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of_Savoy, Marguerite [2502] m.1218 d.1273 wife of Hartmann the Old, king of Kyburg

of_Savoy, Marie Jeanne [2607] b.1665 d.1705

of_Savoy, Maud [2504] b.1125 m.1146 wife of Alfonso I, king of Portugal d.4_Nov_1157, Coimbra, Portugal

of_Savoy, Maurice [2555] b.1593 d.1657

of_Savoy, Odone (Otto) [2477] count of Maurienne d.19_Jan_1060

of_Savoy, Peter I [2511] d.1078

of_Savoy, Philbert I [2525] (Philbert the hunter) duke of Savoy d.1482

of_Savoy, Philbert II [2542] (Philbert the fair) duke of Savoy d.1504

of_Savoy, Philibert [2600] duke of Pistoria

of_Savoy, Philip II [2528] (Philip the landless) duke of Savoy b.1438 d.1497

of_Savoy, Philipp Chevalier [2603] [2603] b.1659 d.1693

of_Savoy, Philippe I [2501] bishop of Valence dean of Vienne archbishop of Lyon count of Savoy, 1268-1285 b.1207 d.1285

of_Savoy, Pierre II [2499] count of Savoy, 1263-1268 b.1203 d.1268

of_Savoy, prince Eugene [2606] [2606] b.1663 d.1736

of_Savoy, Thietburga [2489] wife of Louis of Faucigny 2nd wife of Gerald I, count of Geneva

of_Savoy, Thomas [2589] duke of Genoa d.1931

of_Savoy, Thomas Francis [2556] [2556] prince of Carignano b.1596 d.1656

of_Savoy, Thomas I [2503] count of Savoy b.20_Mar_1177, Carbonierres, Savoy, France d.20_Jan_1233, Aoste, Isere, France

of_Savoy, Thomas II [2497] count of Flanders count of Piedmont b.1199 d.1259

of_Savoy, Tomasino [2536] d.1282

of_Savoy, Victor Amadeus [2579] [2579] d.1780

of_Savoy, Victor Amadeus [2581] [2581] d.1741

of_Savoy, Victor Amadeus I [2554] [2554] duke of Savoy b.1587 d.1637

of_Savoy, Victor Amadeus II [2551] [2551] duke of Savoy 1st king of Sardinia d.1732

of_Savoy, Victor Amadeus III [2549] [2549] duke of Savoy d.1796

of_Savoy, Victor Emmanuel I [2547] [2547] duke of Savoy d.1824

Sawson, Alvin P. [159160] b.1903, Virginia

Sawtell, Abigail [70276] b.13_Mar_1696/97, Groton MA wife of Joseph Parker d.19_Feb_1787, Groton MA

Sawtell, Augusta Elizabeth [38585] [38585] b. Havre, France wife of William Muir

Sawtell, David [70270] b.30_Mar_1702, Groton MA, Townsend MA

Sawtell,, Deacon Hezekiah [70277] [70277] b.2_Mar_1703, Groton MA d.18_Mar_1779, Groton MA

Sawtell, Elizabeth [70261] b.3_Feb_1668/69, Groton MA, Watertown MA wife of Richard Whitney d.24_Nov_1723

Sawtell, Elizabeth [70272] b.12_Jul_1737, Groton MA m.15_Apr_1762, Groton MA wife of John Whitney

Sawtell, Enoch [70260], Watertown MA d.1_Mar_1741/42, Watertown MA

Sawtell, Enoch [70273] b. after 1723

Sawtell, Hannah [70257] b.10_Dec_1642, Watertown MA m.13_Jul_1665, Woburn MA wife of Increase Winn d.18_Feb_1722/23, Woburn MA

Sawtell, Hannah [70267] b.11_Oct_1730, Groton MA m.26_Feb_1759, Groton MA wife of John Whitney d.1761-1762, Shirley MA

Sawtell, Jonathan [70256] b.24_Aug_1639, Watertown MA d.6_Jul_1690, Groton MA

Sawtell, Obadiah [70259], Watertown MA d.20_Mar_1740, Groton MA

Sawtell, Richard [70263] d. Bolton MA

Sawtell, Zachariah [70258] b.26_Jul_1643/44, Watertown MA d.17_Mar_1691/92

Sawtell, Zachariah [70268], Malden MA d.2_Oct_1737

Sawyer, ________ [124686] b.1763 d.1763

Sawyer, ________ [124687] b.1765 d.1765

Sawyer, ________ [124690] b.1771 d.1771

Sawyer, ________ [152329] b. before 17_Nov_1717, Newbury MA

Sawyer, ________ [152377] b.7_Mar_1685, Newbury MA d.26_Mar_1685, Newbury MA

Sawyer, ________ [152379] b.15_Nov_1693, Newbury MA d.15_Nov_1693, Newbury MA

Sawyer, ________ [152445] b.Feb_1764, Hamstead NH d.Feb_1764

Sawyer, ________ [152480] b.10_Sep_1763 d.22_Oct_1763

Sawyer, ________ [152762] b. before 7_Jun_1719, Newbury MA

Sawyer, ________ [153102] b.12_May_1722, Newbury MA d.14_May_1722, Newbury MA

Sawyer, ________ [153111] b.1_Dec_1764, Newbury MA d.1_Dec_1794, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Aaron [152975], Barrington NH d.1878, Barrington NH

Sawyer, Aaron [152983], Amesbury MA d.25_Feb_1862, Amesbury MA

Sawyer, Abel [152318] b.15_Aug_1718, Newbury MA d.14_Apr_1794, Hampstead NH

Sawyer, Abigail [121571] b.4_Oct_1716, Tiverton RI m.1_Nov_1743, Tiverton RI wife of Joseph Taber d. before 1782

Sawyer, Abigail [152043] b.1787, Limington ME d.14_May_1877

Sawyer, Abigail [152332] b.9_Mar_1724, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Abigail [152364], Newbury MA

Sawyer, Abigail [152390] b.26_May_1709, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Abigail [152413] b.6_Dec_1781, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Abigail [152442] b.1_May_1757, Hamstead NH m.Oct_1776, Warner NH wife of Wells Davis

Sawyer, Abigail [152724] b.23_Jul_1750, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Abigail [152814] b.1_Mar_1715, Wells ME m.23_Sep_1736, Exeter NH d. after 1754

Sawyer, Abigail [153065] b.19_Jan_1775, Newbury MA d.28_Dec_1851

Sawyer, Abigail [153157] b.17_May_1679, Woburn MA m.22_May_1699, Woburn MA wife of John Converse d.6_Jan_1707

Sawyer, Abigail [153194], Lancaster MA m.18_Nov_1729, Lancaster MA wife of Thomas Wright d.6_Aug_1760

Sawyer, Abigail C. [153084] b.11_Sep_1824, Newbury MA d.22_Jul_1852

Sawyer, Abigail P. [152485] b.13_Mar_1774 d.1861

Sawyer, Abner [152315] b.6_May_1721, Newbury MA d.28_May_1805, Hampstead NH

Sawyer, Abraham [151984] b.5_Nov_1680, Gloucester MA d.1751

Sawyer, Abraham [152328] b.17_Feb_1716, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Albert [152212] (Prince) b.1847

Sawyer, Alice Bartlett [152404] [152404] b.2_Oct_1805, Newbury MA m.20_Jan_1827, W. Newbury MA wife of Humphrey Hoyt

Sawyer, Alice M. [152186] b.24_Jun_1867, Sebago ME

Sawyer, Alonzo Green [152168] b.8_May_1831, Limington ME d.1894

Sawyer, Alpheus [86300] b.27_Jun_1786, Lancaster MA d.5_Oct_1852

Sawyer, Alvah Haven [152923] b.14_Feb_1799, Wakefield NH d.23_May_1882

Sawyer, Amanda Margery [152046] [152046] b.4_Sep_1832, Limington ME m.23_Apr_1853, Limington ME wife of George Bragdon d.6_Mar_1910, Boston MA

Sawyer, Amos [152885] b.16_Feb_1739, Newbury MA d. before 1824

Sawyer, Amos [153027] b.28_Jan_1779 d. young

Sawyer, Amos [153030] b.15_May_1788, Plaistow NH

Sawyer, Amos [153032] b.27_Apr_1790, Springfield NH

Sawyer, Amos [153238] b.20_Jun_1693, Lancaster MA d.29_Dec_1756, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, Amos B. [152354] b.20_Jan_1795, Hopkinton NH d.12_Jun_1882, Concord NH

Sawyer, Ann [152862] b.1_Aug_1687, Newbury MA m.2_Feb_1725, Haverhill MA wife of Robert Peasley m.15_Oct_1708, Newbury MA wife of Ebenezer Sargent d. Newbury MA

Sawyer, Anna [152362]

Sawyer, Anna [152412] b.7_Mar_1779, Newbury MA d.6_Aug_1807, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Anna [152444] b.19_Dec_1761, Hamstead NH d.24_Aug_1854

Sawyer, Anna [153105] b.15_Sep_1727, Newbury MA d.16_May_1786

Sawyer, Anna Greenleaf [153116] [153116] b.27_Oct_1795, Newbury MA m.28_Apr_1818, Newbury MA d.29_Sep_1871

Sawyer, Ann C. [152468] b.2_Sep_1809, Warner NH wife of Joseph Sawyer d.Jan_1857, MN

Sawyer, Anne [151943] b.3_Mar_1721, Newbury MA m.16_Dec_1742, Newbury MA wife of Moses Morse

Sawyer, Anne [152296] b.1667, Marshfield MA d.15_Dec_1682

Sawyer, Anne [152764] b.3_Mar_1721, Newbury MA m.16_Dec_1742, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Anne [152872] b.14_Jan_1718, Newbury MA m. after 19_May_1737, Amesbury MA

Sawyer, Anstras [124680]

Sawyer, Aramantha Augusta [152170] [152170] b.9_Aug_1833, Limington ME m.5_Aug_1857, Limington ME wife of Ambrose C. Burnham d.21_Jan_1901, Springfield MA

Sawyer, Artemas W. [94617] b.4_Mar_1827, West Haven VT

Sawyer, Arvilla Melissa [152167] [152167] b.21_Aug_1829, Limington ME m.26_Mar_1846, Limington ME wife of Samuel S. Williams d.16_Jan_1912, Gorham ME

Sawyer, Benaiah [152908] b.6_Jul_1787, Dover NH d. after 1832, New York NY

Sawyer, Benjamin [152266] b.2_Nov_1710, Rowley MA d.25_Jul_1713, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Benjamin [152271] b.29_Jun_1720, Rowley MA d.8_Jun_1722, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Benjamin [152338] b.2_Dec_1739, Newbury MA d.10_Oct_1821, Kittery ME

Sawyer, Benjamin [152378] b.27_Oct_1686, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Benjamin [152766] b.2_Mar_1716, Newbury MA d.28_Oct_1757, Kingston NH

Sawyer, Benjamin [153173] b.11_Feb_1698, Marlborough MA d.24_Sep_1761, Pomfret CT

Sawyer, Benjamin [9674]

Sawyer, Bertha [151998] b.1722, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, Betsey [152956] b.16_Mar_1780

Sawyer, Betsey [153016] b.9_Mar_1813, Hill NH d.23_Apr_1816

Sawyer, Betsey [153050] b.10_Mar_1806, Springfield NH

Sawyer, Betsey [153075] b.23_Jan_1810, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Betty [152343] b. before 10_Dec_1769, Newbury MA m.25_Jan_1786, Newbury MA wife of Stephen Davis

Sawyer, Betty [152352] b.18_Jul_1784 d.1_Dec_1860

Sawyer, Betty [153177] b.24_Aug_1711, Mansfield CT d.1815

Sawyer, Beulah [153192] Sep 1699, Lancaster MA m.23_Jun_1737, Harvard MA wife of Ebenezer Taylor

Sawyer, Bezaleel [153153] b.3_May_1685 Lancaster MA d.25_Aug_1760, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, Bitfield [152285] b.1647, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Bitfield [152884] b.20_Feb_1737, Newbury MA d.21_Nov_1833, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Bitfield [152974] b.1794, Barrington NH d.25_Feb_1862, Strafford NH

Sawyer, Bitfield [153007] b.25_Mar_1774, Newton NH d.10_Sep_1835, Hill NH

Sawyer, Caleb [153137] b.20_May_1659, Lancaster MA d.12_Feb_1755, Harvard MA

Sawyer, Caleb [153198] b.19_Jun_1720, Lancaster MA d.1780-1783, Harvard MA

Sawyer, Calvin [153015] b.3_Dec_1807, Hill NH d.23_Jan_1813

Sawyer, Caroline [152943] b.20_Dec_1809, Alton NH wife of Ira Mooney

Sawyer, Carrie E. [153089] b.11_Feb_1858, W. Newbury MA

Sawyer, Catherine [152341] b. before 2_Oct_1763, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Charles [152924] b.28_Dec_1800, Wakefield NH d.4_Sep_1803

Sawyer, Charles F. [152187], ME

Sawyer, Charles Fogg [152152] b.25_Nov_1818, Limington ME d.1892

Sawyer, Charles H. [153078] d.1851

Sawyer, Charlotte S. [152210] b.26_May_1843 d.18_Feb_1873

Sawyer, Claracy [152073] b.29_Nov_1807, Buxton ME d.27_Oct_1808, Buxton ME

Sawyer, Content [152900] b.13_Apr_1774, Dover NH m.1_Jul_1812, Dover NH wife of James Neal

Sawyer, Cornelius [153179] b.30_Aug_1712, Pomfret CT d.25_Jan_1736

Sawyer, Daniel [151997] b.17_Sep_1718, Gloucester MA d.7_Jan_1811, Portland ME

Sawyer, Daniel [152805] b.26_May_1683, Wells ME d.1717, Wells ME

Sawyer, Daniel [152816] b.25_Jan_1719, Wells ME d.18_Sep_1813, Kennebunk ME

Sawyer, Daniel [152825] b.4_Apr_1712, Wells ME d.9_Nov_1713

Sawyer, Daniel [152863] b.28_Jan_1689, Newbury MA d.22_Oct_1781, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Daniel [152940] b.4_Oct_1801, Alton NH d.13_Sep_1869, Alton NH

Sawyer, David [152005] b.27_Mar_1771, Gorham ME d.21_Dec_1811

Sawyer, David [152307] b.13_Jan_1687, Newbury MA, Scarborough ME

Sawyer, David [152323] b.18_Dec_1715, Kittery ME d.14_Jul_1796, Saco ME

Sawyer, David [153068] b.15_Oct_1793, Newbury MA d.14_Apr_1866, West Newbury MA

Sawyer, David Colby [153009] b.9_May_1794, Newton NH d.28_Jun_1881, Manchester NH

Sawyer, David Fairbanks [152224] [152224] b.6_Aug_1784, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, David Fairbanks [152232] [152232] b.13_Jan_1806, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, Deborah [152082] b.13_Mar_1726, Gloucester MA wife of Stephen Randall d. before 1761

Sawyer, Deborah [152225] b.25_Feb_1787, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, Deborah [153140] b.Jul_1666, Lancaster MA d.Jul_1666

Sawyer, Ebenezer [152028] b.27_Jan_1734, Falmouth ME d.7_Apr_1795, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, Ebenezer [152039] b.26_Dec_1757, Cape Elizabeth ME d.10_Apr_1842, N. Limington ME

Sawyer, Ebenezer [152055] b.10_Mar_1786, Buxton ME d.5_Apr_1835

Sawyer, Ebenezer [152226] b.24_Jun_1789, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, Ebenezer F. [152242] b.1814, Cumberland Co. ME d.1865

Sawyer, Edmund [151958], Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England

Sawyer, Edmund [152393] b.6_Nov_1714, Newbury MA d.18_Feb_1807, Sutton NH

Sawyer, Edmund [152443] b.2_Sep_1759, Hamstead NH d.20_Feb_1827

Sawyer, Edmund [152488] b.17_Sep_1782, Goffstown NH d.21_Dec_1873, Stockbridge VT

Sawyer, Edmund [153106] b.28_Apr_1730, Newbury MA d.13_Sep_1795, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Edmund [153117] b.4_May_1798, Newbury MA d.1831, Marseilles, France

Sawyer, Edmund W. [152172] b.17_Apr_1839, Limington ME d. before 1850

Sawyer, Edward [151956] b.1608, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England d.9_Mar_1672, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Edward [152256] b.17_Mar_1674, Rowley MA d. before 27_Jun_1675, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Edward [152911] b.2_Jul_1793, Dover NH d.18_Jul_1832

Sawyer, Edward [153203] b.20_Mar_1687, Lancaster MA d.27_Mar_1766, Hebron CT

Sawyer, Edward Ayer [152411] b.25_Jul_1839, Bradford MA

Sawyer, Edward J. [94618] b.3_Mar_1829, West Haven VT d.10_May_1883, Gardner MA

Sawyer, Edwin [152156] b.1831, Limington ME

Sawyer, Edwin [153083] b.6_May_1823, Newbury MA d.2_Jun_1827, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Eleanor [153088] b.22_Apr_1856, W. Newbury MA d.22_Apr_1857

Sawyer, Elias [153154], Lancaster MA d.20_Nov_1752, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, Elijah [152873] b.Aug_1720, Newbury MA d.14_Nov_1720, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Elijah [153176] b.17_Oct_1708, Marlborough MA d.27_Jan_1792, Windham CT

Sawyer, Eliphalet [152335] b.Dec_1735, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Elisha [152317] b.31_Oct_1714, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Eliza [152072] b.29_Nov_1807, Buxton ME d.11_Dec_1840

Sawyer, Eliza [152985] b.27_Mar_1810, Hampden ME m.19_Oct_1841, Bangor ME wife of Benjamin D. Small d.7_Sep_1893

Sawyer, Elizabeth [151666] b.23_Dec_1725, Newbury MA m.17_Jun_1748, Newbury MA wife of John Brown

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152204]

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152259] b.19_Aug_1680, Rowley MA d.1_Oct_1732, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152276] b.8_Jan_1719, Rowley MA d.24_Sep_1736, MA

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152310] b.1_Oct_1702, Newbury MA m.19_Apr_1739, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152483] b.29_Jun_1767 m.27_Jun_1785, Rockingham Co. NH wife of Jonathan Marsh d.26_Apr_1855

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152723] b.15_May_1748, Newbury MA m.8_May_1766, Newbury MA wife of Edmund Worth d.17_Sep_1804

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152763], Newbury MA m.19_Jun_1744, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152767] b.2_Sep_1718, Newbury MA d.7_Feb_1803 m.30_Aug_1737, Amesbury MA

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152812] b.5_Sep_1709, Wells ME m.25_Apr_1730, Ipswich MA

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152867] b.26_Jun_1703, Newbury MA m.17_Jan_1723, Amesbury MA wife of Zaccheus Collins

Sawyer, Elizabeth [152903] b.12_Jun_1778, Dover NH m.1_May_1805, Dover NH wife of Abner Chase

Sawyer, Elizabeth [153113] b.21_Feb_1772, Newbury MA m.6_Oct_1798, Newburyport MA wife of Nehemiah Haskell

Sawyer, Elizabeth [153115] b.27_Jun_1794, Newbury MA m.7_Aug_1815, Newbury MA d.26_Oct_1826

Sawyer, Elizabeth [153139] b.6_Jan_1664, Lancaster MA m.6_Feb_1688, Concord MA wife of James Hosmer d.16_Jan_1745, Woodstock MA

Sawyer, Elizabeth [153162] b.7_Nov_1698, Woburn MA m.16_Dec_1718, Woburn MA wife of Josiah Blodgett d.22_Jul_1764, Stafford CT

Sawyer, Elizabeth [153207], Lyme CT

Sawyer, Eliza S. [152166] b.27_Mar_1826, Limington ME m.5_Dec_1844, Limington ME wife of John A. Winslow m.10_Jul_1852, Limington ME wife of Benjamin C. Fogg d.6_Mar_1904, Gorham ME

Sawyer, Ellis E.B. [152207] b.14_May_1836, Limington ME

Sawyer, Emeline [152955]

Sawyer, Emily Adams [153059] b.7_Jul_1837, Springfield NH

Sawyer, Enoch [152439] b.27_Dec_1741, Amesbury MA d.1817, Antrim NH

Sawyer, Enoch [152486] b.21_Feb_1777, Goffstown NH d.5_Mar_1840, Antrim NH

Sawyer, Enoch [152866] b.22_Jun_1694, Newbury MA d.15_Nov_1771, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Enoch [152901] b.4_Feb_1776, Dover NH d.11_Oct_1857, Alton NH

Sawyer, Enoch [153071] b.6_Feb_1797, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Enoch [153103] b.19_Apr_1723, Newbury MA d.7_Sep_1805, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Enoch [153112] b.6_Jun_1767, Newbury MA d.26_Mar_1808, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Enoch [153123] b.Sep_1808, Newbury MA d.24_Jul_1816, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Ephraim [152150] b.28_Oct_1804, Limington ME d.25_Sep_1887, Phillips ME

Sawyer, Ephraim [152229] b.5_Oct_1797, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, Ephraim [153135] b.16_Jan_1651, Lancaster MA d.11_Feb_1676, Lancaster MA, killed by Indians at Prescott Garrison

Sawyer, Ephraim [153170] b.2_Dec_1678, Marlborough MA d.20_Mar_1708

Sawyer, Ephraim [153239], Lancaster MA d.8_May_1759, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, Ephraim Alonzo [152203] [152203] b.1836 d.1909

Sawyer, Eunice [152729] b.19_Aug_1761, Newbury MA d.2_Dec_1838

Sawyer, Eunice [152744] b.21_Jan_1714, Newbury MA m.Mar_1736, Newbury MA d.3_Jan_1804, Kingston NH

Sawyer, Eunice [152817] b.6_Jul_1722, Wells ME m. after 14_May_1743, Ipswich MA d.1744

Sawyer, Eunice [153248] b.1715, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, Eunice Greenleaf [153120] [153120] b.24_Sep_1802, Newbury MA d.27_Dec_1822

Sawyer, Eunice M. [152064] b.13_Feb_1810, Buxton ME

Sawyer, Everett R. [94622] b.20_Oct_1838, London NH

Sawyer, Ezekiel [151967] b.1650, Rowley MA d.18_Sep_1675, Bloody Creek Massacre, Deerfield

Sawyer, Ezekiel [152258] b.14_Jul_1678, Rowley MA d.13_Apr_1727, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Ezekiel [152264] b.16_Jun_1707, Rowley MA d.26_Jun_1766, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Ezra [153242] b.1702, Lancaster MA d.23_Oct_1765, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, Fanny [153034] b.1793, Springfield NH

Sawyer, Frances [152290] b.24_Mar_1658, Newbury MA d.7_Feb_1659, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Frances [152294] b.3_Nov_1670, Newbury MA m.19_May_1693, Newbury MA wife of Thomas Treadwell d.28_Aug_1683, Ipswich MA

Sawyer, Frances Jane [152173] b.13_Jan_1842, Limington ME m.5_Feb_1860, ME wife of Josiah G. Sanborn d.30_Oct_1928, Baldwin ME

Sawyer, Francis [152804] b.3_Nov_1681, Wells ME d.31_Aug_1756, Ipswich MA

Sawyer, Francis A. [94621] b.12_Mar_1836, West Haven VT

Sawyer, George [124688] b.Apr_1769, Little Compton RI d.1790

Sawyer, George [152952] b.1_Aug_1758, Dover NH d.25_May_1813

Sawyer, George E. [152244], Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, George Oakes [152215], Pioche NV

Sawyer, George P. [152231] b.4_Mar_1804, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, George Small [152209] b.7_Jan_1841, Limington ME d.2_Apr_1902, Reno NV

Sawyer, George Washington [153058] [153058] b.24_Nov_1835, Springfield NH d.1_Jan_1884, Manchester NH

Sawyer, Gideon [152753] b.15_Dec_1719, Newbury MA d.26_Dec_1806, Danville NH

Sawyer, Gilman [153055] b.23_Apr_1806, Plaistow NH d.3_Jun_1875, Manchester NH

Sawyer, Hannah [121568] b.27_Nov_1710, Tiverton RI m.27_Aug_1730, Little Compton RI wife of John Williston d. after 1_May_1733

Sawyer, Hannah [151977] b.21_Jun_1687/88, York NE, ME d.15_Nov_1761

Sawyer, Hannah [152070] b.7_May_1803, Buxton ME

Sawyer, Hannah [152261] b.4_Jun_1684. Rowley MA m.10_May_1715 wife of Samuel Woodbury d.27_Sep_1722

Sawyer, Hannah [152265] b.17_Apr_1709, Rowley MA m.23_Jan_1734, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152278] b.28_Apr_1727, Littleton MA m.19_Jul_1744, Littleton MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152288] b.23_Feb_1653, Newbury MA d.25_Jan_1660, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152293] b.11_Jan_1665, Newbury MA, Newbury MA wife of Thomas Tredwell d.28_Aug_1683, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152342] b. before 29_Dec_1765, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152374] b.12_Jan_1679, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152451] b.1_Apr_1775, Warner NH wife of Mitchell Gilman

Sawyer, Hannah [152751] b.1715, Newbury MA d.6_Aug_1739, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152755] b. before 28_Apr_1723, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152806] b.9_Apr_1685, Wells ME m.8_Jul_1706, Wells ME wife of Philip Chesley

Sawyer, Hannah [152819] b.2_Mar_1727, Ipswich MA d.29_Mar_1731, Ipswich MA

Sawyer, Hannah [152826] b.29_Mar_1714, Wells ME m.3_Oct_1730 d. before 1739, Wells ME

Sawyer, Hannah [152883] b.29_Apr_1731, Newbury MA m.20_May_1749, Amesbury MA wife of Thomas Hanson d.13_Apr_1781, Dover NH

Sawyer, Hannah [152949] b.6_Dec_1748, Dover NH m.30_Nov_1768, Strafford Co. NH wife of Moses Canney d. before 1809, Strafford Co. NH

Sawyer, Hannah [152960] b.1800 m.3_Dec_1827, NH wife of John F. Sanborn

Sawyer, Hannah [152965] b.23_Apr_1794 m.9_Apr_1815, Lisbon ME wife of Richard Merrill

Sawyer, Hannah [152982] b.4_Jan_1765, Amesbury MA m.10_Oct_1782, Amesbury MA wife of William Pecker

Sawyer, Hannah [153012] b.18_Oct_1798, Newton NH

Sawyer, Hannah [153070] b.4_Sep_1794, Newbury MA m.31_May_1813, Newbury MA wife of Daniel Wentworth

Sawyer, Hannah [153141] b.24_Apr_1670, Lancaster MA m.15_Apr_1706, Concord MA wife of Joseph Blood d. before 1739

Sawyer, Hannah [153150] b.23_May_1675, Marlborough MA d.1_May_1765, Bolton MA

Sawyer, Hannah [153160] b.25_Nov_1689, Woburn MA m.30_Dec_1706, Woburn MA wife of Josiah Converse d.18_Jun_1747, Brookfield MA

Sawyer, Hannah Moody [153121] b.21_Jun_1806, Newbury MA m.29_Apr_1830, Newbury MA d.21_Aug_1872

Sawyer, Harriet [152007] b.23_Mar_1809, Otisfield ME m.28_Dec_1828, Otisfield ME wife of David Andrews d.2_Apr_1880

Sawyer, Harriet [152237] b.10_Aug_1827, Cape Elizabeth ME m.13_Oct_1844, Cape Elizabeth ME wife of Jeremiah P. Strout

Sawyer, Harriet [153076] b.13_Jun_1812, Newbury MA m.30_Mar_1835, Newbury MA wife of Warren Rogers

Sawyer, Henrietta M. [153091] b.3_Jan_1864, W. Newbury MA

Sawyer, Henry [151961], England

Sawyer, Henry [64906] b.15_Feb_1697, Salem MA

Sawyer, Henry Clinton [152211] [152211] b.15_May_1845, Phillips ME

Sawyer, Henry W. [151675], Newbury MA d. West Newbury MA

Sawyer, Hepsibah [153156], Lancaster MA, Lancaster MA d.1797, Harvard MA

Sawyer, Hepsibah [153193], Lancaster MA m.28_Jan_1719, Lancaster MA wife of Jabez Fairbanks d.26_Apr_1789, Bolton MA

Sawyer, Herbert Moran [161187] [161187] b.24_Aug_1927, OH d.25_Aug_2003, Medford OR

Sawyer, Hosea [152906] b.25_May_1783, Dover NH d.17_May_1858, Dover NH

Sawyer, Huldah [152973], Barrington NH m.14_May_1804, Barrington NH wife of Ebenezer Leathers

Sawyer, Humphrey [152871] b.12_Feb_1716, Newbury MA d.1797, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Isaac [124691] b.19_Oct_1773, Little Compton RI d.Jun_1804

Sawyer, Isaac [151986] b.14_Feb_1684, Gloucester MA d.13_Feb_1772, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, Isaac [152153] b.20_Aug_1820, Limington ME d.21_Jan_1891, Limington ME

Sawyer, Isaac [152248] b.22_Jun_1707, Gloucester MA d.1748, Falmouth ME

Sawyer, Isreal [152752] b.9_Oct_1717, Newbury MA d.2_Aug_1739, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Jabez [152030] b.31_Dec_1743, Falmouth ME d.19_Apr_1816

Sawyer, Jacob [151987] b.24_Feb_1687, Gloucester MA d.18_Apr_1767, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, Jacob [152394] b.4_Jun_1716, Newbury MA d. before 28_Mar_1763, Dover NH

Sawyer, Jacob [152438] b.4_Oct_1738, Amesbury MA d.8_May_1763, Hamstead NH

Sawyer, Jacob [152446] b.3_Feb_1765, Hamstead NH d.8_May_1765

Sawyer, Jacob [152722] b.24_Sep_1745, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Jacob [152879] b.23_Sep_1719, Newbury MA d.26_Apr_1799, Dover NH

Sawyer, Jacob [152898] b.1_Oct_1769, Dover NH d. before 3_Nov_1846, Dover NH

Sawyer, Jacob [153064] b.8_Jan_1771, Newbury MA d.30_Jan_1843, West Newbury MA

Sawyer, Jacob [153175] b.14_Dec_1706, Marlborough MA

Sawyer, Jacob [153204], Lancaster MA d.11_Nov_1760

Sawyer, Jacob Small [152161] b.1816, Limington ME d.1859

Sawyer, James [151962] b.1632, Cambridgeshire, England d.31_May_1703, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, James [151988] b.18_Nov_1691, Gloucester MA d. before Feb_1776, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, James [152033] b.9_Jun_1751, Falmouth ME

Sawyer, James [152254] b.10_Oct_1715, Gloucester MA d.16_Jul_1746, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, James [152754] b.12_May_1722, Newbury MA d.27-Sep_1723, Newbury MA

Sawyer, James [153136] b.22_Mar_1657, Lancaster MA d.22_Jan_1753, Pomfret CT

Sawyer, James [153171] b.12_Jul_1686, Marlborough MA

Sawyer, James [153209], Lyme CT

Sawyer, James [153215] b.7_Dec_1712, Lyme CT d.2_Jan_1795, E. Haddam CT

Sawyer, James [9672] d. prisoner during Revolutionary War

Sawyer, James Thornton [152054] [152054] b.25_Jan_1776, Buxton ME

Sawyer, James Thornton [152065] [152065] b.17_Oct_1811, Buxton ME

Sawyer, Jane [152267] b.16_Oct+1712, Rowley MA d. before 1718, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Jane [152270] b.9_Mar_1718, Rowley MA d.25_Mar_1724, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Jeffrey [89887] b.3_Apr_1963

Sawyer, Jennie Asenath [152216] [152216] b.3_Jul_1885, Pioche NV wife of Percival L. Hall d.27_Apr_1964, Napa CA

Sawyer, Jeremiah [124689] b.Apr_1769, Little Compton RI

Sawyer, Jeremiah Hill [152958] [152958] b.16_Feb_1784, Lee NH d. Exeter NH

Sawyer, Joanna [152053], Buxton ME m.12_Aug_1794, Buxton ME wife of Joseph Hanson d.Dec_1854

Sawyer, Job [151993] b.9_Oct_1708, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, John [121567] b.2_Feb_1706/07, Tiverton RI d.17_Apr_1794

Sawyer, John [124684]

Sawyer, John [151965] b.17_Sep_1647, Rowley MA, Rowley MA

Sawyer, John [151966] b.7_Aug_1648, Rowley MA d.2_Apr_1722, Rowley MA

Sawyer, John [151974], York ME d. before 17_Dec_1689, York ME

Sawyer, John [151978] b.2_Jan_1690, York ME d.11_Mar_1743

Sawyer, John [151982] b.1676, Ipswich MA d.23_Feb_1760, Cape Elizabeth NS

Sawyer, John [151991] b.24_Jan_1703, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, John [152031] b.24_Dec_1745, Falmouth ME d.3_Dec_1805, MA

Sawyer, John [152081] b.3_Apr_1717, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, John [152139] b.1745, Cape Elizabeth ME d.7_Aug_1825

Sawyer, John [152146] b.7_Nov_1792, Limington ME d.20_Apr_1871, Limington ME

Sawyer, John [152227] b.29_Aug_1791, Cape Elizabeth ME d. before Sep_1827

Sawyer, John [152260] b.5_Aug_1682, Rowley MA d.25_Mar_1771, Littleton MA

Sawyer, John [152277] b.28_Sep_1722, Rowley MA d.17_Aug_1739, Harvard MA

Sawyer, John [152284] b.24_Aug_1645, Newbury MA d.30_May_1689, Salem MA

Sawyer, John [152305] b.25_Apr_1683, Newbury MA d.19_Mar_1688, Essex Co. MA

Sawyer, John [152308] b.11_Sep_1688, Newbury MA d.27_Mar_1756, Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [152321] b.2 Mar 1713 Kittery ME

Sawyer, John [152333] b.31_Jul_1726, Newbury MA d.27_Mar_1766, Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [152350] b. before 19_Sep_1756, Newbury MA d.30_Dec_1775 Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [152355] b.Jun_1798, Hopkinton NH d.1_Oct_1888, Concord NH

Sawyer, John [152357] b.13_Jan_1821, Hopkinton NH

Sawyer, John [152373] b.15_Mar_1676, Newbury MA d.27_Mar_1756, Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [152401] b.23_Feb_1746, Newbury MA d.24_May_1753, Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [152416] b.25_Sep_1789, Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [152739] b.5_Apr_1704, Newbury MA d.17_Apr_1723, Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [152768] b.5_Sep_1721, Amesbury MA d.7_Jul_1801, Amesbury MA

Sawyer, John [152932] b.5_May_1804, Dover NH d.9_May_1877

Sawyer, John [153024] b.3_May_1770, Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [153039] b. after 1810, Springfield NH

Sawyer, John [153049] b.29_Aug_1802, Springfield NH

Sawyer, John [153067] b.10_Jul_1784, Newbury MA d.1858, Newbury MA

Sawyer, John [153138] b.6_Apr_1661, Lancaster MA d.1705, Lyme CT

Sawyer, John [153190], Lancaster MA d.2_Oct_1731, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, John [153210], Lyme CT

Sawyer, John [153213] b.3_Sep_1708, Hebron CT d.1_Jan_1794, Hebron CT

Sawyer, John [153241] b.1700, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, John [64532] b.1582, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England d.15_Jul_1660, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England

Sawyer, John Graham [152243], Cumberland Co. ME d.1863

Sawyer, John Lorenzo [152169] b.8_May_1831, Limington ME d.13_Jan_1904

Sawyer, Jonas [153181] b.4_Sep_1716, Pomfret CT d.2_Nov_1791, Pomfret CT

Sawyer, Jonathan [151995] b.18_Apr_1713, Gloucester MA

Sawyer, Jonathan [152002] b.22_Oct_1736, Falmouth ME d.1798, Gorham ME

Sawyer, Jonathan [152306] b.4_Mar_1685, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Jonathan [152324] b.6_Apr_1716, Kittery ME d.4_Mar_1721, Kittery ME

Sawyer, Jonathan [153191], Lancaster MA d.30_Sep_1746, Harvard MA

Sawyer, Jonathan [153246], Lancaster MA

Sawyer, Jonathan [86298] b.1825, Acton MA

Sawyer, Jonathan B. [152466] b.27_Mar_1806, Sutton NH d.20_Mar_1848, Alexandria NH

Sawyer, Joseph [151994] b.7_May 1711, Gloucester MA d.31_Mar_1800, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, Joseph [152149] b.4_Oct_1802, Limington ME d.2_Jun_1874

Sawyer, Joseph [152391] b.8_Apr_1711, Newbury MA d.25_Sep_1723, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Joseph [152400] b.14_Jul_1744, Newbury MA d.15_Dec_1818, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Joseph [152437] b.28_Oct_1736, Amesbury MA d.29_Nov_1813, Warner NH

Sawyer, Joseph [152449] b.2_Feb_1771, Warner NH d.30_Jul_1856, Newport NH

Sawyer, Joseph [152457] b.18_Apr_1802, Warner NH

Sawyer, Joseph [152460] b.10_Apr_1809, Newport NH d.13_Aug_1857

Sawyer, Joseph [152757] b.19_Nov_1706, Newbury MA d.15_Jul_1749, Kingston NH

Sawyer, Joseph [152803] b.14_Aug_1678, Wells ME d.10_Aug_1703, Wells ME, killed by Indians

Sawyer, Joseph [152811] b.8_Dec_1706, Wells ME d.2_Mar_1774, Berwick ME

Sawyer, Joseph [152964] b.27_Sep_1791, Lisbon ME d.14_May_1882, Lisbon ME

Sawyer, Joseph [153152] b.1683, Lancaster MA d.10_Jul_1737, Lancaster MA

Sawyer, Joseph [153183] b.5_Dec_1721, Pomfret CT d.5_Jan_1791, Reading VT

Sawyer, Joseph [153196] b.1709, Lancaster MA d.9_May_1775, Harvard MA

Sawyer, Joseph [153206], Lyme CT d.9_Sep_1737

Sawyer, Joseph L. [152208] b.Apr_1839 d.12_Feb_1862, Civil War

Sawyer, Joshua [151777] b.23_Sep_1767, Amesbury MA d.2_Nov_1829, Hampstead NH

Sawyer, Joshua [152376] b.23_Feb_1683, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Joshua [152759] b.14_Dec_1711, Newbury MA d.17_Dec_1794, Hamstead NH

Sawyer, Joshua [153159] b.20_Jun_1684, Woburn MA d.1_Mar_1738, Woburn MA

Sawyer, Joshua [71294] b.13_Mar_1655, Lancaster MA d.14_Jul_1738, Woburn MA

Sawyer, Josiah [121566] b.7_Jan_1674/75, Marshfield MA d.15_Sep_1733, Little Compton RI

Sawyer, Josiah [121573] b.16_May_1725, Little Compton RI d.18_Sep_1792, Little Compton RI

Sawyer, Josiah [124682] b.16_Jun_1756, Little Compton RI d.Jan 1800

Sawyer, Josiah [152160] b.Mar_1815, Limington ME d.3_Jan_1816, Limington ME

Sawyer, Josiah [152375] b.20_Jan_1681, Newbury MA d.4_Apr_1756, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Josiah [152748] b.12_Apr_1709, Newbury MA d.10_Jun_1792, S. Hampton NH

Sawyer, Josiah Small [152163] b.31_Jul_1821, Limington ME

Sawyer, Judith [152398] b.17_Jun_1735, Newbury MA d.26_Jul_1737, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Judith [152414] b.9_Oct_1784, Newbury MA d.29_Jul_1807, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Judith [152450] b.14_Oct_1772, Warner NH d.2_Mar_1865

Sawyer, Judith [152470] b.3_Jan_1818, Sanbornton NH wife of Zackariah Scribner d.Dec_1865

Sawyer, Judith [152738] b.16_Oct_1701, Newbury MA d.20_Feb_1741, Newbury MA m.29_Nov_1723, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Judith [152874] b.5_Sep_1731 d.1_Sep_1822, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Judith Greenleaf [153119] [153119] b.6_May_1801, Newbury MA, Newburyport MA d.18_May_1835

Sawyer, Julia M. [152067] b.12_Nov_1845, Sweden ME m.14_Feb_1865, Fryeburg ME wife of Samuel Libby

Sawyer, Justin [152905] b.16_Jun_1781, Dover NH d.7_Dec_1809, Boston MA

Sawyer, Kathryn Upham [3454] b.3_Oct_1899

Sawyer, Kezia [152895] b.12_Jan_1762, Dover NH m.30_Apr_1800, Dover NH wife of Benjamin Kelly d. after 1800

Sawyer, Laban [153038] b.1809, Springfield NH

Sawyer, Lavinia [152939] b.28_Feb_1800, Alton NH d.4_Jul_1802

Sawyer, Leander [86296] b.1810

Sawyer, Lemuel [124678]

Sawyer, Lemuel [152035] b.23_Feb_1756, Falmouth ME

Sawyer, Leonard [153051], Wilmot NH

Sawyer, Leon Eugene [153061] b.7_Feb_1876, Manchester NH d.5_May_1953, Wilmot NH

Sawyer, Leon Ralph [153100] b.15_Jun_1907, Manchester NH d.8_Oct_1973, Indianapolis IN

Sawyer, Levi [152910] b.11_Aug_1791, Dover NH d.23_Nov_1868, Dover NH

Sawyer, Living [147165]

Sawyer, Living [161188] wife of Marion J. Dahlgren wife of Living Mount

Sawyer, Living [161189]

Sawyer, Lois [152452] b.18_Apr_1777, Warner NH

Sawyer, Lois [152464] b.19_Dec_1801, Newport NH m.1827, VT wife of William Abbott d.Jun_1862, Medford MN

Sawyer, Lois [152726] b. before 18_May_1755, Newbury MA d. before 1_Jan_1776

Sawyer, Lois [152727] b. befoe 11_Jul_1756, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Lois [152745] b.12_Jul_1718, Newbury MA m.Nov_1736, Newbury MA d.1799

Sawyer, Lois [152977] b.24_Jul_1769, Dover NH

Sawyer, Lorenda Bean [152469] b.6_Feb_1813, Hill NH m.4_Jul_1834, Groton NH wife of Ezekiel Sanborn d.Dec_1865

Sawyer, Louisa [152154] b.1825, Limington ME m.15_Sep_1854, Standish ME wife of Luther Whitney d.1880, Limington ME

Sawyer, Lucinda [152490] b.9_Aug_1788 d.8_Jun_1852

Sawyer, Lucretia M. [86297] b.15_Oct_1820 d.12_Apr_1839

Sawyer, Lucy Maria [152927] b.14_Jul_1809, Wakefield NH d.12_May_1910, unmarried

Sawyer, Luther [153013] b.1_Jun_1801, Newton NH d.1856, unmarried

Sawyer, Luther [153019] b.Nov_1831 d.5_Jan_1833

Sawyer, Luther Dearborn [152925] [152925] b.7_Mar_1803, Wakefield NH d.9_Jul_1884, Wakefield NH

Sawyer, Lydia [152314] b.29_May_1719, Newbury MA d.6_Mar_1737, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Lydia [152336] b.29_Jan_1738, Newbury MA m.10_Nov_1757, Newbury MA wife of Moses Kelly

Sawyer, Lydia [152743] b.29_Mar_1712, Newbury MA m.2_Apr_1747, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Lydia [152824] b.14_Aug_1710, Wells ME m.12_Nov_1729, Wells ME

Sawyer, Lydia [152896] b.30_Nov_1763, Dover NH wife of Jonathan Yeaton d. after 1792

Sawyer, Lydia [152912] b.20_Aug_1796, Dover NH d.9_Oct_1820

Sawyer, Lydia [153025] b.6_Nov 1773 m.19_Jun_1793 wife of Ebenezer Noyes

Sawyer, Lydia [153047] b.26_Dec_1797, Springfield NH

Sawyer, Lydia Hanson [153004] b.6_Jul_1781, Newbury MA d.4_Aug_1803, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Lydia Morse [152403] b.22_Aug_1804, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mabel Wyman [93394] b.31_Dec_1874 m.14_Oct_1897 wife of William Fordyce Rogers

Sawyer, Margaret [152353] b.1787 d.30_Oct_1880

Sawyer, Margaret F. [152233] b.28_Mar_1808, Cape Elizabeth ME m.1_Jan_1829 wife of Solomon T. Corser d.29_Jul_1894

Sawyer, Maria Melvina [3442] b.18_Jul_1865, Fond du Lac, WI m.2_Jun_1886 wife of Charles Curry Chase

Sawyer, Martha [124683] b.10_Sep_1757, Little Compton RI d.Mar_1775

Sawyer, Martha [152389] b.17_Feb_1707, Newbury MA m.16_May_1728, Newbury MA wife of Edmund Hale

Sawyer, Martha [153143] b.10_Aug_1673, Lancaster MA wife of John Woods d. before 1739

Sawyer, Martha [153161] b.26_Nov_1689, Woburn MA

Sawyer, Martha [153182] b.17_May_1719, Pomfret CT m.9_Nov_1745 wife of Joseph White

Sawyer, Martha [86299] b.23_Dec_1830, Shrewsbury MA m.12_Dec_1854 wife of Cheney Reed d.2_Sep_1901

Sawyer, Mary [121570] b.29_Aug_1714, Tiverton RI d. after 15_Sep_1733

Sawyer, Mary [151960], England m.8_Dec_1656, Ipswich MA wife of Robert Savory m.7_Nov_1648, Newbury MA wife of William Mitchell d.13_Dec_1704, Bradford MA

Sawyer, Mary [151980] b.1672, Ipswich MA d.Dec 1717

Sawyer, Mary [151992] b.16_Jul_1706, Gloucester MA, Falmouth ME wife of Stephen Randall d.10_May_1796, Cape Elizabeth ME

Sawyer, Mary [152029] b.15_Apr_1741, Falmouth ME m.1761 wife of Stephen Yeaton

Sawyer, Mary [152051] b.28_Oct_1766, Buxton ME m.10_Nov_1790, Buxton ME wife of William H. Elwell d.13_May_1802

Sawyer, Mary [152076] (Molly) b.Jun_1772, Buxton ME m.14_Mar_1793 wife of Jeremiah Deering d.21_Oct_1857

Sawyer, Mary [152252], Falmouth ME, Falmouth ME

Sawyer, Mary [152257] b.18_Oct_1676, Rowley MA d.20_Feb_1693, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Mary [152263] b.25_Sep_1705, Rowley MA d.22_Feb_1726, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Mary [152275] b.9_Jul_1715, Rowley MA m.Apr_1734, Rowley MA d.30_May_1796, MA

Sawyer, Mary [152286] b.7_Feb_1650, Newbury MA d.24_Jun_1659, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152291] b.29_Jul_1660, Newbury MA m.13_Jul_1683, Newbury MA wife of John Emery d.3_Nov_1699, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152301] b.12_Oct_1677, Marshfield MA

Sawyer, Mary [152312] b.25_Oct_1708, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152322] b.13_Jul_1714, Kittery ME d. Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152334] b.2_Mar_1729, Newbury MA m.5_Aug_1756, Newbury MA wife of John Blaisdell

Sawyer, Mary [152371] b.20_Jan_1672, Newbury MA m.29_Jun_1702, Newbury MA wife of Edward Woodman d.21_Jan_1744, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152392] b.3_Oct_1712, Newbury MA m.14_Oct_1730, Newbury MA wife of Smith Hills d.24_Jul_1744

Sawyer, Mary [152397] b.17_Aug_1732, Newbury MA d.17_Jul_1737, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152399] b.30_Mar_1739, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152415] b.24_Apr_1787, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152482] b.12_Mar_1766 d.24_May_1766

Sawyer, Mary [152728] b.25_Dec_1757, Newbury MA m.13_Sep_1779, Newbury MA wife of Joshua Follansbee

Sawyer, Mary [152758] b.29_Apr_1709, Newbury MA m.24_Sep_1729, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [152769] b.1_Feb_1724, Amesbury MA m.13_Feb_1743, Rowley MA

Sawyer, Mary [152809], Wells ME

Sawyer, Mary [152815] b.25_Mar_1717, Wells ME m.20_Apr_1751

Sawyer, Mary [152899] b.13_Nov_1771, Dover NH m.1793 wife of Abednego Robinson d.25_Feb_1853

Sawyer, Mary [152951] b.1_Jun_1753, Dover NH

Sawyer, Mary [153018] b.May_1829 d.30_Dec_1832

Sawyer, Mary [153029] b.23_May_1783, Plaistow NH

Sawyer, Mary [153072] b.11_Jan_1802, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [153104] b.11_Sep_1725, Newbury MA d.18_Oct_1756, Newbury MA

Sawyer, Mary [153145] b.30_Jan_1671, Lancaster MA m.1691-1692, Sudbury MA wife of Joshua Rice

Sawyer, Mary [153158], Woburn MA d.1766

Sawyer, Mary [153166] b.14_Sep_1707, Woburn MA m.26_Aug_1736, Woburn MA d.22_Nov_1783, Woburn MA

Sawyer, Mary [153172] b.17_Sep_1696, Marlborough MA d.17_Sep_1696, Marlborough MA

Sawyer, Mary [153180] b.11_Sep_1714, Pomfret CT m.25_May_1735 wife of John Atherton

Sawyer, Mary [153244] b.1708, Lancaster MA m.17_Feb_1729, Lancaster MA wife of Hezekiah Gates

Sawyer, Mary [64516] b.4_Jul_1652/53, Lancaster MA m.24_Nov_1673/74, Lancaster MA wife of Nathaniel Wilder d.1711

Sawyer, Mary Adeline [153093] b.25_Feb_1837, Newbury MA d.15_May_1864

Sawyer, Mary Ann [152071] b.27_Jul_1805, Buxton ME d.21_May_1881

Sawyer, Mary C. [94620] b.10_Nov_1833, West Haven VT d.20_Nov_1864, Hinesburg VT

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