Index part 267

Tayloe, Anna Catherina [164089] [164089] b.1688-1695 m.1717, Lancaster Co. VA wife of Samuel Ball d.1751

Tayloe, Ann Corbin [164071] b.25_Aug_1723

Tayloe, Anne Ogle [19330] wife of Henry Howell Lewis

Tayloe, Elizabeth [164070] (Betty) b.28_May_1721, Virginia m.29_Jul_1737 wife of Col. Richard Corbin d.1787

Tayloe, Elizabeth [164087] b.26_Jul_1686

Tayloe, John [164069] b.28_May_1721, Virginia d.12_Apr_1779, Richmond Co. VA

Tayloe, John [164088] b.15_Feb_1688, Lancaster Co. VA d.Nov_1747, Richmond Co. VA

Tayloe, William [164068] b.8_Jul_1716, Virginia d.8_May_1726

Tayloe, William [164090] b.30_Jul_1694 d.May_1770

Taylor, ________ [168335] b.1813, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, ________ [84588] wife of Samuel Fogwell

Taylor, ________ [84591] wife of _____ Penney

Taylor, ________ [84615] b.11_May_1823 d. stillborn

Taylor, ________ [84617] b.12_Aug_1827 d. stillborn

Taylor, Abel [83512] b.18_Jun_1822, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.5_Mar_1885, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Abraham [168332] b.1806, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Adelbert Lee Delbert [218032] [218032] b.5_Mar_1880, Poquoson, York Co. VA d.5_Jan_1906, Baltimore MD

Taylor, Albert [149817] b.1884

Taylor, Albert [83863]

Taylor, Alexander F. [30504] b.1807, VA d.1871

Taylor, Alfred Frederick [83510] [83510] b.2_Mar_1820, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Alice [30279] b.1730, VA wife of Anthony Winston

Taylor, Alice [30291] wife of Washington Berry

Taylor, Alice Custis [164723]

Taylor, Alice Maude [83791] b.1888 d.Mar_1889

Taylor, Alvira [45162] b.23_Jul_1831 d.22_May_1838, Rowe MA

Taylor, Alvira [45168] b.8_Aug_1844

Taylor, Anderson [29930] b.1761, VA d.1808

Taylor, Anita Marjory [44106] b.26_Nov_1897

Taylor, Ann [118460] b.1621, England m.1645, Amsterdam, Holland wife of Miles Cary d. before 13_Mar_1657, Windmill Point, Warwick Co. VA

Taylor, Ann [128807] b. after 1780

Taylor, Ann [165132]

Taylor, Ann [168333] b.29_Jun_1809, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.24_Jan_1874, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Ann [168349] b.13_Feb_1770, PA

Taylor, Ann [199398] (Nannie) b.1_May 1742, Petersburg VA wife of Theophilus Feild, Petersburg VA

Taylor, Ann [83542] b.1774, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.4_Feb_1855, Carbonear, NF, CAN m. Carbonear, NF, CAN wife of ________ Best

Taylor, Ann [84618]

Taylor, Anna [183103] b.1848, Pennsylvania

Taylor, Anna Keith [198965] m.17_Mar_1830 wife of John J. Royall

Taylor, Anna Maria [84616] d.14_Apr_1880

Taylor, Anne [165139], Hadleigh, Suffolk, England

Taylor, Anne [30072] b.12_Jan_1684/85, Caroline Co. VA wife of George Eastman

Taylor, Anne [30079] b.10_May_1721, Caroline Co. VA wife of William Sandridge d.10_Aug_1761

Taylor, Anne [30170] wife of ________ Berry

Taylor, Anne [31022] wife of Stephen D. Whittle

Taylor, Anne [31032] b.1761, VA

Taylor, Anne [84688]

Taylor, Anne Mackall [30189] b.1811 wife of Robert Wood d.1875

Taylor, Anne Pendleton [30323] [30323] wife of Frederick Edwards

Taylor, Annie [84679]

Taylor, Annie Gushue [84538] b.29_Sep_1891, Catalina, NF, CAN d.1977, Ottawa, ON, CAN, Edmonton, AB, CAN wife of Gordon Cardiff

Taylor, Annie Royal [164724]

Taylor, Ann Moors [83705]

Taylor, Archibald [83741] b.1849 d.1896

Taylor, Archibald [84584] b.1851 d.10_Mar_1896

Taylor, Archibald Lawrence [146044] [146044] b.20_Oct_1917

Taylor, Arla Ruth [67898] b. before 1924, Newton, IA wife of Richard Penly

Taylor, Arrabella [30364]

Taylor, Arthur [84596]

Taylor, Asa [124513]

Taylor, Augustus George [83714] [83714] b.27_Jun_1902, NF, CAN

Taylor, Barbara [195703]

Taylor, Barbara A. [218047] b.1939, New Jersey

Taylor, Benjamin [168348] b.18_May_1767, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.9_Jun_1833

Taylor, Benjamin [30143]

Taylor, Benjamin [30398]

Taylor, Benjamin [83499], Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Benoni [83637]

Taylor, Bernard G. [149816] b.1882

Taylor, Bertha Couch [83769] b.12_Apr_1915 m.1944 wife of Stephen Marouchoc d.Apr_1972

Taylor, Bessie J. [149814]

Taylor, Betty [30353] b.1854 wife of Walter R. Stauffer

Taylor, Bonsall [165156]

Taylor, Brett Scott [89142]

Taylor, Burnly [198954] b.12_Apr_1861

Taylor,, Capt. John [45158] of Northampton MA

Taylor, Caroline [84076] b.23_Oct_1845 d.19_Mar_1867, Carbonear, NF, CAN m.19_Mar_1867 wife of Simon Francis Pike

Taylor, Carter Berkeley [165158] [165158]

Taylor, Catherine [30081] b.30_Dec_1719, Caroline Co. VA m.4_Jul_1739 wife of Moses Penn d.4_Nov_1759

Taylor, Catherine [30383]

Taylor, Catherine [31029] b.1754, VA

Taylor, Catherine [84604]

Taylor, Catherine [84621] d.Dec_1834

Taylor, Catherine [84778] b.1870

Taylor, Catherine Isabella [83500] [83500] b.1863, Carbonear, NF, CAN m.22_Dec_1883, Carbonear, NF, CAN wife of Joseph C. Taylor d.23_Aug_1933, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Catherine Kay [33520] b.11_Mar_1972

Taylor, Catherine Tryphenia [84628] [84628] b.12_Jun_1823 m.27_Jun_1843 wife of Charles Forward d.23_May_1860

Taylor, C. F. [84697]

Taylor, Charles [30149]

Taylor, Charles [30439]

Taylor, Charles Alexander [198945] [198945] b.22_Feb_1847

Taylor, Charlotte Laura [83939] [83939] m.12_Oct_1834 wife of Abraham A. Pierce

Taylor, Clara Elizabeth [84612] [84612]

Taylor, Clarence Woolfolk [198959] [198959] b.17_Aug_1870 d.17_Jan_1955, Hanover Co. VA

Taylor, Clement [83774] b.30_Aug_1922 d.2_Mar_1926

Taylor, Colin [84678]

Taylor, Colin [84691] b.1931

Taylor, Colin F. C. [84659] (Frederick Campbell) b.1862 d.1937

Taylor,, Col. John [30077] b.11_Nov_1696, Caroline Co. VA d.22_Mar_1780, Granville Co. NC

Taylor,, Col. John [31012] b.1753, VA d.1824, VA

Taylor, Cornelia [84581] b.13_Mar_1835

Taylor, Cornelia Chancey [84662] [84662]

Taylor, Cornelius M. Jr. [89139] [89139]

Taylor, Coulby [30384]

Taylor, Danford [45167] b.29_Apr_1841 d.10_Sep_1908, Norfolk NE

Taylor, David [168409] b.17_Dec_1775, Unionville, Chester Co. PA d.1810, Laurel Dam

Taylor, David [52326] b.11_May_1814 d.17_Nov_1862

Taylor, David [84694] b.1940

Taylor, Dennis [149353]

Taylor, Dinah [65484] b.27_Mar_1727 m.10_Apr_1751 wife of Ross Wyman d.15_Nov_1759

Taylor, Dinah Marie [84630] b.1829 d.1880

Taylor, Donald [83668] b.1895, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.17_Jan_1913, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Donald Ray [94934] b.18_Oct_1935

Taylor, Douglas [84654] b.1855 d.28_Aug_1884

Taylor,, Dr. Robert Randolph [165152] [165152]

Taylor,, Dr. Samuel Vannah [201413] [201413] b.1830 d.1893

Taylor, Drusilla Anna [52360] b.8_Dec_1844

Taylor, Duncan Joseph [84528] b.11_Oct_1851

Taylor, Edgar [84077] b.12_Sep_1847, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.6_Mar_1932, Stratford, ON, CAN

Taylor, Edgar Fielding [84645] [84645] b.1852 d.24_Mar_1879

Taylor, Edgar Stuart [84533] b.29_Jul_1880, Port De Grave, NF, CAN d.19_Jun_1950, Lamont, AB, CAN

Taylor, Edith [83720] b.Aug_1876, NF, CAN

Taylor, Edith Pask [84544] b.9_Oct_1915, Kerrobert, SK, CAN m.3_Aug_1945, Edmonton, AB, CAN wife of Donald Hugh Gunn

Taylor, Edmonia [165164] wife of Wallace Byrd

Taylor, Edmund [29945] b.1763, VA

Taylor, Edmund [30075] b.5_Jul_1690, Caroline Co. NC

Taylor, Edmund [30082] b.5_Jul_1723, VA d.1808

Taylor, Edmund [30137]

Taylor, Edmund [30178]

Taylor, Edmund [30295]

Taylor, Edmund [30371]

Taylor, Edmund Carter [165154] [165154] b.Feb_1821 d.31_Jul_1873

Taylor, Edmund Carter [165159] [165159]

Taylor, Edmund Keith [198958] b.21_Sep_1868 d.9_Jun_1912

Taylor, Edmund P. [30499] b.1790, VA d.s.p.

Taylor, Edmund Pendleton [30500] [30500] b.1791, VA d.1840

Taylor, Edmunia [30514]

Taylor, Edward [137905]

Taylor, Edward [5809]

Taylor, Edward [83922] b.1803 d.19_Feb_1867

Taylor, Edward [84634]

Taylor, Edward Hancock [30117] [30117] b.1827 d.1895

Taylor, Edward Heighington [83854] [83854] b.7_Aug_1838

Taylor, Edward Nicole [83740] b.1847 d.1926

Taylor, Edwin [31018]

Taylor, Eldad [5795] b.10_Apr_1708, Westfield d.21_May_1777, Boston

Taylor, Eleanor [201405] b.1733, York Co. VA

Taylor, Eleazer [65406] b.1700 d.20_Sep_1753, Shrewsbury, MA

Taylor, Eleazer [65408] b.11_Apr_1678, Marlborogh, MA d.7_Jun_1734, Marlborogh, MA

Taylor, Elijah Morgan [149815] [149815] b.1880

Taylor, Eliza [29946] b.1767, VA

Taylor, Eliza [29988] wife of Jonathan E. Spilman

Taylor, Eliza [30330] wife of N. W. Casey

Taylor, Eliza [31023]

Taylor, Eliza [36502] b.1859 m.12_Oct_1876 wife of James S. Alley

Taylor, Elizabeth [136867] b.8_Nov_1712, Jamacia, West Indies m.27_Jun_1729, Boston MA wife of Nathaniel Greene

Taylor, Elizabeth [165126] b.10_Jun_1694 d.11_Jun_1694

Taylor, Elizabeth [165138], Hadleigh, Suffolk, England

Taylor, Elizabeth [168353] b.1783 wife of James Pyle d.1834

Taylor, Elizabeth [30073] b.1685, VA

Taylor, Elizabeth [30089] b.9_Jul_1735, Caroline Co. VA m.25_Dec_1752, Townsville, Granville Co. NC wife of Col. James B. Lewis wife of ________ Bullock d.21_Jan_1814, Granville Co. NC

Taylor, Elizabeth [30158] b.1755, VA wife of Andrew Glassell d.1828, VA

Taylor, Elizabeth [30179]

Taylor, Elizabeth [30283]

Taylor, Elizabeth [30290] wife of Thomas Minor

Taylor, Elizabeth [30376]

Taylor, Elizabeth [30381]

Taylor, Elizabeth [30408] wife of ________ Pendleton

Taylor, Elizabeth [30512]

Taylor, Elizabeth [31011] wife of ________ Johnson

Taylor, Elizabeth [36499] b.1852 m.14_Oct_1873 wife of Isaac Taylor

Taylor, Elizabeth [5808] wife of Andrew Perkins

Taylor, Elizabeth [83511], Carbonear, NF, CAN m.7_Jan_1841 wife of John Gushue

Taylor, Elizabeth [83547] b.9_Jan_1789 Carbonear, NF, CAN wife of ________ Rumson

Taylor, Elizabeth [83659]

Taylor, Elizabeth [83776] b.26_Nov_1926 wife of Edward Tipsword

Taylor, Elizabeth [83788] b.8_Mar_1794

Taylor, Elizabeth [84572] b.1823 m.2_Jan_1845 wife of Israel McNeill d.26_May_1907

Taylor, Elizabeth [84661] wife of Richard Tucker

Taylor, Elizabeth Ann [84487]

Taylor, Elizabeth Anne [84803] [84803] b.1949 m.Jun_1974 wife of Jerry Rey Elrod

Taylor, Elizabeth G. [30436]

Taylor, Elizabeth Jane [84043] [84043]

Taylor, Elizabeth Lee [29980] b.1792 wife of Gibson Taylor d.1845

Taylor, Elizabeth Lee [30369]

Taylor, Elizabeth Randolph [165171] [165171] wife of Charles D. Taylor

Taylor, Elizabeth S. [198951] b.18_Jul_1857

Taylor, Ella May [83770] b.6_Jul_1916 m.17_Jun_1946 wife of James Rees

Taylor, Ellen [137367] wife of Robert Moore

Taylor, Ellen [165146] b.6_Aug_1537, Hadley, Middlesex, England d.9_May_1579

Taylor, Ellen [168339]

Taylor, Ellen [67903] b. West Covina, CA

Taylor, Elsie [84788] b.16_Mar_1899 m.8_Sep_1923 wife of George E F Adams d.Jul_1972

Taylor, Elsie [84806]

Taylor, Elsie Ruth [83777] b.15_Aug_1928 wife of Ronald Tilley

Taylor, Emily [29983] b.1801 wife of John S. Allison

Taylor, Emily [84624] b.25_May_1840 d.20_Dec_1841

Taylor, Emily Allison [30329] wife of Lafayette McLaws

Taylor, Emily Morris [165170] m.1878 wife of James W. Taylor

Taylor, Erasmus [30132] b.1715, VA d.1794, VA

Taylor, Erasmus [30515]

Taylor, Ernest [84534] b.10_Feb_1882, Bay Roberts, NF, CAN d.1893, Winnepeg, MB, CAN

Taylor, Ernest W [84594] b.1860 d.Mar_1880

Taylor, Estelle [84786] b.7_May_1896 m.15_Jul_1924 wife of Harry B Fraser d.Jun_1955

Taylor, Eugene [84587]

Taylor, Eugene W [84044] b.20_Nov_1836 d.18_Aug_1908

Taylor, Eunice Ann [146047]

Taylor, Evelina M. [30444]

Taylor, Evelyn [30365]

Taylor, Fanny Williamson [165165] [165165] wife of John J Terry

Taylor, Farley Berkeley [165163] [165163]

Taylor, Fay [39297] b.13_Sep_1913, Provo, UT m.14_Feb_1935, Salt Lake City, UT wife of LaVell C. Gamett

Taylor, Felix [30183]

Taylor, Fielding [84699] b.13_Oct_1889

Taylor, Frances [29947] b.1771, VA m.15_Jan_1789 wife of Nathaniel Moore d.26_Jan_1815

Taylor, Frances [30127] b.20_Aug_1700, Rapidan, Orange Co. VA m.24_Aug_1721, Rapidan, Orange Co. VA wife of Ambrose Madison d.25_Oct_1761, Montpelier, Hanover Co. VA

Taylor, Frances [30163] b.1766, VA wife of Garland Burnley

Taylor, Frances [30282]

Taylor, Frances [30518] b.1839 d.s.p.

Taylor, Frances B. [168330] b.6_Sep_1801, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.16_Sep_1870, Pennsbury Twp., Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Frances Kate [149822] b.1894

Taylor, Francis [30138]

Taylor, Francis [30173]

Taylor, Francis [30277]

Taylor, Francis [30372]

Taylor, Francis [83316] b.1873 d.16_Aug_1880

Taylor, Francis [83657] b.26_Dec_1814 d.7_Jan_1886

Taylor, Francis [83923] b.1805 d.16_Aug_1880

Taylor, Francis Llewelyn [83715] [83715] b.10_Aug_1904, NF, CAN

Taylor, Francis Richard [84632] [84632] b.1831

Taylor, Frank [30391]

Taylor, Frank Gordon [84540] d. Exploits, NF, CAN

Taylor, Frederick Hayward [84583] [84583] b.18_Apr_1848

Taylor, Frederick Henderson [84539] [84539] b.4_Dec_1896, Trinity, NF, CAN d.Sep_1972, Stratford, ON, CAN

Taylor, Frederick Richard [83636] [83636] b.15_Apr_1819 d.28_May_1897, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Garrett [52361] b.3_Nov_1846 d.14_Dec_1881

Taylor, G. B. [149818] d. age 2

Taylor, George [165149] b.17_Dec_1546, Hadley, Middlesex, England

Taylor, George [29979] b.1790 d.s.p.

Taylor, George [30130] b.1711, VA d.1792, VA

Taylor, George [30136]

Taylor, George [30165] d. young

Taylor, George [30171]

Taylor, George [31016]

Taylor, George [31025] d.s.p.

Taylor, George [83508] b.9_Mar_1815, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, George [84535] b.6_Dec_1883, Bay Roberts, NF, CAN d.Apr_1954, Pacific Ocean

Taylor, George [84589]

Taylor, George [84609] b.3_May_1819

Taylor, George Best [83661]

Taylor, George Conway [30148]

Taylor, George David Sr. [218028] [218028] b.21_Mar_1868, Poquoson, York Co. VA d.22_Oct_1918, Newport News VA

Taylor, George Francis [30440] [30440]

Taylor, George Frederick [84529] [84529] b.25_May_1855

Taylor, George Hayward [84488] [84488] b.8_Dec_1815 d.29_Apr_1882

Taylor, George Hayward [84574] [84574] b.1815 d.31_Oct_1885

Taylor, George Keith [198940] b.3_Oct_1831 d.22_Aug_1903

Taylor, George W. [201224] b.1903, Virginia

Taylor, Gertrude [83666] b.15_Apr_1890 d. before 1900

Taylor, Gibson [30144]

Taylor, Gibson [30177]

Taylor, Gilbert [30185]

Taylor, Graham [84680]

Taylor, Gwyneth [67902] b. West Covina, CA

Taylor, Gwyneth [67919] b. Sussex Co., England wife of ________ Hamel

Taylor, Hancock [29976] b.29_Jan_1781, VA d.29_Mar_1841

Taylor, Hancock [30152] d.1774, KY

Taylor, Hannah [168407] b.7_Nov_1768, Newlin Twp, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Hannah [30133] b.1718, VA wife of Nicholas Battaile

Taylor, Hannah [67409] b.1691 m.22_Mar_1716, Connecticut wife of Jacob Loomis d.26_Aug_1766

Taylor, Hannah [94828] b.1_Oct_1836 d.8_Apr_1864, Knox Co. OH m.22_Dec_1854, Knox Co. OH wife of John Wyman

Taylor, Hannah Allen [30119] b.1835 wife of Charles T. Hawes d.1889

Taylor, Harold O. [84783] b.23_Jan_1891

Taylor, Harriet [30441]

Taylor, Harriett [84565] b.1796 d.1797

Taylor, Harriett [84568] b.18_Apr_1816 d.17_Jan_1834

Taylor, Harrison [198960] b.15_Jan_1872

Taylor, Hayward [84593]

Taylor, Hayward [84675]

Taylor, Hayward William [84665] [84665]

Taylor, Heather [84814] b.15_Jun_1972

Taylor, Hedly [84595]

Taylor, Helen [84686]

Taylor, Helen Bonsall [165168] [165168] wife of Bryant Gallagher

Taylor, Henry [56172] b. England

Taylor, Henry [83754] b.1792 d.25_Mar_1847

Taylor, Henry [84605] d.30_May_1847

Taylor, Henry Clayton [84626] b.8_Jul_1842

Taylor, Henry Hayward [84555]

Taylor, Henry Hayward [84571] b.7_Jun_1822

Taylor, Henry Hayward Jr [84562] [84562] b.1775 d.2_Jun_1855

Taylor, Henry Jr. [169698]

Taylor, Henry Tucker [84576] b.1850 d.Jun_1879

Taylor, Henry Willis [168338]

Taylor, Hepzibah [65405] b.15_Mar_1736/37, Shrewsbury M m.8_Jun_1771 wife of Nathan Howe

Taylor, Herbert [83708]

Taylor, Herbert [84614] b.6_Nov_1820

Taylor, Herbert [84785] b.24_Dec_1894 d.14_Jul_1928

Taylor, Herbert John [83664] b.6_Aug_1862, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Howard [30505] b.1810, VA d.1833, d.s.p.

Taylor, Howell [29942] b.1754, VA

Taylor, Hubbard [30289] b. VA d.1842, KY

Taylor, Huldah [124512]

Taylor, Ian [84805]

Taylor, Irene [84668] b.12_Dec_1894 d.6_Jun_1981

Taylor, Isaac [168404], Kennett Mtg., Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Isaac Jesse [52363] b.28_Dec_1854

Taylor, Isaac L. [45164] b.23_Jan_1837 d.2_Jul_1863, Gettysburg PA, battle of Gettysburg

Taylor, Isabella [30088] b.26_Jun_1725, Caroline Co. VA m.25_Jun_1750 wife of Samuel Hopkins

Taylor, Isabella [83771] b.2_Aug_1918, NF, CAN m.17_Jun_1946 wife of Roy Parsons d.Feb_1970

Taylor, Jabez [124518]

Taylor, Jackie [67869] b. Sussex Co., England

Taylor, Jacob [168346] b.13_Feb_1760, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.30_May_1838

Taylor, Jacob [168410] b.11_Apr_1754, Chester Co. PA d.1828, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, James [137903] b. before 1663, Accomack Co. VA, Accomack Co. VA

Taylor, James [183101] carpenter, E. Nottingham twp., Chester Co. PA, 1850 b.1828, Pennsylvania

Taylor, James [30065] b.12_Feb_1614/15, Pennington Castle, Carlisle, Cumberland, England d.10_Sep_1698, New Kent Co. VA

Taylor, James [30068] b.1668, Virginia d. infancy

Taylor, James [30069] b.14_Mar_1673/74, New Kent Co. VA d.23_Jan_1729/30, Orange Co. NC

Taylor, James [30084] b.7_Sep_1729, Caroline Co. VA

Taylor, James [30126] b.1704, VA d.1784, VA

Taylor, James [30145] b.1738, VA d.1798, VA

Taylor, James [30174]

Taylor, James [30278]

Taylor, James [30284]

Taylor, James [30297]

Taylor, James [30403]

Taylor, James [31034] b.1765, VA

Taylor, James [67904] b. West Covina, CA

Taylor, James [83313] b.21_Oct_1838, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.19_Jun_1930, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, James [83707]

Taylor, James [84646] b.1854 d.23_Mar_1877

Taylor, James [84685]

Taylor, James Adams [67870] b. Sussex Co., England

Taylor, James Brendon [149831] [149831]

Taylor, James Harry "Capt Jim" [218029] Taylor [218029] b.14_Jan_1870, Poquoson, York Co. VA d.27_Apr_1942, Tabb, York Co. VA

Taylor, James Hobson [149828]

Taylor, James Hobson III [149830] [149830]

Taylor, James Hobson Jr. [149829] [149829]

Taylor, James Marshall [198938] [198938] b.26_Apr_1822, Taylorsville, Hanover Co. VA d.9_Sep_1901, Richmond VA

Taylor, James Richard [84608]

Taylor, James Spencer [149820] [149820] b.1890

Taylor, James Winston [198949] [198949] b.28_Jan_1854

Taylor, Jane [165131] b.25_Dec_1609, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

Taylor, Jane [30067] b.27_Dec_1668

Taylor, Jane [30162] b.1766, VA wife of Charles P. Howard

Taylor, Jane [52362] b.21_Oct_1852

Taylor, Jane [83827] m.4_Feb_1851 wife of William N. Parsons

Taylor, Jane [83864]

Taylor, Jane [83941]

Taylor, Jane C [84042] b.24_Dec_1832 d.24_Dec_1842

Taylor, Jane F. [30503] b.1800, VA d.1867, d.s.p.

Taylor, Janet [83779] b.5_Sep_1936 wife of G. William Swanson

Taylor, Janet [84651] b.1840 d.16_Oct_1874

Taylor, Janet Karen [58732] b.19_Jul_1956, Lynwood CA

Taylor, Janie [149823]

Taylor, Janie Maude [84537] b.3_Mar_1888, Pelican, NF, CAN d.25_Mar_1975, Fredricton, NB, CAN wife of Albert McKinnon

Taylor, Jaquelin [30502] b.1797, VA d.1872, d.s.p.

Taylor, Jennifer [59425] b.14_Mar_1974, Downey CA

Taylor, Jeremiah Nathan [58865] [58865] b.1_Jan_1977, Wichita KS

Taylor, Jerusha Elizabeth [169699] [169699] wife of Benjamin Allen Lowery

Taylor, Jesse [168406] b.7_Jun_1766, Newlin Twp, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Jesse [59424] b.18_Jan_1972, Downey CA

Taylor, Jesse Melina [84779] b.1872 d.1901

Taylor, Jessie Louise [84467] b.21_Aug_1867 m.30_May_1889 wife of John Charles Pike

Taylor, Jimmy [149354]

Taylor, Joanna Hayward [83710] [83710]

Taylor, John [124515]

Taylor, John [128806] b. after 1780

Taylor, John [136866] b.30_Aug_1704, Boston MA d.26_Jan_1748/49, Milton MA

Taylor, John [165124] b.12_Jan_1683/84 d. in infancy

Taylor, John [165130] b.10_Aug_1607, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

Taylor, John [168326] b.16_Nov_1793, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.1_Jan_1869, New Albany IN

Taylor, John [168347] b.10_Sep_1762, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.13_Dec_1850, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, John [218026] b.1860, Elizabeth City Co. VA

Taylor, John [29933] b.1773, VA d.1847

Taylor, John [29943] b.1756, VA

Taylor, John [30076] b.1692, VA d. in infancy

Taylor, John [30083] b.17_Jul_1727, Caroline Co. VA d.26_Oct_1787, Granville Co. NC

Taylor, John [30140]

Taylor, John [30160] b.1760, VA

Taylor, John [30269]

Taylor, John [30404]

Taylor, John [31017]

Taylor, John [31033] b.1763, VA d.1792

Taylor, John [67901], West Covina, CA

Taylor, John [83545] b.4_Dec_1783, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, John [83656] b.1812 d.25_Jul_1870

Taylor, John Charles [83514]

Taylor, John Gibson [30331]

Taylor, John H. [218022] b.30_Dec_1853, Elizabeth City Co. VA

Taylor, John M. [30186]

Taylor, John M. [30187]

Taylor, John M. [30196]

Taylor, John McLean [30361]

Taylor, John Penn [31024]

Taylor, John Pike [83917] d.10_Jul_1853

Taylor, John Robert [165183] b.1883

Taylor, John Robert [198939] b.28_Jul_1825, Taylorsville, Hanover Co. VA d.15_Mar_1904, Taylorsville, Hanover Co. VA

Taylor, John Shelby [94933]

Taylor, John Stubb [84625] b.28_Oct_1841

Taylor, John W. [198948] b.3_May 1852

Taylor, John W. [84586]

Taylor, John Wesley [83862]

Taylor, Jonathan [30146] b.1742, VA

Taylor, Jonathan [30169]

Taylor, Jonathan [45153] b.4_Nov_1759, Deerfield MA d.3_Aug_1835, Heath MA

Taylor, Jonathan [45155], Deerfield MA d.22_Feb_1801, Heath MA

Taylor, Jonathan [45163] b.19_Aug_1835, Heath MA d.10_Nov_1902, Fall Brook CA

Taylor, Jonathan [83507], Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Jonathan [83722] b.1848, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.1888, NF, CAN

Taylor, Jonathan Hastings [45151] [45151] b.4_Jan_1805 d.8_Jul_1895, Prairie City IL

Taylor, Jonathan Moors [83548] [83548]

Taylor, Joseph [168327] b.8_Sep_1795, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.22_Jun_1885, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Joseph [168351] b.24_Apr_1776, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d. before 1808, Centre Co. PA

Taylor, Joseph [168401] b.18_Sep_1751, Kennett Mtg., Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Joseph [30086] b.19_Feb_1741/42, Caroline Co. VA

Taylor, Joseph [31045]

Taylor, Joseph [83513]

Taylor, Joseph [83544] d.30_Dec_1820, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Joseph [83918] b.1794 d.14_Dec_1796

Taylor, Joseph [83919] b.1797, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.11_Mar_1879

Taylor, Joseph [84553] d.1780

Taylor, Joseph Chancey [83662] [83662] b.31_Oct_1857, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.16_Jul_1907, Carbonear, NF, CAN

Taylor, Joseph Chancey [84620] [84620] b.1830

Taylor, Joseph Donald [83772] b.6_Apr_1920

Taylor, Joseph Hancock [30363] [30363]

Taylor, Joseph Hayward [84564] [84564] b.1795 d.3_May_1882

Taylor, Joseph Hayward [84582] [84582] b.1839 d.18_Jun_1885

Taylor, Josephine [168340] b.3_Mar_1839 d.28_Feb_1844

Taylor, Josephine Pannill [30327] [30327] d.s.p.

Taylor, Joseph Pannill [29981] [29981] b.1796, KY d.1864, Washington, DC

Taylor, Joseph Victor [84490] d.21_Jun_1865

Taylor, Joseph Walker [29989] b.1826

Taylor, Joseph William [83711] [83711]

Taylor, Joshua [168328] b.31_Aug_1797, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.27_Jan_1873, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA

Taylor, Joshua [168350] b.4_Jul_1771, Kennett Twp, Chester Co. PA d.7_Aug_1827

Taylor, Josiah [84660]

Taylor, Joyce Isabelle [146045] [146045] b.2_Nov_1925 wife of Horace Ashton

Taylor, Judson [45166] (Adoniram) b.15_Feb_1840 d.28_Nov_1864, Vicksburg MI, in camp

Taylor, Julia [83635] b.1810 d.28_Jan_1869

Taylor, Julia [83921] b.1801 wife of Thomas Chancey II d.5_Aug_1846

Taylor, Julia Lydia [83669] b.14_Jun_1897, Carbonear, NF, CAN d.10_Jul_1991, Foam Lake, SK, CAN wife of George Boyd King

Taylor, Kate Carter [165153]

Taylor, Kate Carter [165172] b.15_Mar_1855 m.4_Feb_1880 wife of James T. Redd d.10_Oct_1880

Taylor, Kathryn [89140] wife of Carey Greaham

Taylor, Keturah L. [43603] wife of Horatio T. Harris

Taylor, Kevin [67925] b. CA

Taylor, Knox Pendleton [143402] [143402]

Taylor, Larua Jeanette [218030] [218030] b.8_Aug_1872, Poquoson, York Co. VA m.25_Apr_1888, Virginia wife of Thomas L. Saunders d.29_Sep_1934, Elizabeth City Co. VA

Taylor, Laura [83851] wife of George V. Parsons

Taylor, Laura Marion [84780] b.1875 d.1956

Taylor, Lavinia [83853] b.22_Jul_1835

Taylor, Lavinia Ann [84573]

Taylor, Lavinia Julia [84494]

Taylor, Lavinia Julia [84623] b.1837 m.17_Jul_1856 wife of Joshua Pike

Taylor, Leslie [84787] b.27_Sep_1897

Taylor, Lester [84692] b.1932

Taylor, Lewis [29940] b.1751, VA

Taylor, Lilian [84676]

Taylor, Lillian [67871] b.3_Dec, Newhaven, Sussex Co., England wife of ________ Butcher d. Iowa

Taylor, Lily May [84536] b.8_Oct_1885, Hant's Harbour, NF, Canada m.Jul_1922, Edmonton, AB, CAN wife of Francis Frost d. Regina, SK, CAN

Taylor, Linus [45171] b.26_Aug_1849 d.24_May_1928, Galesburg IL

Taylor, Living [134480]

Taylor, Living [164727]

Taylor, Living [164728]

Taylor, Living [164729]

Taylor, Living [164730]

Taylor, Living [164731]

Taylor, Living [193644]

Taylor, Living [202791] wife of Living Hunt

Taylor, Living [202792] wife of Living Mahanes

Taylor, Living [202793]

Taylor, Living [202803]

Taylor, Living [202804]

Taylor, Living [211687]

Taylor, Living [217804] autosomal DNA by

Taylor, Living [225985]

Taylor, Living [225987] Hogg DNA Project ID ATA0325

Taylor, Lorenzo [83866]

Taylor, Louisa [83944]

Taylor, Louisa [84491]

Taylor, Louisa [84598] b.1859 d.23_Apr_1860

Taylor, Louisa [84656] b.5_May_1859 d.23_Apr_1860

Taylor, Louise Margaret [30352] [30352] b.1852 d.1901, d.s.p.

Taylor, Lucinda [30501] b.1794, VA d.1867, d.s.p.

Taylor, Lucy [30159] b.1757, VA wife of Alexander Balmaine

Taylor, Lucy [30288] wife of ________ Eubank

Taylor, Lucy [30387]

Taylor, Lucy [30396]

Taylor, Lucy Landon [165166] wife of George Alley wife of Charles Clarke

Taylor, Lucy Penn [31021] m.1847 wife of Charles Carter Lee

Taylor, Lydia [168337]

Taylor, Lydia Dawn [58866] b.21_Mar_1980, Wichita KS

Taylor, Mabel Louise [67872], Newhaven, Sussex Co., England

Taylor, Mamie [84677]

Taylor, Manda May [94935] b.13_Feb_1938

Taylor, Manita Louise [94936] b.13_Feb_1938

Taylor, Margaret [137913] wife of Samuel Melson

Taylor, Margaret [165128] b.10_Sep_1603, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

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