Index part 148

Hogue, Mary Ann [199870] b.3_Feb_1835, Belmont Co. OH m.12_Feb_1857, Belmont Co. OH wife of Samuel K. Musgrove d.1900, Hartsburt, Logan Co. IL

Hogue, Mary Ann [214930] b.Oct_1905 d.1905

Hogue, Mary Ann [217361] b.6_Jul_1852, Warren Co. IL d.25_Jan_1902, Nebraska

Hogue, Mary Ann [221035] b.15_Dec_1916, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA m.25_Nov_1938, New Castle, wife of Norman P. Travers d.11_May_2002, Austintown, Mahoning Co. OH

Hogue, Mary Ann [222000] b.31_Jan_1868, Saney Lake, Mercer Co. PA m.30_Jun_1885, Venango Co. PA wife of David G. Hughes m.8_Sep_1910, Buffalo, Erie Co. NY wife of Edgar M. Whetzel d.1953, Cooperstown, Venango CO. PA

Hogue, Mary Caroline [179699] b.13_Dec_1827, Georgia m.4_Jan_1844, Tennessee wife of Jesse Price m.24_Aug_1858 wife of Malcomb Bass

Hogue, Mary Catharine [185757] [185757]

Hogue, Mary Clemenza [155749] b.6_Oct_1849, Perry AL d. before 1860

Hogue, Mary E. [183779] b.7_May_1862, Illinois d. before 1870

Hogue, Mary E. [203280] b.Feb_1897, Gerogia

Hogue, Mary E. [226350] parents not proved, DO NOT COPY b.1828, South Carolina m.29_Sep_1848, Fayette Co. TN wife of George W. Irvin, Hardeman Co. TN

Hogue, Mary Elizabeth [182747] [182747] b.1831, South Carolina

Hogue, Mary Elizabeth [216359] [216359] b.4_Mar_1847, Hardeman Co. TN d.27_Apr_1928, Seminole, Seminole Co. OK

Hogue, Mary Elizabeth [225761] [225761] b.1855, Keosauqua, Van Buren Co. IA d.1940, Denver CO

Hogue, Mary Ellen [204207] b.25_May_1847, Centerville, Wayne Co. IN wife of Charles Dunkel d.1946, Gray Co. TX

Hogue, Mary Ellen [221009] b.Jun_1884, Lawrence Co. PA wife of Reese A. Lewis d.1949

Hogue, Mary Grace [204219] b.6_May_1880, Grayson Co. TX d.10_May_1883, Grayson Co. TX

Hogue, Mary H. [221925] b.Jan_1894, Michigan wife of Charels H. Hill d.1982

Hogue, Mary Inez [217370] b.Oct_1977, Illinois

Hogue, Mary J. [185845] b.Aug_1879

Hogue, Mary Jackson [199634] b.1_May_1815, Chester Co. PA never married

Hogue, Mary Jane [183791] b. 1845 Warren Co, Illinois d. 15 AUG 1912 Francisco, Gibson Co, Indiana m. 28 OCT 1864 wife of William Henry Stormont

Hogue, Mary Jane [214172] b.1842, York Co. SC m.2_May_1861, York Co. SC wife of James A. Smith d. after 1880

Hogue, Mary Jane [214271] b.1850 d.1934

Hogue, Mary Jane [217855] b.29_Apr_1874, Junction City, Boyle Co. KY d.30_Jul_1912, Mercer Co. KY

Hogue, Mary Jane [219144] b.1852, Texas, Franklin Co. AR

Hogue, Mary Jane "Missie" [217884] [217884] b.1856, Macon, Macon Co. MO

Hogue, Mary Jo [182914] b.9_Oct_1912, Whitney, St._Clair Co. AL m.8_Mar_1931, Alabama City, Etowah Co. AL wife of Wesley D. Rogers d.26_Dec_2001

Hogue, Mary Katherine [221042] [221042] wife of James T. Stevenson

Hogue, Mary L. [199670], Lycoming Co. PA wife of John N. Shoemaker

Hogue, Mary Louise [155727] b.1812, York Co. SC m.Sep_1829 wife of James C. Scott d.17_Oct_1851, Perry AL

Hogue, Mary Lucretia [223654] b.19_Dec_1881, Mercer Co. PA wife of George W. Chilson d.13_Jul_1935, Sharon, Mercer Co. PA

Hogue, Mary Lula [192860] b.5_Jun_1880, Leake Co. MS m.31_Jul_1900, Carthage, Leake Co. MS wife of Thomas L. McNair d.29_Jun_1937, Leake Co. MS

Hogue, Mary M. [188578], Arkansas

Hogue, Mary M. [221492] b.1_Jan_1836, Ohio m.29_Sep_1867, Berrien, Berrien Co. MI wife of John W. Flewelling d.7_Sep_1915, Pokagon, Case Co. MI

Hogue, Mary M. [226201] b.1859, Pennsylvania d.7_Nov_1933, Oil City, Venango Co. PA

Hogue, Mary Magdlean [217914] b.15_Aug_1901, Kentucky d.19_Dec_1924, Casey Co. KY

Hogue, Mary Mariah [219090] b.13_Jul_1870, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL

Hogue, Mary Maude [185857] b.18_Jun_1888

Hogue, Mary Neil [217686] b.15_Aug_1945 d.2002, Texas

Hogue, Mary Patience [209085] b.Jun_1865-1867, Fentress Co. TN wife of Isaac L. Madewell d.1910, Fentress Co. TN

Hogue, Mary Paulina [217838] b.1820, Kentucky d.1870, Casey Co. KY

Hogue, Mary "Polly" H [184112] b.21_Jul_1806, Tennessee m.22_Sep_1825, Gibson Co. IN wife of Jacob Brazelton d.30_May_1858, Kirkwood, Warren Co. IL, killeed in The Ellison Cyclone

Hogue, Mary "Poly" [217830] b.1800, Caswell Co. NC d.2_Oct_1870, Coles Co. IL

Hogue, Mary Priscilla [222890] [222890] b.1877, Lincoln Co. KY d.1879, Lincoln Co. KY

Hogue, Mary R. [182760] b.27_Jun_1880 d.10_Sep_1887, Monticello, Drew Co. AR

Hogue, Mary Sansom [167209] b.1826, Draketown, Haralson Co. GA wife of Samuel Sewell, Texas

Hogue, Mary Stewart "Polly" [205439] [205439] b.17_May_1784, Columbia CO. GA m.1_Aug_1806, Oglethorpe Co. GA wife of Edward L. Thomas d.12_Jun_1861, Oxford, Newton Co. GA

Hogue, Mary Susan [185786] b.27_Aug_1908 wife of James R. Tims

Hogue, Mary Susan [214190] b.1861 d.1934

Hogue, Mary Susan [217882] b.1850, Macon, Macon Co. MO d.29_Apr_1913, McCradken Co. KY

Hogue, Masouria [203608] b.1863, Georgia

Hogue, Matilda [211344]

Hogue, Matilda [217781] b.2_Jul_1893, Strum WI d.Sep_1975, Chetek, Barron Co. WI

Hogue, Matilda J. [215491] b.Feb_1883, North Carolina

Hogue, Matthew George [182754] [182754] b.29_Nov_1840, Alabama d.9_Jun_1911, Monticello, Drew Co. AR bu. Campground Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, Drew Co. AR

Hogue, Mattie [214211] b.1884

Hogue, Mattie Luella [226370] b.Feb_1889, Pulaski Co. AR d.5_Mar_1965, Jacksonville, Pulaski Co. AR

Hogue, Mattie Mae [221191] b.17_Oct_1891, Slippery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA wife of Alfred H. Watters d.17_Oct_1928, Pittsburgh PA

Hogue, Maude [203627] b.30_Jul_1883, Clark Co. AR d.8_Sep_1888, Clark Co. AR

Hogue, Maude B. [221734] b.1867, Brighton,, Cass Co. IA wife of ________ Brinker wife of ________ Stewart divorced, 15_Sep_1918, Sheridan Co. WY m.31_Dec_1919, Cuyahoga Co. OH wife of Martin E. Hess

Hogue, Maude Elizabeth [183895] [183895] b. 4 NOV 1888 Cutler, Perry Co, Illinois d. 12 MAY 1984 Shoshone, Lincoln Co, Idaho wife of Thomas Alexander wife of Joe Metcalf m. 1 MAR 1921 Shoshone, Lincoln Co, Idaho wife of C

Hogue, May Holder [183751] b. 11 MAY 1878 d. 22 JAN 1968

Hogue, Mayo Hurley Maurice [220716] [220716] b.3_Feb_1919, Oregon d.6_Apr_1994, Salt Lake City UT

Hogue, Mayrme [222903] b.1924, Lincoln Co. KY

Hogue, McClellad [221325] b.14_Oct_1924, Lawrence Co. PA d.22_Apr_1991, Ellwood City, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, McClelland [220920] b.31_May_1862, Slippery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA d.5_Apr_1950, Wayne, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Mellie C. [222317] b.15_Mar_1884, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL d.1_Jan_1893, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL

Hogue, Mellie Francis [222262] [222262] b.29_Oct_1895, Johnson Co. IL wife of Everett L. Carlton wife of Elbert D. Stewart d.15_Apr_1977, Buncombe, Johnson Co. IL

Hogue, Melvina [188493] b.1840, Arkansas

Hogue, Melvina H. [188505] b.1860, Arkansas m.29_Aug_1878, Saline Co. AR wife of John A. Burnett

Hogue, Melvyn Lloyd [223377] b.11_Mar_1936, Raymondville, Willacy o. TX

Hogue, Michael A. [222044] b.9_Jul_1944

Hogue, Michael Thomas [203295] [203295]

Hogue, Milbourne Norman [204199] [204199] laborer, Pike Co. MO, 1850 b.1808, Amherst Co. VA d.1860, Pike Co. MO

Hogue, Milburn [206502] farmer, Fentress Co. TN, 1850 b.1808, Kentucky d.1865, Indiana

Hogue, Milburn Norman [204208] [204208] b.31_Oct_1849, Centerville, Wayne Co. IN d.9_Jun_1936, Hale, Hale Co. TX

Hogue, Mildred [212736] b.1921, Virginia

Hogue, Mildred Aline [212517] b.23_May_1914, Tulsa OK m.10_Sep_1932 wife of Albert D. Mcord m.8_Jun_1963, Maryland wife of Harold F. Smith d.1_Feb_1995, Bradford PA bu. Oak Hill Cemetery

Hogue, Mildred Elizabeth [221209] [221209] b.17_Nob_1915, Pennsylvania wife of Merrel O. Black wife of Harry M. Buell d.16_Dec_2004, Columbus OH

Hogue, Mildred Marie [221139] b.1913, Pennsylvania d. Pennsylvania

Hogue, Mildred May [206566] b.24_Aug_1871 wife of James C. Johnson

Hogue, Miles Benjamin [188496] [188496] farmer, Muddy Bayou, Conway Co. AR, 1850 b.1826, Tennessee

Hogue, Milo Willis [212489] b.11_May_1911 d.24_Aug_1983

Hogue, Milton C. [221246] b.8_Jan_1928, Pennsylvania d.22_Mar_1999, Ellwood City, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Milton C. [222901] b.24_May_1917, Lincoln Co. KY d.29_Mar_1925, Lincoln Co. KY

Hogue, Milton Frew [220919] b.9_Feb_1859, Slippery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA d.9_Apr_1959, Slipery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Milton Homer [221008] b.28_May_1882, Castlewood, Shenango Twp., Lawrecne Co. PA d.28_Sep_1955, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Milton Poke [204228] b.14_Aug_1898, Grayson Co. TX d.14_Oct 1906, Basin Springs, Grayson Co. TX

Hogue, Minnie Ethel [217367] b.1864, Illinois

Hogue, Minnie May [206481] b.8_Jun_1875, Madison, Madison Co. IA m.14_Dec_1893, Blockton IA wife of Elmer Newton Jarvis d.11_Jan_1930, Bedford, Taylor Co. IA

Hogue, Minnie Melissa [199819] [199819] b.23_Jul_1864, Sparta WI m.27_Mar_1880 wife of Christian H. Holte

Hogue, Missouri Belle [209088] [209088] b.1871-1872, Fentress Co. TN m.1890 wife of William S. Winningham, Fentress Co. TN

Hogue, Mollie [212691] b.1909, Virginia

Hogue, Mollie (Madgie) [204956] [204956] b.1865, Missouri

Hogue, Morris Ray [212521] b.19_Mar_1925, Gifford PA d.18_Jan_1986, Phoenix AZ bu. McKean Memorial Park, Lafette PA

Hogue, Mourning [205442] b.1791, Georgia

Hogue, Myrta Augusta [204220] b.28_Apr_1881, Pottsboro, Grayson Co. TX m.28_May_1899, Pampa, Gray Co. TX wife of Newton L. Wariner d.21_Dec_1963, Pampa, Gray Co. TX

Hogue, Myrta Ivy Lee [204240] b.30_Mar_1914, Gordonville, Grayson Co. TX m.17_May_1932 wife of Dewey H. Davis d.18_Aug_2000, Decatur, Wise Co. TX

Hogue, Myrtle Ellen Frances [184006] [184006] b. ABT. 1883 Davis Co, Iowa m. 1902 Lincoln Co, Oklahoma wife of Sampson Christy

Hogue, Myrtle Virginia [199786] [199786] b.7_May_1883, Pennsylvania d.22_Sep_1939

Hogue, Nancy [167201] b.1810

Hogue, Nancy [202959]

Hogue, Nancy [204200]

Hogue, Nancy [204211] b.1858, Montgomery Co. MO wife of William Seals

Hogue, Nancy [223270] b.1859, Arkansas

Hogue, Nancy A. [67110], Knox Co., IN

Hogue, Nancy Adeline [214272] b.1852 d.1930

Hogue, Nancy Amanda [179891] b. after 1807, Greene Co. GA m.21_Jul_1841, Greene Co. CA wife of Vincent Connell

Hogue, Nancy Ann [203601]

Hogue, Nancy Ann [217885] b.17_Jul_1858, Macon, Macon Co. MO d.5_Jun_1950, Henry Co. IA

Hogue, Nancy Ann [226200] b.1850, Pennsylvania

Hogue, Nancy Carroll [221120]

Hogue, Nancy Catherine [215100] [215100]

Hogue, Nancy E. [210163] b.1852, Arkansas

Hogue, Nancy J. [217847] b.1845, Casey Co. KY

Hogue, Nancy Jane [182750] b.1838, Tennessee

Hogue, Nancy Jane [222877] b.24_Oct_1837, Casey Co. KY d.Mar_1909

Hogue, Nancy L. [155764] b.18_Feb_1859, Alabama d.8_Oct_1867, Perry AL

Hogue, Nancy M [183795] b. 1852 Warren Co, Illinois d. 1852 Warren Co, Illinois

Hogue, Nancy Powell [179697] b.13_Nov_1823, Georgia m.17_Dec_1839, Troup Co. GA wife of Littleton S. Smith d.3_Dec_1898, Americus, Sumter Co. GA

Hogue, Nancy Sarah [217844] b.14_Feb_1841, Casey Co. KY d.12_Jan_1926, Casey Co. KY

Hogue, Nannie Alice [217857] b.8_Jan_1877, Junction City, Boyle Co. KY d.23_Jan_1968, Linton, Greene Co. IN

Hogue, Nannie E. [222386] b.11_Sep_1884, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL m.13_Dec_1905, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL wife of John Gurley d.18_Jan_1945, Union Co. IL

Hogue, Nannie L. [185762]

Hogue, Naomi C. [219095] b.1907, Illinois

Hogue, Narcissa [155735] b.16_Oct_1833, Alabama wife of John Scears d.14_Dec_1866, Eutaw AL

Hogue, Narcissa "Sis" [216358] [216358] b.1845, Hardeman Co. TN

Hogue, Nash O. [212737] b.1925, Virginia

Hogue, Neal [203259] b.1904, Texas

Hogue, Nelie [212478] b.22_May_1875 d.3_Nov_1904

Hogue, Nellie [222899] b.23_Sep_1911, Lincoln Co. KY

Hogue, Nellie Ellen [205506] b.1877

Hogue, Nellie Luvenia [185773] [185773] b.21_Aug_1873, Stecoah NC m.1892 wife of William O. L. Dyer m.1931 wife of Oliver T. Adams d.21_Mar_1965, Napa CA

Hogue, Nerva [185778] wife of Louie Smalley d. Oklahoma City OK

Hogue, Newell S. [202128] machinist, Conway, Beaver Co. PA, 1920 truckman, White, Beaver Co. PA, 1930 b.15_Sep_1887, Knox, Clarion Co. PA d.1957

Hogue, Newton C. [183774] b.5_Mar_1853, Illinois d. before 1860

Hogue, Nila [222184] b.1874, Goreville, Johnson Co. IL

Hogue, Ninie M. [223278] b.Jan_1884, Arkansas m.19_May_1903, Crawford Co. Arkansas wife of G. W. Stone

Hogue, Nola [222363] b.1922, Illinois

Hogue, no_name b.1727 d.1727

Hogue, Nora Bell [222312] b.13_May_1877, Union Co. IL m.24_Sep_1896, Union Co. IL wife of Francis M. Walker d.20_Nov_1964, Marion, Williamson Co. IL

Hogue, Nora Belle [221670] b.6_Jun_1867, Berrien Co. MI m.18_Aug_1893, Colfax, Wexford Co. MI wife of William Sager d. after 1941

Hogue, Norman Glenn [221088] b.18_May_1893, Slippery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA d.1_Dec_1976, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Norman Milton [221193] b.24_Oct_1896, Slippery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA d.27_Oct_1992, Elwood City, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Nova Scotia [217916], Kentucky d.3_Sep_1961, Fayette Co. KY

Hogue, Ola [226366] b.Jul_1889, Arkansas

Hogue, Olcy Leroy [182766] b.17_Jun_1901 d.8_Jul_1974, Nashville TN

Hogue, Ole J. [199824] b.Jun_1874, Unity, Trempealeau Co. WI

Hogue, Olie [182960] b.1905, Texas

Hogue, Olive Bell [199836] b.14_Jul_1890, Trempealeau Co. WI m.31_Dec_1907, Trempealeau Co. WI wife of George Kreuger

Hogue, Oliver Garfield [199767] [199767]

Hogue, Ollie [212480] b.11_Jan_1879 d.15_Aug_1881

Hogue, Ora Edgar [217891] b.7_Jun_1884, Jamestown, Cloud Co. KS d.30_Sep_1952, Compton, Los Angeles Co. CA

Hogue, Oral Dale [217894] b.3_Aug_1911, Jamestown, Cloud Co. KS d.22_Mar_1977, Long Beach, Los Angeles Co. CA

Hogue, Ora Lee [222316] b.8_Aug_1882, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL m.1898 wife of Clarence E. Wiggins d.23_Dec_1963, Paducah KY

Hogue, Ora Robert [183897] b. 10 NOV 1894 Collins, Drew Co, Arkansas

Hogue, Oscar [222910] b.Feb_1890, Kentucky

Hogue, Oscar E. [210166] b.1871, Monticello, Drew Co. AR

Hogue, Otis [210183] b.1899, Arkansas d.1905, Drew Co. AR

Hogue, Otis [211632] b.1873, Illinois

Hogue, Otto [187942] b.1888 d.1960, ND

Hogue, Ova [209099] b.Oct_1897, Fentress Co. TN

Hogue, Ovie Belle [188554] b.13_Aug_1911, Conway Co. AR m.9_Aug_1930, Conway Co. AR wife of John G. Epperson d.25_Sep_2002, Little Rock, Pulaski Co. AR

Hogue, Pamelia Edna [206509] b.4_Feb_1921, Sunbright, Morgan Co. TN m.20_Nov_1943, Greeneville SC wife of Harry A. Halliwell divorced 8_Jul_1968, Tampa FL d.6_Jul_1987, Tampa FL

Hogue, Pamelia Juliet [179705] [179705] b.25_Mar_1845, Georgia d.25_Mar_1865, Armstrong Academy, Bryan Co. OK

Hogue, Parker Pillsbury [221966] [221966] b.12_Jan_1859, Frenchcreek Twp., Venango Co. PA d.4_Mar_1899, Cincinnati OH

Hogue, Parker Wesley [222021] b.26_Apr_1906, Windsor, Weld Co. CO d.3_Dec_2000, Medford, Jackson Co. OR

Hogue, Parmelia [188546] b.Oct_1889, Arkansas

Hogue, Parmelia Palmer [188504] [188504] b.26_Jan_1856, Arkansas m. before 8_Jun_1880, Conway Co. AR wife of Joseph P. Gordon d.2_Apr_1932, Conway Co. AR

Hogue, Parrie [222144] b.1875, Tennessee

Hogue, Parthenia [179454] b.1798, Virginia m.1815, York Co. SC wife of William Fewell d.10_Feb_1854, York Co. SC

Hogue, Patricia [221108] b. after 1940 wife of Samuel Nelson

Hogue, Patricia Joan [222359] b.1936, Illinois

Hogue, Patsy J. [222879] b.2_Jan_1841, Pulaske Co. KY d.30_Mar_1910, Casey Co. KY

Hogue, Paul [187946] b.1896, ND d.1956, ND

Hogue, Paul [221087] b.14_May_1891, Slippery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA d.1_Dec_1952, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Paul A. [225744] b.27_Mar_1891, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL d.4_Feb_1947, Flint, Genesse Co. MI

Hogue, Paul Carrol [223381] b.20_Jun_1925, Chandler, Lincoln Co. OK d.2_Feb_1995, La Junta, Otero Co. CO

Hogue, Pauline E. [212507]

Hogue, Paul Logan [225773] b.3_Apr_1914, Henry, Van Buren Co. IA d.21_Sep_2001, Geneseo, Henry Co. IA

Hogue, Paul W. [203260] b.1906, Tesas

Hogue, Pearl [222912] b.Oct_1894, Kentucky

Hogue, Pearl E. [220988] b.20_Jan_1882, Slippery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA m.21_Feb_1899 wife of Clarence V. Walls divorced, before 1920 d.1_Feb_1961, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Pearl Mae [215105]

Hogue, Peggy [221187] b.1935, Pennsylvania

Hogue, Peggy [221903] b.10_Mar_1918, Berrien Co. MI

Hogue, Penelope Elizabeth [179857] [179857] b.10_Jul_1890, Dawson, Terrell Co. GA m.9_Jun_1909, Cairo, Grady Co. GA wife of Wood Bryant

Hogue, Percy M. [185841] b.16_Feb_1850, Georgia m.2_Aug_1865, Roane Co. TN wife of Edmond Lawson m.1873, Montague Co. TX wife of James Jesse Hogue d.13_Jul_1905

Hogue, Percy Mariah [185737], North Carolina wife of John Leroy Crisp d.13_Oct_1901, Stecoah, Cherokee Co. NC

Hogue, Percy Pearl [185765]

Hogue, Permenio Franklin [183781] [183781] b. 19 APR 1816 Gibson Co, Indiana d. 15 DEC 1909 Perry, Pike Co, Illinois

Hogue, Perry Tunnel [182957] b.1882, Tarrant Co. TX

Hogue, Peter Leo Talmage [221012] [221012] b.15_Jun_1891, Lawrence Co. PA d.1929

Hogue, Peter Miller [203011] b.8_Jun_1925

Hogue, Petty Lon Ann [221231] b.1938, Pennsylvania

Hogue, Phebe [205435] b.2_Feb_1774, Georgia m.6_Nov_1793, Wilkes Co. GA wife of James Parks d.13_Jan_1839, Greene Co. GA

Hogue, Phillip Edward [217917] [217917] b.30_Nov_1915, Casey Co. KY d.16_Nov_1991, Burnside, Pulaski Co. KY

Hogue, Phllip Jeter [179713] b.17_Aug_1866, Linden, Cass Co. TX d.27_Jul_1917, Atoka OK

Hogue, Pierre [223683] b.1648, Notre Dame de Bellfontaine, Vincly, Picardie, France d.25_Dec_1725, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hogue, Pierre [223690] b.15_Oct_1689, Montreal, Quebec, Canada d. Quebec, Canada

Hogue, Pierre [223701] b.1725 d.1725

Hogue, Pleasant [209081] b.8_Jun_1848, Fentress Co. TN d.25_Oct_1920, Pine Knot, McCreary Co. KY

Hogue, Pocahontus Virginous [179865] [179865] b.11_Jun_1908, Austin TX d.29_May_1927, Austin TX

Hogue, Polly [221904] b.1910, Michigan

Hogue, Pony G. [185982] b.1896

Hogue, Powell Erwin [226349] parents not proved, DO NOT COPY b.1826, South Carolina d.22_Nov_1882, Little Rock AR

Hogue, Preston Beverly [206561] [206561] b.12_Jul_1845, Bedford Co. VA d.15_Jan_1927

Hogue, Preston Bonner [206578] [206578] b.Apr_1887

Hogue, Pricilla [219156] b.4_Jul_1901 d.1918

Hogue, Rachael A. [225738] b.1847, Virginia

Hogue, Rachael I [221089] b.Sep_1895, Lawrence Co. PA wife of William H. VanEman d.2_May_1970, Shenango, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Rachel [205564] b.1859, Indiana

Hogue, Rachel B. [221793] b.21_Sep_1906, Pennsylvania wife of Harry M. Bowman d.16_Sep_1993, Sandy Lake, Mercer Co. PA

Hogue, Rachel C. [214175] b.14_Nov_1849, York Co. SC wife of Samuel B. Carroll d.18_Feb_1877, York Co. SC

Hogue, Rachel F. E. [205513] b.1864, Virginia

Hogue, Raleigh Addison [179852] [179852] b.23_Sep_1875, Georgia d.7_Oct_1911, San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX

Hogue, Raleigh Addison [179863] [179863], Tennessee

Hogue, Ralph [185848]

Hogue, Ralph Edwin [212516] b.11_Jul_1911, Tylsa OK d.12_Nov_1977, Bradford PA bu. McKean Memorial Park, Lafette PA

Hogue, Ralph M. [214064] b.9_Apr_1927, Georgia d.15_Jul_2004 bu. National Cemetery, Chattanooga TN

Hogue, Ralph P. [185837] b.Mar_1854, Georgia

Hogue, Ralph W. [225767] b.22_Sep_1876, Iowa d.26_Nov_1986, Eldon, Wapello Co. IA

Hogue, Randy G. [221332]

Hogue, Ray [203261] b.1908, Texas

Hogue, Ray [215507] b.1938, North Carolina

Hogue, Raymond [223671] b.15_Apr_1918, Hickory Twp., Mercer Co. PA d.12_May_1999, Elizabethtown, Lancaster Co. PA

Hogue, Raymond Grant [211303] b.31_Oct_1910, Brumley, Miller Co. MO d.25_Dec_1974, Butler, Bates Co. MO

Hogue, Rebecca [183688] b. 11 DEC 1827 Ohio d. 16 MAY 1858 Albany, Linn Co, Oregon m. 14 JUL 1843 Ohio wife of John Layton

Hogue, Rebecca [199628] b.20_Jun_1820 m.27_Dec_1859 wife of Robert McKelvey

Hogue, Rebecca [205440] b.26_Apr_1790, Oglethorpe Co. GA m.1_Oct_1812, Oglethorpe Co. GA wife of Johnson Frost d.11_Jun_1851, West Point, Troup Co. GA

Hogue, Rebecca [217831], Caswell Co. NC

Hogue, Rebecca A. [223277] b.1880, Arkansas

Hogue, Rebeccah E. [188579] b.7_Aug_1866, Conway Co. AR m.22_Jul_1883, Faulkner Co. AR wife of Tilman M. Hogue d.29_Feb_1952, Arkansas

Hogue, Rennals Scott [199765]

Hogue, Reuben Jefferson [222884] [222884] b.20_Apr_1854, Casey Co. KY d.9_Apr_1916, Waynesburg, Lincoln Co. KY

Hogue, Reuben "Rube" [217842] b.1832, Casey Co. KY

Hogue,, Rev. Ezekiel [179456] chaplain, Co. 5, 11th Arkansas Infantry farmer, Saline Co. AR, 1850 methodist minister, De Kalb, Saline Co. AR, 1860 house carpenter, Lamar Co. TX, 1870 b.8_Jun_1806, North Carolina d.15_Dec_

Hogue, Richard Arthur [225775] [225775] b.15_Mar_1920, Keosauqua, Van Buren Co. IA d.18_Dec_2011, Lincoln Co. NE

Hogue, Richard Claire [221121] [221121]

Hogue, Richard Earl (Dick) [212506] [212506] b.16_Mar_1929, Oil City PA d.2_May_2009, Seneca PA

Hogue, Richard Hamilton [219082] [219082] b.5_Nov_1853, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL d.22_Jan_1919, Coles Co. IL

Hogue, Richard H. Sr. [214075] [214075] b.1924 d.1989 bu. Chattooga Co. GA

Hogue, Richard R. [185963] b.1860, Georgia

Hogue, Richard Wallace [155778] [155778] b.17_Jul_1876, Birmingham AL d.20_Jun_1956, Fredericksburg VA

Hogue, Riley [205562] b.1877, Indiana

Hogue, Riley William W. [215493] [215493] farm labor, Nantahala, Swain Co. NC, 1910 farmer, Nantahala, Swain Co. NC, 1930 b.25_Nov_1887, North Carolina d.25_May_1937, Macon Co, NC

Hogue, Robbie Randolph [215077] [215077] b.21_Jan_1926 d.25_Dec_2006, Louisianna

Hogue, Robert [179712] b.6_Aug_1864, Armstrong Academy, Bryan Co. OK d.22_Dec_1864, Armstrong Academy, Bryan Co. OK

Hogue, Robert [183880] b. ABT. 1854

Hogue, Robert [199606] immigrated to Philadelphia PA, ca.1755 lived in Chester Co. PA moved to Morristown, Belmont Co. OH, 1814, Scotland d.1824, Belmont Co. OH

Hogue, Robert [199611] b.1_Jan_1782, Oxford, Chester Co. PA d.9_Aug_1864, Lloydsville, Belmont Co. OH bu. Associate Reform Church, Wheeling Creek, Belmont Co. OH

Hogue, Robert [199656] b.28_Sep_1811, Hopewell twp., York Co. PA d.14_Oct_1891

Hogue, Robert [199774]

Hogue, Robert [202129] b.Nov_1888, Pennsylvania

Hogue, Robert A. [205509] laborer, Rockbridge Co. VA, 1870 farm worker, Rockbridge Co. VA, 1880 b.1851, Virginia

Hogue, Robert Anson [179715] b.14_Feb_1873, Dennison, Grayson Co. TX d.Dec_1961, Dallas TX

Hogue, Robert Bruce [205551] b.16_Jun_1945, Pekin, Tazewell Co. IL

Hogue, Robert Burton [221897] b.7_Aug_1909, Mississippi d.29_Mar_1970, Los Angeles CA

Hogue, Robert D. [219098], Illinois

Hogue, Robert E. [221211] b.25_Mar_1921, Pennsylvania d.16_Oct_2997, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Robert E. [222552]

Hogue, Robert Everton [202120] farm worker, Beaver, Clarion Co. PA, 1880 day laborer, Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co. PA, 1900 b.20_Aug_1861, Venango Co. PA d.15_Nov_1942, Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co. PA

Hogue, Robert Fulton III [216027] [216027]

Hogue, Robert Fulton Jr. [216025] [216025] Commander, USN, WWII b.14_Apr_1921 d.15_Jul_2013, Virginia Beach VA

Hogue, Robert Fulton Sr. [199760] [199760] b.5_Dec_1850, Williamsport, Lycoming Co. PA d.4_Oct_1924, Norfolk, VA

Hogue, Robert Garfield [199900] [199900] b.11_Sep_1879, Hartsburg, Logan Co. IL d.2_Feb_1974, Blair, Washington Co. NE

Hogue, Robert Guy [210185] b.20_Jul_1904, Florence, Drew Co. AR d.Feb_1969, McGehee, Desha Co. AR

Hogue, Robert Jackson [199625] [199625] b.5_Nov_1812 d.23_Apr_1844, accidental drowning

Hogue, Robert James [182976] b.1908 d.1999

Hogue, Robert James Jr. [182977] [182977] b.1936 d.1990

Hogue, Robert Jasper [179695] b.8_Mar_1820, Greene Co. GA d.10_Oct_1906, Atoka OK

Hogue, Robert Jasper [179856] b.19_Apr_1887, Herod, Terrell Co. GA d.15_Jul_1965, Jacksonville FL

Hogue, Robert L. [199867] b.8_Apr_1830, Belmont Co. OH d.17_Aug_1889, Iowa

Hogue, Robert Lee [192866] b.26_Oct_1897, Leake Co. MS d.21_Jan_1926, Leake Co. MS

Hogue, Robert Lee [221122]

Hogue, Robert Luther [210165] b.1869, Monticello, Drew Co. AR d.1929, Mt. Tabor, Drew Co. AR

Hogue, Robert M. [155730] b.17_Nov_1819, Alabama d.3_Sep_1871, Perry AL

Hogue, Robert Moore [221870] b.4_Aug_1846, Pennsylvania d.4_Jan_1905, Berrien Co. PA

Hogue, Robert Sproul [221729] b.20_Apr_1837, Shenango, Mercer Co. PA d.21_Oct_1924, French Creen, Mercer Co. PA

Hogue, Robert Trevor Sr. [221001] [221001] b.7_Jun_1917, Lawrence Co. PA d.21_Mar_1992, Akron, Summit Co. OH

Hogue, Robert Wallace [182877] [182877] b.12_Mar_1798, Wythe Co. VA d.23_Jan_1870, Prior Station, Polk Co. GA

Hogue, Roby D. [216401] b.21_Apr_1902, Emory, Rains Co. TX d.9_Jan_1968, Dallas TX

Hogue, Rome Elmer [215108]

Hogue, Ronald Everett [212522] [212522] b.17_Jan_1928, Gifford PA d.15_Jan_1929 bu. Mount ZZion Cemetery, Twin Oaks, Venango Co. PA

Hogue, Ronnie [219201]

Hogue, Ronnie Luis [222906] b.20_Jan_1948, Kings Moutain, Lincoln Co. KY d.21_Jul_1977, Indiana

Hogue, Rosalie [222361] b.1938, Illinois

Hogue, Rosanna Ellen [184004] b. ABT. 1865 wife of Harvey Birdsall

Hogue, Roscoe Conklin [219093] [219093] b.12_May_1878, Coles Co. IL d.1950, Ashmore, Coles Co. IL

Hogue, Rose [185842] b.1854

Hogue, Roseley [199711]

Hogue, Rosetta [209089] b.May_1873, Tennessee m.14_Jun_1906, Fentress Co. TN wife of Dillard G. Tipton m.1891, Tennessee wife of Heiser G. Beaty d. before 1920

Hogue, Rosetta [221731] b.1842, Shanango, Mercer Co. PA wife of Wallace McDonald d. after 1880, Shanango, Mercer Co. PA

Hogue, Rosetta Hester [188581] [188581] b.May_1896, Arkansas wife of ________ Harlan d. after 1940

Hogue, Rosetta J. [221924] b.3_Apr_1891, Sodus, Berrien Co. MI d.5_Dec_1989, Clare, Clare Co. MI

Hogue, Rosetta Julia [221735] b.8_Feb_1870, Sandy Lake, Mercer Co. PA wife of Peter Altpeter d.21_Feb_1947, San Diego CA

Hogue, Roxana (Roxie) [211621] [211621] b.1867, Illinois

Hogue, Roxie [209098] b.Jan_1895, Fentress Co. TN

Hogue, Roy Harley Jr. [215509] [215509] b.7_Mar_1926, Winston-Salem NC d.16_Jan_1984, Winston-Salem NC

Hogue, Roy Harley Sr. [215494] [215494] farm labor, Nantahala, Swain Co. NC, 1910 steel worker, Winston-Salem, NC, 1930 construction laborer, Winston-Salem, NC, 1940 b.Sep_1890, North Carolina

Hogue, Roy J. [202135] b.24_Mar_1914, Ohio d.1_Mar_1993

Hogue, Roy Lincoln [221891] b.12_Feb_1877, Sodus, Berrien Co. MI d.20_Nov_1956, Benton Harbor, Berrien Co. MI

Hogue, Roy Samuel [220964] b.11_Jun_1886, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA d.4_Oct_1955, Los Angeles CA

Hogue, Roy W. [199778]

Hogue, Ruby [216402] b.21_Apr_1902, Emory, Rains Co. TX d.21_Jan_1964, Rains Co. TX

Hogue, Ruby [222902] b.1920, Lincoln Co. KY

Hogue, Ruby Dell [182923] b.22_May_1919, Whitney, St._Clair Co. AL m.29_Jun_1940, Calhoun Co. AL wife of Jessie R. Phillips d.25_Jun_1993, Anniston AL

Hogue, Ruey Jane [185759]

Hogue, Rush Farrar [182777]

Hogue, Russell Clair [203832] [203832] steel mill worker, Hancock Co. WV, 1930 b.2_Aug_1902, Jackson Co. WV d.10_Dec_1958, Tucson AZ bu. Union Cemetery, New Manchester, Hancock Co. WV

Hogue, Ruth Amelia [183899] b. 21 FEB 1899 Cutler, Perry Co, Illinois d. 23 SEP 1914

Hogue, Sadie Darthula [182919] [182919] b.13_Aug_1909, Lyerly, Chattooga Co. GA m.6_Dec_1930, Calhoun Co. AL wife of George A. Howard d.19_Jan_1969, Anniston AL

Hogue, Sallie [204955] b.1862, Missouri

Hogue, Sally [217832] b.1805, Caswell Co. NC

Hogue, Sally Ann [203631] b.27_Jun_1891, Clark Co. AR m.19_Dec_1909, Big Spring, Howard Co. TX wife of Samuel A. Callihan d.29_Jun_1980, Big Spring, Howard Co. TX

Hogue, Sally J. [204948] b.1838, Virginia wife of ________ Watts

Hogue, Samuel [185975] farming, Stecoah, Graham Co. NC, 1880 b.1866, Tennessee

Hogue, Samuel [199664] b.2_Oct_1834, York Co. PA d.22_Feb_1908, Strum, Trempealeau Co. WI

Hogue, Samuel [205531] b.1847, Indiana

Hogue, Samuel [205561] b.1870, Indiana

Hogue, Samuel A [183670] b.1811, Blount Co. TN d.5_Nov_1892, Warren Co. IL

Hogue, Samuel A. [214262] b.15_Jan_1860, Saline Co. AR d.10_Mar_1860

Hogue, Samuel A. [226351] parents not proved, DO NOT COPY b.1830, South Carolina

Hogue, Samuel Alexander [183739] [183739] b. 5 OCT 1834 Princeton, Gibson Co, Indiana d. 9 FEB 1916 Carlyle, Clinton Co, Illinois

Hogue, Samuel Alexander [214203] [214203] b.May_1866, South Carolina d.1955

Hogue, Samuel Anderson [183790] [183790] b. 1843 Gibson Co, Indiana d. 1892 Warren Co, Illinois

Hogue, Samuel C. [217635] b.7_Apr_1864, Arkansas d.9_Jan_1923, Hopkins Co. TX

Hogue, Samuel Chappel [225759] [225759] b.Aug_1845, Van Buren Co. IA d.1933, Van Buren Co. IA

Hogue, Samuel Crawford [217352] [217352] b.3_Dec_1834, Princeton, Gibson Co. IL d.2_Jul_1899, Monmouht, Warren Co. IL

Hogue, Samuel David [220918] b.13_Nov_1855, Lawrence Co. PA d.7_Jan_1919, Shenango, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Samuel Davis [212433] b.19_Aug_1759, Pennsylvania d.1847

Hogue, Samuel H. [199762], Williamsport, Lycoming Co. PA

Hogue, Samuel Jr [183725] b.2_May_1784, Augusta Co. VA d.Feb_1861, Kirkwood, Warren Co. IL

Hogue, Samuel L. [183732] b.9_Aug_1807, Blount Co. TN d.1841, Warren Co. IL

Hogue, Samuel M. [226357] b.1859, Arkansas

Hogue, Samuel McDowell [214270] [214270] b.1848 d.1915

Hogue, Samuel N. [214246] laborer, Saline Co. AR, 1850 b.1833, Tennessee

Hogue, Samuel R. [216377] b.1836, Illinois d.1923

Hogue, Samuel Sr. [183130] b.2_Jul_1766, Virginia d.11_Aug_1817, Gibson Co. IN

Hogue, Samuel Theodore [204202] [204202] b.14_Feb_1816, Amherst Co. VA d.15_Feb_1892, Montgomery Co. MO

Hogue, Samuel Theodore [204235] [204235] farm labor, Foard Co. TX, 1930 b.15_Jul_1905, Dixon, Grayson Co. TX d.8_Nov_1984, Fresno CA

Hogue, Samuel Tilden [204217] farmer, Foard Co. TX, 1930 b.18_Nov_1876, Pottsboro, Grayson Co. TX d.22_Dec_1960, Phoenix AZ

Hogue, Samuel W. [221099] b.17_Jan_1915, Lawrence Co. PA d.9_Feb_1985, Salem, Columbiana Co. OH

Hogue, Sarah [182879] b.2_Dec_1802 m.1827, Walker Co. GA wife of John R. Wheeler d.14_Dec_1874, Cedar Grove, Walker Co. GA

Hogue, Sarah [183131] b.1768, Virginia wife of ________ Richey

Hogue, Sarah [185956] b.1874, Tennessee

Hogue, Sarah [199657] b.13_Sep_1813, Hopewell twp., York Co. PA m.29_Jul_1839, York Co. PA wife of Cassamer Wittig d.15_Sep_1885

Hogue, Sarah [202996] b.17_Oct_1790

Hogue, Sarah [204209] b.1852, Centerville, Wayne Co. IN wife of Felix T. Lewis

Hogue, Sarah [205528] b.1833, Indiana

Hogue, Sarah [205532] b.1852, Shelby Co. IN m. Shelby Co. IN wife of J. S. Hawkins d.Feb_1885, Shelby Co. IN

Hogue, Sarah [205560] b.1869, Indiana

Hogue, Sarah [217628] b.1834, Georgia

Hogue, Sarah [219141] b.1846, Tennessee

Hogue, Sarah [221480] b.28_Nov_1804, Youngstown, Mahoning Co. OH

Hogue, Sarah [222315] b.Sep_1879, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL

Hogue, Sarah [222366] b.1874, Illinois

Hogue, Sarah [223400] b.1848, Arkansas

Hogue, Sarah A. [221497] b.1848 d.26_Dec_1933

Hogue, Sarah Ann [179855] b.12_Jan_1885, Georgia m.6_Dec_1908, Tifton, Tift Co. GA wife of Seab D. Holmes m. after 1930, Tifton, Tift Co. GA wife of William H. Young d.23_Oct_1957, Georgia

Hogue, Sarah Ann [183744] b. 9 FEB 1856 d. 1858

Hogue, Sarah Ann [199642] b.22_Jun_1829, Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co. OH m.13_Jun_1861, Jefferson Co. OH wife of Thomas McGlenn, Jefferson Co. OH

Hogue, Sarah Ann "Sallie" [219151] [219151] b.17_Jun_1870, Madiwon Co. AR d.15_Jan_1948, San Barnardino CA

Hogue, Sarah Caroline [185742] [185742] b.1839, Burke Co. NC wife of Rufus Marcus

Hogue, Sarah D. [167199] m.18_Jul_1806, Oglethorpe wife of Ferdinan Gresham

Hogue, Sarah E. [185766]

Hogue, Sarah E. [212688] b.1906, Virginia

Hogue, Sarah E. [222878] b.1839, Liberty, Casey Co. KY

Hogue, Sarah Elizabeth [167216] [167216] b.1842, Draketown, Haralson Co. GA m.1873 wife of Lafayette Peacock d. Cleburne TX

Hogue, Sarah Elizabeth [204221] [204221] b.1_Sep_1883, Grayson Co. TX m.16_Sep 1901 wife of William Towns d.4_Oct_1964

Hogue, Sarah Elizabeth [217881] [217881] b.28_Nov_1848, Narrows, Macon Co. MO d.2_Mar_1912, Cincinnati, Appanoose Co. IA

Hogue, Sarah Elizabeth [226198] [226198] b.15_Feb_1845, Cranbury, Venango Co. PA m.1863 wife of David L. Trax d.22_May_1921, Oil City, Venango Co. PA

Hogue, Sarah Ellen "Sarah" [223414] [223414] b.28_Jan_1878, Miller Co. AR m.19_Dec_1895, Miller Co. AR wife of Robbin P. Yates d.7_May_1916, Bright Star, Miller Co. AR

Hogue, Sarah Emily [217364] b.4_Jan_1859, Warren Co. IL d.2_Feb_1869, Warren Co. IL

Hogue, Sarah Emily [221999] b.7_Aug_1866, Ohio

Hogue, Sarah H. [221868] b.9_Mar_1841, Pennsylvania m.1866 wife of Myron Clark Tice d.10_Apr_1905, Pipestone, Berrien Co. MI

Hogue, Sarah Jane [179890] b. after 1807, Greene Co. GA m.28_Dec_1835, Sumpter Co. Al wife of Levi Meador

Hogue, Sarah L. [185850] b.1867

Hogue, Sarah Louisiana [179709] [179709] b.26_Nov_1858, Armstrong Academy, Bryan Co. OK m.3_Jan_1886, Oklahoma wife of Walter S. Rogers d.21_Jan_1911, Nowata, Nowata Co. OK

Hogue, Sarah M. [155731] b.17_Jun_1822, Alabama m.23_Oct_1838 wife of Cyrus Billingsley d.22_Apr_1882, Perry AL

Hogue, Sarah M. [188575], Arkansas

Hogue, Sarah Matilda [214269] b.1845 d.1892

Hogue, Sarah S. [205514] b.1867, Virginia

Hogue, Seaborn W. [223371] b.1921, Oklahoma

Hogue, Senie [203258] b.1901, Texas

Hogue,, Sgt. John Clayton [219216] [219216] b.30_Jul_1929, Searcy Co. AR d.23_Jan_1994, Hamilton, Ravalli Co. MT

Hogue, Sheridan Fred [219160] b.10_Aug_1907, Arkansas d.3_Oct_1971, Harrison, Boone Co. AR

Hogue, Shirley [222258] b.8_Sep_1871, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL m.26_Mar_1880, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL wife of William M. Sissom d.6_Aug_1929, Carbondale, Jackson Co. IL

Hogue, Shirley Edgar [217893] b.12_Oct_1907, Jamestown, Cloud Co. KS d.11_Jun_1980, South Gate, Los Angeles Co. CA

Hogue, Signora Lee [205512] b.1861, Virginia

Hogue, Sina Darthula [182901] d.18_Jan_1893

Hogue, Solomon [205436] b.1778, Clarke Co. GA d.3_Jul_1829, Jones Co. GA

Hogue, Solomon [209076] b.1835, Fentress Co. TN d.1886, Fentress Co. TN

Hogue, Solomon [217624] b.1803, Georgia d. after 1870, Grant, Johnson Co. AR

Hogue, Stephen [203242], Alabama b. before 1860

Hogue, Steven Dougkas [205553] [205553] b.11_Jun_1956, Pekin, Tazewell Co. IL

Hogue, Suley R. [185782] b.May_1897, Indian Terrirory, Oklahoma m.1908, Oklahoma wife of Adam L. Spangler d. before 1930, Oklahoma

Hogue, Susan [155765], Alabama

Hogue, Susan Lucretia [222182] [222182] b.20_May_1869, Goreville, Johnson Co. IL wife of ________ Evans d.3_Jan_1958, Santa Barbara CA

Hogue, Susan Matilda [155751] b.2_May_1955, Perry AL d.1856

Hogue, Susanna [202960]

Hogue, Susannah [203238], Alabama wife of William Beasley d. before 1860

Hogue, Susannah [222881] b.28_Feb_1845, Liberty, Casey Co. KY d.11_Oct_1928, Casey Co. KY

Hogue, Sydney Oscar [216398] b.16_Dec_1893, Chewalla, McNairy Co. TN d.10_Feb_1964, Dallas Co. TX

Hogue, Tacy [203010] b.8_Jun_1818

Hogue, Tenny [217633] b.1857, Arkansas

Hogue, Teresi Tranquil [179707] [179707] b.20_Aug_1848, Georgia m.26_Sep_1872, Boggy Depot OK wife of Thomas Inge d.20_Jan_1944, Atoka OK

Hogue, Terrell J. [185865] b.1907

Hogue, Tessie Erlene [217693] b.29_Nov_1939, Corpus Christi TX d.Feb_1940, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co. TX

Hogue, Tessie Sylvester [192893] [192893] b.22_Oct_1892, Leake Co. MS m.19_Dec_1909, Neshoba Co. MS wife of Henry L. Pike d.2_Jul_1954, Philadelphia MS

Hogue, Thaine Ray [225774] b.10_Mar_1916, Des Moines, Van Buren Co. IA d.26_Mar_1996, Iowa Falls, Hardin Co. IA

Hogue, Thella Vivien [206485] b.3_Nov_1891, Parnell, Nodaway Co. MO wife of Joseph K. Thompson m.28_Jan_1922, Troy KS b.21_Sep_1932, Maryville MO

Hogue, Theodore Karl [187949] b.1902, ND d.1959, WA

Hogue, Theophilus Wylie [217360] [217360] b.12_Oct_1849, Warren Co. IL d.4_Sep_1902, Warren Co. IL

Hogue, Thomas [203604] farm labor, Paulding Co. GA, 1870 b.1751, Georgia

Hogue, Thomas [221247] b.1931, Pennsylvania

Hogue, Thomas [221435] b.1850, Arkansas

Hogue, Thomas A. [210164] b.1854, Arkansas

Hogue, Thomas Andrew [222174] b.6_Jul_1843, York Co. SC d.4_Oct_1906, Lick Creek, Union Co. IL

Hogue, Thomas Benjamin [223413] [223413] b.24_Jan_1877, Faulkner Co. AR d.17_Oct_1951, Oklahoma City OK

Hogue, Thomas Berry [199668] b.12_Jan_1836, Pennsylvania

Hogue, Thomas C. [205530] private, Co. B, 54th Indiana Volunteers b.16_Jun_1837, Shelby Co. IN

Hogue, Thomas C. [216376] b.1834, Gibson Co. IN

Hogue, Thomas Eugene [221123]

Hogue, Thomas G [183669] b.1810, Blount Co. TN

Hogue, Thomas G [183727] b.30_Sep_1796, Blount Co. TN d. Gibson Co. IN

Hogue, Thomas Gene [221326] b.4_Sep_1930, Ellwood City, Lawrence Co. PA d.3_Sep_2010, Ellwood City, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Thomas Jefferson [185780] [185780] b.Jan_1891, Indian Territory, Oklahoma d.9_Jan_1967

Hogue, Thomas Jefferson [203625] [203625] farm labor, Clark Co. AR, 1880 farmer, Howard Co. TX, 1910, 1920 b.29_Sep_1855, Holly Spring, Dallas Co. AR d.12_Oct_1934, Big Spring, Howard Co. TX bu: Mt. Olive Cemetary, Big Sp

Hogue, Thomas Lee [221169] b.29_Nov_1954, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA d.25_Apr_2011, Pasadena CA

Hogue, Thomas Newton [214273] b.1854 d.1895

Hogue, Thomas S. [222164] b.1923, Tennessee

Hogue, Thomas W. [205557] b.16_Jun_1863, Indiana d.18_Oct_1946, Shelby Co. IN

Hogue, Thomas W. [206467] b.13_Oct_1825, Amherst Co. VA d.29_Oct_1898, Ashmore Twp., Coles Co. IL

Hogue, Thornton [179872] b.2_Sep_1905 d.12_Jul_1906

Hogue, Thurman [179871] b.26_Sep_1903, Georgia

Hogue, Thurman [214069] b.1910, North Carolina d.1970, Summerville GA

Hogue, Thurman Lee [219158] b.12_Apr_1903, Arkansas d.15_Jun_1963, Marshall, Searcy Co. AR

Hogue, Tillman [223267] b.1852, Arkansas

Hogue, Tilman Madison [188499] [188499] b.25_Nov_1850, Arkansas d.1_Feb_1930, Faulkner Co. AR

Hogue, Tilmon Paul [188490] farmer, Muddy Bayou, Conway Co. AR, 1850 b.11_Nov_1819, Franklin Co. TN d.11_Jan_1890, Conway Co. AR

Hogue, Tilmon Prior [188580] b.24_Sep_1885, Faulkner Co. AR d.9_May_1964, Arkansas

Hogue, Tommie Ruth [210182] b.1897, Drew Co. AR d.1898, Drew Co. AR

Hogue, Tony Walker [155571] b 2_May_1923, Wilmington NC

Hogue, Toussaint [223717] b.1752 d.9_May_1776, Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

Hogue, Travis Eugene [217670] b.1_Nov_1910, Howard Co. TX d.6_Oct_1957, Katy Crossing, Harris Co. TX

Hogue, Treva [223369] b.1915, Oklahoma

Hogue, Trevor Oscar [220997] b.18_Sep_1890, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA d.4_Jun_1931, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Troy W. [185866] b.1910

Hogue, Truman N. [221490] b.17_Jan_1832, Trumbul Co. OH d.27_Nov_1872, Franklin, Venango Co. PA

Hogue, Trussie Mae [222897] b.14_Jan_1906, Lincoln Co. KY d.11_Jul_2006, Akron OH

Hogue, Udora Jane [225760] b.23_Aug_1850, Van Buren Co. IA d.27_Nov_1852, Van Buren Co. IA

Hogue, Van [222391] b.1919, Illinois

Hogue, Vandalia [217905] b.1869, Kentucky

Hogue, Vardeman [209074] farmer, Fentress Co. TN, 1850 b.Sep_1831, Kentucky d.1905, East Fork, Fentress Co. TN

Hogue, Vena Catherine [225745] [225745] b.1895, Illinois wife of Earl W. Cutler

Hogue, Vera J. [203284] b.1914, Georgia

Hogue, Vera J. [222354] b.22_Mar_1911, Winnebago Co. IL wife of Cedil McQuan wife of Joseph Librandi d.11_Mar_1995, Riverside C

Hogue, Vera W. [223376] b.1_Mar_1933, Raymondville, Willacy Co. TX

Hogue, Verina [185976] b.1872, Tennessee

Hogue, Verna [223366] b.1902, Oklahoma

Hogue, Verna L. [221816] b.May_1900, Kansas

Hogue, Vernon [223409] b.1922, Arkansas

Hogue, Vernon Leon [211305] b.1_Mar_1915, Miller Co. MO d.11_Apr_1915, Miller Co. MO

Hogue, Verral D. [222402] b.1927, Illinois

Hogue, Victor Beryl [211299] b.5_Apr_1906, Miller Co. MO d.29_Aug_1982, Joplin MO

Hogue, Viola [223269] b.1855, Arkansas

Hogue, Viola Christian "Oba" [222478] [222478] b.12_Apr_1852, Ohio d.29_May_1951, Houston TX

Hogue, Virgil Bristo [222892] b.22_Feb_1881, Lincoln Co. KY d.26_Mar_1960, Boyle Co. KY

Hogue, Virgil Earl [211300] b.30_Sep_1907, Glaize, Miller Co. MO d.1_Oct_1907, Miller Co. MO

Hogue, Virgil LeRoy [223390] b.19_Feb_1946, Chandler, Lincoln Co. OK d.31_Aug_1998, Laken KS

Hogue, Virgil Monroe [217672] b.27_Dec_1913, Martin Co. TX d.24_Dec_2007, Colorado City, Mitchell Co. TX

Hogue, Virgil Ralph [215075] b.11_May_1923 d.31_Jul_1993, Louisianna

Hogue, Virgil Willhight [217909] [217909] b.5_Nov_1886, Kentucky d.Sep_1981, Clinton, Dewitt Co. IL

Hogue, Virginia [212740] b.1923, Virginia

Hogue, Virginia [221436] b.1852, Arkansas

Hogue, Virginia [221906] b.15_Mar_1919, Michigan d.25_Feb_1993, Trenton, Wayne Co. MI

Hogue, Virginia E. [225739] b.1852, Indiana

Hogue, Virginia Elizabeth [209084] [209084] b.12_May_1865, Fentress Co. TN m.Apr_1895, Fentress Co. TN wife of George W. Stephens d.5_Apr_1951, Fentress Co. TN

Hogue, Wage [209091]

Hogue, Wallace Duskin [155771] [155771] b.3_Jul_1881, Newbern AL d.1960, Newbern AL

Hogue, Walter [183924] b. 1873 Ellis Co, Texas d. ABT. 1884 Ellis Co, Texas

Hogue, Walter [185983] b.1898, Oklahoma

Hogue, Walter [205565] b.3_Oct_1861, Shelby Co. IN d.23_Dec_1862, Shelby Co. IN

Hogue, Walter [221439] b.1862, Texas

Hogue, Walter E. [215078] b.26_Jul_1928 d.11_Jul_1001, Louisianna

Hogue, Walter Ebenezer [221196] [221196] b.8_Sep_1902, Slippery Rock, Lawrence Co. PA d.31_May_1959, New Castle, Lawrence Co. PA

Hogue, Walter Frank [212687] [212687] b.1905, Virginia

Hogue, Walter Gray [215101]

Hogue, Walter Lewis [214025] cemeny contracter, Los Angeles CA, 1910 cement contractor, Missoula MT, 1920 cement worker, Medford OR, 1930 b.3_Jul_1877, Marshall, Clarj Co. IL d.12_Oct_1954, Polson, Lake Co. MT

Hogue, Walter Montgomery [203628] [203628] b.21_Jan_1885, Clark Co. AR d.11_Sep_1956, Dallas, Texas

Hogue, Walter T. [192858] b.4_Mar_1877, Leake Co. MS d.11_Jun_1952, Leake Co. MS

Hogue, Walter T. [199899] b.18_Dec_1877, Hartsburg, Logan Co. IL d.20_Sep_1898, Manila, Philippine Islands

Hogue, Wanda Eulalah [220715] b.13_Aug_1911, Oregon d.2_May_1941, San Francisco CA

Hogue, Wanda K. [223421] b.1927, Oklahoma

Hogue, Warren L. [221496] b.15_Apr_1845, Pennsylvania d.9_May_1926, Benton Harbor, Berrien Co. MI

Hogue, Warren S. [217903] b.1862, Kentucky

Hogue, Wayne [167401] b.1914, Texas

Hogue, Wayne [212509]

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