Hansford, Elizabeth [140379]

Harwood, Anne [140297], Warwick Co. VA m. before 1725 wife of Filmer Wills d. after 1752

Harwood, Anne [140356]

Harwood,, Capt. Thomas [140279] [140279] came to Virginia in 1622 house of Burgesses, 1627 Speaker of the House of Burgesses, 1629 Tobacco Viewer for Warwick Co. VA, 1639 Indian Expedition, 1644, England d.1647,

Harwood,, Capt. Thomas [140281] [140281] house of Burgesses, 1645

Harwood,, Capt. William [140278] [140278] governor of the Martin's Hundred settlement

Harwood,, Col. William [140349] [140349], Warwick Co. VA d.1780, Warwick Co. VA

Harwood, Dorathea [140358]

Harwood, Dorothy [140374] wife of Johnson Tabb

Harwood, Edmund [140366] b.1767

Harwood, Edward [140354] d.1803, York Co. VA

Harwood, Elizabeth [140355], Norfolk VA

Harwood, Elizabeth Reade [140200] [140200] b.1770 wife of Henry Lee wife of Richard Hansford d.1819

Harwood, Elizabeth Reade [161997] [161997] b.23_Mar_1810 wife of Daniel P. Curtis

Harwood, Frances [135824] wife of Thomas Wynne d. after 1792

Harwood, George [140284]

Harwood, Grace [140286] d.1669

Harwood, Humphrey [135822], Warwick Co. VA, Warwick Co. VA

Harwood, Humphrey [135823] d.27_Nov_1788, York Co. VA

Harwood, Humphrey [135831], Warwick Co. VA d.1834, Williamsburg VA

Harwood, Humphrey [140282] d. before 1670

Harwood, Humphrey [140293] d.1710, York Co VA

Harwood, Humphrey [140364] b.1765, Warwick Co. VA d.1826, Warwick Co. VA

Harwood, Humphrey [162177]

Harwood, Humphrey [162181] b.4_Oct_1793 d.7_Sep_1858

Harwood, Humphrey Kerby [162179] [162179] b.6_Sep_1830 d.29_Aug_1901

Harwood, John [140290]

Harwood, John [140298], Warwick Co. VA

Harwood, John [140367] b.1769

Harwood, Lucy [135834]

Harwood,, Major Humphrey [140287] [140287] house of Burgesses, 1685, Warwick Co. VA

Harwood,, Major William [140292] [140292] b.1674, Warwick Co. VA d.2_Jun_1737, Warwick Co. VA

Harwood, Margaret [140288]

Harwood, Margaret [140352], Warwick Co. VA wife of William Whitaker wife of Edward Baptist d.1781, York Co. VA

Harwood, Martha [133965], Warwick Co. VA, Warwick Co. VA wife of Matthew Jones

Harwood, Martha [135674] b.3_Apr_1836 wife of William H. Curtis d.4_Mar_1911, Warwick Co. VA

Harwood, Mary [140357]

Harwood, Mary [140373] wife of John Chapman

Harwood, Sarah [135833]

Harwood, Sarah [140375] wife of Littleton Kendall

Harwood, Sir Edward [140275] Virginia Company shareholder in Virginia before 1622 b.1586 d.11_Sep_1637

Harwood, Sir George [140274] merchant of London, Lincolnshire England

Harwood, Thomas [140291] (the Mariner), Warwick Co. VA d.1729, Warwick Co. VA

Harwood, Thomas [140295] (Pate)

Harwood, Thomas Glanville [140369] [140369] d.11_Nov_1879

Harwood, William [135825] b.1736

Harwood, William [135832], Williamsburg VA

Harwood, William [140283]

Harwood, William [140351] d.1_Oct_1795

Harwood, William [140365] b.1766 d.1828, Warwick Co. VA

Hewitt, Dorothy Harwood [140387] [140387]

Hewitt, Richard H. [140386]

Jones, ________ [140319] wife of Robert N. Jones

Jones, Elizabeth [140310], Warwick Co. VA wife of John Armistead d. after 1782

Jones, Elizabeth [140314]

Jones, Elizabeth [140328] d. after 1817

Jones, Elizabeth A. [140340]

Jones, Francis [140307], Warwick Co. VA d. after 18_Sep_1782, Northampton Co. NC

Jones, Francis [140324] d. after 1817

Jones, Harriett A. [140346] b.3_Aug_1817 d.22_Mar_1846, Mecklenburg Co. VA

Jones, Harwood [133966], Warwick Co. VA d.9_Feb_1771

Jones, Harwood [140304], Warwick Co. VA d. after 20_Jan_1789, Northampton Co. NC

Jones, Harwood [140315]

Jones, Harwood [140332] d.1837, Perry Co. AL

Jones, James B. [140333]

Jones, John [140305] d. before 1782, Northampton Co. VA

Jones, John [140313]

Jones, John [140323] d. after 1817

Jones, Lucy M. [140342]

Jones, Lydia [140311] (Lydda) d. before 1782

Jones, Margaret [140309], Virginia wife of John Thompson

Jones, Martha A. [140341]

Jones, Mary [140326] d. after 1817

Jones, Mary Frances [140336] d.22_Feb_1837, Perry Co. AL

Jones, Matthew [140300], Warwick Co. VA, York Co. VA

Jones, Nancy [140316]

Jones, Nancy [140327] d. after 1817

Jones, Oscar M. [140337]

Jones, Robert Nealson [140320] [140320]

Jones, Susan Jane [140343]

Jones, Thomas T. [140339]

Jones, Tignall [140306], York Co. VA d. after 1782

Jones, Tingnal [140334] d.1856, Mecklenburg Co. VA

Jones, Tingnal Jr. [140302]

Jones, Vinkler [140308], York Co. VA d. after 1_Sep_1817, Granville Co. NC

Jones, Westwood Armistead [140322] [140322] d. after 1817

Jones, William [140325] d. after 1817

Jones, William E. [140338]

Needler, Anne [140360] wife of Humphrey Harwood

Pheasant, Catherine [140277], Dublin Ireland wife of Sir George Harwood

(Sallie), Sarah Katherine Harwood [135849] (Sallie) [135849] b.29_Nov_1800, Warwick Co. VA wife of Miles Curtis d.15_Aug_1886, Warwick Co. VA

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