Index part 39

Cady, John Jr. [112401] b.15_Jan_1650/51

Cady, Louis Ernest [152628] b.23_Dec_1863, Spencerport NY d.31_Oct_1941

Cady, Prudence [54397] b.3_Nov_1740, Tolland CT m.7_Sep_1759, St.Mary's, Marlborough, England wife of Daniel Lovejoy d.8_Jun_1824, New Concord NY

Cady, Walter Clayton [152627] b.28_Sep_1858, Spencerport NY d.6_Nov_1888

de_Caen, Mabira [3010] wife of Jordan de_Champernoun

of_Caen, Robert [3039] the Consul earl of Gloucester natural son of king Henry I b.1090 d.31_Oct_1147, Bristol Castle

Caesar, Caius Julius I [2137]

Caesar, Caius Julius II [2153] [2153]

Caesar, Caius Julius III [2152] [2152] d.84BC

Caesar, Gaius Germanicus [113741] [113741] b.15BC d.19

Caesar, Julia [2151] wife of Marcus Atius Balbus

Caesar, Julia [2156] wife of Gnaeus Pompey

Caesar, Julius [2150] general and statesman dictator, consul, and tribune for life d.44BC, Rome

Caesar, Lucius Julius I [2139] [2139]

Caesar, Lucius Julius II [2135] [2135]

Caesar, Lucius Julius III [2134] [2134]

Caesar, Nero Claudius [113756] [113756] born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus 5th emperor of Rome, 54-68 b.37 d.68

Caesar, Sextus Julius I [2138] [2138]

Caesar, Sextus Julius II [2136] [2136]

Caesar, Tiberius Claudius [2123] [2123] 2nd. emperor of Rome, 14-37 d.37

of_Caesarea, John [52561]

of_Caesarea, Juliana [23795]

of_Caesarea, Margaret [52560] wife of John L'Aleman

of_Caesarea, Walter II [23794] [23794]

Caeser), Gaius J. C. Octavianus (Julius [2141] (Julius Caeser) [2141] (Augustus) first emperor of Rome, 27BC-14 b.63BC d.14

Caesonius, Amnius Manius [2265] [2265] d.aft.333

Cafran, Edith W. [70145] m.1888 wife of Nathaniel G. Gardiner

Cage, Isabel [3822] of Pakenham, Suffolk, England wife of Robert Bacon

Cager, Micajah Story [66386], Warren Co., GA d.5_Nov_1847, Cape Girardeau Co., MO

Cahalen, William [75021]

Cahalen_Jr., Edward V [75017]

de_Cailly, Agnes [100365] wife of Sir John Harsick

de_Cailly, Hugh [15737]

de_Cailly, John [15741]

de_Cailly, John [15743]

de_Cailly, Osbert [15736]

de_Cailly, Sir William [100366] [100366] of Owby, Norfolk, England b. Kent, England

de_Cailly, William [15739] d. after 1316

Cain, Abner [156772]

Cain, Amelia [156766]

Cain, Barbara [156768]

Cain, Beryl [40064] b.6_Feb_1902 wife of William F. Kornbroke

Cain, Celia [156774]

Cain, Deliliah [156770]

Cain, Elivira [156773]

Cain, Genevieve [40065] b.9_Nov_1905 wife of E. R. Hendricks

Cain, Hardy [156767]

Cain, Harold [156775]

Cain, John [156771]

Cain, Opal [40063] b.7_May_1899 wife of Frank Otto wife of John W. Reece

Cain, Raymond [40066] b.10_Mar_1908

Cain, Rebecca [156769]

Cain, Sarah [156776]

Cain, William [40061] b.25_Feb_1870, Morgantown, IN

Cainia, Richard of_Rupe [81114] [81114]

Caiofhiadoch, Oiloilla [5155]

Caisse, Adeline [74601] wife of Timothy Guibard

Caisse, Louise [74600]

of_Caithness, Grelod [3242] wife of Thorfinn of Orkney

of_Caithness, Helga [3253] wife of Haken, earl of Orkney

Cake, Ann [83856] b.1814, Mosquito Cove, NF, CAN m.11_Jun_1834 wife of George Winsor m.12_Oct_1843, Carbonear, NF, CAN wife of James Burden

Calaway, Living [185162]

Calaway, Living [185163]

of_Calazzo, Robert [81112]

Caldebeck, Thomasine [3568] wife of Thomas Underhill

Calder, William L. [97197]

Calderone, Jason Howard [58929] [58929] b.1_Jul_1976, Denver CO

Calderone, Jeffery Scott [58927] [58927] b.3_Oct_1967, Denver CO

Calderone, Rick Aaron [58928] b.9_Feb_1970, Denver CO

Calderwood, Charlotte G. [38303] [38303] b.25_Dec_1826 m.19_Mar_1846 wife of Jesse C. Mills

Calderwood, Christie [38235] b.10_Mar_1884 m.14_Jun_1907 wife of William E. Whitney

Calderwood, Frederick Hamlin [38234] [38234] b.3_May_1856, Vinalhaven, ME d.14_Jun_1929, Vinalhaven, ME

Calderwood, Julia [38236] b.27_Oct_1885 m.12_Nov_1927 wife of John Johnson

Calderwood, Mary [38192] b.21_May_1813, Vinalhaven, ME m.7_Nov_1836 wife of Lewis Alden Arey d.1910, Owl's Head, ME

Calderwood, Sabra [38181] b.30_Mar_1797 m.17_Mar_1816 wife of Moses Mills d.16_Dec_1833

Calderwood, Willard [38182] b.30_Jul_1816, Vinalhaven, ME d.14_Mar_1861, Vinalhaven, ME

Caldwalader, Maria [44073] m.29_Apr_1880 wife of John Hone

Caldwell, Alvin Winfield [38311] [38311] b.22_Mar_1871

Caldwell, Catherine M. [41280] [41280] b.3_Oct_1810

Caldwell, Edith Eliza [41302]

Caldwell, Edwin Adelbert [38310] [38310] b.15_Feb_1869

Caldwell, Eliza [41283] b.3_Oct_1817 wife of Augustus Fuller

Caldwell, James A [170985]

Caldwell, Jane [41281] b.5_Jan_1813 d.26_Jan_1817

Caldwell, John [11524] 4th lord Grebson d.Aug_1327

Caldwell, John R. [170984]

Caldwell, Joseph [41288] b.16_Nov_1828

Caldwell, Lydia Bereniece [38313] [38313] b.10_Mar_1875

Caldwell, Marietta [76359] b. 15_Dec_1932 Haywood Co,Nc

Caldwell, Mary E. [41286] b.20_Apr_1824 d.26_Aug_1826

Caldwell, Mary L. [76358] b. 9_Dec_1927 Haywood Co,Nc d. 1928 Haywood Co,Nc

Caldwell, Nancy [41282] b.26_Apr_1815 wife of Silas G. Williams

Caldwell, Otis Lloyd Llewellyn [38312] [38312] b.19_Dec_1872

Caldwell, Peter Graham [207631] [207631] b.1_Feb_1959, Fort Bragg NC

Caldwell, Robert Gene "Bobby" [76360] [76360] b. 22_Jan_1935 Haywood Co,Nc

Caldwell, Roy Altimont [38315] [38315]

Caldwell, Samuel Hudson [41285] [41285] b.15_Jan_1822 d.13_Nov_1867

Caldwell, Susan C. [41279] b.20_May_1809 m.18_May_1829 wife of Jonathan Felt

Caldwell, Teresa Annette [76821] [76821] b. 14_Feb_1968 Haywood Co,Nc

Caldwell, Thomas [41278] b.20_Nov_1773, Bedford, MA d.18_Mar_1856

Caldwell, Thomas [41287] b.26_Nov_1826 d.23_Mar_1871

Caldwell, William [41284] b.24_Dec_1819 d.14_Sep_1854

Caldwell, William Hudson [41303] [41303] b.16_Apr_1866

(Caldwell), Christopher C. Challowner [135772] (Caldwell) [135772]

Caldwell-Grebson, Harold Cecil [54249] [54249] took the name Clayton

Caldwell-Grebson, Joane [11521] [11521] 7th baroness Grebson 2nd countess Grebson wife of Thomas de_Greystock d.1381

Caldwell-Grebson, John [54239] [54239] b.1531

Caldwell-Grebson, John Charles [54243] [54243] captain b.1607 d.5_Jul_1643

Caldwell-Grebson, John Dermod [54240] [54240] b.1556 d.1634

Caldwell-Grebson, John Edmund [54236] [54236]

Caldwell-Grebson, John Mycroft [54227] [54227]

Caldwell-Grebson, John Ralph [54222] [54222] 9th lord Grebson 4th earl of Grebson b.1396

Caldwell-Grebson, John Richard [54241] [54241] b.1587

Caldwell-Grebson, John Thomas [54232] [54232] 11th lord Grebson 6th earl of Grebson d.4_May_1515, London, England

Caldwell-Grebson, Ralph Arthur [54248] [54248] b.1634

Caldwell-Grebson, Robert [11523] [11523] 5th lord Grebson b.1298 d.1341

Caldwell-Grebson, Thomas Ralph [54221] [54221] 8th lord Grebson 3rd earl Grebson b.1366

Caleb, Norton [173615] b. 3 Jan 1727/28 Salisbury, Massachusetts d. after 1787

Caleb, Norton [173733] b. 25 Feb 1748/49

Cales, Ardelia Frances [128354] [128354] b.1883 wife of ________ Olds d.1954, Kansas (died of ALS)

Calhoun, Ann Olive [186158]

Calhoun, Catherine [186157]

Calhoun, David [186154]

Calhoun, Eleanor [186153] wife of ________ Walker

Calhoun, Elizabeth [186156]

Calhoun, Martha Jane [186160]

Calhoun, Mary [186155]

Calhoun, Nancy [186159]

Calhoun, Sarah [186161]

Caligula, Gaius Caesar [113743] [113743] 3rd. emperor of Rome, 37-41 b.31_Aug_12, Antium, Latium d.41

Call, Charles [194801]

Call, Charles [97202] b.11_Sep_1767, Dresden ME d.6_Oct_1847, Dresden ME

Call, Christopher Paul [150796] [150796]

Call, David Randall [150795]

Call, Eber [194800]

Call, Elizabeth [31709] m.20_Sep_1663 wife of Samuel Tingley d.21_Feb_1715/6, Attleboro MA

Call, Flora [194802] wife of /Disney/

Call, George William [149152]

Call, Gerald Vaughn [196068] b.24_Aug_1916, Boulder CO

Call, James [97201] b.19_Jul_1759, Dresden ME d.17_Oct_1825, Dresden ME

Call, Mary [199223] wife of Theodore W. Bevard Jr.

Call, Phillip Brian [150794] b.12_Nov_1972

Call, Richard Keith [199221] 1st. Lieut. 45th Infantry special aide to Maj.Gen. Andrew Jackson, battle of New Orleans attorney, Pensacola FL member of the Florida Territorial coundil, 1822 brigadier general, West Florida

Call, Wilkerson [199225] atturey, Jacksonville FL adjutant general, Confederate Army U.S. Senate, 1879-1897 b.9_Jan_1834, Russellville, Logan Co. KY d.24_Aug_1910, Washington DC bu. Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington DC

Callahan, Karen Linda [58536] b.14_Apr_1952, San Francisco CA m.20_Mar_1982, Loveland CO wife of Roland H. Burger

Callahan, Kathleen Lucille [58538] [58538] b.13_Apr_1956, Iowa City IA m.1_Sep_1979, Loveland CO wife of Calvin R. Carter III

Callahan, Kitty Louise [58534] [58534] b.3_Jan_1948, Loveland CO m.19_May_1967, Loveland CO wife of Anthony Glenn King

Callahan, Michael Lynn [58537] [58537] b.23_Aug_1954, Iowa City IA

Callahan, Timothy Lee [58535] b.6_Aug_1949, Sunrise WY

Callander, Alexander [218690] of Cockburnspath

Callander, Alison [218692]

Callander, Edward [218691]

Callander, Jean [218694]

Callander, Mary [218693]

Callaway, Elizabeth [77434] wife of Morgan Bryan

Callaway, Frances [77433] wife of William Lamme

Callender, Living [132766]

Callender, Living [132767]

(Callie), Benjamin Carrol Topping [133786] (Callie) [133786] b.14_May_1900 d.8_Aug_1991, Poquoson VA

(Callie), Martha Callandona Brownlee [148913] (Callie) [148913]

Callis, ________ [89866] b.Aug_1895 d.Sep_1895

Callis, Alan Keith [89874] b.12_Aug_1946, Richmond VA d.29_Mar_1989, New Kent, New Kent Co. VA

Callis, Alan Keith Jr. [179908] [179908] b.4_May_1970

Callis, Alexander [141402]

Callis, Alfred Phaup [224134] b.12_Jan_1912, Mathews Co. VA d.5_Apr_1993, Norfolk VA

Callis, Allen Moss [89870] b.1916, York Co. VA d.13_Sep_1964

Callis, Amanda [224322] b.1841, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Ambros [141399]

Callis, Ann [141403]

Callis, Ann [224320] b.1838, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Annie E. [179922] b.Apr_1875, York Co. VA, York Co. VA wife of John W. Dryden

Callis, Arinthia Lois [224348] [224348] b.6_Sep_1915, Hallieford, Mathews Co. VA d.2009, Newport News VA

Callis, Belva [147278] b.1912 wife of Marshall B. Forrest Sr. d.1997

Callis, Belva Bernice [224347] [224347] b.4_Aug_1908, Hallieford, Mathews Co. VA d.20_Oct_1996, Hampton VA

Callis, Bessie Maria [89868] b.1_Mar_1900 wife of Stafford W. Hornsby d.10_May_1919, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetary, Seaford VA

Callis, Betsy [141394]

Callis, Blanche [224339] b.1903, Virginia

Callis, Blanche Mae [224344] b.1_Mar_1900, Hallieford, Mathews Co. VA d.29_Oct_1964, Hampton VA

Callis, Charles [224331] b.1870, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Charles Taylor [179926] [179926] boatman, York Co. VA, 1910 b.25_Aug_1886, York Co. VA

Callis, Christiannah Wilie [131814] [131814] b.11_Oct_1863, York Co. VA

Callis, Clara [224340] b.1905, Virginia

Callis, Danial T. [179923] b.1876, York Co. VA d. before 1900, York Co. VA

Callis, Daniel G. [140767] carpenter, York Co. VA, 1860-1880 farmer, York Co. VA, 1900 ship carpenter, York Co. VA, 1910 b.Sep_1841, York Co. VA d. after 1930, York Co. VA

Callis, David [89875] b.12_Jan_1964, Virginia

Callis, Dolly [141391]

Callis, Dorothy Ann [224778] b.20_Oct_1907, Newport News VA wife of ________ Martin d.20_Jun_1987, Orlando FL

Callis, Elizabeth Jane [179919] [179919] b.Apr_1849, York Co. VA m.1865, York Co. VA wife of George W. Riggins

Callis, Ella Virginia [147281] [147281] wife of ________ White

Callis, Emanuel [141410] b. before 1738

Callis, Everett H. [224135] b.1915, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Fenwick John [141401]

Callis, Florence [224341] b.1907, Virginia

Callis, George T. [224324] b.1849, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, George W. [179924] b.Jul_1879, York Co. VA d. before 1910, York Co. VA

Callis, Henry [141411] b.Oct_1738, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.1820

Callis, Herbert Elvin [224346] [224346], Virginia d.23_May_1982, Gloucester Co. VA

Callis, Howard F. [224133] b.1905, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Ida Belle [224740] b.Nov_1890, Mathews Co. VA wife of Walter P. Hurst d.1962, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, James [141413] b.1727, Virginia d.1795, Maryland

Callis, James Earl [224336] b.11_Apr_1894, Virginia

Callis, James H. [224329] b.5_Jul_1867, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, James Jr. [224315] b.28_Oct_1773, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d.1833, Mathews, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, James Otis [224739] b.Dec_1860, Mathews Co. VA d.1917, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, James William [224319] [224319] b.1836, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, James William [224670] [224670] b.28_Nov_1836, Mathews, Mathews Co. VA d.Jan_1874, Mathews, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, John [141392]

Callis, John [141398]

Callis, John [141400], Barbados

Callis, John [141406]

Callis, John B. [89873] b.13_Nov_1942, Virginia

Callis, John (James?) [141404] [141404] b. after 1700 d.1786

Callis, John R. [224325] b.1853, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, John Robert [224330] b.26_Oct_1869, Gwynns Island, Mathews Co. VA d.23_May_1942, Hampton VA

Callis, John Scott [89877] b.30_Dec_1966

Callis, John Walker [224746] b.1907, Mathews Co. VA d.10_Aug_1939, Mathews, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Jonah [179925] (Josiah) b.Mar_1885, York Co. VA d. before 1910, York Co. VA

Callis, Kate Beba [224741] b.Feb_1892, Mathews Co. VA m.12_May_1910, Mathews Co. VA wife of John W. Carney d.Feb_1920, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Kevan Moss [179909] (Brooke) b.27_Feb_1974 m.11_Jan_2003 wife of John Leonard

Callis, Lewis [141414]

Callis, Lillian R. [224335] b.Feb_1892, Virginia

Callis, Living [147282] wife of Living Armistead

Callis, Living [147283]

Callis, Living [147284]

Callis, Living [198481]

Callis, Lucretia [141412]

Callis, Lucy Ann [224332] b.1872, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Luther Marcellus [89867] [89867] b.1896 d.2_Dec_1951, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetary, Seaford VA

Callis, Maria [224327] b.1864, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Martha G. [224326] b.1856, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Mary [141409] b.1720-1730, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.Nov_1750, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Phillip Forrest d.1821-1823, Bandy Ridge, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Mary Ella [90914] b.4_Dec_1856, Mathews Co. VA wife of Washington Sparrow d.May_1889, Gwynn's Island, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Mary Ella Ann [179918] [179918] seamstress, York Co. VA, 1860 b.1840, Virginia, York Co. VA wife of Benjamin Hornsby

Callis, Mary Ellen [131813] b.25_Sep_1859, York Co. VA, York Co. VA wife of Leroy F. Moore

Callis, Mary M. [224321] b.1840, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Mattie Bell [224342] b.24_Sep_1896, Hallieford, Mathews Co. VA m.27_Dec_1916, Mathews Co. VA wife of Henry S. Morgan d.1_Oct_1980, Gloucester, Gloucester Co. VA

Callis, Mazilla Anne [159466] [159466] weaver, York Co. VA, 1860 b.1838, Virginia m.3_Mar_1864 wife of William Parker d.1901, Seaford VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetary, Seaford VA

Callis, Missouri [224328] b.1866, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Missouri (Capsndas) [224323] [224323] b.1846, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Nancy [141396]

Callis, Nina [147280] b.1917 wife of Howard M. Clements wife of Vernon Moody d.1999

Callis, Olive [224132] b.1902, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Otis Levering [224743] [224743] b.Jun_1897, Mathews Co. VA d.6_Dec_1945, Catonsville, Baltimore Co. MD

Callis, Otis Ryland [224333] b.29_Aug_1878, Mathews Co. VA d.2_Jun_1941, York Co. VA

Callis, Priscilla [141395]

Callis, Richard [141405]

Callis, Robert [141408]

Callis, Robert B. [224317] b.1804, Mathews Co. VA d.1870, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Ruby [224343] b.24_Nov_1897, Hallieford, Mathews Co. VA d.14_Feb_1984, Salisbury MD

Callis, Ruby E. [224744] b.1901, Mathews Co. VA d.26_Jan_1933, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Rupert Leslie [224742] [224742] b.27_Jul_1893, Mathews Co. VA d.Nov_1975, Grimstead, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, Ruth [224338] b.1901, Virginia

Callis, Sadie Dell [224345] b.3_Oct_1902, Hallieford, Mathews Co. VA m.26_Nov_1921, Mathews Co. VA wife of Leslie E. Diggs d.17_Jul_1989, Hampton VA

Callis, Sheldon [147279] b.1914 d.1919

Callis, Walter Johnie [224337] [224337] b.3_Sep_1896, Virginia d.Sep_1951

Callis, Wendy Jane [179911] b.4_Dec_1982 wife of ________ Gibson divorced

Callis, William [141393]

Callis, William [141407]

Callis, William E. [179921] b.1868, York Co. VA d. before 1900, York Co. VA

Callis, William H. [131923], York Co. VA d. before 1860, York Co. VA

Callis, William James [224737] [224737] b.11_Sep_1830, Mathews, Mathews Co. VA d.3_Jul_1909, Gwynn, Mathews Co. VA

Callis, William W. [224745] b.27_Aug_1903, Mathews Co. VA d.Oct_1984, Mathews Co. VA

Callum, Caleb [59507] d.1768-1769, Mendon MA

Callum, Jemima [59499] m.26_Mar_1749, Providence RI wife of William Ford

Callum, John [59498] b.1733-1740 d. before 1759

Callum, John [59508] d. before 20_Jun_1754

Callum, Mary [59497] m.28_Feb_1745, Glocester Ri wife of George Bumpus

Callum, Sarah [59496] m.14_Dec_1743, Providence RI wife of Peter Tefft

Calquhoun, Geraldine Ann [221155] [221155] wife of ________ Wright

Calthorpe, Anastatia [129607] (Eustachia) b. Calthorpe, York, England wife of Richard Fairfax

Calthorpe, Ann [134977]

Calthorpe, Ann [134979] b.15_Feb_1671/72 d.7_Dec_1673, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, Anthony [134989] b.4_Aug_1712

Calthorpe, Barbara [134968]

Calthorpe, Barbara [134975]

Calthorpe, Barbara [134984] b.23_May_1683, Virginia m. after 24_Oct_1662, York Co. VA wife of Henry Freeman d.22_Dec_1711, Virginia

Calthorpe, Butts [134991] d.17_Oct_1739, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, Charles [134961]

Calthorpe, Charles [134985] b.17_Feb_1686/87

Calthorpe, Charles [134988] b.8_Oct_1709

Calthorpe, Christopher [134980] [134980] b.20_Feb_1671/72 d.27_Jun_1694, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe,, Col. Christopher [134966] [134966] b.1604, Norfolk, England, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, Edward [134952] d.1558

Calthorpe, Edward [134962]

Calthorpe, Elestrange [134983] [134983] b.4_Sep_1680 d.4_Oct_1726

Calthorpe, Elimalech [113800] b.6_Jan_1708/09 d.14_Jan_1732/33, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, Elinor [134976]

Calthorpe, Elizabeth [134982] b.26_Nov_1677 d.21_Aug_1698, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, Elizabeth [3268] wife of Francis Hassylden

Calthorpe, Ellen [134963]

Calthorpe, Frances [113803] wife of Henry Howard

Calthorpe, Frances [134972]

Calthorpe, Grace [134967]

Calthorpe, Henry [134960]

Calthorpe, James [130675] d.14_Oct_1732, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, James [134965]

Calthorpe, James [134974] d.3_Aug_1689, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, James [134981] b.5_Mar_1673/74 d.21_Dec_1711, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, James [134987] b.27_Mar_1707

Calthorpe, John [130676] d.26_Feb_1731/32, Charles Parish, York Co. VA

Calthorpe, Mary [113802]

Calthorpe, Matilda [134969]

Calthorpe, Oliver [134964]

Calthorpe, Philip [134970]

Calthorpe, Phillip [134959]

Calthorpe, Prudence [134951] wife of Ralph Shelton d.1652

Calthorpe, Robert [134971]

Calthorpe, Sir Christopher [134958] [134958] b. Cockthrop, Norfolk, England d.14_Mar_1624/25, London, England

Calthrope, Jane [3278] m.1614 wife of Edward Peyton wife of Henry Thymelthorp

Calverly, Alice [103599] m.1446 wife of Robert Baildon

Calverly, Beatrice [77535], Calverly, England, England wife of Robert Hyde d.1624

Calvert, Anne [11722] wife of Edward-Maria Somerset

Calvert, Anne [128170] b. before 1_Apr_1607 d. after 1672

Calvert, Anne [128180] b.1673 wife of Edward M. Domersett wife of William Paston d.10_Feb_1731

Calvert, Anne [128183] b.1629

Calvert, Anne [48293] m.1664 wife of Baker Brooke

Calvert, Ariana [128380] d. after 1788

Calvert, Benedict Leonard [23658] [23658] 4th Lord Baltimore b.21_Mar_1679 d.5_Apr_1715

Calvert, Benedict Swingate [128371] [128371] d.9_Jan_1788, Mt. Airy, Prince George's Co. MD

Calvert, Cecil [128178] b.1661 d. before 1_Jul_1681

Calvert, Cecil [128379]

Calvert, Cecil [23653] (Cecilius) 2nd Lord Baltimore d.1675

Calvert, Cecilius [128181] b. before 1675

Calvert, Cecilius [128376]

Calvert, Charles [128182] b.1680 d.1733

Calvert, Charles [128189] b.1688 d.1733-1734

Calvert, Charles [23656] 3rd Lord Baltimore b.1637 d.1715

Calvert, Charles [23659] 5th Lord Baltimore b.29_Sep_1699 d.24_Apr_1751

Calvert, Charles Baltimore [23669] [23669]

Calvert, Charles Benedict [23665] [23665]

Calvert, Charlotte Augusta [23664] [23664]

Calvert, Christopher [128075]

Calvert, Clare [11721] wife of Edward-Maria Somerset

Calvert, Clare [128179] b.1670 wife of Edward M. Somersett d. before 1694

Calvert, Dorothy [128171] b. before 18_Aug_1608

Calvert, Eleanor [23662] m.14_Jun_1892 wife of William G. Carey

Calvert, Eleanor [78477] (Nellie) b.1754-1758, Mount Airy, Prince George Co. MD m.3_Feb_1774, White House, New Kent Co. VA wife of John P. Custis m.1783, Virginia wife of David Stuart d.28_Sep_1811

Calvert, Elizabeth [128172] b. before 18_Nov_1609

Calvert, Elizabeth [128185]

Calvert, Elizabeth [128191] b.1730 m.21_Apr_1748, St. Ann's Parish, MD wife of Benedict S. Calvert d.1798

Calvert, Elizabeth Steuart [23670] [23670]

Calvert, Francis [128176]

Calvert, Frederick [23660] 6th Lord Baltimore b.6_Feb_1731 d.14_Sep_1771, Naples, Italy

Calvert, George [128184] b.1634 d.1636

Calvert, George [23652] 1st Lord Baltimore b.1580 d.15_Apr_1632, London England

Calvert, George [23655] b.1608 d.1634

Calvert, George Henry [23667]

Calvert, Grace [128173] b.1611 d.15_Aug_1672

Calvert, Helen [128072] b.1571

Calvert, Helen [128174] (Ellin) d. after 1655

Calvert, Henry [128175] b. before 8_Mar_1617 d. before 25_Nov_1635

Calvert, Hester Virginia [23663] [23663] m.20_Sep_1899 wife of Henry Walter Lilly

Calvert, John [128029] b.1525, Kipling Swale, near Danby Wiske, Yorkshire, England d.1611, Yorkshire, England

Calvert, John [128074] b.1580-1587 d.1617

Calvert, John [128177]

Calvert, John [128377] d. after 1788

Calvert, Leonard [128042] b.1548-1550, Danby Wiske, Yorkshire, England d. after 1611

Calvert, Leonard [128374]

Calvert, Leonard [23654] b.1606 d.9_Jun_1647

Calvert, Louisa [128372] b. Surrey, England wife of John Browning

Calvert, Maria [23657] wife of Edward Somerset wife of Robert L. Smith

Calvert, Mary [128077] b.1586 m.1606, England wife of Isaac Chapline

Calvert, Mary [128196] b.1685 wife of John Chenoweth d. before 1746

Calvert, Philip [128373]

Calvert, Phillip [128375]

Calvert, Rebecca [128382] b.25_Dec_1748

Calvert, Robert [128043], Dunham, Yorkshire, England

Calvert, Robert [128076] d.15_Apr_1632

Calvert, Robert [128381]

Calvert, Rosalie Eugenia [23668] [23668]

Calvert, Samuel [128071]

Calvert, Sarah [195042] d. Prob Late 1700s wife of Lemuel Thorowgood

Calvert, Sir Walter [128027] b.5_Aug_1477

Calvert, Thomas [128041] b.1546-1560

Calvert, William [128028] b.2_Jul_1500 d.9_Feb_1547/48

Calvert, William [128378] d. after 1788

Calvert, William [48321] d.1682, drowned

de_Cambrai, ________ [12597] wife of Isaac de Cambrai

of_Cambrai, Eudes [12527] count of Cambrai

of_Cambrai, Raoul [81261] vidame of Rheims built castle at Chatillon-sur-Marne

de_Cambrai, Raoul I [18132] d.944, in battle

de_Cambrai, Rudolph [12547] (Raoul), Flanders d.17_Jun_896

of_Cambria, Arnaud [81265] count-bishop of Cambria

of_Cambria, Gisele [81264] wife of Herve of Chatillon

Cambridge, Alexander [10925] (A._F._W._G.) earl of Athlone b.1874 d.1957

Cambridge, George Francis Hugh [12802] [12802] 2nd marquess of Cambridge b.11_Oct_1895

Cambridge, May V. C. M. (Victoria Constance Mary) [12803] m.14_Jun_1923 wife of Henry H. A. Fitzroy

Camden, Ann Jacquelin Patrick [208373] [208373] b.8_Aug_1924 adopted by Wayne Camden wife of Charles A. Huffman III

Camden, Clementine [25789]

Camden, John Charles [25788] 4th marquess Camden

Camerer, Kimberly Nicole [88251] [88251] b.11_Dec_1982, Oakridge OR

Camerer, Shelby Quinn [88250] b.9_Mar_1978, Cottage Grove OR

Cameron, ________ [8258] b.1495, Lochiel, Argyllshire, Scotland m. Scotland wife of Alan Stewart

Cameron, Ada Margaret [212799] [212799] b.1872 d.1878

Cameron, Alexander Abbot [48750] [48750] b.28_Nov_1895

Cameron, Andrew Rowland [212794] [212794] b.1860 d.1933

Cameron, Edward Clifton [212810] [212810] b.7_Feb_1893, Pennsylvania d.Dec_1965

Cameron, Eugenia [4698] b. Jasper, TN m.16_Nov_1890, Americus, GA wife of William H. Feagin

Cameron, George Marion [212796] [212796] b.1866 d.1869

Cameron, George Washington [212803] [212803] b.1881 d.1949

Cameron, Herman Gilpin [212809] [212809] b.22_Apr_1891, Chester Co. PA d.17_Jun_1963

Cameron, John C. [212792] b.1852 d.1862

Cameron, Joseph P. [212801] b.1879 d.1880

Cameron, Joy Jeannine [212814] [212814] b.1928 d.1999

Cameron, Laura Romaine [212795] [212795] b.1862 d.1927

Cameron, Levi C. [212798] b.1870 d.1906

Cameron, Living [212816]

Cameron, Martha [4294]

Cameron, Mary E. [212800] b.1876

Cameron, Mary Ethel [212807] b.1886

Cameron, Mary Mercer [212770] b.28_Nv_1921, Lancaster PA wife of Richard P. Drennen d.5_Aug_2009, Lancaster PA bu. Conestoga Memprial Park, Lancaster PA

Cameron, Maude Ross [212806] b.1884

Cameron, Nina Harlan [212805] b.1883 d.1884

Cameron, Rachel Mae [212804] b.1882 d.1951

Cameron, Rachel Nancy [212797] [212797] b.1869

Cameron, Ward Griswold [14947] [14947] b.13_Apr_1889, Montreal

Cameron, William Ross [212793] [212793] b.7_May_1858, Maryland d.20_Aug_1928, Lancaster PA

Cameron, William Rowland [212808] [212808] b.1886

Cameron, Wilmer Ross [212813] b.1912 d.1967

(Cammie), James Campbell [214330] [214330] Jenkins Jr. b.3_Apr_1823, Gloucester Co. VA d.24_Mar_1998, Gloucester Co. VA

Camoys, Margaret [15454] wife of Ralph Radmyll

Camoys, Richard [15455] d.1416

Camp, Abigail [53739] b.1_Mar_1696/97, Milford CT

Camp, Abraham [119085], Norwalk CT

Camp, Ann [119079] b.7_Oct_1771, Norwalk CT

Camp, Ann [53745] b.25_Mar_1744, New Milford CT

Camp, Anne [119073] b.18_Oct_1761, Norwalk CT

Camp, Bede [119070] b.8_Nov_1816, Hartford Co. CT

Camp, Charles [119069] b.15_Mar_1813, Hartford Co. CT

Camp, Colleen Grace [52146] b.2_May_1964

Camp, Daniel [53748] b.18_Jun_1753, New Milford CT

Camp, David Nelson [53759] b.3_Oct_1820 d. after 1913

Camp,, Dr. Elisha [53747] b.3_Aug_1751, New Milford, CT d.19_Jan_1793, Catskill, NY

Camp, Edgar Boyd [53719] b.30_Apr_1827, Sacketts Harbor NY

Camp, Edward [53726], England, New Haven CT

Camp, Elah [53753], Durham CT

Camp, Elah [53757] b.22_Jul_1792, Durham CT d.25_Dec_1868, Meriden CT

Camp, Elisha Ely [53718] b.21_Dec_1824, Sacketts Harbor NY d.4_Aug_1867

Camp, Eliza A. [119072] b.4_Apr_1822, Hartford Co. CT

Camp, Elizabeth Elaine [52145] [52145] b.30_Apr_1959

Camp, Elizabeth Moseley [53713] [53713] b.2_Feb_1812, Sacketts Harbor NY m.1832, Watertown, NY wife of Rev. James R. Boyd d.1889, NY

Camp, Ellen [119071] b.4_Jan_1820, Hartford Co. CT

Camp, Enos [53699] b.1_Feb_1714 d.1_Jul_1791, New Milford CT

Camp, Enos [53737], Milford CT d.20_Jun_1768

Camp, Enos [53744] b.3_Apr_1742, New Milford CT d.28_Dec_1814

Camp, Erskine Mason [53720] b.26_Dec_1830, Sacketts Harbor NY

Camp, Esther [119074] b.24_Feb_1763, Norwalk CT

Camp, Esther [119086], Norwalk CT

Camp, George Hale [53715] Law Clerk b.27_Mar_1817, Sacketts Harbor NY d.16_May_1883, Sacketts Harbor NY

Camp, George H. Jr. [53653] Houghton MI

Camp, Hannah [119076] b.24_Apr_1766, Norwalk CT

Camp, Hannah [53733] b.31_Jan_1677

Camp, Harriet [53654] d.Oct_1917, Hampton, VA wife of Tully McCrea

Camp, Harriette Ann [53717] b.28_Nov_1822, Sacketts Harbor NY wife of Frederick Folger

Camp, Hephzibah [53736] b.1685/86, Milford CT

Camp, Hezekiah [53740] b.25_Mar_1700, Milford CT

Camp, Hon. Nicholas [53707] b.Apr_1597, Nazeing, Essex, England d. before 1658

Camp, Isaac [119084], Norwalk CT

Camp, Isaac [119087], Norwalk CT

Camp, James [119066] b.28_Dec_1806, Hartford Co. CT

Camp, Joel [53738], Milford CT d.11_May_1713, Milford CT

Camp, Jonathan [119077] b.20_Feb_1768, Norwalk CT

Camp, Jonathan [119083] b.17_May_1735, Norwalk CT

Camp, Jonathan [119092] b.17_Dec_1702, Norwalk CT

Camp, Joseph [119613] b.8_Jun_1835

Camp, Lemuel [53741] b.4_Oct_1701, Milford CT

Camp,, Lieut. Deacon Samuel [53702] [53702], New Haven CT d.27_Jan_1736, Milford CT

Camp, Living [181413]

Camp, Lydia [119612] b.8_Jun_1835

Camp, Margaret [53655]

Camp, Mary [119068] b.22_May_1810, Hartford CT m.16_Sep_1832, Hartford CT wife of John Francis

Camp, Mary [119075] b.17_Dec_1764, Norwalk CT

Camp, Mary [119089], Norwalk CT

Camp, Mary [119091] b.5_Dec_1748, Norwalk CT

Camp, Mary [53703] b.22_Mar_1663/64, Milford CT m.10_Oct_1682, Milford CT wife of Lieut. Deacon Samuel Camp d. after 1691

Camp, Mary [53735] b.21_Jan_1684/85, Milford CT d.30_Jul_1740, Durham CT

Camp, Mary Francis [53716] b.7_Jun_1819, Sacketts Harbor NY wife of Edgar Spender

Camp, Minerva [53657] wife of Augustus Sackett

Camp, Nathan [53734], Milford CT

Camp, Nathan [53746] b.Jan_1746, New Milford CT

Camp, Nathan [53752], Durham CT

Camp, Nathan Ozias [53755] b.1763, Durham CT

Camp, Nicholas [53704] b.1629/30, Nazeing, Essex, England d.10_Jun_1706, Milford CT

Camp, Rebeckah [119081] b.18_Dec_1775, Norwalk CT

Camp, Richard [119082], Norwalk CT

Camp, Richard [119090], Norwalk CT

Camp, Samuel [53732] b.20_May_1675, Milford CT

Camp, Sarah [119088], Norwalk CT

Camp, Sarah [49530] b.1683 d.28_Dec_1768 m.11_Mar_1707, Wethersfield CT wife of Lieut. Richard Bordman

Camp, Sophia Augusta [53714] b.15_Sep_1815, Sacketts Harbor NY wife of Edgar Day

Camp, Sophia Hale [53652] b.8_Aug_1851, Sacketts Harbor NY m.21_Feb_1868, Sacketts Harbor NY wife of Charles Wiley Fisher d.5_Mar_1915, Minneapolis MN

Camp, Stephen [119078] b.22_Sep_1769, Norwalk CT d.11_Oct_1832, Hartford CT

Camp, Warren Kenneth [52147] b.29_Aug_1964

Camp, William [119067] b.1_Feb_1808, Hartford Co. CT

Camp, William [119080] b.5_May_1773, Norwalk CT

Camp, William [53705], New Jersey

Campbell, ________ [220113] wife of Angus MacDonald

Campbell, ________ [24999]

Campbell, ________ [25000]

Campbell, ________ [25001]

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