2_Mar_1867, Perry Co. TN m.30_Aug_1885, Perry Co. TN wife of James M. Richardson d.21_Jun_1937, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Pleas Howard [181884] b.18_Mar_1927, New Madrid Co. MO

Lomax, Richard Golden James [181858] [181858]

Lomax, Robert Allen [181715] b.20_Oct_1873, Cedar Creek, Perry Co. TN d.6_Mar_1953, Pope, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Robert Hiram [181337] b.15_Jan_1890, Perry Co. TN d.18_Jul_1965, Tennessee

Lomax, Rubye Elizabeth [181753] [181753] b.16_Jan_1923, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Russell [181313] b.13_Apr_1815, Hickman Co. TN, Clay District, Dunklin Co. MO

Lomax, Sallie Maude [181623] b.14_Nov_1890 m.8_Feb_1914 wife of Granville E. Veal d.1959, Tennessee

Lomax, Sallie Nannie Malone [181334] [181334] b.14_Jul_1885, Tennessee wife of William S. Coleman d.13_Oct_1973, Linden, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Samuel [181697] b.Sep_1830, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Sanders Wilburn [181351] [181351] b.21_Oct_1915, Tennessee d.29_Aug_1992, Nashville TN

Lomax, Sarah [181301], Georgia, Tennessee wife of Willis Russell

Lomax, Sarah Catherine [181712] [181712] b.16_Sep_1865, Perry Co. TN m.22_Nov_1885, Perry Co. TN wife of Joseph A. Kelley, Sparta, Johnson Co. AR

Lomax, Sarah E. [181724] (Isabelle) b.8_Sep_1882, Perry Co. TN m.21_Apr_1900, Perry Co. TN wife of Robert T. Hinson d.5_Jul_1974, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Sarah L. [181471] b.7_May_1866, Tennessee m.11_Dec_1892, Perry Co. TN wife of James A. Beasley wife of William R. McDonald wife of Jim Baker m.12_Feb_1934 wife of Moses J. Beatty d.13_Sep_1946, Tennessee

Lomax, Sarah Susan [181703] b.1843-1844, Perry Co. TN m.30_Oct_1875, Perry Co. TN wife of James H. DePriest

Lomax, Sara Isabella [181798] b.15_Jun_1893, Warfield, Perry Co. TN d.Jul_1893, Warfield, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, S. E. [181719]

Lomax, Tavie [181635] b.2_May_1912, Decatur Co. TN d.2_May_1912, Decatur Co. TN

Lomax, Temperance [181305] b.1_May_1799, Georgia m.5_Oct_1817, Perry Co. TN wife of Horner Cude d.7_Apr_1863, Missouri

Lomax, Temperance C. [181321] b.1848, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Temperance Lillian [181571] [181571] b.15_Feb_1852, Perry Co. TN m.16_Feb_1871, Decatur Co. TN wife of Francis M. Harrington d. before 1888

Lomax, Thelma [181364] b.15_Dec_1905 m.11_Jul_1926, Perry Co. TN wife of Hubert Smith d.15_Feb_1995

Lomax, Thomas [181307] b.4_Jun_1805, Williamson Co. TN d.8_Apr_1880, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Thomas Allen [181514] (Truman) b.27_Jun_1908, Wayne Co. TN

Lomax, Thomas Andrew [181474] b.20_Dec_1873, Perry Co. TN d.18_Dec_1961, Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co. TN

Lomax, Thomas Andrew [181707] b.29_Nov_1854, Perry Co. TN d.29_Nov_1857, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Thomas R. [181701] b.1839-1840, Perry Co. TN d. Missouri

Lomax, Vela Ann [181629] b.3_Aug_1922, Tennessee d.30_Jun_1951, Decatur Co. TN

Lomax, Verdie Mae [181752] b.6_Feb_1919, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, Vernie Mae [181627] b.12_Feb_1915, Tennessee m.19_Sep_1937, Decatur Co. TN wife of Connie Bartholemew d.23_Jun_1993, Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN

Lomax, Viola Blanche [181864] b.Dec_1896, Tennessee

Lomax, Wilburn [181315] b.22_Jul_1824, Perry Co., TN d.20_Jan_1880, Clay District, Dunklin Co. MO

Lomax, William [181312] b.2_Aug_1819, Perry Co. TN d. after 1880, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, William Alfred [181508] [181508] b.12_Apr_1895 d.26_Jun_1979, Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co. TN

Lomax, William Andrew [181705] [181705] b.30_Jun_1850, Perry Co. TN d.30_Jun_1850, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, William Carl [181668] b.4_Aug_1918, Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN d.23_Dec_1993

Lomax, William H. [181303] b.16_Dec_1795, Gorgia d.26_Aug_1878, Hurricane Creek, Humphreys Co. TN

Lomax, William H. [181574] b.31_Oct_1858, Decatur Co. TN d.15_May_1937, Decatur Co. TN

Lomax, William Harrison [181473] [181473] b.20_Nov_1871, Perry Co. TN

Lomax, William John [181330] (Bill) b.14_Feb_1870 Tennessee d.4_Jan_1954 Perry Co. TN

Lomax, William Ollie [181624] b.3_Sep_1897, Decatur Co. TN d.Jan_1978, Decatur Co. TN

Lomax, Willie Lester [181653] b.8_Jun_1913

Lomax, Wilma Sue [181672] b.20_Aug_1929, Decaturville, Decatur Co, TN m.11_Aug_1951, Memphis TN wife of Frank E. Houston

Lombard, Mercy [20105] m.17_Jun_1678 wife of Benjamin Hatch d.6_Mar_1681/82, Falmouth MA

a_Lombard, Railenda [13570] wife of Oberto II of Tuscana d. before 999

a_Lombard, Railenda [13573] wife of Olderado

Lombard, Salome [122950] b.10_Jun_1736, Truro MA m.25_Nov_1756, Gorham CT wife of Austin Alden d.18_Mar_1780, Gorham CT

de_Lombards, Waccho [52873] king of the Lumbards, Lombardy, Lombardy

de_Lombards, Waldrade [52872], Lombardy d.572, France, Bavaria wife of Garibald I, Austrasia wife of Theoebald mistress of Clothaire I the old

of_Lombardy, Childebrand II [2348] [2348] lord of Peeracy duke of Lombardy d.832

of_Lombardy, St. Adelaide [1827] [1827] b.931 m. after 951 wife of Emperor Otto the Great wife of King Lothar II d.17_Dec_999, Seiz, Alsace

of_Lomme, Berenger I [85436] count of Lomme-Namur d.946

of_Lomme, Robert I [85435] count of Lomme d.980

de_London, Hawise [48140] b. before 1220 wife of Patrick de_Chaworth d.1273

de_Londoniis, Eschyna [7118] wife of Walter Fitz Alan, 1st lord high Steward of Scotland

de_Londoniis, Thomas [7119]

Long, Albert Gallatin [129520] [129520] b.2_Apr_1799, Culpeper Co. VA d.16_Jan_1863, White Sulpher Springs KY

Long, Alice [181593] b.15_Dec_1899, Decatur Co. TN d.15_Feb_1915, Decatur Co. TN

Long, Anne [141744], Virginia wife of John Forrest

Long, Anne [64508] m.24_Oct_1643 wife of James Convers d.10_Aug_1691

Long, Arbie [181594] b.25_Jun_1895 d.27_Jun_1896

Long, Armistead [129521] b.29_Jan_1801 d.14_Dec_1875

Long, Burgess Ball [129518] b.7_Mar_1796 d.30_Jul_1873

Long, Constance [139295] wife of William FitzMaurice

Long, Curtis Edward [170257] b. 29 Nov 1906 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. 18 Oct 1954 San Francisco, California

Long, Donald Lewis [170250] b. 22 Aug 1894 d. 1992 Pillager, Minnesota

Long, Dwight Freemont [170251] [170251] b. 15 Dec 1895 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. 29 Jul 1967 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota

Long, Edith Charlotte [170256] [170256] b. 18 May 1902 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota m. 29 Sep 1928 wife of Cecil Eugene Dresser

Long, Eleanor [129519] b.15_Nov_1797

Long, Elizabeth [32160] wife of Hiram Clark

Long, Elizabeth [65838], Dunstable, England m.23_May_1643 wife of James Parker

Long, Elizabeth [69960] b.14_Nov_1621, Dunstable, Bedford, England m.23_May_1643, Woburn MA wife of Capt. James Parker d.Feb_1695/1696

Long, Ezra [181595] b.Nov_1907 d.Jul_1908

Long, Faye Wirth [170253] b. 8 Jan 1899 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. 1 May 1973 Brainerd, Minnesota

Long, Fielden T. [181596] b.16_Sep_1904 d.16_Mar_1906

Long, Gary [201672]

Long, Hannah [152876] b.24_Feb_1725, Newbury MA m.7_Jul_1752, Newbury MA wife of Moses Sawyer d.22_May_1802, Newburyport MA

Long, Harriet Ernestine [170252] [170252] b. 10 Sep 1897 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. 24 Dec 1972 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota m. 22 Aug 1922 wife of Herman A. R. Oestreich

Long, Hollis Willard [170260] b. 12 Oct 1915 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. Oct 1973

Long, Jake [77034]

Long, Jerry Preston [90087] b.28_Jun_1965

Long, Kane [77033]

Long, Kent [201671]

Long, Laurs [199562]

Long, Living [170237]

Long, Living [170238]

Long, Living [170239] wife of Living Murray wife of Living McGowan wife of Living Dorsey

Long, Living [170271]

Long, Living [170273]

Long, Living [170274]

Long, Living [170275]

Long, Living [193523]

Long, Living [193524]

Long, Living [206739] wife of Living Davis

Long, Living [206740] wife of Living King

Long, Lloyd After [170255] b. 1 Aug 1901 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. 7 May 1951

Long, Lois Althea [90080] b.1938 m.10_Aug_1956 wife of Lewis A. Payne

Long, Lowell Henry [170259] b. 23 Jan 1912 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. 8 May 1986 Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Long, Mary [195365] d. MAY 1773 m. St. Mary's Parish, Richmond, Virginia USA wife of George Tankersley

Long, Mary Chichester [129517] [129517] b.5_Apr_1794 wife of Thomas Mott

Long, Melissa [199561]

Long, Merrill Hubert [170258] b. 6 Aug 1909 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. 26 Mar 1967 Phoenix, Arizona

Long, Michael [69959] b.30_Jul_1615, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England d.12_Jan_1687/88, MA

Long, Phyllis Dott [170261] b. 19 Apr 1920 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota m. 24 Apr 1946 wife of Donald Joseph Delonis

Long, Robert [65474] b.1590, St. Albans, Herefordshire, England d.6_Jan_1662/63, Charlestown, MA

Long, Robert [65839] b. St. Albans, England d.6_Jan_1663, St. Albans, England

Long, Robert [69953] of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England b.1590 d.9_Jan_1663/64, Charlestown MA

Long, Robert Crosby [90081] b.22_Jul_1943

Long, Sarah [199560]

Long, Sarah [65471] b.13_Oct_1616, Dunstable, Bedford, England, Charlestown, MA wife of Abraham Hill

Long, Tammy Darlene [90088] b.22_Nov_1966

Long, Todd [170254] b. 28 Aug 1900 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota d. May 1901 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co., Minnesota

de_Longchamp, Hawys [14148] wife of William Fitz Hugh

Longespee, Ela [11861] m.1244 wife of James of Aldithley wife of Roger la Zouche

Longespee, Ela [11874] m. before 1267, Much Haddam, England wife of Roger la Zouche d. before 19_Jul_1276

de_Longespee, Emmeline [11875] [11875] d.1291 wife of Maurice Fitz Maurice

Longespee, Ida [11863] wife of Walter Fitz Robert wife of William de Beauchamp d. after 1262

Longespee, Stephen [11862] of Sutton, Northampton d.1260, Sutton, Northamptonshire, England

de_Longespee, William [11734] earl of Salisbury d.8_Feb_1250, in battle with the Saracens

de_Longespee, William [11864] (longsword) earl of Salisbury d.7_Mar_1226

de_Longespee, william III [11860] [11860] earl of Salisbury d.1257

Longfellow, Ernest Wadsworth [100254] [100254] b.23_Nov_1845, Cambridge MA

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth [100252] [100252] b.27_Feb_1807, Portland ME d.24_Mar_1882, Cambridge MA

Longhorne, Sarah [86455] b.16_Apr_1660, Rowley MA wife of Benjamin Muzzy d.28_Jan_1710, Lexington MA

Longley, Hannah [69972] (Anna) m.30_Jun_1666, Groton MA wife of Thomas Tarbell Jr. d.29_Dec_1680, Groton MA

Longley, William [69973]

Longshore, Elizabeth [149242] b.1781, Newberry Co. SC wife of James Hogg d.1814

Longshore, Euclydus [149240] b.1740 d.1795

Longshore, Robert [149238] b.1716 d.1776

Longtin, Alma [72256]

Longtin, Celina Angelique [71916] [71916] St. Jacques, Quebec,Canada d. Bef_Nov_1858 m. 25_Nov_1856 L'Acadie,St. Jean,Quebec,Canada wife of Edouard Regnier

Longtin, Laura [72257]

Longtin, Roque [72258]

de_Longwy, Ermesinde [85566] countess of Longwy wife of William V of Poitou d. after 1058

Loockermans, Caatje [49350] m.2_Apr_1684, MI wife of Wessel Ten_Broeck d.6_Jan_1746

Looke, Mary [56083] b.15_Jul_1654, Lynn MA m.4_Dec_1672, Topsfield MA wife of John Curtis d.23_Aug_1745, Topsfield MA

Loomis, Abigail [67330] b.7_Feb_1763, Union, CT d.25_Jan_1765, Palmer, MA

Loomis, Abigail [67357] b.27_Mar_1659, Windsor, CT m.22_Nov_1677, Windsor, CT wife of Josiah Barber

Loomis, Abigail [67385] b.3_Jul_1732, Connecticut d.13_Jan_1751, Connecticut

Loomis, Abigail [67544] b.1735 d.1736

Loomis, Abijah [67548] b.1744

Loomis, Abner [67328] b.3_Jun_1759, Union, CT d.2_Apr_1813, Whately, MA

Loomis, Abner [67384] b.21_Apr_1729, Colchester, CT

Loomis, Abner [67397] b.7_Jul_1803, Dunkirk, NY d.21_Sep_1873, Salem, MO

Loomis, Abner [67490] b.2_Jun_1842, New Philadelphia, Ohio d.7_Jun_1863

Loomis, Abner Washington [67261] [67261] b.17_Dec_1829, Pomfret, NY d.24_Aug_1904, Colorado

Loomis, Addison E. [67266] b.8_Oct_1850, Iowa

Loomis, Adoniram Judson [67259] [67259] b.8_May_1826, Pomfret, NY

Loomis, Alfred Orrin [67286] b.26_Jun_1869, Harrisburg, OR

Loomis, Andrew [67546] b.1739

Loomis, Andrew Jackson [67258] [67258] b.10_Jan_1825, Pomfret, NY d.14_Aug_1911, Spokane, WA

Loomis, Anne Olivia [67481] b.3_Oct_1844, Fairfield, IA

Loomis, Arethusa [67272] b.4_Aug_1849, Birmingham, IA d.17_Aug_1849, Birmingham, IA

Loomis, Arme [67491] b.3_Aug_1844, New Philadelphia, Ohio m.Mar_1866 wife of Winfield S. Cummins

Loomis, Arthur Whetsel [67298] [67298] b.7_Jan_1867

Loomis, Ashmun [67273] b.24_Aug_1851, Birmingham, IA

Loomis, Azariah [67435] b.2_May_1700, Colchester, CT d.9_Feb_1758

Loomis, Benejah [67423] b.1711, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Benejah [67551] b.1752

Loomis, Benjamin F. [67496] b.14_Nov_1857 d. Clarmore, Oklahoma

Loomis, Caleb [67387] b.19_Jun_1735, Connecticut d.28_Jan_1774, Brookfield, MA

Loomis, Caleb [67438] b.20_Sep_1707, Colchester, CT d. after 1777

Loomis, Calvin [67332] b.1767, Palmer, MA d.23_Aug_1810, Middlesex, NY

Loomis, Charles [67485] b.12_May_1834, New York

Loomis, Charles C. [67291] b.14_Nov_1860

Loomis, Charles Cato [67297] b.24_Dec_1864 d.1925, Baker, Oregon

Loomis, Charles Morton [67253] [67253] b.20_Dec_1815, Pomfret, NY d.24_Jul_1840

Loomis, Clara [67294] b.10_Oct_1865

Loomis, Daniel [67309] b.16_Jun_1657, Farmington, CT d.25_Jun_1740, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Daniel [67407] b.15_Nov_1682

Loomis, Daniel [67414] b.2_Nov_1710

Loomis, Daniel [67439] b.20_Feb_1709, Colchester, CT d.20_Mar_1784

Loomis, Daniel [67550] b.1750

Loomis, David [67313] b.30_May_1665, Windsor, CT d.24_Jun_1665, Windsor, CT

Loomis, David [67360] b.11_Jan_1667, Windsor, CT

Loomis, David [67419] b.13_Mar_1719, Hartford, CT d. before 1752

Loomis, Deborah [67388] b.8_Mar_1738, Connecticut

Loomis, Dorothy [67418] b.21_Jun_1718, Hartford, CT m.25_Jan_1738 wife of Ichabod Loomis

Loomis, Ebenezer [67364], Windsor, CT

Loomis, Edward [67455] b.1564, Thaxted, Essex, England d.1619, Essex, England

Loomis, Edward [67488] b.24_Jan_1839, New Philadelphia, Ohio

Loomis, Eleanor H. [67269] b.31_Mar_1863, Iowa

Loomis, Elisha [67417] b.6_Jun_1716, Hartford, CT d.11_Nov_1758

Loomis, Elizabeth [18620] b.30_Nov_1786, Torrington CT, East Windsor CT wife of Capt. Joseph Newberry, Ripley, NY

Loomis, Elizabeth [53328] b.7_Aug_1655 m.28_Jun_1671 wife of William Burnham d.19_Nov_1717, Wethersfield CT

Loomis, Elizabeth [67316] b.8_May_1671, Windsor, CT m.4_Feb_1691, Windsor, CT wife of John Brown d.11_Dec_1723

Loomis, Elizabeth [67336] b.1596, Braintree, Essex, England wife of William Preston d.29_May_1619, Braintree, Essex, England

Loomis, Elizabeth [67341] b.10_Jun_1619, Braintreed, Essex, England m.20_May_1640, Windsor, CT wife of Josiah Hull d.16_Nov_1675, Killingworth, C

Loomis, Elizabeth [67355] b.7_Aug_1655, Windsor, CT m.28_Jun_1671, Windsor, CT wife of William Burnham d.19_Nov_1717, Wethersfield, C

Loomis, Elizabeth [67415] b.20_May_1712 wife of Daniel Eggleston d.18_Feb_1741, Bloomfield, CT

Loomis, Elizabeth [67430] b.1689, Windsor, CT d.6_Aug_1689, Colchester, CT

Loomis, Elizabeth [67436] b.13_Nov_1702, Windsor, CT m.3_Jan_1721, Colchester, CT wife of Daniel Worthington d.3_Dec_1789

Loomis, Elizabeth [67453]

Loomis, Elizabeth [67543] b.1733

Loomis, Ellen [67498] b.17_Oct_1837, Connecticut d.17_Sep_1838, Connecticut

Loomis, Emily H. [67267] b.16_Nov_1853, Iowa

Loomis, Emily L. [67539], Van Buren Co., IA d.3_Sep_1859, Van Buren Co., I

Loomis, Estella Morton [67299] [67299] b.8_Jul_1870 m. CA wife of B. F. Loomis

Loomis, Fanny [67395] b.3_Mar_1799, Pomfret, NY m.5_Jul_1827, New York wife of Samuel Culbertson d. after 1872, Fairfield, IA

Loomis, Frances [67426] b.1726, Simsbury, CT

Loomis, Frances [67458], England

Loomis, Frances [67489] b.4_Jun_1840, New Philadelphia, Ohio m.21_Jan_1862, New Philadelphia, Ohio wife of Frederick Reed

Loomis, Frederick [67281] b.14_Mar_1860, Harrisburg, OR

Loomis, George H. [67492] b.5_Sep_1846, New Philadelphia, Ohio

Loomis, Gilbert Percy [67255] b.8_Mar_1819, Pomfret, NY d.17_Nov_1901, Fairfield, IA

Loomis, Godfrey [67338] (Geoffrey), Braintree, Essex, England d.1625, England

Loomis, Hannah [67389] b.22_Nov_1764, Columbia, CT m.Jan_1785, Ashford, TC wife of Israel Loomis d.7_Nov_1847, Fredonia, NY

Loomis, Hannah Bond [67257] b.23_Jul_1822, Pomfret, NY m.26_Aug_1846, Jefferson Co. I wife of Hiram B. Barnes d.3_Nov_1910, Birmingham, IA

Loomis, Hannah Mary [67475] b.11_Jul_1829, Holmes Co., OH m.16_Oct_1862, Birmingham, IA wife of William Ranney

Loomis, Hanna Jane [67486] b.25_Oct_1835, New York m.1854 wife of Richard J. Brown d.1906, Toledo, Ohio

Loomis, Harry [67292] b.23_Oct_1862

Loomis, Henry Dyer [67398] b.11_Mar_1805, Pomfret, NY d. after 1872, Roanoke, IN

Loomis, Hezekiah [67361] b.21_Feb_1668, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Hiram [67282] b.26_Jul_1862, Harrisburg, OR d.10_May_1863, Harrisburg, OR

Loomis, Horner [67274] b.9_Oct_1853, Birmingham, IA

Loomis, Irene [67383] b.5_Aug_1728, Connecticut

Loomis, Isaac [67315] b.31_Aug_1668, Windsor, CT d.12_Dec_1688, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Isaac [67433] b.23_Dec_1693, Colchester, CT d. before 1754

Loomis, Israel [67326] b.29_Oct_1756, Union, CT d.11_May_1825, Pomfret, NY

Loomis, Israel [67382] b.25_Sep_1727, Connecticutt d.13_Aug_1749

Loomis, Israel [67393] b.20_Mar_1795, Pomfret, NY d.Feb_1829, Pomfret, NY

Loomis, Israel Philander [67476] [67476] b.9_Jan_1833, Holmes Co., OH

Loomis, Jacob [67425] b.1720, Simsbury, CT

Loomis, Jacob [67434] b.25_Feb_1695, Windsor, CT d.27_Jun_1757, Colchester, CT

Loomis, James [67310] b.19_Sep_1659, Farmington, CT d.14_Dec_1669, Windsor, CT

Loomis, James [67487] b.13_May_1837, New Philadelphia, Ohio d.16_Oct_1837, New Philadelphia, Ohio

Loomis, James Sharron [67480] b.27_Jan_1843, Fairfield, IA

Loomis, Jane [67337] b.1598, Braintree, Essex, England wife of ________ Pengally d.29_May_1619, Braintree, Essex, England

Loomis, Jane [67457] b.1595, England

Loomis, John [67305] b.9_Nov_1649, Windsor, CT d.31_Aug_1715, Windsor, CT

Loomis, John [67343] b.1622, Braintree, Essex, England d.2_Sep_1688, Windsor, CT

Loomis, John [67429] b.1681, Windsor, CT d.1755, Lebanon, CT

Loomis, John [67448] b.Jan_1536, Thaxted, Essex, England d.12_Feb_1567, Thaxted, Essex, England

Loomis, John [67454] b.29_Jan_1562, Thaxted, Essex, England d.29_May_1619, Braintree, Essex, England

Loomis, John B. [67478] b.7_Aug_1838, Holmes Co., OH

Loomis, John Milton [67283] b.19_Dec_1863, Harrisburg, OR d.9_Oct_1864, Harrisburg, OR

Loomis, Jonathan [67359] b.30_Mar_1664, Windsor, CT d.23_Oct_1707, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Joseph [67223] b.8_Oct_1684 d.30_May_1748

Loomis, Joseph [67306] b.7_Nov_1651, Windsor, CT d.26_Feb_1715, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Joseph [67333] b. before 1590, Braintree, Essex, England d.25_Nov_1658, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Joseph [67339] b.1_Mar_1615, Braintree, Essex, England d.26_Jun_1687, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Josiah [67358] b.1660, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Josiah [67408] b.1684, Windsor, CT d. after 1741, Simsbury, CT

Loomis, Josiah [67422] b.1709, Windsor, CT d.1800, Egremont, MA

Loomis, Josiah [67545] b.1737

Loomis, Judson [67290] b.21_Jun_1859, Weaversville, C

Loomis, Leander Vaness [67260] [67260] b.11_Jul_1827, Fredonia, NY d.7_Nov_1909, Manton, CA

Loomis, Lelia [67301] m. Colorado wife of ________ Robertson

Loomis, Lewis Herbert [67288] b.7_Jun_1863, Farmington, MI

Loomis, Lottie [67296] m. CA wife of ________ Wheelock

Loomis, Louisa [67493] b.18_Dec_1848, New Philadelphia, Ohio m.1869 wife of Luther J. Robbins

Loomis, Luther [67327] b.25_Jul_1758, Union, CT

Loomis, Lydia [67331] b.27_Feb_1765, Palmer, MA

Loomis, Mabel [67270] b.8_Sep_1866, Iowa d.18_Oct_1866, Iowa

Loomis, Margaret Louisa [67477] [67477] b.20_Feb_1836, Holmes Co., OH m.4_Jul_1854, IA wife of George Martin

Loomis, Mary [67226] m.28_Oct_1742 wife of Elijah Fitch d.5_May_1744

Loomis, Mary [67317] b.7_Aug_1673, Windsor, CT d.14_May_1675, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Mary [67342] b.1620, Braintree, Essex, England m.1638, Windsor, CT wife of John Skinner m.13_Nov_1651, Braintree, Essex, England wife of Owen Tudor d.19_Aug_1680, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Mary [67365] b.5_Jan_1679, Windsor, CT m.6_May_1708, Windsor, CT wife of Joseph Barber

Loomis, Mary [67396] b.1801, Pomfret, NY d.20_Dec_1874, Birmingham, IA

Loomis, Mary [67416] b.10_May_1714, Hartford, CT wife of Joseph Hoskins d. after 1752

Loomis, Mary Alice [67285] b.26_Feb_1867, Harrisburg, OR

Loomis, Michael [67547] b.1741, Connecticut d.1793

Loomis, Mindwell [67363] b.20_Jul_1673, Windsor, CT m.1_Oct_1696, Windsor, CT wife of Jonathan Brown

Loomis, Minerva Ann [67495] b.1_May_1854, New Philadelphia, Ohio d.20_Feb_1884, Pine Bluff, IN wife of Noah Bissell

Loomis, Minnie [67293] b.30_Mar_1864

Loomis, Moses [67362] b.1673, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Nathaniel [67312] b.8_Jul_1663, Windsor, CT d.25_Jun_1732, Bolton, CT

Loomis, Nathaniel [67345] b.1626, Braintree, Essex, England d.19_Aug_1688, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Nathaniel [67356] b.20_Mar_1657, Windsor, CT d.29_Sep_1733, Hartford, CT

Loomis, Nathaniel [67375] b.27_Jan_1690, Windsor, CT d.12_Dec_1769, Ashford, CT

Loomis, Nathaniel [67394] b.17_May_1797, Whitesborough N, Fairfield, IA

Loomis, Nathaniel [67509] b.1731, Columbia, CT d. after 1780, Whiteboro, NY

Loomis, Nelson [67482] b.22_Jul_1847, Fairfield, IA

Loomis, Orrin Sage [67262] b.3_May_1831, Pomfret, NY

Loomis, Phoebe [67329] b.3_Mar_1761, Union, CT m.Connecticut wife of Ichabod Moore m.21_May_1849, Connecticut wife of Eleazer Kinney May

Loomis, Phoebe [67386] b.7_Mar_1733, Connecticut d.13_Oct_1756

Loomis, Polly Warren [67256] b.31_Mar_1821, Pomfret, NY m.3_Jul_1849, Fairfield, IA wife of Alfred Humphrey d. Olympia, WA

Loomis, Rachel [67552] b.1754

Loomis, Rebecca [67366] b. before 10_Dec_1690, Windsor, CT m.13_Dec_1713, Windsor, CT wife of Josiah Rockwell

Loomis, Rebecca E. [67479] b.25_Oct_1840, Fairfield, IA

Loomis, Rhodolphus [67390] b.29_Mar_1786, Pomfret, NY d.28_Apr_1845, Conneaut, PA

Loomis, Samuel [67308] b.29_Jun_1655, Farmington, CT d.30_Jun_1655, Farmington, CT

Loomis, Samuel [67314] b.12_Aug_1666, Windsor, CT d.20_May_1754, Colchester, CT

Loomis, Samuel [67346], Braintree, Essex, England d.1_Oct_1689, Connecticut

Loomis, Samuel [67431], Windsor, CT, Windsor, CT

Loomis, Samuel [67432] b.17_Jul_1692, Colchester, CT d.10_Jul_1753, Colchester, CT

Loomis, Sarah [67335] b.1594, Braintree, Essex, England wife of ________ Burton d.29_May_1619, Braintree, Essex, England

Loomis, Sarah [67340] b.1615, Braintree, Essex, England m.28_Sep_1640, Fairsted, Essex, England wife of Nicholas Olmstead d.28_Aug_1689, Weathersfield C

Loomis, Sarah [67392] b.4_Jul_1792, Pomfret, NY m.23_Sep_1813, New York wife of Elisha Skinner d.23_Mar_1852, Van Buren Co. I

Loomis, Sarah [67437] b.7_Mar_1705, Windsor, CT m.20_Aug_1725, Connecticut wife of John Day d.8_Apr_1780

Loomis, Sarah [67451]

Loomis, Sarah [67549] b.1748

Loomis, Sibyl [67420] b.18_Sep_1727, Hartford, CT wife of William Allen d. after 1752

Loomis, Sidney Samuel [67279] b.24_Nov_1856, Harrisburg, OR

Loomis, Sylvia Jane [67280] b.5_Jul_1858, Harrisburg, OR

Loomis, Sylvia Morton [67263] b.20_Sep_1832, Pomfret, NY d.3_Oct_1832, Pomfret, NY

Loomis, Thankful [67377] b.5_Mar_1709, Windsor, CT m.3_May_1732, CT wife of David Strong d.21_May_1771, Hebron, CT

Loomis, Theodore [67494] b.31_Jul_1851, New Philadelphia, Ohio d.1884, Kirkville, Iowa

Loomis, Theodore J. [67265] b.7_Sep_1847, Iowa

Loomis, Theodore Sedgwick [67252] [67252] b.6_Sep_1814, Pomfret, NY d.7_Mar_1843, Pomfret, N

Loomis, Thomas [67307] b.3_Dec_1653, Farmington, CT d.12_Aug_1688, Hatfield, MA

Loomis, Thomas [67344] b.1624, Braintree, Essex, England d.28_Aug_1689, Connecticut

Loomis, Thomas [67424] b.1717, Simsbury, CT

Loomis, Thomas [67459], England

Loomis, Timothy [67311] b.27_Jul_1661, Windsor, CT d.19_May_1710, Connecticut

Loomis, Walter [67452]

Loomis, William [67391] b.25_Jul_1788, Pomfret, NY d.22_Apr_1850, Birmingham, IA

Loomis, William [67450]

Loomis, William [67460], England

Loomis, William Edwin [67254] b.19_Jul_1817, Pomfret, NY

Loomis, William Henry [67474] b.25_Nov_1827, Holmes Co., OH

Loomis, William Woodward [67284] [67284] b.5_Apr_1865, Harrisburg, OR

de_Looz, Adelaide Laurette [52917] [52917] d. after 1193 wife of Thibaut I

de_Looz, Imaine [13054] wife of Godfrey III

Loper, Grace Newkirk [87057] b.28_Jan_1788 m.1818, Portsmouth, OH wife of Nathan Sears d.24_Nov_1863

Lopez, Gary [74573] b. 1959

Lord, Abigail [101595] wife of Ebenezer Stephens

Lord, Abigail [43581] wife of Enos Hosford

Lord, Abigail [4636] b.1646 wife of Jacob Foster

Lord, Abner [118251] b.20_Mar_1732/33, Lyme CT d.12_Nov_1790, Danbury CT

Lord, Abner [118271] b.24_Aug_1760, Lyme CT d.2_May_1821, Columbus OH

Lord, Alice [101557] m.20_May_1611 wife of Richard Morris

Lord, Amy [101549] b.1629

Lord, Andrew [116471] b.29_Jul_1731, Saybrook CT

Lord, Andrew [118108] b.15_Oct_1722, Saybrook CT d.1726, Saybrook CT

Lord, Anne [101547] b.1621, England wife of Thomas Stanton wife of William Bartholomew d.29_Jan_1681/82, Charlestown MA

Lord, Barnabas Tuthill [118266] [118266] b.31_Mar_1744, Lyme CT d.Mar_1810 Nova Scotia

Lord, Benjamin [101574] b.30_Mar_1666, Saybrook CT d.29_Nov_1713

Lord, Christopher [118109] b.26_Dec_1723, Saybrook CT

Lord, Daniel [101578]

Lord, Daniel [118274] b.12_Oct_1736

Lord, Dorothy [101577] m.26_Oct_1701 wife of John Hopson d.12_Oct_1705

Lord, Dorothy [117620], England wife of John Ingersoll d. Hartford CT

Lord,, Dr. Thomas [101555] Towcester, Northton, England

Lord, Elijah [118112] b.1729, Saybrook CT

Lord, Elizabeth [101554]

Lord, Elizabeth [101580] m.11_Mar_1707/08 wife of Ebenezer Hubbard

Lord, Elizabeth [118201] b.28_Oct_1683, Lyme CT wife of Isaac Watrous d.17_Jan_1734/35, Lyme CT

Lord, Elizabeth [118267] b.25_Feb_1745/46, Lyme CT m.1764 wife of Daniel Lord d.28_Dec_1825, Lyme CT

Lord, Elizabeth [141873] b.4_Mar_1735, Saybrook CT wife of Curtis Cleveland d.1821, Kortright NY

Lord, Elizabeth [82873] b.1735 m.1760 wife of Jared Eliot

Lord, Ellen [101556]

Lord, Enoch [82872] b.1726 d.1814

Lord, Hannah [100275]

Lord, Hannah [101579] m.13_Aug_1696 wife of John Maltbie

Lord, Hannah [4637] wife of John Grow

Lord, Harold [95341] b.22_Apr_1907

Lord, Helen F. [95340] b.20_Jul_1904

Lord, Hester [118111] b.21_Jan_1726/27, Saybrook CT

Lord, Hester [118249] (Esther) b.12_Jan_1728/29, Lyme CT wife of Nehemiah Marvin

Lord, James [101575] b.2_Apr_1668, Saybrook CT d.10_Feb_1730/31

Lord, James [141872] b.23_Jan_1695, Saybrook CT d.6_Nov_1742, Saybrook CT

Lord, Jarrod A. [191446]

Lord, Jason A. [191445]

Lord, Jerusha [43582] b.7_Feb_1756, Marlborough CT m.20_Aug_1776, Marlborough CT wife of David Perry d.13_Jul_1832, Lee MA

Lord, John [101566] b.Sep_1653 d.25_Nov_1689, Lyme CT

Lord, Joseph [101567] b.Sep_1656 d.25_Nov_1687

Lord, Joseph [4634] b.1642

Lord, Marion E. [95339] b.21_Mar_1897

Lord, Martin [118110] b.13_Nov_1725, Saybrook CT d. young

Lord, Marvin [118268] b.19_Jul_1748, Lyme CT d.2_May_1801

Lord, Mary [101564] b.May_1649, Saybrook CT wife of Samuel Olmstead d.14_Sep_1736

Lord, Mary [101593] d. young

Lord, Mary [118250] b.27_Sep_1730, Lyme CT d.9_Jul_1759 wife of John Coult

Lord, Mary [118272] b.1764, Lyme CT wife of John Ely

Lord, Mary [4632] wife of William Chandler

Lord, Matthew [118262] b.20_Mar_1734/35, Lyme CT d.29_Oct_1736, Lyme CT

Lord, Nathaniel [4638] b.1653, Ipswich, MA d.18_Jan_1731/32, Ipswich, MA

Lord, Priscilla [95342] b.26_Aug_1910

Lord, Reinold [118264] b.12_Apr_1739, Lyme CT d.29_Jun_1740, Lyme CT

Lord, Richard [101545] b.1611

Lord, Richard [101563] b.16_May_1647, Saybrook CT d.20_Aug_1727, Lyme CT

Lord, Richard [118269] b.17_Nov_1750 d. Kaskaskia IL

Lord, Richard [82846] b.1752 d.1818

Lord, Robert [101565] b.16_Aug_1651, Saybrook CT d.1739, Fairfield CT

Lord, Robert [101596], Fairfield CT d.1745

Lord, Robert [4630] b.1634 d.1696

Lord, Samuel [101576] d.1701

Lord, Samuel [4633] b.1640

Lord, Sarah [101568] wife of John Colt

Lord, Sarah [101594] b.29_Mar_1702 m.14_Jun_1722 wife of Josiah Gilbert m. after 1760 wife of William Hill d.1782, Reading CT

Lord, Sarah [4631] wife of Joseph Wilson

Lord, Sarah Ann [82845] b.1799 wife of Charles J. McCurdy d.1835

Lord, Susannah [4635] b. Ipswich, MA m.22_May_1674, Ipswich, MA wife of Thomas Osgood d. SC

Lord, Taphenia [118265] (Tryphena) b.5_Jun_1741

Lord, Thomas [101546] b.1619

Lord, Thomas [101562] b.Dec_1645, Saybrook CT d.1730, Lyme CT

Lord, Thomas [118246] b.1694 d.1762, Lyme CT

Lord, Thomas [118263] b.Apr_1737, Lyme CT d.29_Oct_1755, Lyme CT

Lord, Thomas [118270]

Lord, Thomas [4629] b.1633 d. after 1661, Charlestown, MA

Lord, Thomas [95344] b.29_Apr_1932

Lord, William [101548] b.1623 d.17_May_1678

Lord, William [101561] b.Oct_1643, Saybrook CT d.4_Dec_1696, East Haddam CT

Lord, William H. [95338] b.1893 d.1905

Lore, Mary [8490] wife of Charles G. Leake

(Lorenza),, Rev. Lorenzo P. Topping [133697] (Lorenza) [133697] b.15_Mar_1866 d.2_Oct_1949, Poquoson VA

(Lori), Lorraine Monica Herring [58506] (Lori) [58506] b.5_Sep_1964, Denver CO

Loring, ________ [37961]

Loring, Alden [123515]

Loring, Bailey [123518]

Loring, Benjamin [122861] b.12_Oct_1708, Duxbury MA d.1_Mar_1781, Duxbury MA

Loring, Benjamin [122863] b.31_Mar_1742, Duxbury MA d.8_Aug_1745, Duxbury MA

Loring, Benjamin [122865] b.25_Nov_1745, Duxbury MA d.11_Nov_1752, Duxbury MA

Loring, Bezaleel [124165]

Loring, Clarissa [123517]

Loring, Daniel [122868]

Loring, Deborah [124277]

Loring, Elizabeth [124169] b.22_Feb_1746/47, N. Yarmouth ME

Loring, Ichabod [123512] b.14_Apr_1772, Duxbury MA d. before 6_Dec_1815

Loring, Isabel [37960] m.____ wife of Sir William Cogan m.1383 2nd wife of Sir Robert Harington d.1386

Loring, Jeremiah [124173] b.12_Apr_1757, N. Yarmouth MA

Loring, John [122869] b.27_Sep_1752, Duxbury MA d.27_Oct_1753, Duxbury MA

Loring, Joshua [123513] b.4_Dec_1774, Duxbury MA

Loring, Joshua [124275] b.5_Feb_1734/35, Duxbury MA d.3_Feb_1749/50, Duxbury MA

Loring, Judah [122867] b.5_Jun_1749, Duxbury MA d.6_Oct_1832, Duxbury MA

Loring, Levi [124166]

Loring, Levi [124276] b.5_May_1737, Yarmouth MA d.19_Feb_1821, Duxbury MA

Loring, Lucretia [124167]

Loring, Lucy [122871]

Loring, Margaret [43760] wife of Thomas Peyvre

Loring, Mary [122862] b.22_Nov_1739, Duxbury MA d.5_Jan_1740, Duxbury MA

Loring, Mary [124168] b.22_Nov_1744, N. Yarmouth ME

Loring, Nicholas [124172] b.23_Jun_1755, N. Yarmouth ME

Loring, Perez [124274]

Loring, Rachel [124170] b.2_Nov_1748, N. Yarmouth ME

Loring, Richmond [124164]

Loring, Samuel [122866]

Loring, Samuel [123514]

Loring, Sarah [122864] b.14_Feb_1743/44, Duxbury MA d.11_Aug_1745, Duxbury MA

Loring, Seth [122870] c.13_Apr_1755, Kingston MA d.10_Sep_1779

Loring, Simeon [124273] b. before 13_Aug_1727, Duxbury MA

Loring, Sophia Bradford [123516] [123516] c.27_Jun_1784, Pembroke MA m.4_Jan_1829, Marshfield MA wife of Elisha Tilden d,15_Jan_1874, Marshfield MA

Loring, Thomas [124171]

Loring, Thomas [124272]

Loring, William [123510] b.11_Oct_1741, Duxbury MA d.18_Oct_1815, Pembroke MA

Loring, William [123511]

of_upper_Lorraine, ________ [81961] [81961] wife of Berthold I

of_upper_Lorraine, Adalbero [81963] [81963] bishop of Verdon and Metz

of_upper_Lorraine, Adela [81972] [81972] d. after 1052

of_Lorraine, Agathe [85560] wife of Renaud III, count of Burgundy and Macon

of_Lorraine, Alberade [13039] wife of Renaud, count of Rheims and Roucy

of_Lorraine, Alice [85575] wife of Hugh III

of_Lorraine, Antony [85319] duke of Lorraine d.1544

of_Lorraine, Beatrice [85552] wife of Stephen of Burgundy d. after 1112

of_Lorraine, Bertha [2382] b.863 wife of Theobald, count of Arles wife of Adalbert II of_Tuscay d.8_Mar_925

of_Lorraine, Charles [2403] duke of lower Lorraine b.953, Rheims, France d.12_May_988, Kerker, France

of_Lorraine, Charles [2613]

of_Lorraine, Charles [85316] duke of Lorraine and Bar b.1543 d.1608

of_Lorraine, Conrad [13252] (Conrad the Wise, Conrad the Red) duke of Lorraine and Franconia d.955

of_Lorraine, Edzo [81939] count of Lorraine d.21_May_1034, Saalfeld

of_Lorraine, Emma [2457] wife of Lothar, king of France d. after 988

of_Lorraine, Ermengarde [2359] [2359] m.846 wife of Gieselbert, count of Lorraine

of_Lorraine, Ermengarde [2614] [2614] wife of Gothelon I, count of Verdun wife of Albert I, count of Namur

of_Lorraine, Ermengarde [85455] [85455] wife of Robert I

of_Lorraine, Frances [85341] duchess of Mercoeur and Penthievre b.1592 d.1669 wife of Ceasar, duke of Vendome

of_Lorraine, Francis [85317] duke of Lorraine and Bar b.1517

of_Lorraine, Francis I [12361] [12361] Holy Roman Emperor, 1745-1765 and grand duke of Tuscany b.1708 d.1765

of_Lorraine, Friedrich I [81964] [81964] count of Bar count of Lorraine d.984

of_Lorraine, Gerald I [85550] b.1057

of_Lorraine, Gerberga [13040] wife of Albert I the Pious, count of Vermandois

of_Lorraine, Gerberga [2611] wife of Lambert of Louvain d.1015

of_Lorraine, Gieselbert [12945] [12945] count of Lorraine count of Darnau, 846-863 d.863

de_Lorraine, Gisela [2383], Friesland d.bef.907 m.882 wife of Godfrid

of_Lorraine, Gisela [85562] wife of Frederick I

of_Lorraine, Giselbert [12943] [12943] duke of Lorraine

of_Lorraine, Giselbert [13051] [13051] duke of Lorraine d.939

of_Lorraine, Henry [85315] duke of Lorraine b.1563 d.1624

of_Lorraine, Henry [85344] count of Chaligny

of_Lorraine, Henry [85546]

of_Lorraine, Hugh [2384]

of_Lorraine, Isabella [11320] wife of Rene of Anjou

of_Lorraine, John [85321] Cardinal of Lorraine d.1550

of_Lorraine, Juan [11318] duke of Lorraine and Calabria d.1470

of_Lorraine, Lothar II [2357] (Lothar the Saxon) king of Lorraine b.825 d.8_Aug_896

of_Lorraine, Louis [2612]

of_Lorraine, Louisa [85343] b.1553 d.1601 wife of Henri III, king of France

of_Lorraine, Ludolf [81937] d.10_Apr_1031

of_Lorraine, Margarite [85545] [85545] wife of Baldwin V, count of Hainaut d.1194

of_Lorraine, Matthias I [85559] [85559] d.13_May_1176

of_Lorraine, Nicholas [85318] duke of Mercoeur b.1524 d.1577

of_Lorraine, Oda [2678] wife of Lambert II, count of Louvain d.23_Oct_1044

of_Lorraine, Otto [2610] duke of Lower Lorraine

of_Lorraine, Otto [85447]

of_Lorraine, Petronille [85549] [85549] wife of Florent II, count of Holland

of_Lorraine, Philip Emanuel [85342] [85342] duke of Mercoeur b.1558 d.1602

of_Lorraine, Rene II [85322] duke of Lorraine and Bar d.1508

of_Lorraine, Rixa [81938] (Richenza) m.1013 wife of Miesco II, king of Poland d.21_Mar_1063, Saalfeld

of_Lorraine, Simon I Sigismund [85561] [85561] duke of Lorraine d.1139

of_Lorraine, Symphorienne [13052] [13052] wife of Berenger I, count of Lomme-Namur

of_Lorraine, Theodoric [85547] [85547]

of_Lorraine, Thierry [85548] count of Flanders d.17_Jan_1168

Losier, Jannetje [10160], Hackensack, NJ m.6_Jun_1713, Dutch Ref. Ch., Hackensack, NJ wife of Johannes Ackerman d. after 20_Apr_1738

Losier, Nicholas [10165] b.1668, Esopus, (Now Kingston), NY d. before 8_Apr_1761

Lossing, Gladys [50898] b.20_Sep_1894

Lossing, Milton [50897] b.2_Apr_1891

Lothar, I [13525] (Luthar) d.5_Sep_929, Lenzen, slain in conflict with the Wends

of_Lotharingia, Theudbert I [81962] [81962] duke of Lotharingia b.983 d.1086

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