Adams, Mary Willis [34949] wife of William B. Jackson

Cobb, John Addison [34918]

Cobb, Marian Thomas [34947] wife of Hoke Smith

Cobb, Mary Willis [34919] wife of Robert W. Flournoy

Cobb, Mary Willis [34925] wife of Frank H. Erwin wife of John A. Johnson

Cobb, Mildred Lewis [34917] d.1853 wife of William H. Jackson

Cobb, Mildred Lewis Rootes [34924] [34924] wife of Luther J. Glenn

Cobb, Sarah Martha [34926] wife of John C. Whitner

Cobb, Thomas Reade Rootes [34927] [34927]

Erwin, Lucy Cobb [34938] wife of Abner Welborn Hill

Fetter, George Griffith [35012] [35012]

Fetter, George Griffith [35015] [35015]

Fetter, John Burks [35016]

Flournoy, Mary Mildred [34932] [34932] wife of Nathaniel A. Adams

Glenn, Garrard [34953]

Glenn, Helen Mildred Lewis [34954] [34954]

Glenn, Howell Cobb [34998]

Glenn, Isa Gartery Urquhart [34952] [34952]

Glenn, John Thomas [34936] b.21_Mar_1844 d.14_Mar_1899

Glenn, John Thomas [34956]

Glenn, Luther Judson [34957]

Glenn, Luther Judson [34999]

Glenn, William Louis [34955]

Grant, Sarah Frances [34951] wife of John M. Slaton

Grant, William Daniel [34935]

Gray, Catherine [35010] wife of George G. Fetter

Gray, John Thompson [34913]

Gwyn, Elizabeth [145329] b.1_May_1730, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA, Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Francis Jarvis d.1801, Mathews Co. VA

Hagan, Hugh [34964]

Hagan, Willis Cobb [34965]

Hill, Abner W. [34961]

Hill, Ashby [34960]

Hill, Lamar [34959]

Hill, Thomas Cobb [34962]

Howard, Martha Cobb [34967]

Howard, Mary Ann [34969]

Howard, Whitner [34968]

Huie, Sally Helena [34993] wife of William Thompson

Jackson, Martha Cobb [34929] b.1816 d.1893 wife of John Thomas Grant

Jackson, Mary Virginia [34985] [34985] wife of Richard Wylly Thiot

Jackson, Mildred Lewis Cobb [34930] [34930] wife of John D. Grant

Johnson, Sarah Cobb [34940] wife of Hugh Hagan

Martiau, Elizabeth [34895] b. York Co. VA m.1641, Virginia wife of George Reade d.1686, Gloucester Co. VA

Milner, Benjamin C. [34978]

Milner, Benjamin Charles [34970] [34970]

Milner, Benjamin Charles [34972] [34972]

Milner, Charles Whitner [34971] [34971]

Milner, Jean Shepard [34973]

Milner, John Cobb [34974]

Milner, Spann Whitner [34977]

Milner, Willis J. [34976]

Ormsby, Mary [35009] wife of John Thompson Gray

Price, Edward Humphrey [35007] [35007]

Price, Jassamine [35006]

Price, Mary Frances [35008]

Price, Robert Coleman [35004]

Reade, ________ [130436]

Reade, Anne [130438], York Co. VA wife of George Holmes

Reade, Benjamin [130435], Gloucester Co. VA d.1731, Gloucester Co. VA

Reade, Elizabeth [130437], York Co. VA wife of Thomas Chisman d.18_Nov_1717, York Co. VA

Reade, Elizabeth [130593] m.9_Feb_1739/40, York Co. VA wife of Aaron Phillips d.4_Mar_1777

Reade, Frances [130633] wife of Maj. Anthony Robinson

Reade, Francis [130592]

Reade, Francis [34886] b.1650, Gloucester Co. VA d.1694, James City Co. VA

Reade, George [130434]

Reade, George [130590]

Reade, George [34889] Secretary of the Colony and Acting Governor of Virginia b.1608, Linkenholt, Hamps. d. after 1674, Gloucester Co. VA

Reade, John [130586]

Reade, John [130595]

Reade, John [34888] b.1642, James City Co. VA, York Co. VA

Reade, Margaret [130587], York Co. VA wife of Thomas Nelson d.1716, Yorktown, York Co. VA

Reade, Mary [130439]

Reade, Mary [34899] wife of Mordecai Throckmorton

Reade, Mildred [130594] wife of Col. Lawrence Smith Jr.

Reade, Mildred [188031] b.16_May_1701, Gloucester Co. VA m.25_Feb_1719/20, Gloucester Co. VA wife of John Gwyn

Reade, Mildred [34885] b.2_Oct_1643, Gloucester Co. VA m.1671 wife of Augustine Warner d.1694, Warner Hall, Gloucester Co. VA

Reade, Mildred [34898] b.1703, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Phillip Rootes d.1750, Rosewall, King and Queen Co. VA

Reade, Robert [130433], York Co. VA d.30_Dec_1712, York Co. VA

Reade, Robert [130588]

Reade, Robert [34890]

Reade, Samuel [130591] d. ca.1758

Reade, Sarah [130432] b.6_Feb_1641/42, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Amos Daniels

Reade, Thomas [130589]

Reade, Thomas [34887], Ware Parish, Gloucester Co. VA d. after 1704

Rootes, Elizabeth [34901] wife of John Thompson

Rootes, Priscilla [142317], King and Queen Co. VA wife of Benjamin Grymes

Rootes, Sarah Robinson [34915] [34915] wife of John Addison Cobb

Rootes, Thomas Reade [34902]

Rootes, Thomas Reade [34907]

Slaughter, Sally [34908] wife of Philip R. Thompson

Smith, Callie [34983]

Smith, Lucy [34982]

Smith, Marion [34980]

Smith, Mary Brent [34981]

Thiot, Edith Nowlan [34990]

Thiot, Florence King [34988]

Thiot, Mary Mildred Bryan [34991] [34991]

Thiot, Richard Wylly [34989]

Thompson, Mary Frances [35002] [35002] wife of Samuel W. Price

Thompson, Mildred [34906] wife of George Gray

Thompson, Philip Rootes [34904] [34904] d. after 1806

Thompson, Roberta [34923]

Thompson, Robert Augustus [34909] [34909]

Thompson, Robert Coleman [34911] [34911]

Thompson, Ruth Houston [34922] [34922] wife of William Craig

Thompson, Sarah Elizabeth [34920] [34920] wife of G. W. Huie

Tompson, John [34905]

Whitner, Eliza Spann [34944]

Whitner, Martha Mildred [34945] [34945] wife of Willis J. Milner

Whitner, Mary Ann [34943] wife of Benjamin C. Milner

Whitner, Sarah Rootes [34942] wife of Warren Howard

Windebank, Mildred [34893] m.1600, St Martin, Westminster, London d. after 1630

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