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Southworth, Mary [121812] b.15_May_1727, Lyme CT m.1_Sep_1747, Southbury CT wife of Caleb Tomlinson d. after 5_Apr_1774

Southworth, Mary [124295] b. Duxbury MA

Southworth, Mary [125394]

Southworth, Mary [125409], Durham CT

Southworth, Mary [125425]

Southworth, Mary [125623]

Southworth, Mary [125643] b.12_Nov_1745, Ashford CT

Southworth, Mary [125655] b.14_Nov_1761, Mansfield CT wife of Dan Storrs d.15_Aug_1822

Southworth, Mary [42390] b.1654, Duxbury MA m.1670, Plymouth MA wife of David Alden d. after 28_Mar_1718

Southworth, Mercy [121015] b.1672-1679, Duxbury MA m.1700-1701 wife of Moses Soule d.15_Jan_1729/30

Southworth, Mercy [121489] m.31_May_1740, Duxbury MA wife of Micah Soule d.1797, Duxbury MA

Southworth, Nathaniel [121056] [121056] b.31_Oct_1692, Little Compton RI d.1731

Southworth, Nathaniel [121473] [121473] b.27_Jan_1710/11, Duxbury MA d.23_Aug_1731

Southworth, Nathaniel [121765] [121765] b.37_Mar_1725, Little Compton RI d.22_Jun_1769

Southworth, Nathaniel [121814] [121814] b.13_Feb_1714/15, Bristol RI d.27_Jun_1790

Southworth, Nathaniel [124292] [124292]

Southworth, Nathaniel [125393] [125393] b.6_Jun_1755, Little Compton RI

Southworth, Nathaniel [125613] [125613]

Southworth, Obed [121484] b.11_Nov_1736, Duxbury MA d. after 13_May_1761

Southworth, Oliver [121751] b.7_Dec_1705, Little Compton RI d. before 29_May_1750

Southworth, Oliver [125926]

Southworth, Ozias [125653] (Ozro) b.10_May_1757, Mansfield CT

Southworth, Patience [121759] b.1_Jan_1729/30, Little Compton RI

Southworth, Phineas [125640] b.13_Jan_1771, Mansfield CT d.23_Feb_1786, Hanover NH

Southworth, Phyllis Eileen [172725] [172725] b. 12 Aug 1918 m. 26 Dec 1941 wife of Francis Wilfred Macey

Southworth, Priscilla [121021] [121021], Duxbury MA d.7_Jun_1761, Duxbury MA

Southworth, Priscilla [124619] [124619] b.11_Sep_1739, Tiverton RI

Southworth, Ralph [125639]

Southworth, Rebecca [121481] b.6_Dec_1727, Duxbury MA d.8_Jan_1739/40, Duxbury MA

Southworth, Rebecca [121601] b.22_Dec_1707, Little Compton RI m.24_Jan_1732/33, Scituate MA wife of Benjamin Seabury d.4_Dec_1789, Little Compton RI

Southworth, Rebecca [121808] b.14_Oct_1721, Bristol RI m.9_Oct_1740, Old Lyme CT wife of Ezra Lee m.20_Aug_1750 wife of Ephraim Hinman m.10_Feb_1756, Detby CT wife of Isaac Nichols d.30_Jun_1757, Derby CT

Southworth, Rebecca [121821] m.28_Sep_1740, Dartmouth MA wife of Jonathan Potter d. after 3_Mar_1790

Southworth, Rebecca [121823] b.7_Oct_1726, Freetown MA m.26_Dec_1751, Watertown MA wife of William Sibley d. before 23_Oct_1752

Southworth, Rebecca [124620] b.18_Dec_1740, Tiverton RI

Southworth, Rebecca [125448] b.13_Jul_1759, Lebanon CT

Southworth, Rebecca [125450] b.18_Jun_1763, Lebanon CT m.9_Apr_1795, Lebanon CT wife of Joseph Leech

Southworth, Rebecca [125678] b.1_Oct_1756, Freetown MA

Southworth, Rebecca [125923] b.30_Sep_1762, Little Compton RI

Southworth, Reumah [124289] b.27_Aug_1742, Duxbury MA m.5_May_1763, Duxbury MA wife of Jasher Southworth d.26_Dec_1828, Duxbury MA

Southworth, Robert [125592] b.1755, Stratford CT d.23_Oct_1776, Stratford CT

Southworth, Rosanna [125408], Durham CT

Southworth, Ruth [125405] b.27_Nov_1751, Durham CT m.1772, Durham CT wife of Abraham Hand d.1813, New Lebanon NY

Southworth, Ruth [125920] b.12_Jun_1754, Little Compton RI

Southworth, Samuel [121055] b.26_Dec_1690, Little Compton RI d.1758, Stratford CT

Southworth, Samuel [121768] b.1_Oct_1731, Little Compton RI d.22_Jun_1769

Southworth, Samuel [121809] b.5_May_1723, Lyme CT d.1_Jul_1757, Stratford CT

Southworth, Samuel [125388] b.7_Jan_1754

Southworth, Samuel [125398] b.20_Mar_1767, Little Compton RI d.6_Jan_1801

Southworth, Samuel [125614]

Southworth, Samuel Curtiss [125577] [125577]

Southworth, Samuel Wells [125591] [125591] b.23_May_1753, Statford CT

Southworth, Samuel Wells [125593] [125593]

Southworth, Sarah [121480] b.18_Sep_1725, Duxbury MA d.6_Jan_1739/50, Duxbury MA

Southworth, Sarah [121764] b.7_Sep_1721, Little Compton RI m.20_Feb_1745/46, Little Compton RI wife of William Lawton d.21_Aug_1774

Southworth, Sarah [124266]

Southworth, Sarah [125391] b.2_Nov_1760, Sharon CT

Southworth, Sarah [125431]

Southworth, Sarah [125645] b.3_Apr_1749, Ashford CT

Southworth, Sarah [125677] b.12_Jul_1754, Freetown MA

Southworth, Sibell [125627] b.2_May_1747, Mansfield CT d.28_May_1749, Mansfield CT

Southworth, Silas [125624], New Jersey

de_Southworth, Sir John [38670] [38670] b.1478 d.1517/1518

Southworth, Solomon [125687] d,14_Mar_1829

Southworth, Stephan [125686] b.1754-1755

Southworth, Stephen [121058] b.31_Mar_1696, Little Compton RI d.21_Jul_1737

Southworth, Stephen [121825] b.12_Jan_1730/31, Freetown MA d.1758-1760

Southworth, Stephen [125429]

Southworth, Susanna [121771] b. Little Compton RI

Southworth, Susannah [124267]

Southworth, Thomas [121016], Duxbury MA d.2_Sep_1742, Duxbury MA

Southworth, Thomas [121057] b.13_Dec_1694, Little Compton RI

Southworth, Thomas [121479] b.1_Apr_1722, Duxbury MA d.12_Jan_1805, Readfield ME

Southworth, Thomas [121773] b.7_Jun_1718, Little Compton RI d. after 28_Jan_1796

Southworth, Thomas [121824] b.5_Sep_1728, Freetown MA d. after 1769

Southworth, Thomas [124287]

Southworth, Thomas [124296] b. Duxbury MA

Southworth, Thomas [125646] b.24_Apr_1750, Ashford CT

Southworth, Thomas [38436] arrived Plymouth MA, ca.1628 asst. gov. Plymouth Colony, 1652-1653, 1657-1669, Leyden, Holland d.8_Dec_1669, Plymouth MA

Southworth, Thomas [38444]

Southworth, Thomas [38448]

Southworth, Virginia [172722] b. 20 Oct 1913 Quincy, Quincy Twp., Branch County, Michigan wife of Robert Garrett

Southworth, Warren [125683]

Southworth, William [121488], Duxbury MA d.26_Sep_1778, Duxbury MA

Southworth, William [121750] b.10_Oct_1704, Little Compton RI d.10_Jan_1775, Little Compton RI

Southworth, William [121763] b.30_Jun_1719, Little Compton RI d. before 9_Apr_1754, Little Compton RI

Southworth, William [121780] b.23_Dec_1735, Little Compton RI

Southworth, William [121807] b.3_Jan_1718/19, Bristol RI d. after 5_Apr_1774

Southworth, William [121815] b.9_Jan_1716/17, Bristol RI d. before 15_Apr_1806, Sussex Co. NJ

Southworth, William [124281]

Southworth, William [124293] b. Duxbury MA d.16_Jun_1759, Duxbury MA

Southworth, William [124298]

Southworth, William [125392]

Southworth, William [125576] d.1819

Southworth, William [125621]

Southworth, William [125649] b.5_Feb_1758, Ashford CT

Southworth, William [43082], Duxbury MA d.25_Jun_1719, Little Compton RI

Spahr, Alice Maria [86926] wife of James W. Morrison

of_Spain, Alfonso XII [81280] king of Spain, 1874-1885

of_Spain, Alfonso XIII [81279] [81279] king of Spain, 1886-1931 b.1886 d.1941

of_Spain, Anne [12304] b.1601 m.1615 d.1666 wife of Louis XIII, king of France

of_Spain, Brunhild [1792] (Brunehaut) b.552 m.566-568, Metz wife of Sigebert I wife of Merovee II d.613, killed by Clotaire II

of_Spain, Carlos [12321] b.1573 d.1575

of_Spain, Catherine [12307] b.1567 wife of Charles Emmanuel I, duke of Savoy d.1597

of_Spain, Charles II [12327] last Habsburg king of Spain, 1665-1700

of_Spain, Charles III [81285] king of Spain, 1759-1788

of_Spain, Charles IV [81284] king of Spain, 1788-1808

of_Spain, Diego [12322] b.1575 d.1582

of_Spain, Don Carlos [81283]

of_Spain, Ervigio [12210] d.687

of_Spain, Ferdinand [12320] b.1571 d.1578

of_Spain, Ferdinand VI [81286] [81286] king of Spain, 1746-1759

of_Spain, Ferdinand VII [81282] [81282] king of Spain, 1813-1833 b.1784 d.1833

of_Spain, Isabella II [81281] queen of Spain, 1833-1868 b.1830 d.1904

of_Spain, Juan [81278] b.1913

of_Spain, Juana [12309] wife of John of Portugal

of_Spain, Juan Carlos [81277] king of Spain b.1938

of_Spain, Margaret [12328]

of_Spain, Maria [12324] b.1580 d.1583

of_Spain, Maria Anna [12306] wife of Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor

of_Spain, Marie [12310] b.1532 wife of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor d.1603

of_Spain, Marie Therese [12326] [12326] m.1660 wife of Louis XIV, king of France d.1683

of_Spain, Philip II [12308] king of Spain, 1556-1598 king (Philip I) of Portugal, 1580-1598 b.1526 d.1598

of_Spain, Philip III [12323] king of Spain and king (Philip II) of Portugal, 1578-1621 b.1578 d.1621

of_Spain, Philip IV [12305] king of Spain, 1621-1665 king (Philip III) of Portugal, 1621-1640 b.1605 d.1665

of_Spain, Philippe V [11252] duke of Anjou king of Spain, 1700-1746 b.1683 d.1746

Spakeman, Joan [79961] wife of William Gregory

Spalding, Edward [86171]

Spalding, Ephraim [86173]

Spalding, Erastus [86174]

Spalding, Martha Ann [86176] wife of Leman B. Garlinghouse

Spalitta, Mark [4198]

Spann,, Capt. Cuthbert [128915] [128915] b. Northumberland Co. VA

Spann, Elizabeth [128914] (Betty) b.1705-1725 m. after 1730 wife of Maj. Peter Conway

Sparks, Christian Lee [88433] b.8_Oct_1973, Lakeland FL

Sparks, Cynthia [207249] b.4_Jan_1960, Gauley Bridge WV wife of ________ Gray wife of ________ Hanshaw

Sparks, Edwina [207251] b.19_Feb_1962 wife of Jerald Flare

Sparks, Living [225862]

Sparks, Living [225863]

Sparks, Sandra e [207250] b.5_Aug_1961 wife of Phillip Bauer

Sparks, Sarah [207252] b.25_May_1968

Sparks, Susie [20884] b.15_Jul_1883, London, KY m.3_Aug_1906, London, KY wife of George W. Pennington d.17_Feb_1958, Silver City, NM

Sparling, Delos [51132]

Sparling, James Preston [51131] [51131] b.22_Jan_1893 d.16_Sep_1968

Sparling, Robert Lamb [51130] b.17_Mar_1887, Mattoon IL d.12_Feb_1978, Berrien Co. MI

Sparling, Ruth [51133] wife of ________ Swank

Sparling, William Savage [50995] [50995] b.16_Nov_1921, Three Oaks MI d.16_May_1960, Michigan City IN

Sparrer, ________ [91038] b.14_Aug_1908 d. at birth

Sparrer, ________ [91119] b.23_Aug_1908 died at birth

Sparrer, ________ [91195] b.6_Oct_1932 d.16_Oct_1932

Sparrer, Annie Belle [91024] b.4_Jun_1891 m.12_Jan_1924 wife of Royal S. Ironmonger d.9_Mar_1953, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetary, Seaford VA

Sparrer, Barbara [91170] b.1950

Sparrer, Chrystal [91172]

Sparrer, Dawn Marie [91173] b.Aug_1971

Sparrer, Debra Gail [91193] b.20_Mar_1968

Sparrer, Donald M. [91167] b.1943

Sparrer, Edna Estelle [90927] b.1_Mar_1954

Sparrer, Edna Louise [91197] b.23_Jun_Sparrer

Sparrer, Eleanor [91036] b.22_Aug_1919 m.22_Aug_1947 wife of Allen Wright d.13_Dec_1967

Sparrer, Ethel Matilda [91040] [91040] b.18_Dec_1914 m.30_Dec_1940 wife of Seth Campbell

Sparrer, Eunice May [91034] b.18_Apr_1903 m.15_Oct_1922 wife of Harry Mills

Sparrer, George Bernard [91121] [91121] b.30_Apr_1911, Virginia d.4_Jul_1988

Sparrer, George Henry [90883] farmer and waterman b.4_Nov_1877, York Co. VA d.7_Sep_1962, Seaford VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

Sparrer, Georgie Henrietta [90836] [90836] b.5_Sep_1914, Havre deGrace MD m.2_Apr_1932, Yorktown VA wife of Otis M. Hogge d.11_Dec_1991, Newport News VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

Sparrer, Greg [91175]

Sparrer, Hazel Edna [91020] b.24_Aug_1899 d.20_Feb_1917, unmarried

Sparrer, Hazel Evangeline [91184] [91184] b.15_Nov_1932 m.23_Jun_1950 wife of Allen Fox

Sparrer, Hazel Virginia [91122] [91122] b.28_Feb_1917, Virginia m.7_Nov_1936 wife of Royall C. Insley

Sparrer, Herman [91019] b.15_Jun_1896 d.29_Jan_1919, unmarried

Sparrer, Isaac Walter [90882] b.18_Apr_1875, York Co. VA d.May_1958, Seaford VA

Sparrer, James Preston [91222] [91222] b.10_Sep_1963

Sparrer, James Walter [91124] b.12_Mar_1923, Virginia

Sparrer, James Wesley [90879] b.22_Dec_1866, Virginia d.22_Jul_1955, Seaford VA

Sparrer, John David [91192] b.15_Sep_1964

Sparrer, John Robert [90880] b.22_Dec_1869, Virginia d.10_Dec_1951, Seaford VA

Sparrer, Laura Lovell [91228] b.19_Apr_1927 m.12_Apr_1958 wife of Prosper Powell Jr.

Sparrer, Margaret Frances [90835] [90835] b.30_Sep_1905, York Co. VA m.30_Apr_1927, Yorktown VA wife of William C. Schaefer of Jenkintown PA d.3_Jun_1997, Jenkintown PA

Sparrer, Margaret Roane [91043] [91043] b.10_May_1949 wife of Robert S. Wood Jr. d.28_Jan_2009, Newport News VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

Sparrer, Mary Frances [91123] b.15_Nov_1919, Virginia m.11_Apr_1936 wife of Forrest Freeman

Sparrer, Mary Hester [90881] b.22_Dec_1872, Virginia m.10_Jun_1891 wife of Daniel H. Parker d.15_Jan_1958

Sparrer, Mary Madeline [91035] [91035] b.29_Dec_1904 m.2_Jul_1927 wife of Charles W. Mills

Sparrer, Mary Magdaline [91016] [91016] b.5_Jul_1886 m.25_Dec_1906 wife of Luther K. Amory d.18_Apr_1952, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

Sparrer, Melissa Frances [90877] [90877] b.4_Oct_1861, Virginia m.8_Mar_1877 wife of John H. Nelson d.9_Mar_1899

Sparrer, Michael Wayne [90929] [90929] b.10_Aug_1967

Sparrer, Milton Wesley [91021] [91021] b.28_Apr_1904 d.Mar_1975

Sparrer, Norman Drennen [90837] [90837] b.Oct_1921, York Co. VA d.22_Jul_1922, York Co. VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

Sparrer, Paul Bernard [91196] b.2_Dec_1934

Sparrer, Pearle Estelle [91018] [91018] b.12_Feb_1892 m.12_Feb_1913 wife of George E. Morse

Sparrer, Raymond Thomas [90926] [90926] b.4_Nov_1940

Sparrer, Robert Howard [91025] [91025] b.29_May_1899 d.7_Apr_1968, Portsmouth VA

Sparrer, Robert T. [91168] b.6_Dec_1944

Sparrer, Samuel Howard Wesley [91042] [91042] b.3_Apr_1947 d.13_Apr_2008, Seaford VA bu. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Seaford VA

Sparrer, Thomas Evans [91022] b.7_Sep_1906, Virginia d.Jan_1983

Sparrer, William A. [182800]

Sparrer, William Stanley [91169] [91169] b.6_Dec_1944

Sparrer, William Thomas [90876] [90876] b.8_Jun_1859, New Kent Co VA d.5_Oct_1918, Crab Neck VA

Sparrer, William Thomas II [91039] [91039] b.4_Jun_1911 d.24_Jan_1997

Sparrer, William Wesley [91015] [91015] b.12_Sep_1884 d.22_Jul_1957

Sparrer, Windall Bernard [91185] [91185] b.8_Nov_1944

Sparrer, Windall Bernard Jr. [91191] [91191] b.12_Feb_1963

Sparrer, Windall Howard [91120] [91120] b.31_Jul_1909 d.Jun_1990

Sparrow, Alice Louise [198150] [198150] b.1910, Northampton Co. VA d.1946, Northampton Co. VA

Sparrow, Alice May [148029] b.16_Aug_1901 m.20_Aug_1919 wife of Ollie Traves

Sparrow, Andrew A. [198116] b.1859, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Ann [155976] b.1830, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Annie B. [155919] b.1892, Virginia

Sparrow, Annie M. [213528] b.1882, Virginia m.1902 wife of William J. Robins

Sparrow, Annie May [90950] b.23_Jul_1878 m.30_Dec_1896 wife of George Coates

Sparrow, Arinthia [155991] b.1848, Virginia

Sparrow, Blanche Elizabeth [90947] [90947] b.1870 m.1_Sep_1877 wife of Henry Shackleford

Sparrow, Bobby [90983]

Sparrow,, Capt. Raymond [155940] [155940] in Mathews Co. VA, 1850 farmer, Mathews Co. VA, 1860 oysterman, Gloucester Co. VA, 1870 sailor, Lancaster Co. VA, 1880 b.2_Mar_1824, Accomack Co. VA d.1909, White Chapel, Lancaste

Sparrow, Caroline S. [155998] b.1838, Virginia

Sparrow, Carson [198151] b.24_Jul_1912, Northampton Co. VA d.Jul_1972, Virginia

Sparrow, Cassandra [90845] b.1848, Virginia wife of Peter Dorotry wife of William Stark

Sparrow, Catherine Frances [155946] [155946] b.20_Apr_1840, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Charles [155971] b.1869, Virginia

Sparrow, Charles A. [198118] b.Feb_1865, Accomack Co. VA d.1916, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Charles Raymond [90924] [90924] b.1912, Virginia

Sparrow, Charlotte [90912] (Lottie) b.1856, Virginia

Sparrow, Clara Louise [155916] [155916] b.Jan_1883, Virginia m.8_Jan_1905 wife of Lewis M. Powell d.14_Oct_1871, Newport News VA

Sparrow, Colie [210479] b.24_May_1925, Maryland d.Nov_1982, Carroll Co. MD

Sparrow, Colie J. [210473] fireman, USS NEPTUNE, Norfolk VA, 1920 b.18_Nov_1898, Maryland

Sparrow, Cornelius Linwood [90952] [90952] b.6_Jul_1888

Sparrow, Donnie [90982]

Sparrow, Dorothy [155934] b.1912, Virginia

Sparrow, Edith E. [90917] b.1889, Virginia m.1907 wife of William Godsey wife of Irwin Walston

Sparrow, Edith May [148026] b.27_Oct_1911

Sparrow, Elizabeth [155941] b.2_Jun_1826, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Elizabeth Forrest [163320] [163320] b.1845, Mathews Co. VA m.31_Jan_1869, Norfolk VA wife of George A. Hogg

Sparrow, Elizabeth (Lizzie) [90936] [90936] b.1843, Abington Parish, Gloucester Co. VA m.6_Jan_1860, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Samuel K. Marshall wife of Elias Conway d.15_Aug_1874, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, Emeline Skansa [155944] [155944] b.17_Feb_1834, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Emma Susan "Susie" [90916] [90916] b.Feb_1876, Mathews Co. VA wife of Charles W. Machem

Sparrow, Eugenia [198120] b.Jan_1870, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Fanny [155945] b.15_Oct_1837, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Floyd A. [148027] b.14_Mar_1918

Sparrow, Floyd Carey [90948] b.16_Oct_1873

Sparrow, Frances [194534] b. Abt 1583 Wickhambrook, Suffolk, England d. WFT Est 1621-1678 m. Est 1604 wife of George Burrough

Sparrow, Frank [90846] d. Norfolk VA, drowned in the Elizabeth River

Sparrow, Frederick W. [198119] [198119], Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, George R. [90911] of Mathews Co. VA oysterman and fisherman, 1900 b.1863, Virginia

Sparrow, Gershem B. [198111] b.28_Aug_1888, Accomack Co. VA d.17_Jul_1954, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Henry [155978] b.1836, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Hester [90940] b.23_Sep_1860, Seaford, York Co. VA m.8_Dec_1879, Northampton Co. VA wife of William L. Marshall d.1932, Virginia

Sparrow, Hetty [155948] (Etty) b.1842, Virginia

Sparrow, Hyram Lafayette [90949] [90949] b.18_Nov_1875

Sparrow, Ida Laurette [90941] seamstress, Norfolk VA, 1900 b.Sep_1858, Virginia m.1877 wife of James C. Hitchings d.1904 bu. Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk VA

Sparrow, Irene Virginia [148047] [148047] b.15_Mar_1921

Sparrow, Irving Jackson [210471] [210471] oysterman, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD, 1910 pipe fitter, Baltimore MD, 1920 policeman, Baltimore MD, 1930 b.1_Jan_1893, Virginia d.Jul_1985, Millerville, Anne Arundel Co. MD Sparrow, Irving Jr. [210478] b.1919, Maryland

Sparrow, Irving Wesley Jr. [148033] [148033] b.8_Jul_1923

Sparrow, Irving Wesley Sr. [148028] [148028] b.14_Mar_1899

Sparrow, Jack [90841]

Sparrow, Jacob [90850] sailor, Gloucester Co. VA 1850 b.1804, Accomack Co. VA in Accomack Co. VA, 1830 in I. of Wight Co. VA, 1840 in Gloucester Co. VA, 1850 mariner, Gloucester Co. VA, 1860 d.1880-1882, Glass, Gloucester

Sparrow, Jacob [90853] b.1755-1774 d.1843, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Jacob Jr. [155913] sailor, Gloucester Co. VA, 1850 b.1829, Accomack Co. VA d.4_Apr_1863, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, James H. [155950] [155950] oysterman, Gloucester Co. 1870 b.1843, Mathews Co. VA

Sparrow, James Raymond [90918] [90918] of Mathews Co. VA fisherman, 1920-1930 b.20_Feb_1881, Gwynn's Island, Mathews Co. VA d.31_Mar_1966, Charlottsville VA

Sparrow, James W. [193956] (Walter or Washington) b.Feb_1842, Tangier Islands, Accomack Co. VA d.1_Jan_1951, Virginia

Sparrow, James Washington [90910] [90910] of Mathews Co. VA oysterman, 1900-1920 b.1854, Mathews Co. VA d.Dec_1950, Mathews Co. VA

Sparrow, Jane [35042] b.1472, Lincolnshire wife of Sir Robert Dymoke, 15th lord of Scrivelsby

Sparrow, Jean G. [155911] b.1929, Virginia

Sparrow, Jems W. [210470] b.Mar_1891, Virginia d.Jun_1891, Virginia

Sparrow, Jetta May [210474] b.1_Apr_1905, Maryland m.20_Sep_1922 wife of John H. Flynn d.26_Jun_1952, Baltimore MD

Sparrow, John [155942] sailor, Mathews Co. VA, 1850 b.26_Jan_1829, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, John [90854] farmer d.1775, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, John E. [198141], Hacks Neck, Accomack Co. VA d. North Carolina

Sparrow, John Edward [90915] of Mathews Co. VA fisherman, 1920-1930 b.14_Dec_1885, Mathews Co. VA d.1960, Mathews Co. VA

Sparrow, John Hartley [155936] [155936] b.1919, Virginia

Sparrow, John R. [155977] b.1833, Accomack Co. VA d.1916, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, John R. [198114] b.1855, Hacks Neck, Accomack Co. VA d.1914, New York

Sparrow, John W. [156003] b.1855, Virginia

Sparrow, Joseph Allen [198142] [198142] oysterman, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD, 1900, 1910 sailor, Baltimore MD, 1920 watchman, city hall, Baltimore MD, 1930, Hacks Neck, Accomack Co. VA d.3_Jan_1959, Baltimor

Sparrow, Joseph Josiah [198115] [198115] b.1856, Accomack Co. VA d.1934, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Joseph Thomas [198136] [198136] b.1888, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Joshua [90848] (Josiah) sailor, 1850 b.1800, Virginia in Accomack Co. VA, 1830 in Mathews Co. VA, 1840 in Accomack Co. VA, 1850 d.1852,Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Julia [198140] b.1864, Tangier Islands, Accomack Co. VA m.19_Jul_1880, Somerset Co. MD wife of Frederick F. Bennett d.1943, Cape Charles, Northampton Co. VA

Sparrow, June [210480] b.1930, Maryland

Sparrow, Kate [90976] b.1885 wife of Tully Scott wife of ________ Parkes

Sparrow, Katherine [198138]

Sparrow, Kipling Jr. [91002]

Sparrow, Laban [90847] sailor, 1850 b.1799, Virginia in Accomack Co, VA, 1830 in Mathews Co. VA, 1840 in Gloucester Co. VA, 1850 d.Jun_1856, Norfolk VA

Sparrow, Lafayette [198147] b.10_Feb_1885, Northampton Co. VA d.Apr_1963, Northampton Co. VA

Sparrow, Lafayette Carroll [148030] [148030] b.8_Jul_1903

Sparrow, Laura E. (Lizzie) [155917] [155917] b.1886, Virginia wife of William A. Ward

Sparrow, Louise [148046] b.7_Jan_1917

Sparrow, Luther Irving Jr. [148042] [148042] b.10_Jul_1916

Sparrow, Luther Irving Sr. [90951] [90951] b.19_Aug_1882

Sparrow, M. A. [155915] b.1835, Abington Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, Maggie [193933] b.1870, Hacks Neck, Accomack Co. VA wife of Christopher C. Conway d.31_Jan_1946, Virginia

Sparrow, Marcellus Washington [90839] [90839] farmer, St. Georges Parish, Accomack Co. VA, 1920 b.1854, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Margaret A. [155935] b.1915, Virginia

Sparrow, Marie [90985]

Sparrow, Mary [90935] b.1839, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, Mary Ann [90843] b.1834, Virginia wife of George Glen wife of Henry French

Sparrow, Mary Elizabeth [148031] [148031] b.1_Aug_1915

Sparrow, Mary Evans [155943] (Molly) b.6_Nov_1831, Accomack Co. VA wife of John Luck

Sparrow, Mary Gertrude [90925] [90925] b.21_Apr_1915, Virginia m.24_Aug_1935 wife of Thomas E. Sparrer d.6_Jan_2002

Sparrow, Mary Laura [148043] b.23_Dec_1917

Sparrow, Mary Susan [155979] b.1838, Accomack Co. VA m.14_Jul_1854, Gloucester Co. VA wife of David West m.1868, wife of John H. West d.May_1917, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, Matilda J. [90934] b.1845, Glass, Gloucester Co. VA m.24_Jan_1867, Gloucester Co. VA wife of John R. Coates m.7 Jan_1875, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Elias Conway d.28_Jun_1878, Glass, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, Melissa Emmaline [90844] [90844] b.1842, Virginia wife of Neil Dorotry

Sparrow, Mercellus [90838] b.1853, Accomack Co. VA d.1853, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Minnie [198146] b.Apr_1884, Accomack Co. VA m.1905, Accomack Co. VA wife of Frederick G. Kellam

Sparrow, Missouri [198144], Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD, Accomack Co. VA wife of Colie West

Sparrow, Nannie Louise [148044] [148044] b.19_Nov_1919

Sparrow, Orus V. [155920] b.1897, Virginia

Sparrow, Peachie M. [155918] b.1890, Virginia

Sparrow, Rachel Ann [155914] b.29_Aug_1831, Accomack Co. VA m.16_Sep_1848, Somerset Co. MD wife of William J. Marshall d.10_Oct_1871, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Ralph L. [210475] laborer, Baltimore MD, 1930 b.9_May_1910, Maryland d.Apr_1956

Sparrow, Raymond [155952] of Lancaster Co. VA b.Jan_1857, Mathews Co. VA

Sparrow, Robert [90840]

Sparrow, Robertson [90975] waterman, Accomack Co. VA, 1920 b.1893, Virginia

Sparrow, Robert V. [155921] b.1902, Virginia

Sparrow, Russel E. [210476] b.15_May_1913, Maryland d.27_Nov_1962

Sparrow, Ruth A. [198145] b.1880, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD m.15_Apr_1896, Accomack Co. VA wife of Solomon Charnock m. after 1900, Accomack Co. VA wife of Walter L. Coates d.1951

Sparrow, Ruth A. [225133] b.1842, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Sally [156004] b.1858, Virginia

Sparrow, Samuel [155990] b.1845, Virginia

Sparrow, Samuel Franklin [213529] [213529] retail grocery salesman, Princes Ann Co. VA, 1910 post office clerk, Portsmouth VA, 1920, 1930 b.12_Sep_1884, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, Sarah [155992] (Sally) b.1852, Gloucester Co. VA m.10_Jul_1873, Gloucester Co. VA wife of Robert Smith d. before 1900

Sparrow, Sarah [187885] (Rosamond) b.1849, Mathews Co. VA

Sparrow, Susanna [90851] (Sukie) b.1808, Accomack Co. VA m.18_Jan_1825, Worcester Co. MD wife of Samuel W. Marshall of Gloucester Co. VA d.1887, Abington parish, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, Thomas [90932] b.1835, Abington Parish, Gloucester Co. VA

Sparrow, Thomas [90980] b.1905, Virginia

Sparrow, Thomas Franklin [90946] [90946] b.1866 d.9_Oct_1899, unmarried

Sparrow, Thomas J. [198117] b.1861, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, Thomas Washington [90842] [90842] sailor, New Kent Co. VA, 1860 in Hanover Co. VA, 1863 in Middlesex Co. VA, 1876 b.1832, Norfolk VA d.24_Dec_1879, York Co. VA see note

Sparrow, Ursula Susan [91003]

Sparrow, Walter [155970] b.1867, Virginia

Sparrow, Walter Kipling [91000] [91000]

Sparrow, Ward [90933]

Sparrow, Wesley [90979] b.1910, Virginia

Sparrow, William [155947] b.1_Feb_1842, Accomack Co. VA

Sparrow, William B. [155999] b.1843, Virginia

Sparrow, William Dulaney [210472] [210472] oysterman, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD, 1910 carpenter, Baltimore MD, 1920 b.5_Apr_1896, Accomack Co. VA d.15_Sep_1973, Perry Hall, Baltimore Co. MD

Sparrow, William T. [155951] oysterman, Gloucester Co. 1870 b.1847, Mathews Co. VA

Sparrow, William T. [198143] b.1872, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Sparrow, William Thomas [90849] [90849] mariner, 1850 b.1804, Virginia in Accomack Co. VA, 1830 in Nansamund Co. VA, 1840 at Norfolk VA, 1850 boatman, Norfolk VA, 1860

Sparrow, William W. [198113] b.Apr_1853, Accomack Co. VA d.1934, Northampton Co. VA

Sparrow_II, Nicholas [194535]

Spaseski, Anna Beth [55938] b.24_Jun_1994

Spaseski, Katarina Ann [55937] [55937] b.6_Feb_1993

Spaulding, Allison Rachael [104347] [104347] b.29_Mar_1991

Spaulding, Amanda [99627] b.1844

Spaulding, Annie Barry [205865] [205865]

Spaulding, Bess [205863]

Spaulding, Bradford [99625]

Spaulding, Cordelia [99626]

Spaulding, Daniel Robert [104345] [104345] b.31_Jan_1987

Spaulding, David [136407] b.25_Jul_1772, Cornish NH d.9_Feb_1860, Waukegan IL

Spaulding, Eleazer [136402] b.3_Jul_1721, Plainfield CT d.17_Sep_1805, Windsor VT

Spaulding, Grace Ann [171078] b. 5 Jul 1866 Sharon Twp (Near Manchester Mi) d. 15 Jul 1945 Beeville Texas wife of John Anderson Adams

Spaulding, Harry (?) [99624]

Spaulding, Helim [171079] b. 1868 Sharon Twp (Near Manchester Mi)

Spaulding, Jonathan [136406] b.25_Jul_1772, Cornish NH d.24_Sep_1855, Conneaut PA

Spaulding, Joseph [99628] b.1846

Spaulding, Kevin Edward [104343] [104343] b.1_Nov_1961

Spaulding, Kristen Rebekah [104346] [104346] b.2_Jan_1989

Spaulding, Maria [205862]

Spaulding, Martha Chase [151739] [151739] of Amanda Twp, Crawford Co, OH b.11_Sep_1808, Waitsfield VT m.24_Sep_1829, OH d.10_Mar_1888

Spaulding, Mary [171077] b. 6 Sep 1863 m. Lansing Mi wife of Lyman Hulburt

Spaulding, Mary Chase [151738] [151738] b.23_May_1795, Waitsfield VT m.1_Feb_1815, Brandon VT d.16_Apr_1873, Beatrice NE

Spaulding, Paine(?) [99629]

Spaulding, Robert [205864]

Spaulding, Ronello [95402]

Spaulding, Timothy [136404] b.15_Nov_1741, Plainfield CT d. Windham Co. CT

Spear, Abigail [137270] b.7_Nov_1695, Braintree MA m.18_Dec_1718, Braintree MA wife of Nathaniel Littlefield d.10_Mar_1726/27, Braintree MA

Spear, Albion [108086]

Spear, Benjamin [137271] b. 12_Feb_1697/98, Braintree MA, Braintree MA

Spear, Ebenezer [137269] b.3_Aug_1654, Braintree MA d.21_Mar_1718, Braintree MA

Spear, Emerson [108088]

Spear, Whitney [108087]

Spears, Alexander S. [96161]

Spears, Blake [211229]

Spears, Charlotte [96156] wife of Benjamin Wyman

Speccot, Mary [27145] b. Speccot, Thornbury, England wife of John Fortescue d.1637

Spedden, Margaret [197035] wife of Hugh Orem

Speer, Breading [185694] b.19_Jul_1865, Lake City, Wabasha Co. MN d.Dec_1897, Pittsburgh PA

Speer, Elizabeth Breading [185697] [185697]

Speer, Elizabeth Breading [185704] [185704]

Speer, Henrietta Morrow [185693] [185693]

Speer, James [185695]

Speer, James Wilson [185699] b.8_Jan_1892, Pittsburgh PA d.2_May_1966, Easton, Talbot Co. MD

Speer, John Ewing [185692] b.1854, California

Speer, Mary Leet [185701] b.12_Oct_1896, Locust Hill, Washington Co. PA m.28_Jun_1926, Washington Co. PA wife of Samuel V. H. Duker d.5_Nov_1977, Santa Barbara CA

Speer, Ward Hugh [185703] b.14_Jan_1925, Pittsburgh PA

Speer, William [185700] b.20_Jan_1894 Locust Hill, Washington Co. PA d.30_Jan_1903, Pittsburgh PA

Spellman, Frances [128987] b. before 22_Mar_1717 wife of Parish Garner

Spellman, Mary [63043] wife of Hugh Wheelock

Spence, ________ [177972] b.Jul_1891, Accomack Co. VA d.30_Dec_1891, Accomack Co. VA

Spence, Amie M. [178016]

Spence, Anita [73033]

Spence, Caroline [73034]

Spence, Carroll [23758]

Spence, Charles Hudgins [223781] [223781] b.21_Aug_1914, Norfolk VA d.3_Feb_1961, Norfolk VA

Spence, Edward [177994] b.1872, Accomack Co. VA

Spence, Edward James [178013] b.1904, Saxis, Accomack Co. VA d.1927

Spence, Elijah [177979] b.1837, Accomack Co. VA

Spence, Elizabeth [77293] wife of John Sturman

Spence, Elliot Paige [178018]

Spence, Eva J. [178014]

Spence, Flossie E. [178023]

Spence, Hattie Martin [178011] [178011] b.1900, Saxis, Accomack Co. VA d.1919

Spence, Irma F. [178021]

Spence, Jack [178026]

Spence, James Haddaway [177997] [177997] b.1879, Saxis, Accomack Co. VA d.1967

Spence, Joan A. [224449] b.1939, Washington DC

Spence, John Paul [223780] b.18_Oct_1912, Norfolk VA d,13_Oct_1997, Norfolk VA

Spence, John T. [177980] b.1838, Tangier Island, Accomack Co. VA

Spence, John Wesley [177995] b.Sep_1875, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Spence, Joseph Bryan [223782] b.21_Aug_1914, Norfolk VA d.27_Oct_1914, Norfoil VA

Spence, Joshua [177978] b.1833, Accomack Co. VA

Spence, Kate Styles [23765] wife of Charles W. Washburn

Spence, Lewis B. [177998] b.17_Mar_1880, Saxis, Accomack Co. VA d.28_Apr_1934, Saxis, Accomack Co. VA

Spence, Lewis E. [178022]

Spence, Lota J. [223779] b.10_Jan_1911, Norfolk VA d.13_Nov_2005, Richmond VA

Spence, Margaret [177993] b.1868, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD

Spence, Margaret A. [177983] b.25_Nov_1857, Tangier Island, Accomack Co. VA m.5_Aug_1872, Accomack Co. VA wife of William E. Fluehart m.20_May_1877, Tangier Island, Accomack Co. VA wife of Henry A. Thomas d.12_Nov_1917, T

Spence, Marica M. [224448] b.1938, Washington DC

Spence, Mary [178008], Saxis, Accomack Co. VA d. before 1998

Spence, Mary Dola [178012] wife of Charles S. Crockett

Spence, Mary J. [177992] b.May_1865, Smith Island, Somerset Co. MD m.20_Apr_1885, Somerset Co. MD wife of Charles Marshall

Spence, Melvin F. [178015]

Spence, Milton Lee [223783] b.29_Jun_1917, Norfolk VA d.30_Jun_1918, Norfolk VA

Spence, Missouri W. [177996], Saxis, Accomack Co. VA m.4_Nov_1894, Accomack Co. VA wife of Albert Miles

Spence, Nannie Lee [178024]

Spence, Naomi [178007] b.28_Jun_1898, Saxis, Accomack Co. VA d. before 1998

Spence, Pearl [178019]

Spence, Quinton [178025]

Spence, Ralph [178027]

Spence, Richard [178017]

Spence, Susie Virginia [223784] [223784] b.29_Jun_1917, Norfolk VA d.23_Jul_1917, Norfolk VA

Spence, Thomas W. [177981], Tangier Island, Accomack Co. VA d.1_Feb_1929

Spence, Virginia L. [224447] b.1933, New York

Spencer, ________ [117820] b.1848

Spencer, ________ [117821] b.1849

Spencer, ________ [117892] b.4_Sep_1703 d.4_Sep_1703

Spencer, ________ [117957]

Spencer, ________ [90357] wife of Larry C. Martin

Spencer, ________ [90358] wife of J. J. Rideout

Spencer, ________ [90359] wife of George S. Dotterer

Spencer, ________ [90361] wife of Kenneth Walker

Spencer, Abigail [54641] b.2_Jun_1741 m.21_Jul_1763, E. Haddam CT wife of Eleazer Rowley d.2_Jan_1804, E. Haddam CT

Spencer, Albert Edward John [25816] [25816] 7th Earl Spencer b.1892 d.1975

Spencer, Alice [117831]

Spencer, Alice [117965]

Spencer, Alice [56099] wife of Thomas Deacon

Spencer, Almeda [90339] wife of John Parker

Spencer, Andrew Barton [117805] [117805] b.23_Mar_1814, Saybrook CT

Spencer, Ann [117905] b.Nov_1739, Saybrook CT

Spencer, Anna Laura [90363] wife of ________ Chafin

Spencer, Anne [117796] b.25_Jul_1790, Saybrook CT

Spencer, Anne [117830]

Spencer, Anne [117894] b.13_Jan_1706/07 m.15_Dec_1730 wife of Michael Hill m.18_Apr_1754 wife of Deacon Samuel Bushnell d.16_Feb_1786

Spencer, Annie L. [90344] b.Nov_1882, Virginia wife of W. T. Wyatt

Spencer, Arthur Ringgold [48450] [48450]

Spencer, Benjamin [117795] b.1_Jun_1788, Saybrook CT

Spencer, Benjamin [90332] b.1827 d.1853

Spencer, Benjamin D. [90403] b.8_Oct_1852 d.3_Nov_1924

Spencer, Bennie Lee [90407] b.5_May_1887 d. unmarried

Spencer, Bernice [90364]

Spencer, Blanche L. [90352] b.May_1892, Virginia wife of John Rowe

Spencer, Caleb [117861] b.19_Jan_1695/96, Saybrook CT d.28_Aug_1782, Saybrook CT

Spencer,, Capt. William [117794] [117794] b.14_Jun_1786, Saybrook CT d.2_Apr_1872, Westbrook CT

Spencer, Caroline [25631] wife of viscount Clifden

Spencer, Catherine [117834]

Spencer, Catherine [80093] wife of Henry Algernon Percy, 5th earl of Northumberland

Spencer, Charles [25641] 3rd Duke of Marlborough b.1706 d.1758

Spencer, Charles [25644] 3rd Earl of Sunderland d.1722

Spencer, Charles [25814] 9th Earl Spencer

Spencer, Charles Robert [25817] [25817] 6th Earl Spencer b.1857 d.1922

Spencer, Charlotte [25633] wife of Rev. Edward Nares

Spencer, Clara [90343] b.Jan_1880, Virginia wife of W. T. Messick

Spencer, Colie [90336]

Spencer, Consider [117897] b.6_Apr_1713

Spencer, Daniel [39125] b.20_Aug_1694, Haddom, CT

Spencer, daughter [117837]

Spencer, David Edward [90335] [90335] farmer, York Co. 1880 b.1861, Virginia d.1936, Virginia

Spencer, Deborah [117904] b.Jun_1737, Saybrook CT m.11_Dec_1763, Saybrook CT wife of Samuel Spencer d.5_Aug_1810, Saybrook CT

Spencer, Diana [25635] wife of Frederick, viscount of Bolingbroke wife of Topham Beauclerk

Spencer, Diana [25643] wife of duke of Bedford

Spencer, Dorothy [39127] b.8_Mar_1699, Haddom, CT wife of Benjamin Spencer

Spencer, Edgar E. [117816] b.1838

Spencer, Edith [90355] wife of Linwood Johnson

Spencer, Edward [90348] b.Sep_1884, Virginia

Spencer, Edward John [25815] viscount Althorp 8th Earl Spencer b.1924 d.1992

Spencer, Elizabeth [117865] b. after 1713 m.15_Mar_1738/39 wife of Samuel Carter

Spencer, Elizabeth [117920] England m.23_May_1672, Hartford CT wife of Jacob Joy m.Mar_1648/49, Killingworth CT wife of William Wellman d.1718

Spencer, Elizabeth [117958] b.31_Oct_1602, Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England wife of Timothy Tomlins

Spencer, Elizabeth [16473] b.17_Sep_1786, Vienna wife of Lewis Cass d.31_Mar_1853, Detroit, MI

Spencer, Elizabeth [25632] wife of John Spencer

Spencer, Elizabeth [25636] wife of earl of Pembroke

Spencer, Elizabeth [35292] (Gertrude) wife of John Henry Wood

Spencer, Elizabeth [39122] b.18_Jan_1686, Haddom, CT

Spencer, Elizabeth [59928], Haddam CT, CT wife of Joseph Stannard

Spencer, Elizabeth Ann [117807] [117807] b.11_Sep_1818, Saybrook CT m.26_Nov_1837, Saybrook CT wife of Erastus Jones d.5_May_1854, Saybrook CT

Spencer, Emelene E. [117815] b.1835

Spencer, Ezra [117799] b.19_Aug_1798, Saybrook CT d.21_Oct_1805, Saybrook CT

Spencer, Ezra Titus [117804] b.18_Nov_1811, Saybrook CT

Spencer, Fanny Ann [117803] b.19_Nov_1809, Saybrook CT d.3_Apr_1812, Saybrook CT

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