Index part 95

of_France, Marguerite [11140] b.1279, France m.8_Sep_1299, Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England 2nd wife of Edward I, king of England d.14_Feb_1317, Marlborough House, Wiltshire, England

of_France, Marguerite [11215] b.1553 d.1615 m.1527 1st wife of Henri IV, king of France and Navarre

of_France, Marie [11038] b.1145 m.1164, France wife of Henry de Champagne d.11_Mar_1198

of_France, Marie [11114] b.1198 m.1_Aug_1206 wife of Philip I of Namur d.15_Aug_1224, Afflingen

of_France, Marie-Adelaide [11233] [11233] b.1759 d.1802 wife of Charles-Emanuel, king of Sardaigne

of_France, Marie-Adelaide [11243] [11243] d.1800

of_France, Marie-Louise [11238] [11238] b.1727

of_France, Marie-Therese [11227] [11227] d.1851

of_France, Marie-Therese [11255] [11255] b.1667 d.1672

of_France, Matilda [2400], Laon, France m.10_Aug_966 wife of Conrad I, king of Burgundy

of_France, Michelle [11173] d.1422

of_France, Odo [11413] king of the west Franks d.898

of_France, Odo (Eudes) [11034] [11034] marquess of Neustria king of France, 888-898

of_France, Otto [2398] cleric at Rheims d. before 986

of_France, Pepin [2206] b.756, Aachen, Rhineland

of_France, Pepin [2431] (the Hunchback) b.769, Prussia d.811

of_France, Pepin [2779], France d.865

of_France, Philip [11040] b.29_Aug_1116, Reims, Marne, France d.13_Oct_1131, Paris, France

of_France, Philip [11045] Arch-Dean of Paris, Reims, Marne, France d.4_Sep_1161, Paris, France

of_France, Philip I [11050] king of France, 1060-1108 b.23_May_1052, Reins, Marne, France d.29_Jul_1108, Meulan

of_France, Philip II [11116] (Philip Augustus) king of France, 1180-1223 b.22_Aug_1165, Paris, France d.14_Jul_1223, Mantes, Yvelines, France

of_France, Philip III [11105] (Philip the Bold) king of France, 1270-1285 1270-1285 b.1245 d.5_Oct_1285, Perpignan

of_France, Philip IV [11099] (Philip the Fair) king of France and Navarre, 1285-1314 b.1268 d.29_Nov_1314

of_France, Philip V [11095] king of France and Navarre, 1316-1322 b.1293 d.1322

of_France, Philip VI [11131] (Philip de Valois) king of France, 1328-1350 b.1293

of_France, Pierre [11046] seigneur de_Courtenay, Reims, Marne, France d.1183, Palestine

of_France, Renee [11207] m.1528 wife of Hercules of Este, duke of Ferrara

of_France, Robert [11043] Count of Dreux, Perche, and Braine, Reims, Marne, France d.11_Oct_1184/1185, Braine, Aisne, France

of_France, Robert [11049] d.1060

of_France, Robert [11097] d.1308

of_France, Robert [11102] d. young

of_France, Robert I [11411] duke of France marquess of Neustria king of France, 922-923 b.866, Bourgogne, France d.15_Jun_923, Soissons, France

of_France, Robert II [11058] (Robert the Pious) king of France, 988-1031 b.27_Mar_972, Orleans, France d.20_Jul_1031, Melun

de_France, Rohent [2777] wife of Hugh de_Bourges

of_France, Rothaide [2202], Aachen, Rhineland d. young

of_France, Rothais [2430] (Rothaide) b.771, Prussia

of_France, Rotrud [2193] b.775 m.800 wife of Rorgo, count of Maine d.839

of_France, Rotrud [2361] b.800 wife of Gerard, count of Auvergne d.841

of_France, Sophie-Philippine [11245] [11245] d.1782

of_France, Therese-Felicite [11246] [11246] d.1744

of_France, Victoire-Louise [11244] [11244] d.1799

b.1919,Frances Margarette Dunston (Marguerite [210115] (Marguerite b.1919 [210115] d.2007

(Frances), Lady Alberta F. Hamilton [23954] (Frances) [23954] m.1869 wife of George Charles Spencer Churchill, 8th duke of Marlborough

(Frances), Lady Beatrix F. Hamilton [23950] (Frances) [23950] m.1854 d.1871 wife of George Frederick Darcy Lambton, 2nd earl of Durham

Frances), Marjorie C. F. Smith (Catherine [155986] (Catherine Frances) [155986]

de_Franchimont, Balderic [20305] [20305]

de_Franchimont, Hellin [20309] [20309] marquis de_Franchimont

de_Franchimont, Hellin II [20307] [20307] marquis de_Franchimont

de_Franchimont, Jean [20304]

lee,Francis [140243] d.1816

Francis, Abigail [119271] b.9_Feb_1792, Berlin CT d.24_Jan_1794, Berlin CT

Francis, Abigail [119287] b.7_Dec_1718, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Abigail [119339] b.3_Jul_1762

Francis, Abigail [119364] b.8_Mar_1694/95, Hartford CT m.17_May_1717, Wethersfield CT wife of Nathaniell Hale

Francis, Abigail [119405] b.14_Feb_1659/60, Wethersfield CT m.1688, Wethersfield CT wife of Thomas Merritt d.1721

Francis, Abigail [119416] b.18_Oct_1819, Berlin CT d.3_Oct_1878, Hartford Co. CT

Francis, Abigail H. [119634] b.3_Jul_1826, Berlin CT m.30_Nov_1848, Berlin CT wife of Henry Long

Francis, Achsah [119306] b.5_Feb_1764, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Agnes [119249] b.8_Jan_1614/15, England

Francis, Albert Allen [119535] [119535] b.7_Jan_1873, Hartford CT

Francis, Albert King [119224] b.31_Dec_1836, Windsor CT d.5_Mar_1896, Atlanta GA

Francis, Alfred [119497] b.11_Jan_1796, Newington CT

Francis, Allen [119304] b.23_Oct_1760, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Allen Philip [119616] [119616] b.17_Sep_1894, Atlanta GA

Francis, Amos [119334] b.23_Mar_1735/36, Hartford CT

Francis, Ann [119292] b.19_Oct_1732, Wethersfield CT wife of Samuel Steele

Francis, Ann [79835] (Anna) m.8_Jan_1736 wife of Zebulon Goodrich

Francis, Ann Christine [119216] [119216] b.25_Dec_1934, Norfolk VA m.7_Aug_1953, Norfolk VA wife of Ben Norman Holmes d.14_Dec_1991, Norfolk VA

Francis, Anne [119515] b.1762, Wethersfield CT m.8_May_1788, Wethersfield CT wife of Robert Francis d.23_Aug_1845, Newington CT

Francis, Anne Ayers [22593] wife of John N. Robbins

Francis, Anson [119494] b.4_Nov_1790, Newington CT d.14_Nov_1868, Medford MN

Francis, Appleton [119489] b.9_Aug_1780, Wethersfield CT d.14_Feb_1832, Berlin CT

Francis, Arthur Dayton [119536] [119536] b.27_Nov_1875, Hartford CT

Francis, Asa [119303] b.8_Nov_1757, Wethersfield CT

Francis, B. [119215]

Francis, Bernard J. [119491] b.1798, Wethersfield CT d.10_Sep_1820, New Orleans LA

Francis, Camilla Nash [27633] b.1941 wife of Thomas George Hoffler

Francis, Catharine Amelia [119642] [119642] b.3_Sep_1825, Berlin CT

Francis, Charles Albert [119259] [119259] b.1912, VA

Francis, Charles Albert [119268] [119268] b.1_Jul_1879, Atlanta GA d.31_Jan_1944, Augusta GA

Francis, Charles Dayton [119227] [119227] b.8_Jul_1845, Windsor CT

Francis, Christiana [119530] b.30_Sep_1858, Chicago IL wife of A. H. Lyman d.29_Oct_1894, Chicago IL

Francis, Christiana R. [119226] [119226] b.20_Feb_1841, Windsor CT d.4_Jun_1842, Windsor CT

Francis, Clarissa [119522] b.29_Jun_1798, Wethersfield CT wife of Joshua Goodrich d.5_Dec_1834, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Cyrus [119496] b.4_Mar_1795, Newington CT d. before 1797, Newington CT

Francis, Cyrus [119498] b.16_Dec_1797, Newington CT

Francis, Daniel [119356] b.1_May_1737, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Daniel [119367] b.18_Sep_1700, Hartford CT

Francis, Daniel [119662] b.6_Dec_1770, Wethersfield CT d.9_Jan_1837, Wethersfield CT

Francis, David [119324] b.18_Jun_1772, Wethersfield CT d.1801, Charleston SC

Francis, Edward [119534] b.21_Feb_1871, Hartford CT d.3_Nov_1873, Hartford CT

Francis, Edward Watson [119225] [119225] b.16_Jan_1839, Windsor CT

Francis, Electa [119418] b.7_Jan_1824, Berlin CT d. young

Francis, Elias [119299] b.30_Apr_1747, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Elias [119666] b.1783, Wethersfield CT d.22_Sep_1836, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Elijah [119231] b.6_Jan_1760, Berlin CT d.30_Oct_1846, Berlin CT

Francis, Elijah [119279] b.25_Feb_1732/33, Berlin CT d.18_Aug_1812, Berlin CT

Francis, Elisha [119467] b.Oct_1733, Wethersfield CT d. Simsbury CT

Francis, Elizabeth [119229] b.12_Dec_1755, Berlin CT m.18_Dec_1777, Berlin CT wife of Joseph Booth

Francis, Elizabeth [119258] b.1909, SC m.1923 wife of Bernard Chick m.1924 wife of Dominick Bipere m.1944, Quebec, Canada wife of Paul Leigh Durant

Francis, Elizabeth [119282] b.18_Jun_1717, Berlin CT m.8_Jan_1735/36, Berlin CT wife of Joseph Deming

Francis, Elizabeth [119315] b.17_Apr_1726, Wethersfield CT d.4_Feb_1789, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Elizabeth [119353] b.10_Jan_1729/30, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Elizabeth [119656] b.10_May_1757, Simsbury CT

Francis, Elizabeth [43739] wife of Thomas de Knightley de Charlton

Francis, Elizabeth Powell [48098] [48098] m.1807 wife of Joshua Fisher

Francis, Elizabeth Sargeant [27632] [27632] b.1938

Francis, Erastus [119500] b.16_Nov_1802, Newington CT

Francis, Ethel [119678] b.1901, Milton Co. GA

Francis, Eunice [119653] b.5_Aug_1741, Wethersfield CT m.3_Nov_1762, Wethersfield CT d.21_May_1770, Wethersfield CT wife of Abigah Tryon

Francis, Frank Henry [119620] b.15_Mar_1858, Hartford CT d. young

Francis, Frederick Augustus [22591] [22591]

Francis, Frederick Stanley [119646] [119646] b.1_Jul_1848, Brooklyn NY d.1855 Brooklyn, NY

Francis, George [119236] b.21_Apr_1771, Berlin CT d.18_Aug_1781, Berlin CT

Francis, George [119274] b.4_Nov_1799, Berlin CT d.1891, New Britain CT

Francis, George Charter [119619] [119619] b.9_Dec_1856, Hartford CT

Francis, Hannah [119234] b.20_Nov_1765, Berlin CT m.21_Jan_1793, Hartford CT wife of Ezekiel Atwood

Francis, Hannah [119270] b.18_Nov_1788, Berlin CT d.27_May_1791, Berlin CT

Francis, Hannah [119368] b.15_Feb_1702/03, Hartford CT wife of Thomas Cadwell

Francis, Harvey [119493] b.3_May_1789, Newington CT

Francis, Henry [119635] b.13_Jul_1829, Berlin CT

Francis, Hezekiah [119293] b.11_Mar_1737/38, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Hezekiah [119294] b.22_Sep_1738, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Hon. Gerald [216518] McGarel-Hogg b.6_Aug_1868 d.29_Jun_1942

Francis, Honor [119323] b.20_Aug_1769

Francis, Honor [119325] b.19_Sep_1774, Wethersfield CT m.1799, Wethersfield CT wife of Daniel Welles d. Trenton NY

Francis, Honour [119316] b.13_Apr_1728, Wethersfield CT wife of John Bulkley

Francis, Horace [119276] b.29_Jul_1804, Berlin CT d.13_Jul_1864, Chester IL

Francis, Horace [119415] b.24_Aug_1817, Berlin CT d.Nov_1840, Cincinnati OH

Francis, Hubbard [119343] b.1771

Francis, Hulda [119345] b.1773, New Haven CT m.7_Oct_1790, New Haven CT wife of Jonathan Griswold

Francis, Huldah [119354] b.11_Mar_1731/32, Wethersfield CT

Francis, J. [119214] wife of H. Wilson

Francis, Jacob [119333] b.2_Dec_1732, Wethersfield CT

Francis, James [119230] b.24_Oct_1757, Hartford CT

Francis, James [119302] b.4_Dec_1755, Wethersfield CT

Francis, James [119322] b.25_May_1767, Wethersfield CT d.23_Sep_1852, Wethersfield CT

Francis, James [119359] b.13_Oct_1685, Wethersfield CT d. Berlin CT

Francis, James [119406] b.1_Mar_1661/62, Wethersfield CT d.14_Feb_1664/65, Wethersfield CT

Francis, James [119629] b.21_Jul_1786, Berlin CT

Francis, James Elijah [119639] [119639] b.20_Apr_1817, Berlin CT

Francis, James Elijah [119645] [119645] b.6_Jan_1846, Brooklyn NY

Francis, James Hanmer [119521] [119521] b.28_May_1796, Wethersfield CT d.11_Jul_1863, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Jane Anne [119281] b.23_Aug_1714, Berlin CT m.23_Oct_1737, Berlin CT wife of Zebulon Goodrich

Francis, Jane Eliza [119638] b.24_Aug_1814, Berlin CT m.14_Sep_1835, Berlin CT wife of William Churchill

Francis, Jane Elizabeth [119223] [119223] b.6_Apr_1835, Windsor CT

Francis, Jennet [119659] b.13_Jan_1765, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Jennie M. [119265] b.27_Oct_1863, Augusta GA wife of ________ Rogers d.10_Aug_1944, Augusta GA

Francis, Jessie [119272] b.2_Nov_1795, Berlin CT d.4_Sep_1825, Berlin CT

Francis, John [119252] b.23_Oct_1624, England

Francis, John [119266] b.Aug_1865, Augusta GA d. after 1910, Milton Co. GA

Francis, John [119269] b.12_Apr_1786, Berlin CT d.16_Oct_1829, Berlin CT

Francis, John [119291] b.13_Dec_1730, Wethersfield CT

Francis, John [119358] b.12_Oct_1684, Wethersfield CT d.19_Sep_1749, Wethersfield CT

Francis, John [119404] b.4_Sep_1658, Wethersfield CT d.28_Dec_1711, Wethersfield CT

Francis, John [119412] b.11_Mar_1810, Berlin CT d.1875, Windsor CT

Francis, John [119466] b.28_Sep_1710, Wethersfield CT d.15_May_1738, Wethersfield CT

Francis, John [119525] b.31_Jan_1795, Wethersfield CT d.24_Aug_1850, Wethersfield CT

Francis, John [119654] b.20_Jun_1744, Wethersfield CT d.31_May_1824, Wethersfield CT

Francis, John [119660] b.22_Feb_1767, Wethersfield CT d.22_Jan_1835, Wethersfield CT

Francis, John Allen [119222] b.20_Apr_1833, Windsor CT d.10_May_1896, Hartford CT

Francis, Joseph [119331] b.11_Jun_1728, New Haven CT

Francis, Joseph [119366] b.9_Nov_1698, Hartford CT

Francis, Joshua [119336] b.10_Sep_1745, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Josiah [119288] b.18_Sep_1722, Wethersfield CT d.10_Nov_1798, Newington CT

Francis, Justus [119232] b.29_Jan_1762, Berlin CT d.14_Feb_1819, Berlin CT

Francis, Justus [119300] b.8_Nov_1750, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Justus [119417] b.7_Jan_1822, Berlin CT d.2_Nov_1893, Hartford CT

Francis, Keturah Andrus [119492] [119492] b.19_Mar_1784, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Laura [119413] b.11_Oct_1812, Hartford CT

Francis, Laura [119499] b.15_Mar_1800, Newington CT

Francis, Laura [119628] b.16_Nov_1782, Berlin CT m.26_Apr_1811, Berlin CT wife of Daniel Willard d.12_Jul_1836, Berlin CT

Francis, Living [203498]

Francis, Lucina [119301] b.7_Apr_1753, Wethersfield CT wife of Elizur Deming

Francis, Lucretia [119340] b.1764

Francis, Lucy [119321] b.23_Mar_1766, Wethersfield CT wife of Caleb Griswold

Francis, Lydia [119275] b.6_Jan_1802, Wethersfield CT m._Nov_1816, Wethersfield CT wife of Grandison Barber

Francis, Lydia [119290] b.12_Jun_1729, Wethersfield CT wife of Robert Sanford

Francis, Lydia [119344] b.1773

Francis, Lydia [119410] b.23_Oct_1806, Berlin CT m.23_Jan_1833, Newington CT wife of Joseph Camp d.25_Apr_1836, Hartford Co. CT

Francis, Lydia [119652] b.4_Jun_1738, Wethersfield CT m.21_Nov_1754, Hartford Co. CT wife of Solomon Williams

Francis, Mabel [119295] b.27_Dec_1740, Wethersfield CT wife of Uriah Goodwin

Francis, Manning [22589]

Francis, Margaret [18916] wife of Thomas Peyton wife of Thomas Garneys d.12_Dec_1458

Francis, Maria [119524] b.24_Dec_1801, Wethersfield CT d.26_Jun_1868, Wethersfield CT wife of John Francis

Francis, Martha [119330] b.3_Apr_1727, Wethersfield CT m.22_Jan_1789, New Haven CT wife of Issac Hall

Francis, Martha Elma [119622] b.11_May_1887, Collinsville CT

Francis, Mary [119250] b.20_Apr_1620, St. Michael's at Plea, Norwich, England m.28_Mar_1646, St. Michael's at Plea, Norwich, England wife of Richard Bidwell

Francis, Mary [119283] b.5_Feb_1721/22, Berlin CT m.22_May_1740, Farmington CT wife of Thomas Stanley

Francis, Mary [119335] b.18_Mar_1741/42, Wethersfield CT m.1776, New Haven CT wife of Steve Hubbard

Francis, Mary [119361] b.26_May_1689, Wethersfield CT m.11_Mar_1707/08, Wethersfield CT wife of SamuelL Griswold

Francis, Mary [119403] b.11_Oct_1656, Wethersfield CT m.10_Dec_1685, Wethersfield CT wife of Jacob Griswold

Francis, Mary [119501] b.28_Jun_1808, Newington CT wife of ________ Butler

Francis, Mary [119651] b.1736, Wethersfield CT wife of Jonathan Bassett

Francis, Mary Gertrude [119531] [119531] b.3_Mar_1861, Chicago IL

Francis, Mary Louise [119267] b.27_Jan_1876, Atlanta GA m.May_1898, Augusta GA wife of Charles R. Parr

Francis, Mason Bernard [119641] [119641] b.21_Sep_1820, Berlin CT d. Brooklyn NY

Francis, Matthew [119663] b.Feb_1774, Wethersfield CT d.11_Feb_1840, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Mercy [119355] b.2_Feb_1733/34, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Mercy [119371] b.24_Jan_1709/10, Hartford CT

Francis, Mercy [119655] b.6_Feb_1746/47, Wethersfield CT d.6_Jul_1747, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Nellie [119676] b.Oct_1891, Milton Co. GA

Francis, Newman [119495] b.25_Jun_1793, Newington CT

Francis, OliveR [119414] b.7_Apr_1815, Berlin CT d.24_Aug_1876, Berlin CT

Francis, Olla [119661] b.9_Aug_1769, Wethersfield CT d.31_Jan_1770, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Olla [119664] b.1775, Wethersfield CT m.23_Jun_1803, Wethersfield CT wife of Simeon Wells

Francis, Orphea [119411] b.23_Oct_1806, Berlin CT m.4_Oct_1824, Hartford CT wife of Moses Woodruff

Francis, Pamela [119520] b.14_Sep_1793, Wethersfield CT wife of Ransom Tomlinson d. Glastonbury CT

Francis, Prudence [119370] b.24_Jan_1707/08, Wethersfield CT m.5_Apr_1729, Hartford CT wife of Charles Hollister d.1753, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Rachel [119341] b.2_Jul_1768

Francis, Rebecka [119254] b.25_Mar_1636, England

Francis, Rhoda [119665] b.31_Oct_1778, Wethersfield CT m.16_May_1797, Wethersfield CT wife of Ebenezer Stillman d.27_Apr_1833, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Robert [119253] b.2_Jan_1628/29, Norwich, Norfolk, England d.2_Jan_1711/12, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Robert [119320] b.26_Apr_1763, Wethersfield CT d.13_Feb_1855, Newington CT

Francis, Robert [119363] b.13_Feb_1691/92, Wethersfield CT d.25_Mar_1695, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Robert [119365] b.29_Jan_1696/97, Wethersfield CT d.21_Feb_1777, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Robert [119402] b.6_Nov_1653, Wethersfield CT d. before 1705, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Roger [119305] b.29_Apr_1763, Wethersfield CT d.16_Sep_1839, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Romeo [119630] b.30_May_1790, Berlin CT d.30_Mar_1849, Berlin CT

Francis, Romeo Benedict [119640] [119640] b.2_Jun_1818, Berlin CT d.22_Apr_1822, Berlin CT

Francis, Roxa Bulkeley [43626] [43626] b.4_Jul_1796 m.4_May_1815 wife of Jesse Booth d.1868

Francis, Sallie [119677] b.Nov_1894, Milton Co. GA

Francis, Samuel [119289] b.22_Jan_1724/25, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Samuel [119314] b.8_Feb_1722/23, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Sarah [119307] b.6_Apr_1769, Wethersfield CT wife of Aaron Hunt

Francis, Sarah [119332] b.13_Feb_1730/31, Wethersfield CT m.21_Apr_1757, New Haven CT wife of Enos Tuttle

Francis, Sarah [119338] b.1759, CT wife of Aaron Hart

Francis, Sarah [119369] b.6_Mar_1704/05, Hartford CT

Francis, Sarah [119407] b.16_Aug_1664, Wethersfield CT m.26_Feb_1688/89, Wethersfield CT wife of William Powell

Francis, Seale [119235] (Selah) b.5_Apr_1768, Berlin CT

Francis, Siberance [119360] b.23_Aug_1687, Wethersfield CT wife of David Griswold

Francis, Silvia [119233] b.12_Dec_1763, Berlin CT wife of ________ Scovil wife of ________ Hull d.1847, Berlin CT

Francis, Stephen [119342] b.1_Jul_1770

Francis, Susan [119251] b.7_Apr_1622, England

Francis, Susannah [119401] b.1_Nov_1651, Wethersfield CT m.15_Apr_1672, Wethersfield CT wife of John North d. Goshen CT

Francis, Theodore Herbert [76878] [76878] b. 12_Jun_1946 Haywood Co,Nc

Francis, Thomas [119248] b.1614, England

Francis, Thomas [119352] b.3_Sep_1728, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Thomas [119362] b.4_Feb_1689/90, Wethersfield CT d.1774

Francis, Timothy [119318] b.8_Mar_1732/33, Wethersfield CT d.3_Aug_1807, Wethersfield CT

Francis, Ursula [119627] b.18_Jan_1781, Berlin CT m.28_Oct_1804, Berlin CT wife of Isaac Lewis d.2_Sep_1850, Berlin CT

Francis, Walter [119523] b.10_Mar_1800, Wethersfield CT d.17_Jan_1834, CT

Francis, Wayne Carleton [76877] [76877] b. 29_Nov_1942 Haywood Co,Nc

Francis, William [119317] b.11_Feb_1729/30, Wethersfield CT

Francis, William Morehouse [119533] [119533] b.11_Jan_1869, Hartford CT d. Atlanta GA

Francis), Charles A. F. Cavendish (Arthur [23138] (Arthur Francis) [23138] b.29_Aug_1905 d.23_Mar_1944

Francis), Villiers F. F. Howard (Frederick [23021] (Frederick Francis) [23021] b.16_Nov_1815 d.30_Nov_1823

Franck, Debra Sue [108520] b.31_Mar_1953

Franck, Edwin Ray [108522] b.9_Sep_1956

Franck, LuAnn Kay [108521] b.30_Dec_1954

Francoeur, Bernice [74507] b. 1927

Francoeur, Donna [74508]

Francoeur, Karen [74509]

Francoeur, Leonard [74505] b. 1924 d. 1945

Francoeur, Percell [74506] b. 1925

of_Franconia, Conrad I [85615] [85615] count of Franconia emperor of Germany d.918

of_Franconia, Eberhard [85614] [85614] duke of Franconia d.939

of_Franconia, Gebhard [81855] count of Wetterau d.910

of_Franconia, Gerberge [1783] wife of Leutharius, of Alemannia

de_Franconie, Giselle [1870] m. before 979 wife of Gerard III

the_Frank, Adela [1752] mother of Aubri I, count of Blois

the_Frank, Ansgise [2217] mayor of the palace to Siegbert, 632 duke of Brabant b.602 d.685

the_Frank, Auda [2366] wife of Makir of_David wife of Thierry of Autun

the_Frank, Berchinde [1735] (Berswinde) wife of Eticho I

the_Frank, Bertha [1632] founder of Priem Abby wife of St. Lievin of Treves wife of Martin de_Laon mother of Canbert, count of Laon d. after 720

the_Frank, Bodegisel [2222]

the_Frank, Bodegisel II [2221] [2221] governor of Aquitaine d.588

the_Frank, Bonifacio I [13565] [13565] d. before 785

the_Frank, Boso II [85531] d. after 825

the_Frank, Boso III [85530] the Old d.855

Frank,, Capt. Thomas [136177] b. Maryland

the_Frank, Carloman [2210] mayor of the palace died a monk, Austrasia d.754, Montecassino

the_Frank, Carloman [2442]

the_Frank, Carolman [2283] mayor of the palace in Austrasia d.645

the_Frank, Charibert I [1760] king of Paris, 561-567

the_Frank, Charibert II [1638] [1638] b.608 d.630

the_Frank, Childbert I [1643] king of Paris, 511-558

the_Frank, Childebert [2229] king of Cologne living in 450

the_Frank, Childebert II [1790] [1790] king of Austrasia, 575-596 king of Burgundy, 593-596

the_Frank, Childebert III [1630] [1630] king of Franks, 695-711

the_Frank, Childebrand I [2212] [2212], Heristal, Liege

the_Frank, Childeric I [1646] king of Salian Franks d.481

the_Frank, Childeric II [1634] [1634] king of Austrasia, 670-673

the_Frank, Childeric III [1743] [1743] king of Franks, 742-751

the_Frank, Chilperic I [1640] king of Soissons, 561-584 king of Neustria d.584

the_Frank, Chilperic II [1744] [1744] king of Franks, 719-720

the_Frank, Chiltrud [2369] wife of Odilo of_Bavaria

the_Frank, Chlodomer [1642] king of Orleans, 511-524

the_Frank, Chlotar I [1641] king of Soissons, 511-558 king of Franks, 558-561

the_Frank, Chlotar II [1639] king of Neustria, 584-629 king of Franks, 613-629 b.Jun_584, Nuestria, France d.28_Sep_628, France

the_Frank, Cloderic [2227] (the Parricide) king of Cologne d.509, murdered

the_Frank, Clodio I [1649] (Long Haired) king of the Salian Franks, Westphalia d.455

the_Frank, Clotaire III [1633] [1633] king of Neustria, 656-660

the_Frank, Clovis I [1645] (Chlodevig) (Clovis the Great) king of Metz king of Franks, 481-511 b.466 d.511, Paris

the_Frank, Clovis II [1636] king of Neustria and Burgundy, 639-656 king of Franks, 634-654

the_Frank, Clovis III [1631] king of Franks, 691-695

the_Frank, Dagobert I [1637] king of Neustria king of Franks, 629-639, Austrasia d.639, St. Denis Abbey, Paris, France

the_Frank, Dagobert II [1753] King of Austrasia, 676-680 b.652 d.680

the_Frank, Dagobert III [1742] [1742] king of Franks, 711-716

the_Frank, Dode [1765] (Clothilde) nun at Treves, 612 wife of Saint Arnulf

the_Frank, Druex [2444] (Drago), Austrasia

the_Frank, Duke Bernard [2317] [2317]

Frank, Elizabeth [36922] d. after 1469 wife of Richard de_Tunstall

the_Frank, Grifo [2368] d.753, Aquitaine

the_Frank, Guntram [1761] king of Burgundy, 561-593

the_Frank, Herbert [85528] d.864, slain at Orbe

the_Frank, Ingude [1791] wife of St. Hermengild d.585

the_Frank, Jerome [2211]

the_Frank, Landrade [2367] wife of Sigramine, count of Hasbaye

3rd.,Frank L. Forrest [138936] [138936] b.1927, Virginia

the_Frank, Martin [2219]

the_Frank, Merovic [1647] (Meroveus) king of the Salian Franks, ca.411-458

the_Frank, Pepin the_Short [2209] [2209] mayor of the palace duke of Neustria first king of the Franks of the second race, 751-768 b.714, Austrasia d.24_Sep_768, St. Denis

the_Frank, Richilde [85527] wife of Count Bouin of Burgundy wife of Ecrd of Burgundy d.883

the_Frank, Rotrude [2443] wife of Gerard

the_Frank, Saint Arnulf [2220] [2220] mayor of the palace and tutor of King Dagobert bishop of Metz, 612 b.582 d.16_Aug_640

the_Frank, Saint Clodulf [2218] [2218] bishop of Metz ca.650 d.690

the_Frank, Saint Gondulfus [2223] [2223] bishop of Tongres, 599

the_Frank, Siegbert [2228] (Siegbert the Lame) king of Cologne d.509, murdered by his son

the_Frank, Sigebert I [1759] king of Austrasia, 561-575

the_Frank, Sigebert II [1754] king of Austrasia, 639-656 d.656

the_Frank, Theocobert I [1764] [1764] king of Austrasia, 533-548

the_Frank, Theodobald [1763] king of Austrasia, 548-555

the_Frank, Theodoric I [1644] king of Austrasia, 511-534

the_Frank, Theodoric III [1635] [1635] king of Franks, 678-691

the_Frank, Theodoric IV [1741] [1741] king of Franks, 720-737

the_Frank, Theutberga [85529] 1st wife of Lothar II, king of Lorraine

(Frank),, Dr. Francis Marion Durst III [34208] (Frank) [34208] dentist of Augusta GA b.13_Sep_1948

(Frank), Francis Goodwin Hogg [157496] (Frank) [157496] farmer, El Dorado, Union Co. AR, Union Co. AR

(Frank), Francis Odell Churchill [50070] (Frank) [50070] b.18_Apr_1869, Keswick IA d.8_Apr_1938, Keswick IA

(Frank), Francis Sturgis Kellam [211102] (Frank) [211102] b.1_Oct_1899 d.17_Jul_1980

(Frank), George Franklin King [209941] (Frank) [209941] b.1885, Virginia d.1968

(Frank), John Franlkin Tennis [208561] (Frank) [208561] b.1858, York Co. VA

(Frank), William Franklin Ward [220223] (Frank) [220223] b.Mar_1875, Poquoson, York Co. VA d.5_Sep_1959, Poquoson, York Co. VA

"Frankie", Frances Louisa [75758] [75758] Hawkins b. 1833 Haywood Co,Nc

(Frankie), Frank Lafayette Shackleford [201266] (Frankie) [201266] news paper delivery boy, Tanners Creek, Norfolk Co. VA, 1920 carpenter, Norfolk Co. VA, 1930 b.3_Jun_1906, Norfolk Co. VA d.10_Jul_1974, Virginia Beach VA

Franklin, ________ [76546] b. 31_Jul_1922 Haywood Co,Nc d. 31_Jul_1922 Haywood Co,Nc

Franklin, ________ [76549] b. 4_Mar_1933 Haywood Co,Nc

Franklin, Ann Mary [191628] b. 18 JUL 1836 Pittsylvania Co., VA d. 13 JUL 1927 Pittsylvania Co., VA m. 22 FEB 1855 Pittsylvania Co., VA wife of John W. Adams

Franklin, Barbara J. [76550] b. 2_Feb_1936 Haywood Co,Nc

Franklin, Benjamin [35745]

Franklin, Brian Milner [76881] [76881] b. 22_Feb_1971 Haywood Co,Nc

Franklin, Carrie Lane [76880] b. 18_Sep_1964 Haywood Co,Nc wife of Tracy Lawrence Medford

Franklin, Delina M. [50793] b.1_May_1843, LaPorte Co. IN m.22_May_1872, Buchanan MI wife of Ransom P. Goit d.23_Jan_1873

Franklin, Earl Marcus [76879] b. 19_May_1960 Haywood Co,Nc

Franklin, George Henry [1453] b.13_Dec_1832 d.26_Nov_1899

Franklin, Geraldine [76851] b. 7_Apr_1945 Newport News, Va m. 17_May_1962 wife of Billy Ray Underwood

Franklin, Harold [76548] b. 4_Apr_1930 Haywood Co,Nc

Franklin, Herbert [40096] b.15_Feb_1923

Franklin, Hildreath [40098] b.3_Aug_1930

Franklin, Jeramiah [1455] b.1801

Franklin, Kathy Louise [75029] [75029] m.16_Mar_1971 wife of David Kirby Muse

Franklin, Living [173551]

Franklin, Living [219530]

Franklin, Living [219531]

Franklin, Lizzie [35743]

Franklin, Mary [35744]

Franklin, Mary Joyce [40094] b.5_Oct_1919

Franklin, Nancy Taylor [1445] b.31_Oct_1859, Kentucky m.4_Oct_1879, Tennessee wife of Othelo Locke d.11_Jun_1911

Franklin, Orville Floyd [40097] [40097] b.28_Jul_1924

Franklin, Patricia Ann [76551] [76551] b. 5_Jan_1939 Haywood Co,Nc

Franklin, Sherman [40091] b.4_Jun_1891, Shoals, IN

Franklin, Sherman Jr. [40095] b.30_Jan_1921

Franklin, Thomas E. [191626] b. 1 OCT 1808 Charlotte Co., VA d. 20 JUL 1887 Pittsylvania Co., VA

Franklin, Turner L. [76547] b. 18_Mar_1925 Haywood Co,Nc

Franklin, Virginia Ruth [76852] [76852] b. 11_Oct_1955 Wayne Co,Mi m. 14_Feb_1992 wife of Stuart Earle Scruggs

Franklin), Charles B. F. Ironmonger (Benjamin [133111] (Benjamin Franklin) [133111] b.13_Oct_1832, Isle of Wight Co. VA d.28_Jan_1863

(Franklin), Marcellus F. Riggins Jr. [131244] (Franklin) [131244], Hampton, Va

Franklin), Robert B. F. Hudgins (Benjamin [146621] (Benjamin Franklin) [146621] b.7_Oct_1842, Mathews Co. VA d.1921, Mathews Co. VA

Franklin), Robert B. F. McGlasson (Barnett [68474] (Barnett Franklin) [68474], TN

(Franklin), Robert Fulton Presson Jr. [165577] (Franklin) [165577] b.1919, Virginia

Franklin), William Franklin Dixon (Little [132202] (Little Franklin) [132202] b.12_May_1921 d.24_Sep_1922, Poquoson VA

(Franky), Emily Frances Shackleford [187760] (Franky) [187760] b.1790, Virginia wife (not married) of Thomas Hogg Sr.

de_Frantenhausen, Adelaide [101098] [101098] wife of Ulrich the Rich wife of Markwart de_Markwartstein m.1099 wife of Berenger de_Sulzbach d.24_Feb_1111

Frary, Abigail [53244] wife of Barachiah Arnold

Frary, Sarah [53385] m.1724 wife of Timothy Hale d.20_Sep_1770, Glastonbury CT

Fraser, Alexander [24367] 6th lord Saltoun d.1587

Fraser, Alexander [6735] d.1332, killed

Fraser, Margaret [6738] wife of William de_Keith

Fraser, Margaret [7410] wife of James Cumming

Fraser, Simon [6736] d. London, executed

Fraser, Sir John [6737]

Fratt, Casper [169711] b. 13 Sep 1843 Schenectady Co., New York d. 1 Feb 1929 Judsonia, Arkansas

Fratt, Casper [177186] b. 24 Sep 1808 Troy, Rensselaer Co., New York d. 7 Jan 1889 Schenectady Co., New York

Fray, Catherine [16850] wife of Sir Humphrey Stafford

Frazee, Abby [32906] b.27_Aug_1806 wife of Jeremy Raddin

Frazee, Abraham [34773]

Frazee, Elizabeth [33820] (Betsey) b.1755/6 wife of Simeon FitzRandolph m.19_Jul_1788 wife of Charles Clark Jr. m. after 1821 wife of Dr. Philemon Elmer d.8_Jun_1834

Frazee, Gershom [34556] b.27_Apr_1775, Scotch Plains NJ d.24_Apr_1819

Frazee, Isaac Jr. [32257] b.1727 d.1777

Frazee, Margaret [32258] b.1770

Frazee, Martha [31863] b.1678, Rahway NJ wife of John Clarke d.1_Aug_1759

Frazee, Mary Randolph [34542] m.13_Feb_1808 wife of Morris D. Marsh

Frazee, Maxwell [9164]

Frazee, Rachel [32259] b.1773

Frazee, Sarah [9163] wife of Jacob Foster Stites

Frazer, Charlotte [5983]

Frazer, Elizabeth G. [139601] b.1770-1780 wife of Robert B. Goodwin d.14_Oct_1841, Autauga AL

Frazer, John [123496] b.20_Dec_1761, Marshfield MA

Frazer, John [5982]

Frazer, Lawrence [5981]

Frazer, Margary [8154] b.1701 m.4_Mar_1725 wife of John Mohr MacIntosh

Frazer, Persifor [5980]

Frazer, Rebecca [123499] b. before 8_Oct_1768 d.7_Nov_1840, Duxbury MA

Frazer,, Rev. James [139605] Presbyterian Minister of Mecklenburg VA

Frazer, Samuel Alden [123498]

Frazer, Thomas [123497] b.22_Jul_1764, Marshfield MA

Frazier, Allie [201027] b.23_Dec_1887, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY wife of Matthew Fields d.12_Nov_1975, Jefferson Co. KY

Frazier, Alta [200990] b.3_Apr_1901

Frazier, Andrew [201070] b.16_Jun_1874, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KT

Frazier, Andrew P. (Twin) [201017] [201017] b.10_Feb_1874, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Bertha E. [213939] b.Apr_1884, Missouri

Frazier, Bonargen N. [201009] b. 5 Feb 1849 Oscaloosa, Letcher, Kentucky, USA d. 2 Jul 1930 Letcher County, Kentucky, USA

Frazier, Burnett [216243] b.1883 d.1944

Frazier, Callie [200991] b.19_Sep_1902

Frazier, Carl H. [216295] b.22_Oct_1907, Texas d.12_Feb_1992, Bixby, Tulsa Co. OK

Frazier, Carl James [216297] b.15_Jan_1930, Calhoun Co. TX d.16_Feb_1930, Port Lavaca, Calhoun Co. TX

Frazier, Charles Wesley [200970] [200970] b.17_Mar_1919, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Charlie R. [201030] b.29_Nov_1893, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY d.27_Mar_1914

Frazier, Charlotte [201051] b.1886

Frazier, Cornelia [201025] b.4_Aug_1884, Kingdom Come, Letcher Co. KY m.29_Dec_1905, Letcher Co. KY wife of John Anderson Webb d.27_Dec_1946 Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Creed [201004] b.25_Jan_1913

Frazier, Daniel [201029] b.30_Jun_1892, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY d.21_Mar_1982, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Daniel Boone [200952] [200952] b.Sep_1855, Smoot Creek, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Daniel H. [200908], Perry Co. KY

Frazier, David "Dave" [216278] [216278] b.30_Oct_1862, Kentucky d.26_Feb_1945, Waco TX

Frazier,, Doctor D. [201046]

Frazier, Dora Belle [200957] b.20_Nov_1879

Frazier, Drusilla [200896] b.10_Apr_1805, Floyd Co. KY

Frazier, Edwin Jefferson [216289] [216289] b.25_Dec_1887, Texas d.11_May_1937, Texas

Frazier, Elijah [216244] b.1885 d.1905

Frazier, Elisa [216285] b.23_Jun_1875, Elliott Co. KY d.Oct_1901

Frazier, Elizabeth [201010] b. Abt 1851 Scott County, Virginia, USA d. 8 Mar 1875 Letcher County, Kentucky, USA

Frazier, Eliza Lucinda A. [216286] [216286] b.23_Jun_1875, Elliott Co. KY d.11_Jan_1941, Waco TX

Frazier, Enoch [201048]

Frazier, Evelyn [52031] b.29_Jun_1943 m.15_Aug_1958 wife of Jack Landon

Frazier, Fereby [201019] b.22_Feb_1877, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY d.7_Jul_1878, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Frederick [216247] b.1896 d.1975

Frazier, George [200897], Floyd Co. KY

Frazier, George [201049]

Frazier, George Edgar [216287] [216287] b.31_Dec_1878 d.Oct_1901

Frazier, George Washington [200950] [200950] b.8_Mar_1851

Frazier, Gladys [213944] b.Jun_1897, Missouri

Frazier, Harriette Cornelia [44632] [44632] b.8_Mar_1902

Frazier, Helen Lucille [52030] [52030] b.17_Feb_1939 m.14_Sep_1958 wife of James Jackson

Frazier, Henrietta [200971] b.10_Apr_1921, Letcher Co. KT

Frazier, Henry [200891], Russell Co. VA

Frazier, Henry [200951] b.15_Apr_1853, Smoot Creek, Letcher Co. KY d.1919, California

Frazier, Henry C. [200958] b.14_Jul 1881 d.9_Oct_1920

Frazier, Hiram [200948] b.Jan_1848, Smoot Creek, Letcher Co. KY d.11_Sep_1931, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Hiram [216245] b.1892 d.1961

Frazier, Howard [200995]

Frazier, Ira [200989] b.22_Jan_1879, Letcher Co. KY d.14_Aug_1949, Roxana, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Ira [201021] b.5_Apr_1879, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, James [201020] b.21_Sep_1877, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY d.7_Jul_1878, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, James [216266] b.1830, Perry Co. KY d.1904, Whitney, Hill Co. TZ

Frazier, James [216274] b.13_Dec_1854, Perry Co. KY d.15_Nov_1941, Port Lavaca, Calhoun Co. TX

Frazier, James Harry [200895] b.8_Apr_1803, Floyd Co. KY d.5_Sep_1865, Scott Co. VA

Frazier, James Hobson [216293] [216293] b.23_Mar_1895, Hill Co. TX d.4_Dec_1974, Travis Co. TX

Frazier, James M. [216242] b.1871

Frazier, James Monroe [200953] [200953] b.15_Feb_1859, Smoot Creek, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, James W. [200946] b.21_Nov_1842, Smoot Creek, Letcher Co. KT d.22 Sep 1930

Frazier, Jane [200906], Floyd Co. KY d.20_Jul_1876, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, John D. [201031] b.19_Feb_1896, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, John Dee [201001] b.1_Apr_1890 d.9_Aug_1958, Kingdom Come, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, John Henry [216272] b.1845, Letcher Co. KY d.1873

Frazier, John Henry [216282] b.22_Feb_1871, Elliott Co. KY d.27_Jul_1947, McLennan Co. TX

Frazier, John L. [213938] b.Dec_1881, Missouri

Frazier, Jonathan [200893]

Frazier, Jonathan [200962] b.28_Jan_1894 d.14_Oct_1930

Frazier, Jonathan H. [200947] (Jont) b.6_Jan_1845, Smoot Creek, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Joseph Cullen [216294] [216294] b.11_Feb_1903, Whitney, Hill Co. TX d.17_Nov_1952, Brazos Co. TX

Frazier, Joseph F. [201008] b. Abt 1847 Letcher County, Kentucky, USA

Frazier, Joseph H. [213941] b.Oct_1889, Missouri

Frazier, Judy Ann [55802] b.24_Nov_1942, Pontiac MI m.8_Sep_1962, Pontiac MI wife of Dennis Keith Pawley

Frazier, Julia Veronica [44630] [44630] b.5_Sep_1895

Frazier, Kelly [201018] b.5_Nov_1876, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY d.17_Jun_1914, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Lee [200961] b.9_Oct_1887

Frazier, Livina "Vina" [216267] [216267] b.18_Feb_1831, Perry Co. KY d.23_Apr_1885, Kingdon Come, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Living [216298]

Frazier, Lodica "Dicy" [183321] [183321] b.22_Apr_1826, Kentucky wife of James Hogg Jr. d.26_Mar_1873, Kentucky

Frazier, Lola [200985] b.7_Mar_1893, Smoot Creek, Letcher Co. KY m.25_Oct_1919, Letcher Co. KY wife of Daniel Frazier d.27_Mar_1985, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Louanna [201028] b.3_Nov_1889, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY wife of Wilson Fields

Frazier, Lydia/Lucinda [216271] [216271] b.1843, Kentucky d.24_Jun_1916, Nickelsville, Scott Co. VA

Frazier, Mae [200967] b.24_May_1912, Letcher Co, KY

Frazier, Mallie [200992] b.19_Mar_1904 wife of Ike Maggard d.2_Sep_1929, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Margaret [216265] b.1825, Perry Co. KY d.1826, Perry Co. KY

Frazier, Margaret "Maggie" [216275] [216275] b.26_Mar_1856, Kentucky d.1906, Houston TX

Frazier, Martha [201022] b.10_Jun_1880, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KY m.16_Jan_1901, Letcher Co. KY wife of William Williams

Frazier, Martha [216277] b.14_Oct_1861, Kentucky

Frazier, Mary [201023] b.28_Aug_1881, Letcher Co. KY m.24_Mar_1901, Letcher Co. KY wife of Shade Frazier d.6_Dec_1968

Frazier, Mary [201047] b.1_Mar_1875, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Mary [201068] (Polly) b.1_Jul_1865, Oscaloosa, Letcher Co. KT m.15_Dec_1887, Letcher Co. KY wife of George Ison d.6_Jan_1945

Frazier, Mary Elizabeth [216283] [216283] b.7_May_1873, Elliott Co. KY d.20_Oct_1956, Waco TX

Frazier, Matilda [200892], Virginia m.17_Mar_1825, Scott Co. VA wife of Joseph White

Frazier, Melvin [201006] b.28_Aug_1893, Letcher Co. KY d.15_Mar_1920, Letcher Co. KY

Frazier, Middie M. [213940] b.Jan_1886, Missouri

Frazier, Minnie Lee [200988] b.15_Aug_1876, Letcher Co. KY m.7_Sep_1892, Letcher Co. KY wife of Finish Hogg d.18_Nov_1947, Detroit MI

Frazier, Mollie [213942] b.Apr_1891, Missouri

Frazier, Nancy [200905] b.1811, Taylor Co. KY m.15_Nov_1832, Hazard, Perry, Co. KY wife of Absalom D. Adams

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